Could Umali, Tupas, ‘small lady’, and be all chargeable for serious violation of Philippine bank secrecy laws?

A big gray area now looms over the Senate impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona after the questioning yesterday (the 8th of Feb) of prosecution witness Pascual Garcia III who is president of Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) raised the ugly heads of the Philippines’ bank secrecy laws further. During questioning conducted by private prosecutor Demetrio Custodio, Garcia revealed details of Corona’s five peso accounts with PSBank but declined to present (and presumably refrained from bringing with him) documents associated with five dollar accounts allegedly kept by Corona with the bank. The five dollar accounts along with the five peso accounts were within the scope of a controversial subpoena to PSBank issued by the impeachment court.

The subpoena of the PSBank accounts traces its roots to an “anonymous source” described by Oriental Mindoro Rep. Rey Umali as a “small lady” who handed to him an envelope allegedly containing Corona’s bank documents. The revelation made by former lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr the previous day (the 7th Feb) highlighted yet another instance of the prosecution team pre-empting any authorisation from the Senate impeachment court to mount such actions.

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Section 8 of Republic Act 6426 (“Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines”) states that foreign currency accounts are “absolutely confidential”…

Section 8. Secrecy of foreign currency deposits. All foreign currency deposits authorized under this Act, as amended by PD No. 1035, as well as foreign currency deposits authorized under PD No. 1034, are hereby declared as and considered of an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written permission of the depositor, in no instance shall foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or legislative, or any other entity whether public or private; Provided, however, That said foreign currency deposits shall be exempt from attachment, garnishment, or any other order or process of any court, legislative body, government agency or any administrative body whatsoever. (As amended by PD No. 1035, and further amended by PD No. 1246, prom. Nov. 21, 1977.)

Given the formidable measures in place that make access to information on a foreign currency account in the Philippines extremely difficult, it seems that the prosecution team and in particular Umali and the “small lady” he implicates can be charged for serious offenses on the basis of this law.

Interestingly, “social news network” “online reporter” Magtanggol de la Cruz published the balance of one of those foreign currency deposits in an article that bears the ironic title ‘Secrecy in foreign currency deposits‘ dated the 8th of Feb…

The latest one that has grabbed my attention has to do with whether or not a Philippine bank can be compelled via a subpoena to disclose information relating to a foreign currency bank deposit of its depositor, in this case, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The scuttlebutt, of course, is that Justice Corona has a US$[bleep] deposit held by the Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) and that the prosecutors even know its account number.

…refering to a previous article dated the 4th of Feb where “online reporter” Carmela Fonbuena reveals not only that dollar amount but the account number where it is deposited as well…

The $[bleep] deposited in account number [bleep] is supposedly just one of 14 accounts that the Chief Justice and his wife Cristina individually and jointly own with daughter Carla Castillo and her husband Constantino III. Prosecution wants the branch manager of PSBank Katipunan branch to appear before the court and bring the bank documents on February 7, Tuesday.

These potential criminal acts will surely reflect upon the integrity of the Senate impeachment trial court which, it can be argued, became party to violations of bank secrecy laws when it allowed admission of evidence obtained by unlawful means.

Perhaps it is high time that the Supreme Court of the Philippines gets involved before things get out of hand.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

139 Replies to “Could Umali, Tupas, ‘small lady’, and be all chargeable for serious violation of Philippine bank secrecy laws?”

    1. Desperado na itong si Corona. Nagkakagulo ang pamahalaan dhil sa knya. Kung wla syang tnatago sa tao ipakta nya mga dokumento nya. Yan ang npapala ng pagging corrupt, kahihiyan sa taumbayan.

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        Thank you for your kind attention to and
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      2. Meh. Nagkagulo ang pamahalaan dahil kapalpakan ng isip-batang administrasyon na ito at sa mga isip-bata na tulad mo.

        It seems that they’re breaking the law in order to show something. That’s not even right.

        1. it only shows that this administration is already panicking. They don’t realize yet that their popularity is getting dangerously low. The end is near for this sham of a president.

        1. Like I said before, he really needs to be tied up with a straight jacket and be sent to a mental hospital for a rehab.

      3. Please use a silk glove in treating this Vincenzo. He is our Exhibit A of how sick minds are Penoy’s lap dogs. He might leave us.

        The other two lap dogs, HaraKiri and JCC, maybe are not commenting because the truth is starting to be unveiled.

        Baka mga marunong mahiya.

        Please treat Vincenzo as Kris Aquino is treating her autistic child. Just let him comment.

        Just treat him as a baby croc.

        1. Lord Chimera, can you describe to me the physical sensation whenever we see Vincenzo’s comments? 🙂

      4. “Desperado na itong si Corona. Nagkakagulo ang pamahalaan dhil sa knya. Kung wla syang tnatago sa tao ipakta nya mga dokumento nya.”

        Yeah, sure, clean-conscience rhetoric na naman iyan. Pero uulitin ko na naman sa iyo na ang burden ng proof ay nakina-Tupas and the rest of the prosecution team. Isa pa, may karapatang magtago si Corona. He has the right to remain silent. As far as his rights are concerned, hindi na mahalaga kung nagkasala siya o hindi.

        Tupas and his team have ruined their opportunity to carry their burden of proof by using small ladies, flawed database searches, and wild envelopes.

        Eto…still holding on…keeping an open mind despite your flawed logic.

  1. yes…more than the corona accounts and its balances (which isn’t really that much compared to, oh let’s say, any one of the prosecutors)…how they obtained these docs should be questioned. if it’s true that bank employees – out of patriotism said umali – shared them…then everything’s fair game?! as an ordinary citizen, i was so disturbed that i had to ask the bank manager i was talking to yesterday about this. i mean, i’ve been hearing things like kidnappers choosing their victims based on tips given by bank employees…so this is true then?

    i’m seriously considering pulling out the bulk of our savings from these banks.

    i really pity mr. garcia for being put in this precarious position but really, its the least thing he can do if he wants to put a semblance of integrity in his bank with employees wantonly breaking the law for the love of bs.

    i am not a lawyer, but can a person be cited for contempt for refusing to do something he was not subpoenaed for? i hope someone can enlighten me on this.

    1. Corrupt ksi si Corona lalo na sa mga decision nya pra kay Gloria at mrmi ang lumalaban s kwalang hyaAn nya.

      1. Mas corrupt si Vincenzo dahil mahilig siyanh mambastos ng kapwa at marami ang sumusuporta sa kawalanghiyaan ng kasalukyang administrasyon.

        Tama ako, ‘no? ANARCHY and CHAOS. It’s more fun in the Philippines. :p

      2. Grabe manira na etong sila AbNoy basta lang makuha nila Hacienda at lahat ng kapangyarihan sa gobyerno—Wala na sana talagang bumoto sa kahit na sinong kasapi sa Liberal party sa susunod na halalan. Pati lahat nga ng simbahan kinakaaway, puwera nalang yun ‘simbahan’ ng MILF, Abu-Sayyaf, at mga radical groups tulad ng kay Joma Sison na asawa ng kapatid ni De Lima..tsk..tsk

      3. Mas corrupt ka vincenzo gunggong. Corrupt ka dahil nagbubulagbulagan ka sa mga kalokohan na ginagawa ng tito noy mo gunggong.

  2. as much as the senate is trying to be “fair”, their hands are tied. i am still wondering why no one is charged for contempt on the prosecution’s side based on their antics and demeanor on court. Rappler has no integrity, their mood meter sucks in which is you analyze the percentage of how moods are voted, you can say that only a dismal amount really votes on it, try hard as they may to agitate people against corona with their biased article. I try to watch the impeachment with a fair mind, but it is very easy to see how Pnoy and his cohorts are willing to trample on anyone’s rights just to get what they wanted. If they can do this to a Chief justice, no ordinary Juan is ever safe from Govt persecution.

    1. Its the defense that must be in contempt dhl dinedelay nila ang trial at ngakyat pa sa supreme court na homecourt ni Corona na ipatigil ang trial.

      1. Pinapatigil na ang trial dahil walang patutunguhan ang kabobohan ng mga prosecutors. Hanggang ngayon wala silang napatunayan na kahit ano sa articles of impeachment. Di mo parin magets vincenzo? TALO NA ang prosecutors mo gunggong!

        1. Pareng Anonymous OT lang na tanong: Affiliated ka ba sa Anonymous, iyong hacktivist group?

      2. Nah, the prosecution is in conptempt because they’re showing nothing more thab hearsay evidence and their stupidity. Especially the fact that Tupas wanted the Senate to bend the rules for them.

    2. i accidentally switched the tuner to failon ngayon this morning and i confirmed ted failon has a bias view against the chief justice, yes it’s true that only highest officials can be removed from office tru impeachment, and we as ordinary individual are not impeachable. ted is trying to explain to the public that some senators cautioning the prosecution to be careful on the hypothetical accusation on cj coz what had happen to cj can also happen to [us]..ted questions that statement because it said that impeachment is for erring highest official only. well, i think ted failon missed the point of some good senators. it is the bill of right of the accused that is violated here and we as citizen of the republic has the same bill of rights as mandated by the constitution.

      the problem with Aquino Broadcasting Service – Cojuanco Broadcasting Network people is they are catering false information to the citizenry just to protect their own business. they don’t realize that Pnoy popularity support is already dwindling.

    3. @koi…agree. how come those in the prosecution with their underhanded ways not being cited for contempt.

      cong. abagas taking a pic of the doc in court was such a cheap shot.

  3. I know it’s against the law but don’t you have that feeling of wanting to see those bank accounts to know how much wealth Corona has? To just know the truth? If CJ Corona has nothing to hide, he would just grant permission to examine his accounts. But you won’t hear that coming from him. He really is very suspicious. In his peso accounts alone, he has millions.

    1. Apparently you don’t realize the implications of violating said law.

      “If CJ Corona has nothing to hide, he would just grant permission to examine his accounts.”

      I also have nothing to hide. Does that mean anyone can do away with my privacy?

      1. Hmmmm. Are you a chief justice who’s main responsibility is to bring justice and let the truth be known? Are you a government official in an impeachment trial?

        1. The law applies to all. If it doesn’t that’s what we call a double standard, and that’s not justice.

        2. I have a meme catchphrase for this:

          “One does not simply show their own bank accounts.”

          Yep, we still have to consider the bank secrecy law. You know why?

          Honestly, a black-hat hacker would see this impeachment as an opportunity to hack into CJ’s bank account and steal his money so that I could pay my dues. I would be really dogged to watch the presentations. And I can cover my tracks right after.

          Now a cookie to eat before going to sleep: what if this impeachment is for the Yellow Tards to find out about his bank accounts so that their hackers could steal his money and justify it “in the name of the Daang Matuwid”?

      2. You have something to hide. Your political views are not liked by the present dispensation. If your identity is revealed, you will be scrutinized in a very public and humiliating way.

        1. Okay.

          Well, my real name is Monique David. I’m 23 years old, single. I’m a supporter of the truth. My political views may be different and I’m flattered that you care. I have nothing to hide. I’m a Filipino citizen exercising my right to freedom of expression. You can scrutinize and humiliate me in public all you want but who cares? What else do you want to know? My number? Haha

        2. @twoface: Like they said, you’re missing the point.

          In order to seek the ‘truth’, they will just break the rules. And that’s what Aquino and his minions are doing.

        3. @twoface

          You can scrutinize and humiliate me in public all you want but who cares? What else do you want to know? My number?


          I want to know your address, bank accounts, facebook account, everything, etc. and all their passwords. According to you, you have nothing to hide? So please post all information here—Remember, they should be all true—We also all want the truth!

        4. this cohorts of Yellow ass and Pnoy himself are getting impatient in the legal proceedings of the senate. it is very obvious how they utter words even without the permission of the court..their attitude problems betrayed their demonic intentions to control the 3 equal branches of the government, they disregard respect to their fellow and the senate..

          how much the Cojuangco HLI paid their services? their mind are so murky and stinking , the are comparable to rabid dogs ready to inflict rabies on the society…if they succeed conviction the cj, they can easily set up a communist government. i am not surprise why the leftists support all the way this straw president, they can manipulate him easily…

      3. Double standard. Actually, you’re already missing my point but let me just comment on this. How can I apply the law to you when you are not an impeachable officer? You are not even a gov’t official. Are you asked to produce a SALN? Privacy is something that you can waive. Especially in a case against your character in this magnitude. I’m willing to sacrifice my privacy as long as it clears my name. That is my point. I know it’s illegal for the bank to divulge information on foreign deposits. Okay? I know it’s also contempt of court to disobey a subpoena. So, that’s why I now put COrona into the picture. Only he can grant permission to the bank to let the court examine his accounts. I’m not going to hope he would allow that. Because I know he wouldn’t. And the reason he has is privacy. If I was shot in the chest and the only way the doctor can help me is to remove my shirt, I would sacrifice privacy for that. If you are Tom Cruise and you asked for my number, I would also sacrifice my privacy for that. Are you understanding me?

        1. Whether Corona agrees or not, the prosecution’s methods are still in violation of a person’s rights.

          You believe no one from the yellow army will abuse his records to fabricate more lies or harass his family, friends, or associates?—Or are you just willfully ignoring it?

          Your point is moot, since even a public official also has rights, especially against minions who’ve already proven to resort to dishonest means. Proven blatant liars & manipulators like the prosecution, and their supporters from Malacañang, are worse than merely victims of malicious publicity like Corona.

          Remove Corona there, and Malacañang would have proven that they can take anyone down just to get what they want which is to trample the rights of farmers—this is really what’s at stake. I’d say make it harder for them.

        2. Will you allow your addresses and financial information to be revealed in public and broadcasted by the media?

        3. A totalitarian state is what you wanted: depriving your right to privacy and to clear your name. You have no idea that what happenned to Corona can also happen to you and me, thanks to this present adminitration.

          ‘On January 23, President Aquino is now ruling as a dictator, depriving everyone’s rights for the safety of this nation. And see why 2013 will be

          …like 1984.’

        4. @twoface: your opinion is respected..but this case of cj is very delicate and very very complicated issue to can make or break the democratic institution of this country..

          let me tell you a story when jesus went to the mountain to fast for 40 days and nights, one time in his meditation the devil tempted him, the devil said; if you are the son of god make this stone into bread..jesus did not let himself be tempted by the devil..

          what if, jesus has turned the stone into bread?. what would be the result?.. well, simple…the devil has succeed and the prophecy failed…and we are doomed to this day…

          the lesson is…if the government is in good faith in trying the case of cj corona, i think he will submit…however, there is a bad intention…and it’s very obvious, and the stake of the 90 million filipino people is endanger. the effect of this is unimaginable economic collapse coz people will pull out their capital on banks and we cannot afford to lose this business opportunities that pump up revenue to fund the nation’s infrastructure projects…and also in case of constitutional crises, a possibility of anarchy on the street will prosper and some groups may take an advantages of the weak governance, there will be rampant looting and chaos around.

          those rich people, senators, congressmen and the president and his relatives are the first to fly to peaceful country and we will be left here in distress and agony…

        5. @twoface If you have nothing to hide can you share with us your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, bank routing and account, pin number, Email address and password? This way we know that you are not doing anything illegal.

        6. “Only he can grant permission to the bank to let the court examine his accounts. I’m not going to hope he would allow that. Because I know he wouldn’t.”

          That is an incredibly biased, asinine argument. —> Corona is being accused of impropriety, therefore he must prove he is not doing anything wrong.

          The burden of proof is on the accuser. If they are basing their accusation on evidence they cannot legally have, and therefore, do not know the details of (which Rep. Quimbo already admitted was the case), the accusation is baseless.

          Your entire reasoning is based on a presumption of guilt. And if you are willing to sacrifice your own privacy on that basis, you are apparently a weak person who has no problem getting stepped on. Since I doubt you consider yourself that, I would suggest you reconsider your understanding and use of logic.

        7. To all who missed my point:

          I’m willing to waive my privacy to help me solve my case. It’s just an account balance! What harm can they do to that? How different is a peso account and a dollar account? PSBank already divulged information on his five accounts. The only reason why he can’t disclose the other five is because of the foreign deposits confidentiality law. That’s a criminal offense for Pascual if he does that. That’s the dilemma of the court right now. Since Corona is absolutely not going to let the truth be known, he would never grant the bank permission to examine his accounts. Do you want to know how much money I have in the bank? I only have Php 1,089.34. I don’t have money. Just the maintaining balance. What’s so wrong about that?

          What is the bad intention?

        8. Well do it then, I am now accusing you Monique David, 23 years old, of stealing 10 million pesos. You must hereby provide, by broadcasting public for public scrutiny, all your bank statements to show that you have no such amount in your possession. You must also provide for public scrutiny a list of your properties you have bought to show that you have not used 10 million pesos to purchase anything.

          Failure to do that, I’ll declare you a thief and you must be imprisoned.

        9. Nope, you’re still showing your stupidity everytime you’re posting.

          We have a Bank Secrecy Law. If they’ll break it just to show all of Corona’s accounts (including his dollar accounts), many, including you, will have distrust on the banking system and the economy will collapse.

          Oh yeah, keep on RISING THE FIRE.

        10. @twoface

          I only have Php 1,089.34.

          Anyone can just type any number. We need your bank account(s), and for confirmation purposes also those of your family and friends if possible. Also disclose your other online accounts including passwords, unless according to your “logic” or lack thereof, you are hiding something—PRONTO!

          Please also provide information on your taxes for us to interpret “liberally.”

        11. I’m sure you know that there is a real and solid banking privacy LAWS that is in effect in our society.

          In essence you want to break a LAW to gain JUSTICE which is uphold by our LAWS.

          If our so-called “truth and justice seekers” break one LAW just one what’s to stop them from breaking another LAW?

          This one thing you must understand any one who fights for righteousness(if that’s what you think that the prosecutors are doing)must not dirty themselves in seeking the truth. Otherwise their cause is tainted by their actions.

          “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
          — Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

          I disagree with some of Nietzsche’s views on life, but this one is here I agree with completely.

    2. are you saying let’s break the law because you’re curious about just how much money corona has? if you let this blatant disregard of the law fly one time, then i tell you, you’re setting a precedent for so many other impeachment cases to follow. after all, how many politiicians have much more undeclared wealth than corona? hey, why don’t we impeach a certain elected official just because he seems to have more many than he says he does, and let’s open his accounts to prove it.

    3. Nakakatawa naman itong comment mo. If they didn’t know he has ill-gotten wealth because they haven’t seen his bank account, then there really was no basis for the impeachment complaint.

    4. No, I don’t have that feeling, and I don’t care about how much Corona has. I just don’t want anyone with nasty interests peering into my bank records. If Corona doesn’t want his seen, I don’t want mine seen. And it’s against the law, so it’s better not to have that feeling. Peering into someone else’s bank accounts is one way to find a possible thing to blackmail them with.

    5. Just because you have nothing to hide doesn’t mean you have to reveal everything. Not everyone shares your willingness to reveal your bank account’s contents. And just because something is confidential or secret doesn’t mean it’s evil. Believing that everything kept secret is evil is a prejudiced and biased thought.

    6. @twoface

      If CJ Corona has nothing to hide, he would just grant permission to examine his accounts. But you won’t hear that coming from him. He really is very suspicious.

      If abNoy would simply follow the law and allow the distribution of Hacienda Luisita to the farmers who are anyway also its rightful owners (note: without legal maneuverings, tricks or manipulations), he would dispel so many doubts and in fact win converts. But you won’t hear that coming from him. He really is very suspicious.

  4. Breaking news! According to this report from Raissa Robles is the “small lady”!!!

    Just in: Raissa Robles, Justice Carpio’s girl friday, moonlighting as a journalist, is the short lady who handed the envelop to Cong. Umali. Isusubpoena na yan ng senado. It was Annabelle Tiongson, branch manager of PS Bank, who told Gigi Sawit, who in turn gave the documents to Raissa Robles. The public should know.

    Are Philippine banks really safe?

    1. that makes sense.
      she has been fed info all along
      and a convenient conduit
      and last week was almost p#ssing in her pants saying she has something very interesting but couldnt say.

      lack of any integrity. despicable.
      paid propagandist with no consideration for the law.

      1. Should a small number of the senators insist on the revelation of the dollar bank accounts… would this make them criminally liable? Forcing the issue makes them the proximate cause of the illegal revelations. The ripple effect on the depositors and banks will trigger a bank run. Guess who will be blamed?

  5. I am sure many will disagree with me but what I am seeing in the impeachment trial particularly today as they voted to allow banks to provide details on CJ Corona’s accounts made me sad.

    On the basis of an envelope handed by an anonymous “small lady” who I am realizing is not even a bank employee and does not have the guts to testify before the courts, the rights of an individual is being trampled over and his life and that of his family is destroyed. Nobody deserves to be destroyed publicly like this.

    I have been a banker for 20 years and proudly so. A bank sells trust and our asset is our honor and our integrity. I am actually very proud of Mr. Pascual Garcia, President of PS Bank for his courage today.

    Whether CJ Corona is guilty or not, or has amassed illegal wealth or not, is not the point. It is the process which was used in ferreting the truth that I so dislike. Righting a wrong with another wrong will never make it right. However I will pray hard that with the truth that will be revealed in the Impeachment Trial by the use of these extra judicial powers…that from this a conscience will grow and that these congressmen and senators and all public officials realize that the public is not an unthinking group of people and that they are all accountable to the public they serve. And as they serve the people they should all participate in making transparent their own SALN and bank accounts.

    I truly believe this is a form of purging. I maybe naive in wishing for this. I strongly believe that we have a weapon called the internet and we have today access to information real time which we never had before. We should use this tool to ferret out the truth from all the media spin and the political and legal gobbledegook. Whether we use this tool to make our voices heard is really up to each one of us. It is a collective effort to make the change we dream of…we will succeed together or fail as a group. We should also be careful not to be used by vested interests that play on our emotions and anger. This is all up to us.

    1. I agree with you. It’s not Pascual’s fault at all. I firmly believe he is not in contempt of court. He is just caught between two laws. Subpoena and the foreign deposits confidentiality law. So the ball is in Corona’s hands. Is he or is he not going to permit the bank to examine his accounts? If I was CJ Corona and I’ve got nothing to hide then, I’d gladly bring my accounts to court. That way, the prosecutors and all who are in doubt would get a slap in the face.

        1. @twoface; the marching order for 188 congressman and the abs-cbn is to pin down cj corona at all cost that is why they chose impeachment court rather than ombudsman to bring the case of corona.. their dark intention is very obvious how these prosecutors present themselves in the impeachment said if you are corona, you would be gladly bring your accounts to the court??? no!!! they said corona have 45 properties where in truth it was not…now, how can you trust the government who issued a marching order to destroy you?. no way!

        2. @twoface

          I’m really sorry but here is the thing. How can they actually have dared and accepted the filing of the impeachment case is beyond me.

          It’s like accussing you of murder in a court of law with no basis or evidence.

          I accuse twoface of murdering Ms. X on 02/xx/2012 12:00am. I have no evidence but I accuse him of such acts and he should face the full force of the law and prove his innocence by presenting evidence of his innocence.

          See this situation, the accusation with no evidence can prevail if we keep this up. If this happens, anyone who wants to standup with a contesting opinion of the administration will risk the “rule of law” just because they oppose or are in opposite view.

          I simply believe in innocence until proven guilty, but the accuser also has to lay the basis for his/her accusation with proof, not mere heresay and general statement.

          As Atty Cuevas states: “NO BASIS YOUR HONOR!” Why should we even go there? Entertainment for entertainment’s sake? It’s what the public wants? So just because the so-called “public” desires it, we should forget our laws and resort to underhanded tactics and means?

          My answer is NO! If you want to tread the right path, you start on the right foot (or act so to speak).

        3. Hallo twoface.

          When a banker is squeezed between 2 laws, he’ll go for one or the other and still be safe. But if prosecutors present as evidence something illegally gained, and they use it to browbeat people whose job includes keeping secrets, then it says much about the prosecution not the accused. If they can do that to a banker whose job is to keep the trust you reposed on him, they can do that to you (use your own honest work against you).

    2. I agree with you..those people demanding for the disclosure of confidential information for the sake of knowing the truth does not really understand the implication of such act. The Banking Law is very clear. Secrecy laws are laid out as one of the foundation to protect financial institutions and banking economy. Breaking this foundation will weaken the banking system and will compromise the economy of the country. Is this what we want to happen for the sake of knowing the truth to serve the purpose of some politicians? I am not against the idea of seeking for truth and justice but it has to be obtained in a legal way, not just from “small lady” that we don’t even know if she exists.

      If this impeachment court choose to break any kind of law just for the sake of verifying an “illegally-acquired” information, then I guess we are showing the whole world how weak our laws are.

      Bank Secrecy laws are not only in the Philippines..these are laws that exists in most countries if not all.

  6. lapdog drilon, noddy recto and big ear guingona are a disgrace to the law, the senate and the country.
    traitors pure and simple who sell their vote for money. trailer trash and it shows.
    they really are clowns and enrile should send tge littke boys to stand in the corner

  7. hay naku the point of the prosecution to dig deep into cj bank account is to make a presscon and say “O, sabi sa inyo madaming ill gotten wealth yan eh…” walang kadala dala, walang pinagkatandaan eh ang tatanda naman na nila…sana gawin na lang nila ang trabaho nila bilang mga hinalal ng taong bayan. naisip ko tuloy malamang nandaya tong mga to sa last election kaya walang utang na loob sa mga mamamayan…sorry to wish them ill pero sana pag lumindol ulet ng malakas sila na lang ang matabunan o kaya lamunin ng lupa! MAGTRABAHO NAMAN KAYO!

  8. i met sen. drilon during edsa dos, at mantrade mrt station north edsa. he is nice person and seemed a man of principle so i voted for him for senator.

    now, i swear i will no longer vote this man. he is not a senator of the people, he is a senator of aquino and cojuangco. i regret voting him, he is color-blinded puppy of vengeance…he can never unite the people, i swear you will lose senatorial seat, i will earnestly pray for it…

    1. He knew that the elite would not approve of VP de Castro to take over if PGMA resigned or was toppled in 2005. He thought it could be his chance to be President being the third in rank as Senate President then. It was his ambition, not principle, that prompted him to withdraw support from PGMA in 2005.

  9. If Congress thinks that the Bank Secrecy Law on FOREX Deposits could be used as a means by crooks to hide ill-gotten wealth, then why did they pass it in the first place?????

    In the Philippines, legislators are the first law violators.

  10. Look what this impeachment circus is leading our country to…I can already imagine our economy nose diving to zero or worse baka mag negative pa in the coming months or years…tsk, tsk, tsk…

  11. Willingness to reveal one’s own bank accounts is not really a sign of good intentions or honesty. On one hand, it can be seen a sign of arrogance, or on the other hand, it can be stupidity.

    1. Or, it can also mean a willingness to be strong-armed or bullied. Which the current regime most likely wants to do to the people.

      1. What’s even more retarded (reading from the online comments of Philstar and Inquirer) is the assumption of Pinoys that on top of having millions in the bank, if you have a foreign currency deposit, you probably have a lot of evil to hide.

        Never mind that your money is the fruit of your own honest work and you live on the cheap to get there, what matters to Pinoys is that a cheap bastard with millions is a damn criminal. Balato mentality.

        1. It is absolutely disgusting how there are Pinoys who dress up their “inggit” and “pakialamero” habits as “in the name of justice, equality, and truth”, and also as, one of the most abused and misused phrases by Pinoys:

          “Share your blessings”.

  12. I think the subpoenaed account numbers could be considered as ‘fruit of the poisonous tree’ (evidence acquired illegally).

    More so if it came from a ‘duenda’ (small lady). Cheers!

    1. Subpoena’d and then presented as evidence is bordering ok, but if the account information was first acquired illegally and then used as evidence, that definitely is poisonous. Never mind that they were subpoena’d later.

  13. We have to uphold the Bank Secrecy Law; to prevent Bank Runs in our Banking system…the prosecutors want to destroy, the Financial system of the country , that is now working…A Bank run is more dangerous, than a Tsunami…and the Aquino- Cojuangco families, are not aware of this…
    If a “Small Lady”, whom I suspect, as a ExtraTerrestrial Reticulean, comes to you, with documents of Corona’ “Bank Accounts. Will you trust that it is an authentic one? The “Small Lady” cannot be subjected to come to the Senate, to testify…She and her crew, already Zoomed, with their StarShip…to the Constellation Reticuli…

  14. I’m liking this very much. I especially like it when some of the people here resort to insults. Whatever.

    Recto said, if you are corrupt, get a dollar account. That way, nobody can touch it. Ahhh, Corona is so smart. I love it. Why would he have, not one but five dollar accounts anyway? He is in the Philippines. He is paid in peso. Cayetano, I think, requested the defense panel to consult Corona to grant permission to examine his accounts. I’m so excited by Corona’s response. See, nobody broke the bank secrecy law. Why look like an idiot and instill bank run into people’s heads? I’m sure people haven’t even thought about withdrawing their money from their banks. And the usual reason why there’s a bank run is insolvency. Not lack of trust. That’s just plain stupidity. Recto again questioned Corona’s 30M bank deposits while in his SALN he only declared 3.5M. That would be an interesting HUGE discrepancy the defense will have to face. Also, the SC showed their “partiality” by issuing the TRO to the foreign deposits while deferring Corona’s petition to stop the impeachment trial. Have you seen the drama on the balcony starring Renato Corona? He doesn’t have to cry. I mean, why would he want to stop the impeachment trial if he really is innocent? Is he losing confidence in Cuevas or he is getting tired of pretending to be innocent?

    1. I was originally going to say more but I believe this is enough.

      “Have you seen the drama on the balcony starring Renato Corona? He doesn’t have to cry. I mean, why would he want to stop the impeachment trial if he really is innocent? Is he losing confidence in Cuevas or he is getting tired of pretending to be innocent?”

      Strong words from someone who isn’t being crucified by the media on a daily basis.

        1. There’s a difference between responsible, objective reporting and one that clearly aims to vilify someone.

          Occupational hazard? Maybe. But that in no way justifies it. I find it disturbing that you can tolerate the vilification of someone who has yet to be proven guilty.

      1. That’s part of the job, dear. You can’t expect everyone to like him. He voluntarily took the job and if dislikes the vilification of some people, might as well quit. That is something you can’t stop. Just like the people who vilify the president. Probably the only time you should be disturbed is when you only hear praises or only hear vilification.

        1. two-face

          Accused CJ Corona cried like an envious child upon hearing the news that accuser Tupas is being “praised” for building a P50 million house on a P20 million lot–while he is being publicly “vilified” and humiliated no end for having purloined much less and could only afford a mere penthouse to live in.

        2. Still, point missed.

          So you prefer TRIAL BY PUBLICITY than a fair trial? Please.

          Corona took the job because it was the JBC who made that decision. Sorry, but that is the nature of politics here in the Philippines. And love it that way because the present Aquino government loves to demonize other people in order to hide their stupidity. Good thing that Corona is issuing a TRO to stop the impeachment trial because AbNoy and his minions will never stop villifying attacking him with hearsay evidence and blundered antics.

          Just like the prosecution, you’re becoming idiotic each and every day.

        3. Well, you see, my dear, if you won’t quit commenting here even if, in your own words, you’re receiving “insults,” why would Corona quit from all the insults? Maybe he’s “liking” it like you relish the flame wars in the internets.

          Also, you haven’t proved that you didn’t steal P10 million. My accusation sticks–you’re a thief. That’s not an “insult,” darling, it’s a noble quest against corruption.

        4. @Peste

          Oohh. I’m not quite aware that there was an Internet war. From what I understand, this is a free space where people can voice out their opinion and have a HEALTHY discussion. And by the way, about your accusation, first get a lawyer, dear Peste. I dare you to file me a lawsuit. It could be that I stole the P10 million from the Casino Ocean 11-style. Talk that out with your lawyer first. Okay? Then, contact me so that I can see you in court.

        5. What happened to the gung-ho I’ll-show-my-bank-accounts-to-prove-my-innocence attitude? Why would you suddenly want to go to court?

          You are indeed two-faced. Don’t be coy about it, there’s no healthy discussion here, not with your double standard and lack of logic.

        6. —-Why would you suddenly want to go to court?—-> Hahahahaha. Are you kidding me? Are you really asking me this question? Whew. Nice joke. Made me think for a minute there that you know nothing.

          Oh, one more thing, and you are indeed a peste.

        7. You wanted to go to court when you’re the one being accused because suddenly you realize that the law and the legal processes can provide you protection.

          It’s my pleasure to live up to my name.

    2. @ twoface,

      ‘Have you seen the drama on the balcony starring Renato Corona? He doesn’t have to cry.’

      Paano siyang hindi iiyak, eh ang alam ni Mrs. Corona na pera niya yung naka-declare lang sa SALN.

      Nahuli ni madame yung mga milyones. 🙂

    3. There is no law that prevents an individual to have foreign currency accounts or not to have as many accounts he/she wishes to have.

  15. @Daido Katsumi

    —-Just like the prosecution, you’re becoming idiotic each and every day.—-> I’ve got one word for you – Whatever.

    Then, I suggest you file a complaint against Tupas. I’ll give you a tip on what to do first. Get a public lawyer or a private lawyer like Jimeno who can give you a pro bono. Corona took the job. Period. He always has options. He can refuse if he feels like it’s too much responsibility for him. It’s not just a mere penthouse, mind you. I’m sorry that he feels humiliated but like I said, that’s part of the job.

    1. Twoface, I will; but pro bono, a public lawyer? I can very well afford a panel of the best, if you will. But we’re talking dirty tricks here. And I remain open to several “options” along that line.

      1. I didn’t mean anything by that. You may be able to afford the best but I’m just reminding you of your right to have a public lawyer if you feel like you want to sue Tupas. I respect your opinion about dirty tricks but we’re not on the same page. You can dig out all of the prosecutors’ past all you want. I don’t care. Because right now, CJ is on the hot seat. So, my eyes are on him. At first, I even doubted Jimeno for her change in perspective. But I realized that what she does is her business. I decided to stay disinterested in her affairs. Probably the only time I will find her interesting is when she becomes an impeachable officer facing an impeachment trial.

        1. @twoface, not “may,” I definitely “can” afford. But why would I waste my time digging the dirt in the prosecutors’ past. And you don’t have to lecture about the basic “rights” that inhere in the term “citizen.” Anyway, to “dig”–in the literal sense of “removing earth”–is, of course, one of the “options” available to citizens, the sovereign, enraged.

        1. @twoface, we’re actually on the same book of so many pages in the same way that the Jimeno you keep repeating is on another page of that same tome.

          So, you’re on the page of a higher level, and I’m on the basement way down below planning “dirty tricks.”

          But my deep concern of the current situation, @two face, is for an entirely different reason–a level higher than where you think you profess to be. For Pnoy’s dad was a good friend of mine. He personally appointed me at his Senate office to chair the Ninoy for President Movement in our city a few months before Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972. I was then an elective official of our city and remained a member of the Liberal Party throughout that dark period while others conveniently jumped to join Marcos KBL or simply kept silent.

          As an incumbent Liberal Party official and Ninoy’s rep, I was often invited by Marcos’ thugs to stay with them 2-3 nights, even a week, at the popular, fully-booked 100-star Hotel Detention. Anyway, I resigned from the Party and politics only AFTER Marcos fled.

          With this autobiography, I hope you understand why, at my age, with so many grand to care for, I remain concerned, committed and involved.

      2. I’m impressed. I’m happy that your dedicated to our country. I just hope you respect my opinion as I respect yours. Our difference in opinion doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t support the same cause. By the way, what higher level are you talking about? A level higher than what I “profess” to be? And how does Renato Corona’s display of emotion in the balcony and Tupas’ 50M house fit in to this “level”?

        1. My response certainly was not intended to impress, but to inform. And what I meant was, you professed (in the sense of “to affirm openly, declare or claim”) earlier to be “not on the same page” as I am in as regards the “dirty tricks” I was talking about; thus, my response. Again, please don’t lecture about free speech to an avid follower of the late Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn.

          “Level,” you mean? To Tupas’ level of sanctimony, of course.

        2. @Domingo

          You know what, if you feel like I’ve lectured you, I’m sorry. That’s not my intention. I understand you’re angry because you feel like Corona has been “humiliated to no end” and for you that is reason enough for him to cry. What I don’t understand is why is he humiliated? Is he humiliated because he has millions in his bank and that’s not wealthy enough for him? Is he humiliated because people might think he is poor? Or is he humiliated because they think he is rich? The verdict is not out yet. He is not proven to be corrupt. So why exactly is he humiliated? And how come it’s not okay for him to be villified but okay to villify others? What do you want the Filipino people to do? Praise him to no end? That’s not gonna happen.

        3. @twoface. Now why I would I get “angry” at CJ Corona’s “humiliation”? Did I write the word “angry” in my earlier posts? Read again! I seldom, if ever, use that word. Look, you just want to put words into my mouth to justify your lecturing once more, this time around (as a psychologist) about that emotion called “humiliation.” (“humiliated to no end,” is the line I wrote, which you purposely quoted, and if you think that’s ungrammatical with the prep. “to,” google!).

          You’re right, after all–“we’re not on the same page.”

          And if you want to show your grammarian skills, I’ll ask one of my daughters (with a Masters degree in English Literature and currently teaches English at U.P. Cebu–check that out to verify) to get in touch with you, if she cares to communicate with wimps!

        4. ——Anyway, to “dig”–in the literal sense of “removing earth”–is, of course, one of the “options” available to citizens, the sovereign, enraged.——> You are indeed old. Isn’t enraged synonymous with angry? I didn’t question your grammar. I used the same grammatical structure didn’t I? “Praise him to no end”. Quite the same with “humiliated to no end”. Anyway, grammar is the least of my concern. What I find really interesting though is that you haven’t answered any of the questions I raised about Corona. You were instead giving information I didn’t ask.

        5. @twoface
          I’m even older than your lolo. But just woke up, Lolo needed rest. Questions to be answered? Reminds of my idol, Frank, crooning “The Impatient Years”–the young should be patient. Wait until the prosecution completes their presentation of evidence; after that, let’s all hear what the defense has to say to rebut the accusations.

        6. Undoubtedly you are older than my lolo because he already died. I guess you weren’t reading my questions because it has nothing to do with the prosecution and the defense.

        7. @twoface

          Sincerely sorry to hear about the loss. may your Lolo rest in perfect peace. Your Lolo’s flight departed earlier, I’m just waiting for mine to be called anytime now.

    2. Honestly speaking, the Supreme Court and the whole judiciary should stay away from politics. The prosecution panel are full of politicians and Corona is lucky because his defense panel are law experts.

      The bigger picture is that Noynoy and his minions dragged the judiciary in the dirty political landscape. It seems that they want to control all 3 branches. That is their bad intention.

  16. it seems to me that some sen. judges are saying they are ABOVE THE LAW. that is why they are BULLYING the president of PSBank to do what the senators order him to do w/c is do break 2 laws:

    1)Revealing the dollar account
    2)Revealing MORE THAN what the subpoena required (peso account).

    konwari, natakot si PSBank president sa mga senators at sinabi niya. Pagtapos, nakulong si “mr. witness” dahil don.

    baka pwede sabihin ng mga senators na “siya ang nagsabi non. pwede naman niya hindi sagotin yong mga tanong namin.”

    di hugas kamay uli.

    kagaya nong nangyari sa alleged “45 properties” na 21 lang pala ang pinakita kasali diyan yong parking lots & naibenta na properties.

    wala akong problema kung may ipinasa na reklamo of impeachment sa isang opisyal.

    pero kung gawin naman to sa illegal na pamaraan, dapat ang totoo na i-impeach dito ang nagreklamo.

  17. I still dig the Balato Mentality of those who hold it against Corona that he has a dollar account on top of his millions of pesos. The guy was rich long before he became a Supreme Court justice.

    The guy has children in the US, he went to a US school, and it’s reasonable to presume he goes to the US regularly to visit or study. Keeping a $$$ account is but practical.

    I travel frequently and keep a couple of foreign currency accounts because I know that Philippine pesos aren’t exactly legal tender everywhere else.

    And I don’t need to tell my own parents about how much I keep in there. I can tell them it’s none of their business, and they better respect it because it’s my money after all. Not that they ever got that nosy, and never have they held my the fruit of my labor against me.

    Drat that some people can get so damn nosy and envious about where a person’s money came from, and make political hay out of it. Balato Mentality.

    1. “I travel frequently and keep a couple of foreign currency accounts because I know that Philippine pesos aren’t exactly legal tender everywhere else.”

      Unless you convert them to the respective currencies of the other countries, and that alone can be iffy.

  18. If you put two and two together (The signature cards shown to Tiongson, and attached bank accounts to apply for subpoena were similar to that of PSB, and the fact that PSB have shown BSP/AMLA Coronas signature card then there is no question that the original source is really from PSB. Despite 42 differences were sighted from the original signature card, one can not deny the big resemblance of the questioned documents.)There now exist a big probability that the leakage came from BSP/AMLA. At the same token, World Bank funds used by Supreme Court which were in question were also leak and S.C. spokesperson Midas Marquez think the source is Malacanan’s mole in the BSP. What a coincidence.

    1. not necessarily.
      e.g the raw info could have come from the audit and then a forgery was created based on template etc.
      since they never expected a trial this was done quickly and badly but the focus for them was on the info not the form!! ludicrous

  19. 2 years later and the removal of Corona using the illegal DAP has caused the gates to this administration’s downfall.

    Ironic how malacanang trolls have suddenly gone silent after all the scandals that has affected their precious moron of a president.

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