Filipino men fall head over heels for Maria Ozawa scam

As if to confirm the national delusion described by Get Real Post writer Ilda in her May 2011 article “Do Filipinos suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?”, a number of Filipino men signed up responded to a bogus account of popular Japanese adult movie star Maria Ozawa hoping to be cast in her next adult film. An estimated 48 percent of Filipino men consider themselves sexually attractive according to a study which also showed that this was the highest rate recorded among Asian men. A CNN International article concluded that Filipino men are “the most narcissistic in Asia”. The article included a stock photo with the caption “The only men in the world who call out their own name in bed”.

The phony “Maria Ozawa” Facebook account was reportedly created only on the 28th of December of this year following a “cryptic” message left on the official (confirmed) Maria Ozawa Facebook page Ozawazone saying “hello philippines” (the page Wall is publicly-accessible).

[NB: As of this writing that entry no longer appears there and the phony account could not be found.]

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Unfortunately, despite their confidence in their perceived sexual prowess, it seems Filipino men are not the brightest bulbs in the region. The would-be adult film studs responded in “a flurry” to a “shoutout” on the phony Ozawa account announcing that an “audition will be on january 2012…” A photo of Ozawa on the official Ozawazone page riding a caleza (a Filipino horse-drawn carriage) which was touted as “evidence” of her visit to the Philippines is actually part of a photo folder of pictures apparently taken in Indonesia (or some place that is definitely not the Philippines).

Performing simple verification tasks that even an eight-year-old child can do (not to condone minors taking a peek into Ozawazone) seems to have been too daunting an option for the hordes of the hot-blooded progeny of Malakas and Maganda who took the dodgy bait.

Maria Ozawa is a major social media celebrity, Ozawazone having over 660,000 “likes” on Facebook. She has numerous adult films and some conventional films to her credit. Though the child of a Japanese mother and a Canadian father, Ozawa has a non-Japanese but distinctly Asian appearance that happens to fit the standard template of many famous Filipino actresses. This seems to have worked at making her a popular figure among Filipinos.

13 Replies to “Filipino men fall head over heels for Maria Ozawa scam”

  1. We pinoys as we say it here in the south loves to make “pina-pogi”. It is very evident in the way we act and the way we boast just to impress our equally “Bilib sa Sarili” peers our conquest of the opposite sex just to make “yabang”. Are we trying to cover our own insecurities and low self esteem?

  2. I like Maria Ozawa’s beauty. She’s got the youthful type of beauty. I try to get her off my mind by trying to imagine how she’ll look when she’s 70 years old. LOL

  3. Filipino men? No way, I find that filipino women are the most narcissistic people in the world. Only think of themselves and think the world evolves around them. They only converse with you if they need something from you otherwise they could care less.

  4. Haha… Filipino online presence is getting bigger… in the past few years access to the internet has increased especially in highly urbanized areas. Even slums have internet give the uneducated masses access and these things will happen.

  5. talaga naman. mga pinoy na lalaki kung sino pa ang pangit at dogyotin sila pa ang makakapal ang mukha. sila yung mga klase ng lalaking padaan lang yung babae sitsit na ng sitsit. mga pilingero. hahhaah! walang class karamihan ng mga lalake dito sa pinas.

  6. i think this narcissistic disorder applies to both genders, i see and hear men talk about their latest girlfriend like she is a piece of fresh meat purchased at sm supermarket, it is not the case for women but they have these not being contented on how god made them attitude. I met sensible men in their mid twenties and met disappointing mang kanor look alike maniacs in their 50s, in case of women, i cant think of any narcissistic tendency but the selfishness and vanity.

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