Reunited And It Feels So Good

” I am the maker of rules dealing with fools I can cheat you blind” – Alan Parsons Project

Hey ! We are very lucky to have an all wise president. No accomplishment at all but gets elected. Now he  knows who is guilty and who is not why bother with expensive court system? Just give cases to our all wise Solomon like president. We are all so blessed to be living in a time where our president is not only extremely gifted in assessing situations but also is never shy to let people know what the proper outcome to be. Oh joy.


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The latest example of our all knowing President telling us what is what should never be when he  was quoted Friday  saying before returning home from Australia that Gloria Arroyo and Renato Corona could be reunited in jail if they were convicted in the criminal cases against them.  Arroyo ally Rep. Danilo Suarez responded to this statement suggesting a premature verdict of guilty. Siquijor Rep. Orlando Fua on the other hand remarked that the Aquino statement is an indicator of his vindictiveness.

Predictably  Abigail Valte falls on the grenade of another head scratcher quote from the President. The Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Valte insisted there is no cruelty or vindictiveness, as Arroyo and Corona are afforded their rights.It’s statements like this make me laugh and remember a quote by Woody from Toy Story “You’re my favorite deputy!”


I have a few critics that rather I not write analysis of our current president. The thing is I am motivated to write because it’s a response to what we are being told and what we are told has always made me laugh. I rather write than just accept what  that Triumvirate of Truth ( Valte, Lacierda and  Carandang or VLC ) tell me at face value. Noynoy famously told the Filipino people that we are his boss.  Every decent boss on the planet has every right to question the statements and actions of their employees. No exception.

I have said on many occasions that I am no legal expert  nor do I play one on TV. But even somebody with just the basic concepts of law can see Noynoy Aquino really has no interest in following it to the letter let alone upholding it.

Henry Ford famously said “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people. For those of you who have no idea who he is please Google him. He only revolutionized your life and the life of your grandparents. Let’s contrast Henry Ford’s approach with Noynoy’s approach. Which is surround yourself with VLC the Triumvirate of Truth. With God as my witness I promise  you I had no idea that was a name already used by pro wrestlers. Then again pro wrestling might be a few notches up the IQ food chain compared to the Malacanang press corps these days.

Henry Ford understood synergy. Henry Ford would have never been a contestant in Jeopardy. What Henry Ford did understand was what he brought to the table and to assemble different people  who brought other things to the table that complimented what he had. As Mother Teresa said – “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”



Covey Book


Synergy is everywhere in nature. If you plant two plants close together, the roots commingle and improve the quality of the soil so that both plants will grow better than if they were separated. If you put two pieces of wood together, they will hold much more than the total weight held by each separately. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One plus one equals three or more. The challenge is to apply the principles of creative cooperation which we learn from nature in our social interactions. The very way that a man and woman bring a child into the world is synergistic. The essence of synergy is to value differences – to respect them, to build on strengths, to compensate for weaknesses.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Steven Covey. p.263





Should you find Dr.Covey’s explanation too deep you can try the much shorter explanation of Coach Herman Boone from the film Remember the Titans. The fact that anger for anger’s sake is never constructive. You must channel that anger in harmony with a group effort. ” Football is about controlling that anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection!”. There is a difference between Carandang and company justifying Noynoy’s words and actions and making excuses for them. By now you should be convinced which is which.

Jojo Robles of The Manila Standard does not seem convinced there is much synergy in Malacanang palace.

” I’ve always believed that Aquino is ill-served by his minions because they refuse to contradict him or advise him that taking a particular course of action could have disastrous consequences, like making a tasteless joke about a sick person while on a state visit abroad. Aquino doesn’ have anyone who can tell him he may be wrong and not be scared that he will lose his job the next day. People like Valte and Lacierda are crippled by the fear that if they tell Aquino that he may be mistaken, they will be unemployed. And because Aquino’s officials are for the most part underachievers in their respective fields, they will never be able to find jobs after leaving government that will even come close to the ones they have now, with all the perks and the other appurtenances of power they enjoy.”



For me the key quote in Robles’ piece about All Noynoy’s Men (and Women) is ” they have already been promoted way beyond their level of competence.” How I personally interpret that is ideally you want any team to come from a position of strength. You get people who are already good in their fields and appeal to their sense of duty and nationalism to achieve a place in history in government. Robles in his piece describes an anti Henry Ford scenario with Noynoy. I tend to agree since I do develop some  sense of pity for the “Triumvirate of Truth ” since  as Ilda puts it, Noynoy barely gives them much to work with.

I think I have been prolific in writing about our president even in the days when he was a candidate for the simple reason that every self help book ever written describes the opposite of what I see in him. He had no burning desire to be president. He did not work himself towards it nor did he hone his leadership skills someplace.  Noynoy benefited by having the right mother die at the right time. There is a formula for success we should all follow. He is not a president by design but by serendipity. Serendipity is  defined as the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. Noynoy Aquino is our Accidental President. He may be accidental but us, the People of the Philippines bought him sight unseen and we are on the hook for whatever he will do to the country from 2010 and beyond.

I see a pattern of behavior in terms of the President ramming things through. Look at instances in your life where you are rushed. You don’t tend to make the best decisions because you have no time to think. Look at instances in your life when your boss “suggests” something. You either follow through on the suggestion or you will face more wrath if you go your own way and it doesn’t work out. In baseball it is called “running through a stop sign”. This stench of ramming things through reeks of the mentality ” Give him a fair trial then hang him. ” Everything is predetermined. Just like Noynoy’s reunited premonition.

To elaborate on Robles’ Wheelchair Gang piece I doubt the current crew (based on Noynoy’s instant classic headscratchin’ quotes) can ever muster something as simple as “boss , you said this but you are doing this!”. There are four possible paths why his crew seems incapable of saving Noynoy from himself:

  1. Noynoy’s people not smart enough to notice the hypocrisy
  2. Noynoy’s people notice the hypocrisy  but can’t say it to him
  3. Noynoy’s people report the hypocrisy to him but are not believed.
  4. Noynoy has never been hypocritical during his time as President of the Philippines.


Just this week alone Noynoy tells the now famous “Wheelchair ” joke and Ms. Valte says don’t blame him since he did not compose the joke.  My colleagues Ilda  and FallenAngel both poke holes in the excuses that come out of the Palace.  Noynoy in October talked to the  business community   about integrity and having a level playing field. Yet he is the same person whose trademark since in office was not even bothering with procedure  . Just like when they kicked off the Corona witch hunt  Finally Noynoy’s signature catchphrase “daang matuwid” just like the first example he gets somebody with a pending case with the  Sandiganbayan and gives his own personal verdict and gives that person a very sensitive position overseeing elections a few months before the 2013 elections kicks off. Then he sees nothing wrong with personally providing cash for the bail. At this point not only am I truly confident that Noynoy has no clue what a conflict of interest situation is but I am pretty sure he can’t spell it either.


Big Julius



Bertier: See man, that’s the worst attitude I ever heard.
Big Ju: Attitude reflects leadership, captain.

Remember The Titans


There is a quote a fish stinks from the head down. Let me give a hypothetical to that idiom. If you put someone in charge of something  but he has never been in charge of something before. Never had real responsibility before. Never earned his or her way into a position of authority then don’t be surprised if your organization is not organized. Substandard results can often be attributed to substandard leadership.





For those of you who took my Solomon comparison to Noynoy earlier at face value, please consult Charlie Brown here. Because if Solomon was truly at par with Noynoy, during  the baby quandary episode he would have personally been the power saw operator.

75 Replies to “Reunited And It Feels So Good”

  1. Noynoy famously told the Filipino people that we are his boss. Every decent boss on the planet has every right to question the statements and actions of their employees. No exception.

    Gogs, the “boss” that Noynoy was talking about are those who are not prejudiced, biased and rabid anti-Noynoy like you. Do not equate your self with ordinary Pinoys.

    You think if you are the ‘boss’ of “no accomplishment” Noynoy will he be able to become president?

    Anyway, I think the “real” boss has already spoken

    6 October 2012
    First reported in BusinessWorld, 23 October 2012
    Third Quarter 2012 Social Weather Survey: Net satisfaction with National Administration rose to “very good” at +62

    1. Cite specifics, plez. The irony is that the president himself is prejudiced and biased. What Gogs is talking about are ALL Filipinos compared to the “not prejudiced, biased and rabid anti-Noynoy” guys. In other words, those are the millions who are brainwashed ignorant plebs. Like you for example.

      SWS = FARCE. You don’t know that, do you?

      1. Cite specifics of what?

        Gogs talked about being the “boss” of Noynoy. Since you’re too slow to pick up, let me show it again to you.

        Noynoy famously told the Filipino people that we are his boss.

        Noynoy cannot any more brainwashed you and Gogs. You’re already brainswashed. And that is the reason why you do not fall on the category of “boss” Noynoy was talking about.

        SWS a farce? Fine, but show me a survey that can contradict such farce? Meron ba? I rather take the SWS survey than rely on your laway (saliva).

        1. Cite specifics, please. And why would you call us ‘brainwashed’ if we are not some kind of mindless sheep and can be easily manipulated to tell whom to hate and whom to love by a simple whim? And the Philippines LOVES those idiots. If that the ‘boss’ that Noynoy is talking about, his supporters, then there is something wrong.

          Surveys are BIASED. Richard Gordon once said: “Kung aasa na lang tayo sa mga SURVEY, hwag na lang tayong maghalalan.” The surveys are one of the reasons why he lost in the last presidential election. And who owned the SWS? None other than friends and allies of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. So they have much bigger laway and now you try to spit on us with that?

          TROLL HARDER. 😛

        2. Being convinced with logic and proof is called being “brainwashed”.

          War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

          The Ministry of Truth is doing a fine job indeed.

        3. And don’t you ever start with what Daido said about Richard Gordon’s quote moron. Like I said before: you always think that anything is natural and just deal with it. You’re not using your brain wisely like a lemming who just falls on a cliff because the player didn’t make a bridge for him to cross.
          So benign0 already banned you a lot of times I see. But here you are changing IP addresses only to troll with your nonsense “logic” to “improve” us.

        4. Statistics can proclaim a square is a circle if you manipulate the alpha levels correctly.Few stats are correct.Sports and murder statistics(if you find all the dead bodies) are about all that can be believed to be truly accurate.

    2. To the “Point Misser”. Just like Noynoy says something only to leave his staff scrambling for damage control because of inconsistency . There are some readers here in GRP who on the surface hate GRP and all it stands for yet love to be here and all attention it brings them. To those that miss the point , aren’t you glad I took your suggestions to heart? And I don’t mean the way Chiz has. I and the rest of GRP must really strike a nerve with you to earn your trolling. To quote Sandra Bernhard “Without you I am nothing”. My next post here will be dedicated to you titled “You Light Up My Life”.

      1. Is it believable that the people in the government are actually reading this blog and actually give a shit about what goes on here?That seems unlikely to someone like me,And even harder to believe is that it has people posting under pseudo-names? to counter the proclamations of the bloggers? ya really think so? I don’t know…seems a bit paranoid to me.

    3. Jonas, you mindless noytard, your comments are as content-free as your mind is thought-free.

      Why is that you noytards can never defend your mindless leader on the basis of actual facts?

      That half-witted homosexual who got elected on the basis of his mother’s death has not done ANYTHING as president. The only reason the surveys rate him highly is because family friends and allies own the survey companies.

      If you are anything other than a mindless noytard, why don’t you post some actual achievements of Abnoy. If you can find any, I am sure you will surprise us all.

    4. “…the “boss” that Noynoy was talking about are those who are not prejudiced, biased and rabid anti-Noynoy like you. Do not equate your self with ordinary Pinoys.”

      Pwesident Noy is biased and prejudiced.

      Maybe the boss that you are talking about are people they can easily put ideas through the yellow media (and yellow serbeys) and believe it.

        1. Fishball is here for one reason and one reason only: to spread Yellow Fever. Fishball is a copy paste machine funded by the Filipino tax payer. How this contributes to the public good I don’t know. Malacanang Troll program was the precursor for the libel portion of the Cybercrime Act. What they never realized was that trolls were the oxygen that fed the fire of discontented discourse. Trolls are a manifestation of the evil that lies within the Moronic Movement. Good Governance is more than just creating a boogy man and yellow ribbons and handgun signs with your fingers. There is something in me at least that won’t bend over and allow trolls to completely take over the culture landscape. We may all live in the yellow monarchy doesn’t mean we have to like it.

  2. Who ate all the pumpkin pies,
    The burgers and the fries?

    ‘I’m not at fault’,
    Mumbled valte.

    ‘I’m just naturally this size’!
    Added the Queen of all lies

    ‘Now don’t be so rude,
    And just pass me more food’

    But however hard she tries
    She can’t hide those thighs.

    Who ate all the pies?
    Epicfail wins the prize

    The moral of this tale,
    Listen carefully, abigail

    We are fed up with the endless spin
    Honesty, and integrity will win

    So truth must be the diet.
    Get real, and just try it.

    Less 3rd world autocracy,
    More 1st world democracy.

  3. according to jonas, only people who dont criticize noynoy is the president’s boss.

    it is indeed more fun in the philippines!

  4. Ok,lets hear it for Philippine justice and Politics,wait…….WTF?

    In a country where the president can post bail for a person accused of a felony,then appoint her as a commissioner of elections………OR……..Have a member of the cabinet accused of stealing millions of $$$ from a police budget and that cabinet member not be arrested and just quietly resign……..W-W-W-WHAT?
    In a country where an Ex-President is under arrest,being detained/arraigned and under the utmost(?) scrutiny for crimes against the populace,being charged with multiple felonies that are ‘NON-bailable offenses’ and YET that ex-president is a sitting member of Congress, and being allowed to run for re-election and is currently casting votes in the Congress of the county that is prosecuting her(and introducing legislation that could possibly get her out of jail if and when she is found guilty,WHAT?),and that ex-president is not in jail but is out on bail (even with ‘NON-bailable offenses’ pending in a High-court)……W-W-W-WHAT? Really,wtf are you,wait…,your not kidding…Holy Shit! and I am not making this shit up.Anyone from a Western Country that would ever here what was just stated would be in shock/disbelief,and yet this is common,run of the mill occurences in the country.
    Can anyone,with a straight-face say if there is anything RESPECTABLE,non-contemptible about these politics?and EXACTLY what that would be?all sides included(Remember Ladies and Gents:No one is going to Jail and No money is being returned.EVER)?
    Well,at least it is entertaining.Hey,give my regards to Broadway. Cha tititi Cha Cha Cha……..

  5. Speaking about Solomonic decisions, this military officer who thinks like the mentioned rest wins it hands down. From the Philippine Star: “MILF delisted as threat in Central Mindanao” By Ramil Bajo “KORONADAL CITY-The military no longer considers the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as a threat to troops in South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and Cotabato. Maj. Gerald Monfort, 27th Infantry Battalion executive military officer based in Tupi town, said troops are now focusing on the New People’s Army…” Obviously a mere executive officer, second in command of a battalion made a command decision in direct violation of the chain of command. All this without consulting the Chief of Staff, AFP. The last I heard the MILF is still in the order of battle of the AFP. They are still armed and considered dangerous. Here is a list of the MILF/bangsamoro alliance: CPP-NPA-NDF tactical alliance, Abu Sayaff Group, J.I. Al Qaeda in Asia, criminal elements, lost commands, splinter groups, pintakasi civilian support and regular MILF fighters. The latest attack on Philipine Marines happened in Patikul, Sulu. Three marines died with two ASG killed. Also reported were wounded marines.

  6. Arroyo found GUILTY of plunder. Karma has caught up with her. She should be terminated ASAP. Keeping her at the Veteran’s Hospital is just a waste of the tax payers’ money.


    1. @Mrs. Lydia Reyes

      Thank you for validating your dark, vicious black propaganda that is the trademark of the diehard yellow propagandist. You want to murder Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as you dare invoke the name of Almighty God? Why don’t you do it yourself? Beware the curse of God upon you and your tribe!

    2. Wow, style mong bulok talaga fishball. Kahit ilang beses mo pang ipost yan walang maniniwala sa iyo. Kahit ilang beses ka pang magpalit ng pangalan, tanga ka parin! Sige nga patunayan mo muna ang sinasabI mo? O wala ka nanaman na maipapakita. Palitan mo nalang pangalan mo sa “TANGA” kasi palagi ka lang napapahiya dito. Halatang halata ka na bayaran ni carandang.

    3. “Arroyo found GUILTY of plunder.”
      Wow, jumping to conclusions aren’t we?
      When did it say she was guilty? Was anything PROVEN YET?
      “Karma has caught up with her.”
      How can Karma punish her if she didn’t commit any crime?
      “She should be terminated ASAP.”
      Words like that will only mean that you want to remove your boss’s scapegoat. Be careful of what you say you dumb f**k. It will only come back to bite you in the end.

      If you cant even come up with any rebuttals then it only means that you cant even come up with EVIDENCE.

    4. @Thomas Jefferson, @Mr. Derp

      Please stop all the vicious name calling. Please twisting the facts.

      Can we just have an intellegent and objective discussion of the issues?

      1. @lydia reyes…

        People are having intelligient and objective exchange of ideas here, but you came along and ruin it. Did you even read the whole article to be able to comment “Arroyo found GUILTY of plunder. Karma has caught up with her. She should be terminated ASAP. ……”

        People like you are the ones keeping the Philippines down. You should be the ones terminated.

      2. Hypocritical mewling quim. 😀

        Source for the record or what you’re spouting is just pure hearsay, trollfag. If someone here is twisting facts it was you and it shows your emotion-ridden comments.

        All I know is that she refuses to enter plea on plunder case. Very proud tp have an angry mob mindset with a sadistic intent. Am I right? 😛

      3. @”Mrs. Lydia Reyes”
        You are such a hypocrite! You want intelligent discussions yet you post your stupid propaganda. You accuse us of twisting the facts yet you are the one doing so.

      4. @”Mrs. Lydia Reyes”
        You DARE use the name of God in your libelous posts. God should strike you down for using his name like that. If you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen you stupid retard.

    5. Um, are you sure that taxpayers’ money is wasted? Arroyo’s paying for her own bills there.

      And don’t go around saying that she’s paying using taxpayers’ money, because unless you present evidence for that, you’re ultimately just speculating.

  7. @ Gogs

    Here is another blogger who thinks he has it made but only brings up articles which 65% of its contents are lifted from other sources. This is a guy who would quote all living and dead morons of the world and think he did his readers a favor.

    Alan Parsons Project: failed British musician whose best project was ranked 40th on American Billboard that @Gogs so proudly quoted. A quote from the book Peter Principle about “levels of competence” which to me is passed its applicability in this day and age. And the author Stephen Covey, whose book made the best seller lists but to me is simply a “mashed up” ideas from other sources just like @Gogs.

    I think being your own brain is the “best level of competence.”

    1. As for APP. I have 12 of their CDs. Their lyrics and melodies are timeless. Alan Parsons himself had an impact on The Beatles, Pink Floyd , Al Stewart , The Hollies and Get Real Philippines.

      Let’s say your 35% original proportion is correct. It’s 35% more than you. Troll harder LA702. I would love to see you and Jonas do a blogsite together and be the Cyber Sonny and Cher or Ike and Tina. Face it, you support us and give validity to our work. If we were that bad, you would be apathethic.

      1. AP did have a great influence and has respect within the industry.
        those who do not rise above karaoke only display their lack of knowledge/culture, and closed minds to the evolution of music.
        in fact some seem to know little about anything.

        1. Libertas, I think LA702 would prefer I quote N Sync, Westlife or Backstreet Boys based on his / her criteria. The two of them with Jonas should do a duo. You can picture it now. Sequin dress on LA702.

      2. Parsons was influenced by The Beatles,not the other way around.He just happened to be in the studio flippin some dials,same with Pink Floyd…he was an engineer at Abbey Road studios and got very,very lucky.
        This is not an insult.

        1. I am sure being an understudy of George Martin was challenging. I actually have a rare one hour video of George Martin breaking down all four tracks of Sgt Pepper the album. That was pre Alan Parsons. Still yes it was by no means an equal exchange but he was there. I love his music even though LA702 suggests I should not by whatever logic he/ she happens to employ. “Billboard , Cashbox , Money talks”- APP , Gaudi.

    2. GOGS, a cut-and-paste writer is a disgrace to this site. He should never be allowed to post any article again until he learns journalistic creativity and originality.

      It wouldn’t hurt too, if he reviews his basic English grammar and sentence stucture rules

      1. Mrs. Lydia Reyes. All I have to do is please the webmaster and the other writers. A bonus would be to annoy mindless trolls. Judging by your response I am also succeeding there.

        1. @anonymouse: And GRP shows your true colors; an anti-intellectual emo prick who wants to TROLL and can’t back up an argument and went to personal attacks instead.

          Cite examples, plez.

        2. @anonymouse, for somebody with an unfamiliar name and such a profane response I must have really really really hit a nerve to warrant such. In your own way you are congratulating me for getting it right and more importantly giving relevance to the whole website. If I was wrong considering the vastness of the web, you would be just apathetic.

        3. The responses are so predictable, no surprises there! 😀

          Anti-intellectual emo prick is you, @WinterSoldier. Who’s crying foul? 😀

          You’re entitled to self-satisfaction, @Gogs. I give that to you! Poor soul, buy me a chocolate! 😀

        4. @anonymouse: Point f*cking missed. Are YOU really that dumb or you’re just trolling. I can’t be considered as one because I’m not some mindless sheep who would eat up on what the media tells me. I’m not buying into that crap of yours.

        5. @anonymous. You claim to find the content deplorable and responses predictable yet here you are. Multiple times . You are pissed . You read me and you will continue reading me and this site because we know you better than you know yourself. Otherwise you will never be here and never comment, trolls are always in denial. Let me guess , Jonas lent you the shotgun . Troll harder. Just once I want to see a troll who also has blogs published. It won’t happen. Lame lame lame lame which is exactly what the administration is anyway.

        6. Oh poor @DaidoKatsumi/WinterSoldier! Why do you need different IDs in GRP? Hush now, it’s payday tomorrow! 😀 😀

          @Gogs, say what???? LOL! Next, you’ll call me fishball and I haven’t even made any comments on the articles… yet! 😀

          It doesn’t matter what kind of comment has to be posted here against the article or the writer… the same feedback will be received though; a wailing siren from the seven seas! hahaha

          I love to post here despite, because I am having fun at your child-like attitude when poked! Thanks for that. It’s more fun in GRP! 😀

        7. @anony-mouse: Better to discuss IDEAS than people, f*ckface. Sorry, but you’ll never get anything from your failed trolling. Character assasinations are awesome, isn’t it?

          It’s payday tomorrow, Yellow Hack. So where’s the childlike attitude that your are talking about? You got NONE.

        8. Give yourself a pat in the back if you take your preaches to the letter, DK/WS… 😀

          Me, getting into your nerves is what I get. Awesome! 😀

          @Gogs, whoever owns Sanjo ID must ROFL now! 😀

          Listen to Amir Al Bahr below. That’s the point I’m taking here. Cheers! 😀

      2. TROLL.

        You’re now bringing up ad hominem attacks. You’re more of a disgrace since you’re resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

      3. @”Mrs. Lydia Reyes”/fishball

        Now you’re just resorting to petty attacks. What a desperate tactic for a stupid troll like you!

  8. Guys,

    Don’t feed the trolls. Remember Gogs’ mantra: “KSP is the root of all evil.”

    If you ignore the KSP trolls, they go away.

    1. The trolls are too emo tense. I can really tell you guys that “anonymouse” needs to fully relax. Really, what he needs is a good avocado fruit enema to clear his mind. His boss handler should also see an enema specialist. 🙂

  9. Well, Solomon and Noynoy have some things in common. I mean, this was a guy who decided to ignore the mandate, which is actually obeying God’s commands, in order to create a really big harem. Of course, as if Noynoy can actually have a harem that’s not paid. Wisdom of Solomon? His actions near the end of his reign pretty much divided his kingdom. If we don’t watch out for that, I don’t know whether we can still change. Of course, David started it but Solomon made it real. Oh yeah, at least Solomon made some sayings that make sense even if they are a bit cynical.

        1. @”T.Locsin”

          If you say that you are a not a troll, why don’t you prove it then?
          Cite your sources please.

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