PNoy’s bum stomach, and feigning illness: ‘Anything Gloria can do, I can do better!’

A bum stomach. It is indeed unfortunate that President Noynoy Aquino (BS Aquino) fell ill during most recent trip to Australia. It is due to this illness that he had to cut short his attendance to a state banquet hosted by Australian Prime Minister (PM) Julia Gillard.

Not that I, or any of BS Aquino’s critics, or even anybody sane, for that matter, wish any harm to befall our President, but it was tempting to entertain the thought that perhaps this is karmic retribution. After all, our dear President has not let up his persecution of former president Gloria Arroyo, even after she had already been confined to a wheelchair. Doctors have already asked several times for her to be allowed to seek medical treatment abroad , yet the Palace continues to downplay such requests. Yet have you heard anything from the Palace that they have finally “verified” the findings on GMA’s condition? No, they seem content to detain her in a hospital room and keep her there, regardless of what might happen to her. All in the name of “making sure she does not evade justice.” Add to this the report of BS Aquino recently cracking a joke during his recent trip to New Zealand, which insinuated that his political enemies may be faking their illnesses by using wheelchairs.

Now, I doubt anybody can tell me how in the world BS Aquino can suddenly spew out medical diagnoses and judicial opinions as if he knows these sciences like the back of his hand. That’s exactly what he’s been doing. Maybe BS Aquino is taking his cues from an obscure American TV series called The Pretender. He sees himself as a genius, a prodigy with the ability to become anyone he wants to be. Well, in PNoy’s case, there’s one hitch: he can become anyone he wants to be – except a President of the Republic.

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Perhaps, if PNoy can make such definitive and definite conclusions that his political enemies are faking their illnesses, we can also conjecture that perhaps there was an “ulterior motive” for his bum stomach. In other words, we can speculate on a few reasons why he suddenly “fell ill” in Australia.

BS Aquino is allergic to unsanitized Q&A sessions

Had he stayed on in that state dinner, BS Aquino would very likely have encountered a question and answer (Q&A) session with the people present there. Now, our president and his staff are fond of sanitizing questions that are thrown to him. Hell, if I were BS Aquino, I would make sure that the questions I field are the ones I can spin and make me look good. Ayaw ko mapahiya, siyempre (Of course I don’t want to make a fool of myself.) Naturally, if you entertain Q&A sessions while a guest in a foreign country, you have less chance of doing this. So, why take the risk of humiliating yourself by encountering a question that you may not have the answer to? Especially with the news that the case against Arroyo of malversation of OFW funds was dropped, that would have been a potential question that would have not put him in a very flattering light.

Call in trump card: bum stomach!

BS Aquino might not have withstood a potential grilling by PM Gillard

PM Gillard recently made news with this Youtube video. In it, she basically calls out opposition member Tony Abbott during an Australian parliament session and labels him a misogynist. The opposition has accused PM Gillard’s government of hypocrisy for standing by former Speaker Peter Slipper, who had been accused of sexual harassment, and consequently resigned.

Now, how would this affect BS Aquino? While he has shown an incredible lack of foresight in charting out where he wants the country to be in the future, he may have shown a bit of it here. No doubt that PM Gillard’s aides would have picked up on his wheelchair joke and she would have asked him a few questions about it. Why risk being exposed as a misogynist and biased against people with illnesses when you can continue to ride on your seemingly unshakable popularity abroad?

Call in trump card: bum stomach!

There you have it. Let me reiterate: these are mere speculations. You are free to believe BS Aquino’s personal account of his illness. But let me remind you of one thing: I am pretty confident that my speculations here on BS Aquino’s bum stomach will hold water, compared to his as-of-this-writing baseless allegations that his political enemies are faking their illnesses in order “to evade justice”, so to speak.

With that being said, I do wish BS Aquino to get well soon, because the problems that his administration are facing, ignoring, and most likely aggravating, do not recognize his sick days off.

94 Replies to “PNoy’s bum stomach, and feigning illness: ‘Anything Gloria can do, I can do better!’”

  1. kahit na nadrop kuno ang kaso ni pandak sa pondo ng OFW, marami pang kakaharapin na kaso si Arroyo. Ang laban sa korupsyon ay patuloy pa rin.

    1. @dapitan/VincensusArell-anus
      That war on corruption will be the downfall of your country. You don’t care whether that war on corruption is going to feed you and your family. As such, you only think of your stupid “duty”, without knowing if such duty will really benefit the people in the long way. Obviously, you are a Lao Zi and Kant fanboy – you think “this is my duty to fight corruption and immorality” without knowing that people are getting hungry and because of such warfare on corruption, you made the people starve because you don’t give them a chance to eat. On the case of hunger, as what your god is doing, is just “don’t care, just continue with anti-corruption” – a clear sign of “doing by not doing”, “accomplishing everything by doing nothing”. So, then, I ask you, WILL YOUR “MORALITY” SAVE YOU FROM HUNGER??!! Most probably, you will answer, “Good action is more important, my god loves good action”, because you believe in that accursed notion of “DUTY”, and for that you will die, obviously, of hunger and starvation; for focusing on your “morals” and “duty”.

        1. “its not kasi nakukulong na talaga ang totoong may kasalanan sa gobyerno.”

          Sino? Si Noynoy? Oo talagang makukulong yan. Sino pa bang pangulo na puro kapalpakan lang ang ginagawa? Si Noynoy. Sino pa bang pangulo na wala man lamang naging asawa sa mga gf niya? Si Noynoy. Sino pa bang pangulo na nagtatago habang may hostage crisis? Si Noynoy.

        2. Ang totoong may kasalanan sa gobyerno is not Gloria. But EVERYONE ELSE, including BS Aquino III.

          The SYSTEM is the problem, not necessary the people in it. But what do I expect from a brainwashed, propaganda-mouthing, ignorant pleb like yourself?

        3. Of course it is, Arell-Anus. Your god is not doing anything related to making your people well-fed and wealthy. He has his “duty” to make his family proud. That’s what is wrong with “virtuous” people. You are virtuous, all right, like your god, and for that, the likes of you fail. MAY YOU DIE OF HUNGER, VIRTUOUS MAN!!! FOR THE WICKED SUCCEEDS IN FEEDING, ENRICHING, AND DISCIPLINING THE PEOPLE UNLIKE YOU, VIRTOUS MEN(as proven by Shang Yang, Han Fei Zi and Machiavelli)!!!

    2. Ang laban sa korupsyon ay patuloy pa rin…na sablay

      Kahit ilang daang kaso pa mahanda ni PNot, eh kung mahihina naman ang ebidensiya, eh di wala ding patutunguan.

      At gaya ng dalawang kasong di tinuloy sa kataas-taasang hukuman, isa-isang titigilin ang mga kasong iyan dahil HUNGKAG naman sila, simula pa lang.

      1. Ayaw talagang tanggapin ni dapitan/fishball ang katotohanan na MAHINA ang mga kaso laban kay gloria. Noy might as well throw in the towel if his “strong” cases continues to crumble due to weak evidence.

        1. *credit from Team Fortress 2*
          Pop quiz: Who is the moron that needs to be sent to a mental hospital? Baaaaam! Time’s up. It’s you vincensus ignoramus.
          Again you incompetent simpleton you’ll not gonna win because you’re already dominated so eat our dust. Repeat after me moron: you..are..terrible.

        1. Di yan mangyayari. Mahinang mahina ang kaso laban kay gloria. Kahit 60 pa ang ikaso sa kanya, lahat naman ay hindi magtatagumpay.

      2. @dapitan: At least kami, we are not as vindictive and malicious as PNoy and even a brainwashed minion like yourself.

        Just let the law do the work, not on ANARCHY, which the current President is doing. Ang “guilty until proven innocent stance” ay para lang sa mga DI-MAKATAONG BALIW. :p

        Si Noynoy ay tapat… KUNO. 😀

    3. @dapitan
      Tingin mo parin guilty si gloria kahit na nadrop na ang mga kaso sa kanya? Napaka liit talaga ng utak mo gunggong.
      Balang araw, yan din ang mangyayari sa idiolo mong idiot pero ang kaibahan lang…mas malakas ang ebidensya laban kay panot.

        1. Kakainin mo rin ang salita mo. Kung hindi dilaw ang papalit kay panot, tignan natin kung makakatakas ang panot mong amo.

        2. @dapitan: So defying the rule of law and always acting like a bully and a spoiled brat is some kind of ‘act of kindness’?

          Wow, you’re totally insane. 😀 Let’s see if he can still defend himself and his family on the Hacienda Luisita case. THAT’s the very reason why he impeached Corona and make Serreno as his replacement.

        1. Meh, wala ka na maibato sa amin kaya recycled lang ang post mo gunggong. Pano mo masasabing makukulong si gloria kung lahat ng kaso so far ay na DIDISMISS? Stop deluding yourself you moron

    4. In any form of government, there is ALWAYS corruption. The difference is the progress made and how it is ran to meet the day to day and yearly goals. People blamed GMA because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. Yet the media who has ties with the Aquinos won’t look critically into their mistakes, if not making light of the current president’s ineptitude. See the bias?

        1. @dapitan

          May I also recommend an avocado enema aside from your Dulcolax Martini shaken not stirred. It will really remove your tension and relax your brilliant mind. Cheers! 🙂

        2. @pitpits:

          Wrong. The biased media will just stay because of the money. And wait, don’t you know the fact that the reason why you heard ‘good things’ about Cory and Noynoy is because you believe on what ABS-CBN, Inquirer and SWS surveys. In other words, you’re a mindless sheep Fact: these are allies with the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and other rich families. So Cory AND Noynoy are just busy paying their media friends to make things look good in their term. Never underestimate the power of the media.

          “Ikulong na kasi yang si Gloria para magkaisa na ang bayan.”

          Lies. The country was never united to begin with. There is never any unity in the government unless it concerns pork barrel which is an all time high in this admin. You spout about Philippine unity when you express disdain to foreigners who have contributed to the modernization of the country and the knowledge they have shared.

          Never talk about unity if you don’t know what it is. Because the truth is PNoy’s plan to ‘end’ corruption by jailing the supposed ‘biggest’ corrupt figure from the last 10 years is totally inefficient.

      1. @pitpits:

        Wrong. The biased media will just stay because of the money. And wait, don’t you know the fact that the reason why you heard ‘good things’ about Cory and Noynoy is because you believe on what ABS-CBN, Inquirer and SWS surveys. In other words, you’re a mindless sheep Fact: these are allies with the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and other rich families. So Cory AND Noynoy are just busy paying their media friends to make things look good in their term. Never underestimate the power of the media.

        “Ikulong na kasi yang si Gloria para magkaisa na ang bayan.”

        Lies. The country was never united to begin with. There is never any unity in the government unless it concerns pork barrel which is an all time high in this admin. You spout about Philippine unity when you express disdain to foreigners who have contributed to the modernization of the country and the knowledge they have shared.

        Never talk about unity if you don’t know what it is. Because the truth is PNoy’s plan to ‘end’ corruption by jailing the supposed ‘biggest’ corrupt figure from the last 10 years is totally inefficient.

  2. Ang laki talaga ng galit ni PersiNoy-i-Noynoy kay GuLLOOO, talaga naman. While FerdiMarcos first stuffed the Supreme Court before he acted… PersiNoynoy just ignored a Supreme Court order to arrest his favorite teacher GuLLOO.
    Now the threat is GuLLOO gets pardoned by the winner of 2016 elections, right? And how can PersiNoynoy eliminate possibility of pardon?

      1. All the allegations are there, but not all of them are 100% true as of now. If so then deliver the punishment, no the pussyfooting that is the trial by media.

  3. When you suggest that a practising homosexual (or, in Homer’s case, homersexual) has a bum stomach, we can only assume that his specific illness was caused by too many homosexual acts… of a fairly specific kind.

    Which of his boyfriends accompanied him on his Down Under tour?

    1. Which of his boyfriends? Aww, sorry, didn’t really pay attention to that detail. What does it matter, he gets screwed all the same no matter who tags along. 😛

    2. marami nang naging gf ang ating pangulo pero hindi nagtagumpay lahat. Gawa gawa nyo lang yan upang siraan ang matalino nating presidente

      1. “marami nang naging gf ang ating pangulo pero hindi nagtagumpay lahat.”
        Gee, I wonder why? Oh maybe its because he’s a FAG like you?

        “Gawa gawa nyo lang yan upang siraan ang matalino nating presidente”

        Ows talaga? Patunayan mo nga!

      2. @dapitan

        LOL! That made me really laugh! Aside from your black propaganda job you will really succeed as a stand up comedian. Don’t forget to take your Dulcolax Martini well shaken not stirred! This will really relax you. 🙂

  4. He likes to blame it on stress. Here is my question. Before his election what responsibility did this guy ever have? What leadership did he ever exhibit that made him worthy of being president. Then he is going to blame it on stress.

    1. Maybe it was stressful to come up with “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”, for one.

      Maybe he got “butterflies in the stomach” because he was fearful of encountering questions he didn’t know the good-looking answer to. Stressful when one doesn’t have substance, noh?

        1. baka si gloria ang nagfafake ng illness nya? Pag lalaya biglang gagaling, pag makukulong biglang magkakasakit

        2. Hindi mo lang matanggap ang katotohanan na lahat ng kaso laban kay gloria ay MAHINA. Palibhasa bobo ka naman kaya palagi ka napapahiya.

        3. @dapitan: That’s pure hypocrisy right there. You keep on claiming that GMA ‘faked’ her illness while Noynoy didn’t…

          BIAS much? Or you’re just TROLLING? or BOTH. Sorry, but either way, you LOSE. 😀

        1. That’s exactly my point. 6 years in the senate yet he didn’t pass ANY laws. Only a RETARD would fall for his lies. Hook, line and sinker.

  5. Sometimes, anxiety from his Depression can cause stomach aches….I believe , he suffered from Anxiety Cramps in his stomach.

      1. “siguro, kaya dapat iwas iwasan nyo ang kritisismo upang maganda ang performance ng ating pangulo”

        so inaamin mo na hindi maganda ang perfomance niya? HAHAHAHAHAHA ang bobo mo!

      2. Hindi basta mawawala ang criticism dahil nandyan na iyan. The best response is ACTION.

        Super BOBO mo nman. So you admit that WE ARE RIGHT about BS Aquino III. 🙂

  6. @Fallen Angel…..You state that BS Aquino can become anyone he wants EXCEPT President of the Philippines.Well,he IS the President of the Philippines,HELLO!!!!! State dinners in any country are not followed up by Q&A sessions,BUT I do suspect that the ‘illness’ was a way to get out of the affair early.For what reason? Who knows? BUT most people know when someone wants to make an early exit at a social gathering an un-fortunate/ill timed illness happens.How many times has a Man’s wife all of a sudden gotten an excruciating head-ache because her husband is paying too much attention to the small-waited blonde who is amused at everything the woman’s husband says?Happens all the time.
    Aquino has a very clear picture of what he wants the Philippines to be,he just is VERY,VERY slow at making it happen.He also has problems inside his administration with the guy Retardo Uno allegedly stealing a few milion $$$ from the ploice ‘bullet fund’ thus providing fuel for the argument that ALL politicians are lying,cheating,thieving weasels.ALL POLITICIANS.
    The faking of medical conditions to get out of going to jail is an oldie,taken right out of American Gangsters Playbook 101.The 66 yr. old woman who allegedly had cervical-spinal-fusion surgery was seen walking through International Airports with handbags hanging off of her shoulders mere days before the index surgery.There was certainly no need for such a radical surgery on a woman of that age who was actually still walking un-aided as she was,no reason what-so-ever…unless it was to stage an illness to avoid going to jail?Which will very likely NEVER happen.That she is now having all these medical complications at the exact time that her ‘indiscretions’ are catching up with her and she actually has to answer for them is suspicious when shown in even the most favorable light.Her efforts to run a bill through congress that would allow ill prisoners to get out of jail certainly looks as if she is anticipating a guilty verdict in at least one of the cases against her.
    As the dog attempts to catch up with its tail it is always funny to watch,most times the dumb-ass dog never catches the tail and it proves to be an exercise in futility.Yep,Sound familiar?

    1. matalino nga si gloria. Kapal ng mukha gumawa pa ng batas na magpoprotekta sa kanya pagdating ng panahon. Isa lang talaga ang mgagawa nating konklusyon mula sa batas na yan, na siya ay GUILTY AS CHARGED sa mga kaso niya!

        1. Hindi man ganon kapantay ang talino nila, mas may PUSO pa rin si Aquino sa paglilingkod kaysa kay arroyo.

        2. @dapitan: And no wonder why maraming BOBO sa Pilipinas. I’m sure you’ll never answer this question: why does God put the brain at the top of our head.

          So mas may PUSO si Arroyo kesa kay Noynoy sa paglilingkod because she’s a hard worker; she focuses more on doing her job than making fun and berating his political enemies.

          Just admit that all of your posts are nothing but 100% PURE PROPAGANDA. Nothing else. XD

    2. Look at my statement again. I said “he can become anyone he wants to be – except a President of the Republic.” He may have won the presidential elections, but he’s been running the country more like his family’s fiefdom. He’s been functioning more like a feudal lord than a president of a republic if you ask me.

      Regardless of whether there actually is a Q&A session (formal or informal), it will not change my assertion that BS Aquino would have come across questions that he may not like to answer. Too bad he’s not very stone-faced when taking criticism.

      The bum stomach is a trump card a lot of people apply to get out of sticky situations. Hell, I’ve done it. Your example, though, would have been believable if Aquino actually had a wife or ever a partner along on that trip. The media, who would make a big deal out of it, have said nothing, so I guess it’s a safe assumption that he didn’t have any.

      Show me this clear picture of Aquino’s that you speak of, then, if you are so sure that it exists. And do remember to substantiate how he plans to remove corruption at the root. Removing those who do not agree with him, or are known to be Arroyo sympathizers, is not an example of addressing the root problem.

      You know, I’ve always had this thought at the back of my mind that Pinoys don’t want to believe that someone is sick unless that other person is bedridden. What Filipinos consistently ignore, or fail to realize, is that one can be diagnosed with a life-threatening or debilitating condition, and yet can still go places or go about with their daily lives in spite of it. Gloria’s case is a perfect example of it; what complicates matters is that the people have been brainwashed is that she is guilty of all those crimes even if the evidence that is supposed to incriminate her has been insufficient.

      Whether the person diagnosed strictly follows doctor’s orders to stay put or to stop certain activities is beside the point. The point is, ordinary Pinoys aren’t really in any position to say that someone is faking an illness just because they’re not yet bedridden. Then again, doctors are people too; they are susceptible to mistakes, and their own personal/political biases.

      Let’s not make the simple complicated, Mr. Kreig. My whole point in this article was this: if BS Aquino can go around concluding that Arroyo is faking her illnesses despite his not being a doctor, then I or any other citizen can make a guess about his falling ill. The difference is that I base my conjecture on a consistently-displayed behavior of BS Aquino, whereas he bases his conclusion on a pointed sense of hatred and vindictiveness.

        1. Sarap talaga maging uto uto. Napaka liit talaga ng utak mo.
          Still insisting that gloria is guilty? Tell me how does that prove your point?

        2. Kreig baby,

          I thought it’s your style. You’ve commented here using that word.

          “.Being full of shNitZEL is not my strong suit.cheers sweetheart,keep up the good work.”

          You addressed that to Ilda. So why can’t be the same be addressed to you sweetie baby. You want to monopolize the use of sweetheart here?

          According to you –

          “I have never heard Aquino say he hates GMA and if you understand what I am saying…it is most likely quite the opposite.”

          Heh, so you want Penoy to utter the word “hate” just to prove that he hates GMA?

          Are you that stupid sweetheart?

          BTW if you feel I’m butting in, just create your own blog. Don’t post comment in any public commenting board.

          Are you that stupid?

        3. “Innocent UNTIL proven guilty.” Honestly, try to state FACTS and not this conspiracy theory BS. 😛

      1. TEKA sino bang lider ang hindi magagalit sa ginawang pagnanakaw at kademonyohan sa mga kagrupo o kababayan ng isang pekeng lider? Tama lang ang pinapakita ng pangulo ngayon. Dapat strikto ang ating gobyerno sa mga usapin ganyan

        1. Too bad, kabaliktaran ang nangyayari. Kung sinasabi mong strikto ang gobyerno na ito, BAKIT HINDI NILA HINAHABOL ANG KKK NI AQUINO?

        2. “TEKA sino bang lider ang hindi magagalit sa ginawang pagnanakaw at kademonyohan sa mga kagrupo o kababayan ng isang pekeng lider? ”
          Unang una, lider ba ang idolo mo? Napatunayan na bang nagnakaw si gloria? napatunayan bang peke siya?

        3. @dapitan: No wonder why we can never move on as a country. What you and people are getting mad about is a small deal.

          If you’re talking about a fake leader, then you’re talking about BS Aquino. No leadership skills and always pointing fingers. That’s not how a leader acts.

          If he is serious on busting corruption, then get everybody. Why is PNoy and his family getting away with incident of Hacienda Luisita? How about the other politicians? Barrangay governments on a local level?

          So let’s get stricter on small deals like this? LAWL, you dumbass! 😀

      2. OK,but first…I am not necessarily disagreeing with you. I have heard the guy say ‘we are open for business’.He wants the country to be the call center capital of the world(and it is becoming it),a shit job but a job none-the-less, and attract as many business’s to set up shop in the country as possible.**********he also has not delivered on his promise to make the country an easier place to do business,as he said he would*********** that is according to an article in ‘Yahoo Ph.’ in the last week.So,the guy has done an epic fail on that one.The Phils ranks very near the bottom of ‘easiest places to conduct business’,the place is a nightmare.
        I am not a fan of any politicians,they are all the same.AND please,do not stand behind the ‘evidence is not sufficient’ crock of shit..PLEASE! The crock with the helicopters,where a person knew what the crock was,BOGUS and FRAUDULENT,so did not sign a piece of paper,then was paid the PESOS and went away saying ‘I broke no law’,dats dat bullshit right there, aw-ight?OK?Politicians are experts in walking up to the fine line of any law,bending the shit out of it and then saying “I did not break the law”,oh please.How many times are you going to fall for that one or be satisfied that whoever the POS that says it,is not actually guilty? The perp’s really have a good laugh with that one.Dinner! on the state!and so much more!!!coz I broke no law!!!Yippee!!!!
        Now,the fact of the matter of feigned illness.As the fact of the timing of this ‘illness’ coincides with charges that could ,but WILL NOT EVER,bring substantial jail time it would not be un-likely for someone/anyone to make the suggestion that it is not true,a fake to avoid consequences.It is just too co-incidental.
        Now this next statement that I make comes from sheer,not too interested, observation of what I see,all the time,from every possible political shere and not just this one:A carefully crafted charade (bordering on a carnival side-show but the audience is too large) concocted by all parties concerned,ALL PARTIES CONCERNED.
        Mark these words,No one is going to jail,No money will ever be returned,OH AND,did I mention? No one is going to jail,and OH YEAH,No money will be returned.
        This is based on the observations of all parties.Past,present and a clairvoyant need not to be on-hand to see into the future as far as that last statement goes.
        I have never heard Aquino say he hates GMA and if you understand what I am saying…it is most likely quite the opposite.

        1. Krieg seetie,

          According to you –

          “I have never heard Aquino say he hates GMA and if you understand what I am saying…it is most likely quite the opposite.”

          Heh, so you want Penoy to utter the word “hate” just to prove that he hates GMA?

          Are you that stupid sweetheart?

        2. @Trosp, look buddy,calling MEN you don’t know Sweetheart,could coz you big problems in the real world.My comment was not addressed to you,so save the sweetheart shit for your boyfriend.

        3. I am not a fan of politicians either. Can’t say I disagree with you; nothing is likely to change significantly for quite some time as long as Pinoys keep settling for garbage and keep putting it through the system.

          I would like to see the accused prosecuted in a court of law if they are indeed found guilty of their crimes. But that’s the catch: it must be done in accordance with proper procedure, certainly not the circus that BS Aquino and his flunkies have been turning their “barrage” into. If they were so sure of their case why did they have to wait almost two years before building it up? PNoy and the gang have been outsmarted at every turn, and resorting to extralegal means is not justified; then what in the world do we have laws and procedures for if we can’t follow them?

          If the law is imperfect, then what are our politicians doing not plugging up that hole?! Oh, if they do, it means that even they can’t benefit from it. That’s the sad part; help one’s self above helping country.

          It all boils down to garbage in, garbage out, Mr. Kreig. Filipinos simply get the government they deserve.

          By the way, I don’t believe in coincidences either. Let me reiterate, though, that neither you nor I nor anyone who hasn’t examined GMA directly is in a position to determine whether she is faking her illnesses or not. If she is, then a pox on her.

          One more thing: BS Aquino doesn’t need to say outright that he hates GMA. You may be right, he does not; perhaps hate is too strong a word. Actions speak louder than words, though. He has no love lost for her, and what is sure is that he hasn’t been treating her civilly, as is expected of a normal human being. Yes, strange as it may sound, one can treat even his enemies with civility; BS Aquino doesn’t know how to do that.

          So, we’re not disagreeing. We just view the same thing through different lens. 😉

      3. @trosp, If I refer to a female as ‘Sweetheart’, as just about every guy does…it is only natural.If you are a female and you are calling me “Sweetheart”, bad as your pic appears to be that of a guy.If you are a guy and you are calling me ‘Sweetheart’ then you got the wrong guy,DUDE!Get it? and if ya did it in public I’d laugh at you,kinda like I am doing now or maybe would do something you really would not like but surely would get.
        You dictate nothing to me,and this will be my last response to you.You obviously do not understand the point I am making and I must say,based on your writing skills,it is not a surprise.

        1. @Fallen Angel..Yes,only slightly different though.
          Based on decades of this:No one ever goes to jail,No money is ever returned.(and the same people keep popping up,generations of the same people.)I make a simple point,yet not too many seem able to see it and agree with it.The reason why no one ever goes to jail/no money is ever returned is indicative of exactly THE singular point I am stressing.You asked:”Why did it take two years?if they were so sure?”,(that is exactly how it is supposed to be,how it was/is choreographed,keep you waiting and then your expectations wane and when you get nothing for your lowered expectations,and the thief is long gone…viola! perfectly choreographed),if you see it as I do the answer becomes an elementary math equation,it adds up quickly.The “seen” argument’s really are not arguments at all,it is an agreement among old friends who are laughing their asses off(and yes,sometimes friends get into real arguments,but all is soon forgotten for sake of the bigger picture).
          I can just imagine the howl that is had when one of the ‘actors’ cooks up a really good one like:”Hmm,I know,Tell ’em about Mr.Jose Bosassasasas’,and cry while you do it,they will really fall for that one,huh?HA HA HA HA HA “,then the other ‘actor’ says ‘Ok,right..then get up and look all tired/sick and I will act all indignant,make sure the camera’s get that, and say something really stoopid like ‘Lock the…..’ as if I am going to do anything besides laugh my ass off AHAHHA HA HA,BWAH HA HA HA…OK ? and look,you idiot,then just go home and hide the rest of it better next time, you jackass.”.
          It’s actually fuckin hysterical that anyone believes any of it,BUT they fall for it every time,every fuckin time.
          Parlour Games….

        2. @kreig

          Referring to a woman who is not related with you as sweetheart is some sort of a condescending posture.

          Heh, calling you sweetheart is some sort of my reciprocation though it was not addressed to me.

          And of course, your writing skill includes this kind of incoherent rant:

          “I have never heard Aquino say he hates GMA and if you understand what I am saying…it is most likely quite the opposite.”

          “Filipino’s in particular,that make them happy to accept a shit job like ‘call center agent’ and think it is a good job? or how they can possibly not do something about the slave wages paid them, along w/intolerable working conditions,to the extent of national civil unrest?”

          You call yourself a somebody who can distinguish a writing skill – jeez…

          From what word are you living?

  7. @dapitan

    Here is the recipe for your Dulcolax Martini, shaken not stirred. Pour a fifth of cold premium Dulcolax into a large shaker. Add 2 wine glasses of premium, well chilled sweet red wine into the shaker and shake well for about 5 minutes. Pour into a tall milkshake glass, add a straw and enjoy. Guaranteed to relax your mind! Cheers! 🙂

  8. nakakatawa si Dapitan. Labas mo mga ebidensya mo para matapos na pag hihimutok nyo. napasimple. manang mana kayo sa idol nyong putak ng putak.

  9. Hindi ako aquino fan, in fact I hate cory… pero bakit ba masyado tinitira dito si noynoy?

    Mayroon ba siya gnawa sa inyo na habang buhay niyo na sisiraan pag katao niya?

    Pro gloria ba blog niyo? mag kano bigay sa inyo?

    1. This site is more anti-Noynoy than pro-Gloria, though there are pro-Gloria elements here, cropping up when a troll appears to praise Noynoy. To be honest, I don’t quite understand their ferocity, though I guess if Noynoy really is as incompetent and/or as evil as people here portray, you’d be fuming too.

    2. Speaking for myself, I am not anti Noynoy in the classic sense. I am anti stupidity in the classic sense. In 2008 the only thing I knew about him besides the obvious parents and sister was that he once dated Barbara Milano. What I absolutely detest is this guy had nothing to hang his hat on except his bald head when election time came around 2009 and his mom died. The campaign exploited classic pinoy flaws for the win. We have been paying the price with brazen incompetency ever since.

      You would think a guy who got to be president beacuse of serendipidity and not merit would have some humility but it’s the exact opposite. Maybe that’s why sites like GRP are truly hated by the trolls ( who are funded by the taxpayer) is not so much that we say Noynoy is stupid. Its the fact that we describe stupid acts and attribute it to Noynoy Aquino. We get our critics who basically say one of two things “Ang galing ni Noynoy!” or ” Tama na!”. The antidote to that is very simple. Have Noynoy and his cronies resemble some sort of competent governing body and at least I will change my tone and topics. But we all know that is not possible. You can not pluck a 50 year old happy go lucky unproductive delicate naive playboy and expect him to be a world class leader. Impossible. I am more likely to be declared Super Bowl MVP. Pity the Malacanang Communications Group. They have to defend the indefensible. It’s easier for Herve Villachez to defend Kareem’s skyhook.

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