Hypocrisy at a national scale: The bid to impeach Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona

Last week, in one of my very rare fits of writer’s block, I said to myself, “Not to worry. The next Philippine political circus is just around the corner.” I kinda admit, it gets boring when I’m always right. Filipinos have so far proven that they are great at using the awesome power of democracy to do nothing more than organise grand circuses. The really quaintly humorous thing about this latest circus — the bid to “impeach” Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona — being drummed up in the Philippines’ House of Representatives is how the only loser in that exercise will be none other than the Average Filipino Schmoe.

Whatever the outcome, the Philippines will be the same — it will be left high and dry with nothing to show for the vast investment in lost time, weakened attention spans, and shot institutions that this latest drama will soak up.

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Loser Number One. President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, for starters, will be shooting himself in the foot. If he does manage to kill all the villains in his telenovela administration, he will be left with no plot to bandy around. The true nature of his presidency — one that has no plan for the remaining five years and no vision for what the Philippines could be by 2016 — will be left exposed.

But maybe we should not underestimate the imagination of the Prayerful One.

Really, all Noynoy will need to do is find the next villain to mask the underlying cluelessness of his government — line up the other “Arroyo-appointed” SC justices and impeach them too perhaps. As he himself once said, there are lots of other “kabuwisitans” (“pains in the ass”) that are out to thwart his goals to institute “reform” in this sad nation. After Corona’s fall, Noynoy just needs to choose the next one to put up as the next hairy monster that is out to block his agenda.

Democracy to Filipinos is like a computer to a four-year-old. All they want to do is play games on it. There’s a difference between using the 32-bit power of a modern computer to play Farmville or putter around social networks all day and using it to design magnificent bridges, write moving pieces of literature, or compose spine-tingling music.

Loser Number Two. The venerable House of Representatives is being made to look like a bunch of pathetic chumps. Even the Philippines’ “honourable” Congressmen were herded like cattle into the slaughterhouse in this recent impeachment circus. The thing with people who’ve got a lot to lose is that they can easily be coerced into compromising what little personal principles they have left.

Perhaps there is something to the way opposition leader Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman called the impeachment bid the “mother of all blackmails”.

Lagman said many of the administration lawmakers “were blackmailed into signing the impeachment complaint by threatening those who would refuse to sign with the deprivation of their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and other funding releases for their respective districts.”

“The Supreme Court justices are being blackmailed not to decide pending cases against the Aquino administration, otherwise the wrath of impeachment will be on them,” the minority leader said.

Indeed, even now, the astounding speed at which the complaint against Corona raged through the House brought up disturbing questions around the now evident ability of Congress to expedite politically-motivated matters by vast orders of magnitude yet allow more important national issues to fester under the weight of endless quibble that pass of as “debate”.

It seems it is not only the credibility of the SC that is being undermined here, but that of the legislature which, like the executive branch, is really a closer reflection of the society it leads owing to its being composed of people elected by mere virtue of a popular vote. Said Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo…

“The crystallization of divergent views and opinions and the emergence of a new consensus among lawmakers do not in anyway destabilize the country. While they challenge Corona and his former boss, what has been taking place is part of the democratic processes and should therefore be recognized and accepted,” Castelo said.

“Only a twisted mind can conjure malice and ill will to the ongoing democratic processes,” he said.

Castelo should think again. Congress does have a clear track record of behaving in ways contrary to the so-called “will of the people” that Filipino poets keep harping about. Back in 2005 Inquirer.net “columnist” Neal Cruz lamented this very character of our esteemed “representatives” as collective lackeys of whoever may happen to be pulling the money train at the moment…

We are a representative democracy and congressmen are elected to represent their districts in the House. They are supposed to follow the wishes of their constituents who are their employers. But look at what they’re doing. They are disobeying their constituents and pushing Charter change just because of the ambition of their leader who wants to become prime minister by hook or by crook because he knows he cannot be elected president.

See, that’s the trouble with a cage full of monkeys that merely dance to the loudest tune. Back then, Congress was motivated one way. Today, Congress is motivated another way. What will the motivational force behind Congress be tomorrow? Happy days ahead. The next political circus as sure as the sun rises is just around the corner.

Which brings us to the real kicker

Loser Number Three. Filipinos ultimately end up with the short end of the stick. Like a talented televangelist, the Aquino-Big-Media Industrial Complex are cut out for the job of whipping up a frenzy among a people all too willing to line up for the next fix of the opiate of empty “hope” that the “Laban” (“Fight”) rhetoric is good at injecting into their quivering veins.

But, really, what will change for the Average Filipino Schmoe after this quaint project wraps up?

The venerable journalist Manuel L. Quezon III blogged in the circus of 2005 that:

The Philippines – Filipinos – tried [at the time, the 2005 impeachment bid against then President Gloria Arroyo] to do everything by the book, they tried to do everything exactly as specified by the Constitution, they even rallied within parameters defined by that Constitution as far as the right to free speech and assembly are concerned.

Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw.

A society that once elected a famous philanderer, drunkard, and under-educated man to the presidency now lashes out against a Supreme Court Justice who had allegedly lost the moral ground to lead. Indeed. An irony wasted on a people with utterly weak faculties to fathom irony.

Democracy is about building strong democratic institutions and making them work for us so that following procedures actually produces results. To be fair we are doing that today. Let’s hope the results will be there when the dust settles.

68 Replies to “Hypocrisy at a national scale: The bid to impeach Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona”

  1. Very nice article, Benigno. Very current.

    I just saw the news last night and out of the garbage there was IT. An amazing display of how pathethic our legislative is. They just want to ride on mob popularity (or maybe on a fat pork). Funny how they could finish an impeachment complaint that fast. But when it comes to bills that matter like the RH bill or the FOI, they couldn’t even make a quorum.

    What in the world is happening to this country?!

      1. You make it sound as if Noynoy were Mojo Jojo or Cobra Commander. Or even one of the villains in Scooby-Doo (those meddling kids!).

        1. @auriga
          Nah, Noynoy is more like the incompetent Wile E. Coyote in the old WB cartoons. This latest move of his will definitely blow up in his face like dynamite.

        2. Haha, I prefer that analogy more! XD

          It’s just that Vincenzo’s words seemingly make Noynoy look like someone whose plans for world domination just got foiled.

      2. @ nutzi Vincenzo

        Puede ba Vincenzo doon ka na lang sa kabilang ibayo. Maraming hadlang na pananaw sa noynoy aquino website. Doon ka na lang dahil marami na ang batikos doon laban sa hari mo.

    1. Hypocrisy is not the exclusive domain of the executive department. It permeates in every level of the bureucracy, congress and judiciary as well.

      Thomas Jefferson said that the members of the court can be as bad or as good as the other members of the two other branches. Their being lawyers and their robes cannot lend more honor to their names than the others.


  2. nice
    esp. democracy/computer comment
    the politicians shame themselves and show the world the inability of the country to manage itself properly – yet again.

  3. 1. Aquino won. Ang plano nya laban sa mga hadlang sa pagunlad ng bansa ay nasusunod na. Ang galing at sipag tlga

    2. Congress won. Ano cnsbi m0ng PDAF n yan. Eh d kung hnd sila bbgyan ng budget dhil sa plagay m0ng stupid na gngwa ni Tito Noy e d sana nagtulung tulung sila na hnd pumirma. Eh bkt bliktad? Dhil alam nila ang tama s pamamagitan ni Tito Noy

    3. Filipino won. Justice will be served para s mga Pilipino

    1. @ nutzi Vincenzo

      1. Aquino did not win yet. Ang plano nya laban sa mga hadlang sa kanyang diktadura ay di pa nasusunod. Ang tamad talaga niya.

      2. Congress did not win yet. Pork Barrel is dangled in exchange for political favors. Stupid talaga ang ginawa ni BadNoy mo. Oh Kiss mo na siya or bend over and kiss your ass. I say this because you may be his clone or split. LOL!

      3. Filipino is divided and will never win because injustice is served by BadNoy in removing all blocks to his perceived “reform” program. Wala bang tongressman at senatong? Bulag ka ba? Sino ang boss, ang Filipino people o ang tiyo mo? Natural sinusunod lang sya ng mga kasama niya. Malinis daw tto mo eh! Ang isang nanigarilyo sa PAL B-747 ay hilo sa kapangyarihan. Nicotine gives him a good high and very good for him.

    2. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

      1. Aquino won. Ang plano nya laban sa mga hadlang sa pagunlad ng bansa ay nasusunod na. Ang galing at sipag tlga

      2. Congress won. Ano cnsbi m0ng PDAF n yan. Eh d kung hnd sila bbgyan ng budget dhil sa plagay m0ng stupid na gngwa ni Tito Noy e d sana nagtulung tulung sila na hnd pumirma. Eh bkt bliktad? Dhil alam nila ang tama s pamamagitan ni Tito Noy

      3. Filipino won. Justice will be served para s mga Pilipino

      Basta lang meron pork barrel para sa mga dilaw na tongressman at pagpanaw ng utang-ng-loob kay mommy Cory sa pag-bigay niya ng ABS-CBN kela Lopez, kahit na walang tunay na sariling kakayahan etong si AbNoy, sa tulong ng kanyang KKK at partido, ay [1] madaling nilang papaniwalain sa kanilang mga kasinungalingan ang masang Pilipino, at [2] upang proteksyonan ang Hacienda Luisita na kinuha ng mag-anak nyang mga Aquino-Cojuangco sa mga kawawa at namatayan na magsasakang tunay na nagmamay-ari nito.

      Si Benigno Simeon Aquino III ang simula ng tunay na pagbagsak ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Alam natin pare-pareho na talo talaga ang taumbayan dito. Filipinos had actually lost but most would not realize until later.

    3. Aquino hasn’t won yet- but is evidently trying hard to gain ground by: “Publicly lashing out.” This isn’t a result of intellectual prowess but by personal vendetta.

    4. Give up vincenzo idiot, you are not getting paid enough by this administration to troll here.
      You always don’t know what you are talking about.

    5. Sipag? Sipag ba yung tawag sa wala man syang reaksyon tungkol sa anti-outsourcing bill ng amerika? Alam mo b kung ilang libong tao ang mawawalan ng trabaho? anong papakain nia? makakapgbigay b sya ng trabaho na susweldo k ng 30k kada buwan?

    1. @nona

      “If brains were dynamite then vincenzo wouldn’t be able to blow his nose” LoL!

      Very true! But watch the brain(dynamite)decompose and begin to sweat pure nitro… the moment he blows his nose his brain will blow him high!

  4. Todays lesson in history

    Solon (594 BC) is credited as the father if democracy in athens, greece, until it fell to be replaced by the tyranny of Peisistratus.
    When Pericles re-instated democracy it subsequently fell to the power of the oligarchs – the Peloponnesian war.

    EDSA (in alpha test) isnt mentioned but am sure it figured somewhere.

    2,500 years of advancement and today we have….. The Philippines!

  5. “Only a masochist could love such a
    Blair Waldorf

    Political narcissists and masochistic voters – a marriage resulting in hell.

    Now i get it

  6. “The country may end up under a Sword of
    Damocles on a tightrope over the abyss”
    Andrei gromyko

    Tupas said today that the commitee has grounds to impeach other SC justices!
    i.e. Dont you dare do anything except do as you are told.

    The day even a flawed democracy died

    1. The ideal of a free democracy will never die for as long as there are free men and women who believe in it! The silent majority is still out there. They are watching the historic attack of tyranny against democracy. History may yet repeat itself. Have faith in freedom!

        1. BadNoy has some silent sexual partners, because he’s GAY…me, ourselves, and my family with the Hacienda Luisita…

    1. The yellow army just uses “impeachment” to give it a semblance of a democratic process. But what they are actually doing is finding a way to get rid of Corona in order get to GMA and reverse the rulings on Hacienda Luisita.

      Really depends on both the motivation and conduct of the impeachment process. You can’t count on an overzealous railroading group with an ax to grind and with questionable integrity, performance track history, or history of playing dirty to be fair and impartial.

      The litany of accusations this yellow group put together only shows that they merely resented Corona’s ability to tell the difference between sufficient evidence and unfounded malicious gossip hell-bent on persecuting threats to their sinister objectives.

  7. Just an opinion. I wonder… what kind of evidence is admissible and inadmissible in the impeachment court?
    I believe that evidence consisting of settled issues and/or final and executory rulings issued by the Supreme Court cannot be the subject of inquiry, investigation or admitted as evidence by the impeachment court.

    Why? Because settled issues and/or final and executory rulings form part of the exclusive power of the SC(Justices)to be the sole interpreters of the law. In this context, the impeachment court cannot interpret the law or use the mentioned documents as evidence in impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Corona.

  8. Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who
    rules without law or above the law, looks to his own advantage
    rather than that of his subjects, and uses
    extreme and cruel tactics—against his own
    people as well as others”.

    Sounds like p-noys template

  9. My simple understanding is that the case against GMA will not prosper due to legal issues, lack of substantive evidence, the incompetence of govt. lawyers – yet again – and nothing to do with partisan judges.
    Such an outcome would be a disaster for p-noy who has yet to achieve anything in any sphere of government.
    The option – get corona to resign through embarrassment and the opinions of the great unwashed masses! Once again it is unlikely that the impeachment itself would pass the 2/3rds hurdle in the senate but the process puts pressure on other sc judges. Even today tupas said they have impeachable evidence against other sc judges!! Threats or what.
    Also a long drawn out impeachment will do more harm than good.
    Hacienda luisita is the elephant in the room and the sc ruling proved the tipping point for action.
    Threats, blackmail, bribery. Politics is a dirty game but to pollute it to such an extent will have significant and long term consequences.

    ” All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people
    of good conscience to remain silent.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  10. Heil Der nutzi Fuhrer! His I, Me, Myself personality and rabble rousing dazzles the nutzi yellow crowd, its nutzi black and white support elements, nutzi left of center allies and nutcase anarchists!

    Der Fuhrer is mad! Mad with the new found power of dictatorship! For he is the real boss and his followers are his nutzi puppets! Blind, deaf and dumb puppets who discard freedom and democracy for political carnival expediency! When the Fuhrer says move they move! When he says bow they bow! When he says jump, they truly take a great leap into the abyss! All for the love and adulation of Der Fuhrer!

    Der Fuhrer loves his I, Me, Myself personality! For he is the ONE! The one who plotted and schemed the destruction of democracy! The division of the people! The unjust cause of persecuting the pro-democracy Chief Justice corona and the bastion of democracy Supreme Court!

    There is no reason to doubt his motives! He is the supreme law of the land! If he can do this to his perceived enemies, he can do it to all in the reich! He can humiliate the reichstag! He can order the pro-democracy police and military to do great harm to his perceived enemies! He can persecute even his own in the reich malascanang palace!

    Heil Der Fuhrer as he destroys freedom and democracy by dividing and conquering the people! He is truly the greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi state!

    1. Heil Der great nutzi Fuhrer as he schemes and directs the punishment of his own military officers for perceived “lapses” in the Al-Barka massacre! His mind perceives that they were led to their deaths! Did he praise the gallant men of the point of the spear? Did he shed a tear because they died so that others could live! Did he award the deserving with medals of gallantry and self-sacrifice?

      He rewards his Tokyo friends, the MILF lawless elements with five million pesos and says peace at all costs! His all out justice is still pending all because of his I, Me, Myself mentality!

      Der Fuhrer procures gunboats that are old and used for the defense of the west philippine sea! No missile boats and no missile aircraft for them. Just old refurbished toys seen as widow makers in over the horizon chinese missile strikes!

      Heil Der Fuhrer as he toys with the people! As he divides them to rule and as he fans the flames of mob rule! He is truly the pure nutzi son of the master nutzi yellow race!

  11. We all know it was the dictator BadNoy who plotted and schemed all the way to the impeachment of Justice Corona. That it was railroaded(again like GMA) with unjust cause and shameful haste is a testament to his perfidy!

    Infamy is too kind a word to describe the events he himself planned and triggered. The culture of madness in fixated, obsessive hatred, cruelty, pre-judgement, revulsion and ridicule against perceived enemies and institutions still continues! Yes, he smirks at the congress as he smirks at his enemies for it is in him to divide, conquer and rule absolutely.

    No one is safe under his absolute rule. The people are his media/survey manipulated pawns. Who is the boss? He is the boss and he can persecute anyone against him. Private sector, government service, military and police forces are not safe from his madness. Watch as he divides the people and destroys democracy and freedom. Oh yeah that are blind, deaf and dumb! Can you not see what is happening? Can you not hear the truth and the cries of the lady of liberty? Can you not speak out the way of a free race? You are not slaves to a dictator. Only time will tell whether we deserve to be slaves or free men and women.

  12. “Democracy to Filipinos is like a computer to a four-year-old. All they want to do is play games on it.” gotta admit, it hurts when it’s true. our country is going down. the current President knows nothing at what he’s doing. he just knows that if he is right, nobody will say otherwise. *** facepalm ***

  13. We elected people who sell their dignities, and the Majesty of their offices, at whoever is in power…Pork Barrels come from our taxpayers’ money. It should not be used to BlackMail Congressmen. “Kung walang corrupt…walang mahirap..”All from the mouth of a Leader, who have corrupted Congressmen and bought Congress. To protect his family interest on the land, his family swindled from the Filipino people…The Congressmen who voted for the impeachment : sold their souls, sold their dignities, sold the trust of the people who voted for them…It’s very disgusting, we have these people as leaders…Congressmen becoming Running Dogs of the Aquino and the Cojuangco families, to protect their hacienda Luisita…how degrading can you get?

  14. Senators are already booking in at vicky belo for nips/tucks and maybe even vb’s latest product – vaginal tightening as endorsed by sis kris whose mouth unfortunately remains as loose as ever claiming today that she could have been senate president. Puts enriles IQ into perspective.
    The sight of these people in their togas will give the public and the world some amusement.
    ‘Bread and circuses’

    And with p-noy likely to withold their 200 million pesos per senator salary/pork barrel until a guilty verdict is given then it is not a trial but shooting fish in a barrel. Now thats corruption.

  15. “There is no such thing as public opinion.
    There is only published opinion.”
    Winston Churchill

    Most people have little knowledge of, or interest in politics, especially when they have a daily struggle just to put food on the table. That is not confined to philippines. Surveys in UK & US repeatedly show how little, even educated professionals know about their politicians and current events. People have lives to lead.

    So suddenly through the wonders of abs-cbn surveys!!! Everyone is a legal luminary and constitutional expert and have made their judgement.

    P-noy quotes the people as in support in one breath, but says that they are not responsible enough for FoI in another. Forked tongue

    Media manipulation/lies is but another disgraceful aspect of this whole affair.

    My independent survey said that 80% of people thought aquino was putting his interests before those of the country. Publish that abs-cbn

    1. In the interests of full disclosure the above mentioned survey was conducted after copious wine & brandy and it is just possible that when they said yes they thought they were being asked if they wanted another drink. The other 20% – dont know – was due to alex being unfairly distracted by the waitress at the time and not only in a questionable state of undress but also not of sound mind.( she was stunning) A rerun will be held next week.

      Surveys are a political weapon.

    1. @j

      I found an interesting article recently posted related to this topic.

      He obviously has an ax to grind. Below his article reads:
      He was senior counsel and senior executive assistant of the Philippine Truth Commission created by President Benigno Aquino III, which was later declared unconstitutional by a Court majority led by Chief Justice Corona.” …hahaha

        1. The Jurist Sidebar article seems balanced to me.

          On the other hand, the HufftingtonPost added a few paragraphs that essentially sided with Aquino’s administration, claiming their recent and future moves against the evil Arroyo and Corona are all righteous and just. When pressed for facts, all the defenders can come up is: it’s an article expressing the authors’ opinions from obvious truths, you do the research to disprove those opinions. When the comments bear some facts that may prove their opinions wrong, they would say: LOL AMATEUR NET LAWYERING, U MAD.

        2. am being slow and stupid.
          realise this is nom de plume and not from tupaz.
          another malacanan yellow trick. dishonesty is their only weapon

    1. Correct me if i’m wrong.. they were also threatened that their pork barrel funds will be removed if they don’t signed the papers.. tsk.

  16. Tupas and lacierda both on co-ordinated media blitz today to undermine corona.
    Both saying the same thing and attacking coronas wifes appointment to gocc as number 1 offence.

    Let the process decide. Stop this uncivilized propaganda war.
    3rd world politics on display. Unforunately little intellect or decorum on show

  17. Who are the people lined up against GMA? Pro ERAP, Pro FPJ, pro Lacson. Surely Pnoy can muster this numbers against Corona since he is (Corona) a GMA appointee. For how long will will this hate for GMA equate to love for Pnoy, I do not know. Maybe that’s why he can’t allow GMA to go, he’s using her for propaganda purposes. Hitlers popularity brought his country to ruin, I hope it does not happen to ours.

  18. Why is it that those who say they fight for the poor and against poverty are usually the ones with the nicest cars and biggest houses. Mmmm

  19. a good summary of the background and events but some fence -sitting.
    1. should aquino be saying it was his plan and demonstrating his glee at the congress vote
    2. should senators be saying it is a political not judicial process
    3. why are malacanan continuing a pr blitz and not letting the process take its course
    4. what about the clear statements – de lima – to impeach more sc judges
    5. is this what you perceive as checks and balance or an overly powerful executive
    6. what will happen to the hacienda luisita ruling now
    7. is a 3rd world country able to understand democracy and apply the law to the benefit of the country as a whole
    8. the country is strangled by laws which executive/congress etc dont understand. lawyers get rich. the peooke stay poor. it is not a game
    9. are you fir or against corona – it is political nd philosophical not an evidence based decision
    10. would you prefer to work for linklaters or allen&overy

  20. plot to oust enrile revealed.
    i am fast reaching the point of not caring.
    now i understand the apathy of the electorate with their daily struggle of survival.
    true or not, it occupies headlines in a national newspaper, distracts from the real problems and shows both the power hunger of aquino et al, now that they have tasted blood, and the continual games which little boys of privilege and non-achievement play.
    the interest of the people and the country is a sham. even after 50 years people always want to believe it is jam tomorrow and this time it will be different. insanity.
    i am disgusted at what is an insult to anyone with decency, integrity and a desire to improve the lives of those who have little opportunity and little hope.
    those who accept and support the current drive towards absolute control are as guilty for their lack of objectivity, abdication of personal responsibilty, and complete subservience.
    not even questioning. turkeys for xmas, well and truly stuffed by the farmer.
    this is not about colour, it is about the future of the country.
    wake up. watching a train crash in progress is not pleasant.
    the world will move forward. if the country is left furtger behind who will you blame then. only yourselves.

    1. @Nona
      As a people we have passed many dark stages in our history and survived. The darkness is again slowly creeping over the land. Have faith in our country and people. Continue to practice the teachings of democracy and freedom. The sons and daughters of the Republic of the Philippines are watching and waiting. They are not blind, deaf and dumb.

      1. “As a people we have passed many dark stages in our history and survived.”

        And throughout history, it is very likely that exactly the same thing was said by an Assyrian, an Aksumite, a Nabatean, a Mycenaean, a Minoan, an Anasazi, an Olmec, a Harappan, a Phonecian, a Khwarezmite…..and so on.

        The sons and daughters of the Republic of the Philippines ought to be spending less time watching and waiting, and more time getting off their asses and doing something to prevent their society from becoming another one of history’s vapor trails before it’s too late. IMO

  21. Oh some of the comments here are all just talk. Well, admittedly some may sound “intellectual”, putting in historical perspectives, and sprinkling it with terminologies that can only be understood by an “educated” person.

    The bottomline is, what would you rather have? A “status-quo” that would allow former presidents to go scot free, and their cohorts to define justice according to what will benefit their benefactor? Or would you rather have a “vindictive” president going up against the former, because there are numerous proof that points to culpability?

    Would you be happy if PNOY did nothing?

    Maybe PNOY’s only lasting legacy was that he got the Arroyo’s and all their cohorts in prison, or in hell. For some, maybe not for you, that is already a defining achievement.

    Yes, it maybe a telenovela, but by god what a show.

    Yes, maybe there is not much to show in terms of actual economic reforms, or in terms of poverty alleviation but then, who among the last 5 presidents actually made headway towards that?

    I stand by this idea, the Filipino people will get what they deserve one way or the other. Maybe its time we get some big time crooks in jail, heck we all deserve to be entertained once in a while.

    1. “The bottomline is, what would you rather have? A “status-quo” that would allow former presidents to go scot free, and their cohorts to define justice according to what will benefit their benefactor? Or would you rather have a “vindictive” president going up against the former, because there are numerous proof that points to culpability?”

      Is the Filipino mind only limited to dichotomies?

    2. “Oh some of the comments here are all just talk.”

      you were expecting maybe a dance number?

      “Or would you rather have a “vindictive” president going up against the former, because there are numerous proof that points to culpability?”

      try to google the meaning of PROOF. don’t come back until you find it out.

      “Would you be happy if PNOY did nothing?”

      we would be happy if pnoy did something GOOD. so far he’s been screwing up the job worse than a blind airline pilot.

      “Maybe PNOY’s only lasting legacy was that he got the Arroyo’s and all their cohorts in prison, or in hell. For some, maybe not for you, that is already a defining achievement.”

      it won’t last. and pnoy will most probably be dining in hell with the rest of them for being a charlatan. and yes, for us THINKING people, that’s no defining “achievement”; he’s just destined for daily pineapples. (hint for the ignorant: watch adam sandler’s little nicky)

      “Yes, it maybe a telenovela, but by god what a show.”

      and that’s all you’re good at – watching and feeling butthurt when being told the truth. iyak na yan…

      “Yes, maybe there is not much to show in terms of actual economic reforms, or in terms of poverty alleviation”

      no, there DEFINITELY is NOTHING to show in terms of (actual or even envisioned) economic reforms or poverty alleviation as pnoy’s bir gremlin kim henares are overtaxing actual taxpayers while dswd golem dinky soliman is (s-u-p-p-o-s-e-d-l-y) doling out the conditional cash transfer taken from taxpayers’ money. only a moron doesn’t understand that.

      “who among the last 5 presidents actually made headway towards that?”

      is that your earth-shattering argument? what grade are you in? three? tell your idiot president to do as he promised. don’t give us that “nobody-else-succeeded-doing-this-so-why-give-me-a hard-time” crap.

      “I stand by this idea, the Filipino people will get what they deserve one way or the other.”

      no, YOU deserve what you got. the rest of us who didn’t vote for him don’t. but there are too many of you gullible people, so now we’re putting up with the crappy choice you geniuses made.

      “Maybe its time we get some big time crooks in jail, heck we all deserve to be entertained once in a while.”

      yeah. let’s start with the aquinos and cojuangcos. you can join them there if you like. that should be entertaining.

        1. well, morons i mean birds of the same feather flock together. (and based on his absence in the lead-up to the 2010 elections when he avoided all invitations to forums and debates, based on how he avoided hong kong chief executive donald tsang’s calls during the manila hostage crisis, and based on how silent he was when people were dying in cdo and iligan, pnoy is a chicken.)

    3. Your post makes me laugh due to your stupidity.

      You’re brainwashed, exactly. I mean, those who thought of Gloria is the root of all evil that is happening in our country is a proof of squatter mentality and you’re very vindictive and malicious.

      You’re entertained. Yeah right, since TSISMIS is your favorite past time.

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