The Emergence of BaSta Aquino

“You who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a good bye.

“Teach your children well,
Their father’s hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you’ll know by.”

Crosby Stills Nash and Young. “Teach Your Children Well”.

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Back in May of 1998, I was the sole male in a group of six friends that went to this standalone theater in Cambie Street (Park Theater) to Watch the Robert Redford / Kristin Scott Thomas movie The Horse Whisperer. I really can tell you very little about the movie. I do remember at the end of the movie, one of the ladies asked Sheila and I why we did not cry during the movie unlike our other four companions. I was not extremely bothered by this because we were among friends. But it is an example of imposing one’s subjectivity to the whole group. Four people in our group were affected enough by the movie to be moved to tears. A man and a woman in that group did not respond the same way. Who was right and who was wrong? Nobody. It’s a subjective reaction partially based on emotional constitution and partially based on gender. Women are more likely to cry during a drama like Horse Whisperer than men. I hope the feminists don’t come down on me for that statement.

The famous sales trainer Tom Hopkins told us that people buy emotionally and defend logically. That one sentence is so loaded in explaining the human psyche. In Filipino Culture you can even boil it down to one word “basta!” “Basta” is the retort of anyone who refuses to resort to logic in a discussion. Deep inside they know they can’t compete or they won’t compete using logic so they play the “basta” card. They want their way without having to explain why their way will make sense to you and for you.

It’s a very selfish move actually. Emotions are subjective. By imposing my subjectivity on you without relying on logic as a bridge I am making so many selfish assumptions about you. I am assuming what has value to me will also have value to you and the same value to you as it does to me. Then when I resort to saying “Basta”, what I am really saying is that your thoughts do not matter and neither do mine. This is the way it is and you do not deserve an explanation and I will not bother listening to yours. Is it possible to be in a Filipino family and not encounter the basta response?

This is exactly what is happening in the aftermath of last week’s conviction of Renato Corona. For those that don’t know I can honestly say the verdict is not important to me. What has implications to this country though is the process. Even though it was almost thirty years ago I can distinctly still hear the voice of Brother Brennan in my head. Brother Brennan kind of looked like the Christopher Lloyd character Judge Doom in “Who Framed Roger Rabitt?”. He taught Algebra and he was telling an older student after class “I don’t care about answers!”. Algebra as many of you know is not subjective. It’s logical. Your process must follow rules and must exercise objectivity in order to do it properly.

Justice is a far too important a process to be left to people’s subjective values considering the consequence. That is why courts all over the world use the blindfolded woman with a scale. She measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition without looking at superfluous stuff. That is not what happened during the Impeachment Trial of the Chief Justice. Tiglao in the Inquirer lists all the other things that took priority over a trial based on facts and players following the rules of law. The author implies that B.S. Aquino may have had a very public victory but a lower profile loss.

People rooting for the outcome and not the process. With all the objectivity of a La Salle fan booing the referee on a call that goes the way of Ateneo. I have no idea why a high profile case that went on for half a year serves our country well when the process was so bereft of objectivity and logic. This obtrusive bias that the trial operated under can be traced directly to one man’s self interest. That one man just happened to tell the system and the people all through out the process “basta!”.

Let me remind you what I said in the last blog. People who rejoiced over the guilty verdict in their head are really getting affirmation that voting for Noynoy in May of 2010 was a good thing. That is how they interpret it. Corona is guilty and Noynoy is closer to eliminating poverty because he took care of a corrupt guy. Like Wyatt Earp gunning down Curly Bill. Never mind that Noynoy stacked the deck of cards with six Queens. Symbolism that I do not choose by accident. Any skilled player does not need to stack the deck. If the government really had the proper evidence the prosecution would have been as rumblin, stumblin fumblin as they were.

Noynoy Aquino and his actions in the context of the judicial process has all the subtlety of Ronald McDonald in a P.E.T.A. demonstration. You know exactly why he is there and what he will do. Neither of which contributes to objectivity or logic. Self interest and logic rarely go hand in hand.

Voting for Noynoy for many in 2010 was an excuse not to think. Many made the association to the end of Martial Law or some other idealized romanticized past. Leadership, Intelligence and decision making was not an issue. Noynoy’s campaign never showed concrete examples of any of that.

Like anything else in life, look at a situation and look for teachable moments for your children. I am not sure what that says of the Impeachment Hearing on May 2012. You want to say that you will have your day in court and there is due process. In short you want to show the system works. Unfortunately what we saw is a guy who got elected because both his parents were known in their day imposed his own values on what was supposed to be an objective system. Imposing his self interest and his vengeful motives on what was supposed to benefit the whole country. Is that a teachable moment? The prosecution got away with the shotgun method (throw it all on the wall and see what sticks) of making their case instead of the sniper ( precise and focused strike) method. They got away with it because their goal was aligned with the president’s self interest. Is that a teachable moment for your kids? Again, remember Brother Brennan. It’s not the answer (the verdict) you arrived at but how did you get there (the process) ? Is that a similar path you want your children to take? Forget the truth, forget the system, forget due process , what’s important is the values of the one “in charge” . BS Aquino’s personal values helped influence the framework of this trial and eventually the outcome. We might as well rechristen him BaSta Aquino. Are you trying to tell me then this is good for our country in terms of progress? Noynoy is supposed to be a leader of a country and he can’t even be a good example to your kids.

58 Replies to “The Emergence of BaSta Aquino”

  1. Sorry to say this, I find the article boring. Unnecessarily too long. It just goes on and on without driving a point. GRP should screen their articles better before posting (just a friendly advice)

    1. You are entitled to your opinion. I have written longer ones . Maybe you never read close enough to read my point that BS Aquino feels his opinion is all that matters. Well thanks for reading.

      1. I love it Gogs. Since I am a man of math and science, your article directly correlates the logical explanation of PHL social and political landscape.

      2. To be honest, I’m more interested in reading the comment first then the post since I’m not familiar with the poster.

        WTH, I was forced to go back to the post after reading the first comment.

        A bravo for the post.

  2. We have to remember that Noynoy is one of the greatest presidents we ever had by fulfilling his campaign promise to make the previous administration at fault of graft and corruption, thats why he is angry to her like most Filipinos and her loyal allies and its not vengeance that you said. He also made the economy rise again by 6.4% cleanly unlike Gloria which is covered by red tape.

      1. Maybe he wouldn’t listen because this ‘Fishball’ is an AI created by the Yellow media for the mind conditioning of the people, making Noynoy as ‘Big Brother’ figure. 😀

        1984-esque, but much like CABAL and LEGION from the Command & Conquer Tiberian series.

    1. The 6.4% increase is just a farce; in reality, it was 4% and it never showed improvement. Fact is that Noynoy is the best president only for intellectually bakrupt trolls like yourself. If he’s incorruptible, then why can’t he sign the waiver? 😀

      You incite everyone to hate the previous admnistration due to graft and corruption but never admit that the citizens of this country are also corrupt, never bothered to look on corruption on the lower levels and incite everyone to be part of a mediocrity. The SYSTEM is the root of the problem, not on the said people. No wonder why we are a basketcase. The Philippines will be a better place if people like would never exist. Just accept the fact that you’re VERY IMMATURE, right? 😛

    2. Fishball, clearly you are taking hallucinogenic substances. Noynoy has utterly failed as a president. He is clearly a pawn for his family and he is personally such a weak, insipid figure that his presidency is a non-event. It was no accident that “noynoying” is now part of the language of this nation to describe doing nothing. Noynoy is interested in the three Ps: Porsche, PSP and – being polite – girls. He hasn’t kept a single campaign promise and his administration is both corrupt and incompetent. There is no objective measure you can use to show he is a great president. However, you’re a Filipino, so you’re not interested in facts or logic but it’s all about how you feel. Well, feel this: this is a Third World country and Noynoy’s legacy will be that this hasn’t changed one bit.

      1. Spot on!

        Hey, FISHBALL is an AI, not a person, programmed to hack this site through his comments. He is the Yellow Media version of CABAL and LEGION and we should be afraid.

        1. Hmm, that reminds me of the Patriots in Metal Gear Solid 4. An AI that TROLLS the whole world and manipulates the countries into WAR.

    3. “We have to remember that Noynoy is one of the greatest presidents we ever had”

      Wow, what are you smoking?

      “fulfilling his campaign promise to make the previous administration at fault of graft and corruption, thats why he is angry to her like most Filipinos and her loyal allies and its not vengeance that you said.”

      Riiight, so says the ignorant yellowtard. It is already clear that he only wants VENGEANCE for HACIENDA LUISITA.

      “He also made the economy rise again by 6.4%”

      Nope, that is actually a result of Gloria’s economic policies, not Noynoy’s.

      When will you ever learn that it is EXTREMELY EASY to debunk all of your foolish

    4. Seryoso? Maybe you should try reading other news sources rather relying on abs cbn and inquirer hahaha, greatest president? He cant even sign the waiver he promised during campaign disclosing his dollar and peso bank accounts.

    5. @Nutzi Fishball

      Noynoy is one of the greatest presidents we ever had? Wow! You do know about what he did(or did not do) in the Luneta Hostage Crisis? What about his other major boo boos?

  3. I found this article to be boring & unprogressive. The author’s use of eccentric flamboyance had me lagging on by the beat of my brain tissues. The very fault would be, that like a crude book, it went much too long. Like that of the life of Uncle Harley “Sam” Davidson.


    being anecdotal, flowery and well read doesn’t necessarily make you way much smarter than the rest of us, as if your writing speaks of any action itself. self-loathing crabs.

    1. The poster is not flaunting his post as a good read. And you’re flaunting that you’ve read the life of Uncle Harley “Sam” Davidson.

      The very fault of your comment is as if you’re of any action itself. self-loathing crabs.

      I found your comment very boring.


  4. @ Gogs

    So basically you’re saying that after the 20-3 verdict, this is what you “feel”. Now I understand your “basta”. 🙂

    1. @PrincesaUrduja

      Thanks for your reaction. My point is because of all the distortion inherent in the process of coming up with 20-3 then I will feel a certain way which I have articulated. If the process entirely objective based on facts and not whims and not on political agendas and not on self preservation then there will be a more objective way of viewing 20-3.

      I can not recommend enough :

      My personal view point is if there was already an obvious conflict in interest (Hacienda ruling) . BS Aquino should have removed himself from the process. But instead what he does is publicly root for an outcome and behind the scenes push for an outcome in what is supposed to be an objective process.

      All I can say is I can not have faith in 20-3. But that’s me. If you still interpret that as “basta” , that is your right. Thanks for dropping a line.

      1. @ Gogs

        “I can not recommend enough :

        And you think that politically opinionated Inquirer article of Rigoberto Tiglao, the former Presidential Spokesman of Ex-President Gloria Arroyo who happens to be the adversary of President Aquino, was absolutely objective? Well, I got 3 letters for you – OMG!

        “All I can say is I can not have faith in 20-3.”

        And that means again, “basta”. 🙂

        1. PrincesaUrduja,

          Good, some exchange on the points. It may not be stone cold objective but MSM (Main Stream Media) and others do gloss over the family agenda of the President. And no matter what the President does himself no favors. Just like his sister. You accuse them of something and their reply leaves you no doubt. To be an Aquino in the public eye for some reason gives them leave of their senses. Noynoy is very awkward in expressing himself and so clumsy in crisis.

          Which is to be expected of someone who has no leadership. Tiglao may have a beef against Noynoy but that is one voice against all the pro Noynoy voices that from where I sit were always wearing rose colored glasses.

          Noynoy is president because he could I believe not because he should. His greasing the wheels of the process for his own self interest is typical of someone there other than to serve.

          He never prepared himself to be President. His mother died and he was in the spotlight by association. He never discussed what he did to prove himself worthy of the position he just evoked his dead parents. Now that he has the chair he has no idea how to act and he feels so self entitled. Of course Inquirer and ABS CBN are enablers. Sorry but people I talk to chest beating about the Guilty verdict bring up flaws of both prosecution and defense. But never once do they bring up Noynoy’s obvious finger in the pie.

          Going back to Tiglao, do you think he : a) fabricated his claims or b) exaggerated his claims c) merely documented what was there. No matter what your answer to that question, has Noynoy’s actions since December help discredit the validity of Tiglao’s points or added fuel to the fire?

          You are totally welcome to disagree with me but so far I have not given you “basta” responses =)

    2. @ Gogs


      So after the politically opinionated Inquirer article of Rigoberto Tiglao, the former Presidential Spokesman of Ex-President Gloria Arroyo who happens to be the adversary of President Aquino, NOW this Multiply blurb about PNoy’s “Cheshire cat smile”? I’m sorry but I could not see the connection of the 20-3 verdict to your Alice-in-Wonderland allegory.

      “Tiglao may have a beef against Noynoy but that is one voice against all the pro Noynoy voices that from where I sit were always wearing rose colored glasses.”

      And what about the VOICES of 20 Senators who were mandated by millions of Filipinos to sit as judges at the Impeachment Court; who either had 20-20 vision or wore optometrist-prescribed glasses; and who happened to convict Corona? I think their voices were better heard and mattered more.


      Another Multiply blurb about Aquino’s presidential “winnability”? I think you need to flash forward a bit. He already won last 2010 and now the incumbent President who’s now in the process of selecting a new, morally fit, non-midnight appointee Chief Justice.

      “He never prepared himself to be President. His mother died…”

      This was so in the past. I thought we’re all moving forward? Well, I guess not.

      “But never once do they bring up Noynoy’s obvious finger in the pie.”

      I’ve heard this allegation a dozen times at least in this blog. But so far, NO ONE has SPECIFICALLY pinpointed the “obvious” HOW-did-Pnoy-do-it. Did he really do it in the REAL WORLD or parallel universe? Or was it another crystal ball gazing act or mystical tarot card reading? No more “basta” argument, please. 🙂

      1. Translation: I’m very anti-intellectual and I’m supportive of this regime since I’m a very vindictive Yellow Zombie who is a close-minded idiot and refuse to see the bigger picture. 😛

        Never bother to see a new, morally fit, non-midnight appointee Chief Justice. Corona’s appointment is LEGAL, according to some constitutional experts. Even a PNoy-appointed CJ will have a conflict of interest. Mag-isip naman ang iba dyan. Tsk tsk.

        Point f*cking missed. Are you really THAT stupid or you’re just trolling?

      2. PrincesaUrduja

        “sorry but I could not see the connection of the 20-3 verdict to your Alice-in-Wonderland allegory.”

        Noynoy has never experienced crisis yet he decides to run to be a leader of a country where crisis after crisis happens. Noynoy does not look statesmanlike in handling crisis. You are welcome to disagree with me but this guy has no poise in the political spotlight. Not two years ago and not now. I bring up old pieces just to show I believe Noynoy has not evolved from these obvious flaws in his makeup and it’s even worse now. You are welcome to believe that he epitomises grace and dignity. You believe that 20-3 has the same weight as the score in the previous Super Bowl. My personal belief is that 20-3 holds as much weight as the career record of Rowdy Roddy Piper. But that’s just me. How many of those 20 voices either did not substantiate their guilty vote or the substance of their words suggested a not guilty vote yet they voted guilty. You point to 20-3 as justification and my counter is , the game is fixed. If we are at an impasse there fine.

        “This was so in the past. I thought we’re all moving forward? Well, I guess not.”

        – Are you denying he had no qualifications or abilities to lead a country of 90 milllion in the past? I was Grade 6 in the past but I am post graduate school educated now. Noynoy was ignorant then and ignorant now. The only thing different is the stage. More people get to see his incompetency.

        “I think you need to flash forward a bit”
        The guy was dumb then and he is dumb now. All of you guys who are adamant advocates are trying to justify your emotional buy in of an imbecile. Those old blogs show the chinks in the armor were there even before and even more obvious now. You either believe they were never there or he has improved on them. Again, you are entitled to think that. I happen to believe he was ill prepared and still has to adjust to on the job training. Once BS Aquino decided to run for president in the country I live in , he basically said ” I am qualified to lead you”. I have always taken exception to that. From 2009 till the present day. I give you beliefs I have held consistently and elaborate on those beliefs and you interpret it as “basta”.

        “HOW-did-Pnoy-do-it. ”

        I have written three blogs on this topic here in GRP. Considering my total output here is four they should be easy to find. For good measure you can read my blog on the Irrelevance of American Idol and argue with that too. I have answered your claims here several times. Read them again. You can interpret is as “basta” if you want. Al Michaels the great sports broadcaster once said that you know you are doing a good job when fans from both cities claim you are biased for the opposing team. I have people saying I say too little and I have people saying I say too much.

        I am ending this thread with you since nothing I say can satisfy you. We will agree to disagree. You are consistent yet articulate with your loyalty to BS Aquino. I don’t agree where you place your loyalty but I admire loyalty. I have no idea what has he ever done in his life to deserve such loyalty but you are entitled to give yours to him. My personal blog asks that question over and over again why is Noynoy looked at with such awe filled reverence. His own campaign mentioned very little of what he has done.
        I have been consistent with my disgust for someone who pole vaulted over his mother’s corpse to get to where he is. You can’t tell me he would have run otherwise. He brings nothing to the table besides his last name. That’s why I gave you the winnability blog and the fact that our electorate is devoid of logic.Now the same people who voted him in based on his parents, sister and last name are using 20-3 to justify why they voted him in , in the first place. He has proven he can’t act the part and he uses the government for his own personal benefit. It’s okay for him to accuse GMA of doing that as long as he can prove it within the normal system and he does not do it himself. The guy is a one trick pony. With much less hair.

        Maybe you and I can’t get each other to agree on this topic but there comes a Pontius Pilate moment. Where I have to say ” I have written what I have written”. If you want to interpret that as “basta” that is entirely up to you. You also look at Noynoy Aquino and see a competent leader of a nation and I do not. That is one gulf you or I are not crossing anytime soon. Thanks for reading.

        1. pardon for the intrusion ms. urduja but if you follow the news Pnoy clearly said that he was the one who wants corona to be removed from office. try to follow all of his rhetorics.. even when he was in USA he said that HIS administration has successfully removed corona from office… and how can you explain the party after the verdict? mere coincidence? i think not.. people need wide specks to see a the clearer picture… when you said that we should moved on i think we already have because we don’t see corona writing a petition to the SC to debunk the impeachment.. but i think what Gogz is trying to ask us is whether or not after all the dramas, after we have been shown how the law works in this country and how personal interests influence the system, will we be passive about it or start to think critically and remove all illogical mindsets that we have?? note i am using the pronoun we.. i think you already know what that implies….

      3. Oh look, it’s that crystal ball thing again. She’s gonna deny all those statements the Peenoy said while the Impeachment Trial is ongoing. Statements like “I find it hard to imagine not to get the result, that as you said, I would want.”

  5. Criminal, tax evasion and forfeiture charges should immediately be filed against Corona. The People of the Philippines deserve nothing less.

    Corona’s wife and children should likewise be charged for conspiring with Corona in stealing from the Nation.


    1. I really hope that your name doesn’t relate to the faith. If we had used the New Testament to settle this, Corona would have been acquitted.

    2. Maybe you should change your username to ‘Hypocrite Guy’ because you’re giving Christians, like myself, a bad name. For what reason? Being easily manipulated and never use brains. So why God give you a BRAIN?


    3. Wow, pati ba mga anak ni corona idadamay mo? Kristiano ka ba talaga? Kasi you are making a mockery of the word christian if you are acting
      like a total JERK.

    4. were you not listening to what JPE said in the last day of the impeachment?? Corona was not charged of stealing but merely not truthfully writing his SALN… OMG people… you should get your facts straight…

  6. Our moral values have gone down to the sewerage already, because of this impeachment. The attitude of Noynoy Aquino and the rest who prosecuted Justice Corona, being terrified to sign the waiver; is an affirmation of this. This is the country we have…if you are powerful. You can just trample on the rights of people. The people do not even care about it. If you do this in other countries, more mature than us…they’ll be riots and demonstrations already..

  7. The current Malacanang dweller reminds me of Hercule Satan from Dragonball Z…always taking the credit for something he himself know he doesn’t deserve…yet when he speaks, people believe him…and wouldn’t settle for less…Filipino people are like the people of the Dragonball world…even though they already see it…they still wouldn’t believe it…because ITS A TRICK…Sana may pumapel na Cell to throw him out of his wits…lolz…

  8. I posted a long reply to self-proclaimed Anti-PNoy writer called “Gogs” this early morning and now it DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR? LOL I’m sure it was just an “accident”. Right. Do you want me to repost it so more of this blogs’ fanatics can read it and will have a chance to react with utmost objectivity? Please, don’t reiterate BASTA. 🙂

  9. @ Gogs

    “Noynoy does not look statesmanlike in handling crisis.”

    Did Marcos look statesmanlike when he escaped from Malacañang out of fear and shame to avoid the millions of 2-decade long angry and frustrated Filipinos? Did Erap look statesmanlike when he was unwittingly video-taped gambling inside a casino? Did Gloria look statesmanlike when she apologized in public due to her “Hello, Garci” scandal? Now, if you equate your “statesmanlike” idea to good attitude of a President, then “Houston, we have a problem.”

    “You believe that 20-3 has the same weight as the score in the previous Super Bowl. My personal belief is that 20-3 holds as much weight as the career record of Rowdy Roddy Piper. But that’s just me.”

    Oh, sorry I’m not into Super Bowl and have no idea who Rowdy is. But yes, that’s just YOU. No argument about that.

    “How many of those 20 voices either did not substantiate their guilty vote or the substance of their words suggested a not guilty vote yet they voted guilty.”

    If you can “substantiate” your very personal opinion with your “great wisdom” (that’s a big IF), then tell me HOW MANY? And if you can give an exact number, then what is your “competence” in supposing such assumption? That is, IF you have one.

    “You point to 20-3 as justification and my counter is , the game is fixed.”

    So far, NO ONE has proven that PNoy paid or threatened any or all of the 20 senator-judges who voted “guilty”. All the credit or blame on the outcome of the impeachment trial goes to the senator-judges. And so if you have the “legal expertise” (and that’s a big IF), then tell me HOW WAS IT FIXED? No generalities. Just give me facts. If you cannot, then just clam up, enough of your pretension, and move on with your life.

    “Are you denying he had no qualifications or abilities to lead a country of 90 milllion in the past?”

    PNoy does not have the excellent qualification of Marcos and Gloria had. Marcos was a bar top-notcher while Gloria was a magna cum laude. Marcos was brilliant in Law and Gloria was articulate in Economics. But history tells us that Marcos imposed Martial Law; detained and tortured his political enemies; removed from the highest office via People Power Revolution; exiled to Hawaii; and soon discovered to have moved billions of dollars to different banks and investments in the United States, Switzerland, and other countries. While Gloria was implicated to NBN-ZTE scandal, fertilizer scam, cheating in 2004 elections, etc., and now serving hospital arrest. It seems “excellent qualification” does NOT guarantee excellent governance. Right?

    “For good measure you can read my blog on the Irrelevance of American Idol and argue with that too.”

    Jessica’s losing to Phillip was so expected. American Idol was not entirely a talent search but a popularity contest as well. So what’s the big deal?

    “You are consistent yet articulate with your loyalty to BS Aquino. I don’t agree where you place your loyalty but I admire loyalty.”

    FYI, I do NOT even praise PNoy’s leadership qualities and did NOT even vote for him as President. Ever heard of jumping to conclusion? But the “loyalty” that is clearly shown here is your UNDENIABLE LOYALTY (and this blog’s IN-YOUR-FACE LOYALTY) to ANTI-PNOY advocacy. And I can only wonder WHY?

    “Now the same people who voted him in based on his parents, sister and last name are using 20-3 to justify why they voted him in , in the first place.”

    You have been consistent with your “disgust” to PNoy and even called him “ignorant”, “dumb”, “imbecile”, “ill prepared”, “one trick pony” and “with much less hair”. You even referred him with an acronym “BS”. And we all know what that means – Bachelor of Science. LOL With all those negative descriptions coming out of your biased mouth, I can only summarize it into one plain sentence – I HATE PNOY. And nothing follows. Next time, try to conjunct it with a RATIONAL CLAUSE.

    Repost done. Now, if you’re really a “critical thinking person”, you will not delete this (again?). If you don’t like to respond, then don’t. Just let others react with utmost objectivity. Hopefully.

    Friendly advice: Do not take this personally. BE OBJECTIVE. Isn’t that what this blog is trying to preach? 🙂

    1. the person you are defending is definitely the best example of a very unstatesmanlike person… and for the record.. this blog is more objective than what you are doing… judging by how Gogz treat you unsavory comments he has more finesse than you considering that there is a high probability that you are a woman…

    2. and let me remind you of the testimony of toby tiangco… when you were pointing that no one said about aquino threatening anybody…. and please your comments are riddled with your emotions… try to read your comments once again and try to read the responses given to you by the author… he even thanked you for your comment but then you started ranting like a whining child… don’t talk about being objective when you let your head be overcome by your emotions… and if you truly are objective you could have at least accepted the author’s opinion rather than imposed what you think…

  10. @ juliancarax

    “and please your comments are riddled with your emotions”

    And please, the long comment I posted here yesterday for gogs was immediately DELETED. Now that act of deletion by gogs or other higher power from this blog was seemingly triggered by his/their highly intense “emotions” a.k.a. “basta”, right? Was there any correlation or causation between his/their
    “emotions” and “act of deletion”? Oh, don’t answer if you’re also biased. 🙂


    This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.

    Dissonance increases with:

    The importance of the subject to us.
    How strongly the dissonant thoughts conflict.
    Our inability to rationalize and explain away the conflict.

    Dissonance is often strong when we believe something about ourselves and then do something against that belief. If I believe I am good but do something bad, then the discomfort I feel as a result is cognitive dissonance.

    Cognitive dissonance is a very powerful motivator which will often lead us to change one or other of the conflicting belief or action. The discomfort often feels like a tension between the two opposing thoughts. To release the tension we can take one of three actions:

    Change our behavior.
    Justify our behavior by changing the conflicting cognition.
    Justify our behavior by adding new cognitions.

    Dissonance is most powerful when it is about our self-image. Feelings of foolishness, immorality and so on (including internal projections during decision-making) are dissonance in action.

    If an action has been completed and cannot be undone, then the after-the-fact dissonance compels us to change our beliefs. If beliefs are moved, then the dissonance appears during decision-making, forcing us to take actions we would not have taken before.

    Cognitive dissonance appears in virtually all evaluations and decisions and is the central mechanism by which we experience new differences in the world. When we see other people behave differently to our images of them, when we hold any conflicting thoughts, we experience dissonance.

    Dissonance increases with the importance and impact of the decision, along with the difficulty of reversing it. Discomfort about making the wrong choice of car is bigger than when choosing a lamp.

    Note: Self-Perception Theory gives an alternative view.

    Festinger first developed this theory in the 1950s to explain how members of a cult who were persuaded by their leader, a certain Mrs Keech, that the earth was going to be destroyed on 21st December and that they alone were going to be rescued by aliens, actually increased their commitment to the cult when this did not happen (Festinger himself had infiltrated the cult, and would have been very surprised to meet little green men). The dissonance of the thought of being so stupid was so great that instead they revised their beliefs to meet with obvious facts: that the aliens had, through their concern for the cult, saved the world instead.

    In a more mundane experiment, Festinger and Carlsmith got students to lie about a boring task. Those who were paid $1 for the task felt uncomfortable lying.

    Smokers find all kinds of reasons to explain away their unhealthy habit. The alternative is to feel a great deal of dissonance.

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