Outrage over image of girl ‘crucified’ in shorts

According to a Spot.ph report, a photo of a woman in “skimpy shorts” posted on PinoyExchange.com (PEx) went “viral”. Presumably this is because of what can be construed to be the offensive nature of said woman’s pose.

I noted, however, that the cited shorts did not really come up to scratch as far as my personal standards of skimpiness…

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As expected, the image drew expressions of “indignation” from the crowd. But one voice of reason stood out amongst the commentary that ensued…

It’s just an execution tool for crying out loud. Many criminals in that time were executed crucifixion style. I won’t consider it as sacred at all. What if crucifixions were not invented yet? What if people were executed with a rope hanging on a tree during that time? Would you even consider it as a symbol of hope?

Interestingly, the Philippines is renowned for its tradition of penitents performing actual self-inflicted crucifixions during the Easter season.

The location of the scene of the above photo and the people involved remained unidentified. But one other notable feature of the cross where the lady posed is that it seems to have been one that was easily mounted as this other photo from the same PEx thread shows a bit more clearly.

Why would a cross be standing in the middle of nowhere equipped with a platform at its base that would attract such otherwise benign antics? As another commentator observed

Obviously, who sets up a cross with a ladder or a step? Probably by someone who wants to make it a tourist spot where people can pretend being crucified and have their pictures taken.

One thing’s for sure, these stunts are not the least bit original. Pop star Madonna beat them to it back in 2006.

Madonna was said to have been quoted as saying that “Crucifixes are sexy because there is a naked man on them.”

28 Replies to “Outrage over image of girl ‘crucified’ in shorts”

    1. Ayan ka nanaman vincenzo sa mga sobrang tangang posts mo.

      IKAW ang dapat icrucify sa pagiging BULAG mo gunggong!

      1. Or even Sen Leila De Lima and Pork Barrel Queen Napoles should crucify there for their sins against the Filipino people & to our country!

      1. patiwarik? masakit masyado yun kung papakuin mo si vincenzo sa noo. kung sa bagay, vincenzo’s skull is all bone and no space for a brain. no pain signals without a working brain. (but what does he “think” with? his arse?)

        1. Ipako nalang natin si vincenzo sa maliit niyang saging tapos ipatapon natin siya sa mga pating habang nakapako sa krus.

      1. reason why Vincezo and the rest of the Noynoying cult are still alive:

        “and listen to others,
        even to the dull and the ignorant;
        they too have their story.”

        Oops…sorry if it is mean 🙁

    2. Eh di ba si Gloria naman talaga ngayon ang kinu-crucify ng mga Pariseong alagad ni abNoynoy?

      Noong panahon ni Hesus, natalo sya sa botohan, dahil pinili pa ng mga hudyong taumbayan na pakawalan si Barabas na isang magnanakaw, imbes na si Hesus na alagad ng hustisya. Ganoon rin ngayon, mas pinipili ng ugaling hudyong Pinoy ang magnanakaw na sila Aquino-Cojuangco at alipores nila, imbis na ang hustisya.

      Tulad ng mga Pariseo nuong araw na hipokritong nagmamalinis, ganun rin ang mga Pinoy ngayon na tuta nila Aquino-Cojuangco at ng ABS-CBN.

      History repeats itself.

      @Vincenzo B. Arellano

      TUtal sa Pampanga yan, dpat si Gloria ang icrucify dhil sa mga kasalanan nya sa bAyan.

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  1. Vincenzo a.k.a. the retarded donkey raping sh!t eater, rears his ugly mug here yet again with yet another insane troll post.
    Vincenzo, when will you ever learn that your ass is getting kicked here?

  2. Now I got to get some perspective here. I’m neither Latin Catholic nor an avid church-goer, but I do think those women go too far, and their come-back blaming “religion” and branding themselves “open-minded” is just too shallow. I’m sure they did what they did on crosses because they’re too damn chicken to do it on Islamic symbols.

    I’m no fan of religion being as in-your-face as the priests would prefer, but I won’t pose my model panzer on a menorah either. One may disagree with religion, but come on, leave some space for believers and respect. Not all of them are as dumb as Vincenzo.

  3. bakit galit na galit kayo kay vincenzo dahil maka pinoy sya kaoyo maka arroyo at corona kabayaan wala kayong mapapala sa mga politiko …parepareho silang mga kurap ..

    1. Naging vindictive ka na rin. Alam mo ba iyon? 😛

      Honestly, we are anti-mediocrity and anti-stupidity. And the likes of Vincenzo are representing the squatter mentality that is killing our society. I hope you are not one of them, but I’m counting on you being one because you accused us being ‘maka-Arroyo at Corona.’

      I believe more on people who DO than don’t. Gordona and Gibo are more than just ‘politicians’. Oh yeah, most of the prosecution panel are composed of, well, POLITICIANS!

    2. Sa totoo lang po Nelson, lahat ng mga pulitiko ay korup, isa na dito ang nakaluklok na Presidente at mga alipores niya. Wala ni isa man sa mga politiko noon maging hanggang ngayon ay “hindi kurap”. Lahat iyan, pare-pareho. At bakit nagpapatayan ang mga iyan para lang maging presidente o senador o tongressman ng bayan ang isang Pilipino kahit alam niya na kakarampot lang ang pasweldo diyan? Alam mo na siguro ang kasagutan diyan, bulag ka lang kamo.

      Maging ang nanunungkulan dito sa Singapore e kurap din, pero tingnan mo naman ang bansang ito, napakayaman na bansa kahit napakaliit nito.

      Kaya hwag mong sabihin sina Corona lang at Arroyo ang kurap. Bias ka lang kamo.

  4. At sinong may sabing maka-Arroyo/Corona ang karamihan dito? Inilalahad lang ang katotohanan dito at kung ano ang nararapat na gawing matuwid – hindi iyong sunod-nang-sunod lang sa karamihan at nagiging tanga at hindi ginagamit ang utak (kung meron man sa oras na ipinanganak ka, baka lugaw na malabnaw lang ang nasa kukote).

  5. I think it’s culturally insensitive to have photos of one’s self taken on a cross in such a fashion/ in any fashion, as a matter of fact! Its the ignorance that causes a person to have such a photo taken of himself/herself, that I think is upsetting! Imagine what would happen if you were attempting to “swallow the moon” in an Islamic Mosque, Venus de Milo-style! You’d probably get hunted down and decapitated! Apparently, the first woman is an uncultured idiot, the second woman a more modest version of the uncultured idiot.

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