George Anikow murder: Violence is a broad and profound cultural condition in Philippine society

Again we encounter another instance of the violent nature of Filipinos — a people expats have for so long warned one shouldn’t cross as they (1) don’t fight fair and (2) hold deadly unshakable grudges. Last night saw the murder of George Anikow, a former US Marine officer and spouse of a US Embassy staff member allegedly in the hands of a gang of enraged Filipino men at the gate of posh Makati village Bel Air. What was initially a mild altercation between Anikow and the party of four young men reportedly turned into a brawl that left Anikow mortally wounded from stab wounds.

During the brawl, Anikow ran away from the suspects but they chased him. When the four caught up with Anikow, they continued to beat up the former US serviceman until he fell to the ground.

A wounded Anikow was left on street. One of the suspects told Saavadera: “Huwag ka magsusumbong, huwag mong kunin plate number namin, gago yan (Don’t tell, don’t get our plate number, he is a fool).”

One can understand getting beat up in a brawl. But to wield a knife in one is just so, well, Pinoy. For a nation that idolises boxers, one wonders why the idea of fighting fair mano-y-mano seems lost in the typical Filipino male.

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Coincidentallty, the issue of violence against women happens to be the subject of an awareness campaign currently being waged online. It seems, however, violence perpetrated by Filipinos is really something whose victims transcend gender, class, and even nationality. The Anikow case highlights the random nature and greater breadth of impact of Filipino-perpetrated violence; Anikow being male and a US national, and the perpetrators described as being “businessmen” driving a presumably expensive Volvo sport utility vehicle.

Indeed, even top Filipino politicians are not immune from this violent nature that seems to characterise the Filipino condition. Recall back in September 2009 when former Ilocos Sur governor and former deputy national security adviser Chavit Singson allegedly beat up his partner Rachel Tiongson whom he suspected of being unfaithful. In my classic piece Impunity and the Filipino Male, I make a generalisation on the basis of that incident…

This is specially so, given the very character of Singson himself — a shining specimen representative of the flaccid machismo of the Pinoy male evident in the kind of cinema we enjoy and the sort of people we look up to for leadership.

So while the usual “experts” will have their tongues wagging about that quintessentially-Filipino story of the influential man walking away from a crime with no more than a token slap on the wrist (easy targets for the chronically self-righteous pundit), let us make like more intelligent beings for even one moment and reflect. For that matter, and considering how, for most of us, this moment of reflection is likely to occur inside our cars while stuck in Manila’s traffic, look around and observe the behaviour of the average Filipino driver. How many acts made with impunity do we see transpiring before our eyes within, say, an hour? Or even within a minute?

This is after all a nation where assassins riding tandem on motorcycles can be hired for a hit for no more than Php10,000 (a little more than USD200). It is quite amazing that the Philippines is not on Uncle Sam’s permanent travel ban list. The simplest misunderstanding, misconstrued look, or unintended slight can provoke a massive feudal vendetta that could last generations. It seems to all stem from the world-renowned pipsqueak ego of the Filipino

A simple misunderstanding can turn a non-issue into a nasty national spectacle. If you don’t believe me, just google the name “Ampatuan” or look up that fight at the Valley Golf Club in Manila that turned really violent when two prominent families just couldn’t stand each other’s presence. Even the funeral of the late President Corazon Aquino was all about bruised egoes for it was said that the family wanted to heed her wishes not to have a state funeral just to spite President Gloria Arroyo.

The Filipino’s taste for petty violence has spawned lively viral video circuses many times. Recall the Thrilla in NAIA involving Ramon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto, Robert Carabuna vs the MMDA, and other such nuggets of Pinoy class. Perhaps there is something to be said about the way Filipino men are raised — or not raised as the case may be for the entire generation of Filipinos absentee-parented by the modern-day “heroes” of this sad nation, the Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW).

All the dots seem to connect — us being supposedly the most emotional society in the world, coupled with our bad case of collective narcissistic personality disorder all under the umbrella of the nation’s profound culture of impunity.

A person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder has been described as someone with “an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves”. The cause of this disorder is said to be unknown but the disorder can be traced back to bad genes; abusive household or perhaps demonic possession…ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch. But you can just imagine the kind of environment that will breed or develop a personality disorder such as that.

Well, considering that the Filipino condition (1) afflicts both islands and expat Pinoys across generations, (2) can be traced back to households where “children are used for adults’ pleasure [and often] made to dance the Ocho-Ocho, Spaghetti Dance or other funny dances just to make the adults laugh,” and (3) is propagated by a state religion that encourages its flock to believe in their entitlement to a special place in the overall scheme of things, I’d say the above is spot on.

216 Replies to “George Anikow murder: Violence is a broad and profound cultural condition in Philippine society”

  1. Yet another proof of the emotional immaturity of Filipino society. Just because an American seemed to act high and mighty, you bring out a knife to stab? This only proves that Filipinos are lawless and lacking self-control. I’m tempted to say Filipinos are so demonic when they act like this.

  2. Rolito Go killing someone over a traffic dispute… that lady in Loyola Memorial Park being killed over parking on Nov. 1… then this. When will Filipinos learn? This will yet be another Pride Deflator. It should be.

    1. Indeed, as I said, the sport of boxing is all about fair fighting on a level platform. Pinoys who idolise their compatriot being today’s pound-for-pound best fighter in all ironies fail to grasp the concept of the fair fight. They bring guns and knives to minor altercations and situations where a simple fist fight might have sufficed.

      Perhaps it has something to do with Pinoys being renowned for their inability to lose gracefully — which feeds a pathological fear of losing and, as such, their panigurado approach to participating in a brawl.

      Pinoy nga naman talaga
      Parang aso
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo.

      1. It’s not just with Pinoys, these happen everywhere. Being a killer, corrupt, stupid, intelligent, kind, liar is not because of race. Go around the world and see for yourself, these happens everywhere, at least we don’t have serial killers yet.

  3. Criminality is rising in many parts of the archipelago. Terrorism cannot be far behind. There are recent intelligence reports warning of JI and ASG attacks in western and central Mindanao. This will include targets in the National Capital Region. BS Aquino appears to be in the dark as to what is happening to this country. His continuing inaction is frightening. The great leader did not even bother to lodge complaints over IED bombings in Mindanao during the phony peace negotiations. If he does not wake up to reality, chaos and anarchy will rule in the Philippines.

  4. Basically I wouldnt be surprised if this will happen more often. Eat this: Philippine people are raised to become Pavlov dogs, robots and puppets on a string. This picture is enforced by the Philippine educational system. One day the bomb must and will explode. Especially when a pinoy sees an `alien` behaving “au naturel”. A pinoy can either deal with that or not. Most likely he cant, he gets jealous, he cant control himself. The result is he will fuse the bomb that was about to explode anyway.

    Its as easy as A, B, C and 1, 2, 3.

  5. Where can you find a leader who relishes the sight of an old woman’s suffering, accuses her of everything,then condemns her by publicity, restricting her movement and backed by his propagandists thru the major broadcast networks and major broadsheets. Onli in da pilipinz.

  6. I’ve seen the morning news today. I could only surmise these four blood thirsty hooligans are very influential.

    I watched the news and there’s no instance that their faces have been shown. Even during their mug shots session?

    Reporters are banned to to take their photos during their mug shots?

    1. Right!

      Four a.m. – chucking out time for night clubs around Makati. Were the culprits tested for shabu, I wonder? No, of course not…

      Like most foreigners, I expect the killers to get away with their murder.

      The security guard, the only witness, will be bribed or done away with, and, once the Press interest has faded, they will be out on bail.

      With the disappearance of the only witness, and the failure to obtainproper forensics, the “evidence” will have “disappeared” and the case will be dismissed. It would be different if their parents were middle class, or poor, of course.

      Needless to say, I hope I am wrong, but the fact that the accused got away with hiding their faces tells me that the usual forces are at work – the finest Police Force money can buy has just been bought once again.

        1. In the words attributed to Edmund Burke, prominently displayed in a wekk known bookshop in Padre Faura,all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good man to do nothing.

          There are plenty of good men in the Philippines; I need only look around at my Pinoy friends to see that. This was a bad case, and I suspect that shabu had something to do with it, but the extent to which it has been condemned is heartening. The good men are not doing nothing and evil will not truimph in the end.

        2. I just had the pleasure of watching Dr Jose Cabrera, MD, and thus, one presumes, a man of some education, explaining on television why his son, one of the arrested suspects, is the victim of a global conspiracy by the Americans, and how he intends to recruit the Chinese to show the world what the Americans are really like.

          You may find the clip here:

          As a commentary on the sense of entitlement of wealthy Filipinos, it is quite educational. A man’s twentysomething son is caught on CCTV murdering a foreigner and he blames the dead man’s Government.

          Dr Cabrera feels that justice is not being done because his dear boy is not being allowed out on bail. That is because he is charged with murder, which the the correct charge for all the members of a group of men who attack a man who runs away, and kill him, because they are acting in combination. He ascribes this to the evil influence of the US Embassy.

          He has all the emotional maturity of a five year old.

        3. For n e 1 to say this guy Dr.Cabrerra is intelligent is just a false-hood.The guy is a SCUMBAG,thru and thru,as well as an incompetent father.He FAILED to teach his son that killing someone in anything other than self-preservation is wrong,will not be tolerated by society and if his son engages in a crime of this sort….he is going to ROT in jail.
          The kid is obviously rotten to the core already and is now being given the heart-warming blessings on his actions(the cold-blooded murder of a Man who touched his car) by his loving father.Sonny boy for his part probably believes he will get out.BUT this time it is a U.S. diplomats husband,AHAHAHAHAH….so I hope he rots in a stinking cesspool filipine prison for a long long time. George Ankilow did not deserve to be stabbed in the back by this li’l turd. The security guard deserves a good beating for just standing there and not,at least,firing a warning shot to stop the attack.
          I am trying not to become emotional on this issue but it just re-inforces the negative way I see foreigners treated in the Philippines(BADLY!),and it is starting to really piss me off.I m not here to be abused,PERIOD.Chase me w/your cub-scout knife sonny…I got something for you.AND do not tell me to leave.I know where the toilet,I mean Aiprport is…can smell it for miles.Filipino’s come to MY country,THE U.S.A. everyday,and no one tells them to leave.They are welcomed,get good jobs and never asked to leave.YO,ever hear of Reciprosity? Big word,bigger meaning.The Philippines need to understand it,NOW!!!! Resentments are a luxury I can not afford as I start breaking out in felonies.Show us a li’l love,we respond WELL to that.

    2. This guy was a U.S. Marine,his wife works for the U.S. Embassy. Ex-pats are SICK OF THIS SHIT.OH and tell us to ‘go home’.Yeah,after you twist what you hear to suit your anti-AMERICAN sentiment.

      1. There is no anti american sentiment in PI, only few commies have that, those you can find in the streets with thier plackards paid by bayag muna. What happen is purely spontaneous war freak killing people bumped by wannabe superman.

  7. Violence is everywhere in our country. People beat people. Husbands beat their wives. Just look at the Hacienda Luisita massacre; and the Maguindanao maasacre. Life is cheap in our country…

  8. Once again I am struck by how there is nothing of any merit or value in Philippine culture.

    It’s a regressive, damned, lawless culture that promotes stupidity and violence.

    1. Yes,you are correct Mr.Parkes. Stupidity at its worst.It would have been a real ‘come uppence’ had this guy pulled out a .38 revolver and blasted their stupid asses. The thing is that there is a lot of anti-American sentiment in the Philippines,and around the globe.Americans are TARGETS.BUT not all American Ex-pats are un-armed,they have wives that have ‘permits-to-carry’.I had an occurrence one day and I’ll take a weapons charge any day as it is much better than a final resting place.
      In this instance,the guy was wrong to hit the vehicle.He should not have done it…PERIOD.I do not blame them for getting upset.BUT BUT BUT…chasing him down like a dog in the street and stabbing him to death.Oh fuckin NO NO NO, UN-ACCEPTABLE and the POS should be put in jail for LIFE!!!! I do not care who their parents are as,in a way,it is probably their fault for giving the li’l shit-heads the feeling they could get away with it because of who Daddy is.Daddy should have given all of them a beating,a long time ago,then this might not have happened.
      This guy was a U.S. Marine, the husband of an American Embassy Diplomat (and most of them are deep cover CIA).Yeah,what is Daddy gonna do now?”Daddy…oh Daddy please get me out of here,it stinks like butt-hole and the other in-mates hate me coz I am rich.Daddy?Daddy?…please change my underwear,Daddy?”,I can hear it now.

  9. Full of negative comments from Filpino themselves, everybody agrees just to Nuke pinoys eventhought this is the same country they live. Just because one foreigner was killed everybody is trying to be sipsip and act as foreigner himself and bash all filipinos. Crime happens everytime not only in PI, even in USA as per FBI reports, every 30 minutes 1 person died of crime related incident, yet they don’t say that all americans are crazy killing people. Same reason why pinoys look stupid cause of people like you guys.

        1. Haay typical pinoy. You are actually a part of the problem and not the solution. You don’t deserve to be free! I mean look at you. If there’s something wrong about our country, you just turn around and put also what’s wrong with the other countries instead in order to hide yourself and this country from shame and to make yourself feel better.

        2. Oh and foreigners as wannabees? So you’re saying that the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson are wannabes? Of course I know not all of them but you’re showing how anti-intellect you are. You just want to remain to be a “genius” moron like Wile E. Coyote do you? Pinoy nga naman oo napakadakilang bastos.

        3. @Bernie

          You don’t have to ask these guys to get out of the country — most of these guys, particularly the authoe (BenignO) are based in Australia

        1. Oh look you’re denying. Just admit that you really can’t handle the truth you escapist. And if you ever throw us that BS good news like our country is improving, my question to you then is do you even feel the progress of this country? But you’ll just immediately say yes because you’ll be using your pinoy prayd again. You’re just like jon-asshole: a dakilang mangongontra who always thinks that pinoys are flawless and the best in the whole world without seeing their dysfunctional mindset like yours.

    1. Here’s a News Flash for you Bernie. In America these murderers would be held in jail till trial without bond. They would get no special priveledges because of who they were or who they might know. They might not have even made it as far as jail and been dead on the scene. As hard as you are trying to, you can’t justify murder under any circumstances. Your false Pinoy Pride is showing. People like you are disgusting. You place your Nationality above your principles… After listening to your rant it would not surprise me if you are capable of doing the same thing as the animals that murdered a man. Thats right I am an American..

      1. So am I Mr.Steffen. There is no excuse for what these li’l shitheads have done. Mr.Anikow should not have hit the vehicle,but chasing him down like a dog and stabbing him to death? NO NO NO fuckin way!!!! I am sorry the guard did nothing and if I had been standing there,it would have had a different outcome,much different.NO WAY, I would not have just stood there.That guard was armed too,and the shit-bag just stood there and did nothing.
        This story is not being broadcast on the news in the States,at least when I googled it none of the major networks were covering the story.I do not think it will play well with the tourism sector,or any other sector, of the AMERICAN population.

  10. The fact that the culprits get caught, means law still prevails and those that
    committed the crime will pay. Let’s not always say, they have money and they will
    not go to Jail, ‘hello’ this think might happen but not as always moreso it happened to an
    American and for sure they will watch over this until these four go to jail.

    I was just wondering why do filipino keeps on throwing muds on themselves, telling
    filipinos are lawless people, violent stupid whatever, do you consider yourself
    like that ? well I don’t I am just an ordinary person, working in the office who
    hates violence of any means. This kind of news doesn’t only happen In PI. Look
    and go thailand and look at their newspapers where you can also see lots of killings
    and crime. It’s just that those filipino who think they are different and they are
    better race than their neighbors do not consider themselves as filipino anymore. Hello
    again, look at your face and you are still standing in PI soil, breathing PI’s oxygen.

    If you don’t feel like pinoy anymore, get out of the country do some surgery like Michael
    Jackson put a taller bridge in your nose and color your hair with blonde. Shame shame shame.

    1. Ironically, your mindset is the mindset of the majority of the Filipinos. A mindset of a delusional madman. You like to see the world in a rose tinted glass while denying the reality that your country is already a failure. This incident was an example of how stupid the Filipinos has become. A nation of scoundrels, hypocrites, liars, thieves and ignorant people.

      This is the reality kiddo, the majority of the Filipinos are stupid and ignorant, they are backward, anti progress, anti intellectual and anti reform. Deal with reality and GTFO of your closet.

      How pathetic, your comment was obviously anti foreign, and you are still using nationalism to justify your arguments, which was long dead and buried.

      1. I looked at your profile and you said “He dreams to be a computer scientist someday that will help his fellow citizens.” WTF you dream of helping your fellow indios, hypocrites, killers … ha ha ha you are a stupid kid, just play with your xbox. Do you already have your wiiU?

        1. And now you’re showing your drama queen mindset because you always think that elites are evil. Are you watching too much telebasura and monotonous pinoy action films? Now I humbly say that I am not an elite. I am just a follower of this site who slams not-so-true Filipinos who are malicious and always do the victim card like you. Eat my shorts!

    2. In short, you are saying MAKISAMA KA, MAGHIRAP KA. You like to criticise other countries but you cannot even criticise the defects of your own? How hypocritical!

      What is your definition of being a Filipino? Your last statement was completely hilarious. The First Filipinos were the Spanish speaking Ilustrados, not your Indios.

      You and the majority of the stupid Filipinos are deserved to be called as indios. It was not a racist term.

        1. You are really stupid. Not only you are anti elite, you are also a stupid twat. your argument has no substance at all. What is the point of calling me a kiddo, eh? Your mind is very inferior compared to what I observe in our society.

          You are the hypocrite. You are only trolling here, you are a shame to your ancestors. You are a typical Fliptard, a typical indio!

    3. @Bernie: Fair enough. I won’t dispute you when you claim that you are “just an ordinary person, working in the office who hates violence of any means”. But, see, this is not about you. It is about Pinoys as a collective. As I wrote in the article, I made a very generous generalisation about Pinoys based on this incident and a few others before it.

      I’ll do a Maria Ressa and respond to this gem of a snippet of yours…

      Hello again, look at your face and you are still standing in PI soil, breathing PI’s oxygen.

      If you don’t feel like pinoy anymore, get out of the country do some surgery like Michael Jackson put a taller bridge in your nose and color your hair with blonde. Shame shame shame.

      …by saying, this made me laugh. It made me laugh because you brilliantly but inadvertently summarised quite well the overarching general aspiration of the typical Pinoy — which is to turn into something else other than that quintessential indio in a salakot that we so ironically like using as the symbol of Juan de la Cruz. In that, perhaps, I am as guilty as the next chicharon-chomping islander. I am Pinoy after all whether you are able to deal with that simple fact or not.


      1. So other than your negative comments and criticism, do you have any suggestions on how to correct things for those things you are seeing ? or you are just a good critic after all.

        1. We correct things by writing articles like these, so people who read can have a “bible” to refer to when they want to tell others about what to correct.

      2. This could have happened anywhere.The ‘collective’ Filipino,in my observations that are not insignificant, is not a simpleton savage.Dress these l’il boys up in expensive clothes and fine set of wheels and they are still spoiled li’l brats who needed to catch the beating of a life-time,prior to this.Daddy,who-ever he is,did a poor job in teaching them the respect they need to have to be among the general population of human-beings.They murdered the wrong guy(there really is no RIGHT guy to murder) as the U.S. Embassy staff has been affected by this,and the U.S. Embassy Staff (many of whom are CIA) is not going to be too willing to see these guys walk.NO they are not(be in really good moods handing out Visa’s this week too,HUH?) going to just watch these guys walk,NO WAY.
        My hope is that the only population these li’l shit-bags are among, any time soon,is the general population of a stinking hell-hole Fillippine prison.
        Filipino’s take everything as an insult,even when it is not.But resorting to violence is personal decision.

    4. “If you don’t feel like pinoy anymore, get out of the country do some surgery like Michael
      Jackson put a taller bridge in your nose and color your hair with blonde. Shame shame shame.”

      Your epic fail excuses are pathetic and getting old. It’s like saying “ikaw na lang kaya maging presidente”?

        1. Oh and I already own a PS3. I’m not interested on buying an Xbox 360 because there are only a few games in its library that I like.

    5. @Bernie

      Whether you like it or not a segment of the population are sociopaths.Criminality is rising in this country because of national leadership complacency, apathy and incompetence. All that is needed is a directive from the sleeping president.

        1. Nobody here is saying that nothing of this sort happened before BS Aquino. If you look closely at the comment it says that “criminality is RISING” under him, which does imply that it already existed before.

          For a person who thinks that GRP is quick to judge, you sure are quick to judge us over here as “a hypocrites.”

  11. Let me start by stating that I am an American living in the Philippines… If you have been following this story from the beginning, you would have noticed that in the initial news interviews the Makati PNP Officer in charge of the investigation was blaming the victim (the American) for the crime. His reasoning was the victims’ decision to assist the security guard with a car load of Filipinos who were denied entry to the village. At the time, most Filipino Bloggers were in agreement saying things like; “well the foreigner should have minded his own business” or “the Filipinos must have been scared and tried to defend themselves”… This case, like so may other crimes against foreigners, would have been quietly swept under the rug until it was discovered that the “foreigner” was married to a US Embassy Staff Member, or was himself a Member of the US Mission… This was an unforgivable crime no matter who the victim was! Any person who chooses to defend or justify it is just as guilty as those whose committed the murder! Bernie; if you are offended because some of your countrymen are making negative comments against these murders, then I pity you. Your comments show that you have no moral compass! You only choose to see anti-Filipino comments and NOT the FACT that FOUR Filipinos chased down, beat-to-a-pulp, stabbed and killed an American for no good reason!

    1. Negative comments for the murderers are accepted and I want these animals rot in Jail. However, generalizing all population is not. n fact, you know USA has more gruesome stories to tell.

      1. There you go again putting what’s wrong with other countries while you remain to be an ignorant moron who doesn’t want to be educated because you’re a butthurt “genius”. Small-minded flips like you talk nothing but people. Geez do you need to be bombed with a hydrogen bomb for you to change your dysfunctional mindset?

      2. I fail to see how my comment is “generalizing all population” (actually, the correct phrase would be “generalizing the entire population”)… Crime in the United States does exist, I am not arguing that fact. However, in the United States, as my friend “Bill” pointed out earlier, the suspects would NOT be granted on bail and would NOT be given a choice on whether or not they would take a drug test. Further, the police would NOT blame the victim for the crime (bearing in mind that the only times victims are blamed for their own murders is when the police are the suspects)… If it wasn’t for the fact that the victim in this case is either a Member of the US Mission or his spouse is, this case would never see the light of day! You know it! I know it! Each and every person living in this country knows it! So get over it!

    1. Indeed… As I pondered on FB the other day “I often wonder how Filipinos would react if Police in the United States were as non-nonchalant (when dealing with foreign (Filipino) homicide victims) as the PNP when dealing with the wrongful death of an American or any other foreign national.”, the question itself was rhetorical because… Filipinos would raise hell if such a crime was committed against “one of their own” and the cries would be even louder if they say the police (in the US) acting the way the Makati PNP did!… How’s that for “generalizing the population” Bernie?

      1. So true sir. Just like what happened to flor contemplacion and the pinoy drug mules’s death sentences when the pinoys are very emotional to Singapore and china respectively that they’re acting like warfreaks. Another one is instead of properly negotiating with Saudi Arabia for the release of an OFW who will be sentenced with death penalty for killing a Yemeni person, this pinoy commietard named walden bello resorts on hostility to that country instead for calling it a “jungle of sex perverts” making the Arabians and the king furious and the fate of the OFW’s in death row worst. It’s a proof that pinoys are too emotional just like what the recent survey from the US said.

        1. It’s called respect dakilang bastos. Ang hilig mong bastusin ang kapwa empleyado, kliyente at boss mo sa opisinang pinapasukan mo ano? What’s the matter? Your job there is very stressful for you? Fire yourself trapo if you can’t handle it.

        2. “Sipsip ka talaga domo pa sir sir ka pa waaahhh….”

          Wow, I was waiting for some rebuttal with sense but if this is what Bernie has all to say then he is indeed a nonsensical troll. 😛

          Try harder and with more sense, Bernie, maybe the guys here will treat you better (I doubt it because so far your comments are void of sense). ahihi

    2. Hello Bill! I just don’t watch I live with it. If this is not isolated when was the last time an american was killed in PI ? was it last month well you are still alive and still fucking pinays right ?

      1. Listen to me Squatter. You can watch the news here every night and see innocent people being murdered for little or no reason. Unlike you I am not a racist and was not referring to only Americans. Yes, I am still alive and intend to stay that way. Furthermore your childish rant about me having sex with Pinay reinforces my statement that you are a racist. I have a wife and thats the only one. Maybe that is a lesson for you too squatter. I am truly sorry that you are dirt poor and have nothing to offer a Pinay other than maybe abusing her. You have the squatter mentality and will amount to nothing. Your lack of education and upbringing are apparent in your posts. Now go crawl back under your rock squatter.

        1. MOST Filipinos suck! (OK I said Most but not all). And their country is lawless; it’s full of good laws but there is a problem in implementing it. If you’re rich and powerful you have an edge.

          And F***! Mental and environmental trash almost everywhere! And their venality is ABSOLUTE. The Philippines is an ocean of superstitious, racist, brainwashed, indifferent, egoistic, apathetic, unthinking, hypocritical crabs. Sugar-coated on the outside, full of shit inside!

          This is true for most Filipinos but not all, specially the ones who accept the negatives of their culture and try to think of doing a paradigm shift instead of getting hurt and blasting those who criticize.

          I bet Filipinos are getting angry reading this instead of reflecting and working for a change.

          Get real and grow up Filipinos 🙂

  12. Stupid fools don’t know how to understand my post , did I say anything about US legal system in comparison with PI. PI is corrupt there’s now question on that, if you want those four murderers get hang that is good. What i am saying is don not generalize all pinoys same as these four stupid guys.

    1. Oh and now you’re defending those four guys indio? Are you playing the victim card again? Look who’s stupid now “genius”.

    2. NOBODY IS COMPARING THOSE FOUR GUYS WITH ALL FILIPINOS. What this article emphasizes is that those four people represent what is SYMPTOMATIC about Filipino CULTURE, which in the context of the article is DIFFERENT from Filipinos are as people.

      Although you may be right in a way. You talk about “Pinoys” being the same as those guys. Well we here do not see ourselves as “Pinoys;” we are FILIPINOS–there’s a difference.

  13. So much emotions on Americans here, I understand your feelings but shit happens every time especially when you are drunk and think you are superman. He is not really that innocent to begin with, he initiated the fight, he is acting as guard where he is not supposed to, If he was not outside his house at that time and drunk he should still be alive. Monsters appear during these times of the night. But anyways, he doens’t deserve to get killed just because of that, as i said these monsters should rot in jail.

    1. but why should pushing and tapping one one car’s window invite fatal consequences?

      awww.. even traffic altercation can cost one’s limbs and life…in metro manila streets… that’s the classic example of “machete mentality.”

      when gringo said “since you were my friend, i can kill you for nothing” that was during the lawless period in the wild wild west. we are now in the 21st century where cowboys and bandits were supposed to have been the relics of the past.

        1. Read all my posts, why would I defend the killers ? ouhhhhhh so stupid chow. go back to school and learn english. I am not really that good in english but at least understand all posts. Bye ilda hello wake up … remove your glass you may be cross eyed. ahihihi

        2. And please bernie drink a cup of epic fail if you ever come back here again with your “genius”, utak squatter trolling. We don’t need point-missing, stupid trolls like you here. You need to do some soul searching very badly. And look at you being a dakilang bastos especially to someone who is asking you a proper question. Yan ang pinoy. Ano proud ka pa indio de trapo? Now get lost. Next moron please!

        3. Aaaand Bernie goes on the defensive with an ad hominem attack against Ilda’s glasses!

          Isn’t he precious.

        4. When you, Bernie, said “He is not really that innocent to begin with, he initiated the fight, he is acting as guard where he is not supposed to, If he was not outside his house at that time and drunk he should still be alive.” then in a way you are defending the killers for their way of thinking and action to kill the person. You should not have written it to begin with if you are going to condemn the killers at the end of your sentence.

          No matter what is the reason for all of these, there is no good reason to snuff the life of a person. You do not reason out “but he started it”. No. Thou shall not kill, as what one of commandments told us. Remember? Period.

          Yeah he’s attacking Ilda now by name calling, because he has nothing else to say with sense :P.

        5. How pathetic, resorting to ad hominem attacks when this troll gets cornered like a rat. Bernie is one of the most pathetic trolls to attack this site so far.

    2. Bernie; you have just proved my point. There you go, just like the Bloggers I mentioned earlier, trying to pass the blame for the murder to the victim! “He is not really that innocent to begin with, he initiated the fight, he is acting as guard where he is not supposed to, If he was not outside his house at that time and drunk he should still be alive”… He is the VICTIM! How do you know he was drunk? That testimony came from the same police officer who allowed the murder suspects to avoid a drug/alcohol test! Why not take it a step further? If the American decided to live in Thailand or Japan or Korea or… Maybe if he just stayed home in the US of A instead of coming to the Philippines he would still be alive! WTF? Your line of thinking is psychopathic! There is NO EXCUSE for 4 (FOUR) adult males to beat up, chase down, beat up again and then stab another person! For you to even think of blaming the victim shows clearly why this country is so F’ed up up when it comes to crime prevention and prosecution! Dude; quit while you’re behind! You can’t blame the victim in one sentence and then try to justify your comment by saying “they should rot in jail”!

      1. How do you know that police is wrong ? were you there in the scene of crime ? We are all reading news papers of different stories. Who knows what is the truth ?

    3. Are you sure he was drunk? I suspect that he may just have been very, very angry. Who was “in the wrong place” here – not Anikow, who lived in the subdivision, but four rich brats wanting to “take a short cut” (at 4 am) through a private residential area where they did not live – no doubt very noisily. Anikow may just have wanted to help the security guard.

      The reported remarks of the four brats to the guard after the killing say it all – telling him not to take their number. They thought – rightly it appears – that they were above the law.

      The police investigation seems rather unimpressive. No drug or alcohol tests, no CSI, no tests for DNA. And time wasted trying to find out “which one was the killer” when all four were acting in combination and all four are guilty of murder.

      We know the outcome – the unfortunate guard, whose name has already been published, will be killed, bribed or terrifiedby threats to his family into withdrawing his evidence, and because no proper nscene of crime investigation has been done there will be no other evidence, so the murderers will walk free.

      The finest cops money can buy have already been bought and paid for.

      Someone tell me I am wrong, here?

      1. I hope you are wrong.The victim here was married to a U.S. Embassy eployee who may actually be a diplomat and maybe even under-cover CIA as most of the higher-ups are at all U.S. Embassies around the world.Botch the investigation but if the embassy pushes the envelope on this one it may be different.The culture of impunity is the reason my partner has a ‘permit to carry’ (.380 semi,.357 revo,9 mm glock,+++) and we are very rarely not with each other when out and about.If this had been me….I would not have touched the guys car,that is for sure.But if they had made a run at me… would be their funerals,not mine.AND I do not give a shit who knows it. I do not know a single Ex-pat who does not have a firearm,what this guy was doin at 4AM roaming the streets of Metro-Manure with-out one is beyond me.

        1. Well, now you know me. But, like you, I would never have touched the car nor will you find me walking around Makati or anywhere else on my own at four in the morning. In fact, I don’t know anyone amongst our friends and neighbours who owns a gun, but they are either middle class Filipinos or Europeans.

          The failure of the Police to insist on a drug test (“the suspects have the right to refuse”…oh yeah?) tells us all we need to know.

          The FBI caannot investigate, they can only “asssist”, and the people busy losing the forensic evidence are the Makati cops, already bought and paid for.

          The case will proceed in the usual way with adjourned hearing after adjourned hearing until the Press interest subsides, at which time the bought and paid for Judge will grant bail.

          The only witness, the guard, will either have been bribed and/or terrified into with drawing his evidence, or killed, so the case will be dismissed for lack of evidence.

          Politically, there is little that the USA can do. One of its citizens has been murdered, but the US is trying to be nice to the Philippines at the moment.

          It’s like the old Marcos and Sison double act – whenever Uncle Sam got tired of Marcos the NPA would bomb something and Ferdy would scream, “You must help me and save the Philippines from the Communists!” and out came the cheque book once more.

  14. Killing, murders happens everythere not just in PI. But to what the americans said, PI differs in bringing the culprit to Justice and I agree to that. It would be better then to suggest on how to educate people and correct things and stop corruption in legal system rather than just throwing all rants rather than giving what is the solution. Thanks to all bye!

    1. Oh please not only you’re a hippie but you’re mindset is so pnoy. You cannot eradicate corruption. Everyone is corrupt even you, me and this country. It will still remain because after all, we are not perfect human beings. The solution? Minimize it. Again you’re talking about people not solutions. Ang hirap sa iyo masadyo mong tinitiis ang problema at dinadaan mo palagi sa “bahala na” pero hindi mo hinahanapan ng solusyon dahil ignorante ka. Good luck na lang sa iyo kapag nagdusa ka pa lalo and I hope you won’t resort to suicide.

        1. Yeah, I’ve read all posts. Bernie has good points, you should not generalize all pinoys as with a culture of killing. All people have demonic tendencies regardless of race. The problem with PI is the legal & police system.

    2. I am sure you are one of the many Filipinos who cry “FOUL” each and every time a foreign celebrity says anything remotely negative about the Philippines! Yet, you want to defend the cowards who committed this crime? Go home Bernie! Adults are trying to have a conversation!

  15. It’s simple really, Bernie,

    Whether you like it or not, when members of any ethnic group go and do some violence on anyone else, especially one from another ethnic group, the natural reaction would be to typecast everyone from the offending ethnic group as capable of that very same violence. It’s only natural that other people feel that it could happen to them as well. Is it necessarily right? No, but it can’t be helped. If you think about it, it doesn’t matter whether the guy who was killed was American or another Filipino; I would be wary of my life in front of other Filipinos simply because it could happen to me too.

    So in other words, you may not like that generalization, but it can’t be helped.

    Deal with it.

    I don’t understand why you would consider this as bashing Filipinos when all the cases cited in the article actually happened. Filipinos have had enough time to correct this particular quirk in their society, but alas, they haven’t.

    Just because other countries have crime too is irrelevant to the discussion. Apparently in all your comments above you cited a foreign country which has crime too that is comparable, if not worse, than the Philippines. It’s irrelevant to the question of so what are we doing about this “culture of violence” that we have here?

    The first step to realizing solutions to problems such as this one is to recognize that they exist. If you want to hear positive spin about crimes like these then you’re kidding yourself. You want sugarcoated and pleasant things only.

      1. As the man said, “Deal with it”.

        Awareness should be the first step. Hopefully, everyone will be conscious enough to avoid being violent, at first in the company of foreigners, then among ourselves, and hope that it becomes second nature.

  16. 1 death is enough to scare hundreds. The fact that he’s the husband of an ambassador makes it worst.

    Sure, it’s an isolated case. After all, it’s just 4 idiots with a cool car and a knife.

    However, as long as these idiots are Filipinos, they’d be associated with the country and the people.

    Sadly, just like in LCDs, the customers have the right to refuse our product because they’ve found a few broken pixels.

  17. Filipinos are violent? Let us put things in perspective; Filipinos are still more peaceful than the US where mass shootings are very common. And compared to the Middle East where people routinely explode bombs in public places we are still sane…. I am not condoning what those four sociopaths did; they should pay for their crimes but again let us not portray ourselves as the devil personified.

    1. kagbalete,

      If you seek to put the matter in perspective, you should reference actual statistics that can be verified and not anecdotal stories from television or the Internet. The UN’s 2012 study on drugs and crime shows that the homicide rate in the Philippines as of 2009 is 5.4 per 100,000 population. Compare that to the United States where the murder rate is 3.4. Which means that even with a larger population (300+ million), there are fewer people dying from homicides than in the Philippines. While there have been a number of incidents involving multiple victims that have captured media attention, these do not define the full picture of murder statistics in the United States.

      You also highlight the tense conditions in the Middle East. If you document the bombing incidents in the region, these are isolated to a few countries, notably Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. The latest conflict between Israel and Hamas comes after an extended period of relative quiet. It is not a continuing state of war. The majority of the oil-rich Gulf States are peaceful. They do not have car bombs going off every other day.

      At any rate, the comparison is unfair. We were discussing the murder of George Anikow by four Filipinos. It is light years away from the Arab-Israeli conflict or the Iraqi civil war or the isolated incidents of mass shootings in the United States.

      What we should focus on is the horrible murder of George Anikow, the slow pace of justice in the Philippines and the questionable ability of the police to conduct an investigation. If certain issues arise that some people find uncomfortable, that shouldn’t dissuade us from seeing this matter to its conclusion.

      1. You are correct Johnny.The Philippines is a more violent place than the USA,and the USA is VERY violent.The problem in the Filippines is that people get away with shit if they have a wealthy family.That also happens everywhere else in the world as well but it is PREVALENT in the Fils.(Maguindinao massacre happened 3 yrs. ago and there is yet to be a conviction or even a trial).This country does not do all that good a job welcoming visitors.The first evidence of that is after getting through the toilet that masquerades as an airport,the foreigner is set upon immediately by the thieving taxi-cab drivers who charge them 5X’s what they should charge,and it just gets worse from there.I have experienced it first hand and DO NOT LIKE IT.Whenever I say that some brainy individual says “Leave” and that would be all well and good if the people who have RUN away from this country to go live in MY country would all come back here,u kno?They do not,so why should I leave? It is taught to children in the USA that everyone gets treated the same,and sure there is predjudicial treatment available in many places in the states, over-pricing(just one of many things) is just not done to people who are not citizens of the country,it does not happen.It is actually illegal.That ,for starters,is one thing that is discouraging many people from coming here.This killing is not getting MAJOR-(MAJOR) news coverage in the USA(at least when I googled it) and it is probably because of all the tourists trips that would be cancelled as a result.IF American citizens want to be treated badly they can get plenty of that just staying home,why come here?This is another black-eye for the Fail-ippines and no one can ever say that this country has not been helped, when they need it most,by the country that the murder victim in this story is from.A backlash seems inevitable.

        1. I think everyone who knows a thing about the crime situation in both the Philippines and the USA will agree that the former’s homicide rate is higher than the latter’s.

          However the question is by how much? Most of my friends don’t really buy the UN drugs and crime study’s 5.4 per 100K stat for the Philippines and think it’s much higher than that. I remember the WHO tagged our 2011 homicide rate at 21.5 per 100K or something like that – a stat I’m more inclined to believe, considering how people don’t exactly like reporting stuff to the police due to a lack of trust in them.

    2. The article never said people in other countries are not violent. It’s just that Filipinos show that they are no different. Nothing to be proud about.

      But here’s one difference I note: when the shootings happened in the US, the killer is blamed. When a foreigner killing happened here in the Philippines, or Manila at least, the victim is the one blamed!

    3. Yeah right,the fact is that mass murders happen here and go un-prosecuted,so who you kiddin buddy? Gonna tell me to shut up again? Who is the bullshit artist here? Itain’t me.The name Amputuan sound familiar? The murder rate in the Philippines is higher per 100,000 people than the USA,it is a fact.These kids would have walked,and just might anyway,but the guy they murdered in cold blood is attached to the U.S. Embassy.The USA has been good to the Philippines and its people.Next time Manila is underwater,call ur good buddies in China and see if they do not tell you to go drown yourselves,OK? Treat people the way you would like to be treated,ever try that one? Not all Ex-pats are un-armed,and the cold-blooded murder of George Anikow is one good reason why they should not be.

      1. You got it all right Jeremy. Do unto others. The “poor” Filipino is always the victim, no matter how many or who they kill. It is always someones fault other than theirs. My wife is Filipina and she is afraid to wear her Jewelery unless I am with her. I AM an armed Expat. They can make it light on themselves. I don’t give no shit and I ain’t takin none..

        1. same here Bill.The latest news is that the FBI (is here) in the fils. monitoring the case ( )and the Filippine DOJ has found probable cause to indict the perpetrators of this crime.This one is not going to go away no matter what Dr.Cabrera says about the USA.I,for one,am glad,it is too hideous to ignore,caught on tape AND a for all that go unpunished.Dr. Cabrera’s son is going to find out just how tough he is not (“Daddy!Daddy! they are raping me Daddy! Oh Daddy,please get me out of here.”.Tough shit huh kid?): in PRISON. Just like the pedophiles that DO come here and give all Kano’s a bad name, the guys who murdered George Anikow do the same for their people.It sucks and it is too bad that is the way it is.Something about one bad apple….

    4. Oh look who is bullshitting now,ha. The Ampatuans and their buddies are mass murderers,and they have not even been tried 3 yrs. later,HA!Some rumours have it that they regularly leave the jail they are in,have parties in it.The Hong Kong tourists as well.So,who you kiddin?
      When people comitt murders in the States and get caught…they go to jail and in Texas and Florida they get the death penalty,quickly.The USA is violent,but we do something about it.AND we do not deny it.Unlike others, So who is are full of $#!T,huh!

  18. So what if Filipinos are still more peaceful than the US (or any war-torn country) where mass shootings are very common?

    1. Can you cite sources which state that the Philippines is safer than the US or any other war-torn country?

      Or are you sticking with the “at least” mentality where people just shrug and say, “Things are violent in the Philippines, but at least we’re safer than (insert country here.”?

      1. MidwayHaven,

        You can refer to the Philippine Information Agency website. They cite statistics that the Philippines is a safer place because the crime rate is down as compared to last year (2011).

        1. I don’t trust any of the crime statistics I see online for the Philippines. A lot probably goes unreported or underreported.

        2. I was referring to the popular counter-argument here. I mean, was that really the point of this whole article?

        3. Crime statistics are meaningless with one exception…murder rates,but then only if all the bodies are found and the crime is actually classified correctly as a homicide.If an arrest is not made it does not mean a crime did not occur. Just like if drug arrests are not made,the stat people follow with ‘drug use-age is on the decline’….sure it is.

        4. Paul & JEREMY,

          I don’t know what to say. There has to be a point of reference which we all agree on. Crime stats are easily verifiable. Unless there is factual evidence to refute the PNP reports (such as the UNODC report on crime), or that the data were manipulated, we have to assume they are correct. I’m not belittling the probability that heinous crimes can go undetected, but unless they are documented, the stories of these incidents being un-/under-reported are just anecdotes or hearsay. If we use them as a basis for decision making, we become no different from someone who likes to indulge in gossip.

          Perhaps it isn’t the actual facts that the forum here has a problem with but rather the interpretation. The PNP certainly wants to present a rosy picture of themselves to show that they are doing a good job. By extension, the PIA expounds on that to encompass the whole of the Aquino administration. What it comes down to is that we, as individuals, have to sort through the bullshit. Its what independent thinkers and institutions such as a free press are supposed to do.

        5. John, I am not disagreeing with you.The point is that crime stats are inaccurate for many reasons.Pocketbooks being robbed,for example,that go unreported are still crimes committed.A drug arrest that is not made does not mean drug use is going down and so on…and then they are purposely skewed.
          I think the Fils is far more violent than the USA,over-all.Granted parts of NYC and Detroit and some other not so sunny places probably have the most violent criminals in the world,bas none.
          The Criminal Justice system in the Fils is a major reason the crime problem is soooo bad here,wealth dictating who walks on a murder charge etc,etc…
          This guy did something he should not have done,and paid in spades.The li’l TURDS that did it deserve a life-time of getting the dog-shit beat out of them.

      2. Another wannabe intelligent, why do you think all of places in the states are safe ? stupid punk … come to the US and I’ll bring to the place where you can have your beating black and blue after 10:00 pm.

        1. Sheeshm you’re no different from the niggas in the US of A. The way you’re being very hostile to the foreign commenters here is like a gangsta whose on a gang war killing their enemies from invading their turf. Eat my shorts again trolling “genius”. Mahina pa rin ang utak mong bulok.

        2. Hahahahahah Bernie, I bet you know all the good places to get beat up. After all you are a Ghetto Dweller. Now go spend your food stamps…

    2. Relative opinion. Mass shootings or killings are common here in the Philippines, too. We just don’t hear about them because they’re in the far-off provinces, where media and technology are sparse and few. I’m sure someone in the province will say, the Maguindanao massacre victims are relatively few compared to the numerous killings that happen in the province nearly every day.

      Besides, the US killings seem over-sensationalized.

      1. ChinoF,

        That kind of sounds like you’re saying that you have no evidence but you assume it must be true because the incident can’t be reported. Does that make sense?

        True — news reporting can be sensationalized in the US. Especially when factual, verifiable information is slow in coming and reporters are hard pressed to meet a deadline. They tend to lead th speculation

        Still, none of this hase any bearing on the state of law and order in the Philippines. Nor does it refute a 2012 UN report that illustrates a higher murder in the Philippines than the United States.

        1. I heard it from fellow newsmen when I was still with RPN 9. Believe me, there’s a lot that doesn’t get around much. But that UN report you said may be enough proof of what Benign0 is pointing out.

        2. Some are hearsay, some couldn’t be covered because we have no crew on the site. Just check local newspapers in the area. Of course, some are just learned about days or years later, after a body is found. You can’t cover everything. But you can be more sure than not that it’s happening. People will just say that someone they know isn’t coming home anymore.

        1. Correct. The homicide rate is 5.4 per 100,000 in the Philippines, with a population of 100 million. In the United States that rate is 3.4 per 100,000 with a population of 300+ million.

  19. Obvious proof of violence being broad and profound in Philippine society – the warlords. Something that Ampatuan is only a drop of icing on the cake of. And we have ordinary people, middle class at that, who seem to want to become like them.

  20. Hey…you Bernie? I’m tired of your shit. BANG….BANG..BANG.

    Problem solved. I just handed you your ass. I am Pinoy, get it?

  21. ChinoF,

    It is more likely that the violence is a symptom of a deeper problem and not the disease in itself.

    The psychologist Richard Nisbett describes a “culture of honor” in contrast with a “culture of law.” In a culture of law there is a code of laws which must be obeyed by the members of society. Along with this body of rules and regulations are corresponding punishments for transgressors. This requires an infrastructure to enact and enforce laws. A culture of law incorporates an unwritten social contract: members of society agree to give up some aspects of their freedom to defend themselves and retaliate for injuries, on the understanding that transgressors will be apprehended and punished by society.

    On the other hand, “honor” is a code of behavior that defines the duties of an individual within a social group. A code of honor differs from a legal code, also socially defined and concerned with justice, in that honor is implicit rather than explicit and objectified. Cultures of honor typically appear among social groups that have to fend for themselves without having recourse to law enforcement or government. In this situation, inspiring fear forms a better strategy than promoting friendship; and cultivating a reputation for swift and disproportionate revenge increases the safety of one’s person and property.

    In the Philippines people fall into the mindset of a culture of honor typically from a lack allegiance to the national government and the absence of the rule of law. The culture of honor persists because official law enforcement is out of reach, is generally lax and/or corrupt; there is a general lack of resources (the prevalence of extreme poverty); and the rewards of crime outweigh the risks. This can be seen in inner city slums and culminates with political warlords and dynasties, who, after living with this mindset for so long, come to indulge in “hereditary privileges” that put them beyond the reach of codes of law.

    So — it isn’t simply because there are warlords or criminal gangs or wannabe nouveau riche gangstas roaming the metropolis that violence persists. The Filipino mindset is geared toward it as part of an accepted culture of honor.

    The worst part of this is once a culture of honor exists, it is difficult for its members to make the transition to a culture of law; this requires that people become willing to back down and refuse to immediately retaliate, and from the viewpoint of the culture of honor, this tends to appear to be an unwise act reflecting weakness. This is the challenge the Filipino has to overcome.

    1. Basically, in my terms, what you say is the informal culture, or informal law, is more powerful tan the formal one. Which I agree with. Ironically named as it is, the “culture of honor.” It is not honor for me, but perhaps the laziness to think of and accept alternatives.

      But perhaps the four in the Volvo are also affected by media. They see the “bad boys” in movies and local TV, and want to be like them. Perhaps accompanying the “culture of honor” is just young hormones getting out of control. Which the “culture of honor” seems to permit.

      I think Benign0 would agree, it’s really the culture that’s the center of it all. Challenging it is what Filipinos need to do. The challengers though are few and far between. You could find them here on GRP, though.

  22. “Culture of honor” sounds like a kind of vendetta to me. In some societies they kill their own sister/daughter bec she slept with someone before marriage. When the daughter does that, she embarrasses the entire family.

  23. have you seen the news in Palm Spring, CA. A fil-am marine guy was killed by Cop. Let’s disect this thing what really happen. Though this time a cop killed an inactive fil am marine and some say it could be racial profiling. uh uh

  24. Drunk Fil am marine that used his vehicle as a weapon against 2 cops. Even with a cop hanging out of the car, he wouldn’t stop and tried to then run over another cop. I guess that’s the culture to get the guy off the street so he doesn’t run someone else over.

    1. That is according to the police story, better look for other articles, taking the side of Fil-Am Marine. Besides, you are not there when it happened ? just like what happened to Mr. Anikow, nobody was there yet everybody is concluding.

  25. … And still the comparisons with violent crimes in other countries persist! As if that will somehow justify the brutal and shameful act of MURDER! Each and every one of you who live here or have spent time here KNOW that if the victim was not married to an Embassy Employee, those murderous bastards would NEVER see the inside of a courtroom! There is NO comparison! In the US, crimes are committed but (pay attention) the guilty GO TO JAIL! Absolutely NO (nada, zero, wala) comparison!

    1. I agree, US has higher probability of guilty going to Jail, but don’t say that it 100 percent fool proof. So many missing kids, women posted at walmart and no one has clue where they are, meaning the culprit is still looking for next victim. How about the case of OJ Simpson ? was that technicality ?

        1. Chris, I just want to point out something. The author is implying that it is the culture of filipino to kill and I don’t agree with that. I am saying that these types crimes happens everywhere not just in the Philippines and he should not generalize this thing as a whole. This is a global problem not just in PI. There is someone who wants this to happen and that is the Devil himself.

        2. Bernie,

          The word “implying” is very subjective.

          I’ve read the author’s blog and it seems to me that there’s nothing there that implies it is the culture of Filipino to kill.

          I’m aware that you’re being bombarded with comments against your premise. I’d like to side with you but I’m lost with you getting personal in handling them.

          Just stay classy…

      1. Enough with the comparisons already dakilang bastos at mangongontra. Are you always going off-topic because you’re just hiding the fact that you and the other dumb flips here in fliplandia are very dysfunctional because you’re using your emotions and hostility first? What a coward.

  26. I am an expat living in the Philppines, married to a Filipina and have a regular golf game with a group of Filipino friends. We were discussing this last night and there almost seemed to be an attitude of “yeah well the guy had it coming to him”, now these are educated middle / upper class De La Salle, Ateneo educated guys. I was shocked at first and then dismayed. My advice, keep a low profile, don’t flaunt your wealth and don’t butt in where it’s not wanted

    1. Yeah, sometimes these people are more dangerous than those poor dirt criminals, they are not after the money, they just want to prove something, they have the money and so the power to kill and rape women and not get jailed. Most of their victims are poor that they can pay. Unfortunately what they got this time is a bigger fish, I wish they will rot in Jail, but ofcourse the ampatuan should rot in Jail first, justice is sooooo slow.

    2. You are correct Chris. You never know who your friends really are here. The only ones I trust are my In-laws and then not all the time.

    3. Hi Chris,

      For just a mili-second I do understand your golf mates. Sometimes I see a woman walking on the street barely clothed (and she is not a prostitute), thinking I wouldnt be surprised if you will get raped. But then I think: every woman must be able to dress the way she wants and every guy should always respect the integrity of her body and thus back off. Is rape the same as killing? For me it is. Every guy should stay away from another person´s body, no matter what. Try to solve the differences verbally in a good manner. If that fails then just go away.

      In my country (the Netherlands) killings also happen. Most are drugs related. Followed by family affairs. Example: a guy kills his (former) wife`s new lover, then he kills the kids and finally he kills himself.

    4. Well Sir Chris the advice you give is pretty well known.May I give you a piece of advice? STOP hanging out with the guys (you think they are your friends?) that said Mr.Anikow “had it coming to him.”. IMO they are just as creepy as the POS that killed Mr.Anikow and I,for one,would not piss on them if they were on fire,much less ever hang out with them again.

  27. I remember a neighbor’s friend’s tale of pulling out a gun when he got mad over a traffic dispute years ago, here in Manila. I know this guy as someone who’s good-natured and sort of jolly whenever we meet. He is a good father and has several children. When he recalled the incident, he said he didn’t know what had gotten over him. After it, he said, he decided to get rid of his gun and any weapons, because he knew he may lose control of himself again in such a situation.

    Now if this is the kind of temper a few ordinary Filipinos show, I am not surprised at Benign0’s conclusion about Filipinos in general.

    1. The spoiled, indulged children of the elite are far more dangerous than Juan de la Cruz.

      Think of the Hultman – Chapman case where the son of the Chief Justice gunned down three people in cold blood in Urdaneta Village or the Vizconde case which the son of a basket ball playing Senator was not guilty of…or the case that the son of a current senior Senator is not guilty of and has not been charged with…

      1. I’m sure a lot of this happens in the squatter’s areas too. Think of Pulong Diablo. The rich spoiled brats tend to get too much media attention, so what’s happening down to earth tends to get ignored.

        1. You made me think about my glib generalisation; you are quite right.

          Stupid violence occurs everywhere and the cause seems to be that young men – in particular – feel that they have no way to back down from something.

          Shabu is the drug of choice of bankers and tricycle drivers and it has the same effect on both – greatly increased aggression – and both are equally likely to feel slighted by some trivial incident.

          I cannot pretend that we British are a peaceable lot – we are not – but we are somewhat less likely to pick up a knife or a gun, maybe.

  28. Congratulation!, your blog is now used as reference for
    a possible US Nationals travel advisory and PI is now more famous for it’s criminal notoriority, life is of no value, telling the
    world that PI is a dangerous country and residents of barbaric
    people. I hope
    you are now very happy and satisfied with the result of your craftsmanship, (together with Domo Bakla and ChinoF Panot). You don’t even care on the effect of your stabbing habit, effect on OFW’s living abroad, effect on the people in PI, including your relatives you perceived as criminals too. I don’t agree with all of these, what I now agree is that Filipinos are crabs, Long live for you, domo bakla and chinot panot all of you are the modern day makapilis/crabs, mabuhay kayo!

    1. Ung username mo, insulto mismo to the REAL Andrew E., who even went to America to learn more about the hip-hop culture there and will also help him for his successful career.

      And crabs, you say? Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Tastes like crab, walk like people. They seem to have a hard shell but total softies on the inside, resorting to emotional outbursts than logical thinking.

    2. Andrew E: Your judgment of this situation has been greatly influenced by your failure to stop nursing off your mother’s teat.

    3. @”Andrew E”
      Meh, empty threats from a pitiful troll. Your posts are meaningless here so go back to your hole and hang yourself.

    4. A foreigner once told a friend in Manila to “get out of kidnap capital.” And that was a few years ago. That’s Manila to some people in Asia. After August 23, 2010, it’s “disgruntled emotional former policeman will kill you” capital too.

  29. I think the people who have done that, for many years, are the Old Left/Nationalist “intellectuals” who have tied the country up in a web of regulations that stifle enterprise and promote placeholding and rent seeking at all levels from traffic cop to President.

    You are a fine example.

    1. Exactly…it seems this ‘interfering..’ bs was written to possibly sway future investigations. Also looks like the guard is moving the cones to let them in…maybe they’re buddies?

    1. Universal healthcare. Stable, prosperous high-tech economy. Highly specialized workforce. Unionized labor. Subsidized agriculture. No professional army to speak of.

      Sounds like the liberal/leftist utopia that gives Barack Obama wet dreams.

      1. Still no place like home… Switzerland sounds boring… a nation of hypocrites, helped the Nazis in looting the Jews and even took advantage of them…..

        1. But,but ,but the Jews had it coming to them.
          No,seriously the gist of Switzerlands involvement in the National -Socialist movement that swept N.W.Europe in the late 1930’s was more self-preservation than blow-back at the Bankers.The Bankers,just like the ones in London and Wall street in the last 10 yrs.,looted the economies (did I mention like they are doing today?) and pissed many people off.That one bad apple thing going ‘viral’ again!


    Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world (and Britain is 27th!)

    Quality-of-life index links results of who is happiest and who has best quality of life in terms of wealth, health and trust in public institutions

    By Larisa Brown
    Published: 21:09 GMT, 28 November 2012, Updated: 21:16 GMT, 28 November 2012

    Comments (559)

    Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world in 2013 – and Britain is just 27th – behind South Korea, the US and Israel, new research shows.

    People born in Switzerland will tend to be the happiest and have the best quality of life judged in terms of wealth, health and trust in public institutions.

    The Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark also all make the top five in a ‘quality-of-life’ index highlighting where it is best to be born next year.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist, attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in years to come.

    Their index links the results of subjective life-satisfaction surveys – how happy people say they are – to objective determinants of quality of life across countries.

    One of the most important factors is being rich, but other factors come into play – including crime, trust in public institutions and the health of family life.

    In total, the index takes into account 11 indicators.

    These include fixed factors such as geography, others that change slowly over time such as demography, social and cultural characteristics, and the state of the world economy.

    The index also looks at income per head in 2030, which is roughly when children born in 2013 will reach adulthood.

    Small economies dominate the top 10 countries, with Australia coming second and New Zealand and the Netherlands not too far behind.

    Half of the top 10 countries are European, but only one, the Netherlands, is from the euro-zone.

    The crisis-ridden south of Europe, including Greece, Portugal and Spain, lags behind despite the advantage of a favourable climate.

    Interestingly, the largest European economies – Germany, France and Britain – do not do particularly well.

    Nigeria has the unenviable title of being the worst country for a baby to enter the world in 2013.

    Despite their economic dynamism, none of the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – score impressively.

    In 1988 America came top of a rank of 50 countries according to where it would be best to be born in the world.

    The where-to-be-born index of 2013, which shows Switzerland at the top.

  31. Humans in the west have problems just like humans have it here in the east. The difference is humans in the west are doing something about it. Here on the other hand, the humans like to give the issue a whole other meaning, circulate misguided rants over the social media on day 2, talk about it on the nightly news for a couple more weeks, forgotten couple more weeks later, (oh and its 24 more days til’ christmas mga kababayan!) and the same shit happens the morning after. Its almost set up like the local telenovelas, there needs to be a new twist each week to keep the ratings. But the people are so caught up in the action that they forgot all this had already happened last season! …and in the last hit telenovela series! They just changed the title, actors, track album!!! What’s gonna happen next? We’ve already let some chinese die on a bus, lots of american’s shot and stabbed, bunch of univ students killed, high school students pointed guns at too… what the hell?

  32. Anikow deserved to have his ass whipped, although I must say killing him went too far… but he did deserve a sound beating…. and those idiots should have gotten rid of the evidence. Being such idiots, they deserve to go to prison…

    1. Well, there’s an honest answer.

      He “deserved” to be beaten up for touching their car and they “deserve” to go to jail for not concealing the evidence.

      In most societies, the four killers would have simply ignored a drunk – but no, they have to go after him, four to one, with knives, and kill him.

      Had they done so in a dark alley, rather than under a CCTV camera, you think they would have deserved to get away with it.

      I’m not sure that, given your moral comnpass, you are in a position to criticise the Swiss.

    1. At least we don’t have mass shootings of children like that one in Connecticut. As for fighting fair, only fools do so, and that idiot deserved what he got as for those three idiots they deserved to rot in hell too….

    1. Read it again. 20 children and 6 adults. Murdered by a mentally ill person. Get Bernie? Mentally Ill? Yes, kind of like you. Another point to be made is that Americans don’t condone it and are not making excuses for a murderer. Get it Bernie? Oh wait…. Maybe one of the victims tapped on the gunmans vehicle and he snapped cause he was scared? You are the definition of a Dumbass.

    2. Bernie, you are an insensitive poor soul. You think it’s something you can laugh about? Is that “your culture”?

      I invite everyone on in here to have a moment of silence in memory of the innocent children whose lives have been abruptly taken and the brave teachers who gave up their lives so that others may live.

  33. Ok Bernadine, show mw in any of my posts on GRP where I said this only happens in the PH…. You can’t because there are no posts that say that. What I HAVE said a number of times is that I don’t agree with the Court system here and the “good old boy” attitude, the haphazard way that crimes are investigated, and ultimate justice being delivered to the highest bidder. I follow your posts and they show me that you are the type of person that won’t accept any responsibility and you always try to shift the blame. The killings in America were perpetrated by Mentally ill individuals, don’t you think? One is dead by his own hand and the others will never see freedom again. They will die in an institution. No sane person will commit crimes like that. Are you paying attention? Now I have a question for you. Do you think the murderers of the American are also mentally ill or would you classify them as average Filipinos? Please clear that up for me. I have written this post as simply as I can so you will be able to understand it, as in the past I have noticed that you have a little trouble comprehending the English language. The ball is in your court. Please try to reply intelligently. By the way, how did you know that my friends call me Billy boy?

  34. The evidence shows that the killers in America Are mentally ill. Obviously you read and comprehend only what you choose to. I left the field wide open for you in my last post. In case you didn’t understand, I will ask my question again: Do you think the killers of the American are mentally ill or are they just average Filipinos?

  35. Ahhhh Bernie, again you only see and understand what you choose to. The investigation has uncovered the FACT that his mother was going to try to have him committed to mental institution. The authorities say he knew this and that is what may have caused him to snap.

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