The important thing is to be happy on Christmas – Bong Revilla


One person who was certainly feeling the full “spirit” of Christmas is Philippine Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr who gushed over the film Ang Panday 2 in a press conference organised around it in early December. Panday 2 is the official entry of Imus Production and GMA Films to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

More interesting is the Senator’s response when asked about the on-going investigation into the murder of his half-brother Ram Revilla

“We have to move on, tama na yun.

“Alam ninyo, maraming pagsubok na dumarating sa buhay natin, but, yun nga, pasalamat na lang tayo sa Panginoon.

“Kung anuman ang mga pagsubok na darating, e, lalagpas din ‘yan. At kung anumang sugat, gagaling din ‘yan.

“Ang importante, malapit na ang Pasko, maging masaya tayong lahat.”


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We have to move on. We’ve had enough of that.

You know, there are many challenges in life that we have to face. So let’s just be thankful to the Lord. All that will pass and the wounds will eventually heal.

What is important is it is Christmas and we should all be happy.

We should all be happy. Presumably the festivities must go on, right Senator?

This is coming from the half-brother of a recent homicide victim who had allegedly been killed by his own siblings.

It makes me wonder. If the honourable Senator can apply such a light-hearted regard for a family tragedy, how much less regard could he have for other people. Considering that Senator Revilla is a public servant, that’s a disturbing thought to ponder.

Recently, no less than President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III got some of the bad press he personally hates so much after an innocuous tweet from starlet Valerie Concepcion revealed he may have been partying on the night that the full extend of the tragedy surrounding the Typhoon Sendong disaster that struck northern Mindanao began to emerge.

It could simply be a case of the way the brains of showbiz personalities are wired. Following that revelation of inappropriate presidential partying, Noynoy’s showbiz sister Kris Aquino together with their sisters let loose a similar let’s all just move on message on national television.

Indeed, perhaps it is really no incredible wonder that Filipinos have always exhibited an acute inability to learn valuable lessons from the numerous setbacks they routinely experience. It is likely because they would rather take their cue from their movie idols.

12 Replies to “The important thing is to be happy on Christmas – Bong Revilla”

  1. I only hear Senator (YUCK! did I just call him that?!) Revilla on news related to show business never on serious Senate work.

    I agree with you that his attitude is disturbing. What disturbs me more is that he could be occupying a higher office after the next elections!

    Son of a …

  2. The fact that the country continues to elect narcissistic self-interested clowns to the senate summarizes why the country continues its 50 year decline with no evidence of, or desire, to change.
    The peoples choice. They get what they want and deserve.

    bong revilla sets a new low standard by any measures. intellectually and morally bereft, and no wonder he wants to ‘move on’ so people dont ask questions about his part in his family murdering each other for money.

    and of course no thoughts or sympathy for the victim.

    am sure a yes to impeachment vote will help him achieve injustice. his price like his morals is pretty low

    low-life and trailer trash. in hollywood not even a stand-in

    1. That’s not black propaganda against Bong Revilla, that’s a valid viewpoint.

      BTW your idol’s recent movie sucked bigtime

      1. Now I know, Panday 2 sucked because it’s ripping-off Clash of the Titans.

        Manila Kingpin is a much better to watch. 😛

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