Day 2 of Corona Impeachment: Amazing grace exhibited by defense team

Perhaps it is as what everyone had suspected all along. Of what looked like volumes of “evidence” of improper conduct on the part of Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona splashed all over the media by the House of Representatives prosecution team (despite repeated warnings from the Senate), it turns out that only a tiny (if any) subset of all that noise was relevant to or within scope of the much-hyped Articles of Impeachment against Corona. Worse, whatever evidence the prosecution actually had was mostly inadmissible.

Indeed, despite an army of lawyers engaged by the prosecution and an even bigger army of media hacks scattering factoids surrounding “evidence” against Corona over the last several weeks, House prosecutors came up virtually empty-handed on Day 2 of the Senate impeachment proceedings — a day that turned out to be a disaster for Corona’s prosecutors. Part of their strategy for the day it seems was to put up Article II (the stuff about Corona’s alleged unexplained wealth) on the agenda ahead of Article I (the stuff about his “subservience” to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), which made Senate President (and presiding officer of the Senate Impeachment Court) Juan Ponce Enrile wonder, “If you consider Article II your most important, why wasn’t it No. 1?”

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Had Enrile allowed Article II to be discussed today, the prosecution would have come across as chumps nonetheless…

With no witnesses to introduce, the prosecution team also brought merely computer-generated documents to prove Corona amassed ill-gotten wealth while in power.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the impeachment presiding officer, refused to acknowledge the documents pending authentication.

This is only the most recent of the lengthening track record of gaffes coming from pro-impeachment campaigners. And it is quite amusing that the impeachment prosecution team itself would carry on that tradition in the Senate trial itself.

Just recently, what was supposed to be an “explosive” scoop on a supposedly damning report issued by the World Bank (WB) against the Supreme Court was made public by some media organisations. The WB report on the Supreme Court’s Judicial Reform Support Project (JRSP) was supposedly “leaked” by Malacanang sources to the media despite the document not being intended for public consumption. The WB later denied releasing the document to the media. And while the report rated the use of funds loaned by the WB to the project as “unsatisfactory”, it did not single out any one factor much less one person as being solely accountable for said performance…

While the WB sources revealed that the project was delayed and had to be extended several times, it cited a number of factors that contributed to these delays, including the 2009 Typhoon Ondoy disaster, “coordination issues”, “lengthy procurement processes”, and “changes in the judiciary leadership”. As such there is no hint of any one factor that could be made accountable for the lackluster delivery of the project.

An “report”, however, went as far as asserting that “The Supreme Court under the watch of Chief Justice Renato Corona has been weighed and found wanting,” on the basis of the WB report — an assertion that is grossly inconsistent with the facts stated in the WB report. On the contrary…

Data from the World Bank’s website revealed that the pace of implementation has picked up under Corona’s leadership, saying more than $1.3 million was disbursed in the first half of 2011 alone.

Previous to that, much ado over Corona’s supposedly “unexplained wealth” was being spun by various “online journalists”. The angle of choice of these “exposés” is mainly around how there is no way Corona’s salary as a government employee can cover the financial commitments entailed by his vast property portfolio. As Akbayan spokesperson Risa Hontiveros explains

“the Chief Justice can no longer ignore allegations that he has enriched himself in office way beyond his legal salaries and allowances as a member and now head of the Supreme Court”

Of course, Corona is no ordinary government employee and had enjoyed many other professional gigs outside of government service. The private sector is known for being a bit more generous than the state when it comes to compensation. Perhaps Hontiveros, being a leftist mouthpiece, isn’t as clued in on the vast rewards that the capitalist free-enterprise system has been known to offer its savvier practitioners.

Going further down the depth of the barrel, we found veteran “investigative reporter” Raissa Robles and “online journalist” Marites Vitug scraping its bottom with their “reports” about the sketchy improprieties of Corona’s wife Mrs Cristina Corona and the “outrage” of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) awarding Mr Corona academic credentials under supposedly inappropriate circumstances.

I said it first, then:

All of the above fail the So What? test.

Day 2 of the impeachment trial re-administered the same test on what the prosecution had to show and got the same result.

I salute the grace with which Corona’s defense team spokespersons discussed the remains of the day with the media after that “disastrous” showing by the prosecution. They kept reminding everyone to apply a bigger picture perspective on the whole exercise we are being subjected to today courtesy of the vanity and small-mindedness of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, and not see the bumbling antics of the prosecutors on Day 2 as a feather on their cap. The setback of the prosecution team is “just an initial victory” according to Atty. Tranquil Salvador of the defense team “This is not a day-to-day competition. In a trial like this, you need to build up your case,” Salvador said.

Considering the foul tactics of the anti-Corona campaigners even before the trial itself, I doubt that such grace would have been exhibited by the prosecution team had the outcome of Day 2 been more favourable to them.

64 Replies to “Day 2 of Corona Impeachment: Amazing grace exhibited by defense team”

  1. “…just an initial victory.”

    Corona’s lead defense counsel, former SC Justice Serafin Cuevas’ performance was impressive compared to the prosecutors.

    In addition, I think many viewers will agree that part of the sympathy generated is from the clear, cool, and intelligent elucidation by the good looking spokeswoman of the defense, Atty Karen Olivia, compared to Reps Tanada, Quimpo, and Angara 🙂

    1. I agree. If this is going to be a trial by media, then the good looks and private sector sleekness of the defense team will come across as far more telegenic than the traditional buwaya looks of the prosecution. 😀

  2. i hope the government is going to give more attention to the deteriorating condition of our environment…my heart aches every time i see that the new administration is just there to persecute its predecessor….so sad….

    1. That because Pnoy has no clear set goals for the improving our lot in life. for all I know this circus the government is orchestrating is just a smokescreen to hide Pnoy’s incompetence.

    2. Ang motto niya kasi ay “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap..” Nauna nga naman ung phrase na “kung walang corrupt” so yun ang inuuna niya.. baka ganun yung concept niya about his motto.

      1. kung lahat ng corrupt tatangalin nya walang matitirang opisyal. lahat naman cla corrupt. isa n c pinoy dun. alam nya n hindi sya karapat dapat maging presidente. wala cyang kakayahan mamuno. pero bkt nya tinangap ang pwesto. isa rin itong form of corruption. alam m hindi m kaya, tapos kukunin m ang position…. edi corrupt din cya. kaya dapat mawala k din s position m.

    1. It’s quite obvious that the defense panel is treating this professionally as an engagement that must be conducted according to a certain procedure, while the prosecution seems a little stunned that they actually have to do all this, and are in no way ready or capable of it. I really think Team N/A had no Plan B to trying to force Corona out with bad publicity.

      1. Since when was the prosecution and to the extent their supreme lord and master Pnoy was ever professional?

        Seriously I think Pnoy and his cabal thought that getting rid of Corona was a piece cake, hence the unpreparedness of the prosecution team.

  3. Silent waters run deep while an empty can clanks.

    Reading the profile of the prosecutors, you wouldn’t say they are stupid as they are products of top calibre schools. Of course, why can’t money a genius?

  4. Great job from the defense team!

    This is a great setback for the prosecution. A fallback which proves the uncertainty to which they are footing. The grounds that they are presenting are all shaky and unstable. 🙂

  5. Pardon my ignorance, how is Rep. Angara related to Sen. Angara? If the former is a son of the latter, why did Rep. Angara accept the job as prosecutor? If one defense counsel withdrew due to a long-forgotten Villar issue, why not apply the same principle in the case of Rep. Angara?

    I have no issue with the older gentleman. I like him in fact. But a judge has to be impartial in fact and in appearance.

  6. it is quite obvious that GRP people had fallen to the subtle guile of senator enrile.

    while he has asked the prosecution and the defense not to try the case before the public, it was obvious that he was addressing the public with his misplaced erudition by his convoluted concepts of marital privilege, filial privilege and “self-incrimination.”

    another way of saying it: “guys huwag kayong magpapogi sa publiko, ako lang dapat magpapogi.” hehehe..

    1. “it was obvious that he was addressing the public with his misplaced erudition by his convoluted concepts of marital privilege, filial privilege and “self-incrimination.””

      All I saw was someone calling for respect for the proper procedure. Overanalysis much?

      “another way of saying it: “guys huwag kayong magpapogi sa publiko, ako lang dapat magpapogi.” hehehe..”


      1. Creating fairy tales about the Senate President is more of EvilNoy’s style. Attacking Juan Ponce Enrile with propaganda is not going to help the cause of the prosecution.

        1. This just shows how desperate the prosecution stooges are. They know that they’re going to LOSE that’s why they resort to dirty tricks.

        2. One should have expected such tactic. It seems that Pnoy’s solution to an “uncooperative” person is to discredit him and/or her.

    2. when things do not go your way you call it misplaced erudition. sorry for you.

      “…ako lang dapat magpapogi…”, if that is really his wish (to you it is) then naunahan na sya ni Tupas, isang taon ng nagpapapogi (pero panget pa rin). Bet he’s gonna run for the senate within your lifetime.

      Atty Cuevas must be making your cabal nervous. wait til you hear the others. exciting spectacle, this is turning out to be. Hah.

    3. Here you are again jcc – “GRP people had fallen to the subtle guile of senator enrile” according to you! Jeez!

      From online dictionary:

      guile (gl)
      1. Treacherous cunning; skillful deceit.
      2. Obsolete A trick or stratagem.

      If that is the meaning of your word usage, it’s a clear manifestation of your idiocy, disconjunctive boy.

      Why can’t you just stay in your own blog and spew your idiocy there.

      Niyayabangan mo kami sa alam mo sa history at grammar pero wala rin. Sablay pa rin.

      Marunong ka bang mahiya?

  7. The dictator Mr. Aquino already relayed his marching orders. Same techniques. Black propaganda trial by publicity. As I said before the art of lying is now adopted as an instrument of public policy. Lies are repeated over and over to appear as truth. While real truth is made to appear as lies. Fabrication of evidence is a new one. Mr. Aquino uses the aforementioned technique against his scapegoats. Manufactured evidence is easy to present. His communication group likes this best.

    1. Did you see the weekend issue of Inquirer with the full pages of cartoon ads one of which compares Aquino with US statesmen? Totally nauseating. The ads claim to be paid for by three hard-to-beleive groups but by just looking at the illustrations they are obviously the work of just one (maybe one communications office). Then on the front page is the WB item and on inside page is about the COA report on this admin with questionable use of funds, but the way it’s written is slanted and still includes a blame-GMA caveat.This “newspaper” has lost its credibility. Shameless people. I berated my husband for buying trash, he said he’s gonna use it to wipe some dirt in our garage. LOL

      1. @mommyjo

        This “newspaper” has lost its credibility. Shameless people. I berated my husband for buying trash, he said he’s gonna use it to wipe some dirt in our garage. LOL

        I’ve long been thinking of a product line of rolls of toilet paper with AbNoy’s ‘smiling dog’ face on it. So that every time someone uses it to wipe their a-holes, they’d wipe it on AbNoy’s face—Brown and yellow do go together perfectly anyway. I can also say “AbNoy, kiss my arse” while I wipe.

        1. @Felipe
          gross!!! LOL. as for me I’ll never let even the image of him touch any body part (not even my arse) for fear of infection with mediocrity. 🙂

      2. Im not going to read anything anymore from the PDI since they have become a mere shadow of their former selves. IMO, they have lost all of their credibility from being used by this stooge of a president.

  8. Another great article Benign0.
    I was expecting that vincenzo troll to post another one of his stupid comments here but so far he is absent.

    Im guessing that he is running out of stupid things to post here since he has been posting the same stupid thing over and over.

    1. @Anonymous

      I was expecting that vincenzo troll to post another one of his stupid comments here but so far he is absent.

      Ganun naman mga iyan pagka napaphiya—biglang nananahimik! Tulala pa siguro.

      Nagagalit silang parating natatalo ang kaso nila against GMA dati sa SC, pero imbis na matuto silang maglabas ng di-peke na ebidensya o patunay, dinadaan nalang nila sa paninira ang biktima nila sa taong bayan.

      This is the reason why the yellow fabricators are always losing in the SC in their fight against GMA. They expect also the SC to have a biased mindset like they have. Due process must be strictly and unequivocally observed, not media-brainwashed mob-rule. The mob is easily swayed by petty gossip. The rights of an individual must not depend on the stupidities of public perception.

      1. @Felipe…Vincenzo is busy fabricating Evidences against CJ Corona…don’t bother the Stupid YellowTard…he will do more damage to Noynoy Aquino’s…attempt to impeach CJ Corona…

      1. Frankly speaking I am not optimistic about Vincenzo’s absence is due to his lack ammunition, but rather he is crafting new weapons to further his “yellow plague”. One thing I noticed about yellow zombies is that they have way of twisting the facts to make it favorable for them.

    1. Where is Conrado “Noynoy is Aragorn” de Quiros now? Must be hiding, or contemplating for any excuse to make of the defense’ circus act. For crying out loud, they’re humans too … they make mistakes and are just incompetent enough to prepare for the impeachment proceedings. I’d like this TDI paper more if it’s rolled into a tube and put in the public toilets.

      1. I’ve read some of his articles in TDI. I have no problem of him using melodramatic and fancy words, the problem is that he is distorting facts and his obvious sycophantic, boot-licking and non-objective view concerning Pnoy.

        Also about CDQ’s comparison to Pnoy as Aragorn: “Noynoy holds the key to it. If he discovers it, he will raise, like Aragorn who conscripted the dead kings and their legions in “Lord of the Rings,” an army mightier than any of his enemies can muster.”

        It seems that CDQ does not know or prefers to ignore that in the LOTR book Aragorn has seconds thoughts about the Dead Men of Dunharrow(the ghosts)in the fight against evil. He only used because there was no other option to save Minas Tirith from the army of Mordor. Even then he feared taking the path to Dunharrow to remind the Dead Men of their oaths to serve. His companion Gimli the Dwarf who narrated the their journey to Dunharrow said that by commanding the dead has he not become like them and in the end in spite of the control such force at his command Aragorn choose to release them in the end. Note that he did not use them in the confrontation before the Black Gate.

        Basically speaking Pnoy is not thinking of the consequences of unleashing and controlling such power and he will even give it up.

  9. Any sensible man, who is not ignorsnt like a YellowTard, knows a Document used as an evidence, must be: Sworn and Subscribed, Sealed and Notarized by a Lawyer. Computer generated evidences? Did they know where these evidences came from? Maybe it came from FaceBook…or from Maria Ressa BlogSite?
    This Case of Impeachment, if it had been in the U.S., would had been thrown out; due to Lack of Merit…
    The Congressmen deliberated for One-Day only; and voted for the Impeachment of Corona. This is a legal case of magnitude…and you deliberate and decide it for One-Day?

    Noynoy Aquino and his YellowTards were expecting the same treatment , of what they got from Congress:One-Day deliberation. Then, Impeach Corona…they did not get it…so, they’re rushing to fabricate evidences…they think that by Trial by Publicity…they will make Corona resign…it did not happen…the man is tough…so, Noynoy Aquino and his YellowTards are now in trouble.
    Let us impeach also Noynoy Aquino for: Bribery; Corrupting Congress,; and For Treson. He gave money and sanctuaries to the MILF, and bribed Congressmen to vote fo Corona impeachment…

  10. I think the whole thing can be compared to
    Noob Army with Pellet guns(Prosecution)
    Elite and Experienced Army with high tech military equipment and weapons

  11. Some initial thoughts from the ‘honourable’ senators

    Legarda – when she eventually makes her entrance! – ‘ does my bum look big in this. Sorry am late – vicky belo needed overtime, but single and ready to mingle! Age no barrier’

    Enrile – ‘ hope i live long enough to see a conclusion’

    Estrada – ‘ my chance to shine’ (enrile’s shoes)

    Lapid – ‘wake me up before i go-go’ (to sleep)

    Santiago – ‘ gypsies, tramps & thieves – and thats just the prosecution’

    Drillon – ‘evidence – no need – just convict’

    Honasan – ‘ its nearly as exciting as the coups i like to plot. Hehe’

    Revilla – ‘show me the money. Have you seen my film’

    Pia cayetano – ‘ i know nothing – ask my brother’

    Arroyo – ‘its a joke – and a bad one’

    Trillanes – ‘i think what the public thinks’

    Osmena – ‘ no-one cares what i think’

    Escudero – ‘ i think 2013’

    Sotto – ‘ i think about my tv career’

    Villar – ‘ where am i. I think its time for a drink’

    Pimentel – ‘ i just do as i am told’

    Marcos – ‘ i dont think, i plot’

    Angara – ‘ i am too old to think. Let me rest’

    Cayetano bro – ‘ isnt my sister hot’

    1. haha I like this @jay.
      if I may:
      Sotto – ‘isn’t my beard a beauty?’
      Miriam – ‘no, you look like a goat. shave, you
      idiot, you’re not in eat bulaga.’

  12. Later, if the Impeachment court refuses to enter into evidences the Prosecution’s inadmissible evidences, they will stage a walk-out and bring the trial on the streets where a few dumb gullible protesters will shout obscenities against the Senate and the Senators and of course, the Defense Team, and will try to stage a smaller version of EDSA 4.


      Imagine if the mob goes anarchic, you get the point.

  13. Answer to Neil “squeaky voice” Tupas and his Cromwell quote to CJ Corona:

    “Before God and country, the nation says: It is high time for us to put and end to your House of Representatives sitting in that place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice. The House is an enemy to good government, as you have sold your institution’s integrity and independence for a mess of pork pottage, and like Judas Escariot betrayed your God for a few pieces of gold. Depart we, the people say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, prosecutors and the House of Representatives, go!”

    -Daily Tribune In the name of God, go! 1-18-2012

  14. Golden impeachment globes – front runners

    Enrile – most statesmanlike

    Karen jimeno – best eye candy (and brains – will go far)

    Tupas – best comedy act, and most convincing female vocal impersonator

    Aggabas – worst dressed – call the fashion police!

    Cuevas – worst haircut – call a barber!

    Best contribution – legarda, by her non-attendance

    Award for Overacting – revilla (clear favourite)

    Best supporting actor – revilla’s glasses

    1. Best Stunt goes to Lito Lapid. If he had trouble with English before, I doubt if he can withstand a bout with nosebleeding at the Impeachment court.

      Lito Lapid should wear a “I do my own stunts” T-shirt in the Senate.

  15. @benign0

    On the lighter side, can you post the photos of Tupas and Tunying Taberna of ABS-CBN UKG side by side and caption it “SEPARATED AT BIRTH”

    He he he…

    1. @Trosp

      someone should ask ABSCBN: “seriously, you like taberna?”
      that guy has potty mouth. I cringe at his display of kayabangan, as if he’s an expert opinion-maker. yeah, his suave version is Tupas.

  16. The prosecutors are a reflection of their master Pnoy as shown by their stupidity and incompetence.

    Seriously if they’re going to tantrum about the fact that Corona will be not impeached thanks to their incompetence, them they have hit the rock bottom of stupidity. I can almost imagine that Pnoy is fuming right now.

  17. Talking about Inquirer and this unhinged Quiros, I once have an exchange of opinions in FB.

    According to him –

    I was one of those who were in awe of Joker Arroyo during their Mabini days. To say that he was upright and courageous was certainly an understatement. He was a hero to me, fighting side by side with the likes of Diokno, Saguisag and Roces. However, somewhere along the way, his universe spun out of control and today, I can only shake my head in disbelief how he apparently sold his soul to the devil. What a waste for our country, indeed. I never really thought about the reason why he ended up with this name, too unbecoming for someone who espoused the defense of the oppressed. Now, I know. The joke was on me and on us…

    (He has cited the opinion of Quiros about Joker in his Facebook comment)

    Our exchanges of opinions:

    Me: There’s no joke about it. Joker A is still the Joker I’ve known. You must dig more about that source that you’ve cited. He’s an advocate of wherever the money is. And you’re reading Inquirer for information!!! The newscrafter!!! Jeez…

    Read a sampler about Quiros –

    Him: I do read the Inquirer, Pen. So what’s your problem?

    Me: The problem is you are basing your accusation that Joker A. has sold his soul to the devil (?!) based on a tainted source. I’m just amused that you are reading Inquirer. I hope my being amused is not a problem to you.

    Him: Pen, I am independent and matured enough to base my conclusion not just on a single source. And I don’t need your judgment on what newspaper I read in as much as I don’t pass judgment on what you read or browse or even the intelligence or sometimes the lack of it on some of your posts, so back off, okay?

    Me: And in your judgment Joker A. has sold his soul to the devil? What about us who judged him as a decent elected government official? Can’t we also make our judgment on those whom we see maligning him? Those people who feels they’re in high moral ground.

    My comment is not primarily on what you read but on how did you arrive to a conclusion that Joker A. has sold his soul to the devil and post it on Facebook where everybody can read and comment. You want me to back off because my comment is something that is not favoring your opinion.

    BTW, has Joker A. did something worse than Penoy to earn the reputation of having sold his soul to the devil?

    Him: And what do you understand about my response to you? I did not criticize your position about the Joker but I reacted strongly about your comment regarding my choice for the paper I read. Well, that is, if you do understand . As to your judgment about the Joker, that’s your call as much as my judgment is mine.

    Me: As I have commented, I’m amused of your choice of Inquirer as the source of your information – no more, no less.

    I also have provided a rejoinder on who Quiros is since you cited his opinion – no more no less.

    For me, it is very unsettling that a person I admire is being vilified since that reflects on how I choose my role model. I can also say it can go either way. It also reflects on the one who is making the vilification. I can’t imagine what Joker A. has done that you accused him of APPARENTLY selling his soul to the devil. Has he done something that is worse than Penoy aka BS Aquino is doing?

    Him: I cannot just let go of your condescending attitude towards my choice of paper to read. I’ll take the Inquirer anytime against your choices of paper to read and web sites that you visit ( no need for me to mention these ) and posts.

    I also take issue with your conclusion that the Inquirer is my source for my info. You ever heard about multi media ?

    It’s your right to post your rejoinder and I did not take issue with it. On second thought, maybe I should?

    What has the Joker done for me to conclude that he has sold his soul to the devil? As I said in my commentary, I held him in high regard during the struggles against Marcos and the associated injustices committed during that period. He campaigned for justice and human rights as his platforms to his Senate bid. He got elected because most people believed in him and the things that he stands for. What has he done? No, the question is what has he FAILED to do? When the Garci issue came about, and don’t tell me that GMA is innocent of this, he did not draw a line in the sand and declared that he was for what was the right and honorable thing for GMA to do. His silence was deafening. That’s just one of the issues and for me, this and his other FAILURES to take the RIGHT STAND against corruptions and power abuses of the previous administration are more than enough to lead me to my conclusion. The joke of the Joker is on me and on us.

    Me: All I can say is the joke is on you. Please don’t include “us”.

    Him: And my final post for the Joker? In the last election of 2007 when he ran for senator, let us not forget his campaign promise… Kung BAD ka, LAGOT ka. Let him face the mirror and you who look at him as a role model. Did he fulfill this with the Garci and other corruption issues of his benefactor? Did he denounce and did something with the election frauds in Mindanao that led Zubiri to resign from the senate and obviously he also benefited from? The joke is on me, on you and on us.

    Me: As you have claimed “I also take issue with your conclusion that the Inquirer is my source for my info. You ever heard about multi media ?”

    As an Inquirer reader, you haven’t read this excerpt from your favorite tabloid broadsheet (they always editorialize news based on their agenda of the day) or you are just in denial –

    “The Garci tapes scandal is worn-out slippers. It has been investigated (1) by Sen. Rodolfo Biazon’s defense committee, which did not bring it to closure; (2) by five House committees on the initiative of then-Rep. Francis Escudero, which closed it with a final committee report; and (3) in the failed impeachment bid against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Yet, no member of the Senate has opposed the investigation. Senator Arroyo pointedly said that the Senate’s oversight power to investigate cannot be stultified by Executive Order 464 which he successfully challenged in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Senate.”

    I can only presume that you do not know the Executive Order 464 which Joker A. has challenged. Otherwise you’re in denial.

    BTW, as you have claimed you read a lot, can I ask you where in the Garci tape manuscript that says GMA was ordering him, directly or indirectly, to cheat? Use your critical thinking (or the lack of it? Or maybe you read a lot but your comprehension is questionable or you are just pretending you know the issue). You are hooked buy Inquirer spin on that issue. Otherwise, you’re just full of hot air.

    According to you “Did he denounce and did something with the election frauds in Mindanao that led Zubiri to resign from the senate and obviously he also benefited from?”

    The way your mind works, this is with finality that Joker A. should denounce that election fraud which is still has to be decided by the court of law with respect to GMA as being involved.

    (See, how Inquirer can affect one’s judgment.)

    1. Quiros is a bully, always was, always will be. But he doesn’t write well, bad prose actually. And he calls you condescending! And what is he?

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