Kim Kardashian divorce: still a publicity win!

Who’s to know if a marriage will last? Kim Kardashian is the last person we should ask. The most popular member of the Kardashian family thought her marriage to basketball star, Kris Humphries would last forever. But alas, the marriage has ended after 72 days. The news seemed to have dominated the headlines and overshadowed real tragedies like the collapsing European economy and the escalating tension among the protesters around the world.

Strain showing?

What surprised most about the dark beauty’s announcement was not the idea that the reality couple is getting divorced; it was the fact that it took her 72 days to announce their split. She admitted that filing for a divorce was not an easy decision. It could have been as hard as deciding what bag to use for the day (is it the Hermes or the Chanel?). If you deduct the reflection time she spent on mulling over whether to dump or to keep, she must have been happily married up until the camera stopped rolling.

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She probably thinks we should understand how she is feeling. Most women have uttered the words “this will last forever” every time they fancy a pair of shoes or a handbag. But after wearing it a few times, it is natural to feel a bit tired of it and want to move on to the next pair. It would be easy enough to find a reason to discard the old and replace it with the new: “It didn’t feel right after all”; “I think I made a mistake” or “I know now that I rushed into it”…and etcetera, etcetera.

What now for the newly single reality TV star? Never mind her heartache, much more has been said about whether Kim should give back the money she earned from endorsements (reportedly totaling $18 million!) during their wedding in August or not. And the whole Kardashian clan even rushed in to her defense on the allegation that the marriage was a scam; the nerve of some people to say that of Kim!

But not to worry. With the ogling media with their cameras flashing nonstop, Kim must be heaving a big sigh of relief that she has made the right decision to ditch the ring especially since it is pretty obvious that from a marketing point of view, drama is good for the ka-ching!

4 Replies to “Kim Kardashian divorce: still a publicity win!”

  1. it is the drama and the crises which maintain publicity for an endless stream of tacky tv/products/books etc.
    they tried to get her married to a new york player but he turned it down. it was always a sham but now it is backfiring the pr machine is in overdrive for damage limitation.
    tacky people, tacky lives ala pacquaio, singson, revilla etc. jungle bunnies with money but no class.

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