Aga Muhlach possibly scarred for life if barred from running for office

My question is: Why does Aga Muhlach want to run for Congress to begin with? What’s in it for him? Why does he want to become a politician so badly that he’d force the highly-debatable issue of his residency in Camarines Sur, the province he wants to “represent” as a lawmaker in the House of Representatives?

Is being a politician the be-all end-game of the average showbiz personality? Then again if you think about it, in a democracy, a politician’s only qualification is really his or her popularity. Showbiz personalities have lots of that. And that, ultimately, is what qualifies them for the job.


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You need a law degree to be a lawyer, an engineering degree to build skyscrapers and bridges, a degree in medicine to perform surgery, and a license to drive a car.

But to be a politician, you just need to be popular.

That’s the beauty of democracy. It makes things simple. If you’re not popular, you don’t get to rule.

Or is it really that simple?

Perhaps not. Aga is finding the answer to that question out the hard way in the aftermath of a judge ordering his exclusion from the voters’ list in Bicol — a ruling that could prove to be a show-stopper

Muhlach, who is seeking a congressional seat in Camarines Sur, has to be a qualified voter so his certificate of candidacy would not be cancelled. However, upon the petition of four San Jose residents, two local courts in San Jose ordered the couple’s names stricken from the voters’ list for allegedly failing to establish their residency six moths before the registration period, as required by the Commission on Elections.

Some hint as to Aga’s personal stake in the matter is in the counter-argument filed by his lawyer; that he and his wife might “suffer grave and irreparable damage and injury as they will be deprived of their constitutional right of suffrage.”

That sounds pretty reasonable. We wouldn’t want Aga Muhlach and his lovely wife Charlene Gonzales to be scarred for life by a failure to run for Congress in Camarines Sur, do we? Of course not.

3 Replies to “Aga Muhlach possibly scarred for life if barred from running for office”

  1. Their lawyer’s counterargument is retarded; they’re not being denied their right to vote, they’re being stopped from illegally registering. I’m sure they can go vote to their heart’s content in Quezon City or Greenhills or wherever they actually live.

  2. as a member of LP, obstacles will be removed for him, so
    that he can apply all his scholarly attributes and lifelong
    commitment to the people!, not to mention that he would be a poor has been bad actor if he doesn’t trade in his popularity for pork.

    as desperate as lance armstrong.

  3. He is a member of LP? No wonder a TRO was issued to stop authorities from removing his name in the voter’s list of the district he wants to represent. This is another dirty politicking on the part of the LP, Jesus, when will this stop?

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