Why it is important for Filipinos to stop being stupid

Does consistently slagging the prosecution with glee necessarily make one pro-Corona? That is of course what those who sour grape in the face of the steely elegance with which the defense now present their case in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona would have us believe. But to be fair to them, although the prosecution after bumbling its way through many weeks of trying to prove Corona is a bad guy did not make much of a very convincing pitch for their cause, there still is an element of reasonable doubt that Corona may not be as squeaky clean as he purports himself to be.

And that is where the bigger tragedy lies — that the party in this circus that history may go on to judge to be right squanders its duty to uphold what is right by acting stupid. And that is what the prosecution potentially did if indeed Corona is a bad guy. If Corona gets away with being bad, then it is the fault of a prosecution who supposedly had all the resources (and then some) at their disposal to stop him and yet used these in the typical fashion that Pinoys use such wealth and opportunity — by applying our renowned pwede na yan and bahala na philosophies in the course of doing so.

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And that is why I am on the side of whoever is the shrewder, more clever, and more intelligent party — whether perceived guilty or not. For me there is simply no abiding by the side of stupid. This is a political drama that is really no different from those surrounding the activist fads under the watch of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) — that whole noise coming from the “indignation” around the cheating and stealing she allegedly did as President. Perhaps all of it is true. But then perhaps it isn’t. Who’s to say? The Media? A bunch of ocho-ocho street rallyists? Leah Navarro? A judge certainly hasn’t said so yet. And there seems to be a shortage of good enough lawyers in this lawyer-infested land who are able to convince a judge of Arroyo’s alleged guilt. Fact is, Arroyo and her lieuteants were clever, astute, and shrewd in the manner with which they got on with their business – a stark contrast to the “opposition” (and now ruling) parties who pitched themselves as the righteous forces in some sort of idiotic “Laban” movement and then went on to pervert the very notion of said righteousness by being stupid in just about every manner and approach they took to mark the supposedly “straight path” or “daang matuwid” for the wretched lot who make up this sad country.

The reality is quite simple. You don’t achieve much when you act stupid, and you don’t earn much respect from achieving very little — much less doing so by acting stupid. Perhaps 26 years was a bit of a longer-than-average stretch of a learning curve for a supposedly literate modern society that is now addicted to “social media” to get that simple concept. But better late than never. The lack of substance of the traditional “Laban” rhetoric and the utter vacuousness of the people who delivered said rhetoric is now glaringly evident.

Bottom line again:

Sorry na lang sa mga bobo. Whether you guys are right or wrong, bobo pa rin kayo. We choose to fancy ourselves a technology-savvy and modern people yet consistently fail to appreciate the reality that in the modern, technological, and competitive world that is 21st Century Planet Earth, smart people get ahead and idiots are left to eat their dust.

45 Replies to “Why it is important for Filipinos to stop being stupid”

  1. I have nothing against “bobo” as long as your humble enough to accept it. If you’re cocky despite the absence of the ability to think it changes everything, it becomes condemnable.

  2. People Power I and II proved what illogical people can do when they move in large numbers. Over the years we’ve realised that they can only go so far before they self-destruct.

  3. Duh… I wasn’t born stupid. I have this bad habit of answering back. Yes… I do answer back when there is lack of truth, fairness or justice. When I see things going wrong I think, question and look for answers. When I observe the real stupids of the straight and wide path administration I react. I wrote about it many times attacking their lies and hypocrisy. I even joined the one and only EDSA revolution to stop the people from killing each other. I did not like our AFP or the people to be divided. I was there because it was a national emergency. One day we will all realize that it is stupid leaders, stupid policy development, stupid decisions, stupid subliminal propaganda, stupid examples and boo boos that are to blame. Besides… The setting of such stupid examples might make some people stupid. But not all of the people are stupid. That’s it. Duh…

  4. I’m for the head of the judiciary being the most squeaky clean, most objective, most law-bound legal mind in the Philippines. Not a guy who can’t add up his banking accounts correctly or needs to hide behind a dozen attorneys to keep his job. If the prosecution can’t make that simple case on summation, I agree with you they are idiots. However, I can see the senate acquitting because the senators need to hide out, too. Continuing this trend of too much transparency is a bit much in the land of favors and hidden avenues of wealth.

    Face it, this is not a land of “right and wrong” as we know it in the US or Australia. This is a land of getting away with things, no matter what the law says. A lot of powerful people have gotten away with a lot of the people’s cash for a long time, and the kitchen where they cook up the deals is getting a little warm for them.

      1. @Nutzi Vincenzo
        “everything is legal as long as you don’t get caught”
        This is the very statement that applies to Mr. Aquino. The P60 Million mansion of P. Ochoa, the P50 Million mansion of N. Tupas, the P100 Million mansion of Mr. Naguiat, etc., etc.,

      2. Yes, Vincenzo, but not always moral. Every sensible person here knows a couple of morally ludicrous laws made–completely legal, but immoral indeed. Finally, a word of wisdom from you!

        Although…I can sense something fishy about your statement… You seem to be a sort of person who would find all possible loopholes to fulfill their corrupt ends. That is a trait I only expect to see from our asshole politicians.

        Looks like we have to watch out from you after all.

    1. Joe

      This is how the land of “right and wrong” framed their original constitution where “Slavery [was] Clearly Sanctioned” http://civilwar.bluegrass.net/secessioncrisis/constitutiononslavery.html

      “Article. I Section. 2.

      “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.

      “Section 2 of Article I states that apart from free persons “all other persons,” meaning slaves, are each to be counted as three-fifths of a white person for the purpose of apportioning congressional representatives on the basis of population. Section 9 of Article I states that the importation of “such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit,” meaning slaves, would be permitted until 1808. And Section 2 of Article IV directs that persons “held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another,” meaning fugitive slaves, were to be returned to their owners.

      “The Bill of Rights, adopted in 1791, says nothing about slavery. But the Fifth Amendment guaranteed that no person could “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Slaves were property, and slaveholders had an absolute right to take their property with them, even into free states or territories.

      “Fascinating Fact: The rhetoric in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence about liberty, freedom, being created equal, and so on, was seldom considered applicable to blacks, slave or free. Seen a subservient race, they were excluded from consideration as members of society and had few rights.”

      Joe, you can google how the “half-civilized, piratical, muck-running” Filipinos were treated by the “Right” guys. Here’s one link:


      1. Domingo, actually, I did an article about the Philippine American War a couple of years ago, focused on Admiral Dewey and his engagement with Aguinaldo. It is clear that America was brutally racist. Well, you’ve showed the legalistic framework. But the nation went through a major transformation in the 1960’s and 70’s, and is the most comprehensively integrated country in the world. If you have ever spent time in Los Angeles, you can see the quilt is plaid, not white. There is no value in holding today’s Americans responsible for the poor thinking of their grandparents. Just as I would not hold that you are a native just down from the mountains in a loincloth.

        1. Joe, note that I was referring to that particular line in your comment: “Face it, this is not a land of ‘right and wrong’ as we know it in the US or Australia.”

          And the links I included in my reply was merely intended to show that: IF it took a long span of time for even “the US” to define what is “right and wrong,” why should the Philippines–you now refer to as “the land of favors and hidden avenues of wealth”–not be afforded the same opportunity TIME often allows to catch up with the concept of “’right and wrong’ as we know it in US or Australia”?

          For it’s only been 66 years since the independence of this “land” from 48 years of American colonial rule in 1946, while it took close to two centuries after America declared independence from British rule to come up finally–after Selma and MLK, Jr.–with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that’s 188 years from 1776 to 1964.

          Hope this is clarification enough; it was NEVER my intention to hold “the poor thinking” of your forebears responsible, for whatever they did were determined by the personalities involved and the circumstances then prevailing–“in hindsight,” that is.

          BTW, correction: My “native” forebears did not go “down from the mountains in a loincloth”; my forebears were “native” fishermen-islanders whose “loincloth” they wore afforded them the ease and agility to slay a foreign invader, Magellan–weighed down in cumbersome medieval armor in the “Battle of Mactan” (now the City of Lapu-Lapu, whose monument there shows him still wearing the “loincloth” you cite).

    2. Look at what did dud is spewing again –

      “Not a guy who can’t add up his banking accounts correctly or needs to hide behind a dozen attorneys to keep his job.”

      So Bill Maher boy aka American boy, show us your proof. Otherwise STFU! You’re on your dishonesty again! What a nice hobby of yours…

      Self righteousness…


      Moral superiority vs moral clarity.

      1. Ow I bet that this post is for this American bouy aka Bill Maher boy –

        “Why it is important for Filipinos to stop being stupid”

        On the other hand, baka naman may lusot pa sya – American boy na ako! Di na ako Manila dong!

      2. trosp,

        I think facts are largely irrelevant outside a construct in which to put them. Transparency to me means lacking confusion . The intricacies of the arguments over Mr. Corona’s SALN are a little much for my mere mind to grasp. The fact that there is so much confusion is indeed a fact. Also it is a fact that we are blocked from knowing his dollar accounts, into which any good thief would certainly push ill-gotten wealth. So do you trust Mr. Corona? You seem to be saying that you do . . . or that you will wait until the Senate decides for you what stance you will take. That is admirable, for sure, to adhere to the legal straight and narrow.

        For myself – the construct into which facts go – I ask, is this man, appointed in the cover of darkness, defending his honor (over a salaried job, of which he can find many) at the risk of so much turmoil in the Philippines, unable to prepare an SALN I can understand or that tells me his dollar assets, qualified to be the kind of Chief Justice that sets the Philippines high in the eyes of the international community?

        I conclude “no” but don’t mind if others wait to see what the Senate says. If the legal rendition holds the Philippines to the sloppy and oft-corrupt standards of the past, I simply shrug and say . . . “pity” . . .

        1. I’m not saying I trust Corona. I still have to wait for the outcome of the impeachment and of course for you it’s a done matter already.

          I’m wondering why for you is as if the defense has put up all their evidence.

          This is how your mind works:

          > There is no need for Corona to refute the allegations.

          ““Not a guy who can’t add up his banking accounts correctly or needs to hide behind a dozen attorneys to keep his job.”

          > Corona should let his lawyers to defend him.

          > Etc which are all lies and hypocrisies masked by pompous rhetoric.

          Reeking with hypocrisies again.

          At any rate, Maher boy, lying and hypocrisy are your trademarks. Alas, one does not have to wonder anymore.

        2. The nice thing about living in a free society is I am entitled to have an opinion and voice it. Even if it is wrong. Even if it upsets others and they take to belittling me.

          Indeed, for me it is a done decision. I think acquittal will set the Philippines back six years, or more, in the eyes of the investing world. I agree Mr. Corona is wholly within his legal right to summon as many attorneys as he likes to prove his innocence.

          But it is just a job for him. It is not life, it is not death. It is not the nation’s soul. Many reputable officials step aside when they recognize the turmoil surrounding their continued engagement is harmful to the nation. In the U.S. there is a stronger concept of “community” and sacrifice of self for community. Here there is a stronger sense of “making sure I save face” or build my personal power.

          It is very different here, and that can either change or stay the same.

        3. Joe, Trosp, you both should realize that the system surrounding the SALN is broken. One can game it to whatever ends one wants.

          This is why we could make discrepancies appear in someone’s SALN. This explains why the Supreme Court would rather keep the Justices’ SALN within itself, and why congressmen like Tupas would rather not show theirs as well.

          As for why they’d rather not fix the system, this article offers one reason. The other reason is convenience: the flaws can allow one to get away as well as fuel someone else’s persecution.

        4. Peste, yes, I understand that the SALN process is broken and strict bank secrecy laws compound the problem. Law enforcement officials cannot go after crooks even with reasonable cause shown. I rather think Mr. Aquino hoped that Mr. Corona would be his glittering show that this is changing. But I rather suspect that he will be acquitted because the heat is getting too hot in the SALN kitchen for those whose books are baked.

        5. So Maher boy, it’s a free press. Can you own as a man what you have been spewing here in this blog? Meaning, don’t hide with the privilege that you are just exercising your freedom of opinion.

          Actually, I would say you want your opinion to look like facts. But for me, an idiocy.

          If idiocy is a right, I would say again, like a broken record, your over-abusing the right to be an idiot.

        6. @Joe America,

          You should know by now that Trosp and the rest of the gang have zero tolerance for opinions other than their own. They expect people to agree with them all the time and call you names if you don’t. And these guys aren’t capable of having a healthy discussion either. So forget it. They just make you want to prove your point badly so that you go back to their site, reply (and laugh) at their comments, cunningly increasing traffic. That’s how classy they are.

        7. GetReal, thanks, I got it. I’ve tried the respectful approach, and it did not work, so I’ve put trosp into the “irrelevant” bucket. Parallelaxe has some redeeming qualities, of wit and perspective, so I’ll keep up my 25% valuable dialogue with him.

        8. @GetReal,

          I’m a very tolerant person with respect to morality and expression. I have zero tolerance on those people, like Joeamerica or Maher boy, whom is always masking his dishonesties, hypocrisies with his pompous rhetoric. Would always claim that he is just opining.

          I’m offended by his dishonesties and disinformation as if comment readers in this blog are all idiots. Tantamount to calling commenters here are all idiots. It is obvious to me that his intention is just to propagandize his agenda.

          How many times I challenged and exposed his ridiculous claims and what is his reply? I’m not civil. I’m a deranged stalker, I’m irrelevant, etc. He can’t refute them.

          As long as any commenters here will spew their dishonesties, I’ll challenge and expose them.

          Actually, if you’re going to revisit my previous comments inre Maher boy or Joeamerica, I’m not addressing them to him anymore but for the comment readers.

    3. This is a land of getting away with things, no matter what the law says. A lot of powerful people have gotten away with a lot of the people’s cash for a long time, and the kitchen where they cook up the deals is getting a little warm for them.

      i’d like a sane and grown ass president, not an overgrown child in a yellow chicken costume. that way he actually has a chance of being squeaky clean. unfortunately we have the present doofus being peddled by joe “stalk my stupidity” america.

  5. “…show us your proof.”

    On “can’t add up his banking accounts correctly”, you mean you have not figured the discrepancies yet? I thought that was the Defense objective these past two days. To show that the discrepancy is “explainable”.

    On “needs to hide behind a dozen attorneys to keep his job”, you mean you literally interpreted “a dozen” to really mean, a dozen?

    Be careful where you spit, you might have to lick it back.

    Moral superiority vs. moral clarity?! Big words for narrow cranium.

    1. Well, see here I am about to sound like a broken record again…all roads lead to Pinoy cultural dysfunction.

      Perhaps stupidity is the mother of all Pinoy cancers that needs to be rooted out. And despite that particular aspect of the Pinoy Condition so conveniently packaged in a single biting four-syllable word, the issue of ingrained stupidity is a complicated one.

  6. I don’t have any sympathy with these YellowTards. Noynoy Aquino accomplishment is: subjecting his political enemies to Political Inquisitions. Noynoy Aquino has more anomalies in his disposal than all his political enemies combined. The Swindling of the Philippine government, and the questionable acquisition of his family’s Hacienda Luisita. The use of government forces, to protect his private properties. Murdering his farmer-serfs, who are demonstrating, because of starvation wages..
    Noynoy Aquino should look at himself, how rotten he is. Before how can point how rotten others are..

  7. if you look at the election process in the united states they go thru primaries and processes to pick thru the brightest and have solid moral values in choosing who is going to leading their country whereas in the philippines is more like a beauty pageant a popularity contest,

  8. On discrepancies, yes it is explainable and may be considered valid as long as the variables are complete. Numbers may be interpreted in various ways and can be “manipulated” to show results favorable to one’s understanding.

    It all boils down on how it is presented, interpreted and accepted if the system is flawed.

    The defense, I think, merely wants to point out that since there are no strict rules on how the SALN is being completed, the numbers are explainable and is considered valid and its validity is based on the freedom to compute it as one pleases due to the available options. Thus, if the computation is consistent using a specific option, the end result is valid.

    Wrong? Yes. But since we were ignorant about it the only thing we can do now is move forward to change and correct future data but putting in ground rules on how it should be and make sure it is strictly implemented.

  9. This comment will have nothing to do with the Corona subject but about how stupid Filipino are and how hopeless they are.

    Let me just put some fact pointer about the Philippine and why they are hopeless.

    – Being colonized, they are brainwashed about how to stand up for themselves. This way, it is easy to control them.

    – They have the wrong idea about democracy. For them, democracy is freedom for individual and not for the country. In short, as long as one guy gets rich, he doesn’t give a shit about the others.

    – What they need is a new job opening in their own country instead of working abroad. Seriously, how the government expect their people to grow up straight if there are many broken family? It is a fucking common sense.

    – Church issue. What they do not know is that they are living in the dark ages for the Church is controlling their people. They are strongly against the anti abortion & divorce bill because for them “It is the rule of God”. Ok. First of all, Philippine is the only fucking country that does not allow abortion and divorce. The Church will come up with nice excuse such as “It is against the god’s teaching” or “It is against the 10 commandment”. But the truth is, they are against the bill because they want more believers / followers so they will have more donation. It is mainly this bill’s fault that the country is becoming overpopulated and tins connects to unemployment as well. It is a simple math really. lets say there are 10 job openings. If there are 15 people who needs job, only the first 10 will get it, and the remaining 5? They end up going abroad leaving a broken family which will only fuck up the country.

    – By many people working abroad, the country is getting more poor instead of rich. Sounds odd? Not really if you use your head. Sure, they country may seem to be getting rich from all the earning of the so called “Call center or care giver”, but it doesn’t help the country. The main reason? Because the earning is only helping the family and not the country. You want to help the country? DEVELOP SOMETHING INSTEAD OF COPYING OR IMPORTING STUFF!!!!! Think about it. Does Philippine have their own major car company? Electronic company? Clothing company? No? Then how do they expect to compete with the other country if all they do is import or make a poor imitation of a product?

    – Crab mentality. Come on, everybody know this already. Yep, this is also a reason of why Philippine can’t come up with their own successful creation. If someone comes up with something brilliant, the other gets jealous and ends up sabotaging the product instead of supporting it. This is the reason why it can’t come up with anything and all they can do is praise Manny Pacquiao since it is the only thing which is a match with the other country. Really pathetic.

    – If the people from abroad can earn a lot, why don’t someone use some of its money to improve the country by investing?

    – Philippine needs to wake up, and stand up against any wrong doing even if the opponent are the government or church. Haven’t they heard the history of dark age? It was in the era when catholic abused its power to control people and got thrown away by revolution. It is only then the country earned its freedom. You know how to use internet, LOOK IT UP!

    1. @weng

      Let me deconstruct your comments:

      “- They have the wrong idea about democracy. For them, democracy is freedom for individual and not for the country.”

      The definition of democracy is all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives as can be checked in wiki. Now, may I know what is your definition of your freedom for the country?

      “In short, as long as one guy gets rich, he doesn’t give a shit about the others.”

      Yes, that is true in a democratic country. But if you want something that compels everybody to share equally what they have, try googling socialism.

      “- Church issue. What they do not know is that they are living in the dark ages for the Church is controlling their people. They are strongly against the anti abortion & divorce bill because for them “It is the rule of God”.”

      The Church has been trying to correct whatever mistakes they done during the old days. You are correct – they are strongly against the anti abortion & divorce bill because for them “It is the rule of God”. Church leaders do not clamor for their pro-life and pro-family stance not because of their whims but because of God’s teachings. Anything wrong with it?

      “First of all, Philippine is the only fucking country that does not allow abortion and divorce.”

      Are you sure? Have you googled it?

      ” The Church will come up with nice excuse such as “It is against the god’s teaching” or “It is against the 10 commandment”. But the truth is, they are against the bill because they want more believers / followers so they will have more donation.”

      The Church stance on abortion and divorce is not popular with modern Catholics (those moral relativists). Can you show me any data that their stance on abortion and divorce results in more donation. IMO, they will dwindle instead.

      “- By many people working abroad, the country is getting more poor instead of rich. Sounds odd? Not really if you use your head. Sure, they country may seem to be getting rich from all the earning of the so called “Call center or care giver”, but it doesn’t help the country.”

      I’ll use my head. So the first thing I’m going to do is to look for some data to support my opinion –

      Call Center

      “Last year (2009), there were about 300,000 employed Filipino call center agents. This year, the number increased to 350,000, compared to 330,000 in India. The country’s call center revenues are expected to reach $5.7 billion this year, $200 million higher compared to India’s $5.5 billion. The industry not only boosts the country’s economy, but has become an answer for employment and an option for many Filipinos.)”



      “This Philippines is the fourth largest recipient of official remittances after China, India, and Mexico.[9] OFW remittances represent 13.5% of the country’s GDP, the largest in proportion to the domestic economy among the four countries.[11]”


      You know how to use google, look them up.

      1. @Trosp

        First of all, do you see me talking to you? Because I don’t remember mentioning your name on the first comment. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway answering to other people’s comment here.

        I will only answer you once because it is obvious that you are one of those who doesn’t want to accept the truth about the Philipine being stupid.

        From what I see here, you are obviously:

        – A fat guy who lives in his mother’s basement staring at computer most of his time.
        – A stupid guy who is being paid by the ph government to make some bullshit comment in order to make the garbage country look good. And try to get the IP address of the people telling the truth here so they can kill the person. (Hey, in Ph, you can pay a guy US $100 and they will do the job.)

        – A guy who gets pissed off to anyone who tells the ugly truth about Ph.

        It is really easy to come to this conclution because if you are someone who has a stable job with a family, you simply won’t have time saying shit towards the people here who are telling the ugly truth about Ph. Why don’t you make something constructive out of your life instead of harassing the people here and jacking off while watching porn in the internet? Jeez, get a life man!

        Also, people here are just giving their free opinion and you have no right to judge who is wrong or right. Who the fuck do you thing you are? God?

        I am not stupid, I know what democracy is ok? What I am trying to say is that Ph is using the word “democracy” outside but the truth is, the country is close to dictatorship. Why? because it is the fact that the people with power gets away with anything. Simply look at Japan or USA. It doesn’t matter if you are senator, congress, or even the president, if you do something bad, you will pay by getting arrested. In Ph, just having the position gets you automatically exempt from going to jail. (Also, becouse they can pay too.) If you don’t call that dictatorship or corrupt, I don’t know what is. In short, Democracy in Ph only applys to the people with power. The others? Wala silang pakialam, bahala na sila sa buhay nila. (They don’t care)

        Yes, yes, thank you for pointing out the site for the explanation of the oversease worker but your brain is missing the point again. I am not talking about the number of the workers but the quality of the work they do. Sure there are some who goes as nurse or engineer but the majority? Care giver and call center. Now I have nothing against Cg and Cc I mean, yes, it pays but here come the next phase. SO WHAT? Yeah they go abroad in order to earn money. But do they learn anything? No. Once they come back, they are still the same stupid Ph. Only this time, with money. I want to give a sample. There was a wealthy Japanese who actually spent his money buying a genuine painting of the famous artist and made a musium using his own money. What was the purpose? To inspire his country’s people to become a real artist. You may not understand it but looking the picture from tv or computer screen is different from looking at the real painting. It is an energy thing which you can’t understand. See? That is how people should be if he wants to really make an improvement.

        In case your brain doesn’t know what the RH Bill is, it is an law which allows divorce and abortion in the country if the person wants to.

        Now here is the bigger issue concerning this bill. Recently, (2012) Greece is in a big financial problem so the IMF is willing to bail them out by lending money. Of cource, there is a condition in doing so and in this case, Greece needs to increase tax and cut pension. Not happy with the condition, the people of Greece is protesting so they haven’t got the bail yet.
        The thing is, the same thing is happening in Philippine. The IMF ageed to bail the country out in the conition of the country will pass the RH Bill. In short, all the country have to do is accept the bill and it will receive a bailout so the debt will be lighten and make life easier to all the people.
        But the big obstacle is the Church people here, Mainly the priests. Why? Because they like to have more population in their country to create more believer. More believer means more mullah in their pocket. Is that simple. They only think about their profit rather than helping the country and the people. In case there are fanatics, here is the fact: Pope himself already approved of divorce and abortion and all country except Philippine is already allowing it so why won’t the Philippine priest won’t? Don’t you think there is something wrong with that?

        Also, for those who are fanatics, here is an advice: STOP WORSHIPPING PRIEST AS IF THEY ARE GOD! Because they are not. They are all human just like the others. You think you are special just because you have a priest friend? HA! Chances are because you have a lot of money and that what they are after. Do you think the priest will do something special when you get sick or die? HELL NO! The only thing he will do is give you a death ceremony and that is it. INSTEAD OF WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY TO THE CHURCH, USE IT TO MAKE THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE BETTER! You think Ph is the strongest catholic country? If you ask me, they are farthest from being a catholic for making most of the people suffer. If you ask me, Japan is closer to being a catholic because there are only few poor suffering people.

        You want proof? My proof is way better than those damn graph in net. It comes from a REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. NOT EVERYTHING GOES TO INTERNET OK? SOME FACTS EXIST WITHOUT EVER GOING TO THE NET SO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT GIVING A EXISTING GRAPH PROOF IN THE NET! (Besides, small matter won’t appear on the net anyway. And guess what. No one gives a shit about what happens in Philippine you know why? Because the other country can go on fine even if the Philipne dissapeares from the face of the earth. That is how small the value of the country is. Ask anyone who travel the world and they will say the same thing: Mlalysia, Thai, Singapore, and even Vietnam is way advanced than Philippine. Very sad but it is the truth.)

        Here is a real story:

        The reason why I am ranting about church is partly because my Dad is a religeous fanatic and I was dragged around the seminar in church. The fact is that in my area, most of the people has the same sharing: The couple got rich doing business. They buy big house with swimming pool, BMW, Mercedes Bentz, They even buy their bathroom tiles directly from abroad. Then they lose the business and goes on making a new one only to get ripped off by scam. At the end, they sell all the stuffs they had and transfer to a smaller house. And if that is not bad enough, either the husband or wife ends up getting a cancer and dies in agony.
        This is only in my area. Imagine the other. Fact is, Ph people doesn’t want to share. And for what? Just to lose it again at the end.

        Call Center? HA! Most (97%) of center here is operating at night from 10 pm to 6 am which goes agains the natural cycle of life (Which is of course work at day and sleep at night). Do you think that is healthy? If you say yes then you are an idiot. Fact? you want fact? Fine! I have a cousin who used to work in call center. His earning was good but he is currently broke now. Why? because his body can’t stand the night wake and day sleep cycle. He was always bleeding waste so his earning ends up going to a hospital bill. Not only him, I have a neighbor who also worked night but did not last long. Besides, what is call center creating anyway? Is is making useful product? No! Does it have benefit? NO! Is is helping the country GROW? Hell NO! It is only using the advantage of the cheap labor. How is that for a fucking proof!

        Do you know why president Ramos was succsessful as a president? Because he brought in many factory in the country. Many factory = many job offering. Plain and simple.

        You can thow in all the fact sheet in here but if you say Philippine is great then why it is a fact the it is a 3rd world country? Japan is about the same size but it is 2nd in economy power because they are disciplined and hard working unlike Ph who are lazy and slackers.

        You think you know Philippine and it is great? Then why don’t you become the president then. If you can do that and made the country better than Japan, then you have my respect. If not, then please die cuz the wold is better without you and you dying will help the overpopulation problem.

        As I said earlier, I will not waste my time arguing with you so don’t bother answering this.

        GO TO HELL!!!!!

        1. So — the only real valuable information you have given the forum is that you have issues with your family and that you wish to take it out on the rest of the contributors here.

        2. Jeez, comment readers here can comprehend my subtle rebuke to this idiot Weng’s ignorance. Nothing there that could cause a violent reaction.

          I have encountered a lot of idiot commenters here and this Weng is a unique one. A classless idiot.

          Criminals normally resorted to a plea of insanity for their easy way out of a just punishment.

          This idiot, on the other hand or on one hand, immediately resorted into a misdirection by feigning to have gone berserk like an insane as if gravely offended by my rebuke.

          Just to save face as if there’s any of it worth saving heh?

          Shameless. Even washing his/her dirty linen in public just to make a point or shall I say to get a sympathy.


          I can see through this idiot’s gimmickry. I’d like to label him/her an insane but idiot is more fitting.

          Insanity has cure.

          This idiot is an incurable loser.


          Stick around kid. There’s a shortage of classless idiot commenters here.

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