Looking beyond PNoy’s hypocrisy: the beauty of keeping your mouth shut

The momentous and much-praised (to the point of being overrated) victory of PNoy’s administration in ousting former Chief Justice Renato Corona from office was marred by the president’s blatant hypocrisy in refusing to fulfil his promise of waiving his bank secrecy rights for the sake of a new era of transparency and accountability. PNoy’s administration then came up with a whole bunch of excuses to justify PNoy’s decision, all of which, of course, were disproved in my previous article.

In the end, however, all it took to blow off the cover was a statement of a senator coming to the president’s defense.

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When reminded that it was Aquino himself who promised that he would waive his account’s confidentiality under the country’s banking laws if elected President, Osmeña said: “You know naman [also] political promises are made to be broken, once in a while, not all the time but once in a while. Pagbigyan naman natin si Noynoy [Let’s give Noynoy a chance],” calling the President by his nickname.

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That’s the long and short of it, folks. PNoy broke his promise. Period.

However, of course, PNoy’s actions are not limited within his casual promise-breaking in front of his expectant supporters. Let us take the time of exploring the other things our president is busying himself with. In the meantime, let us divert our attention away from PNoy’s hypocrisy with the waiver, away from the already demystified 6.4% quarterly growth rate, and scrutinize the president’s other endeavors.

First, there is this issue of hounding the embattled ex-Chief Justice till kingdom come. PNoy recently expressed his contempt over the idea of Renato Corona living a peaceful life post-impeachment.

President Benigno Aquino III doesn’t like the idea of Renato Corona escaping criminal prosecution after being fired as Chief Justice by the Senate impeachment court on Tuesday.

Laws for the common folk should be equally applied to those who wield influence, Mr. Aquino said on Friday.

Sparing Corona the ordeal of prosecution would be veering away from that principle, Mr. Aquino told reporters in Jaro, Iloilo province, Friday.

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PNoy is very keen on prosecuting Renato Corona even beyond the halls of the Supreme Court, supposedly in the name of accountability and equal application of law. PNoy’s apparent bloodlust was met with dwindling support, even from the ones who are known to be his allies. Do they finally know the true nature of the beast? Who knows?

Lawmakers, including Mr. Aquino’s allies, are divided on the prosecution of Corona after his removal from office. Those who oppose prosecution have urged Mr. Aquino to stand down lest he be seen as “too vindictive.”

Even Senator Angara expressed his doubts on PNoy’s post-impeachment campaign:

But for Sen. Edgardo Angara, the government had already exacted the “highest penalty” from Corona; it should now strive for an “effective and complete closure” of the case.

Angara advised President Aquino against allowing the prosecutorial arms of the government to proceed with a “campaign of vindictiveness” lest he be seen as “too vengeful and vindictive.”

While PNoy did get support from Justice Secretary Leila de Lima which is to be expected, more and more people start to see through PNoy’s crudely vindictive nature. Nice job for overdoing your vanity project, PNoy. While you may win some support from some bloodthirsty Filipinos hungry for more Gladiator-esque persecution, you have given the people a leeway to see for what you really are: a vindictive bully.

What he could’ve done: He could’ve just shut up.

While there is no provision in the Constitution that prohibits a recently impeached officer from being investigated by government agencies and tried under criminal grounds, it would simply be in our intellectually intriguing president’s best interests to just stay quiet, and let the Ombudsman’s office and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) do their respective jobs, without the president meddling like an overly inquisitive spouse. If the Ombudsman receives a credible complaint, then she is free to investigate the matter. The same principle applies to when the BIR obtains a legitimate cause to suspect the ex-Chief Justice of tax evasion and similar offenses. This way, the president will not incur doubts from his allies about his media-enforced benevolence towards the Filipino people.

But then, of course, the president just can’t help but stick his nose on businesses that hardly concern him anymore, even if the impeachment trial is already over. For all we know, the activities of the Ombudsman and the BIR are actually coordinated by PNoy’s administration, and such a scenario is very well likely. Then again, one would wonder what would happen to this statement PNoy issued.

Laws for the common folk should be equally applied to those who wield influence, Mr. Aquino said on Friday.

That’s alright. PNoy is simply espousing equal application of law for all. After all, a private citizen hounded by the president himself for unproven crimes is, like, so common, right?

Meanwhile, there is also the issue of having to choose the new Chief Justice, a responsibility given to the president, now that the position is vacant at the moment after Corona’s fall in the hands of the Yellow brigade. As expected of PNoy, the said issue is overly publicized by his curious ability of not being able to stop himself from talking.

President Benigno Aquino has brought up the names of the two toughest women in his administration in discussions on the next chief justice of the Supreme Court following the removal from the post by impeachment of Renato Corona.

They were discussing possible appointments to the vacant post of chief justice when President Aquino added, “It is said that in my administration, there are two who are feared: Leila De Lima and Kim Henares.”

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Yes, no one can stop the president from making pa-bida his favourite ladies in the midst of the search for a new chief magistrate. Truly, the president is exerting so much effort in being objective and fair in one of his important responsibilities; choosing the head of one of the three branches of the government. Furthermore, PNoy has recently made a bold declaration regarding this particular job of his:

Aquino on Friday said he’s bound neither by law nor tradition to appoint anybody from among the incumbent justices especially since most of them had perpetuated the system of keeping their statements of assets, liabilities and net worth, which are supposed to be public documents, under lock and key.

That’s not exactly the best way to describe his current situation, considering PNoy is actually bound by law to choose among the incumbent justices, should the Judicial and Bar Council decide as such.

Article VIII, Section 9 of the 1987 Constitution states the following:

Section 9. The Members of the Supreme Court and judges of lower courts shall be appointed by the President from a list of at least three nominees prepared by the Judicial and Bar Council for every vacancy. Such appointments need no confirmation.

Basically, PNoy choices are restricted to three persons, depending on who the JBC would nominate for a position in the Supreme Court and other courts. Not bound by tradition? PNoy could say that. Not bound by law? Not exactly. In any case, PNoy’s babble about the ones he obviously favors for the position of Chief Justice simply betrays how biased he can be. The JBC isn’t even done with its nomination, you might not even have made up your mind on who to root for, but your president already has some people in mind. Perfect; he just did the work for you. Is that good?

What he could’ve done: He could’ve just shut up. Again.

In the spirit of fairness and objectivity, PNoy could have just shut up and wait until the JBC has actually come up with the three nominees before opening his mouth about his bets and whatnot. Going ahead of the nomination process to blatantly declare who he wants for the job simply confirms his partisanship. Of course, there is no need for a rational mind to have PNoy do this to confirm his undeniable prejudice in favor of the likes of de Lima, but PNoy can at least exert an effort to look mature and respect the discretion of the JBC. Then again, respect is apparently a foreign concept to our good president. For all we know, PNoy is actually goading the JBC into including de Lima and Henares to its list of nominees, which is very well likely, because PNoy is spoiled like that. Furthermore, we have Francisco S. Tatad’s ominous prophecy in the midst of Corona’s conviction.

With Corona’s conviction and removal, PNoy is now virtually in control of the three branches of government. He may not have what it takes to exercise such control, but there will be no shortage of people who will want to do it for him.

Perhaps this can explain PNoy’s talkativeness; he is now virtually in control, his administration impervious to the power of dissenters, given Tatad’s observations. He is, as it turns out, getting confident. But then, no man is exempt from the dangers of simply talking too much, as generously demonstrated by the man himself in this article.

Indeed, such is the power and sheer beauty of silence, something the president is incapable of observing. If we would but recall renowned physicist Einstein’s words:

“If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut.”

As well as statesman Abraham Lincoln’s:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Then again, it’s not like we’re concerned with PNoy’s fragile reputation. In fact, this might mean good tidings for those who get real. After all, if the aim is to diminish the dictator’s undue influence, this is one of those many holes that can be exploited.

104 Replies to “Looking beyond PNoy’s hypocrisy: the beauty of keeping your mouth shut”

    1. Dont compare him to show business people because he gave you freedom again from that person whose only agenda is to protect Gloria

      1. how can you say that. I don’t want a government run with vengeance and anger. He always thinks that the person he appoints are good and honest enough to believe, then what makes him different from the previous administration other than his so-called “daang matuwid” ?

        1. why dont have anger to those who robbed the countrys treasury? The budget could have been used for the people but it went to her pocket, leaving us in burden (see NFA debt).

        2. Fishball: Corruption is more than than ‘stealing the country’s treasury’. Oh yeah, bribery and defiance of the rule of law is a-ok for you LOL. 😛

      2. “Freedom again from that person whose only agenda is to protect Gloria”

        What does that even mean? Do you people who keep trying to invent a problem where there isn’t one (for instance, have you noticed that Gloria hasn’t actually been president for two years) think about what you’re saying, or do you have a shoebox full of words you just assemble at random?

        1. “I just draw the Blame Some else card! Now i can blame everyone and anyone else for my problems” That’s a hypothetical scenario of the King in Yellow…..Oh wait how stupid of me its not hypothetical!

      3. Your finger pointing excuse only reinforces the fact that there really are people with brains no larger than fishballs.

      4. Gamit na gamit talaga ung mga MacBook at Blackberry na issued sa mga press people ng Malacanang to get involve in the social cyberspace anu?

      1. Oh, ‘Fishball’ is Kris Aquino? XD If that is true, then I’ll tell her that you should try to be president and let’s see how it feels like. 😀

  1. That’s exactly it. He does not comprehend the concept of “I will not dignify that with a response ” . I said as much earlier this week when I said he just has no poise as a president. Incapable of picking his spots. Like he is too dumb to comprehend the optics of the situation. Which is so bad a trait to have as a national leader . I picked up on the same thing when noynoying mania was in full swing. http://edrlopez.blogspot.com/2012/03/much-noynoying-about-nothing.html

    1. Has no poise as president but have jailed the most notorious corrupt people and improved the economy this year?

      1. Still, it didn’t surpass the 7.6% GDP increase during the past admin. Seems that you’re leaning to MEDIOCRITY like the rest of your fellow Aquino apologists.

        If he is not corrupt, then why he can’t sign the waiver? Fact is your PNoy is a hypocrite, just like yourself. 😛

        1. Fish(shit)ball, dahil mahilig ka sa tsismis, may kumakalat, kaya daw iniiwan ng chicks si Penoy dahil bad breadth and worse – role model pala nya daw si Piolo ever since!

          Check it out!

    2. He feels like he should have a say about everything. It’s annoying, and in his case, it’s harming his reputation (as explained in my article). You are so right in saying that PNoy lacks the poise and elegance to become head of State. 😛

  2. Clap clap clap… I love your article. Very well said. One word to describe the king of the palace? HYPOCRITE….

    1. No its not. Its another failed and will be forgotten propaganda attempt to make Gloria clean of her sin.

      1. Your efforts are futile if you throw Yellow Propaganda at us. Fact is you can’t throw stones at the truth.

      2. Sorry troll, your yellow propaganda won’t have any effect on us.

        Bumalik ka nalang sa pagtatanim ng kamote.

      3. If you’re going to try to convince us of the righteousness of the King in Yellow please try to argue against us intellectuality and using use solid and real facts to argue your case. No mediocrity or generalization please you’re making it too easy for us to debunk you.

  3. Like president, like supporters. Double standard, hypocritical vindictive gangsters.

    Reminds me of my Sen. Miriam-hating kins. They don’t even listen to her and they blurt out expressions like “Ay, manahimik ka. Baliw.”, “Sira ulo na ito.”, “maka-Arroyo ka rin. Balik ka sa mental. Bastos”.

    1. Lapid is a much better senator than Miriam because of his humility and understanding of the law. Many dont like her anymore because she sided with the corrupt and misbehavior in senate.

      1. Lapid is not even a real person. He’s a life-size cardboard cutout. On TV, it’s hard to tell, so easy mistake on your part.

      2. Lapid is a high school student and if he is honest then why he voted for Corona’s conviction? He should vote for abstain. That will be the smartest move and not join the nonsense that is voting for conviction.

        EMO people would never prosper. Fact is you hate critical SMART people. No wonder why we are a basketcase because of the likes of you.

      3. You do know there is such a thing as “false humility”? Understanding of the law? He even said he doesn’t know it! Geez, man, what is it your smoking? Sayang lang yung MacBook, very powerful, yet hindi magamit ng tama, like search for some rational answers. Peace!

      4. hehehe, leon guerero, hanga ako sa kanya kung hindi nahuli misis nya sa america may dala ng 100k dolyares. akala nyo ha !isa rin eton palusot.

        1. lapid’s wife was held by u.s. customs but now, it seems the GRP help the lapids already. she must be aware that bringing that excessive amount out of the country is unlawful act..lito lapid perhaps knows his wife doing prior to that..what is the reason of bringing that money to the US? unless lito sign a waiver…he is still a suspect as corrupt senator.

  4. Arche,

    Is this something like a part 2 to your previous write-up: “Pnoy and the waiver”?

    I brought up the thought a while back that I think Noynoy is a ventriloquist. Every time he wants to say something, a dummy speaks. 😛 He’s got at least two (2) of them, and others are willing volunteers. 😛

    I guess he didn’t learn a darn thing from Erap: less talk, less mistake. The more sound bites his critics get, the more they can use against him. Looks like EQ is not one of his strong points, nor do we expect it to be in the near future.

    Among those who are calling on the president to stop hounding Corona are ironically the same people who voted to convict him. Well, those morons kinda paved the way for what is happening now. I guess “cover your own ass” prevailed over “the greater good”.

    1. “Is this something like a part 2 to your previous write-up: “Pnoy and the waiver”?”

      Heh heh, I guess so. After all, PNoy’s blunders do not end with that waiver. 😛

      “I brought up the thought a while back that I think Noynoy is a ventriloquist. Every time he wants to say something, a dummy speaks. He’s got at least two (2) of them, and others are willing volunteers.”

      Well, by the looks of it, it seems PNoy has joined his sock-puppets in his little show. 🙂

      “I guess he didn’t learn a darn thing from Erap: less talk, less mistake. The more sound bites his critics get, the more they can use against him. Looks like EQ is not one of his strong points, nor do we expect it to be in the near future.”

      Indeed. PNoy can do so much for himself by just staying put. He’s digging his own grave by simply talking too much, giving people an opportunity to observe just how ignorant he is. After all, an empty can makes the loudest noise.

      “Among those who are calling on the president to stop hounding Corona are ironically the same people who voted to convict him. Well, those morons kinda paved the way for what is happening now. I guess “cover your own ass” prevailed over “the greater good”.”

      I guess some of them are having their “Oh god why” moment right now. The beast has been unleashed; what have we done? 🙂

  5. I may sound like a nitpicker but is there really no pic of the King in Yellow that doesn’t have his mouth open? Seeing that kind of pics of his makes me see red. Its not that I’m castigating you though but really its like a physical manifestation of his of his idiocy.

    1. You do not want that face because you cant resist him calling your idols Gloria and Corona corrupt which is true and proven.

      1. That’s very laughable. If you think that hearsays and conspiracy theories are true and can be proven, then thank God I’m laughing at your stupid a$$ miles and miles away. 😀

      2. You do not want that face because you cant resist him calling your idols Gloria and Corona corrupt which is true and proven

        Na-convict na pala si Gloria sa corruption? Di ko alam yun ha. At si corona, corruption ba ang kaso niya?
        Mukhang nalilito ka na ate.

  6. How dare you, call our president guilty whilst we had become free again from a corrupt judiciary and what can be considered Gloria supreme court? He already said that he declared all of his cash, properties and titles to the public and theres no need to waive his bank accounts again because he will look like papogi which is not an practice of him.

    This attack to him must stop and let our country leap forward.

    1. The mere fact that your president had broken his promise to disclose all his assets during his campaign is already an example of how useless he really is. In short, he is only a useful example of being USELESS.

        1. Another ‘damage control’ made by the Yellow Media. I pity that you’re too stupid to realize it. 😀

          Conchita Carpio-Morales is the president’s lackey so your arguments are full of fail. 😛

    2. Yes, we can leap forward if penoy stops opening his mouth too often…and if fishball corrects his/her grammar first. Tagalugin mo na lang kung hirap kang i-english…hirap basahin.

        1. i make sense and you dont because i help the country go forward while you, backward again to Gloria.

        2. @Fishball:

          Delusional. Witchhunts will never help the country; it will make things worse.

          You’re destroying the country because you’re intellectually bankrupt, focusing more on trivial matters. And stop the Gloria hate; it will make you more stupid. 😛

        3. Nope, try again stupid troll
          You will always fail at making any sense.
          Your yellow propaganda will never be effective, stupid troll

    3. A repost from a friend:

      I guess anything can become betrayal of public trust now, huh? Even something as far-fetched as plagiarism, as in Justice del Castillo’s case. With all three branches of government tainted by PNoy’s influence, he’s got absolute power. And what do they say about absolute power? It corrupts absolutely. Kung walang corrupt pala, huh?

      We can never leap forward if we keep on like this. In fact, the Philippines is Asia’s laggard when Cory stepped into power and after Gloria, Noynoy came in and in his first 2 years, it’s all about blunders, blame games, vendettas, and incompetence.

      If he is clean, then why he can’t sign the waiver. Your other sentence tells ‘PALUSOT.’ 😛

      1. Ellen Tordesillas explains why PersiNoy does not sign the waiver:
        …Diyan magkaka-problema. Ay kung may miyembro siya ng cabinet na may hindi mapaliwanag na kayamanan? Di magkaproblema pa siya.

        Kaya sinabi niya na hindi ngayon ang tamang panahon para ipatupad niya ang kanyang pangako noong kampanya na mapirma siya ng waiver o pahintulot para makita ng iba ang laman ng kanyang mga bank accounts.

        Kailangan mabigyan niya ang kanyang mga opsiyal ng tamang panahon para ayusin ang kanilang kayamanan.

        1. There is nothing he does/ did well. His actions were non-existent , his words were not worth the spit they were spoken on.

      2. Corona betrayed public trust by being a midnight appointee of Gloria. Meanwhile, Carpio knew that this was not allowed so he did not get involved. Conclusion is Carpio > Corona.

        1. And you believe on that nonsensical bullcrap again? 😛

          Ang midnight appointee ay ipinababawal 2-3 months before election sa branch ng EXECUTIVE habang sa JUDICIARY ay wala pong ganitong rules.. kaya ang ibig sabihin, naluklok si Corona sa LEGAL na paraan.

          Oh yeah, you’re insane on favoring Carpio. He should inhibit himself since he’s part of the JBC. Looks like you wanted Noynoy to control all branches of the government. And, good luck on killing innocent people. I make sense and you don’t. XD

      1. The incident must be blamed to Gloria for corrupting the PNP that left us not so good cops. And we have to remember that it is not his 100 days.

        1. Here we go with the blame game again. That comment makes you more stupid. So in fact, Fishball is a very proud coward like his cowardly PNoy.

          I call you a coward because it seems you don’t want to handle responsibility after all because you didn’t even know what RESPONSIBILITY is. 😛

        2. In addition: will you please stop blaming Gloria for everything? You’re totally IMMATURE if you do that. Why can’t people like you grow up?

          Sorry, you are terribly misguided and misinformed. I don’t think you should be posting retarded stuff here. 😀

    4. I thinks its better for Penoy to step down. He is not up to the job. Up to know the country has no direction. And he cannot even fullfill a campaign promise. Manloloko! Sinungaling!

      1. He had already signed it and up to the ombudsman. I believe Glorias allies are making this stories up to destroy the presidents good reputation.

        1. It’s not destroying the president’s reputation. It’s all TRUE. The Yellow Media (ABS-CBN, Inquirer, etc.) are very good on destroying everyone’s reputation and you’re a fool to believe on those stories.

          People like you blamed GMA because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa, while the media who are allies with the Aquinos won’t look critically at their mistakes, even Noynoy’s ineptitude. See the bias?

          Go figure.

        2. The mere fact that he hasnt done diddly squat during his term only means one thing…. He is incompetent.
          You on the other hand, keep defending your stupid president like you owe him your life.

        3. Where is the waiver? Show it to the world!
          I myself is interested to see the money trails.

    5. Seems this dud is like this JCC – take note of his use of the word “whilst” – want to impress us ordinary folks!

      They might be the same guy.

      If not, Fishball might be insulted being compared to JCC.


    1. Heh heh, thanks! Well, somebody had to speak up about this, anyway. PNoy acting like some sort of a political Kris Aquino, sticking his nose on everything, even the ones that no longer concern him… it’s very irritating, really. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I have been commenting that our president was talking too much, also in the diplomatic front where the talking should be left to the DFA people. Now loquaciousness is publicly confirmed as his demeanor and trade mark. He doesn’t know the wisdom of “Playing dumb while remaining smart”. This can be very dangerous and even disastrous. Before I didn’t believe he was vindictive but now I do.

    1. An intelligent man is he who is cautious in speech and knows how to keep the secrets that must be guarded.
      apparently, Pnoy is just plain IDIOT…

  8. Persi-Noy is being quoted as wanting to cotninue to prosecute ex-CJ Corona all the way into jail, but this is probably just for pogi-points. To prosecute is again to ask “So why again was Corona impeached? The Constitution says impeachment is for a “high crime”… what was Corona’s high crime?”

    You’d think at least Lacierda or deLima will move to get Corona disbarred, right? For the high crime.

    Pilipinas lawyer JCC did some thing serious enough that JCC was suspended ( or maybe he got disbarred… but I think JCC was suspended).

    Jaywalking is a crime but a lawyer caught jaywalking won’t get his license suspended, not at all!!! Now high crime — > “High crime”, one would think, “high crime” means a lawyer gets disbarred. Guilty-of-“High Crime” means that Malakanyang will go through the Pilipinas Courts so that Corona gets disbarred, right?

    ( ** Now, me? I think “ex post facto” covers Corona. That’s what I think. ** Which is why I believe that Malakanyang will not pursue disbarrment because it will be hilariously embarassing if Corona gets found to be… well…. NOT GUILTY under Pilipinas court-of-law. )

  9. Noynoy Aquyino should be reminded of the fate of Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak…he was just given a sentence of life imprisonment…Mr. Osmena told us, that breaking promises to voters, is a normal one. It shows how low this Noynoy Aquino administration and that idiot Osmena has gone. Politicians must be honest. And, must not promise what the cannot fulfill, just to get votes. Noynoy Aquino is not in control of the whole Philippines…he cannot even control the rebellions facing him all over the country. He cannot even control China, claiming Philippines territories…

  10. kya eto si osmena feeling guapo at matalino ay hindi na dapat natin iboto. walang kwenta etong tao na eto eh, pati yon karampot na benefisyo ng mga matatanda sa lipunan gusto nitong alisin…gunggung etong senador na eto at di rin pla nito tutuparin ang pangako nya? ay wag na ntin etong iboto uli ang pangit na nga eh pangit pa ugali.

  11. 1) The fact that Fishball always comments here means one thing. GRP is a threat to Yellow Fever for making sense. Never takes the argument head one. Just rhetoric and wishful thinking like her yellow vindictive, video game playing leader.

    2) I think it’s also wishful thinking to get Fishball to shut up because since when does Kris Aquino ever shut up? Kris Aquino’s monthly mag devoted to herself is not enough. She has to come here and troll under the name Fishball. Kris has one worthy accomplishment. She has mothered two sons that are currently smarter than her kuya.

  12. one of the reasons i keep coming back here is because the articles are quite well written. regardless of your politics, the articles are clear and quite thoughtful, with references to back things up if you want to do your own reading. 🙂

    clever, witty, & informative!

  13. Let’s start ignoring Fishball. He is so masipag being stupid e. Old record playing over and over. LOL.
    Papansin maxado. If we ignore him mag sasawa rin sya kaka post sa GRP.

    1. The best way to ignore his posts is to let the moderators DELETE his posts. Hindi siya magsasawa kasi ang tignin niya isang robot who is programmed to forsee any anti-Aquino website and just comment with his nonsensical stupid posts.

      THAT is better. 😛

    2. The thing is since when does Kris Aquino ever shut up? Kris is the ultimate KSP , irrational harlot and she chose to share her wisdom with us. Kris is cheap like a sidewalk Fishball. Thank me for cracking the code.

  14. Hi author, i appreciate your article so much as i too feel really ungrateful with the current administration (PNoy’s) because he is damn evil!! He promise better and quality life and yet what is his administration doing, killing us all. I am an OFW and honestly we feel burdened by their actions and continuously ignoring us. We would really appreciate if you will write an article for us OFW as we were constantly being ignored and we need eye opening articles such as this.. to give you an idea of what we are protesting, i would post a fb page link in this comment http://www.facebook.com/OFWVOICE

  15. Your eyeballs don’t move…you hardly make a squint….and perhaps you hardly close your eyelids…you indeed need to grow up…there’s no denying the “hatred” of the aftermath….it’s hard to lose a beloved father that way but y’all figured it out…it didn’t happen right away but eventually it did….even your sister’s eyes showed the buried wrath of the pain and anger everyone felt in 1986…….it’s over and it’s time to move on…you are the legacy of the opposition and to add more sarcasm, hypocrisy, anger – it’s a senseless misdeamenor. You want to add more heat to the fire, huh? You’ll just come out a gonner like the rest who held that status….open your eyes and it’s no longer the year of the Lord era….Strike One – how can you be so clear and manipulative to hold on to the so called “family jewels”……you didn’t own it in the first place….you are fighting to own that you didn’t purchase?….that was the reason GMA had a point….I often wonder,it always ends up fighting over “money” with the status you have reached…..you proclaim about “righteousness” that you don’t adhere?….and then, what is the next topic of your “hateful” agenda? Set yourself free…set your hatred over events you cannot predict..
    FREE….Free yourself from HATRED…

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