Is making Filipino men good in bed part of Senator Pia Cayetano’s legislative agenda?

Just so typical that the top buzz following last night’s Senate deliberations over the wording of the proposed Reproductive Health Bill is around the usual most droll, inconsequential, and irrelevant things. What got Manila’s chattering classes up and about in their usual form was a floor “debate” between top-honcho RH Bill proponent Senator Pia Cayetano and colleague Senator Chiz Escudero over whether the phrase “safe and satisfying sex life” should be included in the legislative literature. Following Escudero’s expression of “discomfort” over the inclusion of those words in the bill, the ensuiing exchange reportedly went thus…

“What would you like your wife or our daughter to have? Safe or satisfying sex life? Make a choice,” Cayetano, main proponent of the bill, asked Escudero.

“My daughter, safe,” Escudero said.

“And your wife?” Cayetano asked again.

“I would not know,” said Escudero, who just got annulled from former wife, Christine.

“My question is what would you want? You don’t know if you would want your wife to have a satisfying sex life?” Cayetano pressed.

“I wouldn’t know anymore,” said Escudero.

But Cayetano went on: “I’m speaking in a hypothetical — I assume you will have a wife again. As I know, you are currently in love again.”

“That’s a totally different matter,” said Escudero, who had admitted his affair with actress Heart Evangelista.

I just can’t help but wonder. Since when does a Philippine Senator concern himself or herself with how “satisfying” sex is between two Filipinos? In my simplistic view on the matter, one can reasonably argue that safety — in most things even beyond sexual activity — is a state concern. But is the degree of satisfaction a person gets from his or her sexual activity a matter of state? I don’t think so. That’s personal.

So obviously, Alan Peter Cayetano (brother of Pia and also a Senator) missed the real point by a planet when he chimed in

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Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano also defended his sister’s bill, saying “What is the discomfort with that phrase? Is it because we are prude? Malaswa? If we all desire a safe and fulfilling sex life, malaswa ba per se? We can find a language that means the same thing.”

It’s not about “discomfort” attorneys. It’s about jurisdiction.

Just like one cannot legislate good manners into a society, there is no point in trying to legislate satisfying sex. For the latter to happen there are lots of books on the subject to refer to and perhaps some pills one can take. But all-in-all, being good in bed is a personal aspiration and women tolerating lousy lovers is a personal choice which, even if they get wrong, is not likely to threaten the overall wellbeing of the state.

Perhaps the real underlying issue is in Filipino maledom. Considering that “satisfying sex” is an issue close to the heart of certain female Senators, maybe it might help to delve into some of the possible root causes behind unsatisfying sex — perhaps the renowned narcissistic character of Filipino men

The behavior of narcissists on the Net mirrors what they are like in real life. In real life, they most likely also tend to use verbal abuse and force their way through even with their loved ones or those close to them. This is why you see a lot of Filipinas suffering in harmful relationships. It is a result of a combination of a society that suppresses women and a society that harbors machismo or excessive masculinity at the same time. It is quite destructive if you ask me.

Perhaps the Cayetano siblings in the Philippine Senate may need to reflect and, as the Jedi Masters recommend, search their feelings to understand where in their subconcious their pre-occupation with “satisfying sex” may be coming from.

52 Replies to “Is making Filipino men good in bed part of Senator Pia Cayetano’s legislative agenda?”

    1. Another ill-advised, idiotic attempt to legislate behavior. What’s next? Cameras in every home to determine if the Filipino people’s sex lives are “satisfying?”

      Do any of them actually think this makes them look like they are intelligently discussing a bill that has far-reaching consequences?

      It’s disappointing to realize that politicians whom you may have once thought to have a modicum of reason turn out to be just another bunch’a FUCKING IDIOTS!

      1. Next thing we know, they will be organising a Sex Taliban to patrol Filipinos’ bedrooms (and motels) to make sure men are up to the task of delivering “satisfying sex” to the nation’s newly-empowered women. 😀

        1. Would they call that the Talikban? 😛

          Hmm, makes me wonder, benign0, about that funny way Filipinos regard sex and sexuality which you’ve mentioned before.

          Filipino males are encouraged to show their virility by doing as many women as possible, yet it seems the empowered women of today may think they are not “satisfying enough”.

        2. What happens when male (or female) sexual performance doesn’t meet the standard? Do they arrest the malcontents? Or perhaps they will legislate the use of surrogates.

          That’ll have a host of delusional assholes signing up 😉

          Come to think of it, it might help the unemployment problem. Hey, we might even be able to sell it as a new “medical tourism” program!

        3. Well, they’ll have to add stipulations/definitions in the Law that will serve as bases for measuring sexual satisfaction to be used in establishing (say in a complaint or during court proceedings) what constitutes lack of satisfaction from a legal perspective.

          It could be as simple as subjecting to periodic measurements the angle of the dangle of every married man’s penis and assessing it against some kind of angular standard… 😀

        4. This is so earth shattering and groundbreaking that I predict one day they will “erect” a statue of the Cayetanos. Maybe outside the Pfizer office.

        5. Speaking of bananas — the simplest way to assuage Sen. Cayetano’s concerns regarding “sexual performance” would probably be to introduce her to a wide range of female friendly adult toys.

  1. When Paris Hilton visited our wonderful nation, I seem to recall Noynoy wanted to meet her more than she expressed desire to meet him. Now we have this satisfying sex notion and Ms. Hilton herself was in a video performing that exact thing. She could have been an unpaid government consultant. Too bad, because like satisfying sex timing is everything. Looking forward to Kate Natividad’s take on this.

    1. Gogs,

      If you’ve heard of games like X-change or Come See Me Tonight (these are japanese “dating” games), perhaps it’s time for Noynoy to start playing these hehehe

  2. As soon as Pia gets the Bill passed at the Senate she will merrily hop her way to Malacanang for BS Aquino to sign it into law.

    He shall then announce to the media “I am happy to sign it into law and have ordered Butch Abad to release the initial P13Billion to purchase condoms and pills. My sex life is zero…… so go fuck yourselves Philippines”

  3. Just what any culture wants and needs, the politicians telling folks what is satisfying sex, perhaps they might want to go into more detail so we all know what that might be, after all there are so many ways one can experience sexual pleasure and being satisfied with it.

    Please Tell me that this is just a story someone made up to give us a good laugh and is a joke! If not, God help us all!

  4. Just goes to show how our lawmakers go off on needless tangents irrelevant to the issue at hand. I think people these days have lost the ability to keep a discussion relevant.

  5. When this Bill becomes a law, they must start a program for men on how to adapt and satisfy their woman/women or maybe give out Instructional DVD’s together with the pills and condoms.

  6. From a foreign perspective (me being a Dutch citizen) and I like to think I know a few things about the Philippines, I am shocked to read the lines “satisfaying sex life”. I was always taught and told by Philippine people “private things should stay private” (not my credo, by the way). As if sex is something secret or maybe something sacred. Not for me.

    Come on Kenneth. Why a program while everything is out in the open at Wikipedia. Just look for erogene zones, female orgasms and treat your girl friend/wife/mistress in the best way she wants to be treated. You can also ask her (way before you start your first romantic attempt) what does it for her and what not. Or in other words; what does she like and what doesnt she like.

    If my partner doesnt enjoy the sex then I dont like it as well. Its a two way strewet, you know.

    Back to the issue: Can your government and politicians pls do their job and pass that bill or not on the merits. And not talk about minor issues that have nothing to do with the purpose/goal/objective of the RH bill.

  7. @Kenneth,

    My apologies to you. You may have interpreted this personally and that is and was not my intend. It was just a general way of stating, from any man to any woman, from any woman to any man.

    ” @Kenneth
    …. treat your girl friend/wife/mistress in the best way she wants to be treated. You can also ask her (way before you start your first romantic attempt) what does it for her and what not. Or in other words; what does she like and what doesnt she like.”

    1. @Robert
      It’s just a humorous anecdote. As you said “private things stay private”, her in the Philippines it is shameful to talk about sex or any sexual matters, you can’t even buy a condom without anyone grinning or looking at you suspiciously.

      Back to the issue:
      Why include “satisfying sex”, There are Exhibitionist who satisfies their sexual needs by showing off their privates, there are Masochistic, Sadist, necrophiliacs, zoophiliacs, etc.

      The RH Bill is mostly concerned on Family Planning, Maternal and Newborn death prevention and health care. It seems like they intended that for mainstream media to flock on them. Bad publicity is still publicity especially that next year is the senatorial election.

      1. Kenneth, I really do think that sex is the most talked about subject in my country. Yes, even among women. Then its usually called “girls’ talk”. They will compare their newest “trophy” with the last one and share that with their female friends. They may even exchange experiences to improve their sex life. Two female friends know more than one. A modern day women/girl today will even have condoms with her (when going out) for in case of meeting a guy and when libido is uncontrollable.

        I am sure those exhibitionists also exist here in my country but hardly read anything about it in the newspapers. Although such an act is illegal here. So it will get to the newspapers if and when it happens.

        I really dont understand why your country have a problem with maternal and newborn deaths. I cant remember reading that a mother died during labour herein my country. What can be the complications that a mother should die while giving birth? If that would be the case then the dutch government would close that hospital straight away or at least that department.

        What I know about the RH bill, I am pro. But I doubt if it will be successfull. Too many people clinging to their belief system in the Philippines. I feel genuinely sorry for the Philippine women.

        1. You know Robert, I have been seeing your posts for better than a year now. You always push your European Socialist Values. How about telling the people the real truth about the Netherlands? Tell them about the drugs and Prostitution in your country. Oh and don’t forget the Pedophiles that get slapped on the wrists for their crimes. Oh and tell them the Dutch and the Portuegese were the first ones to bring black slaves to the New World. I get the impression that you think that Filipinos are stupid and inferior. Do not interfere with a peoples culture. They will sort it out by themselves. Perhaps you “don’t understand” what goes on here, and the people because you don’t want to. The white race has crewed the world up with their greed and graft since the 1400s. I am here because I embrace the Filipino Culture. Why are you here.?

        2. @Bill,
          All things you mention are correct (drugs, prostitution, pedophiles, slavery etc). In another Blog some months ago, I already stated here that I am not proud to be Dutch. But I am very, very happy and glad to be born here compared to many, many other countries I may have been born amd brought up. One of these countries is – sad to say – the Philippines. I cant undo the past (I wish I could) of what my country did (slavery). I am a fighter for Human Rights, total and absolute freedom of speech, equality, governmental transparancy, best education.

          Why am I here?
          Simply said and put because for over 2,5 years now I have a partner who comes from the Philippines. And since that moment I started to interest myself in her background. That is: what and who is the Philippines. The Philippines equals my partner, my partner equals the Philippines, right?
          So during my search for the “who & what” I stumbled on some particular, peculair, strange, odd, bizarre facts (compared to the west, compared to my country, compared to me)
          I do know that even my neighbour Belgium is different. But a Belgian can live here without not so many problems and a Dutch can live in Belgium without not many problems.
          But if I would settle myself in the Philippines then that is going from total freedom and liberty to being jailed, prisoned. We both live in 2012, right. That is bizzare.

          Now, I do know the particular, peculair, strange, odd, bizarre facts (at least a few of them). All I wanted and want to know is why of these facts. That was and is THE reason why I came here and hoped to get answer(s) to that “WHY” question.

          I can give you one very good example of such bizarre fact. But that bizarre fact has already been used by one of the authors here in a Blog. Namely the STC incident. Now lets stick to the STC incident and go to my “why” question. Then all I would like to know is: “why is STC interfering with someone’s private life, it is not their task nor duty. So back off; why does STC make such a fuzz about a bikini pic? (jesus christ its 2012).

          The Philippine mentality, culture, traditions do not promote indivudual progress/improvemnet/evolvement, do not promote “knowledge is power”.
          To me the Philippine mentality, culture and traditions are based on fear. If someone wants to be different, wants to think different, wants to be different then she/he has a hell of a time in the Philippines. I even think you have a word for that in Tagalog/Filipino.

          Personally I dont care that much but I wish Philippine people would fight (not literally) for far more personal freedom. Because now they behave according to a dictated culture of which escaping out of is hardly possible except for leaving the country.
          One other example to finish my speech: I dont understand why the Philippine people accept the inefficient public transport. If and when the public transport was organized more efficiently then that would have great benefit for all. You can leave home later to go to work and you will be home earlier. So more free/spare time to be spend on hobbies or whatever. Why is nobody protesting? Why is everybody accepting the things as they are?

          I think that is my main complaint and shocking experience:


          If those things were organized smoothly then its okay, but they are not. And public transport is just one topic.

          I think Benign0 once (or more often) stated here that the Philippines should stop accepting mediocrity. I beg to disagree, I beg to differ. Its not even mediocrity. Its below average, its sub-standard.

          The Philippines is living today (traditions, cultural, education etc), like we Dutch lived 50-60 years ago. Probably more years ago.

        3. There is no ‘socialized’ health-care in the Philippines and public hospitals are death traps,no pesos?no health-care.The kids havin kids in the fils are un-educated about everything sexual coz of the CBCP and it aint gonna change.This RH bill appears a way for some people(who could that be?)to line their pockets. P300 million($80 million dollars?) to tell people how to where a condom??? Please. the birth rate in the fils is exploding and you think it is crowded and noisy now?wait 20 yrs..I will most likely not be here(yeah I know..”hit the road Kano”.)but watch what any rate the RH bills going to be useless.
          Uh,Good luck with that.

  8. Perhaps the Lady Senator haven’t had any “satisfying” sex in a long long while…that’s is why she wants it to be legislated that she should have one. After all, what are we in power for?

  9. Another idiotic conversation from our senators. But what is particularly absurd about this one is that she actually having the gall to talk about sex with another senator in public, in the SENATE..making the Philippines a laughing stock yet again.

    But with that said, I am pro-RH bill. It is a proposal that would only mask the symptoms of the problems but it can make a difference. It is lives that are at stake here. I really empathize with those small children who are brought up into misery and poverty just because their parents didn’t know any better. I try to help by giving them food and some clothing but that won’t do much for them in the scheme of things. They need a lot of things like shelter and education even to have a chance at a better life.

    1. Yes,people the world over will be howling about this one. I saw a 4 yr. old girl in Makati yesterday and gave her some cake,she said ‘thank you’ perfectly. I felt bad seeing her like that but I watched her eat the cake and she had perfect manners and seemed like a sweet child,I wish her well and I am sure she is glad to be alive,in the states they just murder the un-born…40 million and counting.

  10. @Toinks,

    that is exactly what our parents told us: “we want you to have a better life than we did”. My parents were born before WW2 so they knew what they were talking about. But even without a war every parent should only decide to make kids when they really can afford it and give that kid a promising full life. If not doable then dont procreate ever.

    I may not have had the best parents but they made it possible that all 3 (my 2 older sisters and me) of us went to university. And they taught us some things along the side. We never needed to worry about shelter, food, clothing and education. They taught us to use our brains and think, think critically and preferably one step ahead (like in chess).

    I am just shocked I dont see this kind of approach happening in the Philippines. As parents, we all have the same goals and wishes for our kids, right? Probably not in the Philippines.

    1. I think it’s more about lack of education rather than a complete disregard for the well-being of your children. Some people probably still don’t know about contraceptives while others are afraid that it would be “sin” to use it because of Catholic propaganda in the country.

      Also, it is not only the Philippines which have a culture of having many kids. Until recently, the same was true of China and in many agricultural societies. It was only until the 1-child policy was implemented that children were given more importance. But this has also led to a spate of kidnappings. Families within China who cannot have kids for one reason or another decided to adopt resulting to this:,9171,2030782,00.html

      Also, there seems to be heavy preference of Chinese kids in the West, especially the US, compared to kids of other nationalities. They pay a lot to adopt these kids which probably contributes more to the problem.

  11. These Idiots are talking about their Sex Lives. The typhoon is already destroying the Philippines. They are either Insane or , they don’t care….See how irresponsible these people are…

  12. I will do MS. Cayetano for free if she incline to explore a more than satisfying sexual experiences from a Filipino male. It will be lifetime JOY for her if she take a magic carpet ride with me. I will take her to a level of satisfaction that she can only dream of. I have a proven records of more than satisfying women of all race; age 30 through 40. I will even make exception for her. They did not call me HM1 STUD for no reason. My records of how many women I bedded in the past is like a Jitney. “There is always room for one more”.

    1. You know, through the years I have found that braggarts are usually the ones with nothing to brag about. Go find a job limp dick..

  13. Basing it on what is in Pia’s mind in advocating RH bill – RH bill is all about enjoying sex!!!

    I don’t have anything against enjoying sex. What I’m against is, when this RH bill is ratified, I’ll be paying for their enjoyment of having sex.

    BTW, Pia will be my main reason of hating sex.

    She’s a walking skeleton.

    I’m making this remark because she made an issue of “satisfying sex life”.

    Oh, BTW, maybe she’s just having some sex tripping when she was being interpolated by Escudero.

    And what is my proof?

    The interpolation –

    “Senate Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada also questioned the need to include the words in the law, when it is expected that a couple who will have sex will be satisfied.

    But Cayetano did not agree, saying she spoke with so many women and men who were not satisfied. (Me, I’ve spoken to a lot of women and they’re not shy to express that they’re shy to say to their mate that in bed, they want to be acrobatic.)

    “Why are they not satisfied…? Because of the performance of the men?” asked Estrada to which Cayetano quickly answered, “Most likely. (Pure baloney! It only confirms that Pia is a driftwood.)”

    Let’s lighten up the day.

  14. “Since when does a Philippine Senator concern himself or herself with how “satisfying” sex is between two Filipinos?”

    To answer the author:
    – Easy. Since the time husbands can “force” their wives to have sex with them. Since the time the Family Code made it grounds to annul a marriage should the spouse “be physically incapable of consummating the marriage with the other and such incapability continues and appears to be incurable, within five years after the celebration of marriage (Article 45 of the Family Code). Since the time Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code gave so many loopholes for married men to sleep with women other than their wives and suffer little to no repercussion.

    1. But is all of what you mentioned above related to the subject of reproductive health which is supposed to be the defined domain of the “debate” between the two good senators?

  15. @Bill,

    One last example and then I will stop. My partner insisted me to do the Mano Po to her parents. Not once but when I entered the house and when I got to bed and the next morning again and the next and the next. She also instructed me to do so with her god’s mother and other oldies. I complied, I did it. But later, it hit me. By doing the Mano Po, I was given them all the impression I respect (the Philippine way) them. That is what the Mano Po means right? But based on what should I respect those people? Because they are older, because they are parents?

    So I did it but with an “empty” head and without any emotions.

    In my country one has to earn and deserve respect by (personal) achievement. Being older and being a parent is not such an achievement.
    We show respect without acts like the Mano Po, without acts like “ate”, “dong”, “tita”.
    We look up at you because of your specific knowledge about gene-technology, we admire you because you sit in a wheel chair and still thriving to get the best out of your life. We acknowledge your struggles being blind and still see “light” at the end of tunnel.

    Pls wake up, get real and join the real world. Otherwise stay a poor 3rd world country for the next few centuries. “God bless”.

    1. Thank you for validating my post. You just showed your perceived European Superiority complex. So again, Why are you here?

  16. I think what these politicians can do is to legislate and making it a crime for parents who could not give their children basic education.

  17. The issue of machismo reminded me of what happened to me last weekend.

    I was on the MRT3 and it was crowded as usual. I have to get off at Shaw Boulevard station and I had a hard time getting out of the train since I was standing somewhere in the middle of the car. Just as I got out, I heard a lady scream in pain, and a guy yelled at me (apparently the girl’s bf and I stepped on her foot). What he said to me goes along the lines of “Gago ka, sinaktan mo yung girlfriend ko!”. And the girl tried to calm her boyfriend saying it’s fine. I just bowed down, calmly said sorry, and hasten my walk out to the turnstiles.

    I didn’t want to stay long and explain myself because I got the feeling that the man wouldn’t stop me until I appear begging for mercy, and it would garner a lot of unwanted attention. To me, he sounded a bit possessive, and he’s just being protective of his girlfriend, but I think the girlfriend has every right to be furious at me since she was the one who got hurt by me. After all that, I don’t feel angry, slightly traumatised and a bit more conscious of my movements.

    Yeah, the transport system of Metro Manila should really undergo major improvements 😐

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