Is PNoy to blame for the recent flooding in Luzon?

When former President Gloria Arroyo (GMA) was in power, people were quick to blame her government for what happened during the flooding brought about by typhoon Ondoy in September 2009. Yes, her government could have done more to prevent the flooding but the deluge brought forth by the rains induced by the storm that caused the overflowing of dams and rivers was unprecedented. In fact, incumbent President President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino was quick to take advantage of the public’s anger when it happened a few months before the Presidential election in 2010. He promised that things would greatly improve under his regime. Most Filipinos realize now that what he said during the election was just a tactic to get the votes in. It was a case of overpromising without delivering.

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President BS Aquino knew that there was great risk of another Ondoy-like flooding and that it could happen anytime especially during the rainy season. Alas, he did not mount a big enough effort to prevent it from happening again. He even cancelled GMA’s PhP1.9 billion worth of various flood control projects as well as the P18.7 billion Laguna de Bay dredging project signed during her term — allegedly out of spite. He recently claimed that the project was a “joke” and that it would not have made any difference in easing the perennial flooding of the capital. How he knows that it wouldn’t have made a difference is a real mystery and it goes to show that he seems to be treating most things as a joke. This could explain the permanent sneer and sarcastic tone people observe coming from the President.

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Two years after having won the election, much of the country still experienced flooding; flooding that in this instance has brought many industries — including the vital financial services industry — to a standstill for more than a week in the beginning of August. The President is only now scrambling to talk of flood prevention projects after the fact. From the drawing board, he promised ring-road dikes along Laguna de Bay, embankments and catch basins in the Marikina River watershed and an 8-kilometer dike and pumping station in the Camanava (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela) area.

That’s all well and good but he could have done this as soon as he moved into Malacañang. He could have put this down as his top priority considering he kept blaming GMA for Ondoy. While speaking to evacuees at the time, he vowed “to complete the three anti-flood projects before the end of his term in 2016”. It’s not like we haven’t heard him promise things before but he still had the nerve to ask the people to be patient, even complimenting himself for his projection, “It’s not in my nature to engage in flattery…I can finish this.”

As of this writing, the nameless disaster that befell Manila claimed 72 deaths so far while nearly 850,000 remain stranded or displaced. The amount of damage to public and private property including agriculture and infrastructure remain unaccounted for with sinkholes wreaking havoc on major roads and highways causing further damage to unsuspecting motorists.

Like his predecessor, President BS Aquino is not entirely to blame for the recent flooding in the Philippines. I’m sure he wishes that this calamity didn’t happen. And I’m sure he’d rather sleep in after his regular late nights of boozing with his drinking buddies as some have alleged, instead of going to flooded areas for photo ops. However, he was in charge of allocating the national budget and setting the national agenda. A lot of people are saying that for the last two years, he has been very preoccupied with exacting revenge from his perceived enemies instead of prioritizing what is important.

Instead of focusing his time, energy and all the resources at his disposal on fixing and cleaning up the major cities and priming the country’s economy, he has been focusing his time, energy and all the resources at his disposal on publicly persecuting GMA and her allies. It is a documented fact that more than six months was devoted to crucifying former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona which, in turn, resulted in a vacant Chief Justice post that is proving to be hard to fill.

President BS Aquino’s obsession has put efforts to address major issues plaguing the nation on hold since most of the members of Congress who, even on normal days, are already considered too slow to act were likewise distracted from their day-to-day functions. Some people are baffled as to why BS Aquino was and still is so focused on his predecessor when in fact, the situation in the Philippines remains unchanged, with some claiming that it has even gotten worse since he took over.

To be fair, members of Philippine society also played a part in the preventable disaster. As discussed in my previous article, the recent typhoon to hit the Philippines (code named “Gener”) just before the onslaught of this week’s monsoon rains left Manila littered with mountains of garbage swept in by big waves onto the Baywalk area along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. No less than 48 garbage trucks had to haul the mess gathered from along the length of the iconic highway. The sight provided a grim reminder of the Filipino people’s worst traits: laziness and negligence. Most obviously do not think of the consequences of their habit of throwing their garbage everywhere indiscriminately.

Yes, BS Aquino could say that people can’t blame him for other people’s actions. He cannot even relocate the estimated 100,000 “informal settlers” who are the Number One culprits when it comes to indiscriminate dumping of garbage onto Manila’s rivers and creeks. But it is worth mentioning that his government has actually allowed this situation to get out of hand by patronizing the Filipino people’s apathy and indifference. Saying things like “Ang sarap maging Pilipino ngayon” can only make some of us feel complacent or think that we are right on track for success when in fact, there is so much to be done.

The thing that annoys most of the President’s critics is his triumphalist stance. He thinks his government is doing great and he will not tolerate any views to the contrary from other people. In his recently-concluded State of the Nation Address (SONA), he emphasized that things have improved under his watch. The recent disaster has proven his claim to be false. He cannot even inspire people to change much less improve their situation. Most of the time people just see him vilifying or admonishing his political enemies and his critics — something that is very unproductive.

Noynoy Aquino and his crew on a relief visit seemingly doubling as an early-campaign stunt during the August 2012 Manila deluge

[Photo courtesy Showbiz Government.]

No, President BS Aquino does not inspire unity and camaraderie. On the contrary, he causes division in Philippine society with his “If you’re not with me, you’re against me” mentality. His continued use of yellow paraphernalia also leaves a bad taste in other people’s mouths. People question why he needs to wear a yellow shirt and a yellow pin when he is out and about. It is too divisive. He seems to forget that he did not win the votes by a landslide. One can be forgiven for thinking that he’s only partial to people who wear the same color or if you want to belong, you need to pledge your allegiance to his party. But shouldn’t he rather be encouraging people to pledge allegiance to the country? That’s really something. No wonder a lot of people blame him for the country’s misery.

99 Replies to “Is PNoy to blame for the recent flooding in Luzon?”

  1. Yes, someone is to blame and yes it is BS Aquino. For someone claiming to have the political will to effect change in this country he definitely has nothing to show for it.

    1. The president is not at fault here. He even set up antiflood projects in the affected areas so his concern for the Filipino is still there. Ang dapat sisihin dito si Gloria, yung mga antiflood project nya kasi, overpriced at worthless.

      1. @ Fishball

        Still defending PNoy? Your president hasn’t done jackshit to have prevented this catastrophe.
        Still blaming Gloria? You are really a one trick pony.
        You really must have been dropped on your head to come up with these stupid conspiracy theories.

        1. overprice?are you saying that if its overprice it wont work.cmon you are reali an idiot kinancel nga, kaya ayan baha!

      2. I just have to react to this. Still blaming GMA? Overpriced, maybe, we don’t know. Worthless, FFS, PNoy cancelled them! Sure they’ll be worthless because it wasn’t finished in the first place! If it was 100% completed and we still experienced flooding like this then I’ll shout with you in saying that it’s worthless.


        It’s just cringe worthy to see troll posts like this even though I know I shouldn’t pay attention to it. With this guy’s thinking, I can even dare say that he is one of those people who just throw their trash anywhere they want. (And still blame GMA for littering)

      3. PeNOY cancelled the P1.9B flood control project of FPGMA and now proposing P352B flood control plan…where’s the logic???!!!

        1. Do remember that the illogical becomes logical when Noynoy and his minions is concerned. Remember that little fact and you won’t go mad trying to understand their illogical actions.

        2. the illogical becomes logical with a healthy serving of awkwardness and confusion. Those are the traits of our fearless leader.

    2. wala namang nabago lagi na lang pag sila na naupo blame ng blame sa previous administration away ng away parinig ng parinig nauubos lang ang term nila sa ka investigate ng kanya kanyang baho tapos ang tao naman iboboto din sila…hay naku kaya tayo napag iiwanan..tsk tsk

  2. Yep, someone is to blame and definitely it is PNoy no matter what Fishball and his band of idiots would say because of his lack of action and lack of any brains to do something good for the country.

  3. “It’s not in my nature to engage in flattery…I can finish this.” – Hah! I believe it when I see it. Until then skepticism mode on.

    1. dafak, 3rd na. lol

      as for noynoy, bilis nyang i-demonize si GMA during Ondoy, but now it’s his turn and SAINT sya?


    2. huh! Ahehe!…Praktis ba kamo?… ilang taon na ba sya sa serbesyo publico, ni isang bill wala nga!!! Kelan ba sya dapat matoto?

    1. Yes Noynoy is consistent. For the first fifty years of his life he lived it without distinction. To all you yellow trolls , look it up in the dictionary. The honor of being the leader of a country of 90 million people should not have to be a birthright. We have moron voters.

  4. Granting that BS Aquino should not be blamed for cancelling the flood control projects of GMA he must still be blamed for not implementing his own projects in time to mitigate the recent floods, that is if he has any bright ideas on how to do it. He is also to blame for not extending assistance promptly through those so-called disaster preparedness agencies who are really inutile white elephants.

    1. agree! if he cancelled it, he should have replaced it. We already experienced Ondoy and this shows that these flood control plans are crucial and not just another project the he can set aside. Now he’s scrambling to get one in place because he was too busy doing something else. I just hope that on 2016, we really would have something in place. We may have a “tuwid na daan” by then but I’m afraid it will be underwater.

  5. Naalala ko tuloy, during one of the final interviews of Former President Arroyo when the reporter asked her what are the things that she will miss during her term and she answered quickly: “The destructive politcs of the critics who really never offered any alternatives on policies and programs just destructive political noise.”
    It goes with the saying, “What goes around, comes around.” Only time will tell.

  6. who wouldn’t want to blame the President? he is the man in power and should have done MORE not less. also, those squatters are also to blame for this flooding.

  7. Of course it is Aquinos fault,but not for cancelling the plans of GMA.Those plans would have been more like money-for-nothing-done and contracts given to her friends.That is why he cancelled them,she bankrupted the country.
    BUT Aquino did not implement his own plan and now he looks like an in-effective idiot.Who wants to move Corporate HQ to a country that can not adequately keep its streets from flooding after 4 CMs of water falls in an hour(which is not much)?The Phils promises much but delivers nothing,AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN…too bad.AQUINO has 4 yrs. to go,we will see what he can do,early indications are not good.

      1. R U KIDDING?GMA spent more time outsie the country,staying in 5 diamond hotels,in 9 yrs. than any other President(who you think paid for it?her an her entourage of 100?).According to Aquino there was almost nothing left in the treasury when she left office.The manuveur to get P100 million 3 weeks before leaving office was her last ‘attempt’ to take anything that was not nailed down.DUDE,if you are not kidding with that question,WAKE-UP.Why do you think she was,and is,being hounded so badly?She failed to share what she was taking with all the rest of the crooks.
        Why has she been allowed to post bail,and get out of jail????on non-bailable offenses???? it is a no-brainer!!!you really need it explained?WOWO!!!!

        1. Why do you continue to believe in Aquino’s lies? It is too clear that we have been lied to by this clan for 26 years. You need to wake up and smell the roses,TROLL.

          Pretty soon, your president will have a scandal that will definitely make it really hard for him to stay in power.

        2. Of course, trollfag. TBH, people like you blamed FPGMA because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. Because what I’ve known is that most of the controversies against her are made by her enemies, charges were filed yet most of the evidences were VERY WEAK.

          I pity people like you go EMO over PGMA, claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when its the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

          So you should be the one who should WAKE UP. What you and people are getting mad about is a small deal. There are things we should leave the past alone about because it won’t haunt the future of the country. The constitution still haunts the country in the past, certainly the present and most definitely the future and so is the system of the government if we don’t change it for the better. Much like how we should change how we think about mythical concepts like crab mentality and colonial mentality, like you do. Because people cannot progress if they keep thinking like that and playing the constant victim when things get messed up.

  8. The state of the nation’s continuing flood control is pathetic. It has not been moving forward as it should. Mr. BS Aquino will not be able to deliver a long term solution during his watch.

    As long as our traditional politicians use the informal settlers for their political expediency and opportunism nothing will be done to solve the dumping of garbage into our waterways and drainage. Political will sucks when seen in the sordid light of intense reality.

    What the administration can do in the meantime is to establish a system of rapid and immediate emergency relief, assistance and evacuation. The flood control problem cannot be solved by a penny packet, piecemeal approach. This should be seen as a long term comprehensive flood control program. Perhaps we lack geniuses in the congress and the executive branch to create the necessary institutionalization of this program along with an ample budget. Is priority legislation needed to solve the problem?

    God help us all should this continuing problem remain unattended.

  9. Not only Pnoy is to be blamed about all the political and economic miseries of the Philippines but majority of its citizens and its spontaneously rotting moral culture.
    Watching what was happening during the most recent flooding in so many places in the NCR and other affected provinces it can be seen that government officials are so scared to spend more of the allocated annual government budget even during times of calamities. For example the underpass in front of the Manila Hall was filled with flood water. And the city government just refuse to take action to even augment the (just) two pumps used to extract water out from the area. The government made it a habit of obliging the private sector (volunteers) for help, just not to spend government money?
    There’s a saying that “Filipinos are full of tricks”, and to add at least one more “Filipino politicians are incredibly brazen and without conscience” when it comes to the money for the country which they just want to preserve solely to allocate for themselves.

    1. I think it is not the citizens to be blamed. During the previous administration, corruption is rampant because she allows it. Thankfully, we have overcome those with the current administrations help and the citizens are becoming more responsible to their nation.

      1. Lies. Good job on staying away from the topic, resorting to red herrings.

        For further understanding: The reason WHY there is rampant corruption is because of how the people VIEW the government as a spectator sport, put people like PGMA, other affluent familial last names and former showbiz people to politics, then when sh*t breaks out, they react as if they weren’t aware of the repercussions.

        Does that make sense? Proud ka nga talagang maging TANGA. 😛

        1. ok sonny,listen…it is all-for-one and one-for-all in the free-for-all that is the gov.’t.,GET IT?and when one doesn’t share,they get arrested,spend a few days under ‘house/hospital’arrest(and go home when no one is looking)until all ‘accounts’ are brought ‘up-to-date’,SEE?OR do you need it spelled out a little more clearly?No one will ever admit it and the freedom of information act will NEVER be signed because too many people will be found to be traitors/betrayers of the public trust etc,etc.Did Corona give any of the money he has back?Do you get it now?if you finally do then you know why GMA is out,and it is not because the evidence was/is weak,DUH!!!!the color of the shirt matters…NOT!!!IT IS JUST A SHOW.ENJOY!!!!

        2. Well, the rest of your fellow sycophants will always enjoy it because like I said, the government was treated as a spectator sport. And I pity you that you have been brainwashed by the media on believing that Corona is ‘corrupt’ yet it was nothing but public humiliation; the bottom line is that Noynoy and his minions wanted to get rid of him. It’s more like personal vendetta.

          Now you’re glad that there will be a new CJ because it will gave way for more witchhunts and persecution of political enemies.

          Wow, what an emo prick. 😛

      2. I think you haven’t read enough articles on this website. You see, we here believe that change needs to start from individuals because it’s the individuals that puts people in power. so yeah I think the citizens should also be blamed. But that’s a bit of a long shot but I think you see my point. Going back to citizen level, of course, it’s not all the citizens fault, some do good. But I can point you to one group, informal settlers. Do you think they did something that contributed to these floods? I know you will agree with me on this.

        If the citizens are becoming more responsible then good. Hopefully in the future we won’t experience something like this ever again. But as of this point, with what just happened, I agree with Danny that citizens should also take the blame.

        1. and when the citizens become responsible(a lil less garbage gets thrown on the strret),elections get doesn’t matter who is elected,the product delivered will be the same.enjoy your time on the planet.

  10. Dear Ilda,

    I am deeply sad for the current situation in Manila, but I wanted to say that the insane people who voted for PNoy didn’t quite get that the joke was on them.

  11. Wala si fishball? Hahaha Baka nakabuntot Kay carandang sa labas Ng malacanang kasama si pnoy. O Kita Nyo. Tayo ang nagpapasweldo sa kanya.

  12. energy spent in demonizing gutierez, corona, gma and other enemies has come down to no time for an emergent flood control program. the president seems to think that rains don’t come every year but every 3 years…

  13. Hindi kasi talagang “Anointed” si AbNoy, tulad ng inaakala ng iba. Sa bible, yun mga anointed ang di binibigyan ng ganyang parusa ng Panginoon. Hindi rin totoong merong “discernment” yan si AbNoy, kasi puro terrible decisions at priorities ang sinusunod nya. Wala rin kabuluhan yang “Voice of the people is the voice of God” (Vox populi, vox Dei) dahil hindi agree ang Dios sa kagustuhan ng mga taong bumoto dyan kay AbNoy…hayan puro sakuna at kamalasan.

    Sana mamulat na ang taumbayan sa panloloko nitong administrasyong eto! Hihintayin nyo pa ba bago lubusang lumubog ang buong bayan sa kalokohan nyong yan? Sinong nagdurusa ngayon kung di kayo rin! Hanggang showbiz lang kayo.

    1. Mas namumulat ang taumbayan sa mga kalokohan ni Gloria kaysa dyan sa sinasabi mong mga kalokahan ng presidente. Mabait siya at magaling kaya mahihirapan kang ipaglaban na kalokohan ang kasalukuyang administrasyon.

      1. Totoo pala talaga ang sinasabi sa bible—Kung sino siyang nagmamalinis at inaangat ang sarili, ay siyang inilulubog ng Maykapal. Tignan niyo etong administrasyong BS Aquino—Ugat siya ng sakuna at kamalasan sa taumbayan. Walang tunay na pananagutan—Pangako niya’y napapako. Hanggang showbiz lang pala yan!

      2. Clearly missing the point, but you’re just fighting in a losing battle.

        Noynoy is more of a joke compared to GMA. Of course, morons like you won’t get it. Kaya mo sinasabi iyan dahil hindi mo matanggap ang totoo. Puro ka lang Yellow Propaganda. 😛

        1. all you have is are the one who doesn’t ‘get it’.I have tried to ‘explain’,but clearly you are just here to insult people who disagree with you.
          Feel sorry for yourself.Your rudeness/idiocies WILL BE YOUR UNDOING.Go out in public much?Sure you do.You know nothing about what I think,obviously.

        2. Meh, you are CLEARLY the one who’s insulting and trolling here. You haven’t even explained anything EMO prick. Your STUPIDITY will definitely be your undoing TROLL.

        3. @RONNIE: Nope. It seems that you’re ONLY biased over FPGMA so you’re the one who doesn’t ‘get it’.

          Oh yeah, you’re an EMO prick. You can’t even accept it. 😛

  14. To be fair to Aquino,this probelm could not have been fixed in the time he has been in office,even if he started on day one of his term.His inaction has just made it more of the same old shit,nothing more but he certainly could have gotten started by now and maybe moved the squatters out of the drainage areas and start construction planning for some dykes,sewer cleaning.HE DID NOTHING SO IT IS HIS FAULT,BUT WHAT COULD HE DO IN 3 YRS.?WHEN THE PROBLEM IS 30 YRS. OLD?

    1. Maybe he could not solve it overnight but the genius is getting karma for blaming everything and everybody on everything. Now he has the captain’s chair and its still everybody’s fault. Not sure when the yellow zombies will ever demand accountability from the yellow leader the same way he demands it from everybody else. I will say this forever but Noynoy pre president (2010) accomplished NOTHING with his life. Not a damn thing. Not sure why he earns yours or anybody else’s idolatry. I really have no idea. Yet he does.

      1. dikes will be built in the common flooded municipalities to hold water. that is a great help to people living in those places unlike what Gloria did, to make a project overprice and steal most of its funds.

        1. @fishball

          “Dikes will be built in the common flooded municipalities to hold water…”

          The solution is not as simple as your simplistic mind can conceive. Remember that you cannot build dikes overnight especially during the rainy season.This has to be identified, planned and executed with resolute political will.

          As to your continuing accusations of corruption against the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, this is not the issue of the article here or the subject of discussion. Prove your allegations through evidence by writing an article here or just shut up!

        2. paano kung ang tubig ay humigit pa ang taas kaysa sa mga dike na itatayo? baka nakalimutan mong tubig iyan, hahanap yan ng paraang umagos.

    2. i agree with you. 3 years is not enough. And yes he should have at least started as soon as he can. If he did, I wish to be pointed to that project so that we’ll know that something is being done. It’s another “reaction” when after Ondoy, the reaction to that event could have been the prevention for this.

    3. you know there were floods and calamities but not in the magnitude of the more recent ones. kasi what we had then closely matched the needs; the solutions instituted were close enough to mitigate the damage. if we are learning from the past we should be growing better matches to current concerns and not look back and blame past leaders. their problems are so different from ours. if they only needed shovels and hoes then, bancas and bamboo rafts, think of what we need now. dikes and dams and irrigation systems and stronger houses and amphibians and rubber boats and medical supplies and educating people and strict compliance with laws. more dams, higher dikes, gavions and application of technologies in response to the complexities of modern life.
      the blame game is for morons.

  15. the president is working on those with proper and tender care unlike the former, make a long term project but make it as expensive and worthless as possible (Nbnzte, Macapagal blvd)

    1. BS AbNoy Aquino is worse, maybe the worst, president of the Philippines so far. Akala ng taumbayan, aasenso ang bayan sa kanya. Puro kamalasan lang pala idinudulot nyan! Isinisisi lang sa nakaraan, pero alang sariling maibigay na kasagutan. Ano pang silbi nyan?

    2. @fishball
      “the president is working on those with proper and tender care”

      Your president hasn’t been doing his job ever since he got into office.

      “make a long term project but make it as expensive and worthless as possible (Nbnzte, Macapagal blvd)”

      Care to backup your stupid conspiracy theory with evidence, TROLL?

      You are clearly fighting a losing battle here, don’t make it harder for yourself to get out of this not being embarrassed as usual.

    3. You know the reason why people here are blaming PNoy? Because he made promises during his campaign, that turns out to be only lip-service. And when people starts demanding fruition of his promises, he starts pointing his fingers to even those who are not in power anymore, blaming everyone but him and his friends. See, he promised a change of government, one that would learn from the mistakes of the previous one, but what happen? He was no different, if not far more worse. Granted he is not stealing money. But doing nothing is corruption itself. Problem with your PNoy is he tends to act, after the fact, not before it. People are already tired of the blame game, so please tell your president to own up to his own mistakes and be responsible to say that he did something wrong himself. But that would probably only happen…when pigs fly literally.

  16. cocoy and a few loyals of “Yellow Army” now mention social engineering as solution (example — to social-engineer Pinoys of Pinas so Pinoys of Pinas do not clog the esteros with their trash). Can’t “social-engineer” in 3 years… so is this a call to re-elect PersiNoynoy 2016????

  17. Hindi na bago ang ganito. Pagkatapos ng termino ni Aguinaldo, ganyan na mga presidente.. Pagkatapos ng termino sa isang presidente, ang mga hindi natapos na proyekto at mga naitatag na programa nito ay papawalain bisa na lang ng susunod na uupo na presidente.

    Pede din naman siguro sisihin si Pnoy pero dapat ba siya lang? Dapat nga sa una pa lang ang dapat sisihin ay yun mga bumoto sa kanya e. Bakit nga ba naluklok sa pwesto itong taong to?

  18. Do you believe what Noynoy Aquino promises? He could had done that Flood Control Project, in his first year of his term. The Flood Control Plan is there. The Fund appropriation is there. All he has to do is: Implement it. However, he thinks himself , as a Genius in Flood Control. He just say: “it will not work.” He did even know how to read BluePrints of Plans. Then he says, “it will not work”. This is the kind of an idiot President , we have…

  19. Pinagyabang nyo na
    naman ang mga
    Proyektong Palpak ni
    GMA na kinansela dahil
    nasilip na puno pala ng
    Corruption! Natural ikakansela yan, katulad
    lang yan ng mga
    Chinese Projects na
    ANOMALYA!!! Eto dapat ninyong

    1.) Almost 10 years na
    nakaupo si GMA anong
    mga projects ba ang
    pinaumpisahan nya
    bago siya bumaba na
    may DIRECT EFFECT sa mga lugar na
    nasalanta??? Sa
    PAMPANGA na kung
    saan ay Balwarte niya
    may nagawa ba siya
    para pigilan ang baha sa lugar nila??? Nabigyan
    ba niya ng konkretong
    solusyon ang baha???

    2.) Almost 10 years,
    nabigyan ba niya ng
    sapat na pondo ang
    PAG-ASA para sa

    3.) Almost 10 years,
    nagawan ba niya ng
    kongkretong solusyon
    ang problema ng mga
    informal settlers??? Si Aquino kahit
    papaano may mga
    plano at habang
    binabatikos ninyo ang
    tao lalo siyang
    nagsusumikap kaya sige lang bira lang ng
    bira! Napakaraming mababaw mag-isip na
    pati paglalaan ng pondo
    para sa AFP ay
    tinutuligsa rin, saan
    kaya sila nakakita ng bansa na hindi
    pinalalakas ang national
    defense??? Ngayon may pinaplano
    ng concrete solutions
    para sa baha mali pa rin
    daw??? Basta masira
    lang si Aquino lahat
    gagawin para maliitin yung mga plano para sa
    bayan. Okay lang mga PRO- CORRUPTION
    SUPPORTERS banatan ninyo si Aquino araw-
    araw! Pabor sa kanya
    yun dahil mas
    hinihigitan pa niya ang
    mga suggestions
    ninyong maba-babaw!!!

    1. Meh, Try harder TROLL.
      You have posted a long post full of crap and full of yellow lies and propaganda.
      You don’t even have any evidence yet you still claim that the previous administration was corrupt??


    2. Hehe, don’t you know that INCOMPETENCE is also another form of corruption. I pity poor creatures like yourself who thinks that corruption is always stealing money. You are also pro-corruption because palaging nasa bibig mo ay si GMA. Biased na gago.

      Point f*cking missed.:P

    3. If you are intent on busting corruption, don’t just look at the biggest leak. Take the smallest ones too. ALL OF IT. Before and after so you show no bias to it at all. Local AND national.

      Sa totoo lang, sinungaling ka kasi hindi mo matanggap na ikaw lamang ang may mababaw na suhestiyon. That’s what we got from paid hacks. 😛 Oo nga pala, TANGA lang ang may mababaw na suhestiyon. Totoo di ba? 🙂

    4. Naku, puro haka-haka lang sinasabi nyan si fishbola.

      Di bale palang mamatay sa kalamidad ang taumbayan, makatipid lang sila AbNoynoy BS Aquino, at para makabili ulit ng Porsche at makabulag ng chicks.

      Walang common-sense etong administrasyong “puro BS” Aquino. Nagtipid raw pero lalong maraming property na nawasak at buhay na napinsala dulot ng baha at sakit—Taumbayan ang lalong nawalan—Salamat ulit kay AbNoynoy—Showbiz at politika kasi ang mas mahalaga sa kanya!

  20. “He even cancelled GMA’s PhP1.9 billion worth of various flood control projects as well as the P18.7 billion Laguna de Bay dredging project signed during her term — allegedly out of spite”

    Sana pinag-aralan mo muna yung Laguna Lake dredging project bago ka nagsulat para di ka nagmukhang tanga writer ka.

    Paano makakatulong sa pagbabawas ng baha yan? Eh yung huhukayin lang eh isang pabilog palibot ng WESTERN LOBE LANG ng lawa dahil gagawing navigational route.

    Tapos yung nahukay alam mo kung saan dadalhin? Hindi naman aalisin sa lawa. Ilalagay lang sa tabi para gawing filler sa planong park.

    Ngayon, paano makakatulong sa pagpigil ng pagbabaha yan? eh yung same volume ng lupa na napakakonti na ngang hinukay mo, ay tinabi mo lang sa loob din ng lawa?

    Paano ko nalaman? Kami dapat gagawa ng EIA ng project na yan. Kaso wala pang EIA pero aprubado na ni GMA?

    1. Laguna de bay dredging was not part of the flood control project. Its for additional access route around the lake. The author merely stated facts regarding the topic “cancelled projects” citing examples and did not specifically say that the Laguna de bay dredging was part of the flood control. Ang punto dito, mana siya sa nanay niya na basta na lang pinatigil ang project dahil trip niya lang. Which is what I can also say to some politicians.

    2. @tmcr7

      Sana binasa at inintindi mo muna nang maigi yung article bago ka nag-comment para hinde ka nagmukhang…nagmadali mag-react. Tsk-tsk.

      You even quoted me but you didn’t seem to understand it. Paki basa na lang ulit. 😉

    3. I just want to share some excerpts from Rigoberto Tiglao’s latest article:

      President Bengino Aquino III axed in November 2010 one of the country’s most ambitious flood-control projects that was scheduled to start that year. If he had not cancelled that milestone undertaking, it would have been completed last month, and would have significantly mitigated the disastrous flooding of recent weeks.

      The venture was the Laguna Lake Rehabilitation Project, which, as part of its plan to save the lake, would have dredged it of 4.6 million cubic meters of silt and waste so it would contain more floodwaters. The project would have also involved the deepening of the critical 7-kilometer Napindan Channel in Taytay so that it could better and more quickly draw floodwaters away from the metropolis to the lake.

      Costing P18.7 billion, the project was to be undertaken by the 150-year-old Belgian dredging firm Baagerwerken Decloedt En Zoon (BDZ) and financed by a loan from the BNP Paribas Fortis bank, with Brussels providing a P7-billion grant—the biggest development aid it would have given the country ever.

      “A much deeper Laguna de Bay would relieve residents of Metro Manila, Rizal and Laguna of the flooding that happened at the height of [Tropical Storm] ‘Ondoy’ and [Typhoon] ‘Pepeng’,” Laguna Gov. Jorge Ejercito, an ardent supporter of the project, summed up the aim of the planned massive dredging—in September 2010.

      Why did Mr. Aquino cancel such a crucial project? Because of his irrational, apoplectic bias that everything his predecessor did or planned was corrupt. Just a few months after he assumed office, Mr. Aquino claimed that the project was a “midnight” corrupt deal during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration.

      To read more: Aquino axed key flood-control project in 2010

      1. The Laguna dredging project was cancelled because of engineering defect. The project did not include where to dump the dredged materials. A thinking high school will would reject the same project.

  21. siguro alam na mga kalapit bansa natin, na ang ating president ay galing sa copper, kaya ang mga intsik walang kabang pumasok sa spratly’s at panatag shoal, isang malaking sampal sa ating mga matino ang pag-iisip na nagkaroon ng sinto-sinto na president, laging nakangisi kahit nasa lugar ng may kalamidad, talsik laway pa,,to the rescue naman si sister, pinakita naman yong nanay nilang magaling kuno? sa Tv. haaayyy, wala ba tayong magagawa dito

  22. I find it hard to blame the squatters for flooding, there is not outlet for the water it stays for months and months so even if the squatters blocked some of the pathways it shouldn’t take 4 months to drain. I thought the dredging was supposed to help the problem and now according to this article it was cancelled, I feel if there’s some way to make a canal to divert the water right away out it would solve many problems but maybe in the Laguna area the elevation is below the sea? I have no idea why there seems to be no fix for this other than all sorts of damns that can’t hold enough water to help the situation.

  23. I like reading blogs from get real its very entertaining reading all the rubbishes about themselves. keep it up Benigno and all the regular bloggers. Mabuhay Phillipines!!!

  24. First of all, natural disasters and calamities like too much rain, typhoons, earthquake, volcanic eruptions are all natural occurences. That’s nature, not man made. One cannot blame anyone for it. Its effect or impact on people can be lessened, weakened, or mitigated. Risks of injuries and damages to lives and properties can be reduced or avoided by means of proactive programs which are assisted and facilitated by technology. Recently the NOAH project, the installation of many doppler radars, and communicating the data generated by this tehnology helped a lot in mitigating, reducing or avoiding injuries and damages to lives a properties. These are programs esablished under the current administration. Flood control is one thing that is difficult
    to solve, and the project that should have
    been done,contracted with a Belgian company, was shelved due to allegation of “inutility” for reasons of dredging silts in the bay that silts dredge will only be dumped in another area of the bay. Thus, flooding in metromanila is not reduced and alleviated. Residents are not also helpful due to unmitigated and rampant garbage disposal anywhere they like, and no or very little segregation of garbage(residential, commercial, and industrial origins). Local government, partiularly, Manila do declog imburnals, but this not enough to stop flooding in Manila because the place is to low or below sea level. Flashfloods just keep on rampaging on the area when the rain comes. The best thing to do therefore is for residents, commercial and industrial establishments, ccoperate in proper garbage segregation and disposal. Until the current dispensation decides to do a massive and major flood control project; and one that is effective of declogging the laguna lake or bay where most of the flood water from metro manila eventually flow. P-Noy may have contributed to the problem of flooding in metromanila due to his decision to shelve the project of dredging the laguan lake, but he also installed the doppler radars, and other mitigation measures to cushion the impact of natural disaster. People must also cooperate. The basic and essential thing to do is environmental sanitation and garbage segregation, at home, first and foremost. It’s a collective responsibility. We cannot depend on the government alone, nor blame the government alone. Let’s do our share to make metromanila a livable and clean place.

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