Manny Pacquiao denies wanting death for gay people

It starts out with a statement. If you are a nobody, your statement will simply get lost in cyberspace. However, if you are somebody, then an avalanche of reactions will surely follow your statement; some favorable to you but some can cost you to lose your spot in the top ten most influential sports stars in the Forbes rich list.

Such was the case with Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. Apparently, the boxing legend was said to have been misquoted by a blogger for the site in a way that angered the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community in the United States. The blogger, Granville Ampong overly emphasized Pacquiao’s stand on same sex-marriage by adding a verse from the Bible, which suggested that gays must be put to death. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

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Pacquiao’s directive for Obama calls societies to fear God and not to promote sin, inclusive of same-sex marriage and cohabitation, notwithstanding what Leviticus 20:13 has been pointing all along: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

Reading the above, it is very easy to understand why some would assume that Pacquiao was the one who made the statement. Since the writer, Ampong boasted about having an exclusive interview with Pacquiao, people would naturally think that “death” to gay people is what Pacquiao believes in; unless of course he specifically states that it is not — which is what the boxer did after people from the gay and lesbian community threatened to petition advertisers to drop him as their spokesperson.

Gay Marriage USA has launched an online petition telling Nike to cease its sponsorship of Pacquiao. In its petition page, the group wrote: “Nike is a multi-billion dollar industry and LGBT people contribute billions to this company. It is completely unacceptable that such a high-profile company should be sponsoring a boxer who is encouraging violence towards LGBT people. Tell Nike to drop its sponsorship!”

Same sex marriage is such a hot topic in the US after President Barrack Obama expressed his support. Conservatives and progressive thinkers have been debating it endlessly in the lead up to the US Presidential election in 2013. We all know that pressure from a group of noisy gay people can make a difference to the value of a spokesperson. The New York Times also reported that some of his sponsors are “concerned” about the controversy and taking the matter seriously:

Pacquiao, who has won titles in seven weight classes, has endorsement contracts with several companies — Hewlett-Packard and Hennessy, among others. They conveyed concern over his comments to Top Rank Boxing, which promotes Pacquiao.

Lucia McKelvey, Top Rank’s executive vice president for business development and marketing, flew to New York late Wednesday in part to meet with Hennessy representatives about Pacquiao’s comments.

McKelvey said Hennessy was “extremely upset” Tuesday because negative comments — which might have been prompted by inaccurate information — flooded the company’s Facebook page.

In Pacquiao’s denial, it was interesting to note that for someone who is a staunch member and unofficial spokesperson for the Catholic Church, he claimed to have not read the verse from Leviticus at all.

He said Wednesday in a telephone interview that he had not quoted from, nor had ever read, Leviticus.

“I don’t agree with, and I’m against, gay marriage,” Pacquiao said. “But that’s all. I’m not saying I condemn gay people, or gay marriage. I have relatives who are gay. I have friends who are gay.

“All I did was answer a question.”

Perhaps in the future, Pacquiao should be more careful about the people he grants “exclusive” interviews. He should actually refrain from talking to bloggers who hold extreme religious views. After all, it’s not like his sponsors who put more food on his table are selling religious items. On the contrary, if Pacquiao wants to extend his endorsement deals with the likes of Henessy the liquor giant, I suppose he could drop the saintly image he is trying to project. The Hennessy lifestyle is just not consistent enough with the religious life he wants to lead.

The lesson here is quite simple. If you are somebody who relies on endorsement deals to support your “comfortable” lifestyle, then you may just have to keep your opinions to yourself to avoid being “misquoted”.

7 Replies to “Manny Pacquiao denies wanting death for gay people”

  1. There is a few things that just are not true and I want to point them out.

    1) Manny has the freedom of free speech, religious or not. If he was telling people to do something non-religious, they wouldn’t give a #$%.

    2) The guy is an evangelical, not a Catholic. Two total different value systems.

    3) There is no way that the gay community puts “billions” into Nike. They are only a small portion (less that 3-4% of America). Maybe millions but not billions.

    4)He will LOSE sponsors over his religious pov but he ain’t worried about food on his table for his kids. That’s for sure.

    If the guy community has the right to free speech, so does people like Manny.

    1. Which part of the article says that Manny does not have freedom of speech?

      Unfortunately, practicing his freedom of speech too much can cost him. He’ll just have to weigh which one is more important to him, is it his religious beliefs or his endorsement deals?

      The guy is an evangelical, not a Catholic. Two total different value systems.

      And you know this because? Please explain why this guy in the NYTimes article says he is Catholic:

      “It was this revived interest in biblical study, Arum said, that led Pacquiao to express his views on same-sex marriage, which Arum said he does not share. Arum noted that Pacquiao is Catholic and conservative and from a country where most people hold similar beliefs. Pacquiao is also an elected official, Arum said, and thus should be allowed to take a stance on social issues, even an unpopular one.”

      There is no way that the gay community puts “billions” into Nike. They are only a small portion (less that 3-4% of America). Maybe millions but not billions.

      Who said they were? And You know they don’t because?

      He will LOSE sponsors over his religious pov but he ain’t worried about food on his table for his kids. That’s for sure

      For how long? And you are sure about this because?

      You seem to be forgetting the Manny is nearing his retirement age. The sponsors won’t be coming in droves after he packs up his gloves. That’s for sure.

      1. I wish I could find on Youtube the video of his interview on GMA. He goes to a charismatic church in Alabang though. There are many videos of him preaching and that is not something a normal person can do at the Catholic Church and those for sure are not catholic meetings!

        NY Times probably thinks everyone in the Philippines is Catholic knowing them ;(

        If Nike makes 1.2 billion last year (from what I found). There is no way that 3% of the population gives such a large amounts when it is actually bigger than net profit.

        Manny has alot of real estate all around the States and the Philippines, he also owns several companies in the Philippines. He is not worried about getting dried fish and rice.

        This is nothing compared to the national insult that Ali (Clay back then) did and he came out ok.

        1. That pastor who is his new spiritual advisor is just milking him of the money he earned both in boxing and endorsement. This excludes the pork barrel he gets as a congressman. I am always suspicious of people with bibles tucked under their armpits. Pacquiao should fire this pastor as fast as he can say leviticus.

        2. ang charismatic ay katoliko na pagkatapos ng misa ay nag meeting sila at nag babasa ng bibilia gaya ni mike velarde pacman ay pinagbawalan na pumasok sa mall..ang display ng nike na ke pacman dito sa mall sa amin ay hindi nagtagal isang linggo lang ay inalis na dahil walang bumibili..hindi lahat ng pinoy ay bilib sa kanya ..pinagtatawanan siya pagnakanta hindi lang niya alam …ginagamit lang sya ng ibang pinoy para pang tawag ng kostomer..nakita ba ninyo sa tv news na kinausap daw sya ni jesus at english pa ang usapan …hahaha!!!

  2. Pacquiao never quoted Leviticus, because Leviticus is not in the bible which he reads-The New Testament. Pacquiao has never read the Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible.

    Granville Ampong has always been trying to ruin Pacquiao’s image, all his past articles about Pacquiao were always negative. You can ask around the forums in Pacland about this guy Granville Ampong, you can find out what kind of crab he is.

  3. i do not even think NIKE would drop its deal on pacman, i mean the guys is famous, thats money for nike, even if they lose the LGC….yeah maybe after the fights, he would lose those deals….but then think about it idla, he is considering his last game so he also considered the everything winding down even his deals…so even as a simple minded Manny is, im sure he’ll be able to still provide food for his family….

    so i might be saying, manny is not hooked on nike..although i agree manny should consider his words..but the man is saying his opinions its not like his forcing them…the LGC is too sensitive on my part..

    but i gues ur not hooked on endorsement deals so you say your opinions quite openly…:) haha

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