Harrassment by Presidential Security: There’s Three Sides To Every Story

“There’s three sides to every story, baby. There’s yours and there’s mine and the cold, hard truth.”

Long Way Home Don Henley


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On October 2012 a man meeting his family at a local restaurant   was threatened to be arrested . This man’s only crime was parking in a restaurant that just happened to have His “Excellency” as a co patron. What I find fascinating is when you Google the significant details (Howard Calleja Korean Garden), it just does not show up in the higher circulated news outlets like Inquirer and Philippine Star. Then again those outlets coddle the current President the same way he was coddled  since birth by his mother, sister and yayas. Don’t know about you but I can’t find an accomplished leader who was able to rise above six decades of coddling. Leaders are shaped by adversity. Nobody has been able to point out to me Noynoy Aquino’s pre-election history of problem solving and adversity handling. No one. If there is any position on Earth where you face adversity it’s as President of this country. You can see for yourself, in response to adversity his response is either have the stable of spokespersons handle it or when the words positively absolutely have to come out of his mouth, he blames GMA.




Noynoy throughout his life has never competed  in anything. Let me qualify that. He has never competed in anything where last name has no relevance. Let me give you an example. Jeffrey Jordan ‘s  basketball skills were good enough to get him a basketball scholarship to  some decent basketball schools. Unfairly though because of his last name some might have been expecting NBA greatness. Some people find sports irrelevant to real life. I say it’s more real than many give it credit for. General managers of sports teams are like general managers of any business. They look at their objective and they gather tools and labor to help them in their effort to get to that objective. An NBA GM looks at a players resume and decides whether or not that player could be useful for their organization. The resume is based purely on performance and attitude. Your typical NBA team is based on a collection of outside shooters, passers , big men, rebounders and ball handlers. You will find many championship teams not only have skilled players but players who   also   understand how their skills fit in the team scheme.   In the NBA, players are judged by what they done while competing. Unfortunately for Jeffrey   Jordan   , he is currently out of basketball without even an NBA tryout.

The reality is very few players on Earth are cut out to be NBA players. Its based on skill. Skill is something you need to compete. In the NBA there is no such thing as name recognition guaranteeing you anything. Noynoy never has competed . If you want to build a case against political dynasty look at the world of professional sport. Sports may be trivial but they sure as hell are far more bottom line oriented than politics.  The way I see it, sports depends more on real skills and less on perception than politics does.   For someone who has never competed Noynoy  does play the blame game very very well.



Officer Mayo



What do U2   , Laura Branigan , Van Morrison  and Noynoy Aquino have in common? They all love to sing about Gloria.  Whether in Laos  or New Zealand  give Noynoy a mic and an audience anytime anyplace and her name will be uttered.  Two and a half years into his reign he still can’t grasp the common phrase “let it go”. Of course I think he can’t let it go because like Zack Mayo in An Officer and A Gentlemen he has “nowhere else to go“.

The greatest leaders in the history of the world have been scrutinized and questioned. It’s their ability to rise above it and get things done that sets them apart. Unfortunately we are saddled with someone elected to the highest position in the land who is the classic can dish it out but can’t take it . I have no idea how we are supposed to go anywhere as a society if we don’t have the discretion to be able to ask questions of our elected officials. I also have no idea why we have elected officials that feel exempt from from having to stand up to questioning. Maybe that might come from having such a cushy life that standing up for anything is a novelty. Anybody in a position of responsibility will face critics during crunch time. Roy Dewalt of the B.C. Lions was constantly harped on for never being able to win the big game. In 1983 the team came up one point short in the final against Mouse Davis’ run and shoot offence. I personally heard a football guy  (someone who knew the industry ) “The Lions have a dummy at quarterback”. Did  Dewalt  come up with a plan to eliminate his critics? Did he go cry in the corner? He put his nose to the grindstone and in 1985 the Lions obliterated the Hamilton Tigercats for their first Grey Cup in three decades. I saw one fan hold up a banner “We’re sorry Roy!”. That always stuck with me. Roy Dewalt had the intestinal fortitude to turn boos into cheers.

I have relatives that tell me not to write because I am critical of what I see in the President. I always have the same answer, do I I just bend over and accept everything from the Triumvirate of Truth   like it’s gospel? I do know one fundamental thing to be true. Get anybody who will defend Noynoy Aquino to the end and they will mention Gloria in about 34.7 seconds. In a way relatives that tell me not to write about Noynoy reflect the thinking of the Grand Dragon himself. Play favorites and don’t benefit from those critical. Just sugar coat everything. Only Noynoy is allowed to put down anything as he has shown in functions where he is an invited guest . Yet he must project this aura of flawlessness.   There was one such event where he  addressed the business community with absolutely no modesty and describes himself as a hybrid of Winston Churchill moxy   and Mahatma Gandhi’s values. One who takes on challenges and responsibility while remaining moral. A quick Google search using the words “Noynoy Integrity Summit” yielded  a report by the Inquirer, my own dissection and interpretation of the event  as well as someone who far more impressed by Noynoy’s words than I was.

This goes back to my main topic of this post. Wouldn’t you agree that the President whose security detail is instructed to arrest the driver of a car who is parking in a restaurant where the boss  is dining is far more news worthy than Noynoy discussing his love life or lack thereof? As the editorial suggests , it exposes the hypocrisy of this daang matuwid. A citizen can’t even park in a restaurant where his family is waiting for him   . Yet as Angeles  suggests   there is this double standard   evident that night which is exactly what Noynoy has been accused of whether it’s Padaca   , Puno  or Trillanes .

Sorry, our most well known columnists in these country are compromised . The Internet gives us a chance to counteract that. The Cybercrime libel act (now under  TRO) gives the ones doing the compromising the ability to snuff out those speaking out their compromising. I pointed out two cases that were all but ignored by the mainstream press. If outlets like the Tribune  and the Manila Standard are fabricating stories about the current administration where is the outcry? Where are the libel suits? If If you ever glance  at the title of the local edition of Business World it says right there  ” a newspaper is a public trust” It is only natural to look at a leader’s actions and see if it’s aligned with their promises. I showed you two stories, one where the Wang Wang eliminator’s immediate staff seem to not show grace and consideration  to co patrons at a restaurant. That alleged show of force is in direct contradiction to his battle cry of Daang Matuwid. If a newspaper is a public trust why aren’t the leading broadsheets covering this?

I told you about a guy who you likely have never heard of named Roy Dewalt. A man who was doubted and booed yet eliminated the boos through determination. Noynoy’s idea of eliminating the boos it seems  is by eliminating the booers and performing a choke hold on the mainstream press. What do you expect from someone who has never had to compete?

23 Replies to “Harrassment by Presidential Security: There’s Three Sides To Every Story”

  1. I don’t know much about football I agree that this president of the Philippines is a sad situation.. Any who, great article. Can you post a more solid evidence of the event? Cheers.

    1. Do what I did, Google the facts as in who and where (Howard Calleja Korean Garden) The ABS CBN site acknowledges that they will look into it but that was two weeks ago and no word from them since.

  2. the major consultancies/corporations compete to recruit the best graduates and at my previous company arthur andersen (now accenture) in the uk, 55% of intake came from oxbridge. a key factor in selection was sport, underlining the point that they were achievers, team players dedicated, committed to excellence/improvement and understood and applied values of sportsmanship i.e not cheating, fair play, respect for opponents and had flexible social skills and divrrsity in their life/interests.
    playing playstation did not count.

    1. Libertas. Thank you! Extremely rewarding to me personally when a point I am trying to make makes total sense because of practical examples in a reader’s life. The whole notion of competing and learning through failure was my point in my previous post here in GRP Noynoy Aquino Vampire Hunter. Not only could you not attribute any successes to that guy, there were no failures either. And this is the guy leading 90 million people? But like I always say, if we have something whether it’s a moronic TV show or a moronic president it’s because it’s a reflection of our society. Manifestation of our values. Quality is subjective. Market place and ballot box more objective measures. Not saying it’s right just saying it’s a measure. Our society is full of short cuts and avoiding work. I made the case in my blog in GRP about why we can’t compete respectably in the Olympics. We don’t value competition because we don’t care about merit. It’s all singit , connections , palagay, epal. We reap what we sow.

  3. This makes me furious! I’m not surprised though. 30 years ago, long before the Internet made instantaneous reporting possible, the PSG accosted us and attempted to take control of our vehicle while we were stopped in traffic in Greenbelt, Makati. They pulled the front passenger door open and started yelling at my mother. They were screaming at us to move our car. What perpetrated the incident? Then president Cory Aquino had a dinner date in the area. It disgusts me to see the Aquino family maintaining tradition X-(

    1. Johnny Thank you. Security have a job to do , I don’t deny that. Bad guys only have to be right once. If it’s that much of an issue : 1) order take out 2) cater/ hire the chef 3) close down the restaurant for the president in advance with plenty of notice to regulars (like a week) but don’t interfere with roads 4) leave the taxpayer out of it. Don’t give them the bill, don’t block there way. You serve them not the other way around. But maybe I am living in Fantasyland. This is the Philippines where politicians are of two types. 1) Those that walk around “kung sino”? 2) Those that put down type #1 yet still walk around “kung sino”?

        1. Johnny,

          I am going to quote the western Magnificent Seven. But before I do that to

          the monitoring Malacanang Communications Group I am not pulling a Ted

          Nugent. It’s just a quote from a movie. Towards the end of the movie they

          asked the old man if he was worried and he said he was not “worth the


  4. Great post, Gogs.

    While BS’s homosexuality is his own private business, it is also another example of his inability to handle life’s difficulties.

    His relationships consist of “fitful frotting” – a term invented, I believe, by Stephen Fry – which means they are entirely sexual and involve no real commitment.

    He doesn’t have to work through his wife’s moods (nor the other way around) or the challenges of raising children. He can just play around with whichever of his current BFs takes his fancy. And, of course, as the scion of a wealthy family his trust account ensures he never has to actually wonder how is going to pay the bills.

    What astonishes me even more than BS’s lack of character is that so few Filipinos can see that the emperor, as it were, is wearing no clothes. Even the most stupid noytard should be able to see that a man who cannot claim responsibility for –ANYTHING– is simply unfit to be the president of this benighted land.

    Look at Obama. He followed one of the worst presidents in US history – George W Bush – but, even if you are like me and disagree with most of Obama’s policies, you have to give him credit for not taking the easy way out and constantly harping on about the deficiencies of the Bush maladministration.

    The job of any chief executive, whether the president of a nation or the CEO of a company, is to accept responsibility for everything. BS fails that test, just as he has failed every other test he has faced. The Philippines is worse off for his time as president and we will only know how much worse off it is after his reign of incompetence ends.

    While we can all hope and pray for his impeachment, the simple fact is we have over three more years of his buck-passing ways.

    1. Thank you as usual Mr.Parkes. Look at any spoiled brat. All they care about is two words: “Me!” and “Now!” Didn’t we just summarize his two year term? No consideration for others or long term consequences. There is no greater good or well thought out choices. Noynoy’s vanity, petulence and disregard for the rules is on display to all but the most dim witted.

      As for the “fitful frotting” concept. I read something similar from all people but Howard Stern. Forgot if it was in Private Parts or Miss America but it is in the vicinity of what Fry says.

      As for your forecast of three more years. I have always said that if the Mayans are right at least that will spare us from over half his term.

  5. I did what you said, googled Howard Calleja Korean garden. Found an article in tribune online, read the “story”. The last sentence of the “story” though was something for a tabloid.

    “Aquino was allegedly told of the incident and ordered his bodyguards to allow the pretty driver to park near his car.”

    True, those PSG were a-holes but what was conveniently left out in your blog was what was supposedly comment from Howard Calleja himself where a certain PSG apologized to them right then and there.


    I was told by friends in media and in malacanang that the PSG and PNP will formally apologize to me on the matter. As of writing of this comment I have not yet received any formal apology or even a call from the PSG and or PNP. Also as stated in my post a certain PSG officer apologized to my wife and I and to the manager/owner of the resto after the incident Sunday. To his credit I salute him for accepting the lapses of his men. I found out now that he is a certain Col Balagtas of PSG. I do hope and pray that he will make good his apology and promise to my wife and I that he will fix the misunderstanding created by his men and remind them to be more respectful.

    howard calleja

    1. Jorge, thanks for also doing the same legwork. I really forcused only on 3 sources, the two Tribune pieces and the ABS CBN one. My point is the case appears to be the President throwing his weight around and its SOP for the PSG. Apparently the President will apologize based on sources but ABS CBN did not know about it at the time or chose not to follow it up. The thing is who among us has ever seen the President make good on an apology? He just generates excuses. I would think his P.R. would milk an apology for all it’s worth. To deceptively show a contrite Noynoy. It’s not that much about what actually happened but more about how it was covered and not covered and what is possibly behind that.

      Sub themes in this post include his coddling , lack of participation in competition and why I think he brings up Gloria at every turn. I did not look for Mr. Calleja’s comments because I did not want to go through the verfication of the source.

      Thanks for reading and reacting.

      1. Gogs, did you notice the kind of responses the online Tribune story generated? Seems the Aquino zombies and sycophants came out in droves calling Atty Calleja a liar and blamed him for “probably starting the incident.” All this without any evidence or first hand knowledge of the incident. Disgusting.

        1. Johnny,

          yeah apparently it’s done to every Tiglao column in Inquirer too. Lacierda is the one lying since in the ABS CBN website he said he will look into it. Just because he did not like what he saw does not mean he is off the hook.

          Yellow zombies are a fascinating species. They give their idol the benefit of the doubt at all times. He can do no wrong because his whole life he has done nothing. Makes sense to a degree I guess.

  6. The PSG has rotten eggs among them. These are the unprofessional fools who give the organization a very bad name.There are also the solid military professionals. They know what courtesy, discipline and loyalty is all about. I am proud of them. Some of whom still remember me. If I had a say on the matter, the goons among them would be touring with full gear(except ammo load) and 100 pound full packs in full summer or driving rain. These goons will also be subjected to disciplinary barracks with full PT/road runs for minor violations. Those who do commit abuses like what was done to Atty. Calleja should be subjected to Court Martial put into a stockade or dishonorably discharged from the service. Mr. BS Aquino should rein in the unprofessional, abusive or criminal goons among the PSG. His boss, the people will begin to hate him and his PSG for their abuses. Mr. President wake up and discipline your PSG before it is too late. Its either criminal goons or military professionals. I prefer the latter.

    1. Thomas Jefferson thanks. I really don’t know what is true but fascinating how it’s one dinner and one driver and one car and VLC (as I describe the trio of Noynoy mouthpieces) were asked about this and I don’t see an answer online anywhere. I think its the hidden real culture that goes against the public no wang wang image he wants to project. Oh man if there was a video cam for that like there was for that LRT incident and the MMDA incident. We are in a more tyrannical society than most people think.

  7. All those shouts of “Me,” “Now” and “Gloria” are really lame attempts to cover up his wrongdoings. Or is it non-doings. Well, no real achievement, nonetheless.

    1. Chino,

      I have been preaching that no achievement story line or is it non story line since September 2009. A lot of my blogs since then have been born out of the fascination of the fanaticism that Noynoy’s Beetle Bailey life has been able to inspire. And I am supposed to be full of Pinoy pride when that is our reality? That this guy with no recorded accomplishment and essentially mimes his dead parents gets the most votes in our democracy? Going back to Hyden’s concept of hierachy, Noynoy has done nothing yet for some reason acts so entitled. That is the worst dillusional behavior. And he’s our president! Oh joy.

  8. This country has a hierarchy of Parking. If you park in a powerful politician’s parking place. You can even be killed by his/her bodyguards.
    Blaming people is a convenient way to evade responsibility. Aquino is doing this, to deflect the blame on himself. Aquino is a lazy , so he blames: GMA, Marcos, the Devil, etc… Aquino is rich, and has many servants to serve him…

    1. Hyden Toro , that’s exactly it. The hierachy. The gullible majority believed this “kayo ang boss ko ” baloney. Noynoy from the beginning adopted the either you are with us or against us mentality. Unfortunately he does not give much reason to a thinking person to be with him since he doesn’t show signs of thinking himself. As a result if you are not uber yellow or KKK then you are just in the way.

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