Vitallano Aguirre’s mind will forever be stuck in February 29 2012

Quite a shame that the prosecution team in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, already beleaguered over the course of the proceedings by a litany of gaffes, episodes of mediocre performance, and instances of unethical behaviour laid bare by one Senator-Judge after another, has to suffer the humiliation of one of its hired private lawyers getting caught disrespecting the court. Private attorney Vitallano Aguirre was recorded on video covering his ears as Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago delivered her privilege speech.

Perhaps after all, as most prosecution apologists would point out, Santiago was out of line when she used the word “gago” (presumably in unsurprising reference to the prosecution team). But then it can be argued that the rudeness of the word gago is really a matter of individual perception and its categorisation as “rude” more a subjective call. The word gago, as I pointed out ealier, has a very specific meaning in Tagalog. It means “idiot”. When a Filipino calls you gago it means he or she is telling you that you are an idiot. And what can be more evidence of idiocy in the prosecution as a collective than the idiotic behaviour and thinking that Santiago pointed out from the podium yesterday…

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Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago took to the podium and said that the prosecution’s dropping of more than half the Articles of Impeachment was unprecedented. “You are prejudging the case. What are you doing, conducting trial by publicity?” She accused the prosecution of misleading the court. “Ang yayabang ng nagsasalita ng ganyan, gago naman.” This is where I noticed that most of the members of the prosecution belonging to the House of Representatives were not seated at the Prosecutions table but at the VIP Section of the hall. Most of those who sat at the prosecution table were the private prosecutors and Prosecutor Representative Colmenares who led them on Article 7.

Santiago then turns her anger from the prosecution to a recent University of the Philippines survey. Addressing the University, she said, “Please do not try these little dirty tricks on us. We are old people here.” She added, “People who machinate the press releases on the UP survey should be kicked out! Shame on the university.”

This, in fact, is just the most recent of a series of past justifiably vitriolic call-outs coming from Santiago that were directed squarely at the prosecution team. In fact, I’d consider the statement she made previous to the above a lot more in-your-face when she said that the prosecution team was “an INSULT to the intelligence of educated Filipinos”. Ouch! Suffice to say, “idiot” is putting it mildly in the context of that one.

Bottomline is that while other instances of inappropriate behaviour over the course of the impeachment trial whether it came from the defense team or the Senator-Judges are all debatable this quaint childishness (at best) and downright rudeness (at worst) of a lawyer covering his ears while a judge spoke cannot be disputed.

This quaint episode is, in fact, a microcosm of the sort of politics that imprisoned the Filipino mind over the last 26 years resulting in damage to the Filipino collective psyche that we are only now beginning to understand — an entire generation of Filipinos conditioned to think that an adolescent tantrum mounted on a Manila highway by a lynch mob can always trump the ruling of a duly-constituted institution. It is this sort of moronic thinking that breeds street “ocho-ocho” rallyists at its most benign and dangerous military adventurists at its deadliest. It is the mother of all viral memes and it continues to infect the Filipino mind like a cancer.

Either way, Santiago’s “gago” has already been stricken out of court records upon the request of Congressman (and member of the prosecution team) Rodolfo Fariñas — a request to which Santiago herself did not object to. In short, the incident has been buried. Santiago will move on, the trial will move on, and we will move on. But it is quite possible that Aguirre will forever be stuck in this moment, replaying it in his head over and over while wondering: Was it worth it?

A lucky therapist will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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96 Replies to “Vitallano Aguirre’s mind will forever be stuck in February 29 2012”

  1. it was obviously plan and planted to provoke the good senator and get the desired reaction. good that it was cut short by the Presiding Officer… another ploy from the yellow zombies.. they are good at that… and that lawyer is an ABS-CBN lawyer as well as Meralco…

    1. It was pointless on his part at na contempt pa siya.. ang senate din ang mag dedesisyon covering your ears won’t solve anything.hindi nga sila sumusunod sa rule of court..Tke note ha palasyo ang kakampi could see how Pnoy sees the rulings of the court… TRUTH HURTS.. hahaha

  2. the members of the prosecution – tupas, farinas, quimbo, colmenares, angara are all seeking to be on the senate slate for 2013.
    there are enough passengers and incompetents in the senate. if we perpetuate this level of mediocrity how on earth will the country progress.
    the trial has exposed the lack of, the lack of integrity and outright hypocricy. enough.
    surely there are some honest and principled people, or maybe not.

    it doesnt augur well for the country.

    1. I shall remember not to vote for those mentioned by you. And I hope the ‘intelligent’ among the Filipino people will not have a case of the usual short memory come 2013.

    2. senators for 2013? after all this circus it is more of a disaster politically for them… tupas and the rest of his gang are just kabag… akala nila popogi sila sa ginawa nila? ayun nagkaletse-letse na kaya nagsisilayuan na sa mesa ng prosecs.. ung mga nakikisakay na pulitiko noong umpisa nasaan na? tumahimik na lahat baka madamay pa sila hehehe…

    3. let us not vote them, including “pugad baboy” look alike drilon, the pretending bright but dumb boy, osmena, the “angas boy” trillianes, leon guerero, also “the nanny of minor age criminals ” kiko pangilinan, the talkative allan peter cayetano and the silahis lacson.

      1. You are welcome. I’m hoping you guys can use that information to shed more light unto that so that more people may be enlightened.

    1. Has anyone noticed that Roberto Tiglao’s column has disallowed comments while CDQ’s column has comments in it?

      While reading RT’s opinions, I see he is clearly the very opposite of CDQ, and I wondered why his column felt so silent, his voices felt so unheard. Yun pala, kc disallowed yung reader comments. I see foulplay.

      1. Removal of the comment section also happens in Philstar, although there I think it’s by request of the columnist. Esposo’s column today had comments, but years ago, when I was a regular reader of the site, the comment section is usually removed. Same with Pedrosa, whose column some of you might’ve seen mirrored in Antipinoy.

        On the other hand, Magno’s column is always open to comments, although the usual counterargument post can only come up with ad hominems.

    1. The hell?! This current government now has a commie streak in it? This country is going to go down to the dogs. If that is where it is headed for…

      Jesus H. Friggin’ Christ!

  3. the media attacks will now move on to cuevas and enrile and the independent minded senators.

    they know they have lost the legal battle so more dirty tricks and propaganda all they have left, and no doubt a pulse asia survey!

    they will not meet the march 23 deadline – tupas was almost crying yesterday when his pleading and whining was ignored.

    the race puts a decision on hacienda luisita now possible before the impeachment trial decision.
    that would put the cat amongst the pidgeons.

  4. Expect to have this Impeachment trial get settled on the streets. When the defense presents evidences contrary to the porksecutors’ lies, the trial will reach the streets with 2,000 supporters that will be reported by PDI and ABS-CBN to be 2 million.

  5. BTW, I have read the article about the UP survey on the feb 29 issue of PDI and today, they issued an erratum about a certain part of the piece. What’s funny is that the erratum itself is erroneous. It seems that the PDI got everything wrong these days. Too much yellow maybe?

  6. “dignity” as defined in the merriam-webster dictionary is “the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed”…what dignity was aguirre talking about? if they did their job right, sesermonan kaya sila? what a laugh…and to quote the good senator…saan ang mga utak ninyo, wah? halatang di nag-isip ng mabuti…senator-judge ang kinalaban at babae pa..wawang-wawa naman talaga…let’s all say WAH!

    1. WAH! dignity, my foot!kasi yung pinoy maarte sa mga words na not native to them at di nila masyadong naintindihan. baka ibig sabihin nung aguirre is “PRIDE”, not dignity…

  7. I think the good lady senator also violated Rule 3.04 of the Code of Judicial Conduct, I suppose the Senate must be fair to everybody not because you are the judge means you can get away with something you had done, to my belief, is unbecoming of your status. If penalty is to be imposed on Atty Vitaliano Aguirre (Mabuhay ka!) so is to the lady senator.

    RULE 3.04 – A judge should be patient, attentive, and courteous to lawyers, especially the inexperienced, to litigants, witnesses, and others appearing before the court. A judge should avoid unconsciously falling into the attitude of mind that the litigants are made for the courts, instead of the courts for the litigants.

    1. now you invoke the rule of law kasi kayo na ang tinatamaan…but during the times na kayo ang mga lawbreakers, (small lady, gag order, discussing merits of case in public, fishing expedition, leaked bank documents, etc.)okay lang sa inyo suwayin ang batas kung pabor sa inyo…your logic defies me

    2. Let’s rpetend taht she did violate the judicial conduct – then I ask you, why do you think the reason or the context on why she broke that rule? Keep in mind that even judges as public servanst ahve their own personalities, their own styles which make them human. Just becuase it is stated in the rule of conduct that a judge should be like this doesn’t mean that it is always applicable in every situation.

    3. I pity the people who cheer for that arrogant private lawyer. They do not seem to understand the actions of that guy. It was not out of “RESPECT”, rather for attention whoring for media mileage.

      To gain respect, one must earn respect. The prosecution for all the being unprepared,lies, cheap tricks and tactics deserves to be lectured and berated.

      1. And those guys at COrona REsign even called him a hero (the admin made a pathetic meme of him from what aguirre did). Like lol what?? What is so heroic when he’s being a coward for not listening what the Iron Lady says to him?

    4. I’m sure that sen. Santiago has grounds for what she did.. ang dami kayang insulto sa korte ang gnawa ng presecution.. papayag kna lng ba na basta2x nalng nila gawin ang gus2 nila dahil kampi cla sa Presidenteng (BADING).. hindi nga sila sumusunod sa rule of court..Tke note ha palasyo ang kakampi could see how Pnoy sees the rulings of the court… walang respeto! rebelde yan c noynoy eh.. rebelde sa sariling bayan na pinag lalaban ng kanyang ama.. Planned or no yung gnawa ni Aguirre pointless naman yun sa huli dahil ang senate ang huhusga.. nakikinabang didto ang media eh.. hindi ng sanbayanan.. ma impeach man c corona or hindi titigil ba ang pag taas ng presyo ng crudo? giginhawa ba ang buhay ng manga mahihirap? thats the real issue hindi itong impeachment where its obvious na nagpapasikat lamang ang mga alipores ni pnoy na na gisa dn sa sariling mantika… bottom line TRUTH HURTS!

    5. @Idontknow

      You really don’t know. Rule 3.04 Does not prevent a judge from lecturing impertinent, arrogant, abusive or otherwise misbehaving lawyers. A judge who has perceived the prosecution as stepping over the line, exhibiting gross ignorance of the law or otherwise making a mockery of the proceedings can and will react. Temper flareups are normal in ordinary judicial courts. Let me remind you that the Senate Impeachment Court is not an ordinary judicial court.

  8. BenignO

    Urban dictionary offers another meaning for the term “gago”–“An ancient, obsolete term for the head of the … [deleted]” Ex. “Kinagat ng babaylan ang gago ng datu.”

    So, what was Miriam implying when she shouted that Aguirre was “gago”–or was it Aguirre’s “gago”?

    Anyway, one question that seems to have been sidetracked is this: Why is PNoy selectively obsessed with Corona?

    It’s the Hacienda decision, we are told, or even Corona’s association with GMA. But I don’t think the severity of PNoy’s obsessive reaction justifies either premise. For I suppose the only plausible reason for PNoy’s vengeful hatred towards Corona is that PNoy may be in possession of information that many of us don’t have–the long-sought elusive shadow who orchestrated the assassination of his beloved father, Ninoy.

    Evidently, it’s NOT Marcos; for, if Pnoy knew that Marcos was indeed the brains behind the brutal killing; it would naturally be BongBong or Imelda who would now bear the full force of PNoy’s compulsive preoccupation–and certainly it’s not Corona.

    If so, what is the reason behind this rage and selective obsession that is seemingly “blind to the dictates of justice”? “Moral Insanity,” perhaps?

    NOTE: “Moral Insanity” definition (under sense 2): “It is contended that some human beings exist, who, in consequence of a deficiency in the moral organs, are as blind to the dictates of justice, as others are deaf to melody.”

    Try reading:

    1. But so far, it seems it is only the Hacienda Luisita connection that provides the most plausible motivational driver behind Noynoy’s monomania.

  9. How about the way they vilify Corona? What they have are all allegations that have to be proven in the impeachment hearing.

    All scoldings that Miriam has done to the prosecution lawyers pale to what they have done in maligning Corona. The funny thing is that the prosecution is so thin skinned.

    The truth, ang kakapal nila!

    It’s moral superiority vs moral clarity.

  10. It disheartens me that the yellow mob only sees Miriam’s bullying against the prosecution team, without asking, Why did she have to lambast them with reprimands?

    The prosecution team were the ones who erred. Pinapagalitan lang sila. Napuno na si Miriam sa kanila mga incompetencies. They’re in the impeachment court for God’s sake! And they were like grade schoolers!

    I am greatly ashamed at how moronic the ‘public’ opinion has become. Indeed a disgrace to the ‘thinking’ Filipinos.

  11. I think Senator Santiago lowered herself into the mud, and find each successive and more volatile outburst strange. I have no idea about the attorney but will accept the reading here that is not flattering. It is consistent with other readouts on prosecutor incompetence and lack of preparation. But I am always inclined to ask, in this culture of favors and cheating, exactly why is Senator Santiago so volatile? Is her hypertension acting up again? Does she have something to hide? What is her history with Mr. Corona? Does she figure she is a “star” among the judges, and therefore can take center stage? Where is her decorum? I think she showed-up Senator Enrile with her bizarre outburst.

    All in all, this is an amazing show to watch.

    1. She’s MAD, in all sense of that word. Yes, she is a “precious snowflake”, a phrase which I believe you’d be familiar with.

      It’s not the first time she’s done this, by the way. In fact, I think she has mellowed down because it took her a month to do this outburst.

      1. I suppose it depends on which side of her issue you favor. I liked it when she railed against the priests who had accepted cars from a government agency, but don’t like it that she is helping C.J. Corona. So I suppose her temper is not really the issue, but one’s readout of it. But she is indeed a “precious snowflake”.

        The whole world is watching the Philippines, and she is putting on a show, for sure.

        1. I don’t see Miriam Santiago as someone who is in favor of anyone, particularly CJ Corona. Miriam Santiago, and others I know who are educated about the rule of law, are expressing their anger on how this rule has been trampled on.

          The prosecution has been taking the court to the court of public opinion, not allowing CJ Corona due process. They are pandering to the ignorant public who have no clue how the law works, yet they are easily swayed by those who pretend to be authorities on the subject (The media and the prosecution).

          It seems to me Joe, that you yourself, is not impartial in this court proceeding. You see those who clamor for the following of rules and procedures as “Pro-Corona”. I think it is you who is wearing the yellow goggles and drinking the yellow cool-aid.

          How would you feel if you were accused of a crime and vilified in the media by the accusers, without the accusers presenting anything logical in a court of law?

          How would you feel if you have not done anything wrong, but there is a lynch mob waiting outside to burn you at the stake? The prosecution has cried witch and the only way to prove your innocence is to die in the fire.

        2. She isn’t, in any way, helping Corona. She’s merely pointing out the incompetence of the prosecution. That’s their fault. The defense hasn’t presented themselves yet. I know that if the defense did something wrong or will show incompetency, Miriam will point it out too. So don’t judge her yet, saying she’s helping Corona.

        3. Combuzz, actually, I agree that I have been prematurely biased in favor of impeachment, and am aghast that preparation was so sloppy and execution of the prosecution’s case so unprofessionally handled. Who should this disaster be hung on? De Lima? I don’t know who appoints the prosecutors.

          All that said, I worry that the watching world would take away from acquittal that the Philippines is not the place to invest. Either it remains corrupt, or is “banana republic” in the execution of justice.

          Seems lose lose to me.

          My preconceptions have been adjusted, and I hope you are right that Senator Santiago is taking the high road, legalistically. And is not herself working an agenda.

    2. What an idiocy…

      “But I am always inclined to ask, in this culture of favors and cheating, exactly why is Senator Santiago so volatile? Is her hypertension acting up again? Does she have something to hide? What is her history with Mr. Corona? Does she figure she is a “star” among the judges, and therefore can take center stage? Where is her decorum?”

      This dude is insulting himself.

        1. He he he, this dude is writing his comment while facing the mirror seeing himself.

          He claimed “You know, those who wear their manhood in their mouth.”

          I can say straight to this dude’s face that what he is claiming is a confirmation of his idiocy.

          We’re commenters here and we’re not in a fist fight. Brain and pen. Not fist and mouth.

          If it’s not idiocy, then,this dude has a different definition of it.

  12. The prosecutor looking and acting like a monkey covering his ears minus the other two monkeys who cover their ears and mouth was a major blunder. He definitely stepped over the line of proper decorum. Some observers say the stunt was planned to raise the temper of Senator Santiago. If it was then he went were no man has gone before. It is public knowledge that the good Senator is hypertensive. This makes the act a grave offense. Deliberately baiting a Senator to raise her blood pressure is also a breach of legal ethics and conduct. The collective arrogance, impertinence and the display of gross ignorance of the law on the part of the prosecution was noticed by the good Senator. The dark side of the bow well movement 188 which includes the prosecutors is highly condemned by the discerning public.

  13. Considering that the prosecution has been more or less acting incompetent, under-handed and childish do we even have to wonder why the senator lost her temper? The prosecution’s actions can test even the most patient of people.

    By the way has anyone wondered as to whether the King in Yellow’s childishness affect his minions? Aguirre’s pose is very childish and the sort of thing any child who doesn’t want to listen to corrective lecture will do.

    1. they’ve BEEN given respect by being listened to, but the prosecution’s antics (including aguirre’s covering his ears to blatantly show disrespect and then acting like a victim) were uncalled for. so they got bitch-slapped.

    2. Oh yeah, Tupas called Corona ‘Judas Iscariot’. Is THAT what you call RESPECT?

      PNoy’s ramblings against Corona. Is THAT what you call RESPECT?

      I don’t think so.

    3. Those who throw mud(prosecution) must be prepared to be thrown by the same mud they’re using. Very strange indeed that you can’t even see the disrespect that prosecution is doing which they started first.

    4. @twoface

      Who started it twoface? That the prosecution received a lot of free lectures revealing their arrogance,incompetence and gross ignorance of the law shows. It is public knowledge. That attorney for the prosecution deserves severe punishment. He deliberately baited the Senator. It is also public knowledge that she has hypertension. He did the monkey hear no evil thing while smiling. It was planned.

      1. now pbrain’s miscomm group is having their network of yellow gremlins spreading talk of things that may raise miriam’s blood pressure, and the yellow army’s emo idiots are more than happy to take part in it. shame on all of them. fortunately they’ll all be welcome in hell.

    5. It has been very evident from the start of the trial that the judges have been very patient with, and by extension respectful of, the prosecution. If you want to talk about giving and taking respect, a half-assed, haphazardly crafted case is perhaps one of the worst ways to disrespect a tribunal.

      You cannot blame people for having limits to their patience, and respect. Too bad for the prosecution, stupidity and incompetence are Miriam’s triggers.

      The bigger issue is that there were certainly better ways for Aguirre to take that beating. Like a professional, for instance.

      twoface!!! I’ve missed you!! More importantly, I’ve missed handing you your ass!!!

    6. Vilify Corona – ok.

      Vilify those who vilify Corona – not ok.

      Heh! That is how their minds work. Those Penoyistas.

      It’s moral superiority vs moral clarity.

    7. Here are some typical erroneous arguments. “Respect is earned not given” or “if you want respect, respect other people to” If you use this kind of reasoning you have to know the law again because this is a manifestation of ignorance. Any court of law can demand respect even in the absence or lack of decorum on the part of the judge. If you have problems with the way the senator judges are handling things file a complaint or make a motion. When the defense was sick of Drilon’s prosecuting manner of questioning they filed a motion. They didn’t cover their ears. If you are upset with a senator judge it does not warrant any valid exercise of disrespect and that rule is absolute. The court must be respected at all times. The law does not say that if the judge is bad it is a justifying circumstance. In a court of law respect is given regardless if it is returned or not. If these prosecutors are so sensitive about respect why couldn’t they afford it to the chief magistrate. They have tainted his name dragged his whole family and cost him his career. No matter how this ends, the non-thinking Filipino will always remember Corona as a person involved in bad things. He lost his credibility to a lot of people with the unwarranted speculations, unverified complaints, fake pieces of evidence and testimonial lies coming from the prosecution. It’s ironic to see one bully go to his school principal to report his grievance when in fact he is responsible for others’ misery.

  14. the first, and the last time i ever participated in the Philippine election was in 1998…and i voted for a losing candidate…but despite that i voted against ERAP, i supported his presidency until he was ousted in 2001 thru EDSA 2…
    after that, i never participated again in the following elections…it doesn’t make sense to me that we spend millions, probably billions of pesos for electioneering…and then when the other candidate wins the election, we go out in the streets and just oust him…

    DEMOCRACY, for me, is not the right system for the Filipinos…People must be SMART for democracy to work right…no, i don’t like Communism, but i don’t think democracy will flourish in the Philippines

  15. We are wasting our time and resources by these Impeachments. Noynoy Aquino is using these Witch Hunts, to subject his political enemies to Political Inquisitions. Not far from the Dark Ages Religious Inquisitions. Not a single person yet is burned on Stake. However, they are “burned” by the YellowTard Media thru Trial By Publicity.
    Inspite of all of his proclamations of fighting corruption. He contradicts himself, by protecting his corrupt friends and party loyalists…
    The earlier we stop this madness of Political Inquisitions. And to Focus on our deteriorating economic conditions…the better..

    1. Kasi po naman hindi naman kanilang pera dyan ang ginagasto sa impeachment trial na yan. Obviously they don’t care on the money spent on this circus while the oil prices is surging up. God Help Us.

  16. May I share these two surveys with the readers herein,

    An Inquirer poll says 73.26% agree with the contempt ruling against Aguirre while 26.74% don’t in a survey of 1,836.

    Another survey on ABS-CBN on punto por punto showed 33% agree while 67% do not agree, in a survey the number of respondents in it was not mentioned.

    These are two obviously contrasting surveys, which to believe?

    I guess it really doesn’t need pointing out, but gee these surveys are misleading. Just like the UP survey. And our poor public will be left to believe everything dished their way.

  17. I’m not going to defend Aguirre’s actions because I too believe that what he did was unprofessional but how can you not see Santiago’s abuse of authority? She maybe the smartest Filipino woman I know but that does not make her a professor in court. She is paid there to be a senator judge. So stick to judging. If it’s more professional for Aguirre to just get out of the court room then, I guess it would be more professional for Santiago to lecture the prosecution out of ear shot. But maybe she just wants people to think she knows everything. That is just arrogant.

    1. i paid my taxes so that those who will represent me will explain to me clearly what is going on with the case. these IC judges are also being senators, our supposed representatives, so it is just right that they explain to the public, through the “persecutors”, how things should be…
      only those who do not like to listen to the lecture would perceive senator miriam’s antics as arrogance. @twoface, you are anti-intellectual eh? shameful.

        1. @twoface

          Hi! I understand your point and I would then like to ask is when and where should it have been done? In front of the media off the record of the Senate Impeachment Court? In congress where they do not technically have jurisdiction?

          Or would it be best in the impeachment court on-the-record to serve as reference for any and all future impeachment complaints and tribunals?

          I understand how is a bit tricky. Each person delivers their idea differently and Sen. Miriam hasn’t been known to mince her words but I get her point and would be glad that succeeding impeachment complaint would not be at this low level of preparation by any prosecution.

        2. Why is it that the pro due-process can argue their position intelligently?

          And the anti-due process or this Penoyistas?

          I’m not saying that those anti due-process are bunch of simpletons. I’m not labeling them as trying hard to defend an indefensible.

          Moral superiority against moral clarity?

          What is very obvious is their childlike emotionalism applied to adult issues.

    2. Plain and simple. There was surely a better way/tone of saying what she wanted to say. I personally think the lady senator lacked finesse in that incident. I cannot put aside however, the fact that I myself can easily get irked when someone is too cocky and self confident even in the absence of talent or intelligence. The senator may need anger management but her anger surely was not the unprovoked type. The actions of the members of the prosecution and the team itself as a whole is simply appalling and someone must bang their heads to the wall to let them know that if stupidity were a crime, their a**es would be serving life. It is very crucial for all people involved in the impeachment proceeding to show some degree of competence and intelligence. What is not known or probably not realized by many is that representatives from members of the international community, investors, world organizations and not just us are watching this proceeding. This has an economic effect. The way this proceeding is handled may contribute to the loss or gain of trust in the government system as far as foreign investment is concerned. We can go through a long story to explain this but bottom line is we should not be embarrassing ourselves when the world is watching. At least the lady senator is showing the world that not all Filipinos are morons. So far if we just talk about facts and the letter of the law the senator has been consistently correct. As much as she could in my opinion she is also trying to be calm amidst the overwhelming incompetence and malice of the prosecution. She tried lecturing in a calm way but these self proclaimed agents of justice are just so insistent on their self-serving ways with utter disregard for the law even to the extent of using the impeachment court as an instrument in their fishing expedition. And if I were a senator, this is something I’d be so frustratingly upset about.

      1. Very well put.

        My favorite line from the above is:
        “…if stupidity were a crime, their a**es would be serving life.”

    3. If you find it entertaining to watch someone make others look stupid, who am I to stop you. Good luck with the “end does not justify the means” philosophy.

      1. Sweetheart, let’s not go through that “end does not justify the means” road again shall we? Remember what happened last time you started commenting with that idea.

        By the way, provoking someone to make him/her lose temper, and possibly his/her consciousness, is really not a good idea.

  18. Philippines becomes creditor nation (lolwut)

    noytards celebrate, conveniently forget his UNAUDITABLE billions and his yes-man ilk.

  19. The great leader in the palace by the river is split-focused on his perceived enemies and very friendly to his cronies MILF and communist allies. He likes AFP modernization. Leading this with old Hamilton cutter downgraded gunboats and old F-16 aircraft seen as widow makers. Scatter gun defense acquisitions with nothing in the way of modernized, upgraded integrated defense systems.Falsely romancing the military is his way of leadership. The prices of basic commodities are going up. Tuition fees are going up. LPG is going up. Taxi fare is going up. What is the real state of the national economy? What about the affairs of state and the problems of government? He seems to be very obsessed with his “cleansing” government reform program while he forgets his other functions, duties and responsibilities. By the way, he denied that he will launch Plan B. Don’t trust his word. There is a saying. Beware the ides of March.

    1. @Der Fuhrer

      I’d like to know where you got that bit about the PAF acquiring some old F-16s? Got any links on the net you can recommend? I’m trying to closely monitor the military modernization program. Thanks in advance fellow commenter!

  20. this is shit miriam,don’t have wright to say gago because she is lokaloka,look guys all senators except j.aroyo lapid enrile,revilla are observing but all of those are tuta of aroyo,jun santiago was given job by aroyo,enriles case in cagayan smagle of cars,bong and lapid what are they doing,you guys until now are favore to corrupt.thats why you are hapi w/corona,aroyos midnight puppy,hehehe.

    1. I agree Miriam does not have the right to say it (gago) out loud in the impeachment court even if it is obviously true. I do not understand however where your right to call Sen. Santiago “lokaloka” came from. That’s totally out of line, much like you not being able to spell “smuggle” is out of line as well if we are going to pick on that (not to mention your grammar). So let’s just stick to the topic which is Aguirre’s actions. Your baseless claims are worth ignoring and I understand for I know you know nothing of what you speak. You are a classic example of the danger of democracy. When a government full of brains like yours gets to decide who rules who, we will eventually self destruct and we can only hope for a sensible dictatorship to save us.

        1. Unfortunately there is no like button for your comment. But just so you know, if there were, I’d click it. Apparently, I did not realize that until you said it.

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