Arroyo TRO vs travel ban: Fact is Noynoy and his henchmen were outsmarted yet again @jimparedes @gangbadoy

This is the man and the administration all these bozos campaigned for. Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III let an entire year pass without filing a formal legal case against the lady he’s taken pains to demonise since 2009. So now the Yellow mob are relying on lame humour to anesthetize themselves as they watch former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo walk into a plane laughing thanks to a “temporary restraining order” (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court on a travel ban slapped by Malacañang on Arroyo earlier.

Perhaps she may take her seat in a Lecter vest (a-la Con Air) or fly out on a broom as some of our “influential” talking heads on Twitter say she will. Some people can even pray for a better-timed airline strike or for heavy traffic on the roads leading to the airport.

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But, dudes. Chill. At the end of the day, here is your cherished “Constitution” at work. Love it because you can’t leave it (perhaps because certain cards of a leafy hue were torn up back in the heady days…tagadshhh!!). So we see another ‘demon’ of the current administration laughing all the way to the airport. Tough luck is more the words that appropriately mark this day, me thinks.

Perhaps next time, think about who you campaign for a bit more carefully…

The point here lies in the ironic role Jim Paredes plays in today’s politics. In his recent concert with the Apo Hiking Society organised, it seems, to marshal support for the “Yellow Army” a Noted Blogger once giggled about on television, guest of honour Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr himself capped the night by coming on stage to assure the audience that “his Mom and Dad were looking down from the heavens and would be proud of the support generated by this campaign”.

Unlike in the glory days some us of keep sighing about, there is nothing of the sort of “Edsa magic” to fall back to now. There is only The Law (which, ironically, these so-called street rallyists danced the ocho ocho on Edsa to uphold). And it is now being put to good use — by those who have the brains to use it to their advantage. Too bad certain celebrities campaigned for a man who has so far proven to all that he lacks any such.

So rather than whine about doing one’s best, we should learn more about what we need to do to earn the right to go home and bonk the Prom Queen. Perhaps those who are good at patawa get all the chicks. Then again it depends on whether this patawa is reminiscent of the type that made shows like Iskul Bukol runaway hits back in the years when a certain boy-band from the Ateneo was also making waves.

18 Replies to “Arroyo TRO vs travel ban: Fact is Noynoy and his henchmen were outsmarted yet again @jimparedes @gangbadoy”

  1. “Dashing through the streets
    With a TRO on Ban
    On a plane we go
    Laughing all the way

    Farewell Philippines
    No way I’m coming back
    And you can tell your president
    to kiss my ass haha!”

    I just suck at this…

  2. But the yellows cried “It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”. And sing she did with a motion for reconsideration. De Lima is just practicing her grandstanding and media hogging abilities that are pre requisites of running for senator.

  3. You can see the Diversion Tactic of the YellowTards…the event is being Highlighted in the Lopez Media. So that you’ll not think of:High Prices of basic commodities; his Gang of Oligarchs goughing or pickpocketing the pockets of ordinary citizens; the Hacienda Lusita Scam issue; the Hacienda Luisita Farmers/Serfs massacre; etc…We are all amused…but , the Joke is upon us, by a Real hurt on our pocketbooks while they grow richer and richer…

    1. mas hinayupak po yung di rumirespeto sa Supreme Court/Congress. Yun pinipilit ng executive dept na gawin ang nais nila. Hello, check and balance?

  4. Joker Arroyo is right, this government has become totalitarian!

    It is so hard to find news that is not biased by the yellowtards.

    There are many like me who did not vote for this “bipolar” president, but we don’t have a public forum to be heart except for the Internet and not all of us have the luxury of connecting to the information highway.

    God save our country!

    1. True journalism has never really been practiced in the Philippines. Well, even in our daily lives we lie to ourselves and among ourselves on how we see the situation. Filipinos are gossip monsters, specially the females. Our beloved media is just reminding us that this ‘norm’ news is real news.

      Yeah, indeed, news here makes FOX news seem so credible. Talk about ‘fair-and-balanced’. How many can you recount local news with the level of journalism that you see in BBC and CNN in this country? I’m sure none I can remember.

      Whilst those journalists out there even die like martyrs and are deemed heroes and truth-bearers, journalists here are disgraceful, unethical (note the bus crisis accident), and simply primitive-minded. No matter wich news in TV you see, they’re all the same garbage.

      This country is in need of a civil war to rid of the ones who deserve to be exterminated and to put others back in their right places.

      1. This country is in need of a civil war to rid of the ones who deserve to be exterminated and to put others back in their right places.

        The other camp is well funded so I guess they will win again if we had a civil war. We saw what being well funded could do in the 2010 Presidential election. A cheaper war, more exciting and less bloody is in the war of words in cyber space. 😉

      2. correct. “Ordinary citizens” were able to raise P100M-plus campaign fund for Noynoy.

        Not. *coughs*Tony Boy Cojuangco*coughs*

      3. Umm the problem with a war in this method is that little can really be heard of us out there. You know, not a lot of people have PCs and internet connections, and even if they do, they’ll just ignore it, and say it’s creating disunity in our country=more disasters (that’s what they all can see). If your target is the masses, who really are the ones putting this country in the worst state (by voting in incompetent leaders), then I think we may need more exposure and be more accessible to them. There are a lot of guys like Vincenzo (sorry if I had to state a name as example), and they make up the majority of the population.
        I guess i quite agree with Plato on this that the mob is too stupid to run things. Democracy has failed our country and we ought to have gone through hell like El salvador, Vietnam, Cambodia to confront our differences and gradually become much wiser afterwards.

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