Robert Blair Carabuena self-destructs: are Filipinos angry for the right reasons?

Apparently in the last 24 hours or so one of the topics, and videos that went viral is this video of a certain Robert Blair Carabuena physically harassing a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) official. According to the information that was obtained before he deleted his social network accounts, he is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. He currently works as a recruitment executive at tobacco company Philip Morris.

I am not a fan of the MMDA. Frankly, the rotten apples that exist in the basket of our “traffic enforcers” spoil the rest of the bunch. I do believe, however, that no MMDA official deserves to be treated like that just for doing his/her job, certainly not the MMDA official who was at the receiving end of it all, Saturnino Fabros.

If you read the commentary on blogs and websites across the Philippine scene, you will definitely find no shortage of outrage. I have yet to find any comment praising Carabuena for what he did. Commentators who left their mark on websites have gone as far as to call for equivalent physical harm to Carabuena.

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There is just one question I have for all those who showed outrage: Why are you angry now?

Is it a sign that we’re finally showing a distaste for impunity as a society? Is it because we couldn’t imagine ourselves going as far as to physically manhandle an MMDA official? Is it perhaps because he got caught on camera? Or is it perhaps because outrage has become a fad that Filipinos just jump on to naturally?

Why aren’t enough people showing outrage when they see someone attempting to bribe officials for traffic violations? Why aren’t people showing enough outrage for jaywalkers and litterers caught in flagrante delicto? And why aren’t people showing outrage when people in power, government officials for example, go around pompously expecting everyone to bow down to them? The same officials who cry “Do you know who I am?” when simply asked to follow rules?

To give Filipinos the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they are. The peculiar thing about Filipino indignation, is that historically it dissipates just as quickly as it flares up. In other words, Pinoys are quick to go back to happy and don’t-give-a-fuck mode after they’re through being “outraged”. Yet there exists the other side to Pinoy rage: they take everything personally. They nurse grudges, and entire clans have gone to war just because of a “perceived slight”.

It’s ironic that we Filipinos cringe at the use of violence against law-enforcers, but we seemingly ignore that there are other numerous smaller violations that deserve equal notice. Beating the red light, jaywalking, not throwing your trash in the proper places; people do this every single day. But no one else wants to raise the stink! Or if they do, the typical Pinoy response is: “What’s the use? Everybody does it anyway. Can you apprehend and correct them all?”

Pinoy-style indignation and Pinoy-style morality can be summarized in one simple phrase:

“It’s deplorable only if other guys are doing it.”

Double standards, defeatist attitudes, diminishing outrage, and downright disgusting behavior. These are the trademarks of a society where impunity has all but become the norm. It is in this respect that Carabuena’s case can serve as the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The challenge to our society now is this: are we now going to have more respect for the law after this? Will this put an end to the “palusot” mentality we have for even small transgressions?

We Filipinos need to learn to discipline ourselves into following rules. We Filipinos need to stop putting ourselves above the law. And we Filipinos need to learn to stop being so goddamn emo.

And so I heard that the MMDA will be filing a case against Carabuena. Well and good; let’s just not hope that the case doesn’t amount to an “amicable settlement” which Carabuena seems capable of.

This should serve as a wake-up call to the MMDA and government: take care of your law enforcers, for crying out loud. Teach them to diffuse tense situations. Teach them even basic self-defense. It definitely took a lot of courage or “intestinal fortitude” as they call it in wrestling, for Fabros to just stand there and take it. Interpreted another way, it will embolden any stupid egotistic Pinoys left to keep defying the law. That MMDA officials are pussy-whips is the impression that any morons left will get.

Personally, I wish Fabros would have laid the smack down on Carabuena. Not only would the guy have been arrested anyway, he would have been in for the shock of his life too.

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190 Replies to “Robert Blair Carabuena self-destructs: are Filipinos angry for the right reasons?”

  1. Most Filipinos, me included, will always root for the underdog. In this situation, I think there is no quick explanation regarding anger per se. Filipinos just root for the underdogs. That’s all there is to it. “Why aren’t enough people showing outrage when they see…(your examples)” are entirely different situations.

    1. Let me make one thing clear: whoever started the altercation, there is no excuse for Carabuena to have manhandled Fabros. It is a violation, pure and simple.

      Underneath it all, all the offenses I mentioned are essentially all the same to me: displays of impunity that shouldn’t even exist in a society that labels itself as “civilized” or “modern”.

      Let me ask you a question: for something to constitute as an offense, does there necessarily have to be an “underdog” or a “victim”? Also, does it necessarily have to be caught on camera so that people consider it offensive?

      Littering? Root for the poor guy who has to clean up after. Jaywalking? Root for the traffic official who has to deal with someone too lazy to use overpasses. Bribes? Root for the traffic official who is most likely struggling between the easy way out and staying clean. And root for the official who has to endure the berating of the bigwig who thinks he is above the law, “Do you know who I am?”.

      This is why I ask why people are angry at Carabuena. Is it because he has become visible? How about the many other undocumented offenses by other Filipinos?

      1. Thanks for your reply. I stuck with your title “are Filipinos Angry…?” hence my comment. Why are people angry at Carabuena? It’s not because of the viral video, it’s because people see themselves in the shoes of Fabros. Abusive rich vs poor, pinoy telenovela style. You kept on bringing up examples unrelated to the situation of this incident. If I was a jaywalker caught and I was manhandled, who do you think Filipinos would root for? and if I don’t have the resources, would I go to Tulfo or Mike Enriquez to escalate the problem? You bet I would. Then it will go viral. Sorry If I can’t answer your other questions, I find them irrelevant in this Carabuena-Fabros setting.

      2. A lot of people are angry because this issue is a basic example of “mayamang-de-kotse vs mahirap na inaapi” story – very typical of a Filipino or Mexican tele-novela. A lot of us Filipinos are fascinated to see tele-novela situations where rooting for the “mahirap na inaapi” gives them ultimate satisfaction.
        Take note that the clamor of the anti-Carabuena community continue to exponentially grow in number, kahit naisampa na yung kaso at umuusad na ang investigation. Now the funny thing is that baka hindi masyadong maging mabigat ang kaso nya dahil isa or dalawang batok lang yung binitawan nya and disrespect for authority and traffic rules. So malamang ay hindi rin ganun kabigat ang punishment. I would then expect comments like these:
        1. “Naku binayaran yan pustahan…
        2. “May kakilala yan syempre…
        3. and the ever famous, “Pera pera lang yan…”
        And then babalik nanaman tayo sa mentality na “ganyan talaga ang mga mahihirap, palaging inaapi” – back to watching our favorite mestiza teen stars being maltreated by their filthy-rich-kontrabida amo.

  2. Pinoy-style morality can be summarized in one simple phrase:
    “It’s only deplorable if other guys are doing it.”
    I think it’s safe to say that most people, not only those who are showing outrage over Carabuena’s actions, are not likely to commit violence towards officers of the law. Isn’t it a more plausible explanation that people are outraged by the unimaginable brazenness of the act, and not because it’s trending on social media sites? The video being publicized doesn’t create the outrage, it just makes it more accessible to a wider audience who will naturally find such douchebaggery entirely outrageous.

  3. This is irresponsible “blogging”. By putting that photo up there of Mr. Carabuena with a girl without blurring the girl’s face, you might be putting the said female in danger given the fact that there is an ongoing witch-hunt among Filipino netizens.

    I implore you to not involve people who aren’t involved.

    1. i agree with this. you can use the other image from the youtube vid where her face was blurred. I want to think that people would know better but who knows what the mob will do.

    2. Just my two cents. His pictures are already over the net and this is not the first time I saw this picture. If what you want is to protect the girl by blurring the image, it won’t help anymore unless the rest of these copies will be blurred as well.


  4. I agree with Michael. I suggest you blur the picture of the woman sitting beside the aggressor. It’s for her own privacy and it’s a show of respect to people who are not involved.

    You can blur images on Photoshop or even place a white paint over the face at least on WordPaint.

  5. I don’t think this is a uniquely Filipino “disorder.” If this is a fad, it might just be happening all over the world.

    Remember this?

    The Americans were very pissed off at the rotten kids that picked on and abused this poor old lady. You should know by now that the internet provides a level of anonymity that allows your average joe to heckle and threaten with impunity.

    Or, how about this?

    People were also rooting for the fat kid, who in this case fought back. People were also threatening the small bully kid with harm and were also praising the chubby kid for doing what a majority of us thought was the right thing.

    Maybe this is just a way for those people to sympathize with the underdog, and live vicariously through these modern heroes. The world isn’t a fair place (never was), and when people have a chance to take a swipe back at this injustice that surrounds us, they tend to go overboard.

  6. pls blur the girl’s photo, its the responsible thing to do for privacy purposes and respect. good analysis and points….but Fabros did the right thinkg in not smacking him down…would you if you were him? you have no idea if he had a gun…you have 6 daughters relying on your PhP8k wage….he was on his own at that time…his fear was evident and took a while for him to digest what had happened

  7. We rage because its the only thing we can do <_< You think that we can go inside a video and smack some sense to the guy? XD And regardless of why we rage so much in this matter and not on other similar ones as well, its a matter of capability and how viral it gets. The internet is free and anonymous, no one can give you a punch in the face at whatever you say or do in it. You think that a huge amount of readers would even listen to you in real life, or would they just read the article you've written? remember that there is no censorship here in the internet, anyone can try as much as they want to censor it but it is impossible, the internet has no rules, only etiquette and its a choice . Oh and I almost forgot… "Welcome to the Internet"

  8. My, how the conversation has derailed. I find it mildly amusing.

    Anyways, by the way I see this incident, this would only add fuel to the fire to the classism wars happening there, with whats his name representing the meanie oligarchs and the MMDA officer as the downtrodden masses. As much as I hate having to put politics into this, you can bet the farm that politicians are going to use this as live ammo for their agenda.

  9. Seen this in FB a couple of days ago and I am laughing at the way people show their “hate” towards Carabuena and calling him names and trying to say that “Atenista pa naman siya.”
    I feel sad that the MMDA guy got insulted and all but it was a a video that did not even last for a minute. Call me ignorant about the issue but do we know how he was approached by the officer?
    Sometimes arrogant “policing” makes people get mad at officers and when they notice that the people they caught is not gonna bow down to their arrogance they act the victim.
    Not that I am siding on anyone, again, I do not know the whole story.

    1. tama ka igan. yang mga mmda mga buwaya yan. sa iyong kaunting pagkakamali, they will pounce on you. pero pag sila naman ang binalikan ng motorist (tulad ng nangyari) sila ang underdog at tameme. dapat diyan imbestagahan hindi lang tayo komento ng komento

      1. the saddest part though is that, sinasama nyo sa lahat ng buwayang mmda yung mga nagt-trabaho talaga ng marangal. ang linis nyo para manghusga e.. madumi lang isa, katulad na lahat. (-__-)

        pwede ba tumingin muna sa sarili bago mag-comment.

        1. it is a fallacious argument to say that ‘yang mga MMDA na yan corrupt’ or ‘yang mayayaman na yan matapobre’.

          it all boils down to the value and character of the person. in psychology like in films, the spur of the tongue speaks the truth so is the unscripted.

          case in point, mr. carabuena, stripped of his armani suit and out of his comfort zone.

          yes, mr. mmda could have done something prior this video which could have fueled robert’s rage. But lifting a finger and getting all too violent is another thing. sabi nga nila, ‘ibang usapan na yan.’

    2. THIS.

      What Carabuena did was undeniably insane, but I think it’s even more insane that no one is questioning the other side of the story. What, he just decided to randomly start a fight with the nearest person he could see? Come on. Let’s remember that there’s a before and after to that video.

      And by the way, I think it’s equally disgusting how the MMDA is turning this into a sob story.

  10. You should learn how to blog properly and kindly blur the girl in the photo. Get real post? Get real philippines? You should be the one to get real. Posting a different perspective just to have good hits on your site? posting a different perspective just to be different and to be popular?

    Pathetic. Might as well tell my fellow russian and Italian comrades to DDoS attack this shitty site.

  11. “It’s ironic that we Filipinos cringe at the use of violence against law-enforcers, but we seemingly ignore that there are other numerous smaller violations that deserve equal notice. Beating the red light, jaywalking, not throwing your trash in the proper places.”

    Those examples you gave don’t involve someone attacking another person who is just doing his job.

    1. They only cringed because it was caught live on cam. This is happening everyday and some of those pointing the fingers are guilty of this act one way or another. I myself swear (of course, inside the car 🙂 ) to these officers when they suddenly block or halt traffic when it seems unreasonable, specially when I’m on a rush. This guy probably just exploded on the MMDA officer. People forget they’re real sometimes. Socialmedia did create a huge blur in reality and idealism.

  12. This post exactly marked most of my thoughts, so all I have to say is “great article, sir!”

    Also, to stop more violent comments, kindly blur the girl’s face (or better yet, not post a personal picture at all) for professionalism’s sake.

  13. I think the guy needs a Psychiatrist….with some Abilify. He is not thinking well. No matter, where you graduated…It will not prevent you from acting weird or rude…There is something wrong in his head…

  14. We rode a taxi one time and took NLEX for faster trip. Me and my 3-year old niece who was sleeping on my lap at that time came from a children’s party. The sky was bright and the road was magnificent — no traffic jam. Probably the type of road situation that motorists would love to drive in. Since traffic was in perfect shape, we were wondering why a white van seemed to squeeze in behind us. When we reached the stop light, the man from the white van came down and started banging on the window violently, cursing us, urging the driver to open the door and threatening us…for effing no reason! And I felt so scared for my niece. Let’s face it, there are people on the road who love to ego trip, maybe because they think they can scare others, they have connections, they think big of themselves too much. I hate Robert Carabuena because he is inconsiderate. Even if he was maltreated, he should not have violently insulted a man whoever he is. Given he had a bad day, that’s not an excuse. The guy has a problem and should consult a psychiatrist instead of a lawyer. Damn, I don’t know if he is even thinking. He still has the balls to hire a lawyer. Just a personal opinion.

    By the way, I agree with blurring the girl’s image. I don’t think she would want to be associated with someone with an ugly behavior, unless they think alike. Who knows? Just a thought. See, domino effect!

  15. patay kang baboy ka!!!! bwhahahaha, makukulong ka!!! hahaha!!!
    ano? ano! asan ang pera mo!!! ano gamitin mo pra nde ka mamayat sa kulungan!!

  16. The only thing that Robert Blair Carabuena did was he got caught. I find it laughable that people started being good after seeing this. Oh, hypocrisy runs deep within our veins.

  17. now all i can say is that its done and can never be undone. let this be a lesson for us all and learn from it. let’s not just react for what wrong others did. let’s just learn. i know we all get the idea “never do stupid things you know that will get you into trouble”.

    and for mr. carabuena, be a man and face the consequences for your actions. don’t be a effin pussy, you did this to yourself.


  18. I really expected the traffic officer to put a smack on that guy. However, he just stayed silent and backed off. That may be the reason why people sympathized with Mr.Fabros, the traffic officer.

    I know that people hates the government officials for being corrupt. This event tends to reflect on the Filipinos’ mentality, to keep silent. They see in Mr.Fabros the kind of person we Filipinos are as we experience the oppression and tyranny of the rich people and even the government.

    What they saw there was not just a Traffic Enforcer but they saw a typical person working daily to pay for his family’s food. Carabuena, the motorist, is the reflection of the oppression we experience from those who has power.

    1. I think we’re over thinking here. That is overly dramatic. Most people who reacted badly to this event are able to access social media via internet/computer measures, they belong to the upper class.

      1. though a lot of people who acted violently upon seeing this overly-dramatic episode are what we call jerjermons.. Indeed, they belong to the upper class, neh? =P

        just saying. ^^;

  19. I would like to know the whole story. As a motorist, I’ve seen and experienced incidents where your blood can boil due to wrong policing of our traffic enforcers. But anyway, it doesn’t change the fact that Mr. Carabuena should have kept his temper down.

    PS: What was the news program that first featured this incident? I found that program unprofessional and more of a tabloid program. A good example of this outrage fad.

    1. True. This whole incident and outbursts of anger is caused by the one-sided news delivered by that tv program.

  20. What’s the difference between this and the other offenses you mentioned? This involved PHYSICAL harm to another human being, attacking the dignity of another person. That’s what. And it makes people angry.

  21. he SLAPPED the traffic enforcer! Had he shouted on top of his lungs, no one would care eh. pero may PHYSICAL SLAPPING na naganap.

  22. no one deserves to be slap while doing his job? I mean doing right his jobs… if this man is from manila i believe dirty harry will take care of him ASAP

  23. the fundamental flaw of this entry is the assumption of a ‘Pinoy’ identity, or a homogenous ‘Filipino culture,’ going as far as saying ‘Pinoy-style indignation.’ Your generalizations are far too broad to be wise and worthy of a serious read.

  24. no one is asking why this guy did what he did? so,WHAT DID THE MMDA GUY DO TO PISS THE CARABUENA GUY OFF?
    A pompous jack-ass is what he appears to be,this Carabuena guy.Conversely,the MMDA guy seems like a total pussy,on TV acting the victim with a pathetic look on his face.He seems willing to accept the sympathy given him and ,no doubt,the CA$H he will be offered to forget the whole thing.
    Traffic enforcers worldwide are always targeted for beatings.No one likes guys who write tickets for a living.He is lucky he was not severely injured.NYC had to make traffic enforcers part of the NYPD to help minimize assaults on ‘meter maids’.

  25. BTW,what is the big deal about this? two jackasses,or maybe just one,getting into a traffic argument in the August heat.WHAT?

  26. “Beating the red light, jaywalking, not throwing your trash in the proper places; people do this every single day.”

    I actually want to crash into every person who beats the red light or jaywalks, then shoot everyone who litters.

    Those are a bit extreme and costly so I just go with trying to set an example by NOT doing those things.

  27. i would really suggest that the officers on the uniform should know self defense because situations like that, they should know how to defend themselves and others that are in trouble…and more importantly they should know how to defend their right and the right of others…halatang di nya alam kung ano gagawin nya!! eh kung civilian nga pag inagrabyado ng ganyan lalaban ka, yan pa kaya na sa katungkulan siya!…lacking awareness of our personal rights as a civilian is very important…

    pero ito lang talaga masasabi ko sa taba na yun, wala siyang respeto sa sarili nya kaya di nya alam pano rumespito rin sa iba…

    ano na bang balita sa baboy na yun?

  28. This case is different, netizen even citizen ouraged because this is between the Upper class vs Lower class. I only hope Mr. Saturnino Fabros don’t settle this in “amicable settlement” and put Robert in jail. This kind of person usually thinks he can buy everything with his money. Honestly I do liked Jason Ivler did, setting an example that even a powerful person have a match. lol wag kayo magalit sakin but it’s a fact, marami mayayaman at mga nasa pwesto ang malalaki ang ulo. ang magalit check nyo muna mga ugali nyo at kung alam nyo ang salitang “Pasensya”

  29. first, i don’t find this blog sensible. not at all. icompare ba ang pagtapon ng basura sa pananakit ng kapwa? really, what are you thinking? not that i approve of throwing trash everywhere. but opefully you can see the difference. that WILD BARNEY graduated from Ateneo. he should know how to behave or conduct himself in front of someone in authority. okay, we did not know if may ginawa din si MMDA to offend him but since he’s EDUCATED enough he could have opted for some option para mabalikan yung maling ginawa nun. yah hindi lahat ng tao nagpapasensya but dun nga yun nagstart eh by setting example. what’s in the video is outrageous.manhandling that MMDA! now, you’ll do us all good kung erase mo na lang to. plus you let netizen see the girl’s picture. tsktsk. think before you blog. think before you post. PEACE!

  30. violence to counter violence isn’t the answer…i would’ve preferred it if Saturnino held his ground and defended his traffic call, but i don’t agree that he should’ve countered the attack of that Blair guy…didn’t you see how big he was?he would’ve shredded the officer…i’m curious though, about what the officer really do to piss this guy off?somehow they managed to leave that part of the story…

  31. Who to blame? The poorly trained traffic “enforcement” officers, the
    lack of good training programs (hire civilian contractor “experts” if necessary), the
    governmnet departmnets for lack of due
    diligence in making up adequate policy and
    proceedureal outline manuals), the general
    “uncontrolable” pedestrians and drivers?
    I suggest that until we get officer performance that “meets and exceeds” the
    necessary level of “civil control” that the
    government place two or more “foot/boots”
    (on the ground if necessary–“double your
    pleasure, double your fun in the phil”) in
    order to have a safe and secure road-bed!

  32. Hahaha, I think we are overanalyzing the issue. Anyway, whatever’s your take on the issue, I think no one has the right to smack anyone like that. 😛

  33. Your blog is a big failure. You give insights like you are an expert but you cant even show professionalism on how you choose topics and pictures LOL

    1. I need you to be more specific if your comment is going to be of any use to me 😉

      BTW, the pic has already been changed since yesterday.

  34. “There is just one question I have for all those who showed outrage: Why are you angry now?”

    . . . kung ikaw kaya ang sampalin niya?

    1. this blogger, obviously, has no sympathy to other people. Yes, we do not know what happened before this fatty shit hit the MMDA Officer. but merely looking on the reaction and face of the MMDA officer after being slapped, simply shows that he did not show any arrogance or rudeness to this carabuena because if he was being arrogant or rude in the first place, magyayabang din yan! Yes, there are MMDA Officers who are really buwaya, garapalan, pero FYI, this MMDA Officer is already 30 years in his service. and the day it happened, it was raining (though not heavy). you get real fallen angel. 🙂

  35. Filipinos are one of, if not the biggest, haters on the intarwebz. It only takes the ire of one for a whole country to join the bandwagon. Just look what happened to teri hatcher, claire danes, that guy who made the video about 20 things he hated about the philippines.

    Filipinos are sheep.

  36. Sa’yo na galing na wag masyadong mag-comment ng comment hanggat hindi pa naiimbestigahan pero may comment ka na agad sa mmda. At oo nga, hindi naten alam kung humingi ba ng kotong si mr.fabros o kung anung klaseng approach ba ang ginawa nya, pero, kung ganun nga ang ginawa nya, magiging tama ba ang ginawa ni carabuena? Kung may ginawang masama sknya, report it to the authorities, hindi yung magpapaka-authority sya. Plus, may bodyguard sya, kaya malakas loob. Idamay na din yung bodyguard as accomplice.

    1. I tried reporting it to the authorities before they scrapped the complaint you must understand people and their corruption what carabuena did was somewhat right to knock some sense with this abusive officials

  37. Nice Blog in truth i don’t really care who was wrong, people are just a mob, what ever they see is the truth no matter how incomplete it may be, Most probably if the MMDA slapped my car i would beat the crap out of him, the only mistake carabuena did was not minding his surroundings.

    Police Abuse happens everyday yet no one cares because they are scared of the law or whatever reason people are cowards they all they can do is purely talk, because they have no lives or they are just another cog in a clock.

    What Carabuena did was wrong but i find him brave to go forward and filed a case against the MMDA official

    MMDA are normally abusive, inconsiderate and very corrupt.

    Filipino Haters have the right to bully anyone and call them names over the net regardless of what they did. No one has the right to hang another person and destroy their lives just because the don’t know the whole story.

    To all the hate mail Carabuena is taking in right now, don’t mind the people they are normally ignorant.

    To the MMDA guy, shame on you hiding under the skirts of the ignorant people

  38. Remember the Barreto/Tulfo fiasco or the Francis Tolentino/ Brgy Chairman fiasco? Oh wait, those died down like any fad would.

    The beauty of video evidences is that no matter what the opposing party says it will almost always fall on deaf ears. Especially, if that opposing party is a fat, educated, well-off individual with no connection to the government or the showbiz industry whatsoever.

    Human nature to root for the underdog? hahaha if there is any truth in that statement then why isn’t anyone rooting for Robert now, In my eyes he’s the underdog here against millions of angry netizens mobbing against him. Its like the modern medieval times where people stone heretics to death.

  39. For me its his respect for other people. Kahit not respect to authority nga eh, respeto bilang tao.

    Saturnino Fabros couldnt fight back not because he was thinner but because he was an officer. to fight back will cost him more trouble, which Carabuena abused!!

    Id rather see Carabuena trash talk Fabros than humiliate Fabros like that.

  40. Its just really simple. If that TV5 guy wasnt there to get the whole incident on camera, nobody would really care. The fact that there was a video, made it all too easy for the internet world to pounce on the guy.

    And, the fact that this was closer to home to a larger population of the internet world, made it all juicier and much more interesting to dip their brains into. Middle-class Ateneo-bred yuppie with a Volvo ride, slapping a humiliated Enforcer. Makes for endless meme fodder.

    Would the online rage be just as massive, if that TV5 guy got a video of a street vendor hitting an MMDA Sidewalk-Clearing Operations guy? Same incident, different social class.

    Guess not.

    Relate it to the sex scandal rage years ago. A video of a couple from a Top 3 Metro Manila university cavorting in a dingy motel, and a video of a couple from a far-flung town in say, Jolo–humping like drugged bunnies in a straw hut. Would the Jolo couple receive as much infamy (or acclaim)?


    People generally like documented controversy, especially if it is closer to home.

    Its not about what happens..its all about who does it.

  41. WTF are you talking about? You are going too deep analyzing the Filipinos. The issue here is simple and you don’t need to be analytical to see it. Such a long article without sense.

    1. fallen angel actually has a point and make a lot of sense if you think about it. You need to look deeper. I wish all those who hate Carabuena actually doesn’t act like Carabuena. Be Humane than human.

      1. did you know? andun ka ba? ibig mong sabihin nagsisinungaling ang driver ng tv5 na nasa harap mismo ng pangyayari? are you god? ohhhhhhh god sory punyemas

  42. fallen angel this is not about being rich, being poor, being filipino, being mmda, etc. this is about being human, at which point carabuena fails to comply..

  43. dlhin na sa tundo o sa opis ng mmda…tigiisang batok lang sa lahat ng mmda traffic enforcers ok na kami..kung ayaw nya pagulpi at ilitson na ang bading na BARNEY na yan…gago yan!!

    1. Ehh astig na astig ka pala eh. Sorry na. Angas mo eh. Sige, tingnan natin… Labas mo lahat ng personal na impormasyon mo dito parang katulad nang nangyari kay Blair.

      1. huhhhhhh… di kita ma gets ibang language ba ang ginagamit mo? tama ba ang pag kakaintindi ko ipinapapost mo ang personal info ng isang tao para ikalat at ipahiya…

        aba ay tanga ka ba at babanat ka ng ganyan?

        puta sino ba namang tino ang susunod sa katangahan mo…

        pasensya nag iinit talaga ang ulo ko kapag may mga bobong comment akong nababasa… tangina bakit ba hindi maubos ang tanga sa pilipinas kaya hindi na unlad eh

  44. So what reasons should we be angry about? That is just plain wrong. Forget about the uniform, the disparity of their status in life, when a man hurt another man with reason he could only comprehend then its just plane arrogance. Mr. Carabuena should be remembered, we should not forget what he did! If he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth we should take that silver spoon and shove it in his sorry ass!

      1. did you see an inch of courage in the face of the mmda enforcer while he was being pushed by Carabuena? No? do you seriously think that Carabuena would have a doubt in his mind in completely mauling the mmda enforcer if he knew he was attacked first? No?

        1. I just know that i live in the area and I’ve been harassed by that same MMDA person. (Stared at me, pointed at me, and shouted at me while hitting my car). Character is totally different from the videos in the media.

        2. @i know.
          alam mo tama ka kita ko din nung hinaras ka ehh… yun ba yung time na naka go na tapos andun ka pa rin at nakikipag usap sa cellpon mo nung lumapit si mang saturnino yun nga ata. ang sinisigaw ata ni mang saturnino ehh ” go na alis na dyan nakakasagabal ka” yun ba yung time na yun?

          ayon sa salaysay ng driver sa harap ng sasakyan ni baboy ay nag pa stop na si mang saturnino tapos deritso pa si baboy… kung nilapitan ni mang satur ang sasakyan ni baboy at tapikin yun ay dahil may ginawa syang mali o hindi ba counted yun?

          mag research muna tutoy bago ganyan napaphihaya ka ehh..

          at kung titingnan mong mabuti ang kumakalat n video sa umpisa palang wala na ang sombrero ni mang satur ibig sabihin bago palang mag umpisa mag video sinasampal na ng sariling sombrero si mang satur ni baboy

      2. what if? dadali ka na naman totoy balik muna sa kwarto andun na si doc isang turok lang… balik na sa kama… suot ang jacket yan oh cge igagapos ko na sa likod… good boy…

        cavite trese mental hospital drama ohhhhhh…

  45. “Why aren’t enough people showing outrage when they see someone attempting to bribe officials for traffic violations?” – bribing and punching someone in the face are completely different things. people show outrage because physical harm is done here. if your a well educated person then act like one.

  46. Filipinos do live in double standards though. Maybe this is branching out too far but this video was good enough to pointing out a sad but true Filipino mentality.

  47. i agree to what one said here. that punching/slapping someone in the face is completely different. If your morals are right you would just have asked the officer of your offense and gladly accept it except if you think what you’ve done is right.

      1. what seryoso to?
        Oh was there an offense?! tanong ba to?

        “Problem with jumping into conclusions”

        wala na ako masabi…
        puta kulang to ano kaya tinapos nito…
        boy ganito liliwanagan ko ang napaka dilim mong utak…

        una kung talagang gustong mangotong ng MMDA dapat may violation ka…

        pangalawa… sa hindi masyadong mataaong lugar…

        pangatlo madami dapat sila o malaki ang katawan kung magisa lang o dalawa lang sila

        at anong jumping na pinagsasabi mo..?
        may ebedensya baka di mo pa alam at may tistigo

        kahit murahin ka ni mang satur wala ka karapatan magalit dahil nagkamali ka

        paano kung may ibang motoristang nadamay sa halip na yung baboy lang at ang pamilya nya ang ma aaksidente mandadamay pa sila sa ginawa nila…

        isipin mo nga mabuti…

  48. Nagmamalinis itong getreal eh nakisawsaw ka din sa isyu. You actually have 3 articles on the issue for chrissake.

    Get real!

  49. Different offense my ass.

    It’s just days ago but people seem to have already forgotten the physical harm brought by littering. Beating the red light can also be dangerous, or do you wait until someone does get bumped before you show your indignation?

    1. So that means if I see you litter, I can punch you? What i mean is you dont just punch someone if they do something wrong, or is this the way you handle things?

  50. how fast people judge when they see an out of context video without even asking why. reaction with ignorance is even worse than inaction. can one person here actually tell me what really happened 30 seconds before the start of the video that went around from an impartial source?

      1. Depends on the reason, when you say valid do you mean self-defense? do you mean defending your dignity? your family? then i guess hurting a person is justified. this is even allowed in our laws. read revised penal code art 11. if you dont understand, read commentaries cause i’m sure you won’t

        1. getting deeper and deeper here.theres no self defense going on in this topic.its the video we are talking not siding with anyone in the video.what im saying is you just dont wander around hitting random people.

    1. Parties involved were motorist and a traffic officer in a busy traffic situation. whatever might happened prior to the start of video does not authorise a motorist of an assualt to the officer… it’s simply wrong…. I have had bad experiences with MMDA officer but it’s always wrong to intimidate the officer unless you have evidence na self defense lang… In Carabuenas case it doesn’t seems like it… See Fabros reaction… read the actions it explains a lot…

    2. @SP04

      yes i can?

      did you watch it carefully?

      before the video starts you could clearly see that mang saturnino’s hat was already in piggy’s hands so the mauling and manhandling happened even before the video

      the question is why cant the car shooting the vids haven’t move forward while the other cars in the other lane was clearly flowing..

      probably because piggy’s car is clearly blocking the way… meaning his car is in the middle of the road.. how much of a hindrance is that huh…

      with mr saturninos build i highly doubt that he would cause trouble intentionally with someone driving a volvo all on his own..

      oh and i watched t3 and the statements of people who was actually there…

      maybe you should try to look for it too…

  51. are you seriously questioning the origin of our outrage? or are you looking for a particular validity behind it? my, my. to be quite frank, it’s hard to go on reading beyond that query. why? because it’s stupid, and callous to boot. it’s as if you’re persuading people to feel otherwise than what their instincts suggest. if you indeed watched the damned video, the officer wasn’t merely physically assaulted; his pride was shattered and he was forced to cower like a powerless individual who couldn’t defend himself in the face of an abuse against which he could’ve easily struggled had he realized that the law was on his side. instead, he had to endure the verbal onslaught which lodged so deep because the assaulter made it a point to show he was a man of some high education while the officer was simply way below him. now, if you’re justifying your need to bring forth such a STUPID question by rallying other issues, say bribing, jaywalking, and littering, let me ask you if those violations account for, say, half of the indignation one would feel upon witnessing Carabuena’s blunder. let me ask you if they even compare. or are you implying that hypocrisy is at play here? lastly, next time you post something and label it journalism, make sure you’re making a point and are not wasting other people’s time with this convoluted rubbish.

    1. Typical EMO response of someone whose shallowness has been exposed.

      Yes, this article is saying that hypocrisy is at play here. It is suggesting you use your brain instead of relying on your instincts.

      1. If that was done to you Anonimo while you were doing your job, I don’t think you would still say the indignation that other people would feel is “typical EMO response” and “shallow”. 🙂

    2. Imagine yourself being stopped by an MMDA… Being shouted at. Telling you, “Putangina sabi ko nang stop eh! Tanga ka ba?!” And you reply, “Hindi, tangina mo pala eh! Bakit moko minumura?!” And the MMDA shouts at the one beside your seat (may it be your mother, wife, girlfriend or sister) that she’s a slut. What would be your reaction? Cause definitely, anything was possible before the incident that we saw in the video. The problem is… All of us don’t know and we’re condemning him like we all know what happened.

      1. Did you hear or read the start of the story told by Carabuenas father? While its true that Fabros might have his own share of guiltiness, but given the suppose high status,Psychology education, and Human Resource executive position of Carabuenas… he failed to practice it and he choose to be on the rare opposite side of what he suppose to be… he should remember that who ever we are, what ever nationality we are…. no one is above the law, he probably failed on the subject of Emotional Intelligence which PMI should have seen too…. things got worse kasi may video…

      2. @Tsk tsk. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. wow I was seriously laughing when i read this, man that was good havent read a very stupid stupid post for almost a week and then you came i love you man you made my day….

        kung ako ang MMDA hindi lang mura aabutin mo tsong puta ehh kung maaksidente ka magaling kung ikaw lang eh may nasa kanan at nasa kaliwang sasakyan may nasaharap pa na naandar more than 50% chance eh ma aksedente ka wala ka nang kakayahan murahin ako pag nagkataon nandamay ka pa…

        kaya nga stop eh yung kabila naman ang gagalaw….

        putang ina sinong gagawa na murahin ang nasa tabi na walang kinalaman sya pang si val na walang malay at kung nanay o tatay nya yun ay puta anong paraan ang pagpapalaki nyo kay barney the purple pig o sa iyo…

        at nagawa mong isugal ang buhay ng magulang mo dahil sa pag go mo nang pina stop na kita…

        tanga ka ba boy?

        yes i will condemn him puta hindi lang sya ang nasa kalsada kung gusto nya maaksedente sya na lang…

        try again better luck next time…

        1. WOW! all powerful play. As many people defend him, he is still a law enforcer and he should have acted according to decorum. Why would I respect someone in authority who insults a whole family?
          Even in the states, policemen follow a certain decorum when apprehending a criminal or motorist. Not because one is in position, he can just say what he wants to say and say it the way he feels like it.
          You are actually promoting the barbaric way our law/traffic enforcers are doing their job.

        2. @itchyBB

          “You are actually promoting the barbaric way our law/traffic enforcers are doing their job.”

          why yes, yes I am…

          i’am not really into googly ugggly mushy stuff like rooting for the underdog

          my sentiment is.. the fucking guy run when his prompted to stop… if i was the one in the intersection with him. I would go out my car and blast his head off…

          if he does not value the life of others he does not deserve to live… hes lower than trash…

          i had my brushes with MMDA… but i always admit if have fault, and fight for my right if I know i’ve done nothing wrong…

          but the witnesses clearly states and the video states that he left his fucking car in the middle of an intersection just to slap the Man… well piggy is lucky enough I wasnt there because I rarely ask questions





    1. Ano sa tingin mo asal mo ngayon? Calling them such names worsens the situatuon. Kaya lumulubog bansa natin dahil sa mga taong katulad mo eh… Ummm… Magpakamatay ka nalang kaya? Human rights pa talaga hinirit mo tapos tatawagin mo silang baboy? Eh kung hindi ka naman tanga’t kalahati…

      (Now, what do you feel?)

  53. did someone just post another senseless video of that lourd guy to support his argument? i don’t understand why some people actually believe his bullshit. anyway, wag tayo mashado maging malalim at serious. wag tayo magbulag-bulagan sa nakikita natin. alam nating lahat na sa less than 1 minute na video na yun eh bulatlat kaagad ang tunay na pagkatao ni baboy. yung iba jan nagpapanggap na malalim. gawin niyo yan sa tamang oras at sitwasyon, hindi dito.

    1. Yung iba diyan, hindi naman alam yung nangyari bago yung napanood kala mo kung sino na…. Ehh papano kung sinabi ng mmda officer sayo na ang sarap mong kantutin… ano gagawin mo? Tapos yung ginawa mo nahuli sa video?! Nakupo!!! Alamin mo muna kung ano ginawa ng mmda bago siya nagreact ng ganun. Kasi obvious naman na may nangyari bago yun diba? Kasi kung hindi mo naisip yun, ehhh… tanga ka!!! Mangmang! Bobo! (This is cyberbullying and this is what all of you are doing)

      1. maybe somethings happened prior to the video… but Carabuenas reaction to whatever the reason was… Is a big mistake, the more its bigger mistke for himself.. we can judge what he has done.. but we cannot blame him for who he is.. he just need to change.. beside, para sa lahat na nakita ng video, lets learn from it how bad it looks kung katulad tayo ni Carabuena.. Lets thank Carabuena for teaching millions of people not to do the things he has done…

      2. nakupo…
        bobo pa…

        ano mang dahilan ang nangyare matapos pahintuin ni mang saturnino ang kotse ni piggy ehh wala na yun

        ang malaking tanong ehhhh ano ang gagawin mo kung ikaw ang kasalubong ni piggy sa kabilang lane nung nag go sya nung pina stop na ni mang saturnino at nag ka bungguan kayo ano ang sasabihin mo

        sumagi ba sa utak mo ang senaryong yan bago mo naisip ang katagang “sarap mong kantutin”

        ang mga bobo nga ngaman kaya ka na cycyber bully ehh kasi isa kang cyber bobo

  54. hmm.. because there’s no video of people littering, beating the red light that went viral? I’m with you bro on your observation of us Filipinos. Let’s see, maybe someone can take a video of a random citizen caught throwing garbage in the river or in Manila Bay or on the streets. Then that video can be made viral. One person reacting passionately can be infectious.. Filipinos love drama..

  55. bandwagon, social media hype, media sensationalization, poor guy ( public apology could have made his life a bit easier ) … Btw anyone one way or the other maybe guilty of cyber bullying. I think the guy already has a plateful. Cut him some slack. let the MMDA legal department take it from here. I just was hoping this is a life turning lesson on his part.

  56. I’m sorry, your article is nonsense. You sound intelligent though, but this is purely common sense. Filipinos are angry because they have seen injustice. Simple as that. Of course, there are still a lot of injustices out there and we don’t like it as well. We react because we don’t want it to happen to us also. And to quote, outrage is not a fad in this situation. People who have morals will react the same we do.

      1. @Daido Katsumi

        How can most Filipinos have morals if we have this kind of dysfunctional culture?

        culture is not dysfunctional i mean culture is an ideal, it is a word there is no such thing as dysfunctional culture

        and about morals its just a simple question of what is right and what is wrong…

        cultures clash and morals clash

        i cannot answer or elaborate what morals means without clashing with your moral belief nor you explain it to me without me disputing yours… but in general you and i know that hurting people is wrong saying degrading things to people is wrong endangering lives is wrong…

        culture affects moral thats true but there is no such thing as dysfunctional culture… if being dysfunctional is your culture then that means the culture is working and culture changes in time…

        and as far as i can observe culture in the Philippines havent change the much yet…

        if you see your group of people’s culture is dysfunctional then maybe your a group of dysfunctional people…

        and that is just sad..

  57. Don’t bother to find someone praising Carabuena, you can find it in YOURSELF. The issue is, Carabuena physically harmed an MMDA official not about bribing, littering or anything. You’re questioning everyone’s outrage on the situation as if there’s no big deal when you’re beaten.. Why not post a video showing you beaten by someone and we’ll gladly post in all social media network some happy thoughts, how about that? Physical harm is entirely different situation. Haven’t you thought that maybe those who showed outrage were not bribing nor littering? Or never did any of the offense you mentioned?

    1. Cite exactly where in the article was I praising Carabuena, plez.

      Cite exactly where I said that it’s not a big deal to be harassed like that, plez.

      You will be the umpteenth commenter I will say this to: The offenses I mentioned (and many other I did not) are essentially all the same: violations of law that must be punished.

      “Haven’t you thought that maybe those who showed outrage were not bribing nor littering? Or never did any of the offense you mentioned?”

      I didn’t say that they committed those offenses; you did. What I asked is if anyone who showed outrage at that shows outrage for those other offenses.

      Don’t twist my words, plez.

      Again, back to the main point I’m trying to make here:

      Does a violation of the law have to be a certain degree before people start getting angry about such violations? Does it have to be caught on camera before people start getting angry about such violations? Finally, does there have to be someone who is attacked before people get angry about offenders?

      Look at the bigger picture, plez.

  58. Filipino’s are not mad at Carbuena,they are ma at what he represents.Philip Morris,corporate America…THE FAT CAT.The reality is the guy is a dip-shit,like most of the people on the planet,say 99.5% of people.H ejust appears to be a FAT CAT,but he is nowhere near it.HE IS A DIP-SHIT,for sure!Filipino’s have once again mis-placed their anger at an easy target.When was the last time anyone was glad an MMDA officer issued them a ticket?NEVER?The hapless,pathetic looking MMDA agent that bore the brunt of the assinity in this case is a reminder to most of the little guy being pushed around by the big guy,and so it follows the indignation and calls for the perpetrators scalp.’THE VICTIM’ WILL WANT TO SUE AND GET ALL HE CAN OUT OF HIS ‘MISFORTUNE’.When all that really happened here is a road rage incident blown way out of proportion.Who has never wanted to KO a traffic enforcer after being issued a ticket?to para-phrase ‘the bruthas’ in the states:

  59. Wow! This Carabuena incident is topping the headlines.

    The main point of the article is, we are so upset with that one incident and one person, which unfortunately was caught on cam, when it happens in our everyday lives.

    We are quick to call names and send ill wishes to one person when we are so apathetic to our nation by allowing corrupt officials to get away.

    As written by the author:
    “Why aren’t enough people showing outrage when they see someone attempting to bribe officials for traffic violations? Why aren’t people showing enough outrage for jaywalkers and litterers caught in flagrante delicto? And why aren’t people showing outrage when people in power, government officials for example, go around pompously expecting everyone to bow down to them? The same officials who cry “Do you know who I am?” when simply asked to follow rules?”

    How is it different to physical abuse? In psychology, both physical and emotional trauma needs to be treated and prioritized.

    We have seen videos of corrupt officials violating law and even keeping sophisticated firearms in there backseat, yet we never called for them to be punished. Do they have to fire the gun before we stop them?

    A mayor down south slap/hit his constituent yet their government remain to be in position?

    This is what this article is all about. It is not about taking sides as most of those who left comments are thinking. It is about properly channeling our “hate” energies to the right issues. It is about prioritizing.

      1. I am just commenting here and it is quite difficult to make people understand that we have different POVs. Why do they go up-in-arms as if they are being attacked? Goodness. dunno how you guys do it.
        Kudos to GRP peeps!

    1. “And why aren’t people showing outrage when people in power, government officials for example, go around pompously expecting everyone to bow down to them? The same officials who cry “Do you know who I am?” when simply asked to follow rules?”

      — I’m not sure if you’ve seen the ANTI-EPAL facebook page wherein people proactively channel their energies to a pressing issue – that of politicians plastering their names and faces on public works. I think the people who put the page up are also staging events to counter such self-serving mentality.

      I don’t know of any page that blatantly outs public officials who have that type of mentality or people who jaywalk or litter. But maybe someone here who is more knowledgeable in setting up and managing social media pages could put up something like that. I’m sure maraming galit, hindi lang alam paano maging proactive.

  60. There is just one question I have for all those who showed outrage: Why are you angry now? – FallenAngel

    Why, is being angry in seeing a wrongful and disrespectful act being committed wrong? Whether it was seen on video or not is beside the point. The MMDA traffic enforcer is an authorized entity that deserves a modicum of respect.

    Getting angry and attacking a lawfully designated person is what is wrong. Getting angry and getting physical to resolve a clearly resolvable issue is wrong.

    We don’t have to widen the scope of the story and dramatize what happened because the risk of confusing the true message in the incident might get lost in our desire play pingpong on a very clear violation of law.

    1. “The MMDA traffic enforcer is an authorized entity that deserves a modicum of respect.” And when they fail to act according to decorum we simply let it go because they are an authorized entity?

      There was nothing on the article that states that the mulling was right. It is but a displaced anger – which is the whole point of the article.

      1. How can a feeling of anger or outrage be displaced when you see a representative of the gov’t. being physically attacked for performing his duty? Hello?

        What do you think we should do then, dismiss it like an ordinary happening? A wrong cannot be right by another wrong. Believe me.

        1. And yet we keep silent when it is those in government who does something wrong? That is why it is displaced. Would you go shouting in the streets and/or over the internet when it is those in authority who fail to act in proper decorum. We call for the authority to punish him yet we are continuously being abused by those in authority.

          “What do you think we should do then, dismiss it like an ordinary happening?” – Aren’t we Filipinos actually doing that? Going away from the incident but to relate my point. Have we as people shown as much “vigilance” and “angst” toward the fact that our taxes are being mishandled? Are we calling for justice as openly and as angrily as we do now when government employees are underpaid?

          Are you seriously using utilizing your energy properly on this?

          This incident is not something that we should just dismiss, I agree. But we need to be vigilant on more important matters than this.

        2. @itchyBB

          And yet we keep silent when it is those in government who does something wrong?

          well you keep silent but not me…

          i always voice out my 1, 2 and 3’s that i see wrong, maybe you dont..

          have you ever stopped or comment or question what your local or national government was doing wrong..?

          have you ever really stop at an accident site not to gossip but to help?

          have you ever audited a road widening budget to see what went wrong when the project did not finish?

          have you ever given remotely anything that would benefit others without waiting something in return?

          have you ever stopped and help an old lady carry her things?

          dont lump me up with the likes of you…

          i am really starting to hate you bro.

          if you keep your self mute then you will never be heard…

          do you ever know what it feels like when you heard someone say thank you to you…?

    2. Why, is being angry in seeing a wrongful and disrespectful act being committed wrong?

      I never said it was. You did.

      Getting angry and attacking a lawfully designated person is what is wrong. Getting angry and getting physical to resolve a clearly resolvable issue is wrong.

      Nobody is saying otherwise.

      We don’t have to widen the scope of the story and dramatize what happened because the risk of confusing the true message in the incident might get lost in our desire play pingpong on a very clear violation of law.

      I didn’t dramatize what happened. Tell that to the other commentators and bloggers who added “educational and family background” and “a rich SOB vs poor cop” to embellish what happened.

      Just because I asked why, does it necessarily mean I think everyone else is wrong? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I’m trying to understand how this “outrage” over this incident fits into the bigger picture of Filipino society?

      In fact, there’s an even better question to ask than “Why are you angry?”

      “Where is your anger headed towards?”

  61. Why aren’t people showing enough outrage for jaywalkers and litterers caught in flagrante delicto? – FallenAngel

    Maybe because there is no assault or physicals attack involved. Go figure.

    1. Maybe because there is no assault or physicals attack involved. Go figure.

      But they are all violations of the law just the same. And that is the point I made above.

      Does a violation of the law have to involve physical attack before people start showing outrage? Does there have to be drama before people get “outraged” at a violation of law? Does it mean that Filipinos tolerate certain kinds of wrongdoing while condemning others?

      Isn’t that a bit…fishy, to say the least?

      1. Emotional reaction varies defending on the event and the people invoked in it. Jaywalking, although illegal, is different from assault in penalty and appreciation of its gravity. Like it or not, unlike physical attack, jaywalking is a victimless act.

        It’s not an issue of toleration either. It’s a simple issue of a crime committed against a govt rep?

        1. “It’s a simple issue of a crime committed against a govt rep”

          Missing the point. So, if the authorities ask for bribe we just let it go because it is a “victimless” crime? And because he is a government employee he needs our sympathy? Double standards! And how sure are you that this specific government employee has not committed wrong to another motorist? He might just have seen his match on Mr. Carabuena.

        2. How were you able to say that it was a “victimless” crime? If a jaywalker was hit by a car, it would be the driver who will suffer because of the jaywalkers hardheadedness.

        3. “So, if the authorities ask for bribe we just let it go because it is a “victimless” crime?” – itchyBB

          Who said that and why is that being drag in the discussion? There is no bribery on the issue at hand. And contrary to your question, the case is not a victimless crime. You got mixed up on what I said in response to another member.

  62. The problem with what you said was you asked an unnecessary question that tends to cloud what the reality was.

    It’s not about why we are angry or where the anger is going to. It’s about the violence exerted by the accused against a govt rep. It’s about the wanton disregard on traffic regulation and abuse.

    I wished that instead of asking the reaction of people, you should have ask first the propriety or the absence of it in the violent reaction of the accused against the MMDA officer.

    1. It’s just a question. Exactly how does it tend to cloud what the reality was? Asking the question doesn’t change the fact that the MMDA official got hit by the civilian. It doesn’t change the fact that the accused losing his cool got him in trouble. It doesn’t change the fact that physically manhandling the MMDA official is a violation of the law. It doesn’t change the fact that people got angry, perhaps rightly so, over it.

      Perhaps what you’re really trying to tell me is this: “Filipinos expect everyone else to be angry, and take the ‘victim’s’ side over this incident, without question. Anybody who isn’t and doesn’t is against us, and can go to hell.” And considered as “against us” are people who ask why before they jump on the bandwagon.

      1. It’s just a question, yes. Like saying it’s just a word. But words, like questions, moves people. Questions demand answers. You may not like the answer but it has to be given.

        And sometimes, questions, the ones that has nothing to do with with the actual event confuses. If you think your question did not change any fact of the event, why then insist asking it?

        No, I’m not trying to tell you anything about Filipino expectation about getting angry. I’m just telling you that getting angry or outraged on something like this MMDA case is just normal. If by getting angry/outraged, you think one is taking sides, well, that is your right. But that does not change the fact that the MMDA was unlawfully attacked.

  63. FallenAngel, napakasimple lang naman ng sitwasyon dito. ‘Wag mo na ipaliko-liko ang usapan. Nagalit ang mga Pinoy kay Carabuena dahil nakita nila na mali ang ginawa nito sa pobreng MMDA. Nakita namin na inabuso niya ang kanyang estado sa buhay para mang apak ng mahirap na tao tulad ng MMDA enforcer. Galit kami kasi ayaw namin na mangyari din ‘yun sa amin kasi mahirap din kami tulad ng MMDA enforcer. Sa ngayon, napakaraming mga injustices sa ating bansa lalo na sa mga mahihirap. But too bad for Carabuena nahuli siya sa video. Our reaction is our way of saying ‘NO TO INJUSTICE.’ Patas lang tayo, mahirap man o mayaman. Lesson learned na rin ito para di pamarisan ng iba. Just an advice for you, wag ka ng maghanap na paraan para ijustify ang ginawa ni Robert Carabuena, NAGSASAYANG KA LANG NG ORAS.

    1. TROLL. 😛

      It’s not about ‘injustice’ per se. My dad had experience since he’s a motorist. These MMDA traffic enforcers need more training on dealing these kind of situations. If Carabuena is punching a POLICE OFFICER, then that’s a different story.

      You’re saying ‘No to injustice’ but ‘Yes to INCOMPETENCE’.

      Correct me if I’m wrong. Things are much better during Bayani’s term as MMDA Chairman. Believe me.

    2. How did he abuse his social standing in that video? Seriously? Did he you hear him say anytime during the video “Lalaban ka? Atenista ako, Executive sa Philip Morris!”
      That pity cry that he was rich and the other one was poor was brought about by the fact that it was publicized that he was that. It did not come from the guy.
      Pobre ka kamo? You cry No To Injustice pero don’t you think people calling him names and hacking his private accounts is not injustice to him?
      Someone commented ” A wrong cannot be right by another wrong.” Are you seriously telling us, who wonders/questioning this outrage, it is right to hurt him back?
      Another one commented, that he is familiar with the enforcer and experienced how rude the guy can get only to be mocked by another person. So nasaan ang justice dun?
      Simple lang ang punto ng artikulong ito, kaya naman pala natin mag sasama at magalit sa injustice eh. Pero bakit sa talagang mahahalagang bagay hindi natin magawa?

      1. Yang puntong iyan hindi pa rin makuha ng nakakarami. Gusto ko na ngang isipin na nasasayang lang ang oras para paintindihin ang puntong iyan sa iba. Simple lang, diba? Magalit tayong lahat at magcomplain sa bawat bagay na nakakasama sa Pinas, sa lipunan at anu mang paglabag sa batas natin. Kaya nga may batas para sundin, tapos hindi susundin ng nakakarami? Tapos kibit-balikat lang kasi ginagawa kasi ng iba rin, eh ano pa bang silbi ng batas natin? Dekorasyon lang para masabing may batas tayo?

      2. Simple lang ang punto ng artikulong ito, kaya naman pala natin mag sasama at magalit sa injustice eh. Pero bakit sa talagang mahahalagang bagay hindi natin magawa? – itchyBB

        Pero ano’ng klaseng injustice at sa anong sirkumstansiya? Dapat klaro kung ano ang gusto mong ihambing sa MMDA case na ito para hindi magkaro’n ng maling kaisipan na merong motibo na i-twist ang isyu.

        As it is, very clear naman sa video kung sino ang umatake at umabuso. Kung meron mang magalit o mag-react sa kanyang nakita sa video e madaling maintindihan kung bakit.

        Ngayon kung ihahalo natin ang ibang kaganapan ng pag-aabuso at magtatanong tayo sa damdaming poot at galit natin sa mga ‘yaon, malamang magkalituhan tayo dahil medyo tabingi na ang tinatahak nating landas tungo sa malinaw na diskusyon.

        1. Was it clear? Seriously? Then why are people questioning what actually happened before that video? Reason: It was not crystal clear!

          And also, after hearing what his father said that the MMDA was rude and started people calling names, dude, kahit ako na maliit na babae (standing 5.11) e manlalaban. I would not allow to be insulted and intimidated in that manner. Baka batuhin ko pa siya ng tubo.

          The reason why you think the discussion is getting outta hand is because you want to focus on just one part of the article.

          The article was NOT asking why you are angry at the guy. It is asking why the outrage. And why just now. Is it easier to target the person because he is technically a nobody, who cannot twist the law as he is not a powerful politician or government employee?

          You’re the one who is veering away from the main point of this article. Try to understand and look at the bigger issues being referred to by the author.

          Your quoting is limited that is why your arguments are twisted.

          And for T3, that tabloid on TV, you call that responsible reporting? You are the ones who started calling the guy names, starting giving out opinions that the MMDA could not have done this or that because of his physique. Just look at what happened to your brother. That is a complete idiotic observation. Hindi kayo naniniwala na hindi gagawin ng MMDA na manlait? Seriously? He probably did not expect that the dude was that big and as willing to fight back as he did.

        2. Was it clear? Seriously? Then why are people questioning what actually happened before that video? Reason: It was not crystal clear! – itchyBB

          People are not questioning what ‘actually happened before that video’. People are reacting to what they saw in the video. Again, it was very, very clear, crystal clear in fact who was the aggressor in the video. What happened before that is up to the accused to prove in court to support and justify his action. Seriously.

        3. “People are not questioning what ‘actually happened before that video’.” – Yes, unfortunately there are people who wants to know and has questions in their head as to what happened BEFORE the video. Why? As the point of the article – again – there are those who are asking why the outrage. And when people start to ask that, they wanna know the whole details before jumping into the bandwagon of haters. And it is not crystal clear WHY the incident happened?
          To react is all natural, but again is it NECESSARY?
          Now that we are talking about reactions, the BEFORE is quite important to understand why the motorist became an aggressor.
          Let’s just agree to disagree that some people are not into the hate-fad and would want to focus on the bigger picture since they hava another perspective on the matter.

        4. @itchyBB

          the point is not what happened after the video or the rudeness of the MMDA that follows…

          the point is what would make the MMDA say those rude words (if he said any)…

          1. maybe the pig violated something…
          (as per video and witnesses have confirmed)

          2. according to the witness and the video, piggy did not stop when prompted to stop (clearly endangering others in the process)

          as per no 2. tell me will you not get pissed if you were there driving and the pigs car suddenly cuts you off.

          3. what do you think the MMDA enforcer feels or if you were in his shoes what would you feel… (i clearly know what i would fell the moment he steps out of his car i would give him one good punch in his right eye and a hark kick on his groin)

          4. in an alternative event. what do you think could have happened there?
          speculate a little… if you were there responsible for traffic (safety of the motorist(if you really value your work))

          and you saw a car driven by a fat moron ignores you and an accident happen. who do you think would feel responsible for that accident?

          and as per the bullshit you spew about people blah blah united blah blah… ask your self have you ever made a stand for something to even know what unity really means?

        5. @itchyBB

          just to make it clear,

          I do not hate the fat guy himself but i hate his incompetence to comprehend the gravity of his actions. i have never said “kawawa si mang MMDA ganyan ganito.. at blah blah..”

          and im starting to hate your incompetence too…

          do i have to spill the big picture for you…

          he endanger others lives when he ignores to stop when he is told to stop…

          that is what makes me furious

          i’m not that angry that he hits the man maybe Mr saturnino is in the wron too…

          i’m angry at him because i’m afraid of someone like him who thinks he can do what ever he likes, i’m afraid that one day i would meet someone like piggy in the road… and i am more afraid that if that time comes my family would be inside my car…

          quoted from @itchyBB’s post:
          “And also, after hearing what his father said that the MMDA was rude and started people calling names, dude, kahit ako na maliit na babae (standing 5.11) e manlalaban. I would not allow to be insulted and intimidated in that manner. Baka batuhin ko pa siya ng tubo.”

          because of that i’m afraid of you too…

          just like i said before in my previous post if i feel that my life and mostly the lives of my family are threatened because of someones incompetence,

        6. @no name
          Emotions can run high when assaulted verbally or physically. Again the details matter.
          And you are losing your point by asking me if I have partcipated in anyway in showing distaste on how things are run here.
          Beginning to hate me? Duh as if i know and care about you.
          My life revolves on matters/ideals that mean more than dealing with you. Again, please read and understand what was written and do not let your emoness and name calling get the most of you. There you just made me say the word I have been avoiding all this time.
          No one here is defending the motorist. It is the hype on this specific issue that is being questioned. And btw, when I say “we” on us being silent, I refer to the general apathy that we show as a nation. I am not pointing fingers at any specific person, so I doubt there is a need to feel hurt and start defending YOURSELF about what you have done.

        7. @itchyBB


          im affraid you lost me.

          tatagalogin ko na…

          hindi sa pananakit at verbal abuse kay mang Satur kaya ako nagagalit kay robert…

          yun ay dahil sa pagwawalang bahala nya sa batas trapiko at palalagay sa panganib sa ibang tao..

          isa pa:
          i dont care what was written in the article, i was commenting at your post so i only care about what was written in your post…

          where you only see slapping and verbal abuse to mang saturnino, I clearly see na maaring naging hindi maganda ang pangyayari dun sa kalsada kung sakaling meron pang isang robert sa kabilang linya at maging sandwich ang dalawang robert sa halip na isa lang…

          yes im emotional dahil nakaktakot sya at nakakatakot ka din…

          sana wala kang kotse dahil sa isang post mo parang kaugali ka ni robert dahil kahit san mo pang lupalop hanapin kung wala kang ginagawang makakasama sa ibang motorista wala silang dahilan para sigawan ka at pagsabihan…

          kung may kotse ka maawa ka sa ibang nasa daan mag commute ka na lang please…

          i ask those questions because you spew nonsense you clearly do not understand..

          ang kelangan mo lang gawin ay sagutin ang tanong para reference kung alam mo ba talaga ang pinag sasabi mo..

          you don’t have to care to hate…

          i hate you because you cannot see the consequences and still spew nonsense…

          you look for faults on mang saturninos side to justify the slapping. pero di mo makita na sa ginawa ni piggy robert maaring kamaganak mo o ikaw ay madamay sa katangahan nya

          im sorry but i hope na sana di ka nya kagaya…

      3. @itchyBB

        “Why was I expecting that response from you? So predictable.”

        simple lang dahil hindi mo matanggap na tama ako at mali ka…


    3. “Just an advice for you, wag ka ng maghanap na paraan para ijustify ang ginawa ni Robert Carabuena, NAGSASAYANG KA LANG NG ORAS.”

      Duh, uh?! Wala naman sa artikulo na nagsasaad na nagjujustify sa ginawa ni Robert Carabuena ah. Magbasa ka nga ulit ng artikulo po. You are totally missing the point really.


    4. Ang pangyayaring ito, kailan pa siya naging tungkol sa mayaman laban sa mahirap? Mga Pinoy naman talaga o, dinadagdagan pa ng drama. Simple lang naman nga ang sitwasyon, gaya ng sabi mo: Ang pambabastos laban sa kinatatawan ng MMDA ay labag sa batas. Walang kinalaman ang mayaman o mahirap dito.

      At saan ko sinabi na pinangangatwiranan ko ang ginawa ni Carabuena? Likas lang naman na magalit ang tao pag may nakita silang may inaapi. Dahil ba hindi ako nagpapakita ng galit katulad ninyo, at naghahanap ako ng katwiran sa inyo kung bakit kayo galit, ay kaagad kampi ako kaagad kay Carabuena? Ganun ba yun? Ang kikitid naman ng utak ninyo.

      Sang-ayon ako na dapat maparusahan si Carabuena sa ginawa niyang pambabastos ngunit di ko maunawaan kung bakit kailangan pang sirain ang iba pang aspeto ng buhay niya na wala namang kinalaman dito.

      Ang pinakamahalagang punto na ipinahiwatig ko dito sa sanaysay na ito: bakit bigla lang ngayon kayong nagalit, eh andami pa ibang paglabag sa batas na katulad o katumbas nito, o madalas mas magaan pa, na hindi naman niyo pinapannsin? Ibig sabihin ba ay nagagalit lang kayo pag may inaapi, at kailangang may ganitong bigat ang paglabag bago kayo magalit? Ngunit kung walang inaapi, walang kamera, at lumabag sa batas ang ibang tao, papabayaan lang iyon dahil pangkaraniwan naman?

      Mag-isip at unawain muna ang nais kong sabihin bago mag-iwan ng pahayag na wala namang katuturan, ha? At hindi masama magtanong. 😉

  64. Mga pare, niloloko yata tayo nito ni FallenAngel sinulat niya itong article para kumita ng pera at hindi kung para saan man. Wag na tayo magcomment at bumisita sa website na ito. The more magcomment tayo, the more kikita siya ng pera kasi dadami ang visitors sa site niya. The more visitors sa site niya, the more ang magpa-advertise sa kanya. Doon kikita siya ng pera. Wala pala itong ipinagkaiba kay Robert Carabuena eh. Gahaman din pala ito. Sinulat niya itong article para maintriga tayo at the more magvisit at magcomment tayo sa site niya. Useless ang site na ito. Wag na tayo magcomment. Pera pera lang pala ito.

    1. *facepalm*

      Conspiracy theory much? Oh yeah, you and pinoy fanatic are the same guy! Clearly you’re missing the point because of that angry mob mindset of yours. That’s pure BS if you ask me.


    2. I disagree. Just like you and me, FallenAngel have the right to say what he wants to say on an issue. Maaaring hindi mo magustuhan ang kanyang sasabihin pero hindi naman tamang akusahan mo siya na sumusulat siya para lang kumita ng pera. Ang kanyang sinasabi e kanyang ideya o opinyon sa isyu o pangyayari. Do’n ka dapat tumutok.

      Kung meron kang ebidensiya na kumikita nga siya sa post n’ya, ipakita mo. In the meantime, let’s respect each other and at the same time disagree on issues. At magagawa lamang natin ‘yan kung hindi tayo mag-aakusa ng basta-basta na lamang.

    3. @fallen angel – talagang nagtagalog ka na to make them understand. At first nainis mo ko, but while reading the comments i see the bigger picture. i got your point. Thanks. I already wasted time reading most comments from narrow minded people. Good day and God bless!

  65. For those who are too quick to comment with too much anger, kindly hold back and think about it more deeper – aren’t we all sometimes tempted to do what the Philip Morris employee did? There is really ‘this something’ in driving that brings the best and worst in all drivers. I honestly admit this and I say self-control should always be in check everytime anyone touches the wheel.

    Therefore, in the case of the PM employee, he should have never done it – not just because he is blessed enough to be an ‘executive of a multi-national company and an Atenean’ but also there is really no excuse for such manner. However, just in EDSA alone, how many events like this happens everyday? A driver against an enforcer, pedestrian/passenger or another driver? Some people even get killed by traffic altercations……just because for a very brief time, they lost ‘it’ – their self control. So let me share this simple awareness if it could help anyone who goes out there on the road – ANYTIME YOU HAVE TROUBLE WHILE ON THE ROAD, MAKE IT BRING OUT THE BETTER IN YOU. IF YOU CAN’T, JUST LET IT GO. Doing so makes it an insignificant event in your daily routine which you’ll just forget later on. Or of course, you can do Rambo and be an overnight national whipping boy when somebody caught you with one of the 2 million camera phones out there.

    As it is, this is just one of the human weaknesses that was fortunately caught in camera. There are more hideous things that happens everyday which aren’t seen or caught yet which deserve far more angry responses than this one. Just ask your mayor, for one.


  66. Yung pamagat po ng artikulo o blog ay nagtatanong. Ang blogger po ay nagtatanong para po sa ating opinyon hinggil sa insidenteng ito. Ang hindi ko po maintindihan ay may mga sumasagot naman bagamat ang iba ay wala sa punto gayunpaman ang mga sagot ay base lamang sa kanilang nararamdaman. Para naman sa blogger, bakit po kayo magtatanong at pag nasagot naman po ay kokontrahin nyo pa? Opinyon po ninyo ang blog na ito pero ang bawat isa po ay may opinyon din. Sana po FallenAngel, wag nyo po ihalintulad ang iyong nararamdaman sa nararamdaman ng ibang tao at magtatanong kung bakit. Iyun lang po. Magandang araw po sa lahat.

  67. Sumasang-ayon ako kay Dick. May kanya-kanyang opiniyon ang bawat isa sa atin hinggil sa pangyayaring ito. Maaring salungat ang paniniwala mo sa iniisip ng iba pero kanila iyon. Respeto nalang tayo. Hindi naman natin kailangang bigyan ng malalim na muni-muni ang usaping ito. Ang tama at mali ay nanatiling ganoon sa batas ng Diyos at Tao (sana). Alam nating lahat na mali ang manakit sa kapwa. Bagay na hindi inunawa ni Ginoong Carabuena kaya natural lamang na umani siya ng mga negatibong reaksyon. Hindi naman masamang magtanong ngunit napakahirap magpaliwanag sa paraang hindi mababaluktot ang iyong mga pangungusap. 🙂

  68. dapatwat unawain nyo ang nagkamali..sapagkat lahat tayo ay tao lang.
    anuman ang sanhi ng pagkamuhi sa ganitong sitwasyon ay wala gaanong maitutulong…bagkus, ito ay dapat pamulutan ng asal.

    naway lumawak ang pangunawa ng nakararami..

    -isang bayaw ng hapon na mahilig sa soup #5 at pilipina

  69. One thing I realize about this whole affair is that negative psychic energy of Filipinos can be potent if precisely targeted to a fellow Filipino. That target can really get sick. I guess it’s part of the Filipino DNA to be susceptible to such attacks. In light of this, be concerned that public emotions can be swayed by certain individuals who possess enough fame, media resources or PR skills. The next target may be you.

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