Will Jessica Sanchez win American Idol for her talent?

Is it really a contest of talent? Or is it a contest of which of the candidates can mobilise the biggest voting bloc? Filipino-Mexican American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez represented the hopes and dreams of her co-ethnics as she made it to the finals of the popular reality talent show. But it took a “save” from the panel of judges to keep her in the running after she attracted the lowest number of votes among the contestants in last Thursday (12th April) night’s episode.

Filipino-American television viewers have vowed to “actively vote for Sanchez until the finals” and, for their part, “local artists and personalities [in the Philippines] have also expressed their support for Sanchez, saying they would do their share of voting if they could”.

[Photo courtesy tr3s.]

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The question therefore is, will Jessica Sanchez win the American Idol title because of her talent? Or will she win it because of the simple fact of her ethnic background and the voting power that can be mobilised around it?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

62 Replies to “Will Jessica Sanchez win American Idol for her talent?”

  1. I believe that it will be in the same situation concerning Efren Peñaflorida. She may win but not because of her talent(as if she has talent, since metal singers like Rob Halford, Tom Araya, Corey Taylor and Anders Friden sing better than her), but because FILIPINOS WILL WANT HER TO WIN. All for the sake of “Pinoy Pride”. Thus, I will go against it, and wish that she loses based on her being Filipino. I said this only to teach the Philippines that these people(Pacquiao, Charice and other “Pinoy Pride makers”) will not really help them, but would rather sink the country even more into poisonous euphoria that has the effect of the euphoria of EDSA.

    1. “as if she has talent…”. well, she has. may not be your taste, but she has. Would you be willing to consider that some of us really like her for her talent and not because of this so-called Pinoy pride. Sad, but it seems to me that our predicament having an inept, vengeful, tactless president has gotten people so cynical. This can get really contagious. For chrissakes, this is only about a talented 16-year old!
      I think I am leaving GRP for a while. Peace.

      1. @mommyjo
        There may be those who believe in her supposed “talent” for real, but still there are more Filipinos who believe in this “Pinoy Pride” more than anything else. They will tell you, “Love your own”, even when it is not supposed to. You love because you love, not because others love…

        Talented 16-year-old girl? Puhleez… Old men nowadays are perhaps better than children. Compare Buddy Guy to Justin Bieber. Compare Led Zeppelin or perhaps Metallica or Megadeth to these new bands in the mainstream nowadays. And if this “talented” girl wins, she is just a product of the mainstream that will be a threat to musical integrity(like Rebecca Black). If such happens, the Philippines will again be a laughingstock, but this time in music.

        1. Naks, bossing. Kinumpara mo ba naman sa metal singers eh… that’s like comparing a tomato and a potato to see which of the two is greener. 😐 H’wag ganun, unfair naman kay Jessica. Hnlabo.

        2. @Mirror Force
          Then remove Corey Taylor and replace him with either Ettore Rigotti of Disarmonia Mundi or Bjorn Strid of Soilwork. They both have epic singing.
          Let’s also compare Jessica to the likes of Ayumi Hamasaki, YUI, Aya Hirano, etc. and Jessica will still fail.

        3. You’re like those people who hates Kobe Bryant coz’ they say he’s over-rated…but can’t accept the truth that he is a generational talent…I’m not sayin’ that Jessica is one…but the judges said themselves…”she is one of best singers in America, ever”…I don’t follow AI…I don’t even know Ms. Sanchez until that save in AI…I don’t even plan of being a fan…I subscribe to another form of entertainment…what I’m sayin’ is that…a talent’s a talent…no matter the ethnicity…BTW…I used to be a metalhead (thrash, death, NWOBHM, hardcore) also…the way they played their respective musical instruments (specially the guitar) is what got me hooked…though their singing is far from being a talent (anyone can shout and growl)…

        4. @tonybac
          Hey, I think Kobe is good. Anyway, the judges only said that she is one of the best, so as to avoid being perceived by Filipinos as being racists(that is, it is to avoid trouble, loss of profits for the show, etc., and also knowing that Filipinos are generally onion-skinned people).
          Concerning growling, it’s true that anyone can shout and growl, but to shout and growl WITHOUT FEELING ANY PAIN AT ALL is something else. As InfidelAmsterdam said in a video, “If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong”.

        5. Yes she should win! Then she can come here and sing the Chinese out of Scarborough shoal

    2. and btw, what’s wrong about being proud of Efren Penaflorida because he is such a positive influence and did something more than good? It could have been worse, he could just have whined til kingdom come.

      1. And concerning Peñaflorida, perhaps his win was rigged by the nation only for the sake of “Pinoy Pride”. The nation is trying to get bragging rights from wrong means.

    3. @Bill Steffen
      Oh, please!! The Philippines perhaps lack any REALLY good singer(and perhaps even REALLY good musician) in these present days. The singers and musicians alike in the Philippines, perhaps with very, very, VERY few exceptions, IF ANY, on the lyrical aspect, do not teach the people in the society anymore. They are just focused on love, romance and perhaps nonsense(something like Barney the dinosaur, or perhaps Rebecca Black). Metal musicians can do that(like Megadeth, Slayer, etc.). On the vocal aspect, however, metal bands are not alone. China, Taiwan, South Korea and esp. Japan have the best non-metal musicians and singers. The Philippines can never stand a chance against them. Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and metal musicians can whoop Philippine music anytime.

      1. Oh yeah, I’m a fan of SOPHIA and even Ok One Rock, which is a Japanese rock band with some metal elements. And the rest is history.

        I remember that Ane Curtis (she actually HAS no talent) announced her early retirement because she was vehemently criticized by none other than Lea Salonga. And speaking of OPM, it’s currenlt dead. Real OPM is in the 90s. And that is MY generation.

    4. to be fair with jessica, she worked her way to get there., and she really has the talent. don’t compare her to artists which this generation doesn’t know because that show was created for this contemporary. those artists you mentioned doesn’t sell, and all of them are forgettable. metal artists?! seriously?. well, even if we argue all day, one thing is for sure, she’ll make it on top, she’ll get a record deal, make lots of money and you, will continue to sit in front of you computer and make senseless remarks. peace:)

    5. Rob Halford, Tom Araya, Corey Taylor and Anders Friden??? the who?
      please, go back to your era! this is 2012!!!!! :))

  2. Does this mean the judges don’t know anything about judging and the only reason they used the save is because of her ethnic background?

    1. @Kemeo
      They know that they should judge, but they should have heard about the controversies about other foreigners being retaliated by Filipinos. Saving her because of her racial background is actually avoiding a Filipino attack, because if they don’t save her, the Filipinos will attack them just like they did other foreigners before them.

      In other words, saving her is their preventive measure.

      1. I find that ridiculous. A Filipino attack? In what manner can this “Filipino Attack” damage them in the first place. Even then why should they be scared?

        1. This “Filipino attack” will be in a form of shouting, “We demand an apology!!”. Or “That’s racist!!”. Something like that. They have done this to foreigners who dared criticize the country(20 Reasons to Dislike the Philippines Video, remember? Lara Bohinc? Adam Carolla? Lee Da Hae? All of them were never spared.) – a clear indication that Filipinos are naturally onion-skinned people.

      2. WHAAAAT? With all their bodyguards they fear a Filipino attack? Talk about misplaced paranoia, this must be one for the books.

  3. I wonder what would happen had Jessica Sanchez not been saved by the judges. Would Filipinos all over the world cry racist? They probably would. Many Filipinos are one-track minds.

    1. Filipinos all over the world = 100% of the population

      Many Filipinos = ?%

      How many Filipinos watch AI anyway?

      And if she got booted out, you can just base your guess on the previous seasons with Fil-Ams. She’s not the first one, you know. They didn’t cry racist before. No reason for that to happen today.

      1. They will still say “a winner in their hearts”, even if she loses, to make her feel good, when she shouldn’t feel good about such loss. Just like the nation, it loses, yet it claims to be “a winner in its own heart” to make itself feel good, when it is not supposed to feel good so that it can really improve itself.

        1. After that comes the Philippine homecoming after party.

          Um, if she lasts longer, she doesn’t have to win. Look at the other finalists from previous seasons. That show is a business and will milk talent when they believe in it.

          I think the Pinoys will need the “feel good” bs more than she will need it.

        2. @brianitus
          They FEEL that they need it, when they are not supposed to need and get it. And they will try to get it by all means.

  4. Oi, benign0, that girl can really sing ha. However, I feel that it’ll take more than talent to win that show.

    Based on the title and show format, you have to be “idolized” weekly to win. That’s why they have the moneymaking voting part. Unless you have access to the voter profiles, there’s no real way to say who’s voting for who.

    As for this week’s save, I don’t know but that show reminds me of basketball. She peaked too early perhaps? Or was she getting too much praise that people were getting tired of her already. Or maybe she’s too good lang. Kinda like the Lakers, it came to a point that a lot of people were chanting “Beat LA.” It could’ve been fan complacency.

    1. Agree. Scottie won last year because the country-western fans went crazy voting. But he also has talent. No question Jessica is extraordinarily talented, should certainly be top three, and will get a recording contract no matter what happens.

      1. Note to self. Congratulations on reading the Glitz and Glamour, that place where we don’t have to worry about Chinese gunboats or North Korean missiles or impeachment jesters.

        1. Joe can you hold your blathering to a minimum!! I am American also and you are embarassing me with some of the fertilizer you emit

        2. Oh boy. This is getting interesting. I wonder where Joe got his medal from. It’s either from Quiapo or Recto.

        3. Take the CMH down scumbag If you were military you would know better than to have it there

      2. I am a retired Army vet of 22 years Joe I knew you were a scumbag !!!! Take that Congressio9nal Medal of Honor down NOW !!! It is not your and you did not earn it you filthy bag of shit!!!!

        1. Never claimed it was mine. It’s a symbol, fits my blog site theme that I dredged up a while back. Expand your mind. I was also army, 79th Field Artillery, Viet Nam, out of Long Binh. I’ve been there, pal. So don’t give me your holier than thou crap.

        2. Society of dishonor is more appropriate name for you blogsite with the way you behave around here,Joe.

        3. Okay, Bill, here’s the deal. I used the symbol to signify the kind of honor that goes with deep and passionate self-sacrifice, something that you are familiar with, but many Filipinos are not. You are the first person to complain in the two years that I’ve used it, in part, I suspect, because it is largely a meaningless symbol to Filipinos. Because that “point of honor” is no longer the central theme of my blog site, I can discontinue use of the symbol. I do it out of respect to the years you put in the service, and because you find its use upsetting.

          I sense that you and I come at things very differently. You remind me a little of those Republicans who believe they are the “real Americans”, and Democrats are somehow Americans of lesser standing. So I am unlikely to respond to you henceforth. I’m thinking we don’t have the framework to discuss things agreeably, and I’d rather not get into relentless pissing contests with another American on a Filipino blog site.

          I do hope you reflect on the point that one of the things both you and I served to protect was a very important amendment to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ”

          If you will kindly respect my rights under that amendment, we’ll be fine. Enjoy the Philippines.

        4. You are the first person to complain in the two years that I’ve used it, in part, I suspect, because it is largely a meaningless symbol to Filipinos.

          Duh?!? Now you are shifting the blame for deceiving people to Filipinos. You made us all think you actually have a medal of honor. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          We are thankful to Bill Steffen for exposing your deceit.

          I sense that you and I come at things very differently. You remind me a little of those Republicans who believe they are the “real Americans”, and Democrats are somehow Americans of lesser standing.

          Boy, you are really good at changing the topic. Bill doesn’t even know you are a democrat until you mentioned it. What a loser.

    2. Indeed, I didn’t make any judgment of her talent. My questions revolved more around the nature of the motivations of those eligible Pinoy/Fil-Am voters who are “encouraged” to “support” her. Is it because of said talent? Or is it because she has Pinoy ethnicity?

      1. benign0, you can’t rule ethnicity out. However, in a contest where there are good alternatives, I still think they have to believe in the “product” first. They’re in the USA, not North Korea.

        I think it’s two scenarios:

        a. Voter sees/hears her on the show. Voter says “magaling kumanta!” Voter says “Oi, Pinoy pala.” Voter casts the txt vote.

        b. Voter sees/hears her on the show. Voter says “Oi, Pinoy pala.” Voter says “magaling kumanta!” Voter casts the txt vote.

        I think it’s talent first and ethnicity is a bonus.

        1. I agree — in the initial stages. But when all these local celebs, politicians, and “social media” mavens weigh in and start mobilising their flocks to start voting on the basis of their edicts, then you get a stampede that is no longer about said talent.

        2. The Filipino fan club is considerably smaller than the country fan club, or the rock fan club, or the girls who dominate viewership who like the guys fan club.

  5. she talented but we need to vote for her .this is what i dont like the text vote it dosent matter how good you are without the text vote you loss

  6. I really don’t follow AI, nor aware of what’s happenin’ in there, it was just that this news has been coming up so I took a little bit of a peak on Youtube. I don’t really know how to judge a very good singer, seems to me they all sound the same. But if Jessica Sanchez is a real talent, as according to the judges themselves, then she deserves to win, that is in a TALENT show. But AI, I believe, is not about talent, they are more about who gets the most fan, thus it’s called AMERICAN IDOL. But, though I think Ms. Sanchez will lose, maybe she’ll still get a recording contract anyway.

  7. The way the judges came to the rescue when it was revealed that she got the lowest votes just ruined it for everybody. Isn’t it enough that they praise her (almost) every week? What the judges did only worsened the situation, it even placed her automatically on the chopping block next judging. She is really talented no doubt about it, but the last thing America needs is a winner that’s been shoved down their throats. Let’s just hope she’ll pick a song next week that will connect with the voters.

    @JoeAmerica — i think you should include the Hawaiian Fan Club. Remember Jasmine Trias from Season 3? Made me wonder if that was the time when AI started tweaking its results. And speaking of tweaking results, could this be just a publicity stunt to gain viewmanship? AI’s notorious for that eversince The Voice started kicking their butts in the ratings. Lol!

    1. I would indeed think that Jessica is in deep s*** next episode as I read in many forum sites that her rescue just pissed a lot of fans of the other contestants. The drama just fanned the flames of seething fangirls (and fanboys) of the other contestants who feel their idols are being hacked to pieces by the criticisms of the judges (e.g. Hollie who could still not get it in terms of connecting to people but she got some big loving from her fans who are really tired of hearing bad things to their idol). I forsee a counterattack by the fans of the other contestants through voting power, unless Jessica’s fans will double their duty on texting.

      I’m not surprised if she will eventually be one of the leavers next episode.

    1. Just like the battery operated monkeys. Mabuhay ang Pinas. LOL

      Just for kicks, maybe someone should blog about how China’s intrusion is similar to hating Jessica Sanchez.

      I wonder. Do people really Google articles that they like to bash?

  8. AI is not simply a search for a good singer but for an Idol. No matter how good a singer she is, she cannot win unless she gets America to like her and like seeing more of her.

    This far in the game, that’s a very hard task

  9. The show is American Idol..and what is the real mening of being an American Idol..

    1. You should be an Idol, likeable, popular.

    2. Talented of course

    3. American? What does it mean to be American? Is it by citizenship or by race?

    I don’t follow the show but I hear Jessica is really good. But sadly, it’s not a surprise if she loses not because of her talent but because of her race. Maybe being an American Idol should then mean be a Caucasian?

    But then again..America will vote who they deemed as an American Idol…and race will be a factor for voting..and also gender..like what happened with Adam Lambert…

    No disrespect to the LGBT community or to they Filipino people…just an observation…

  10. dami nyo namang satsat, eh di wag nyo nlang supportahan kung ayaw nyo. kung annoyed kayo sa mga kontribusyon ng mga filipino bat pa kayo nagsalita, nanahimik nlang sana. sabagay we live in the democracy kahit ano sasabihin.

    1. Tama si domo. In fact, you’re so butthurt since you’re missing the point of this article.

      Actually, Jessica Sanchez’ popularity wasn’t a contribution; real contributions should be attributed with COLLECTIVE, not individual. Sorry, but I’ll call you an idiot because you believe in a ‘Filipino pride’ which it doesn’t exist. You can’t be proud of what you can’t ACHEIVE. We can never be proud on something we were put into.

  11. It’s always the “proud to be Pinoy” thing everytime there’s a half-Pinoy contestant in shows like these. I think Jessica can sing well, but it doesn’t make me any prouder of my Pinoy lineage.

  12. Will Jessica Sanchez win American Idol for her talent?
    My answer is a simple two letter: NO.
    Plain and simple, when one visits the Philippines alone one can find that Jessica Sanchez is a dime a dozen or a centavo a dozen. Just visit the many Kareoke bars, spots, whatever. There’s loads of young people just like that one American Idol contestant.
    If I could vote, which I unfortunately can’t, I’d vote for Philip Philips, now that’s an entertainer with more than just talent! He’s a winner, he’s got what it takes and also more than deserves to become America’s next top Idol…well the next American Idol.

    Warning: May contain some racially discriminating opinions/statements/comments/sentences. Not for the overly racially sensitive eyes.

    American Idol…
    I, too, admittedly have felt insulted a few times in the past when my fellow countrymen and woman, had been belittled for various reasons.
    With that said, I am slightly sorry to say that the first thought that popped into my head when I watched Jessica Sanchez perform for the first time was ‘A maid is on AI? COOL!’. Yes, sorry to say, I thought she was a maid, some lucky OFW (apologies to OFWs no disrespect meant) and not a halfblood (Harry Potter terminology).
    With that said, I genrally don’t really like her. She has a great voice sure, but I’ve hardly been able to feel the emotion that the songs she sings plead to be heard or felt. There’s also some of the things she does while singing, the way she sings really. There’s this youtube video…I think the title is either ’10 Things to Avoid While Singing’ or ’10 Things Not to do while singing’ or something along those lines, she does something/s found on that video list such as what Christina Aguilera does when she sings.
    Back to my answer to the question, back to my ‘NO’…she won’t win. Period. There isn’t even a snowball’s chance in hell of her winning the thing. She doesn’t even actively acknowledge the fact that she is half-P/Filipino/a. It is only the Pinoys (as defined or viewed in another article) that have placed her on this pedestal that they have placed her on, it has just been these Pinoys that have claimed her as being ‘One of Us’.
    What else..hmm…let’s see…
    Even the Chinese are ‘claiming’ her. As far as that goes, I say ‘You can have her! Just give us the Scarborough Shoal!’
    THE END (of my opinions since my thoughts have returned to work)

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