Que horror! President Noynoy Aquino failed to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight!


I mean, really, does one need to even make a press release about something one did not do? I’m referring to a recent statement issued by Malacañang with regard to the level of interest Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III has shown for a big event that had transfixed Filipinos over the last couple of days — the sixth-round knockout of Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao in the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez…

In an interview, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said he and the President failed to watch the fight yesterday because Aquino was waiting for updates on search and retrieval operations of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council on typhoon-hit provinces in Mindanao.

What is the message that Malacañang wants to bring across to Noynoy’s “bosses” by highlighting that the President did not watch the fight? It seems to me like more of a bad case of overcompensation for the President’s extensive history of slackness in the face of national crises — revelations of his late rising in the early days of his presidency, his dining at the Emerald Restaurant while Rolando Mendoza slipped into homicidal hysteria in 2010, and his reported partying with starlet Valerie Concepcion as Sendong devastated the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in 2011, among others.

It could also be a bit of presidential guilt over the veto of an additional Php5 billion allocation to the Calamity Fund that could’ve gone to enhancing the country’s state of disaster preparedness…

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Kabataan Party-list Rep. Raymond Palatino pointed out Aquino’s veto message for the 2011 budget. There, Aquino said: “I caution the inclusion of pre-disaster activities such as preparation of relocation sites/facilities, and training of personnel engaged in direct disaster in the use of the Calamity Fund. While said purpose is laudable, the same must be weighed against the imperious need of maintaining sufficient provision under the Calamity Fund for actual calamities and prevent its full utilization for pre-disaster activities…”

…which, if you refer to the Law, could arguably be considered boderline criminal from the perspective of Republic Act 10121 also known as the “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010” which clearly stipulates that the Calamity Fund be “used for disaster risk reduction or mitigation, prevention and preparedness activities such as, but not limited to, training of personnel, procurement of equipment, and capital expenditures.” The law also stipulates a punishment of up to 12 years imprisonment and “perpetual disqualification from public office” to offenders who happen to be public officers.

Whatever it may be, the appropriate reaction to these sorts of “statements” issued by Malacañang should be, well, whatever…. BS Aquino, after all, is the President who sees his constituents as his “boss”. If the boss likes watching a boxing match over a few beers, then by all means, join the boss and have a few beers while watching the boxing match. Whatever. The key to being a hot-shot chief executive is cutting-edge multitasking and recognising and managing priorities.

You won’t get judged for catching a great fight on TV in between doing imporant work if you enjoy an outstanding track record of doing your job well to begin with.

81 Replies to “Que horror! President Noynoy Aquino failed to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight!”

  1. Clearly this raving homosexual couldn’t trust himself to watch a couple of half-naked men in a series of clinches and other physical encounters.

    It’s too late. Aquino is not a leader. He never has been and never will be. Pretending he was working on a Sunday just doesn’t cut it. Anyone who believes him is simply a noytard.

    1. So why did he won as president? Kung hindi sya lider, hindi sya mananalo. Problema sayo ayaw mong pagbigyan ng pagkakataon ang ibinoto ng nakararami

      1. He only won because of his parent’s name. The mere fact that he didn’t do jackshit during his stint as a senator should already be an indication of his incompetence. Like I said before, you noytards prefer to remain in the dark. When the shit hits the fan for aquino, don’t come crying to us.

      2. @swagger: If you don’t want your comments banned, then impress me first with NEW insight rather than the scripted/rehashed ones you keep posting. Til then, tough luck.

      3. Fishball , by your logic more people buy Burger McDo in Greenbelt than Prime Rib in New World Hotel therefore Burger McDo is superior beef? Really???? Everyday when I think you have hit rock bottom you surprise with a new rock bottom. Say hi to MCD for me.

        1. Thank you Trosp. It’s so depressing that Ricky Carandang’s hiring practice is to get trolls who will work harder than his master but yet equal in the cranium department.

        2. Johnny Derp,

          For years I always quoted Obi Wan from first Star Wars (1977) movie. “Who is more foolish, the fool or the one who follows him.” I think that defines the whole Malacanang Communications Group including VLC better than any one sentence can.

      4. Fishball, in a way you have you have my admiration. In my time here in GRP, its safe to say you have worked harder for the glory of your leader than Noynoy himself has worked in 53 years of living. You deserve some backhanded compliments.

        1. That awkward moment when you realize that a paid hack like swagger works more than the president that he is idolizing

        2. So far this guy is using the following alternicks:

          Ma. Victoria Cruz

          Lynn Cruz

          Fake Johnny Derp

          Fake RF Garcia

        3. Impersonating commentators, that’s a new low for the malacanang trolls. They are apparently getting more and more desperate in their attacks to sow discord in GRP. Unfortunately for them though, it doesn’t work

      5. TROLL.

        Ya know why Noynoy won? Just because of his parents. But sadly, the millions who voted for him are nothing but idiots. Better to vote who has credentials and track record than last names. 😛

      6. @swagger

        A minority win in an election does not a leader make. Propaganda (black/grey), false slogans and promises that enhances a cosmetic political figure is far and way below a genuine leader. Lead cannot compare to gold.

    2. I dont care that p-noy is gay.
      I do object that he is lazy, deceitful, hypocritical, self-interested, not very bright, and worst of all not even interested in the presidency/country, and it shows.

      1. As one blogger said last year being gay is not really an issue as long as he is not incopetent. Unfortunately he is both. The President’s problem is not just his Cabinet but his refusal to leave the closet.

  2. Saying something that you did not do before somebody asks is clearly being defensive. Like the kid who being called by his mom and says, “I didn’t do it.”

    I like my American boss now as he says, ” I don’t care what you do with your time as long you give me what I need from you when I need it.” Clearly the mentality of “the one” is always to appear busy even with poor output. It doesn’t matter to them if they deliver or not just as long as they can say, hell, I was busy….Since they were already seen dicking around several times in the past.

  3. Someone said to me he was at the Elton John concert sometime during the weekend. Now Lacierda is saying that “Aquino was waiting for updates on search and retrieval operations of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council on typhoon-hit provinces in Mindanao.”

    This is very odd, indeed.

    1. he wouldnt miss his gay icon.
      i heard the same.
      you cannot trust anything from the comms group.
      p-noy becomes more pathetic by the day

  4. Why the heck should I care if the Prez didn’t see the fight? It’s not a big deal, I miss a family lunch with my mom and female siblings, but I’m not weeping, wailing and tearing my hair just because I miss it. Sheeeesh what a moron……

  5. Devastation in the south due to typhoon Pablo; Pacquiau being knocked out — indications that the Filipino people are paying for the vicious criminal acts of Gloria Arroyo and her family. These evil people should be fed to the rats until their last breath. End the misfortune of the Filipino people.

    1. @Ma. Victoria Cruz

      I agree with you. The Filipinos deserve better than to be mere recipients of the karma caused by the criminal acts of the Arroyos.


      1. Sorry, both Aquino AND Arroyo condemn the death penalty. You’ll all just have to live stewing in your own impotent rage.

        TTFN! 🙂

    2. Sorry, but you missed the point. Stop the Gloria blame game and look at the bigger picture. In fact, Ma. Victoria Cruz is more evil and more vicious than the Arroyo family by spreading lies and deceit. Only a emotionally disturbed FRAUD would think such a thing.


    3. @Ma. Victoria Cruz

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VALIDATING THE TRUTH about your idiotic, repeat black propaganda and vilification in trying to connect the Pablo calamity and even the defeat of Pacman to GMA. The Ministry of Propaganda is so stupid in even hiring dumb people like you to try manipulating free, independent and discerning minds. Epic fail!

  6. Ma Victoria Cruz(maybe you are another alias of swagger): Could you please tell us just exactly how PGMA is connected to the defeat of Pacman and the damage wrought by Typhoon Pablo? You are outdoing your boss who blames Pres Arroyo for every tragedy or misfortune that befalls the country.

  7. GRP you are mixing up the comments. I am not the one who made the statement above agreeing with one Ma Victoria Cruz. I do not belong to the yellow zombies gang.

    1. @RF Garcia

      I don’t understand your comments at all. You say one thing first then contradict yourself later on.

      I have one word for you — TROLL.

      Get out of this site, we will not tolerate STUPIDITY here.

      1. @Ilda

        That guy is impersonating me. I am the real Johnny Derp. Just check the ip addresses and the email address that the imposter is using

        1. @Ilda

          These trolls actually think their plan worked.
          Too bad for them that their plan miserably failed.

        2. @Ilda

          Thank you for resolving this matter. How do you suppose can we get rid of these trolls?

          [fake comment retained due to replies]

        3. I suggest you guys get a proper Gravatar account using the email you usually use when commenting here and upload a readily-recognisable avatar image to it so that impersonators can easily be spotted.

      2. @Ilda

        Yes, please check IP address. I really hope this situation could be resolved ASAP. It’s unnerving to know that some jerk is stealing your identity

        1. Dude, you stop impersonating me right now. It doesnt fool the moderators like you think they would. What a pathetic wretch you are.

        2. @Mr fake

          Sorry Troll, it looks like you have failed yet again. Too bad for you, the GRP moderators aren’t fooled by your petty tricks.

  8. I think those of us who have rather harshly reacted to the skewed national sense of priorities might have struck a little bit of a nerve in the palace marketing dept. They’re just not smart enough to come up with a coincidence. (And I’m ascribing this to the marketing dept., because obviously N/A isn’t smart enough to come up with this canard on his own).

  9. Lacierda and his master constantly outdo themselves by finding newer, ever more innovative ways to disgust the public with their incompetence.

  10. <— This is the real me!

    Just in case (because for some reason I can't quite get how to change my avatar yet), my identity has an avatar of a yellowish gremlin on a blue background.

  11. Oh c’mon vincensus ignoramus. Are you being desperate now with that fake account you’ve just made? Are you crying like a baby now? You are such a very bad boy. (Scorpion voice)Get over here!(/Scorpion voice)
    *sabay palo na naman ng sinturon kay vincensus ignoramus sa kanyang pwet 500x*

  12. The victims complain….there are no help coming to them. Aquino is lying. He is a natural born liar. How about the Social Welfare Department. where they?

    1. LA,

      Double confirmation that you’re just an exceptional idiot troll.

      I can just imagine you’re an overweight person who just rises from your bed late afternoon everyday.

      Eating breakfast at lunch time while trolling. I’m certain your everyday breakfast is what your mama leaves you before she goes to work.

      A stale pan de sal and you would even make a coffee for yourself.


      Lunch and dinner are taken at the same time. Whatever in the fridge plus the cold stale steamed rice.

      (An idiot troll like you would not know what is stale and what is not. Just by reading your posted comments, it’s very obvious.)

      Then sleep late in the evening on the same bed that was made up a couple of months ago…

      To wake up the next day trolling again.

      You’re shameless!

  13. Swagger says “so why did he won as president”? GRP readers, you will know that the comment is not from the real RF Garcia because he does not make such outrageous grammatical murder. I am sorry GRP for thinking you mixed up my comments. It looks like Swagger is faking other commenters. If you notice all the regular and legitimate commenters of GRP led by Benigno and Ilda never commit such grammatical errors.

    1. Swagger is too stupid to realize that he has already lost this one. Faking commenters is a sign of desperation to sow discord in GRP but it failed.

    2. Don’t worry RF, that stupid troll won’t be impersonating us anymore since Ilda and the rest of the GRP crew aren’t that easy to be fooled by petty tricks by those stupid trolls.

        1. Impersonating some of us was the final straw. The retarded malacanang trolls actually think they can easily fool GRP.

  14. My first impression while reading the article/blog: “Should I really care?” I mean, what am I suppose to think? He was partying while the Luneta Incident is taking place, Hong Kong people hating our laboring Pinay housemaids. I have lost respect for this man (?) since then. I may hate the last one, but this one’s doing more damage than what he promised during campaign. Such a trapo – thinking his words will be moving people. “Walang pagbabago,” is what I have seen so far.

    1. “Walang pagbabago” is an understatement. Engaging in revenge politics and repudiating agreements entered into by the previous administration for no other reason than that they have the name of Gloria Arroyo attached to them only diminishes the reputation of the Philippines. It characterizes Filipinos as procrastinating, unreliable and dishonest.

  15. ‘in north korea our national pride is orbiting high in the sky, in philippines i watch your national pride flat on his face’

    Xmas Greetings to the gay one from kim jongnumerouno – i am the rocket man who can get it up, p-noy is the elton john fan who puts it up. naughty boy! – no present from santa.

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