Emotional and pikon Pinoys highlighted on social media after Manny’s loss

If you’re a Filipino, ask yourself this: are you one of those who go around saying that you’re proud to be Pinoy because of Pacquiao? Are you still going to be proud of Manny even if he loses? Even before the results of that most recent fight against Juan Manuel Marquez got out, we already knew that someday he was going to lose big. We just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

Yes, you read that right. Manny Pacquiao lost. He walked into a punch which hit him on the chin and sent him to the ground for good in round 6. If you read that headline by Philippine Star, though, I find that “national day of mourning” thing a bit déclassé. Why would the Philippines declare such for a guy who isn’t even dead, but not for the ones who perished in typhoon Pablo? But I digress…

The more interesting display of Filipino post-fight idiocy happened in social media. We wondered how Filipinos would react if Pacquiao lost? Well, in a nutshell, they were their usual pikon and sore loser selves. For one thing, a hashtag called #RETOPacquiao started trending. In this hashtag, pictures were shown imitating the downed pose of Manny Pacquiao face first on the canvas, sort of like the pictures below:

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While I don’t condone this “planking” thingy, you’ve got to admit, it was funny as hell. Predictable as ever though, the balat-sibuyas portion of the Filipino population took offense with it.

I saw first the hashtags #PacyouMexicans and #olamexicopakyukayo and assumed that they were but butthurt responses by Filipinos to the “planking” pictures posted on social media. Yet upon digging deeper, it looks like there was yet another thing that was a cause of trouble, and an apparently justifiable reason for Pinoys to be a bit angry.  There was yet another Twitter hashtag, #sufracomolaesposadepacquiao. In English, “suffer like Pacquiao’s wife”, seemingly referring to the way Jinkee Pacquiao cried when she saw Manny Pacquiao slumped in the boxing ring after he got knocked down.

In fact, it has gone so far as to provoke hacking attacks on Mexican websites. Pinoys, coming off from being dubbed as one of the most emotional people in the world, didn’t even bother to ask a sensible and logical question before starting those two “pakyu” hashtags: Was it really Mexicans who started that hashtag about Jinkee?

Bottom line, all that activity on Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t have meant squat had Filipinos not projected themselves onto Manny Pacquiao. If Filipinos hadn’t been using Filipino pride as a way to cover up their deficiencies, then perhaps Filipinos wouldn’t have put egg on their own faces in the Twitterverse. The “planking” and the hashtags, to me, were not worth the trouble.

Of course, no mention of Filipino social media idiocy is complete without mentioning #Filipinopride. I’ve been wondering what it was going to take to finally deflate that empty and false pride which has been nothing but destructive and downright stupid. I thought, maybe Pacquiao’s loss here would do it. But no, it looks like Pinoys are stubborn and pig-headed as ever. Just look at the picture below and see why:

It reads: “We were with Manny when he won. Let us be one with him in his loss. Admit it, the Pinoy has been more recognized because of him.” I don’t know how many times this statement has to be repeated: Manny Pacquiao’s achievements do not prove the Filipino people’s greatness, they prove Manny Pacquiao’s greatness. Tell me another thing, then: if Manny was gracious in his loss then why are there still other Filipinos who aren’t as such?

Pinoys will eventually learn, by the way, that projection is a double-edged sword; if they keep on insisting the greatness of the Filipino people every time Manny wins, then they should expect that every time he loses will be projected unto them. Manny most likely lost because he split his time among being a congressman, an entertainer and a boxer. Instead of excelling in one aspect, he has become mediocre in all three (3). Therefore, Manny’s mediocrity and downhill slide are now but examples of Filipino mediocrity as a whole.

Filipinos never learn. Different medium, same stupidity. All this brouhaha shows that Filipinos can’t take as good as they dish out. What are the examples of supposedly “innocent” Filipino jokes? This one about telling the Chinese to kiss our asses, for one, and this, by Gel Santos-Relos, for another. The difference between these and our case with Manny’s loss is that the target audiences simply ignored them. “Who you Filipinos?” kumbaga…

There’s a saying in Filipino: Ang pikon, laging talo. (the short-tempered always lose). It explains a lot about us, about why we are so loserly as a people. Wonder no more why the rest of the world doesn’t take us seriously, then.

51 Replies to “Emotional and pikon Pinoys highlighted on social media after Manny’s loss”

  1. Like all the other bastions of the KSP, this incident for the pikon should give us reason to change the mantra from basta Pinoy da best to basta Pinoy pikon .

    1. To Swagger/ Fishball/ Mrs. Ricky Carandang/ Noynoy Apologist.

      For you it’s always about facticity. Let me explain. Facticity are things in your life that are facts that you have nothing to do with. Manny P is a Filipino. Noynoy Aquino is the product of the love of Cory and Nonoy Aquino. Manny though trained hard and competed. He accepted Freddie Roach as a mentor. He is a compentent , competitive boxer regardless of nation of birth. Noynoy on the hand , well son of Ninoy and Cory. His resume is emptier than my bank account. Stop making this about race and last name but make it about achievement. In that case your precious Noynoy is one big zero.

      1. well said. Manny has a suit he can fill, and a resume that says “hard knocks – literally”.
        Pnoy has an empty suit, and a resume that says: Aquino, Aquino, Aquino, Cory, Cory, Cory, Ninoy, Ninoy, Ninoy.

        1. Its a Lucy Liu all over again.

          Anybody see the trend now?


          Bieber posted one or two pictures of Pacquiao mid-fall, edited it so that Pacman looks like he’s on stage with Michael Jackson doing his anti-gravity move.. And another where Bieber replaced a dead Mufhasa (Lion King) with Simba crying at his side.

          I can’t remember which article of Ilda’s or Benign0’s this relates to but yeah, you get the idea.. How many Filipinos have laughed at Bieber jokes online at Bieber’s expense? That’s been going on for years now. What’s worse is they’ve AGAIN made a national issue out of this, including the ‘Philippines’ in their hashtag to back their false cause and noise. Bieber found humor in one man, not a country. Next they’ll be calling for his head and Bieber would be apologizing like Lucy Liu did not so long ago. #EmoCountryStrikesAgain

  2. “How many Mexicans
    can take down Pacquiao? Just JUAN.”
    “How many Mexicans
    had fallen through the
    hands of Pacquiao? MANNY!”

    To all pac haters.. sana
    napasaya kayo ni Manny Pacquiao! Ang sarap ba ng pakiramdam na natalo ang kalahi at kadugo nyo sa isang banyaga? Natalo na nga ang kalahi nyo lalaitin nyo pa? Tanggalin nyo ang mga inggit sa katawan nyo… Si PACMAN kahit papano naiangat ang bansa natin sa sports… kayo ba ano ba naambag nyo?? Wala!.. Kaya tigilan nyo na ang
    paglalait sa kanya. Madami na sya naambag sa Pilipinas.. kayo wala. Puro lang kayo paninira, mga wala naman kayong silbi.

    1. Mas wala kang silbi because you never see the bigger picture. Also, your post gives me cancer. Go figure. 😀

      Stop with this ‘Pinoy Pride’ crap. Pacquiao’s achievements are individual, not collective.

      Collective = may silbi
      Individual = unproductive/WALANG SILBI.

    2. KSP nanaman itong si swagfag. As usual, he completely misses the point of this blog. Hindi siguro marunong magbasa.

      Wala ka lang ma post na propaganda kaya papansin lang.

    3. I don’t need pinoy pride just to admire manny. Win or lose, he is still a hero to me. Besides, I know he has done a lot MORE to help people than your stupid president, swagfag.

        1. At least Pacquiao’s not someone who PARTIES while a lot of people die from floods like some balding idiot that we know. 🙂

    4. Who the hell do you think pacquiao is? Superman? Oh and:
      *sabay hampas na naman ng sinturon kay vincensus ignoramus 100x*
      Ngayon, UWI!

    5. Mr. Swag, we aren’t insulting Pacquiao, we admire him for being an achiever, unlike your Mr. President. Yes, one defeat does not make him a loser. Your trolling makes YOU a loser.

      And I don’t think it will matter greatly to Pacman. He’s got greater shares of the money, anyway.

    6. Too errors in swagger’s statement:

      1 – “Natalo na nga ang kalahi nyo lalaitin nyo pa?” – NOWHERE in the article does Pacquiao get dissed.

      2 – “Si PACMAN kahit papano naiangat ang bansa natin sa sports” – Um, no. We couldn’t even get an Olympic medal. Pacquiao did win multiple times, but the wealth all went to him.

      1. Like I said before, it is too obvious that swagfag only shows his retarded mug here just to troll us(unsuccessfully). He can’t even READ all of the article let alone understand what it is all about. What do you expect from a retarded prick like him?

        1. What do you expect? Swag just copy pastes whatever descends from on high from the MCG. Like much of BSA’s following. No brains, just repeating retarded rhetoric.

    7. I have one for swagger

      How many noytards does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      None. They prefer to remain in the dark.

    8. ikaw swagger me naiambag kba di mo ata nakuha ang mensahe ehhhhh…………………..isa ka sa mga idiots na sumasamba ke pac shit.

  3. Class act….Manny! The greatest and bravest boxers are those who get up there and fight knowing it can go either way. That’s what boxing is all about.

    Marquez’s persistence and focus did him well. Congratulations.

    Whatever it is Manny decides to do, he will always be one of boxing’s greatests of all time.

  4. Well Manny’s defeat was bound to happen sooner or later. Get over it. Where do you think he came from? Mt. Olympus? He’s just a man and puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if at one point, a country ends up declaring war on the Philippines just because them silly Pinoys got buttmad at something like this.

    1. And then just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one random city in the Philippines will be bombed with a nuclear or hydrogen bomb. If that happens, I hope those incompetent pinoys will realize how wrong they are.

  6. I don’t know about the Pacman haters if indeed there are. Me, I don’t lose my admiration for him because he lost to Marquez. I am proud of him because of his fighting spirit and sportsmanship plus humility both when he wins or even loses. Those are the qualities of character that make many of us proud of him as a Filipino.

  7. Johnny Derp here is another comparison that you can make between that squatter in Malacanang and Pacman.When Manny lost to Marquez did Pacman make any excuses? He blamed himself for his over confidence. How about the idol of Swagger? He blames everybody for the recent tragedy brought by Pablo except himself. Again it the fault of the local officials, the illegal loggers, miners and most likely Gloria will be added to list.

    1. I won’t be surprised anymore if the Bald idiot gets himself ousted for his constant blaming and consistent avoidance of ANY responsibilities.

      On topic: One measly loss is nothing for pacman. Pacman did the right thing by admitting his becoming too overconfident in himself. Not like that bald idiot that keeps blaming others for his screw ups.

  8. Worshipping false gods is always a lost cause.
    Voting for personalities is also a waste of time.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
    and people will end up where they deserve.

  9. Pacquiao got knocked out! OK… While the Philippine News Media (check out PhilStar’s Headline) and bloggers are busy trying to find someway to turn this defeat into some kind of victory, 1,400 (over 600 dead & over 800 missing) people are dead after the Super Typhoon! If the Filipino people want to show how great they are, they need to stop placing their collective pride on the shoulders of one man and stand up for themselves!

  10. last night me and most of my friends argue about the fight. they claim it was a “lucky punch” that hit pacquiao.. but I was like.. duhh? it wasn’t luck, it was pure talent! most pinoys are still denying the fact that marquez is the pacman destroyer… they are indeed pikon

    1. And yet a lucky punch is even more dangerous.

      It’s easier to come up with strategies against skill and talent than having to always be on the lookout for that one lucky shot.

    1. Religion has nothing to do with it. Muhammad Ali is a Muslim but why is he called ‘The Greatest Boxer of All Time’?

      Wow, ang daming uto-utong Pinoy. XD I repeat: religion has nothing to do with Manny’s success and failure. Sariling sikap niya iyon. Christian ako. Pero hindi ka naniniwala sa…

      “What is for a man who gains the world yet loses his own SOUL?”

      Kakahiya ka, bord. -_-

  11. Marquez is the Joker to Pacman’s Batman (or the other way around, don’t care).

    So the guy lost this time, big deal, no one’s invincible. One wrong move and you’re done for. That’s how it is in boxing, that’s how it is in life, live with it.

    I support Pacman for continuing to fight despite him not getting any younger. And kudos to Marquez for such a comeback. One of the best counter-punchers indeed

  12. We are the nut cases of Asia or maybe even the entire world.

    Manny Pacquiao is and was an amazing boxer and no one can take that from him, but even great boxers lose some times.

    What drives me crazy are the stupid ignorant comments about how it was a lucky punch. So how does this work? When Manny KOs someone he is amazing but when someone KOs Manny its a lucky punch?

    Then you have have the mother of all Nut cases who claim he was struck by God or BS like that. Guys wake up God did not strike Manny it was Marquez. We all saw it on TV. He won fair and square and that does not make Manny less of a boxer.

    As for Pinoy Pride WTF is that? What are we so proud of? It is like being the child in class with the worst grades who is proud because he got the lowest grades.

    Come on we have nothing to be proud of. We all know that we as a nation have not achieved anything close to what other nations have achieved.

    We are not even hospitable people. We even count how much our visitors eat at our place and then when they leave we talk behind their backs. We are a vengeful nation.

    Should we be proud of our sport achievements? What have we achieved in sports? With our national sport being Chizmiss, not very much.

    Or should we be proud because we had a revolution called people power? How has that actually turned out?

    Though we do have one thing to be proud of our President PNut got the first Iphone 4s in the Philippines. Now I am proud to be Pinoy.

    To all you haters and fakers out there. How are you proud to be Pinoy? By using whitening soap and creams? By dreaming of living in any country other then here in the Philippines? By trying to be American? That’s crap

    Long Live the Philippines and all our Nut cases

  13. “Kasama tayo kung nanalo, kasama pa rin kung natalo.”

    Thing is, is there really a reason one has to do this “Kasama” thing? I think it’s a corrupted form of “Damayan.” I might do something on Damayan.

    1. Pag nananalo, ang lakas mang-asar ng mga pinoy. Ngayong talo at sila naman ang inasar, they cry foul. Pinoy attitude at its best.

  14. mashadong bitter with Pacman..Move On..andamidami nyong sinasabi eh si pacman nga tahimik lang…Godbless you all…before kayo humusga tignan nyo na muna ang mga buhay nyo kung malilinis kayo..you’re just making a simple life so complicated with this issues..

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