PNoy and his staff: Is ignoring the law their prerogative?

Another Aquino it seems is turning out to be the worst President in the history of the Philippines. No other President has so completely polarised the nation, blatantly violated human rights, and consistently disrespected the Supreme Court as much as President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) had so far. Worse, no other President has ignored what is written in the Philippine constitution more than PNoy, the only son of former President Cory Aquino.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima

You can be forgiven for saying that PNoy’s late mother might be turning in her grave. And you can also be forgiven for saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I suppose that PNoy is just finishing what his late mother started. For it was obviously apparent when she was still alive that it was Cory who started the vilification against former President, Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo after it was said that they had a falling out for reasons the public is not privy to. It must have been over something they consider really serious because the relationship between the Arroyos and the Aquinos went pear shaped in just a matter of a few years. Hacienda Luisita comes to mind…but I digress. The animosity that developed between the two women was in stark contrast to the time when they stood side by side during the second Edsa revolution that toppled former President, Joseph “Erap” Estrada in 2002. Unfortunately, the war between the roses is splitting the nation as the Aquino administration becomes desperate in their pursuit of GMA.

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It is evident that the current Aquino administration is going through a rough time at the moment. It seems that the Malacañang staff corps is freaking out, seeing the way they conduct their activities like a circus show. Pandemonium struck recently when they ordered officers at the Naia International Airport (NAIA) to bar GMA from leaving for Singapore for medical treatment despite no charges so far being filed against her related to anything used as bases for the ban, and despite the Supreme Court putting a temporary restraining order on the travel ban on GMA.

What erupted at the airport was a dramatic spectacle of Gloria Arroyo arriving on board an ambulance of St. Luke’s Hospital. Wearing her halo vest, she was seated in a wheel chair and for a few moments TV cameras were allowed to soak in the image of a once powerful woman looking diminished, aged.

It was said that the show was meant to inspire sympathy for her.

Then, after an hour or so, the Arroyo couple left the airport with First Gentleman Arroyo shouting that the Aquino Administration was without conscience and that the former President despite her condition had been treated cruelly.

Congresswoman Arroyo’s spokesperson was also heard comparing what happened to Martial Law.

Other members of the Arroyo camp wailed over the Aquino Administration’s trampling of an individual’s right to the presumption of innocence and right to travel.

This is a classic case of the Aquinos running the country like their personal fiefdom. A national spectacle is now unfolding, something that someone with a penchant for drama like PNoy seems to condone.

It is understandable that the Aquino administration is panicking. They have put all their eggs in one basket. Most of their activities are focused on catching the “bad guy” and in their mind, the only bad guy is former President, now Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo (GMA). The signs of stress are obvious. It is quite silly because they put that pressure on themselves in the first place. PNoy was the one who “has vowed repeatedly to bring Arroyo to justice and said he wants her to be formally charged before Christmas.” Now that there are only a few more weeks until Christmas, PNoy and his staff are doing their darndest trying every trick in the book just to prevent the former President from seeking medical treatment abroad. Someone said that this is worse than Martial Law. At least former President Marcos had a heart to let the late former Senator, Ninoy Aquino seek medical treatment abroad.

It is absolutely mind-boggling why PNoy is not heeding the orders of the Supreme Court. It reeks of hypocrisy. Even Senator Miriam Santiago thinks that they are being ridiculous:

“In the upper chamber, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago described the Supreme Court ruling as “an exhibition of judicial sagacity and sobriety.”

Santiago said the DOJ had “no legal basis” to issue watch-list orders based on the memorandum circular.

She rejected the argument that Arroyo’s constitutional right to travel could be suppressed as a matter of “national interest.” She noted that a person could be barred from traveling based only on three exceptions: national security, public safety or public health.

“It is a very serious and grave mistake to think that national security, public safety and public health can be interchanged with national interest,” she said. “We are putting words in the mouth of the Constitution, that is why the Supreme Court ruling is correct.”

Santiago also described as “full of holes” the argument that Arroyo could no longer be forced to return if she went to a country with no extradition treaty with the Philippines.

“It is not true that just because a country has no extradition treaty (with the Philippines) it does not necessarily signify that Mrs. Arroyo deliberately chose those countries because she wants to hide there,” she said.”

Why do they consider GMA a threat in the first place? She is no longer the President of the Philippines and in saying that some of the members of the Supreme Court are under her payroll is an insult to the institution. Common sense it seems had left Malacanang as soon as the new President moved in. Paranoia might instead be causing them to keep making one mistake after another, which in turn is wreaking havoc on the morale of the Filipino people. Sadly, PNoy is happy to use his position to ignore the law. The law which is supposed to put some sense in an otherwise senseless decision. The law, which is telling PNoy that it is becoming obvious that it is hard to charge GMA with anything that would stick. Our institutions are definitely under attack under the Aquino administration. Every Filipino citizen should watch out.

Or should I say PNoy should watch out — because he reminds me of the coyote in Warner Brothers’ The Road Runner. PNoy’s pursuit of GMA is reminiscent of those classic scenes of Wile E. Coyote running after the Road Runner. We all know how every episode ends: the dynamite always blows up in the Coyote’s face.

137 Replies to “PNoy and his staff: Is ignoring the law their prerogative?”

  1. Aquino admitted he was “itinulak upang tumakbo” (forced to run) on one of his interviews during the campaign season.

    Problem? It was aired on a very late night show.

    (like a certain presidential bet’s 12:30 am Bandila “interview”)

      1. ‘matatandaan po ninyo/kung inyo pong matatandaan, ako po ay itinulak lamang upang tumakbo’

        or something to that effect (forgot the show, lost the video with my pc hard drive).

      1. tumakbo si abnoy dahil isa siyang taong uto-uto.wala siyang sariling disposisyon sa buhay dahil naudyukan lang siyang kumandidato kahit sa pansarili niyang kaalaman na wala siyang katangianng magaling upang maging presidente.isang malaking dagok sa buhay ng mamamayang pilipino ang pagkakaroon ng isang lider na walang pakundangang niyuyurakan ang karapatang pantao na naayon sa ating saligang batas.

  2. Wag naman sana nating alisan ng karapatan magpagamot ang isa tao na kailangan magpagamot. Aren’t Pnoy and his staff is oppressing the former President’s Human Right?

      1. huwag kang magmumura at iyan ang magpapatunay na ikaw ay walang kuwentang tao.nakasuhan na ba siya sa salang pagnanakaw?ang tunay na magnanakaw ay ang mga aquino-cojuangco.saan nanggaling ang mga kayamanan ng mga cojuanco?di ba ninakaw ni ysidra cojuangco kay antonio luna ang mga ginto at silver na naglaho ng mapatay si antonio luna.kaya nga tinanghal na pinakamayaman siya sa buong pilipinas.kung magnanakaw si gloria,sino ba sa mga pulitiko sa atin ang hindi? high blood ka agad.ingat ka lang at pusong mamon ka pa naman.ikaw rin,baka mauna ka pa kay gloria at hindi mo na makita ang pag-alis niya.hehehe….

      2. magaling knman pala. ikaw nlang kumandidato. lugmok n nga tayo husga pa kapa ng husga. pti pag mumura gingawa mo. wag dito. murahin munalang yang aso nyo dyan sa bahy bk tahol ng tahol ktulad mo.

        1. I don’t understand your jejemon language. Ugh, kids these days.

          The Philippines would never progress if the likes of YOU would exist. Balat-sibuyas people are soooooooo annoying. 😛

  3. Paanong maibabalik talaga ni AbNoy ang hustisya kung sila mismo ay double-standard pagdating sa ating batas? Eto nga lang ang pinagmamalaki nya, katakutakot na kapalpakan pa ang nangyayari.

    Ala talagang silbi yang AbNoy na yan. Mas makakatipid kung pusa pa ang ginawang presidente—Hindi mo pa kelangan sweldohan para ibili nya ulit ng Porsche.

    Takot lang si de Lima na masibak sa pwesto, kaya desperada ang kanyang mga diskarte.

    1. patuloy na niyuyurakan ng ating walang kuwentang pangulo ang ating saligang batas na dapat sana ay siya ang nagtatanggol,imbes ay siya pa ang dilemma ay may mas malaking agenda sa kanyang pagiging defiant sa supreme court order.ito ang kanyang platapormang palpak na magsisilbing bangungot sa oras na kumandidato siya.

    2. di paalisin mo si delima at ikaw ang maupo mas mgaling kn man pl. ky nga nag hihirap ang pilipinas sa mga baliktaktakan ng mamayan. bkit hindi nlang soportahan kung sinu ang mauupo. kya nga may botohan diba. at kung nanalo man sila ksi binoto sila. ung patayan dyan inutos ba yon ng presidente ung mga korap dyan yong mga policce n na ngungutong inutos din bayon. hindi diba? gusto nila yumaman sa maling paparaan hawak ba ng presindente ang isip ng bawat mamayan. ikaw nlang ang mag presedente.

      1. Napakapredictable naman ang post mo.
        Fact is that you are using the same spiel these yellow yahoos use.
        No use hiding your true nature from us…TROLL.

        Your president’s days are numbered

      2. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the lamest, pathetic excuses of Da Pinoy.

        And YOU are part of the dysfunction.

      3. Kahit pa magbago ka pa ng username mo dito, alam parin namin na TROLL ka,”merlinda”.
        Don’t bother showing your face here if you don’t have anything worthwhile to add to the topic.

      4. Oh the standard “ikaw nlang ang mag presedente.”

        Nobody that I know of in this forum went all out and campaigned for the position. Noynoy told the country he is qualified when he is not. That is lying. The people who believed are suckers. He capitalized on sympathy vote which is not admirable. It is disrespectful. Noynoy is a moron elected by morons and defended by morons. You don’t like it, go somewhere else. Unfortunately some of those morons are bankrolled by money from you and me.

  4. Lumabas ang totoong kulay ng mga AbNoy supporters. This only proves that AbNoy’s gov’t officials actually owe their loyalty or allegiance to AbNoy instead of the constitution. Gov’t officials swear an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the land, not to some moronic and incompetent president or party. These officials have just openly demonstrated that they are beholden to personalities instead of principles.

    Ano na ang nangyari sa “checks and balances” sa gobyerno? Nawala na rin yun democracy—alang democratic rights pala kung hindi nila type yung tao, at lalo na rin ang human rights. Paanong may hustisya kung puro pala silang mga double-standard? Eto pala ang tinatawag nilang daang matuwid—puro pala kabaluktutan! Baliktad pala sila—“presumed guilty unless proven innocent” pala sila.

    Masyado kasi silang nag-focus sa Trial by Publicity (read: paninira), nakalimutan na tuloy yung due process which is the right way of doing things.

  5. To me, it seems like GMA is outsmarting Noynoy using the constitution that his mom made. One is doing things the right way but with bad intentions (to leave the country and get well and presumably escape the allegations) but the other is doing it the wrong way for good intentions (to make GMA accountable for the allegations). Obviously, each wants to get their way out of this but one isn’t playing by the rules.

    Now most people would side with Noynoy because they think he is right but they are blinded by the actions being done his administration and wouldn’t question what happened. Shouldn’t the “daang matuwid” start with him? It’s like he is in pursuit of “daang matuwid” but is leaving crooked steps behind him with this move.

    1. PNoy is obviously ill advised on this matter. He’s not thinking straight anymore. They are letting their emotions run wild and encouraging mob rule.

  6. Hail Der Fuhrer! He is the law of the land! His pinning the yellow star of David on the arroyo family reveals him as the greatest nutzie dictator the master yellow race has created! Truly a brilliant genius who ignores the puny state constitution!

  7. Mali ka.nagsakripisyo sya upang maging presidente. At hnd dag0k sa buhay ng Pilipino dhil karamihan ay naniniwala sknya. Masaya kme n hnd pnptakas yang si Gloria.

    1. What sacrifice are you talking about? PNoy is now using his position to do whatever he wants even if it’s against the law. Palibhasa you guys just keep eating what the biased media is feeding you.

  8. NAPAKARAMI ng mga nakaabang na kaso sknya. Bkt bgla bgla sya aalis? Halatang tatakas sya. At propaganda lng yan ksi hnd t0t0o at late pa lumaBas,db dpat nung eleksy0n p yan? Pero hnd yn hdlang s pgging presidente ni Tito Noy

    1. Napakatanga mo pala e. That’s 2 years ago at ngayon ay nag-impose ng travel ban kay pero hindi pa siya nasampahan ng kaso.

      Dapat maaga pa. Why should we wait for the media? To fill your EMO mindset. Nakakatawa nman. 😛

    2. The irony is marcos himself allowed your precious president’s father to fly to USA for medical treatment and yet your precious president didn’t do that to gma who has the same reason as ninoy’s. You say macoy and gma are merciless bastards? Ngayon tingnan mo kung sino na ang masamang tao. And again I don’t give a damn on both macoy and gma.

  9. Kasi nga nil0l0ko kayu ni Gloria. Sbgay proGLoria magnanakaw kau e. nkta q sa tv patr0l kgbi mga app0intee ni Gloria yan kaya alam na luTo yan.

    1. And ABS-CBN is a biased company broadcasting nonsense, just like Vincezong Gunggong spouting nonsense.

      At ikaw din ay naloloko nina Abnoy and his cabinet, inciting chaos by ignoring the law.

    2. You deserve not to be answered.I think you are stupid, at bobo gaya ng Tito mo.Sabihin mo pa na ang mga proGMA ay magnanakaw. Tingnan mo,lahat ng mga GMA BOYS NOON, NANDIYAN NGAYON SA CABINET ni TITO MO. Ang mga SENATORIAL LINE UP NIYA. NAKUHA MO,KUNG ANO SI TITO MO?

    1. ANg tanong ay kelan at kung sana naman, dapat NGAYON din gawin ang prosesso. Walang hintayan at pa otso-otso.

      Ba’t kelangan ng media? Wow, you’re so hilarious each and everyday. 🙂

    2. At iyon lang ba ang ginawa nya para sa bansa natin vincenzus ignoramus? Manisi ng nakaraang administrasyon? May epekto ba iyan sa pag-unlad at paglakas ng ekonomiya natin? Kasi daig pa iyan yung mga panalo ni pacquiao sa boxing e.

  10. Pg tumakas naman yan si Gloria,lhat ng Pilipino mwwlan ng hustisya. At nand0oN pa rin ang dEm0krasya dhl sang ay0n pa rin ang tao sa gngwa ng g0byern0. May nkta kbng nagrarally? Wala.

    1. And what justice is that? Defying the Supreme Court? Wow, parang gusto mong lumabag sa batas ah. That’s freakin’ ridiculous.

      That’s JUST-TIIS for you. 😛

    2. If ever GMA manages to escape prosecution, you can blame your Tito Noy for being so slow. Almost two years and he has nothing to file. How incompetent!

      1. paano mga pro GMA kyo ie>>……d kyo n lang naging presidente may be your too past to than your mouth……..sorry n lang kyo….

  11. Ay0n nga ang pr0blema e,alam ng tao na inuutakan tay0ng mga Pilipino ng Gloria magnanakaw na ito. Kaya dpat talaga wg patakasin yan.

    1. And why put the blame only to her if you are also part of this country’s problem vincensus ignoramus?

      If you’re looking for the guilty, you only need to look into the mirror.
      – V

    2. Tell me something, Vincenzo.

      Gloria could have been a “magnanakaw”. Then why didn’t President Noy or the DOJ started filing cases against her? I don’t get it.

      If they filed a case against her, they wouldn’t have had any problems with the courts.

      Is this really a case of “inuutakan” or just a case of “engot kasi”?

    3. bakit di rin ba magnanakaw mga cojuanco? anong pakialam mo kung aalis sya. gusto nya umalis. karapatan nya yun. wala pa namang kaso. tamad kasi ang abnoy government. di agad sinampahan ng kaso c gma. kc mahina ang ikakaso nila. puro lang tsismis. c delima ambisyosa yan. walang respeto sa supreme court. ganyan din ginawa nya nung visconde massacre. wala cyang respeto. tingin nya sa sarili nya palagi cya tama. kasi sumusunod lang cya sa popular na opinion. puro naman baliko ang abnoy governement.

  12. Hail der Fuhrer! His LEDAC luncheon costs PHP800,000! This opulence is worthy of the great Fuhrer! There is no more corruption in the Reichstag, the ministries or the city, town and village governments! His word is law! It is a great vision of the master yellow race to eliminate corruption by declaring all guilty without trial! Sieg heil!

  13. Hail der Fuhrer! Erratum: The actual amount of the opulent LEDAC luncheon at the reich palace costs PHP860,000.00!This was revealed by the anti-Fuhrer pro-democracy newspaper The Daily Tribune in its editorial “Aquino’s single Palace-Ledac meeting cost close to P1 million. Der Fuhrer has expensive tastes that befits his true greatness as the leader of the master yellow race!

  14. Hail der Fuhrer! His brilliant Gestapo Chief Delima interpreted the law in accordance with the great Fuhrer’s dictates, putting to shame the democratic Supreme Court! The great Fuhrer has grandiose plans to further ignore ridiculous freedom and democracy in the new Reich! This brilliant son of the master yellow race is blessed with superior intellect! There is no constitution and there is no rule of law! What the Fuhrer says is law! Sieg heil!

    1. Mas mauuna sina Noynoy, de Lima at lalo na si Yellow Mafia leader and Cojuangco stockholder Vincenzo because they’re lawbreakers who defy the Supreme Court.

      Buti Gloria appointed Renato Corona as Chief Justice before her term ends because she knows the fact that Noynoy is a sycophant incompetent nutjob and wasn’t unable to appoint a chief justice. Proof is that most of Noynoy’s cabinet are full of morons, idiots and people who had questionable integrity.

      Pwede pala mag-appoint si Gloria ng chief justice so why Noynoy wouldn’t do the same?

      1. Huwag niyong patulan ang taong iyan na walang masabi o walang magawa para sa isyu na ito.

        Iyan kasi yung klaseng tao na emosyon ang pinaiiral imbes na isip ang gamitin para makipag argumento sa inyo.

      2. Kasi nga mabait si Tito Noy, lahat pinagbbgyan nya. Pero msyado obvious na pagkampi ng mga ptang inang justice na ito sa magnanakaw e.bka pagpalitan na rin sila.

      3. An0ng em0sy0n ang cnsb m0, hnd b0bo ang mga tao. Alam nila ang kat0t0hanan na magnanakaw ang mga Arroyo. Tgnan m0h sa bayan m0 ipatr0l m0 faCeb0ok, hal0s lhat sila d0oN, alam ang mga katarantaduhan ng mga Arroyo. At alm dn nla na dpat magbitiw na ang mga app0intee sa justice

      4. Vincenzo: How can we trust the Bayan Mo, Ipa-TROLL Mo page na iyan? Hehe, ABS-CBN is a biased TV station. So everything is biased pag ABS-CBN.

        Hwag na dapat ipagbitiw ang mga appointees. Ano’ng iaasa mo sa gobyernong palpak with your schizophrenic president?

    2. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

      C’mon, man! Don’t swear like that. Even constitutional experts are saying the TRO of SC is proper. If you’re saying bad things about people, at least back it up with something concrete or something logical. If u can’t, have some respect.

      This conflict would not have risen if Pres. Aquino and his DOJ filed a case against GMA.


      This is the 2nd time I’ve ask you. Please don’t make urself look dumber.

      1. Npkaraming dpat ikaso dyan sa mga mgnanakaw n yan. Nan0n0od kb ng mga balita dti? Problima kc kpg propaganda pnapaniwalaan e

      2. “Npakarami dapat ikaso..”

        Bakit hindi ikinaso?

        That’s were the problems all started..

        Bakit hindi ikinaso agad? Naghintay pa ng 2 taon..

  15. Could everyone just stop feeding the troll (kilala niyo na naman siya)? It’s proven itself to be incapable of common sense, let alone logic. It doesn’t respond to question, it just spouts some canned responses pertaining to it’s “tita and tito”.

    Do you guys miss gabbyD that much? I prefer him compared to that turd.

    1. Oh goodness me. I prefer Vicenzo over GabbyD. At least Vicenzo has conviction. Vicenzo seems like he really believes in “angels” and “demons”. You gotta respect that. NOT!


      1. Its “rhetoric” is getting really old though. Especially when it resorts to “tXt-gRamar” to get its point across.

        By the way, where is Pnoy during all this time? Still sticking to his M.O. of ducking out until the dust clears, eh? Then he’ll come out guns (read: fingers) blazing, shooting out “blame”-bullets regardless if he hits friend or foe.

        Oh admin, you’re so predictable.

    2. Where’s the fun in that? I just want to tease the poor thing as he froths in front of the keyboard trying to implement his stupidity into our iron-willed minds.

      1. Yup. Vincenzo B. Arellano makes these discussions a funny thing. At least I get to laugh and smile while reading all your comments. Pnoy=Vincenzo B. Arellano hahaha all I can say to these supreme beings.

    3. Our friend inside the Palace has told us that the New Media personnel at the palace under the Communications Group with their issued Apple lap-tops are going full blast in “penetrating” accounts, websites, and pages of perceived enemies of Noynoy and we have confirmed that here as of late. Kaya kami naman ay naglilinis dito at itinatapon sa basura ang mga alagad ng Communications Group na yan na nang gugulo lamang at wala sa topic na pinaguusapan. Mga “trolls” kung tawagin. Salamat po. — ADMIN

      …which explains why low IQ mga quality ng comments ng tulad nila Vincenzo and RETURNOFTHECOMEBACK. No intelligence required. They were bribed to simply saturate sites with pro-AbNoy nonsense.

      Free Apple laptops?!? Where can I apply? I can be way more convincing than those 2 trolls.

      P.S. GabbyD, dagdag income rin yan! Tignan mo sila.

  16. It is very Ironic…the mother, Cory Aquino approved this Philippine Constitution…now the son, Noynoy Aquino is Ignoring its contents. He does not follow it. Maybe, he was not only a Retarded child. He was also a Stubborn one…

      1. your tito noy is a nuthead, what with his grinning and giggling about even at the most inappropriate of times hihihi…. your tito edwin is caught in a perpetual state of hangover, look at how haggard looking he is now and your tita dilemma is looking more and more like an angry bird with each passing day

      2. Talagang masisipag lng tlga sila at mhal ang bayan. Tignan m0, marami na ang ngssbi na ibob0to nila si Leila de Lima sa 2013

      3. Meh. Nagpapauto na naman si Vincenzo sa leftist na si Leila de Lima.

        Fact: Vincenzo is a communist who wants to destroy this country.

  17. Finally! Gloria arestado na dhil sa electoral sabotage! Bawal na sya tumakas! De Lima,u hve my v0te 4 2013! Mabuhay ka Tito Noy! Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!

    1. Vincenzo: Mabuhay ang TANGANG SAMBAYANG PILIPINO!!!

      No, seriously. 😛 May effect pa rin ang TRO ng Korte Suprema so no travel ban.

      Mabuhay ang TANGANG PILIPINO. 😛

      1. Wait, on your post earlier, you called Vincenzo a communist when he is obviously yellow and not Red.

        “Fact: Vincenzo is a communist who wants to destroy this country.”

        Why call him Communist? I am Communist but not yellow like him. And to me it’s kinda ironic or hypocritic. Perhaps because of Ninoy being accused of being a secret Red, whom Vincenzo loved, along with his Tita Cory and Tito Noy? Or what?

      2. DaidoKatsumi
        For me, a yellow type is more of plutarch(mix of oligarch and plutocrat). And that is Vincenzo, a plutarch, for supporting the Cojuangcos and the Lopezes, who are both plutarchs, and plutarchy is definitely not democracy, much less Communist.

    2. Mabuhay si vincensus ignoramus! Mabuhay ang kanyang pagka-isip bata at pagkabobo nila ni tito noy!

      Ok now that GMA is arrested, then what? Will this improve our economy? Will our country be as progressive as Singapore and Hong Kong now that GMA will be behind bars?

      Oh I know what will be your usual response. [childish accent]Tutulungan tayo ni tito noy dahil magaling syang presidente![/childish accent] So here have a nice cup of epic fail yellow nazi tool.

      1. At least nakul0ng na ang t0t0oNg MAY kasalanan kung bkt bgsak ang bansa. Tulungan nlng ntn si Tito Noy ksi unti unti nang umaangat muli ang ek0n0miya.

      2. Then where is your proof of this country’s progress vincensus ignoramus? All I can see are nothing but rising prices and blame games. If you can’t provide any proof, then have another nice cup of epic fail. And any link from your precious president’s oligarch mafia is still an epic fail.

      3. As always Vincenzong Demonito, you’re too emo against GMA while not chasing the TRUE culprits. And that started after EDSA.

        You’re really sadist because you love to demonize everyone.

      4. Oh yeah Vincenzo Hitler, during Cory’s time, she offered nothing but ABS-CBN, canneries and breweries. Noynoy has nothing to offer but blame games, blunders and stupidity.

        Gloria DID make progress in our country. She certainly did more than her predecessors and Cory did. Kept the economy afloat during the global financial crisis. Opened up tourism more (which she funded Dick Gordon’s idea of it, as opposed to the crappy idea to promote it NOW), and had more remittances coming in, which also became a small source for the GDP but its impact for locals who do get the additional funds back home is PRICELESS. And also persuaded and jumped on the BPO bandwagon. Oh and borrowed money as well overseas from multi-nationals to fund government projects among other things. Compared to PNOY who wasn’t active with it and thought having to travel overseas to borrow money was a crappy idea, but was forced into it anyway.

        Sorry pero ang TUNAY na napabagsak sa ating bansa is Filipino moronism and the biased media which the likes of Vincenzo loves to worship. Don’t be deceived by what the media tells you. Lee Kuan Yew will laugh your ass i THIS is what you call progress. 😛

      5. Vincenzong Ilusyonado:

        In any form of government, there will ALWAYS be corruption. The difference is the progress made and how it is ran to meet the day to day and yearly goals.

        So sira ang ekonomiya dahil sa ninakaw niya kuno? Hwag maniwala sa mga tsismis, Vincenzong Walang-alam. Binibilog ka lang nina AbNoy pati na rin ang biased media.
        If you’re not familiar with Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir, then it’s official: you’re a born idiot. 😛

    1. Bagsak nga eh. Pag nagbalita mga AbNoy supporters syempre puro maganda raw, pero pag nanggaling ang rating sa ibang bansa, bagsak talaga ulit ang pinas thanks to AbNoy. Kelan pa kaya matatapos ang panloloko nitong administrasyong AbNoy Aquino?

      1. Pakeelam b ntn sa ibAng bAnsa? Problema ksi sknila hnd nila nraranasan ang hrap na dala ng nakaRAaNG ADministrasy0n. Kat0t0hanan lng cnsb q. Wlang panl0l0ko.

      2. Vincenzong Ilusyonado:

        Sorry troll, but other countries have seen the worst in the Philippines when your Tito Noy was in power. The Manila Bus Hostage Crisis? Check. His hypocrisy during the UN Assembly? Check. He was SCHOOLED at the APEC summit when he said that the previous administration had inherited them lots of problems wherein the interviewer says “Don’t they all?” and replied like a sore loser by saying that it was different? Check.

        Kasinungalingan ang sinabi mo at lahat puro panloloko. Sablay ka na naman.

    2. As always, uto-uto ka. In every form of goverment, there is always corruption. Is that what you call progress.

      Oh yeah, you’re not familiar with Singapore and Malaysia. Those countries tell you what progress is all about.Or maybe you’re a total idiot. 😛

  18. thats abnoys corruption programme finished.
    now the kkk’s can get back to their scams and we will have to wait 4 years to start exposing the hypocricy of this administration.

  19. Muka qang tae tanga. Mhal q lng ang bnsa q kea i believe kay Tito Noy and iam n0t dEstr0ying the c0untry, im helping it.

    1. Obvious delusional troll is completely obvious.

      Actually you prefer a government whored by media that tells you that everything is OK and not to look forward for progress in society but part of a MEDIOCRITY?

      Yes, you’re destroying this country, Vincenzo. Because you’re MEDIOCRE.

  20. Cnb q n sayu dti yan dickhead, minana lng ni Tito Noy ang lhat ng kamalasan n nraramdaman ng bnsa ngaun. Tulungan nlng ntn sya,malay u bukas, pggsing m0, maunlad n ult ang Pilipinas

    1. tanga,marami nga siyang minanang mga accomplishment ni gloria na he took credit for grabber pa ang iyong among pulpol.matindi ang rabies ni abnoy at ang daming na-infect,isa ka na doon vincenzo at lahat kayong mga yellow zombies ay nauulol na.dapat sa inyo ay magpunta sa san lazaro hospital for anti-rabies vaccine at baka ma-reverse ang pagka-ulol ninyo,otherwise you might end up suffering from hydophobia.kayo rin,mamantot kayo.hehehe….

  21. and we will start with his brother in law and his scam in pork barrel commission.
    what a despicable family
    no class. no integrity. no intellect.
    trailer trash with cash

  22. Hail der Fuhrer! He has created the new Reich Ministry of Propaganda! This powerful communications group has the electronic power to censor all puny sub-human opposition! It is truly a noble master yellow race innovation because of its tactics to lie and lie until this is believed as the truth! Der fuhrer is truly the greatest nutzie leader!

    1. in abnot gov’t,corruption will be legal,there will be more blatant disregard of the constitution,there will be more jobless,homeless,hunger,rebels and insurgents,more poor and more rich oligarch,mas dadami ang mga bakla,mas lalong babagsak ang ekonomiya dahil sa katangahan ng amo mong ubod ng tanga,na hindi mo naman puwedeng ipagamot dahil wala namang gamot sa tanga.huwag ka ng mangarap ng pagbabago sa pins hanggat nakaupo ang mentally retarded na si simeon the turd.

      1. @balitangkutseroo
        Hindi lang yan, Gugulong at gugulong sa kabaong ang magulang ni panot sa kagaguhan na ginawa ng anak nila.Gragrabe at gragrabe ang ekonomiya at matutuluyang masisira ang constitusyon pagtumagal pa ang ganitong klaseng pamumuno.

  23. Everything is getting out of hand. I feel for GMA on this one. To disregard her rights, in her condition, is simply barbaric and outright unlawful. Stage act or not, the constitution must prevail!

    What has happened to our country?

  24. “Worse, no other President has ignored what is written in the Philippine constitution more than PNoy”…. bulag na bingi pa ang sumulat nito. mag kano ka nabayaran para takpan mo ang iyong mata at tenga… hnd mo ba narinig ang sinabi ni Gloria na “I am Sorry”, not to mention na sinabi nya to WORLDWIDE hnd ba malinaw na pag labag sa naka saad sa kontitusyon ang ginawa nya, (election fraud). alam mong marami pang iba.. gusto ko lang ipaalam sa syo na sa simula pa lang ng balita mo Mali ka na agad, don’t have to read the rest coz i know it’s all wrong…

    1. “…don’t have to read the rest coz i know it’s all wrong…”

      Well that is your biggest mistake. You haven’t even read the whole article, you already think you know everything. You are a typical narrow-minded PNoy supporter.

      If PNoy really thought she was guilty of fraud in 2004, why did he vote against playing the “hello garci” tape during the congressional hearing? Looks like PNoy is hiding something too. Don’t turn a blind eye to your idol’s shortfalls. It seems like he is just using the people for his own personal vendetta. Nagpapagamit naman kayo.

      Sige nga, meron ka bang kilalang nag-babayad sa mga critics ni PNoy? What’s your proof?

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