Could the Php 1.9 bn in flood control projects axed by Noynoy Aquino have saved Metro Manila from destruction?

The latest deluge to hit Metro Manila once again demonstrates the sorry state of preparedness of state emergency services in the Philippines and the woefully insufficient flood control infrastructure of the country’s premier metropolis. Flooding brought about by days of southwest monsoon rains pounding the northern Philippine island of Luzon have once again paralysed vast swaths of Metro Manila, displaced thousands of residents, and caused yet untold damage to property.

The first great flooding that temporarily aroused a bit of reflection among Manila’s residents on the precariousness of their existence as a modern megalopolis was 2009’s Typhoon Ondoy. Suffice to say, in its aftermath was a palpable resolve to set a bar of preparedness commensurate to the on-going risk that Manila will surely continue to face in the future of unpredictable change in climate. Sure enough, in 2011, another powerful typhoon Pedring hit Luzon and caused even more damage than its predecessor. The estimated Php 11 billion caused by Ondoy was eclipsed by Pedring‘s estimated Php 12.25 billion.

How much will 2012’s nameless disaster cost the nation? It is too early to tell owing to forecasts that point to continued rains over a foreseeable number of days.

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[Photo courtesy Cool and Smooth Rhythm.]

Typhoon Pedring, which hit just one year after the ascent to power of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, highlighted the fate of a number of public works initiated under former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) at the hands of what was then the newly-sworn-in president. In the aftermath of Pedring in late 2011, Representative Danilo Suarez of Quezon filed a House Resolution calling for an investigation into the effect of President BS Aquino’s cancellation of these projects.

Citing a Department of Public Works and Highways press release dated July 28, 2010, Suarez said DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson cancelled 19 approved negotiated projects worth P934.1 million under the POPSTRIP. The 19 are part of the 139 projects or 42 contract packages funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency loan for the urgent rehabilitation of flood control facilities worth P1.9 billion.

Suarez noted that the cancelled projects are located in areas recently flooded by recent typhoons. These are in Cordillera Administrative Region P53 million; Ilocos Norte, P35 million; Asingan, Pangasinan P91.4 million; San Manuel, Pangasinan P228 million; Cagayan P25.8 million; Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya P68.6 million; Kayapa and Dupax Nueva Vizcaya P27.4 million; Paombong and San Jose del Monte, Bulacan P9 million; Bulacan province P41 million; San Felipe and Iba, Zambales, P42.5 million; San Marcelino, Zambales, P19 million; Arayat, Pampanga, P77 million; Candaba, Pampanga, P78 million; Floridablanca, Pampanga P27 million; Guagua and Lubao, Pampanga, P16 million; Moncada and Bamban Tarclac P32 million; Aliaga, Nueva Ecija P18 million; Bungabon and San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija P19 million; and Balayan and Lemery, Batangas P22 million.

Suarez’s reflection on this unfortunate move by the Second Aquino Administration was damning: “One cannot help but think that if these projects were not capriciously cancelled on the sole fact that they were initiated by the previous administration, then the recent floodings could have been prevented or mitigated.”

Notably, in stark contrast to the cold specificity with which Aquino’s Malacañang axed these projects, the President’s 2011 State of the Nation Address (SONA) was glaringly vague — almost mysterious — when it came to communicating the overall public works investment strategy of his administration.

Despite being four times as long as the actual speech, the [2011] Technical Report contains even less than the speech’s proportion of proposed measures. Written almost entirely in the past tense, the Report contains voluminous (23,392 words’ worth of voluminous, to be exact) details on things that have already happened and very little of what is planned. And even the few forward-looking statements that can be found tend to be vague, such as: “For 2011, P16.20 billion or 24.3% of the total DPWH Capital Outlay has been allocated for infrastructure development in Mindanao. This will help facilitate economic growth in the region” and “”¦the Labor and Employment Plan 2011-2016 promotes putting the human resource base at the core of all policy reform initiatives to achieve inclusive growth that massively creates jobs and continuously reduces poverty.”

Those are not plans, those are aspirations. And aspirations are fine, as expressions of a desired end state, but the job the President’s bosses hired him for is to fill in the blanks between now and that desired end state; having aspirations is something anyone can do.

Indeed, in his 2010 SONA, President BS Aquino, in his usual vague form alluded to what in his mind was the questionable manner with which the previous administration under GMA initiated so many projects. In a move that was later proven to be disastrous to the economy, President BS Aquino severely cut government spending on the basis of a flawed understanding of the manner with which the former administration managed the budget

[Aquino] described as “revolting” the manner the Arroyo administration did business.

“Money was there only to be wasted. You have heard how the public coffers were squandered,” he said in his speech in Filipino to a packed Batasang Pambansa and a nationwide radio and television audience.

[Photo courtesy Jerry Ocampo.]

It was later found that these assertions about how GMA had plundered the national budget were unfounded and severely compromised the credibility of Aquino’s fiscal management team. Nevertheless, the government did underspend in the following year in 2011 which resulted in a marked drop in economic growth

In 2011, the Philippines’ GDP slowed to 3.9 percent from the 7.6 percent growth in 2010, partly due to government underspending.

The economy could have grown by 0.8 percentage points more last year if the government was able to spend as planned.

Add to that regrettable opportunity cost in 2011 the Php 12.5 billion damage caused by Typhoon Pedring on that year and now the still-to-be-ascertained cost of this year’s nameless flooding disaster — all because key infrastructure projects were summarily killed by President BS Aquino, perhaps simply because they were projects associated with his personal nemesis, the eeevvvvillll regime of GMA.

106 Replies to “Could the Php 1.9 bn in flood control projects axed by Noynoy Aquino have saved Metro Manila from destruction?”

  1. I believe that the current administration has very good reasons for not pushing through with the projects. If they were for the rehab of existing flood control facilities in the listed areas, I am wondering how effective were those facilities in preventing or controlling floods over the years when they were operating. Many of the areas listed are natural catch basins for rain water brought by the monsoon and by storms and typhoons. Which means any flood control project would be ineffective and inadequate to reverse nature and it would therefore be pointless in spending money for such projects. Why should they be rehabilitated when they have not been successful in preventing floods in those areas. Kailan ba walang baha sa mga lugar na yun tuwing rainy season despite the presence of so-called flood control facilities? Dapat yata we should study what Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo have done re their mega flood diversion projects which have proven to be very efficient in preventing floods from occurring in their respective cities. Tayo we have numerous flood control projects since the Marcos Administration and which, it seems have been rehabilitated or upgraded over the years but floods still happen here in Metro Manila and in other listed areas as regular as the rain.

      1. The president is doing the best he can for the country. He wont neglect the nation unlike what the former small lady did which is to sell our sovereignty and go against rH bill for catholic support and not for the Filipino.

        1. ORLY? By how vincensus ignoramus? Your precious pwesident already cancelled 19 flood control projects by GMA only because it’s his nemesis’ project. Now that this far more worse than Ondoy disaster happened, what did your precious pwesident done? NOTHING! Nothing but noynoying once again. Now get lost palamunin.

        2. Your Tito Noy is doing WHAT exactly, birdbrain? He cancelled projects done by his predecessor WITHOUT having an immediate replacement in mind?

    1. This flood control infrastructures were already in place thanks to the “evil dictator” as he knows way back then that these are natural catch basins. But hey, these are 2 decades old and were never upgraded nor maintained properly thanks also to the oh so great, mother of democracy, Paknots mother to be exact, as they are clueless in how to run their dysfunctional family, let alone the Philippines. Evil GMA in her right mind had it right, but sad to say, the yellow freedom still reigns!!! Oh what joy!!!

    2. If there will be no actions to control flood, then expect the flood to come during storm days..During Marcos regime, population is lesser before than today.The wastage and garbage is evidently increasing.The existing major thoroughfares are still the same dimension whereas the number of vehicles increased more than tripled than right, developments to infrastructure should be studied to ease or lessen the impact of nature…Kasabay ng pag asenso or pagdami ng gumagamit ng nature, kasabay din dapat ang pag-aaral upang mapalawak ang pangangailangan nito..How effective the projects are, Engineers knows about these that’s why there designs and project studies. Pnoy government can lessen the budget if he wish but putting the projects into garbage bin of which the purpose is to control the effect of flood to Filipinos, that’s totally crazy action and below than normal mentality and that what Pnoy is having…

  2. You are comparing the projects at Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo, both cities, to the numerous project spread out over all of Luzon. They will hardly be comparable nor applicable to our requirements. What makes you think their spending for their flood control programs are not recurring? And what makes you think they aren’t regularly flooded as well? KL saw flash flooding as recent as May 2012.

        1. And people like you go EMO over PGMA, claiming she stole millions of YOUR money when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

          Paulit-ulit yet it makes sense. Sa iyo? Well, it’s nonsense. Para kang jejemon. 😛

        2. And the problem with your precious pwesident is that he’s acting like Admiral General Aladeen from The Dictator while you are like a Wadiyan who always kiss pnoy’s ass.

        3. “problem is gloria stole the funds that slow down the Philippines developing”

          opsss.. you’re wrong there my friend, the previous president wasn’t the problem. it’s people like YOU who are the problem for being irrational. why not use that head of yours? mind if you have one that is. have a nice day.. if you can

  3. Being a catch basin does not mean flood in the areas benigno cited can not and should not be controlled. The only reason why the flood control projects proposed by GMA were not implemented was precisely that. They were the brainchild of GMA.Don’t give us the crap that the proposed projects are being scrutinized for possible anomalies. For over 2 years? Good grief!

    1. And these GMA projects has anomalies of graft and corruption so it must be checked first. Hindi natin alam kung project ba talaga yan o nagnanakaw sa gobyerno.

      1. Anomalies or not, they are still vital for preventing Ondoy like foods ever again you wanker. Magkano na ngayon ang binayad sa iyo ng malakanyakanyang? Nung pumupunta ka doon, lumalangoy ka sa baha na puro basura ano. Well good luck na lang sa iyo’t huwag ka sanang dapuan ng leptospirosis.

  4. In the stories of the Old Testament, in the Christian Bible. When the leadership of the Israelites, were too corrupt and too wicked. Their God, Jehovah, send his people reminders in the form of Wrath of Nature.
    I”m not insinuating, that our leadership is too wicked and too corrupt. However, the comparison of the Old Testament Bible stories, and our present leadership conditions, have some disturbing similarities…

        1. Where is our president anyway? Haven’t heard anything from him the past few days. Puro mga spokespeople lang. Ay teka, may lumabas ba na bagong game?

      1. And God Himself is now saying f**k you for doing the blame game once again. Enjoy your punishment if He does that to you.

      2. It’s Noynoy Aquino’s reign, not Gloria Arroyo. The Jewish God, Jehovah knows what he is doing…he is perfect and does not commit mistake…His wrath is pointing on Noynoy Aquino. Corruption and Wickedness are rampant in his administration and in his reign…

  5. Masanay na tayo sa ganyan. When you look at it, there’s nobody else that we can blame from the drastic changes on our climate sytem but ourselves. No matter how prepared we are to face the bad then we should be easy and instead, expect the worst because definitely it is not easy to battle with mother nature. In the end, the most important thing is how have you prepared to cope and breath once again.

    1. So let the pigs Arroyo and Corona that could have done something to prevent this tragic disaster go away? I think not. They must be jailed.

      1. You’re very funny. And now you’re going to blame those people who have done NOTHING to you?

        Just accept the fact that you are STUPID. You must be jailed because you’re spouting HEARSAY and CONSPIRACY THEORIES. It’s cool to be IGNORANT, isn’t it? 😛

      2. @fishball..
        you idiot.. did you even read the article? oh yeah, you dont have time to reead it since youre busy typing all you propagandas at other sites too..

      3. Hanggang dito pa ba naman isama mo pa iyang sisihan mo na wala namang relasyon sa article na ito? Anong klaseng maglang meron ka? Are you and your parents carrying the abnormal gene?

      4. @fishball

        You must be some kind of dumbass if you think we would ignore your stupid president’s screw-ups and failures. Think again.

      5. Oh my God! Yes, you got it sooo right Fishball. You’re brain is as big as the bird grain!
        Now that GMA is no longer the president and Corona has been ousted it is still their fault.
        Goodness, never knew I’d be soo enlightened in sucha idiotic, morornic way.
        Thank you!

      6. @Fishball

        Just accept the fact that you are beaten. We have already bashed your stupid conspiracy theories too many times.

        And before you retort that we are “bayaran ni gloria/corona”, we have already heard you a thousand times…it still WON’T WORK against us.

        Just give up, we can read you like an open book.

      7. @fishball:
        READ THE ARTICLE. It’s no longer about Gloria. Do we need to wait for Noynoy to finish his term before we become critical of his intentions, and projects or lack thereof?
        It’s been two years. Na-e-EDSA ka pa din. Move on.

  6. Please provide workable/pratical solutions that would successfully address our plumbing problems/issue! A good plumber/workman would
    first find the cause of the leaks–i.e., more
    upstream dams, (more electric generation as
    good thing), pipes/pumps and infastructure for
    catchment, retention and reserviors for fresh-water recycle. Then take the rocks/dirt from
    the creation of deeper flood control ditches to prepare 5-10 meter high dikes/burms/leives
    along new improved river channels. Then create a set of new fresh water retentionlakes
    where they dump out into the ocean/bay (for
    pump back to freshwater man-made lakes, Lastly
    to build a Manila Bay Bridge/sea-wall/gate
    and expressway system from Bataan to Cavite
    (complete with light rail, heavy rail, bus/
    truck/emergency lanes). Note: put people to
    work filling sand and burm bags to make the
    core of the levi system around the bay/coastal
    areas to prevent sea-water surge issues (and
    prepare for the one to10 meter sea/ocean rise
    caused by global warming)….plus add a new
    revised building code and expressway grid
    -passage system to intergrate a urban renewal

    We can no longer tolerate bad governmental
    plumbers…if they can not/will not fix the
    leaks then we need to elect some qualified
    people who will get the job done!

  7. Ok. I think the story is biased against the president.

    There are some questions left unanswered. Would it help Manila in today’s flooding if projects weren’t cancelled? Why was the projects cancelled?

    1. Biased?..Why would you say biased, nasa kanya na nga yung bola, nag fumble pa.

      Of course it would have helped…this is JICA youre talking about.

      Why was it cancelled? You tell us. Maybe you can come up with the reason that your president has. Because as far as I can understand with the article, the author does not have any of that “reasons” available to him. Nor did Malacaang issue statements as to why they did not push trough with it. Trust me the same reason that her mother came up with for not pushing through with the BNPP is similar.

    2. Biased? Siya na ang presidente ngayon. If he cancelled those projects, shouldn’t he create new ones? It’s a recurring problem and he should have done something to prevent those same disasters from happening again. Taon-taon na lang tayong binabagyo, taon-taon din tayong binabaha.

    1. Singapore’s Marina Bay Barrage (the anti-flooding program of that city) cost SG$226M; our flood control program would have cost SG$57M, which is actually not a bad cost considering that there already are certain flood control measures in Manila.

  8. We can argue about the possibilities all day but the bottom line is it’s there and what can we do if those at the top can’t/aren’t doing anything.

  9. Bashing and putting blame on our country’s leaders/government officials doesn’t really do anything to help the situation. Talking about these things is pointless. Run for public office and do something if u think u can do better than them. Or better yet, help those who are affected by the flood

    1. So looking on problems and finding solutions is pointless? Tell that to Noynoy because he keeps on blaming the past administration for these kind of problems. Yet he hasn’t taken action yet.

      TBH, you’re very IGNORANT. Plain and simple. 😛

      1. Okay, if u think I’m ignorant and simple then answer these. When u do find a solution, if ever that will happen here, how would you apply that in the current situation or prevent such thing from happening? So helping people affected by the flood is ignorant?
        If you do give satisying answers then I’d admit that I’m ignorant.
        Think beyond urself and actually do something to help, if that is really your intention here.

        1. Well, I’m actually helping out. GRP exists to help people… to open their minds thru these kinds of articles.

          I’m not saying that helping people affected is ignorant. Help is essential but we need drastic measures to respond such calamities like this. Heck, even the past administration had a better course on these kind of situations compared right now. TBH, we have never seen PNoy taking drastic action and what does he do? Of course, sleeping on the job and let his advisers and men do the job for him.

          Please read more articles and it will prove you wrong. If you have an angry mob mindset then don’t blame us.

        2. And that might just very well be the what keeps our country from getting out of its slump. Masaya at kuntento na tayo sa short-term solution. Oo, may problema na (ulit) ngayon, ibig sabihin ba nito ay kalimutan natin ang long-term solution?

      2. completely agree on this point. honestly, everytime he’s blaming the past administration for the ‘so-called minanang kasalanan’, I was like, president ba sya? Because he’s not acting one. By the way, if supposed massive project is a good help, bakit hindi tinuloy? Just because a perceived evil initiated the project? Geez.

    2. Something is always wrong with this kind of reasoning. Its typical of the Pinoy. “Panay ka reklamo, ano na ba nagawa mo?”. I see this often as comments on the net. They fail to realize that channels like this (this site) gives way to a better understanding of a situation. Its true, I can just get up and do something (physical) or better yet, I can look things in perspective and say ” Hey, that makes sense!” If I was one of Pnoy’s henchmen then this is a good tool for planning for future events and circumstances. And seems to me this is not the way the Pinoy mind works. It would be better to act on a situation after critical analysis and not just that get up and go attitude which so marks the Pinoy mind, hence the disorganized, chaotic action by people concerned.

      1. I agree. “What have you done?” is a common argument. Worse, some people believe being physically out there “helping out” and/or running for office are the only two noble things worth pursuing. Usually it is people who respond to crisis situations that are celebrated as “heroes”. But there are lots of unsung heroes out there who contributed to preventing disaster by simply doing things properly.

        What is tragic is that because said disaster never happened, then their contribution will go pretty much unrecognised and never end up in any history books.

        1. Most of us hates planners. We consider them tiresome because change has to be initiated. We love comfort and pity. What have we done? Loads of blanket solution, just like the RH Bill, but that is a different topic all together, and I am pro-RH.
          We like the easy way out not understanding the bottom of the situation. Too superficial.
          What have GRP authors done, awareness! They voice most eloquently the words that cannot be uttered by many.
          I have read old articles from Anti-Pinoy, and no, there are not biased to any administration or personality. They are simply stating what is happening without sugarcoating things.
          Patronizing is annoying. But yes, Filipinos love crappy lines.

        2. you nailed it benigno!!!! “panay reklamo” response is sooo passe its been the abused rebuttal for many polticians and their retard supporters to cover up their own deficiencies in preventing a disaster…

      2. I hate to see comments without constructive solutions to this problems.Are Filipinos not educated anymore?They blame the present administrations if there is calamity!They don;t investigate if this is true or not!They don’t research for the thruthfulness of the news item.They just jump into a conclusion and write a reply blindly just because the present President is not what they voted for.

  10. lest we forget, the funding coming from JAICA would not be released that easily without studies and proposals backing them. Not to mention that its better to have tried them than having tried NOTHING AT ALL.

    i think the main reason for the cancellation is NOT the soundness of the projects but of the supposed shady transactions in the bidding process.

    i can give the Aquino administration the benefit of the doubt for cancelling them, malay mo nga naman. BUT TWO FUCKING YEARS AND COUNTING still no result on the investigation or the resumption of the commencement of projects is too much. And given they were reminded after Ondoy, by at least two typhoons that they should prioritize the immediate start of the flood control projects, they still are in the “ON THE WAY VERY SOON” stage.

    By this time dapat may KASO na tayo nakikita and the projects are already being procured anew. pero wah padin

    1. Unless you are living in Utopiaville, then shady transactions are part and parcel of every contract. There is always that fine print that some will just fail to read and other arrangements under the table. Not only in the Philippines but in all other countries. Its like, failing to cross a log bridge because you are thinking you might fall and get eaten by crocs.

    2. Akala kasi ni pnoy ay mas magaling siya at ang mga dating officials ay mga bobo at di pinag-aralan ang mga ganitong projects. Ang kaso hanggang dakdak lang itong si bs at walang ginawa kundi mag noynoying. Mukhang di alam Kung ano ang gagawin. Kaya Ito Kawawa na naman si Juan.

  11. Reading the comments are almost funny, if not for the calamity we’re in. Yes, noynoy is an idiot and I didn’t vote for him exactly for that reason, besides, I hated how media seems to be shoving him up to my face like the second messiah.

    If he had shelved GMA’s projects, he should have thought of another solution. It was three years after Ondoy and its aftermath is still fresh in our memories. If he could not think of a solution, he should have made his minions think of one, which is unlikely. His appointees seemed to be random and lacking of capacity to lead their respective posts.

    Of course, people would be angry. And the “still-thinking” people who voted for him ought to be angry.

  12. here in iloilo we don’t experience flood anymore coz of PGMA flood control project in jaro, iloilo city… thanks to her for saving our life and property from destructive floods and typhoons (at least government save millions from this accidents)… i hope that flood control project will also be implemented in luzon…

  13. Everyone should participate, watever the goverment tries to do in attempt to stop it would be put into waste unless each person in this land participate, young & old, rich or poor.. there have been many unlawful companies, squatter areas, irresponsible logging, subdivisions in areas na ndi dapat tinatayuan.. all of us who doesn’t know how to abide the simple “bawal magtapon ng basura d2”. lahat ng kanal na makita ko may basura.. dapat noon pa naten inumpisahan ang campaign na bawal gumamit ng plastic bags etc.. I can say all of these kz as i was growing up I was taught to be mindful of what I do in terms of the environment.. masama magkalat, conserve water, electricity etc etc.. and all along I thought everyone was doing the same. till i met people who shocked me, friends and elder na walang pakelam sa kalikasan. nakita ko kung gano kadaming tao ang walang pakelam sa kapaligiran.. mga kaibigan ko na ndi ko masabihan, matatanda at bata at pag may sinabi ka pagtatawanan ka as if it’s a laughing matter. As i can see ilang percent lang ng mga pilipino ang nakikiisa sa mga campaigns para sa kalikasan.. lahat tayo ndi lang ang gobyerno.. we should take care of what we have.. we should protect it.. sadly, sa nakikita ko.. there’s nothing to protect it to, but from ourselves.

  14. No amount of flood control can solve this. The best way is to adapt. Raise the road levels while maintaining a cavity between the new road and old. Condemn all ground floor structure and fill it in. The global water levels have raised and the climate has changed. We have to change our ways. The way the Romans, French and Italians did. It might just cost lesser that way and it will prevent loss of property and lives.

    1. Raising road levels would not help because the water will only go to other lower areas. Haven’t you noticed that water always rises and is always on top? Just like the crow and the pitcher of water fable, in which the crow kept dropping rocks to raise the level of the water.

      They’ve raised the road levels so many times in Malabon that my grandfather’s house there already lost its first floor, yet the place is still flood-prone.

    2. At least you do have a solution suggested… though don’t count out “flood control” yet.

      Although the best suggestion of course is to leave flood plains and move to higher ground. The problem with humanity is that they keep loving flood plains to settle on.

  15. pity for all those who hated GMA but praising well Pnoy…one is evil as you told, bit the the other one would be another evil as he is not doing his best on what he should be…Projects to control floods to prevent what happened during Ondoys and what happened during Pedring should not happen now if he allow to proceeding the infrastructure projects. he controlled spending by not spending at all to the right requirement and so this is the effect…so what happen…it’s better to invest and see things if it will work out and limit if not solve the problem the same way how we put Pnoy into his seat now thingking he may changed the nation …but sad to say, he is also a crap…he blames what the past are without thingking he is the current man to look up to…so twhat would be the next leader will say….because it’s Pnoy’s problem …crab mentality

  16. Sino si fishball? Hindi kaya isa s’ya sa mga Communications Secretary ni Noy? Bakit kaya matindi at bulag ang paghanga nito sa Panggulo ng Pilipinas? Sa lahat ng article dito sa getrealPH nakikita ko sya. At nakakatawa ang napakababaw, napakasimple at halatang hindi pinagisipang mga sagot sa mga ipinupukol sakanya, o sa Panggulo. Mr/Ms fishball, di kaya ‘nung naisip mo na fishball ang ipangalan mo sa sarili mo e inilarawan mo lang ang iyong utak? Oops. Pasensya na. Matindi lang ang inis ko sa mga Yellow Zombies. 🙂

  17. kung sa tingin nyo perpekto kayo de kayo kumandidato nextime na presidente. kung sa tingin nyo kaya nyo ihandle lahat ng ginagawa ng presidente hehehehe… btw if u want changes start it with your self! ~amplaya~

    1. “AxuaLLy…noYnoY!nG k p0h d2…” this is how i see this people comment. i think it’s a rare eye disease of mine. yellowtard = auto jeje.

  18. actually walang magbabago sa pilipinas hanggat may mga taong katulad nyo noynoying so much sa mga presidente. sisihin ang gov pag nagugutom pag may trahedya? WTF so lame kung sa tingin nyo matatalino kayong tao bakit ganyan ang thingking nyo sa buhay mga patawa kayo? bilang isang mamayan sa bansang ito my obligasyon ka rin na dapat gampanan hindi lang gov me kasalanan ng lahat ng delubyo kung nagiisip ba naman kayo ng matitino. may maggawa ba pag aalsa nyo d2? kalampagin nyo malacanang baka my mapala pa kayo.

    1. Point f*cking missed. Ya know why GRP exists? In order to help people… to open their minds. Sa totoo lang, walang mangyayari if the likes of you would go on that mentality, just retaining the status quo.

      So I wanna ask you: So you prefer a government whored by media, telling you that ‘everything is ok’ and never look forward for progress as a society but to be part of a MEDIOCRITY?

      If you can’t come up a good, please choke back on your own tears. Anti-intellectual emo prick.

    2. Here are some words from benign0:

      “What have you done?” is a common argument. Worse, some people believe being physically out there “helping out” and/or running for office are the only two noble things worth pursuing. Usually it is people who respond to crisis situations that are celebrated as “heroes”. But there are lots of unsung heroes out there who contributed to preventing disaster by simply doing things properly.

      What is tragic is that because said disaster never happened, then their contribution will go pretty much unrecognised and never end up in any history books.”

  19. FYI lahat ng tao ngayon open minded sa ngyayari sa bansa pero ang tanong eh my magagawa ka pa ba? ilang dekada ng ganito ang bansa wala ng pagbabago ito thats the point. kailangan ikaw ang gumawa ng sarili mung ikakauunlad. or if u want to help people just do it in your own way. so r u trying to say na si super man ka na baka sakaling may magawa ang blog na ito? pag my nagawa ka iho i salute you pero pag inabot na ng halalan at ganito parin itong blog mo sorry 🙁

    1. Just stop being so EMO and go straight to the point. Kelangan is CRITICAL THINKING and PROGRESS. Well, you’re an idiot since you never realized the fact that most of Filipinos still suffer from dysfunctional thinking.

      So maninwala ka lalo sa propoganda na kinakalat ng media at mga ibang tao na puro ‘think positib’ parati, kahit anu man kagaguhan ang mangyari ang magawa ng bansa natin? Hay nako. Kung ayaw mo matuto, eh di magsawa ka sa condition ng bansa natin.

  20. Everybody has something to say, ang gagaling dyan kasi tayo magaling talk the talk & not walk the walk & then we keep on pointing fingers. I say let’s cut the bull shit work together, be pro-active & not be reactive & start putting our hands together on redirecting, refocusing & eventually working together for the common good. bla-bla-bla-bla-bla…Water is under the bridge now let’s “Turn to”

    1. how do you suggest people do this “walking and taliking” you are saying? not your most helpful comment to be honest. but you tried. is “bla-bla-bla” the brightest thing you can think of?

  21. Its NEVER the Presidents Fault, and putting off walls to prevent water could NEVER be enough . Total DEMOLITION of all buildings & structures and RELOCATION of ALL families living in, on or around drainage, lakes, canals, sea shores, bays, water ways . As well as Relocation all together with the families some of the Industries so Job will be closer to them ( relocated families )or else they will get back and government have to SPEND time money, all resources over and over to drive them out and SAME problem will always be there .
    Its a FACT that some of industry, factory are setting on a water way area, they’re not disturbed because WHY ? You know the reason . Best is get them ALL OUT no matter who they are and RELOCATE them all together in same spot .
    Important project for every individuals, go GREEN, PLANT everything that could be planted, be it in an empty plastic bag, cans, old broken basin, pvc, make a hanging plants of sweet potato, green onions, kangkong, tomatoes, all sorts of useable plants, no need to spend money for them . All you have to buy is d ones couldn’t be planted, what a HUGE help in budget . Instead of gossiping around make our selves productive and useful . I love you guys, peace, prayers for Pinas always, we can do it if we’ll all work for it .

  22. The projects would have been funded by JICA. if these were to be funded by this agency of the japanese government, these projects would have been successful and at that legitimate. True, that these projects may have not saved us all from flooding but if a few families will not stay in evacuation centers had this been pushed through, i believe the projects are successful enough. Probably, these were cancelled, without any replacement in mind, because the present admin does not want anything that is related with the previous admin. and they do this to the detriment of the Filipino people. Politics should not hamper good governance, otherwise its not good at all.

  23. Before we have medicines/treatments.

    Scientists and Researchers will assess first the signs and symptoms of the person with the disease. The person would have to undergo some laboratory tests to arrive at an appropriate solution. After these things, they will identify the causes of the disease, so as the factors that contribute and reinforce it.

    The scientists and the researchers will conduct experiments that could lead to the cure of the malady. When it fails, they will document everything they have observed like the changes it had presented to the subject and the reasons why it ended as a fiasco. This will further the study thus will develop more possibilities to address the disease.

    When they have successfully created the medicine, they will test it on a small scale then document the results. Of course it won’t stop there. Some diseases change in time whether it’s originally from the same strain of bacteria. It could have different types that could present different signs and symptoms. The researchers will then identify the changes between the types of the disease. The scientists will then enhance the medicine they have created to target the changes it had shown. They could also come up with different types of medicine that could cure accurately a specific type of the disease.

    They have created medicines from a disease with different types which can now be used in a larger scale. It can be prescribed by physicians long as the signs and symptoms will be considered.

    Accurate diagnosis leads to accurate solutions and great effects. The cost of developing a medicine is very high but if we’re looking for a long-term goal, millions of peso is not a waste for it will save you more. Giving simple-short-term remedies will just enhance the strain and the potency of the disease. I know that you will be able to adapt and or tolerate the pain you have related to this disease it for some time but the effect of this could be more serious than before. Thus, will lead to greater problems.

  24. Napa Creek Flood Protection undertaking is a Civil Works project of the US Army Corps of Engineers in the city of Napa, California. It is all about the thinking of flood control in different way.
    As we know that natural disaster may occur any time so we must be prepared before it strikes. In some areas, Flood may occur more rapidly. One solution is to make underground structures for the storage of water and extra water to be transported in the sea and rivers.

  25. Well, for all its worth, I’d still like to know what PNoy really thought before he sacked those projects. It really does reflect bad on him, though. Kahit naman kasi siguro catch basin talaga yung mga lugar na yun, kailangan na i-basura yung project kasi minimal lang ang maitutulong.

    @Durr: may magagawa pa ba tayo? OF COURSE! Di kasi mawawala ang problema kung hindi mo sosolusyonan. Why not start with yourself?

  26. 2 years later and Mr. Aquino’s boneheaded decision to axe those projects are now biting him hard in the ass.
    Floods would have been prevented or at least reduced if he hadn’t axed them but nope, he decided to axe them anyway because of their ties to the previous president which is a really really retarded course of action that is also on par with the stupidity of defending the illegal and unconstitutional DAP

    1. A year after this post of mine and not even a peep is heard from that troll, fishball.
      Might be related to the fact that he has eaten his words for 3 years straight now.

      Not helping in his case is the fact that floods are still made worse by his idol’s ill advised decision to cancel important flood control projects.


    Four years ago I gave my proposal or solution to our flood problems by REDUCING IMPERVIOUS SURFACE in our cities. It’s sad that until now nobody CARE, LISTENING or FULLY UNDERSTAND my vision.

    Most of our cities are now covered with concrete – Impervious or Waterproof surfaces. These are mainly pavements, roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots that are covered by impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete, brick, and stone–and rooftops. Soils compacted by urban development are also highly impervious. Thus, it seal the soil surface, eliminating rainwater infiltration and natural groundwater recharge.

  28. If a PPP project was begun in the GMA administration, that is guaranteed to be suspended or cancelled by the current admionistration Tingnan mo ang NLEX-SLEX connector road. Sana ang travel time between the two would be 15-20 minutes instead of one hour, but Noynoy imposed a Swiss Challenge on it, then delayed it’s approval until only Febnruary this year. Even now may delay na naman dahil sa approval ng NEDA Chair Aquino.

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