Justin Bieber incurs the wrath of the balat-sibuyas mob

Within the Philippines, or any Filipino community abroad, Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Juan Manuel Marquez is considered a national tragedy. Outside, where the sense of national pride and identity are not hitched to the rise and fall of one boxer, life goes on. What Pacquiao’s loss has “inspired” in the rest of the world is a planking trend called “Mannying” and a whole collection of internet memes. One of those who chimed in was singer Justin Bieber, who posted a couple or so pics on his Instagram account.

The pictures he posted are the following:

Dad wake up – where an image of Simba (some people said Mufasa) from the Lion King was superimposed against Manny’s fallen body.

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Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ…Classic moment – where Pacquiao’s image was superimposed against a picture of Michael Jackson doing his “lean” dance move in a concert.

Look what Mayweather did to Marquez…#moneyteam #no competition – this is where Bieber implies that if Mayweather beat Marquez and Marquez beat Manny, then why would Mayweather have to fight Pacquiao?

I just have one question: Who cares what Justin Bieber says or does, anyway? Apparently, the balat-sibuyas Pinoys do. To them it is such an affront to the sense of “national pride” that it sparked angry reactions online (from mostly Pinoys, of course), and a couple of hashtags #respectthephilippinesbieber and #RespectPacquiao.

Congratulations, Pinoys, you just shot yourselves in the foot again. You’ve once again shown everyone just how shallow, hypersensitive, and utterly ridiculous you guys are by giving a flash in the pan like Bieber attention for a meme that should mean absolutely nothing. Calling Pacquiao “a national hero” reflects just how much Pinoys have not changed in attaching themselves to celebrities and claiming his/her individual achievements as collective ones. Reacting to those pictures like they did, Pinoys have only proven that their self-worth as a nation rests upon validation by foreigners. They put too much weight on what foreigners say about Filipinos, but can’t take criticism, and are just too damn pikon (easily angered) for their own good.

justin_bieberOn the other hand, perhaps Bieber is just plain unlucky as of late. Recently he was booed at a Canadian football game. (Thanks to GRP writer Gogs for the tip!) Fans of Canadian football don’t consider him someone who “screams football”, you know? After all, his target audience consists of girls in their teens. Where are you going to find those in a football game?

The main difference between them and us though, is that Canadian football fans booed him because they don’t think he represents what their sport stands for. Pinoys booed him because he hurt the pride and onion-skin sensibilities of a people who desperately attach themselves to a sporting icon they consider “a national hero” who bring pride (read:validation) to their country. Big difference.

Let me just say it, once again: Onion skins are so damn annoying.

41 Replies to “Justin Bieber incurs the wrath of the balat-sibuyas mob”

  1. And by reacting to said pathetic outburst with the zeal of a fundamentalist preacher with seething annoyance… what then? 😛

    The chain will never end. Welcome to the real world.

  2. I am all for mocking where mocking is due. But Bieber was always mockable because anybody who targets 12 year old girls musically should be mocked. In my world. Pinoys love making fun of other people based on race though.Take away the nationality and pinoys would have been retweeting the same thing and think nothing of it. Stay classy pinoys.

    Take somebody that people locally mock like Hyden Kho. I bet if he became internationally famous for whatever reason like Justin Bieber or Manny, pinoys will defend him if some other international celeb like Alec Baldwin mocked him. It’s all about the race and the pansin and not about the person or the behavior.

    When Bieber was booed in Toronto for the Grey Cup final, one thing that can not be over stressed is Bieber is Canadian. Which proves in that one aspect Canadian football fans could care less how much pansin Bieber has gotten them abroad. He is still mock worthy.

    Little footnote to Bieber. Mock when it’s due and give credit when it’s due. In the last NBA All Star Weekend the Biebs did win MVP of the Celeb All Star game. He can’t be that geeky and wimpy as a person. Teenage girl pop has always sucked in my eyes. I am old enough to look at Leif Garrett the way other people look at Bieber now.

  3. Every post that pops up on my Timeline that talks about being all butthurt about the fight, Im posting a link to this article.

  4. It seems Senator Santiago got butthurt by Beibers remarks also. Just thin about her sitting in judgement on an International Court. Good Grief !!!

    1. Good point Bill but how much of that is “coach sticking up for his player” mentality? A player can be wrong arguing with the ref in the coach’s eyes but in order not to lose the player’s loyalty the coach will back the wrong at that moment player. I have no idea what Miriam will be like in International Court. I remember her sticking up for that moron Erap. But as of this moment she is still a politician that has to suck up to those who elected her.

  5. I never did jump on the bandwagon that was Pacquiao, every match he fought in I hoped he’d lose. These last two “important” ones, I knew he would lose. Just as how I knew that Sanchez wasn’t going to win AI.
    My Pilipino Pride goes out to all those unsung heroes that don’t get the attention they deserve. Those willing to go the extra mile for their fellow man, or just for their families, that just so happen to have roots in this Philippine land of ours.

    1. stahlnacht ,
      You can tell by my GRP posts on both Jessica and Manny that I echo your sentiment. I actually don’t like any event that gives pinoys an excuse to act like weenies while they ignore the fact we have many flaws like peace and order.

  6. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Bieber (or whoever made the memes) saw Manny as a knocked out boxer and not a Filipino. It was after all a public arena. Just maybe balat sibuyas.

    1. Really though! I guess no one here (in the Philippines) considered that maybe, just maybe, Justin Beiber is a Marquez Fan… Go figure.

      1. Pinoy mentality “you are either with us or against us, and if you are against us we will vilify you.” That to me is what balat-sibuyas is all about.

        1. I think David Letterman should have Alec Baldwin, Claire Danes, Lucy Liu, the cast of Desperate Housewives and Justin Beieber as guests on the same night! That would be EPIC!

          Its too bad folks don’t have a sense of humor here. Its OK for them to joke (racially or otherwise) at “foreigners” but when the shoe is on the other foot… Look out! The whole country rises up against you! Shit! All this uproar and hardly a peep of anger at the 1,400 lives lost during the Typhoon! Its sickening!

  7. Bieber, the new prince of pop don’t need you Filipino monkeys to buy his music. He has K-POP rapper PSY signed under his record label.

    Hijueputas Filipinos…..Viva Mexico!!!
    Hijueputas Filipinos…..Viva Mexico!!!

    1. Wow anyare??? You were posting here on GRP like a “genius” before and now you’re screaming here like a chimpanzee? You got mental problems kid.

        1. LA might also as well actually being sarcastic.

          Talking about troll impostors, just because they can hack our accounts to spread PNoy’s propaganda, it doesn’t mean that their point is better than ours.

      1. Looks like the malacanang miscommunications group is running out of ammunition(not that they have any to begin with) They really thought they can get away with impersonating commentators without getting banned. Tough luck for them.

  8. This just in… Pnoy signs Executive Order making it illegal for any foreigner to say anything remotely negative against any Filipino… Film at eleven.

  9. Those pics were funny, especially the MJ one.

    Then again, I also laughed at the reply pic, the one that has JB with Mayweather Jr. behind him.

  10. Show me someone without a sense of humour and i’ll show you a filipino.

    Maybe the 1st world should make filipino politicians persona non grata. That would stop congressmen/senators and their wives stashing illegal money abroad and displaying their uncouth ways in decent society.

  11. I saw on the news today that Justin Bieber will be declared as a persona non grata unless he apologizes for dissing Pacquiao. Seriously, who the hell cares what an 18 year old has to say? I would declare him as a persona non grata BECAUSE of his bad music, not because of what he said about Pacquiao.

    1. That gay slapsoil deadhungry is a practical waste of time…. Why declare a gay dick a persona non grata if in the 1st place, he shouldn’t come here anyway….

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