PNoy confirms he is dating TV host Grace Lee

Philippine President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III has confirmed Wednesday (the 1st February) that he is dating television host Grace Lee. This followed what just a few days earlier were reported “rumours” of a date Lee went on with the President which she “clarified” on the television news show Balitanghali

“Wala pa akong nirerelease na (I have not yet released a) statement spoken of him publicly yet. So I think that’s the best thing to do now,” Lee said.

In her Twitter account Friday, Lee made some clarifications on the reports of her alleged “date” with the President.

“I never said we dated. Nor did I say we are textmates. Nor that he comes to visit me,” she said in her Twitter account.

Grace Lee (born Lee Kyung Hee) is a Korean television host and radio disc jockey working in the Philippines. She is the third Korean expatriate to appear prominently in Philippine television, after Sandara Park, Ryan Bang and her fellow DJs Sam Oh and Jinri Park. She can speak Tagalog and English in addition to her native Korean.

Lee was born and raised in Seoul, but moved to the Philippines at the age of 10 because of her father’s business, which involved importing Korean cars. She studied from third grade to senior high school at St. Paul College in Pasig City and graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, where she obtained her Communication Arts degree. Before becoming a TV host, she has been hosting events for Korean-Filipino communities as well as being an official interpreter for Malacañang.

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Before Lee, the Philippine President had been linked to more than a few women in the past. More recently he was also reportedly matched by sister Kris Aquino to Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Grace Lee is 29 years old while the President is 51.

President Aquino broke the news that he is dating Lee in an “ambush interview” during the 25th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Information Agency in Quezon City.

Aquino’s mix of love and governance mirrors the plot of the 1995 Hollywood film The American President where fictitious United States President Andrew Shepherd played by Michael Douglas falls in love with environment lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (played by Annette Bening). Wade is ultimately fired from her lobbyist position because the president has brokered a deal that causes her legislative effort to fail.

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17 Replies to “PNoy confirms he is dating TV host Grace Lee”

  1. a taste of korean.
    that should boost his economic performance from a tiny 3.7%.

    it should help her promote her new business and get an abs-cbn contract.

    a match made in text heaven.

    asked for comment james yap – ‘ been there, done her’

    watch her on youtube – subject masturbation. obviously the right class for p-noy!

    hes got the age and she certainly has the experience!

  2. This is a weak attempt on his part to deflect growing discontent over his “governance” (a term used in the loosest-possible sense) by providing some pa-cute tsismis material and make him seem like something resembling an actual human being.

    And it fails, because PICTURE NOYNOY HAVING SEX WITH HER.

    You’ve got that image stuck in your brain now, don’t you? No need to thank me.

    1. Are they portraying the President as the new “macho man” to make up or cover up his shortcomings? The “image” stucked in my brain now is something surreal to bizarre.

    2. that picture is too hideous!
      d-cupcake grace and her ‘twins’ is a party girl – am sure grandpa noy will fit in well at the beach parties!
      desperate times- desperate people – desperate measures.
      wonder if he has seen her secret piercing!

      1. Haha, you mean her “conservative” demeanor she’s shown during her “Good Times” days
        at Magic 89.9 was all for show?

        Forgive me, I rarely listen to the radio and watch TV these days, what with all the junk the media serves…

  3. Hi, I find it politically incorrect to refer to Grace Lee as the 3rd Korean expatriate to appear in prominently in Philippine television— why? She should be the 2nd, not third. Ryan Bang only got popular in 2011, while Grace Lee has been a radio DJ as early as 2007 and a TV host in late 2010 or early 2011.

    1. Wow. Thanks for clearing that up, I shudder to think about the social chaos that would have ensued if everyone got that critically important information wrong.

  4. As if anyone with a brain really gives a good $#!t.

    oh noes! economy going down because his holy moron-ness got his KY jelly fantasy all wrong again.

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