Jinkee Pacquiao MEGA cover over-photoshopped?

Media giant ABS-CBN “reported” a while back how Jinkee Pacquiao became more beautiful in what comes across more as an infomercial than the work of real journalism, pitching a cocktail of “products” that account for her new look: Smart Lipo to help her lose 20 pounds; Body Tite which is “a body remodelling procedure from the United States which assists liposuction and tightens the skin”; Ulthera, “a non-invasive procedure from the US” which “utilizes ‘high intensity focused ultrasound’ to tighten the skin after a 45-minute session”. All of this was supposedly administered with “a little help” from celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicky Belo.

Considering that most celebrities actually attempt to conceal the surgery behind their million-dollar looks, it comes across as baffling how Jinkee seems to revel in the media spotlight that shines upon her technologically-enabled glamour.

Latest in the buzz about the wife of boxing champ Manny is her cover photo on MEGA Magazine…

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This time the glamour is allegedly digitally-enabled. Too much Photoshopping? You be the judge.

25 Replies to “Jinkee Pacquiao MEGA cover over-photoshopped?”

    1. Mas magandang di hamak ung orig Jinkee! Bakit ki ganda na e kung anik-anik pa ginagawa sa mukha! Porke ba naman mi pera eh….! Hay, naku!

  1. Hmm, it’s very obvious. That doesn’t look her too. I’ve been watching Pacquiao fights since the early 2000’s and I’ve seen them in that Extra challenge show so I was disappointed when Jinkee went under the knife when I think that she’s pretty when natural.

  2. Seriously! It’s like taking a photo of a mannequin! It’s sooo artificial, what was she thinking when she did this photoshoot? What was she trying to project? I am quite speechless, it’s not ugly, but i don’t find it appealing, its just doesn’t look right.

  3. To be honest with you all i think Jinky Pacquiao has all the the rights to do anything in her body or face all she wants,we only live once,if i only have the money like she has i’ll be doing the same thing..
    In fact Jinky is beautiful even before an after but i love her more because she want to live the fullest…

  4. To put it crudely, if Jinky dies in that look, even St. Peter, the heaven’s gatekeeper will not recognize her.

    This only shows how those behind media perceive the public, madaling lokohin.

    1. What’s equally troubling is that even her own children might not recognize her anymore. This woman has a problem and I’m sure it has nothing to do with money. Pity.

  5. Layout artists and photo editors usually do this to “show their stuff.” I think some industry guidelines need to be set to govern how much photoshopping is acceptable.

  6. the more people talk about this whatever-you-may-want-to-call-it, the more the magazine (and Jinkee) will get publicity at malamang na bumenta pa. pero kung ako ang tatanungin, hindi naman big deal kung photoshopped. Isa pa eh maganda naman talaga si Jinkee. kahit sinong nagkakapera, ang aim talaga ay self improvement in whatever ways they know how.

  7. lol i don’t know how jinkee (is that her real name??) looks like. but the women from the cover has really nothing in common with either the lady on right or left. totally photoshopped!

  8. Com’on guys ..we live just once,if that makes her happy and satisfied and she
    can support that luxurious wish ..WHY NOT ??? Other people can continue judging her ,who cares? I’m not a big fan of any of them , but after I read all the negative comment I just can’t help it. She can change her face if she wish!
    None of any people business..

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