Ignorance: a fundamental force in Pinoy society

Fellow GRP writer Arche wrote a few days ago about Miriam Defensor Santiago (MDS), and he likened her to a modern day Pilosopo Tasyo. She is obsessed with the law, and probably knows it better than most other lawmakers currently in the Philippines. One can be forgiven for saying that her obsession with the law borders on fanaticism. However her brutally frank delivery, high-pitched accent and voice, and her not-so understated lack of patience for stupid people are a put-off to quite a few. Well, tough luck. MDS is not only the bitter pill to swallow for imbeciles like members of the prosecution team, but also for balat-sibuyas, mayabang, and stupid Pinoys who prefer to stay ignorant about things, and scoop up by the balde everything that mainstream media feeds them. Too bad she’s about to leave soon for the International Criminal Court (ICC); it’s less fun in the Philippines whenever there’s one less person reminding us Pinoys just how stupid we can get.

For this write-up, let’s explore the other side of the spectrum. Senator Santiago represents one extreme end, one who has, as mentioned above, an obsession and respect for the law bordering on fanaticism. This being the Philippines, we will also find among the senators one of them who represents the other extreme: someone who admitted he/she has totally no knowledge of it. In other words, this senator represents the ultimate in ignorance of the law – “ang kasukdulan ng kamangmangan sa batas“. This someone claimed to be humble and voted with conscience. This someone supposedly represents millions of other Filipinos who are similar to him/her. It is no surprise then that Filipinos were applauding his/her speech. This senator is none other than Lito Lapid.

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In particle physics, there are what are called fundamental interactions between elementary particles. Basically there are four types: the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force.

In the Philippines, we will be able to find a fifth fundamental force. As stated in the title, it is called ignorance.

Ignorance sort of behaves like gravity here in the Philippines. Whenever there is a large mass of ignorant people, they suddenly have a lot of weight in society. It attracts from an infinite range. Ignorance cannot be absorbed, is difficult to transform, and is something that cannot be shielded against. Ignorance is also responsible for keeping unwitting people in orbit around a “sun” whose sole aim is to exploit the “planets” for whatever they’re worth. Unlike gravity though, it can be repelled, but it would be extremely difficult, and yes, painful. The question is, are Filipinos up to the task of overcoming it?

I could not help but wince during the speech Lito Lapid gave before handing out his vote in the Corona impeachment trial. Many people considered it heartfelt, honest, and humble. Yet he did the one thing nobody raised a stink about: he basically laid bare his ignorance of the law for the whole Philippines to see. And he stressed it over and over as if it was something to brag about. If you ask me, the fact that Lito Lapid and other showbiz celebrities are even among the senators is a clear indication that the profession of law-making has been cheapened to a primp-and-preen fashion show. Ever since Pinoys discovered voting in elections, we’ve been voting dominantly by name recognition, instead of by platform. That we prefer to stay ignorant about what the people we put into office stand for, if any, says volumes about our propensity as a people.

What makes ignorance such a powerful force in Pinoy society? To be fair, everyone is born knowing very little. However, is our society one that is inherently unjust? There seems to be a cycle happening all over again. In the past, the friars did not want the indios to learn the Spanish language, for fear that they would eventually learn how to rise up against them. Similarly today, the oligarchs are depriving many Filipinos of better-quality media by producing opium-like matter that keeps them “illiterate” and addicted to trash. Are they afraid that their bottom line will be affected if the masa suddenly asks for more? Are they afraid that if they need to step up their quality, they can’t meet the demand? It is ironic that the few in whom the power to shape society lies prefers not to do anything about it. For both the masa and the oligarchs, ignorance is bliss.

Lito Lapid claimed to be voting with his conscience. He didn’t make the claim to base his decision on any existing law. And that’s where the problem lies. If your conscience, or intuition, is not informed, then you run the risk of being influenced, or being swayed, by external factors that ultimately amount to noise. While this remains circumstantial evidence at best as to why Lapid voted guilty, surely crossing his employer ABS-CBN, who happened to be one of the influential forces against the defendant, and wanting to keep a probe by the Ombudsman into his wealth from blowing up, would have some effect on swaying him. So much for informed intuition there; if you know what’s good for you, you will do as the powers that be say.

Ignorance fits like a glove in Philippine society. It meshes well with the ever-present mentalities of mediocrity (pwede-na-yan syndrome) and fatalism (bahala-na syndrome). But the world is changing rapidly, and ignorance of how to keep up with the times is not in our best interest. Unless Pinoys and Filipinos learn how to resist this fundamental force, we will forever remain Asia’s basketcase and sick man.

The good news is, ignorance can be resisted. The first step is recognizing that the problem exists. The second step is to question what is doubtful to you in society. Just because something has been done the same way for a long time does not mean it is the best way. Definitely, popularity does not equate to being right.

Ignorance pins us down, and keeps us forever in a political, social, and economic cocoon. And we don’t want to forever remain that way, do we?

92 Replies to “Ignorance: a fundamental force in Pinoy society”

  1. The truly ignorant will reply:What ignorance are you talking about? The Filipino is truly world-class and unbeatable. Lito Lapid is a hero to us all. There is no ignorance happening in our country.

    That’s the sad reality of it. The ignorant is ignorant of his ignorance.

    1. Yup. “The more I know , the more I know what I don’t know.” Sadly Lapid gave them an excuse to be complacent with being clueless.

  2. Enrile even praised Lapid’s speech. But that’s not surprising. Enrile is a Liberal party member after all.

    1. I have to give credit to Sen Lapid for his speech, as far as politically fueled speeches go, his hit the right spot.

      He got the following people on his side with that speech:
      People against Corona
      People who are pro-Pnoy
      People who are anti-Arroyo
      People who are not well-versed in the law
      High school graduates
      Those who do not understand English.

      Since a lot of our people fall into at least one of the above mentioned groups, he’s got them covering his back; not a good thing for the country, of course, but in the political game, Sen Lapid played his hand well.

    2. what happened to his wife case of dollar smuglling they hid on a pair of socks ,is that consience senator lapid talking abot,politicians are full of craft.

  3. The state of being in ignorance indicates lack of knowledge, education and/or awareness. Ignorance is a close relative of the gullible. Is the following statement true? The ignorant and the gullible will believe anything fed to them by the mass media.

    Thus gossip, deliberate misrepresentation, black propaganda, grey propaganda and even representations made by ignorant, bombastic politicians are swallowed hook, line and sinker. But is ignorance and gullibility the real cause of our country not progressing and moving forward as it should?

    Common sense is present in many Filipinos. I do not believe that all of our people are ignorant and gullible to what is happening in the country today. The dark politicians can continue with their political circuses, expediency and opportunism. They can try to manipulate minds with deceit and disinformation. But one thing is for sure. They can never fool all of the people all of the time.

    1. Der Fuhrer,
      Let’s put the two together, then. If you’re ignorant or even just lacking enough information on an issue, chances are you will be left gullible to take the stance that the propagandists want you to. In da Pilipins, there is strength in numbers, no?

      Common sense is present, indeed. But the question is how many Pinoys actually use it? Our society is bogged down by the pwede-na-yan mentality, and as I said above, a sad by-product of this mentality is the belief that “ignorance is bliss”.

      As long as a gaping inequality between the “haves” and the “have-nots” exists in our society, the former will always exploit whatever advantages they have over the latter, and that includes what the haves know that the have-nots do not.

      That is why I think it is a fundamental force. But I see your point.

  4. I maintain that ignorance is not a fundamental force in pinoy society. It is rather a tool of exploitation used by ruthless opportunists who would not hesitate to control and condition the hearts and minds of those unfortunates who lack knowledge, awareness and wisdom. When wisdom finally rules the country, everything will change for the better.

  5. The thing about ignorance is that it is often mixed with being poor, and being poor is often glamorized in this country as being good, even if a poor person actually commits a crime. So an intelligent or rich person tends to be demonized, because being any of these are seen as bad in the Philippines. While the ignorant or poor, or both, are seen as good. Which really sucks.

  6. one big problem is that the ignorant are not aware of their problem, are quick to make decisions based on bits and pieces of (mis)information instead of waiting for the whole picture, and make the loudest noise! sad! sad! sad!

    1. Yeah, that’s the problem with the ignorant too. They sometimes don’t realize they are ignorant. Double ignorant.

  7. Sen. Defensor Santiago is brutally frank. She speaks, what is in her mind. She is knowledgeable of the law. The ICC Court in The Hague, Neatherland knows it better, than anybody of us, to accept her as Judge. Lito Lapid is a high school graduate, who impeached a Supreme Court Justice. I am sure, he does not know : Due Process of law, Bill of Rights, etc…all he did was acting infront of a camera. This gained his popularity to be elected in Public Office. Ignorance was the tool the Spaniards used to control us. Same way, that ignorance is being used by the Feudal Monopolist Oligarchs, to remain in power…this is the reason, we are Blogging. To inform people, without any hidden agendas on our part. To educate also future leaders…

    1. hyden,

      Thanks for your nice explanation of the whole truth and nothing is the truth…. Ewan ko rin ba bakit kahit si Enrile ay nagboto ng guilty na alam naman niya na batas dapat ang manaig…. Ano kaya ang ibig sabihin para sa kanya ng “absolute confidentiality”…… Dapat nga si CJ Corona ay umapila sa decision nila kahit magkaroon pa ng constitutional crisis dahil sa pagka intindi ko its the supreme court is the interpreter of the law and the CJ himself say so that he did not declare it because of that… Anyway thanks for defending my idol Senator Madam Miriam…. batas talaga pinairal niya….. Thanks again.

      1. Enrile, the old Bastard is the consummate political opportunist. He sets his sails, where the wind is blowing. He was with Marcos…he was with Cory Aquino…he was with Arroyo…now, he is with Noynoy Aquino…Look at how this Bastard has grown filthy rich, at our expense…

  8. But Lito Lapid was only one of 20 who voted for conviction. And why was she being compared to Miriam Defensor Santiago when he’s not a lawyer?

      1. Yes, but it still doesn’t make sense because the issue was not purely legal. I think the comparison was made to put down Lapid and give prominence to MDS’s stature as a legal luminary. It’s no match from the very beginning and very unfair.

        1. So, Lapid does not deserve to stand on the same ground as Santiago?

          Funny. Last time I checked, they were both senators. Same Job Description. Same Salary. Same output needed. Whether the subject was entirely legal or not, it does not matter.

        2. Lapid don’t deserve to stand on the same ground with Santiago? I did not say that. I was pointing out the issue of comparing a lawyer to a non-lawyer. No problem with them standing on the same footing because they are both senators. But to exploit the lack of legal background of Lapid compared to Santiago’s expertise leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

          You can question the logic of Lapid’s decision on Corona. Fine. I can even argue with you on that. But to use him to give prominence to Santiago is unfair. And you know it’s unfair.

          Go back and read the title again. The article insinuates that Lapid is the personification of ignorance which the author calls a fundamental force in Pinoy society.

          It is af if, majority, if not all of the 20 judges who convicted Corona was Lapid-like in intelligence.

        3. Why should the Filipino people give Lapid some slacks just because he is not a lawyer? He should not be a senator in the first place since he cannot seem to understand the basic laws of the land. He should do something to improve himself otherwise, he’s just a waste of space in the senate.

        4. Nobody’s saying here to give Lapid a slack. The point is the unfair comparison. The post are very, let us not impregnate it.

        5. If the former action star is really serious about being an effective lawmaker, he should consider getting a law degree so he doesn’t remain ignorant of the law. He can’t hide behind being a high-school graduate forever.

          Filipinos do deserve the leaders they elect because not only do they elect celebrities as public servants, they even defend their ignorance.

        6. Dear Sanjo,

          I guess we read different articles. As an example, Lapid was cited as the personification of the OTHER extreme, with Miriam as a fanatic. I didn’t see it as the 20 were like Lapid. The writer was simply pointing out the opposite to being well-informed.

          It was said that a majority of Filipinos decide purely out of heart rather than thinking things through. It was also stated that this culture has to change.

          Anyway, I hope that clears things up.

        7. ^^
          Brianitus, thank you for fully and clearly stating above one of the main ideas I tried to espouse in this article.

  9. “Lito Lapid claimed to be voting with his conscience. He didn’t make the claim to base his decision on any existing law. And that’s where the problem lies. If your conscience, or intuition, is not informed, then you run the risk of being influenced, or being swayed, by external factors that ultimately amount to noise. ”

    If you remember Lapid’s closer/deliberation, I think he based his decision entirely on what Rudy Farinas said during the closing arguments of the impeachment. I think he even cited Farinas.

    1. Majority who voted for conviction either based their decision either in combination or independent of law, experience and conscience. Why, then, take it against Lapid for voting from conscience? You don’t necessarily need to cite a law to vote for conviction or acquittal. If I remember right, even Corona never clearly cited a law that would possibly acquit him.

      If Corona, a chief justice, who was given hours to explain his side, never bothered to use a law as basis for his defense, why will Lapid be different?

      1. Didn’t the ex-CJ cite the FCDA as part of the defense? The senate decided that ex-CJ’s interpretation couldn’t be allowed. With that legal stumbling block out of the way, it became easy for the undecided to go with a guilty verdict.

        Independent of law? Citing a law or a precedent would have made the decision appear FAIR. There were facts that could’ve been used. Are we wasting taxpayer money on Lapid’s staff?

        And please, Corona had hours while Lapid had months to review the facts of the case. Well, days lang pala. That’s if you consider that without ex-CJs admission, the case would’ve gone south.

        1. I don’t think Corona did what you just said. In fact, in one episode of the trial I heard him say there was conflict on laws (constitution & bank secrecy law, etc.). Meaning, even he, is not sure of what law should apply with regard to bank deposits.

          The ‘hours’ given to Corona was the opportunity to buttress his defense by explaining his reason for excluding a part of his assets from the SAL-N. And as CJ we expected him to do so by providing the law that would be his protection against the charges against him. Of course “his interpretation” of the law will not be allowed for obvious reason.

          In other words, there was no concrete, clear and valid law protecting and providing legal reason for his act.

          Yes, I agree with you that CJ practically admitted the charges against him when he failed to establish clear defense on his behalf.

        2. In fact, in one episode of the trial I heard him say there was conflict on laws (constitution & bank secrecy law, etc.).

          I heard no such thing. He was adamant about his defense using the foreign secrecy law. He even challeged his accusers to sign the waiver to prove that his interpretation was correct.

        3. Lapid spoke his verdict speech the way the masa would understand it with humility and honesty, unlike Miriam which bullied all of the senators as she was right. No! She is wrong to side with the thieves!

        4. ^ That because lapid and the masas including you vincensus ignoramus are drama kings and queens. Sobra na kasi ang panonood nyo ng telebasura kaya lubog sa ebak ang utak nyo sa pagiging emo. Your vox populi is nothing but madness.

    2. To be fair, Brianitus, he did cite Farinas. When I watched Farinas’ argument, he seemed to emphasize the “palusot” argument more than anything. As someone who has little to no knowledge of the law, that will ring with you louder than any technical detail, wouldn’t it? So instead of being able to analyze in terms of “palusot nga ba talaga siya?”, the tendency is to think “sabi niya palusot, eh di ko din gusto ang palusot, so guilty nga siya.”

      1. Many times in life, when there are two opposing arguments, the truth can lie somewhere in the middle. Your intellect and reason should guide you to that middle or whatever point where you need to go. If anyone ever read Gladwell’s Blink, yes your feelings guide you but only because they have been trained over time.

  10. Fishball/ Kris- so in your world making sense and explaining a process is “bullying”? You interpret “humility and honesty”. I interpret Lapid’s message as ” You don’t need to know anything to get my position and once you get it , you don’t have to develop your critical reasoning skills nor should you even be paying attention to facts being presented by both sides. Emotion is what you go by”. Sounds like a recipe for flawed logic and a flawed system. But then again that is how our president your kuya was elected right? Your mother dies therefore Kuya Noy deserves your vote. GALING KRIS!!!

  11. i would like to thank all of the people behind GRP for letting me know na hindi rin nmn pala lahat ng pilipino ay ignoraNte.. i hope others would see this and somehow open their minds for the betterment of the country.. change is always hard but i guess doom is upon us until we use our minds, not some emotion crap. ignorant people makes me sick and tired of reading their nonsense posts. FISHBALL = IGNORAMOUS

    1. If only the GW program of MGS2 really exists, I’ll grab a popcorn and watch fishball and the other ignoramuses weep with despair from assaulting their brain by that AI with massive context.

  12. Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs – Bill Gates

    Here in the Philippines we try everything to be a drama show

  13. I blame the families behind ABIAS CBN and Phil Daily Inquirer for somehow equating the yellow movement to patriotism. Last I looked patriotism had to do with actions that lead to results. Noynoy was glorified for having done nothing concrete in his years as an elected public servant. The Lopezes imposed their views on who should win and abused their broadcasting privileges. Keep this in mind the airwaves are publicly owned. Therefore the KBP ideally is there to prevent any overt agenda on public airwaves. The kuya of Fishball , Noynoy benefited from ABS CBN’s revisionist history which in the mind of the Filipino voter more than made up for no concrete results or actions that 50 year old BS Aquino was responsible for. First place in the elections went to man who basically said “vote for me, my mom just died”. Second place went to a man who was found guilty of a crime punishable by death. Nice going Philippines. I am not sure what there is to be proud about you as a voting nation. If I speak the truth in the scenario I painted , then the title of this piece authored by FallenAngel could not be more appropriate. Again, where is the pride for a nation whose engine is fueled by ignorance?

    1. media were suppressed during martial law, right? now i know the reason why.. influenced media they have become. look at how they are helping our Filipino brothers to be as ignorant as they can be. how irresponsible to ask the president of his “lovelife”.

      1. You look at all the Noynoy gfs being paraded around. Those are all P.R. orchestrations. by both the media itself and of course the Palace. To what end? I have a theory on that in my personal blog.

  14. “A nation whose engine is fueled by ignorance”?

    I see that statement as a product of a mind that resents the current administration. It does not really speaks the truth. It speaks of the hurt and pain of the writer to see somebody other than his favored person occupying Malacanang.

    When you say ‘ignorance’ you have to be clear and concrete about it because you are categorizing a group of people, the Filipinos, in a bad light, short of insulting them outright.

    Compared to you, the Filipinos are ignorant? Why and how? That is the question begging for an answer.

    1. to clear your mind we have a “lito lapid” as a very good example of ignorance. reasoning based on conscience because he doesnt have any idea about the law. plain ignorance.. well never mind the law i have my conscience to follow.. and many filipinos loved him and his reason for voting guilty which makes them ignorant of the idea that lito lapid is ignorant.

      1. Why, what’s wrong in reasoning based on conscience? Isn’t that we all do? And how did you know he has no idea about the law, did you talk to him about it?

        Before saying all those things against Lito Lapid, I suggest you give your reason first why you think his decision was wrong. Just because his decision was based on common sense and conscience doesn’t mean it was wrong already.

        1. From the article:

          If your conscience, or intuition, is not informed, then you run the risk of being influenced, or being swayed, by external factors that ultimately amount to noise.

          I have a better idea: why don’t you tell us first what isn’t wrong about judging a person guilty without fully understanding what he was guilty of in the first place, hmm?

        2. You inform your conscience then you decide with your informed conscience using logic instead of feelings. Ben Kenobi said “the Force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.” It’s up to you to decide what condition Lapid admits his mind is at. Look at any established framework for a leader. Did Lapid do that?

        3. FallenAngel

          It would better to start the discussion by telling us why you think Lito Lapid’s decision was wrong. What did he do in formulating his idea to reach his decision that you think rendered it wrong. I do not believe that just because it was based on conscience it’s already wrong.

        4. conscience – the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives. you can use this everyday on any places but not purely on an impeachment court. do you use conscience only on an impeachment court?
          thats exactly what lito lapid said on the day of coronas verdict, that gave me the idea that he has no idea about the law.. it came straight from his mouth.
          i never said that he made the wrong decision, all im saying is that he was wrong to ignore the law..
          imagine you were accused of stealing something and youre in court, would you think its fair for the judge to base his judgment on conscience? i bet you would be screaming for law and due process haha. we have a rule/law to guide us all.

        5. SANJO
          did you listen to miriams explanation that impeach should be quasi-judicial and quasi-political? did you see any conscience mentioned that should be followed to an impeachemt court?

        6. trish

          I read the definition of ‘conscience’ in your post. It’s very clear. So clear that you can treat it as an answer to your question to me.

        7. How can you make a decision in good conscience if you’re not informed or knowledgeable? Imagine a person thrusts into the position of CEO of a company and that person has no experience whatsoever. Then he hears of this product the company is developing that may be profitable. CEO, without critical thinking, says the company must pursue this because “it feels right.” Guess what? He just cost his employees their jobs because the product tanks. That’s the problem with voting solely by “conscience.” Voting by conscience should entail being as well-informed as possible, lest the wrong decisions are made.

        8. “Why, what’s wrong in reasoning based on conscience?” This does not apply in a exercise where facts and logic are the guiding principles.
          Next you’ll be saying that judges should decide on the basis of their “conscience” not on the merits of the evidenced and facts at hand.

    2. What I mean by fueled by ignorance. Can we agree that any organization is defined by actions. By observing actions you can usually define what an organization’s true values are instead of what it’s stated values are. I thought about this notion long and hard three years ago when all these people claimed that Efren Penaflorida represented them. In my gut I knew that was hogwash. The people who this society valued were not people who contributed to the cultivation of intellect but to its stagnation. For me that has very real ramifications at the ballot box and of course the politicians that end up representing us. Intelligence is not considered an asset. Being an action star is. Look at the shows that rate here. What mentality do they encourage? We as a a country I truly believe are poorer because of the values we have and the values we don’t have. And it’s all there in plain daylight for anyone to see. And some believe it’s fine. Like Lapid’s speech which basically says he has no reason to improve, don’t appeal to my intellect because I don’t wish to develop it and ignorance is bliss . I believe this post represents authentic Filipino values.


      1. Before assuming all those incredible things, I suggest you look back on our short electoral history and find out why the things you are now seeing are happening. It may appear to you that Filipinos are not intelligent because they are electing celebrities like Lito Lapid and you call it as it is. But, did you ever ask yourself why?

        It’s not like one morning majority of Filipinos suddenly become stupid and just decided for themselves to elect celebrities on sight on every election. That is what you are insinuating because you have not put up even a brief history to back up your allegations. You completely ignored the fact that the present developed in a slow, long and continuing process.

        Have you not even entertain the idea that people are electing celebrities and other non-traditional politicians out of frustration? Of disappointment on people in public office? Of repugnance on the lingering and never-ending corruption in gov’t. Have you asked yourself what have the trapos done since the invention of election in this country?

        What I’m saying is, people grew tired of electing professional politicians because nothing really has changed in our country under their tutelage. Nothing.

        So you see, it’s easy to say that people are not intelligent because they vote for people like LIto Lapid. Superficial.

        1. So you are saying, rather than exert the effort to be more clever than the clever crooks (like for instance, not believing their hollow promises), the Pinoy voter chose to surrender instead? Well then I guess the Pinoy voter isn’t dumb. They just refuse to think.

        2. “What I’m saying is, people grew tired of electing professional politicians because nothing really has changed in our country under their tutelage. Nothing. “- Erap was president for about 2 1/2 years under that premise of yours . Found guilty of a crime (not impeached from a position) punishable by death and pinoys still flock to him. Came in #2 in the last election behind the guy whose claim to fame was that his mother died. Are you telling me all that are signs of intelligent life in this country? #1- a guy who pole vaulted over his mother’s corpse straight into Malacanang. #2 a guy whose crime is worthy of capital punishment. Those guys deserve our vote? Call it what you will sir.

          “So you see, it’s easy to say that people are not intelligent because they vote for people like LIto Lapid. Superficial.” –

          You damn well know I said more than that. Read it again. the message he was giving. “I am dumb like you, and I will give this verdict/ no brains necessary/ I will not improve myself/ there is no need/ my duty to you does not require study or attention or improvement”. I said more than that. In my replies here and my posts in GRP about the aftermath of the impeachment verdict.

        3. @Gogs:

          The best solution is to amend the constitution and allow animals to run for office. I think that’s the next step down the evolutionary ladder of politicians.

          trapo> clueless trapo? > clueless celeb > brainless beast

          Preferably, the next president should be KingKong. He’s a famous monkey.

        4. Fine. Let’s say voters are voting out of frustration. But the best way to exorcise these frustrations is to be more knowledgeable. It’s that simple. Reacting emotionally will not change anything.

        if ever he wins again on future election after saying this, well damn!

        1. Trish- you get my point. You would want your representative to be educated and to make an effort to know what’s going on. It’s impossible to live in Manila with all the English around you in signs, newspapers , tv, magazines and not learn some English. Specially a guy in his position for all this time. The guy does not make the effort, what he is telling his “followers” you don’t have to make the effort to improve yourselves or pay attention or continue your learning. For me the pinoy culture is all about not learning and celebrating ignorance. Hence why Lapid is celebrated. Bury your head in the sand like an ostrich.

        2. Gogs – i totally get your point. what i dont understand is how can someone defend that kind of foolish statement. only a fool i guess like sanjo to be specific. lito lapid is somehow giving our students the idea that being a high scholl graduate isnt that bad after all.. but it is that bad when your reasoning like that.

        3. Gogs – i totally get your point. what i dont understand is how can someone defend that kind of foolish statement. only foolish people in the likes of sanjo would do such a thing. lito lapid is somehow giving this message to the youth that being a high school graduate isnt a bad thing after all.. when it is a bad thing really when your reasoning like that.

        4. reply #2 to below Trish. Exactly . Lapid in his que sera sera approach is insulting everybody.

          He insults:
          a) himself saying he should not have to improve, learn or pay attention.
          b) his constituents by saying they are dumb and he is with them, don’t improve,
          c) his position, by demeaning the demands of the responsibility.
          d) his service to the country by not putting forth necessary effort.

          The fact very few jump on that just proves the country’s predisposition to ignorance. That it’s normal and expected. Standards are low. Hence the point of the Efren Penaflorida link. People here love, appreciate and support dumb. That’s what I see living in this country so that is what I said and Lapid crystalized that concept.

        5. You should look at the record of Isko Moreno (showbiz poltician of Manila). He was even a basurero before. He chose to improve his educational standing.

          I’m not saying the man is better than Lapid, but it does present a case that a man can always CHOOSE to IMPROVE when presented with resources.

        6. @brainitus. Exactly . Don’t treat elected politician status like you have arrived. Treat it like your work has just begun. Always improve yourself. I really don’t care how others might treat this next statement but learning for most will be more productive if they don’t limit their materials to the Tagalog dialect. Apparently that is what Lapid has done, The spectrum of viewpoints in the Tagalog dialect tends to be narrow . Very sensational. That’s my opinion.

  15. It was not about “reasoning based on conscience.” The real truth is the base reality of political expediency and political opportunism. When one sells his soul to the devil there is only a chosen path. No reasoning and no conscience.

  16. Fallen Angel, I used the exact lemmings picture in my Youtube video “It’s Noy or Never” Released campaign time over two years ago.

  17. For the record, I have never voted for Lito Lapid for senator. The same with Noynoy. I even voiced out my opposition to Noynoy running for president in some discussion forums that I write in. Obviously, I’m on the minority because both Lapid and Noynoy won.

    But I don’t hold any rancor in my heart. For me, the people has spoken. We must respect it. I don’t take it personally, that is why I’m a bit amused of how some people who comments on this thread seems to have been unable to move on after the election of people like Noynoy and Lapid.

    I think there is a tinge of unfairness, soreness or ill-will on the criticisms against the two in relation to the just concluded impeachment trial of CJ Corona, particular to Lito Lapid.

    Some people connect the lack or absence of intelligence among Filipinos because people like Lapid gets elected. Lapid’s guilty verdict of Corona is being ridiculed because it was based on conscience. That he’s stupid, etc.

    But I have not read anything that tackles the very essence and reason of Lapid’s decision to convict Corona. All the things that was said about it were peripherals. Nobody cited Lapid’s error in agreeing with Farinas theory. Nobody presented a fact showing Lapid did not understood the facts of the case Nobody advanced any theory showing Lapid was totally out of touch in the proceedings.

    They just branded him stupid or a fool or a know-nothing, etc. That’s what he is because he voted to convict Corona. But what about the other 19 judges/senators? They also voted for conviction. Why is it only Lapid gets to be attack for lack of intelligence?

    There’s the rub.

    1. because he was the only one who admitted to not knowing anything about the law thats why.. yes it would have been fair to him if he didnt vote at all.

    1. Take heed of your words child, what we point out is that Lito Lapid’s reasoning is very flawed and worse some people don’t even bother to analyze it deeply. Your tone indicates an attempt to polarize those us think and questions things and those who accept things with any question.

  18. Eighty posts are now on this site. And it all started with First Things First: A Commentary on DepEd’s K +12. This article, first published in Philippine Star, was my attempt to examine the elements introduced by the new K to 12 curriculum of the Department of Education of the Philippines. To aid the readers of this blog, it is perhaps time to collate these posts and to summarize the key messages.

    Please visit http://philbasiceducation.blogspot.com/2012/06/deped-k-to-12-overview-of-this-blog.html

    Please share the site with others. Thank you.

  19. I disagree that the Friars deprived the Indios from learning the Spanish language. It was a policy from the Spanish empire to teach them the Spanish language. When the Americans invaded Filipinas, they killed many Spanish-speaking Filipinos, imposed the English language, and most of all, demonized the Spanish language and culture.

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