It’s amazing how many of the Revillas of Cavite are named ‘Ramon’

Killed over a Php 1 million (USD20,000+) monthly allowance. That was what seemed to have been the motive for the killing of showbiz personality Ramgen “Ram Revilla” Bautista who was murdered apparently in cold blood on the 28th October in his home. The two prime suspects are his younger siblings Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista and Ma. Ramona Belen Bautista, with the earlier already in police custody and the latter still being hunted down.

These are the sorts of people who make up the feudal clans that rule the province of Cavite; people for whom a theoretical motive for murder over such a petty sum — perpetrated by siblings of the victim nonetheless — can be so widely accepted as plausible. Still the theory needs to be verified — an obviously important task that the honourable Senator (and former showbiz “action star”) Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr reminds us is the obvious next step…

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“We call on Task Force Ramgen to make sure that the result of the investigation [would] not lead to irreparable damage to the innocent, especially to their family members,” the senator said, adding:

“We will not believe that he (RJ) had anything to do with it until it is proven beyond reasonable doubt.”

Revilla Jr. called on investigators to examine the “credibility” of the other suspects who had tagged RJ Bautista. “The statements should be validated, not taken on face value alone,” he said.

What sorts of upbringing breed such sorts of people? I really don’t know because I can’t really relate. But I do have an important point to make. What seems to be particularly remarkable about the details that came to light as a result of this drama is how many of the men in the Revilla clan of Cavite are named “Ramon”. The patriarch of the clan, Ramon “The Don” Revillla Senior is the man who started it all — the original Revilla of showbiz who fathered an entire thriving line of Cavite overlords and showbiz personalities who not only carried the family name but inherited the patriarchical given name as well.

Given the small sample so far, we can’t really generalise that all the Revilla males of Cavite are named Ramon. So perhaps an interesting exercise would be to find out by studying a bigger sample of this fascinating family. It might take a bit of effort though…

Revilla Sr., a former actor, is said to have fathered at least 80 children.

He had seven children with his wife Azucena, who died in 1998. They are Revilla Jr., Bacoor Mayor Strike Revilla, film producer Andrea Bautista-Ynares, and Marlon, Rowena, Princess and Diane.

In an interview last December, Revilla Jr. said he had met at least 40 of his half-siblings.

In 2007, Revilla Sr. left samples of his DNA with the National Bureau of Investigation so that anybody who would claim to be his child after he dies could be tested.

One thing’s for sure, we can rule out Strike and Marlon in this worthwhile exercise.

23 Replies to “It’s amazing how many of the Revillas of Cavite are named ‘Ramon’”

      1. Not only does this Vincenzo guy want to bring this country down to the ground by supporting AbNoy, he also wants to keep it that way by putting another joker who’d just bury the country deeper into its own dung.

        Years before, a friend of mine had already expressed her repulsion over the idea of someone like Jinggoy or Bong Revilla someday becoming president. Well, her worst nightmares may soon become a reality if resident fools like Vincenzo would have their way.

        To circumvent restrictions on early and extended campaigning and over-budgeting for political purposes, Bong Revilla would just take advantage of his media connections and release another movie on or near election season—starring him of course as the hero. He’d even insist it has nothing to do with political self-promotion.

        Some pinoys are driven into becoming OFWs not necessarily because they are experiencing financial or economic hardship in our own country but in order to preserve their sanity as the Philippines drags itself towards its impending doom.

      2. I do n0t want this c0untry to go d0wn. But the Filipino people had spoken,he has a big chance to win in case he run in 2016. I am for democracy. Marami din naman ngagawa si Bong.

      3. Vincenzong Sinungaling:

        LIAR! We can never progress and we can never be proud of our government if it was run by artistas. 😛

        No, actually. You’re not for democracy. You’re for a spectator sport called democracy. You’re for IDIOCRACY. I’m for Gordon or Gibo on 2016 because it will only go down the drain when Bong Revilla won the presidency. Good thing that America’s wasn’t ruled by celebrities. That’s why how rotten our society is.

  1. Better to use condoms than guns for population control.

    Bing bong small dong revilla

    Last week – ‘500k to anyone who finds the guilty party’

    This week – ‘500k to anyone who finds the guilty party – innocent’

    Such is the value of life and lack of principles. What low-life the revillas are. Trailer trash with stolen money but no style

    The revilla pr spin (lies), and medical sympathy angle will no doubt be soon in play. The bad acting lessons will come in useful too. There are so many of them – and why all the same name! Worse things happen in the barangays. Just ask charice. Another normal happy halloween holiday!

    This Be the Verse

    They f#ck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
    They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.

    But they were f#cked up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.

    Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can,
    And don’t have any kids yourself.
    Stop reproducing now. The world has more than enough people, and more than enough gun-toting thugs and bad actors in politics.

  2. 1 million per month allowance seems a bit extreme.
    Hardly an incentive to actually work for a living.
    1 ram wont be missed – there is a production line churning out these clones.
    Rough justice

  3. So, besides being a break for us Imus folk who won’t have to worry about the Revilla clan installing this little dumbass in our town council, it appears that the tragic episode was a real money-saver for the family.

    Hey, silver lining.

      1. Hes not a waste. I ask u,why did he placed #1 and had 19 million votes in the 2010 senatorial elections? Baka pag nagkta kayo mabarado ka.

  4. Extract from manila standard today on how malacanan are rigging tv news polls and bombarding websites.
    No surprise, and culprits easy to spot.

    Communism lives in malacanan and caradang

    ” The former network employee, this inside
    informant said, deploys an army of people to
    send SMS and Internet votes favoring the
    Palace’ s position whenever a poll is conducted.
    This is the same propaganda force that was
    recently equipped with the hardware (in the
    form of expensive laptop computers and smart
    phones) to bombard the message boards of
    popular news Web sites with pro-administration
    responses and to shout down any opposing

  5. I feel sorry for the Revilla children.

    They must have started off as good kids. But growing up without a proper role model and no man in the house to look up to, well, anyone could have ended up that way. Poor kids.

    If the children turned out to be ruffians it’s always the parents to blame.

    Imagine being a Revilla illegit child, you must be growing up thinking “My dad screwed by mom then, like a dog, left her”. Money can’t compensate with time not spent and tainted reputation.

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