Do we ditch the scholar in favor of the politician?

The news feed was just too hard to ignore, it headlined: “EDSA to be renamed Cory Aquino Avenue?” and it opens with

“The House of Representatives is now tackling on first reading a bill seeking to rename Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) to Cory Aquino Avenue.”

and ends with

“”It would be but a fitting tribute to former President Corazon Aquino, a woman of courage and valor, that EDSA, an avenue that became testament to the country’s love of democracy, be named after her,”

Proper perspective is drowned out with all the smoke screen and the yellow fever. I once wrote:

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Education should have empowered the people with a sense of responsibility to keep the word “Philippines”, a noun connoting dignity and honor. Instead, education has given us a nation, divided.

This House bill is a clear indication that education indeed has given nothing back. What  ever happened to the appreciation for history?

How can a Congressman undermine the contributions of  Epifanio Cristobal de los Santos, also known as Don Panyong, the Great among the great Filipino scholars?

He was “honored and respected not only in the Philippines but also in
foreign countries. In Europe, he was recognized as a premier
philologist and writer of biographical and historical matters about
the Philippines. He was the first Filipino, of native parentage, to
join and become a member of the Royal Academy of Madrid.
Cecilio Apostol portrayed him as one of the country’s two best
Filipino writers in Spanish prose of all times, the other being
Marcelo H. Del Pilar.

Indisputably, Don Panyong was the best critic, writer and
biographer that the Golden Age of Literature of the Philippines
ever produced. An artist by disposition, he was a scholar in the
truest sense, fascinated and well versed in all branches of human


Do we ditch the scholar in favor of the politician?

Do we really have to make it that obvious that a nation has relegated education as just a means to an end?

A miasma of a nation of no soul.

One cannot become who is when there is no past to look back to and to learn from. As cliché as it may be, “Ang hindi marunong tumingin sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”

President Corazon Aquino may have increased the national debt by $5 billion within the six years of her administration and the Philippine economy remained stagnant in the aftermath of the 1989 coup attempt. Her final year in office saw inflation raging at 17% and unemployment slightly over 10%. (Source: Wikipedia)

Despite the legacy of the Asset Privatization Trust and the flaws in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), Corazon Aquino remains an inspiration to many, a romantic catalyst for change. It is said that she rose from being a political housewife to face the challenges of Asia’s basket case head on and for that alone, many Filipinos have looked the other way at the fumbles of her crew and have instead commended her for her strength of character and humility but naming EDSA after Cory is just way too much. There are more important pending matters that the Congress should be debating on.

Should the people keep on looking the other way when the Revised Penal Code badly needs revision?

Should we keep on saying hallelujah for the resting Cory when the Constitution baptized by her government impedes economic development and empowers the oligarchy?

What ever happened to the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT that has been already APPROVED BY THE SENATE SINCE DECEMBER 2009?

Aren’t we supposed to be on the road towards “Daang Matuwid”?

I never thought Congress would make a shortcut by making the Yellow mantra literal.

There is more to taking the “daang matuwid”. We may be walking the straight line but where does that lead us to?

As  the great EDSA once said:

“Today’s events are tomorrow’s history, yet events seen by the naked eye lack the depth and breadth of human struggles, triumphs and suffering. Writing history is writing the soul of the past… so that the present generation may learn from past mistakes, be inspired by their ancestor’s sacrifices, and take responsibility for the future.”



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89 Replies to “Do we ditch the scholar in favor of the politician?”

  1. I actually dis-agree, I think that all the major roads in Manila should have the name Aquino in it.

    Furthermore I believe that the presidency should be abolished and instead the Philippines should become a monarchy. The king or Queen of the Philippines should always be a member of the Aquino family.

    The royal family should also confiscate all land any businesses that they do not own yet and should then turn the Philippines into a Communist monarchy where the entire nation will serve and work for the royal family and in turn The Royal family would provide food and shelter for all their loyal followers.

    The sooner people accept this the better. Over the past decades anyone who stood up to the Aquinos was crushed like Marcos, Erap (until he accepted their superiority) and now the Arroyos.

  2. Why stop at EDSA?
    I think the country shold have a name change.
    The ‘Republic of Cory’ sounds fitting.
    The flag could remain the same, except the sun can be replaced with a picture of Cory’s bottom. Afterall – dosen’t the sun shine out of it anyway?

    The whole I idea is offensive.
    I hope when PNoy, Kris, Baby James and all the other Aquinos have finished their terms, it will again return to the EDSA name.
    Sigh – but by then they would have breed more presidents 🙁

  3. Dapat lang na gawin nang Cory Avenue ang EDSA bilang tanda ng kanyang sakripisyo sa atin. Si Tita Cory kasi ang nagligtas sa atin sa diktaturyang Marcos at nagbalik sa atin ng demokrasya.

    1. What do we do with the legacy of the great Epifanio de los Santos then? Relegate it to some subdivision street in Malabon?

      Besides, was it really Cory who instigated the People Power Revolution? Or is another part of history well written to serve the “victors”?

      As far as I am concerned, take away all the conspiracy theories that complicate that part of recent history, People Power wouldn’t have happened if not for Imperial Manila’s Ochlocracy.

      1. Talking about history, it would be very interesting to know the truth about why Marcos and Ninoy Aquino became enemies as there was a time when they were friends.

        It would also be very interesting to know the truth as to what the fall out between Cory Aquino and her friend Gloria Aroyo was really about. They got along well enough when they wanted to oust Erap.

        Were these fall outs really about democracy and corruption or did it have to do with financial interests.

      2. Kinalaban ni Ninoy si Marcos dhl alam nya ang mga bnabalak nitong masama

        kinalaban ni Tita Cory si Gloria dhil syay magnanakaw at mandurugas sa eleksyon

        bahagi silang dalawa na lumaban para sa sambayanang Pilipino.

      3. Pebrero, bente-sais nang si Apo ay umalis
        Ngiti mo’y hanggang tenga sa kakatalon, napunit a’ng pantalon mo
        Pero hindi bale, sabi mo, marami naman kame
        Kahit na amoy pawis, tuloy pa rin ang disco sa kalye.

        Well, you actually forgot Cory and her crookery in office.

      4. Cory wasn’t even there, she was in Cebu hiding her “behind”, that fact speaks for itself… Great, great article Ms. Portes

    2. “Democracy…” yeah right. A democracy that only serves the tyrannical few retards in the government while the Realists and those who are genuinely concerned about the nation’s health are being violated by the very same retards who fought for so-call “democracy.”

      1. Vincenzo B. Arellano:

        I think you should read Cecilio Arillo’s “Greed and Betrayal” and you will see what’s real.

        It’s not all of us but for the few. Now how can you explain the constant brownouts, huh? 😛

    3. ano bang sakripisyo ang ginawa ni corykong sa bansa?walang ginawang sakripisyo si corykong sa bayan at gaya rin ng nangyari sa retarded niyang anak,simpatiya lang ang naging dahilan kung bakit sila naluklok sa puwesto.

      1. Sakripisyo nya ang knyang buhay dhl alam nya din n maaari syang ipapatay ni marcos that time, matapang tlga si Tita Cory.

      2. Kung matapang siya e bakit kaya siya nasa Cebu at hindi sa EDSA?

        Sa totoo lang, Marcos is so intelligent that he would kill his buddy Ninoy. That’s politics, sir.

        Vincenzo is not educated in the issue of politics here in the Philippines.

      1. It’s the TRUTH OF A LIE, Vincenzo.

        Idol mo din pala si Joseph Goebbels.

        “If we tell a lie a millions of times, then many will believe it’s the truth.”

        Kawawang kabataan. Kawawang Vincenzo. 😛

      2. tanungin mo pa mga bata?!


        tama, i’ll ask kids what they know about historical truth!

        vincenzo, wan plas wan equals- ?

  4. Welcome to aquino land (formerly philippines) situated in the tarlac sea ( formerly west philippines, formerly south china sea)

    Ninoy aquino airport
    Cory avenue
    Kris aquino tunnel
    Noynoy back passage
    Cojuangco bank

    Bohol – asshol

    1. Yun raw Ermita sa Malate na pugad ng mga pokpok palitan ng “Kris Aquino Way” in honor of her way of life—bagay nga naman. Pwede rin palitan ng Kris Aquino City and Makati city, kasi makating-makati talaga babaeng yan.

      Pati na rin raw yun National Center for Mental Health to be renamed Josh and Penoy Mental Hospital (-sheamus)

      Kung meron Suez Canal meron rin Cory Canal o Noynoy Imburnal (-foxhound_23)

      Teka nga sinong bang sipsip na tongressman na yan? Dyan lang ba napupunta ibinabayan sa kanila? Sinong mga ulol na mga taga-Buhol na bumoto ba dyan?

  5. I think megalomania and narcissism truly runs in AbNoy’s family. No wonder Mindanao wants to secede from the rest of the republic before it’s too late—can’t blame them.

  6. I’ve heard it said many times that Marcos used to regularly talk to Ninoy Aquino as friends while he was in jail and that most foreign researchers do not believe it was Marcos who had him shot at the airport.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Kris Aquino Tunnel is probably appropriate due to that big thing she keeps opening and embarrasing herself, the television network and even the country on occasion. Great wind tunnel.

    1. it was the family.
      just like the revillas
      money and power makes you murder
      for the cojuangcos billions of pesos were at stake not just a small monthly allowance.

      1. the reason – hacienda luisita.
        ninoy would have distributed it.
        to the cojuangcos it was everything – their money and power base.
        ironic that today the SC agrees to its distribution.
        the cojuangcos will not do it – more legal manoeuvres to come. eventually all the farmers will have died.
        they also killed the farmers in the massacre. other peoples lives are cheap to the cojuangcos who see themselves as the real rulers.

      2. cojuangcos are the bastion of central luzon oligarchy.

        oligarchy power is based on control of resources. i bet HLI will still stay under the conjuangcos will.

        farmers of hli will need real time revolution to truely claim their rights for a self titled land.

  7. Heil der Fuhrer! Der fuhrer’s puppy dog in the reichstag wants to deify and immortalize his late mother by renaming EDSA to cory aquino avenue. Der fuhrer is tired of the EDSA legacy of democracy since his plans for totalitarian rule is priority!

    But wait, the Fuhrer must be unaware of the verboten maoist infiltration of the reich palace! His alleged “daan na matuwid” has become “daan na matuwid patungo sa kaliwa.” It is apparent that the reich palace is infiltrated by members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front! Der Fuhrer’s predicament was reported by the hated pro-democracy Philippine Star broadsheet in a revelation by the columnist VS Bobita just today. Der Fuhrer does not know what he is doing. Sieg heil to the greatest nutzie leader of the master yellow race!

  8. Der Fuhrer is not a gay retard. He is a mad genius! His obsession of immense hatred in pinning the yellow star of David on the arroyo family is very apparent! He seeks the brilliance of a final solution in hitting the yellow star of David GMA thrice over with more persecution! Der Fuhrer is truly the greatest son of the master yellow race and the nutzie party! Zu befehl!

    1. Just not gonna fly under this current admin. That concept is totally alien to the yellow army. They’re accustomed to taking credit for other people’s work or accomplishments.

  9. *sigh* nangyayari pa rin pala ang pag-iba ng pangalan ng mga kalsada at lansangan… kailan ba titigil ang kongreso sa walang ka-kwenta-kwentang mga batas na ganire? walang kabutihang maidudulot ito para sa mga nagugutom! ano ba ito? ass kissing sa presidente????? the Aquinos and their supporters have gone too far! (or maybe they have been going too far for years now)… kailan mamumula ang mata ng mga Pilipino???? fuck it! i’m ditching my nationality as soon as I can. i’m done….

    this is the part i apologise for my rant. Thank you for this article.

  10. Tongresman are you joking or kulang pa ang 10M na ibinigay sa suporta nyo kay Penoy on stalling the medical trip of GMA?Changing EDSA to Cory Avenue?Di ka ba nalilito sa dami na ngayon Aquino avenue sa bansa.EDSA I can not be claimed by the yellow army because sumakay lang sila sa initiative ni Enrile at at Ramos plus the calls of Cardinal Sin to support the duo.I was there during the whole duration bringing food for the people but not for anybody else but for the country’s change from Marcos dictatorship.Cory was just an incidental President and did nothing,just a figurehead which this Aquino-Cojuangco family exploited and took advantage.I never have any political affiliation and I am always for competence in choosing leaders during election.Sad to say I was disappointed my choices did not make it.Kung sino man ang tongresman na ito mahiya ka sa pag ka bobo mo.Ipalit mo sa internationally known scholar ang politician na hypocrites na akala mo sila lang ang may monopoly ng righteousness sa mundo.Cory is just playing madjong during her term and now with her lazy son at the palace playing video games with his retarded nephew unmindful of his official appointments to attend to.This vindictive family doesnt deserve the honor vested on them,so tongresman umuwi ka na lang sa probinsya nyo at pangalanan mo iyong kalye nyo sa pangalan na sa isip mo.Remember the Hacienda Luisita massacre para matauhan ka.Crazy world.

      1. “Kasalanan ng nkaraang administrasyon ang trapik sa EDSA. Malala n nga, lalo pang pinalala.”

        abiding by your logic:
        its also GMA’s fault that i forgot to get the soap LOL

  11. Der fuhrer’s mindset is a state secret! Many have read and seen the pro-democratic media on his nuances, mood swings and tendencies! He has an extreme fixation and obsessive extreme hatred on his yellow star of David hate objects… the Arroyo family! He extremely dislikes criticism and opposition to his great totalitarian rule!

    Der fuhrer exhibited irrational and highly irresponsible behavior in his delayed failure to respond to recent crisis experienced by the reich. He was not there in the reich luneta hostage crisis. He arrived late when the hostages were already dead. He refused to offer state apologies to the victims because of his nutzie megalomania that the master yellow race fuhrer is supreme above all with no fault or responsibilities.He was seen smiling at the scene of the crime.

    He was late in responding to the crisis of the reich flooding. Der fuhrer dislikes being wet and likes to spend only minutes in visiting affected disaster centers. His lack of empathy must be part of his superior state of mind.

    Der fuhrer flagrantly violated the reich law in smoking aboard the reich national airways. He does not have criminal tendencies! He is after all above the law for he is the law!

    Der fuhrer did not sympathize with the victims of the reich maguindanao massacre for he was too tired to go to the southlands. His liking for strategy electronic games is not retardation. He likes to think of himself as a master strategist and a superior mind!

    Nein! The rumors are not true that he is already mad! The accomplishments of the Fuhrer speaks for itself in the hated pro-democratic press! He is not insane! For he is truly the reich’s great Fuhrer! A true son of the master yellow race!

  12. Cory Aquino was a Political Opportunist, like most of our Politicians. She was made Hero by the Lopez Media. She was a Puppet of the Oligarchs…She protected the Swindlers of the Hacienda Luisita. She and her husband, Ninoy Aquino, Jr., were facilitators of Swindling the Philippine government.
    The EDSA should be renamed: “Swindlers’ Boulevard”…
    Our economic condition is deteriorating, and these YellowTards are only interested in renaming streets?

  13. vincenzo should go back to his schoolwork
    – he is clearly neglecting even the basics of spelling, grammar and commonsense – and stop trying to play with the grown ups.

    engage brain before using keyboard

    1. @nona

      He doesn’t have a brain yet that’s why he has no common sense at all.
      Deal with it Vincenzo, you are dumber than the average bear.

  14. I don’t like this. It’s a stupid resolution or whatever it is. We already have a name on the road, why change it? If it will make EDSA significantly less congested then by all means, please do change the name! but other than that… No sell here.

    EDSA is like Cory or Aquino anyway from the eyes of the people. Do you need to emphasize it that much? (or maybe it isn’t because EDSA can now be defined with heavy traffic and Filipino’s lack of discipline) I’m not bashing the Aquinos here, just the idea of this whole thing is BS and a waste of time. Make laws and resolutions that WILL BENEFIT the country. We already have Mrs. Cory in one of our bills anyway.

      1. I was there in the one and only original, EDSA People Power Revolution! We went there to save the country and to stop people from killing each other! EDSA was a spontaneous reaction of the silent majority. Was your tita cory there? No! She arrived late on the last day. Was noynoy there? Hello? If anyone is to be given credit as the first to breakaway it would be Juan Ponce Enrile, Fidel V. Ramos and Gringo B.Honasan. Cardinal Sin called the people to protect those present there. Remember? EDSA is synonymous with people power! It is and will never be cory aquino avenue! It was camelot86. For one shining moment in Philippine history….

        Don’t you dare dishonor the memory of EDSA for your yellow ass licking political loyalty! My loyalty is not for political leaders it is for the flag, country and sovereign people!

      2. Again, Tita Cory was the eFfEct of it and must take credit. Eh bkit siya ung pinili? Dapat na talaga gawin yang Cory Avenue.

      3. @Vincenzo

        Hinding-hinde makakalimutan ng taong bayan si Tita Cory mo.Dahil sa kanya, sumama ang ugali ng mga Filipino. Naging vindictive at malicious.

      4. @Vicenzo, There is no need to rename it. Cory is already synonymous with EDSA and I bet history books won’t even omit her name. It’s a combination.

        What will you tell the younger generation? That Cory went to Cory Aquino Ave? I bet there would be a phrase “formerly known as EDSA.” It’s even celebrated yearly. TV Networks do specials on EDSA 1. It’s what Filipinos are very proud of. Why are you afraid that younger people will forget Cory?

        Also, I think what you meant to say in your reply was “Cory was the cause” not the effect. If she’s the ‘effect’ or outcome of EDSA 1 then EDSA made her not the other way around and this move would rename the entity that made Cory. And if you meant that she was the ’cause’, then I guess all those documentaries about how the EDSA 1 revolution came to be are wrong because I haven’t seen any one of them saying that Cory was the cause of the gathering.

        And it’s not even the idea of whose name they’ll use that irritates me. It’s the idea of something so low priority getting in the pipeline of congress when there are basically bigger laws that they should be completing. Take care of the backlogs then let’s discuss if this move is the right thing to do.

  15. I like your reminding us of an important part of history – who Epifanio De Los Santos is. He is one of those obscure figures in history who are nonetheless important.

    Also, why did they have to name the Manila International Airport as Ninoy Aquino, when they could have named it to Jose Rizal instead, if they want a “national hero” name?

    1. why not name it after cojuangco as the mastermind and prime beneficiary.
      you need to stop looking at filipino history through distorted yellow coloured spectacles.

  16. i’m also an active forumite in PinoyExchange, and lots of trolls would just get on your nerves. The best way to get rid of them? Ignore, Act like they posted nothing,, and never ever reply any message even if you intend to place a subliminal undertone to it.

    1. We just like making fun of the troll here. We already know that he can’t come up with a better comeback when we out troll him. He just doesn’t have any brains that’s why its easy to tease him.

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