Grace Padaca bailed out by PNoy to pave way for appointment as COMELEC commissioner


Despite having an outstanding arrest warrant hanging over her head over charges of graft, former Isabela Governor Grace Padaca has been appointed by Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to the post of commissioner of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). As if the appointment of a person who is the subject of an open case weren’t enough, President BS Aquino also reportedly paid the Php70,000 needed by Padaca to post bail himself.

Noted political analyst and management consultant Malou Tiquia is quoted in an ABS-CBN News report as opining how Padaca would have been better off politely declining the President’s offer to post bail and cited how Padaca had, in fact, done so in a previous instance. “What makes this second offer a lot different?” asks Tiquia.

Tiquia said the action puts Aquino’s advocacy for good governance in doubt.

“I don’t think this is Tuwid na Daan (righteous path). Tuwid na Daan is about reforms, accountability, transparency and ethics in governance and surely paying bail for an incoming Comelec commissioner is not right. Independence is vital in a body like Comelec,” she said.

Tiquia also dared the administration to live up to its campaign promise.

“We should never lose the point that this government was elected because it was the anti-thesis of the previous. It should stick to that promise or totally just leave it and do as it pleases,” she added.

Padaca is being accused by the Sandiganbayan of being accountable for irregularities in the disbursment of Php25 million in funds lent by the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) for the Priority Agricultural Modernization Project or Priority Hybrid Rice Program of Isabela province in 2006. The former radio journalist who actively campaigned against corruption and illegal logging in Isabela was elected Governor of the northern Luzon province of Isabela in 2004 and re-elected in 2007, but was ordered to vacate her post by the COMELEC in 2009 after her term was declared “null and void” after her political rival Benjamin Dy successfully contested the results of the 2007 poll.

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Padaca is a founder of the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership. Co-founder Harvey Keh in an earlier statement congratulated Padaca on the occasion of her appointment to the COMELEC…

“We are happy with our cofounder’s appointment as Comelec commissioner and we are thankful to President Aquino for the trust and confidence he has given to Governor Padaca…”


“Her appointment further raises the integrity and credibility of Comelec. We are expecting that she will work toward instituting genuine reforms in our electoral system especially as the 2013 elections draw near…”

Harvey Keh is noted for being caught lying while being grilled by a number of Senator-Judges during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona…

Keh along with former Akbayan party list representative Risa Hontiveros and another person filed a “complaint” against Corona alleging that the chief magistrate possessed unexplained dollar-denominated bank accounts. The complaint, as it turned out, was based on unreliable sources with Keh, the smallest nobody among the three, ironically making the biggest song-and-dance about information about these accounts obtained from anonymous sources.

Suffice to say, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile to whose office Keh had directly handed over these unverified documents was not amused. “I felt insulted and offended and I’m ordering you to show cause why you should not be cited for contempt,” Enrile told Harvey Keh. Keh was also caught lying about not informing the media in advance of his publicity stunt at Enrile’s office. Under questioning by Senator Judge Jinggoy Estrada, Keh admitted that he had been in touch with reporter “friends” from the broadsheet and the tabloid Abante shortly after he had received the documents.

Why do the same names keep emerging whenever some sort of dodgy business gets thrust into the public awareness?

As always:

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

48 Replies to “Grace Padaca bailed out by PNoy to pave way for appointment as COMELEC commissioner”

  1. this is not only unethical, but weird behaviour!
    are all p-noys friends psychologically flawed and morally corrupt
    another example of why p-noy tops the worlds worst leaders poll.
    my embassy aquaintances find the guy an embarrassment to even be around, and just like filipinos cant wait for another posting – even syria!!

    1. Aquino is not the worst but the best president ever since, according to recent polls. He inherited his wisdom from his father and his bravery from his mother.

      1. Baby Formula/ Fishball/ Minister Ricky, you know what the polls and Padaca’s bail have in common? Both were made possible by Noynoy’s wallet. Noynoy’s wisdom is as abundant as IQ on your typical pinoy noontime show. I hope Ninoy and Cory both haunt you from the grave for implying they are as lame as that flotsam sitting in the Palace playing Call of Duty with Joshua.

      2. Aquino is not the worst but the best president ever since, according to recent polls. He inherited his wisdom from his father and his bravery from his mother. – formula one

        Please, show the ‘recent polls’ to allow for introduction of contrary view. With regard to wisdom, Ninoy surely have it. He fought Marcos up to the very end and showed exemplary courage and wisdom to go against a powerful enemy. I don’t remember Noynoy doing that in the days when he was just a congressman or even as a senator. He fought nobody, like what his father did, on the way up. He never demonstrated political acumen nor sagacity that made him the top dog in the opposition on his way to Malacanang. About bravery, I’ll give it to you. After becoming president he made certain political moves that surprised even cynics like me. But bravery before becoming president? Nothing concrete I know of.

  2. A few Payatas folks would say “Wow!!! Ngayon, talagang may utang na loob si Padaca kay Persi-dente!!!”

    PresiNoynoy would probably say “… less than a million pesos”, ano ba naman iyan, ang kikitid naman ng utak ninyo!!!

  3. Both GMA and Padaca have cases before the Sandiganbayan. GMA had a graft case before too. But the current administration itself chose to bail out Padaca. Obvious favoritism, anyone?

    And I know I have the knack for stating the obvious.

      1. But why only GMA? Hehe, it seems your porud of your stupidity.

        Or maybe I’m just talking to a programmed computer?

  4. Presi Noynoy treats his bosses(Filipino citizens) as stupid!
    I think there are a lot more qualified Filipinos who could take that Comelec post. Why choose to bail and appoint her as comelec commissioner?
    The comelec is under his control too, now!

  5. Walang magagawa, anghel ang tingin nila sa mga sarili nila eh…pero bakit parang impyerno sa Pilipinas ngayon? 😉

  6. Grace Padaca is quoted by Inquirer-dot to have said:

    “If you have … P-Noy (Aquino) who have knowledge that you did not steal, what do you have to fear?” she said.

    “…Tumbok mo, Grace!!!” now-retired Puno would clap yey Daang Matuwid!!!

  7. This is what I like about
    Ms. Grace Padaca. She is
    not filthy rich. She
    is not even rich.
    President Aquino has to
    use his “personal funds” to pay for her
    bail bond. She is even
    very honest to tell the
    reporters that it came
    from the President. Padaca is a very rare Filipino public
    servant. Only those
    corrupt, hungry for
    power, ruthless, with
    no shame at all and
    unmindful of the country’s interest will
    have something against
    this wonderful woman.
    I truly admire her
    honesty, decency,
    incorruptibility and courageousness. Just
    like the great Jesse
    Robredo, very rare,

    1. Sorry, but you’re totally wrong about corruption. It’s cool to treat the government as a spectator sport, right.

      LIAR. 😀

    2. formula one… it seems that you are not from isabela.. ask someone like me who is from isabela and we will tell you that what you are saying are not true….

  8. An item I do not understand is this.

    Grace Padaca has the money —- she just refuses to pay the P70-thousand.

    Nagkakalokohan ata, why did PersiNoynoy pay when Grace Padaca has the money to pay the amount herself?

    Sino ang nangloloko, at sino ang niloloko?

    1. Yon nga eh, sabi ng
      kalaban corrupt si Ms
      Padaca. Pero actually,
      Ms Padaca does not
      have the 70K for the
      bail. She is a simple woman talaga.

  9. OK,it is more than OBVIOUS that politics are a huge motivating factor in prosecuting corruption.
    HOWEVER,if the case is heard in open court,by a jury of ones’ peers;how can there be an escape from justice?
    Mrs.Arroyo is FREE on bail,on NON-BAILABLE OFFENSES and is comically running for office!!!! This woman in the article,is she guilty?of what is she guilty?
    IN THE SAD CASE OF THE GOV’T.,it is obvious that all of the players are the same.Much like their mentors in the U.S.A. except ,with a certain brand of arrogance due to the so-called ‘culture of impunity’, it is now more clear than even after the pardoning of ERAP,and the non-prosecution of someone who who had way to much money in the bank and made a mockery of the senate hearings RECENTLY,that NO ONE IS GOING TO BE JAILED OR PAY-BACK ANY MONEY PILFERED FROM THE PUBLIC COFFERS.
    The rest of the world is watching and is LAUGHING.but,so what?

    1. Hey, formula one is also FISHBALL. And a proud spammer.

      So I request to delete his posts or totally block him. That’s because every comment puts the word ‘Gloria’ in it and that is not a sane person would do.

      1. So I request to delete his posts or totally block him. – Daido Katsumi

        And that’s the kind of hypocrisy I’m talking about. If you think the cyberspace libel law is wrong, why censor other people just because you do not agree with what they are saying? Why impose your own cyberspace law by deleting and blocking people you disagree with? Very clearly, you are not practicing what you are preaching.

        The reason why the cyberspace libel law is controversial was because “freedom loving” people like you and me do not want their freedom, to speak and express, be curtailed. We do not want our freedom to be taken against our will through a repressive law. So why do something that you hate in the first place? Why violate your own principles?

        I’m sorry to call your attention to it but wrong is wrong in whatever form or color.

        1. And I’m sorry but trolling IS trolling. And wrong is wrong whatever form or color.

          It’s ok if his comments should contribute the discussion. Would you tolerate off-topic, nonsensical comments and discussions? Wow, it seems many people here are dumb. I have encountered many people like that. So where’s the hypocrisy that you’re talking about?

          The cyberspace law is wrong and unfair, but it’s more like to stop negative criticisms against the government. Oh, and demonizing political figures and hate campaigns are not considered as libel? Puleeez.

        2. If you think he’s a troll and do not contribute to the discussion, why respond? There are real and original trolls on this blog, but I either don’t respond to them or I don’t engage them in their trolling games.

          And when you call somebody a ‘troll’ at least give your reason why. Those people you call trolls, I noticed, are merely expressing their preference to P-Noy or the gov’t. which you disagree with. Anybody can accuse anybody of being a troll. Are you resorting to that tactic because it’s the easiest thing to do? Bad.

          This blog is too good for members like you who waste time and space writing and labeling somebody a troll. This blog, at least I think, was created for people with varying and differing view and thinking to engage in formal, animated or even serious discussion to not only get fully to the bottom of every issue but to exhaust all possible means to generate other ideas and provoke and promote critical thinking. On this environment, trolls may exist but will never, in the long run, survive.

          Read my lips, I-G-N-O-R-E trolls. That is, if you are not a troll your self.

        3. By online dictionary definition:


          1a. Noun

          One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

          This formula 1 was never ignored and the other troll was ignored.


        1. The problem with the trolls in GRP is that some of them are allegedly financed by the Pinoy taxpayer. Because our leaders are so onion skinned the publicly funded trolls were the precursor to the libel portion of the Cyberact.

      2. Let formaula one/fishball be allowed to comment or “troll”. It’s good entertainment… not. Hehe. I would agree just to ignore him with every comment he spews. If we are against cybercrime law and uphold freedom of expression, then let this “troll” have his freedom to express (or annoy us all). Just ignore him like an ordinary wallpaper, lols.

      3. You notice though with Fishball there is no dialogue. You can say anything and there is no counter. She just copy and pastes from whatever directive the Ministry of Truth puts out that day.

      4. I think this “troll” provides a lot of comedy actually. The lack of critical thinking – if there is any thinking at all- is evident. hehe

      5. Would you tolerate off-topic, nonsensical comments and discussions? – Daido Katsumi

        Would you be happy if the supporters of the cyberspace libel law ask the same question to you?

  10. “A really efficient totalitarian state would
    be one in which the all-powerful executive
    of political bosses and their army of
    managers control a population of slaves
    who do not have to be coerced, because
    they love their servitude.”
    ― Aldous Huxley , Brave New World

    P-noy prioritised the cybercrime law in time for the elections, puts an IT ignoramus in at comelec, ensures pcos machines used again. Gets arroyo out of the way and even gets bam aquino of all people on the slate!!
    A joke for observers, a tragedy for the filipino people.
    And not a politician brave enough to be in opposition since UNA is a cosy alliance

    1. There is really no opposition party; there are only dissenting candidates, this side of the universe. UNA and Liberal Party, Nacionalista Party and whatever party, they all look the same – out to test our sanity, think that we are all stupid, and expect us to believe in their “patriotic” ideas when all the time, they want to dip their hands in the cookie jar. Time to wake up, Filipinos.

  11. How can anyone be expected to respect the courts and the PH legal system when it is the President himself who deliberately ignores them? He has done this before – the SC TRO on GMA’s travel remember? This is not only exasperating but a scandal. And to Padaca, she is beholden to the President, no matter what sanctimonious statement she says. This is really something and Aquino thinks that he is above the law. Shame on him.

  12. Typical Prez actions. Forgive me sounding so blase but his faults are not that surprising anymore, but do expect more foolishness from him.

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