The Truth will set Filipinos free

A word or a sentence from someone can dramatically change our life; that is, if we are strong enough to take it in stride. Let’s take a slice from history and use Alexander the Great as an example. His tutor was no less than the famous philosopher, Aristotle. Surely what Alexander got from one of mankind’s greatest teachers helped lift his tactical faculties and conquest abilities. However, it was another less famous philosopher that moved him to go on to become one of the greatest conquerors in history.

Before he was given the title “the Great” and shortly after having inherited rule over the whole of Greece along with his native Macedonia, Alexander was accustomed to warm greetings and receiving lavish compliments from Greek leaders in Corinth. One day he noticed that, among the crowd that gave him attention, there was one who did not. He was the philosopher named Diogenes. Diogenes had views not so different from Buddha. He had given all his possessions away and lived free from all material distractions that he thought got in the way of the simple pleasures of life. Diogenes usually just sat in the market square clothed only in the bare essentials. History books describe him as someone who lived free as a stray dog.

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Human nature got the better of Alexander and despite all the honour he got from the rest of the court, he was curious to know why Diogenes couldn’t care less about him. He went up to where Diogenes was sitting and said “I like you. Let me know your wish and I shall grant it.” Diogenes, the philosopher replied: “Indeed Sire. I have a wish. Your shadow has fallen over me. Stand a little less between me and the sun.” Alexander, instead of being insulted was said to have been profoundly struck by Diogenes’s simple wish and decided that he wanted to become just like Diogenes, free from all the trappings of material things.

Although he did not live exactly like Diogenes, Alexander gave all his material possessions away to his friends and went on to conquer more kingdoms, not just simply to extend his empire but more because he wanted to spread Greek knowledge and culture to the “rest of the world”. Although his untimely death brought this grand initiative to a halt, he succeeded in pushing the greatest intellectual force there had ever been in history into the empires of Persia, India and China.

The truth is there for the taking

Anyone who seeks the truth shall find it. Anyone who denies the truth shall continue to live a lie. One of the ironies in life is that we do not really learn much from people who agree with us, but we get the greatest lessons in life from people who object to our opinions and beliefs. Sadly it is the latter sorts of people in our lives — the ones who beg to differ to us — that we tend to shut out. Often we do so without even taking a small effort to listen. When a person refuses to listen or rejects another’s viewpoint without understanding it, the person’s growth gets stunted. A person who only seeks approval and nods of agreement becomes highly immature and misguided, always thinking that his or her perspective is the only right one.

We can apply what I’ve said above to Filipinos. A lot of Filipinos in Philippine society are misguided in their thinking that other people, particularly those who have less standing in social class than them, have no right to disagree with their views. In reality, it doesn’t really matter whether a Filipino received an education from a top-notch school overseas or just a local education in the Philippines. Many in the “elite” continue to think the way they do because they were raised to believe that having more money or being better-educated gives them license to act like they already know everything. A Filipino who received a high level of education and those who have lived a sheltered existence are the ones who refuse to learn from the people who have fewer credentials but have lived a more practical life.

Filipinos are fixated on material possessions as a measure of social status. Majority are more concerned with the person’s social standing in Philippine society than what the person is actually saying. Filipinos are also very degree or diploma orientated. They let their accumulated degrees and titles get in the way of learning the harsh realities of life from those who know about it. An example of what I’m saying is the ruling political and social elite in Philippine society. If a person is not part of the upper class social circle in the Philippines, people tend to think that he or she is insignificant and that their views are not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, this behaviour can be observed from the upper classes down to the lower classes of our society. Indeed, the lower classes also tend to think that only those with money and better education know what they are talking about. Hence, it is not very difficult for the lower class members of Philippine society to be taken for a ride or be tricked.

It is very easy for some Filipinos to assume that, just because they have received a more scholarly education, they are more knowledgeable than the average person. Our society has allowed this culture of deluded self-importance to prevail for hundreds of years. What Filipinos don’t realise is that those who are actually living a less privileged existence can sometimes have a better understanding of what life is like because they have actually experienced destitution, pain and suffering and have a better perspective on life compared to those who have household help 24 hours a day and complete meals three or more times a day. There are also those members of the middle class who may not have experienced the same level of hardship as the lower class but are the ones who experienced working in the corporate world; have held rank and file positions; earn a living through hard work and are also the consumers who are in a position to provide constructive feedback about the services provided by big organisations and bureaucracies.

Of course, a formal education is good and should always be encouraged for it is only through higher learning that ignorance can be eliminated. However, without practical experience, all the knowledge from school remains basically theoretical. One should not dismiss the knowledge that can be gained from those who have lived a life of local experience and those who have enjoyed less of life’s trappings. These groups hold the key to the simplest solutions to life’s more profound complexities. These groups are the ones who will use public transport and public facilities. As such, both groups are the majority who will benefit or suffer from policies created by the political elite and members of the oligarchy.

In a true egalitarian society, everyone has a voice. In fact, those who are in the lower classes are the ones who are prioritised and are taken more seriously by the politicians. In Philippine society, members of the oligarchy and political dynasties are the ones that matter and are the first ones who directly benefit from their own policies. The latter do not listen to the majority of the population because these so-called political dynasties and oligarchs have vested interests or have actually deluded themselves into thinking that they are doing the right thing for the sake of the majority. Strangely, the lower classes for their part also believe that the political dynasties and oligarchs have their best interests at heart even though it is blatantly obvious that decade after decade; nothing much has really changed as far as the circumstances of the poor go.

What can be done to end this hopeless cycle of deluded back-patting?

Filipinos need a dose of reality similar to what Alexander the Great had experienced. Filipinos need to listen to what everyone is saying, whether the message is coming from the upper, middle or lower class members of society. Filipinos should pay more attention to the message rather than the messenger. Filipinos need to listen more to those who oppose their views. Filipinos need to listen carefully and analyse if what their opponents are saying makes any sense. Filipinos need to find out if all the noise their detractors are making holds any truth. None of us can be right all the time. All the members of Philippines society need to question why the country is still what it is today despite all the promises of “change” coming from one presidential candidate or the other.

Obviously, we have been listening (or hardly listening) to the same members of the political elite and oligarchy for almost three decades now. It is high time that we hear from those we have not heard from before. It is time that we pay more attention and ask more questions to those who say the same old tired promises to “fight” corruption and poverty without showing any concrete plans on how they will do it.

Let us listen more and think about how someone’s words can actually affect our lives. Painful as it may seem to hear, but the truth will set Filipinos free.

113 Replies to “The Truth will set Filipinos free”

  1. Alexander the Great was gay. He was bisexual. He was a very good war strategist and field commander. He was a good politician also. He died in Babylon (Iraq) of high fever, at just a young age.
    “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The statement came from the Christian New Testament Bible. Truth is truth. We have to deal with it. If we live in a lie and delussions. We will soon believe in our lies and delussions. Terminally ill people, don’t want to accept their illness. However, it is in accepting the truth of their illness. That, they can soon begin to have peace, and go on to be healed…Our nation is very ill…can we accept its illness? So that we can heal it? Our political leaders have character dysfunctions. Can they accept their dysfunctions? So that they can lead us well?

    1. Yes, Tito Noy is one good example of a politician that anticipates his dysfunction. Kahit na pagod nandyan pa rin siya nagtatrabaho

      1. Pero dahil palpak siya, palpak din ang mga tauhan niya.

        BTW, blaming the past administration is nothing but a dysfunction. It’s not what a leader is all about. It’s more like COWARDICE.

      2. @V.B. Arellano: Working for the sake of moving, and accomplishing nothing, with no good results of your work. Is very much different from working and moving, and have effective accomplishments, producing good effective results.

    2. alexander the great and aquino the mouse.
      no comparison except for the fact that they are both gay/bisexual.
      if people had done their research in boston rather than fabricating evidence then the truth would have come out.
      this was always the greatest fear of the party hence the shalani fiasco and even now it tries to divert the issue. pnoy – playboy of the asian world!. what a sham and outright lie.
      the inner circle knows as do i. but like so many things, keep the masses in the dark.

      1. Elton John the English singer was even married to a woman. Yet, he is Gay. He is now married to a man…Tell your Tito Noy, to come out of the closet…

      2. They are different. However, they appear to be acting in a similar ways…Coming out of the closet, will be a liberation to him. The Latin star: Ricky Martin, recently did it. Then, adopted a child. It’s not an embarrasing thing. We will accept him, as he is…with Boy Abundia…

      3. She was used? You are wrong. Shalanie was the user, hnd nga yan nakilala dahil kay Tito Noy, ginamit lang para sumikat at magkaroon ng child abuse show

  2. Incidentally I’ve chastised my Mother following this line of argument.

    To relate my story let me take you back to the 2010 elections. My horrible aunt was campaigning against my mother. So instead of helping her own sister she would spend the campaign days badmouthing and destroying my mother. Lo and behold, through the machinations of fate (perhaps) and strangulation my old woman won. As to what I’ll let your imaginations run wild.

    So after the post-election hysteria we return to the feudal relations of political positions. Relatives, extended families all coming out of the woodwork begging for Job Orders. A lot of them are so lazy that you’d be pissed off at them receiving money while their are so many others more deserving of their wages.

    One of them is you guessed it, my own “evil” aunt. She spends her time getting pregnant and power tripping than actually working. But what infuriates me most of all is how she’s given an important task as SECRETARY of my mother’s office. Not a filler job but an important role.

    So now her comes my mother complaining to the Governor about how incompetent my aunt is. Before this she’d complain to others about the lies my aunt would spread. About how awful she is at doing her job , etc. Yet still she relies on her sister.

    So I ask the most obvious question:”Ma, why would you trust your sister?”

    She could not reply.

      1. Hindi rin. Because of the Catholic Church dito, they discouraged birth control so this country is overpopulated. And the RH Bill is born for that.

        Sorry if I’m not digging on your Yellow Propaganda. I appreciate the South Koreans take on Christianity than most Yellowtards like yourself. And I myself take on it seriously; it’s more like a relationship with God and not being just ‘in’.

      2. What a load of crap? Being “malapit sa Dios” is not about doing religious rituals and traditions or “panata”. It’s a mindset that whatever ur doing, God sees u. And believeing that God is ur Father, so you would always imitate Him IN ALL U DO.

        This country is one of the most corrupt and Vicencio is saying “malapit sa Dios”.

        I can’t believe this guy!

      1. Kaya marami ang nakawalang kriminal at hindi sinusunod ang batas so chaotic ang buhay dito sa Pilipinas. Remember the 3 drug mules executed in China? Those people are irresponsible.

        “The Philippines has a soft-forgiving culture.” It wasn’t me who said it. It was LEE KUA YEW.

  3. Forty years ago, or thereabouts, the philippines was referred to as the tiger economy, and manila as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
    Hard to believe that in little more than a generation the country is now the basket case of asia, one of the most corrupt in the world, and manila as one of the most overcrowded and dirtiest in the world, and the one developers would least put their money. (survey this week)
    In little more than a generation a small number of poorly educated( by western standards) and highly corrupt leaders/politicians whose only interest was greed and self interest destroyed a nation.
    The worst thing is that they are still there spouting public service and integrity, with their indulgent and inbred offspring joing the family firm/mafia/triads.
    Those that have caused the problems are hardly going to be interested in changing the status quo.
    Maybe lying, cheating and stealing is in the country’s dna, but surely there are a few good men left in the country with passion decency and intellect, otherwise not only have the past and current generation been robbed of self-respect but the next generation will have no change and little hope.
    Mans inhumanity to man is aptly demonstrated by life in the philippines.
    Add a brain drain of the best and you might as well tow all 7107 islands out to the south china sea and sink them now.
    If the great black hope is thickman pacquaio as president it really speaks volumes and screams desperation.
    without political will there is no progress, just smoke and mirrors.
    without an educated and aware electorate there is just vote buying and apathy
    without a strong media there is just token comment and criticism
    without an independent judiciary there is justice/injustice for sale
    with pork barrel there is no integrity, just politicians which can readily be bought.
    actually i hate to call them politicians since most have simply been entertainers and never studied or fought for any advicacy and i have nevver seen any political paper they have written. they just want ego easy money and to be part of the social scene.
    it is so 3rd world it would be a joke if oeoples livds were not at stake

    1. Alam mo na cguro kung bakit, dahil kay marcos, marami ang naghirap dahil sa walang hanggang martial law, maraming inabuso, at walang itinira para sa bansa kaya noong si Tita Cory na ang presidente aba,wala nang nagawa kasi halos buong badyet ng bansa pambayad utang

      1. Right because Cory never borrowed money and didn’t give back to social services either.

        During Marcos’ time, we are ahead of Singapore and even Malaysia. After he was ousted, the Philippines grew worse.

        Basahin mo ang ‘Greed and Betrayal’ by Cecilio Arillo. Cory governed like a dictator. Worse than Marcos.

      2. She said she wanted to pay the debt down to the last centavo, but with her family having a good time getting rich, and the country still at its rotten system the way as it has been, she did nothing to solve that debt problem.

      3. Tita Cory is not incompetent. Nakilala tayo sa bu0ng mundo dahil sa kabayanihan nya n0ong EDSA revolution kahit nakasalalay pa ang kanyang buhay at ngayon ay ipinagpapatUloy ni Tito Noy.

        1. She is. Actually you can’t even explain kung bakit may constant brownouts e. And you and the rest of your fellow sycophants are pitiful because you worship her like some sort of a demigod.

  4. Gloria Arroyo stole the 2004 election and the taxpayers money. The truth hurts.

    His husband represents graft and corruption. The truth hurts.

    Tito Noy won the majority of votes last 2010 elections and did not cheat, and now making the Philippines a better country to live in. The truth hurts.

    Tito Noy is the son of Benigno Aquino III, a hero, genius the president we never had and Cory Aquino, a religious, kind and soon to be saint. The truth hurts.

    Tito Noy is a blessing of God, helping the poor people, modernizing the AFP, removing incompetent officials, cancelling stupid contracts, and more to come. The truth hurts.

    Tito Noy got a high survey rating despite what you monkeys are saying. The truth hurts.

    Tito Noy is incorruptible. The truth hurts.

    Now, stop the butthurts and help your countrymen. Make getreal Pro-PNoy.

    1. It’s not ‘truth’ either. It’s more like Yellow Propaganda spewing from your mouth.

      So kung yun ang ‘totoo’ about GMA, nasaan ang ebidensya? Walang kwenta iyan if there is no evidence. Dapat na hindi galing sa mga whistleblower na suportado ng bagong administrasyon. Yung tipong ebidensya na solid at total, na nasa papel. Not on your conspiracy theories and crap.

      Dahil anak si Noynoy nina Cory and Ninoy doesn’t mean he’s great. He’s more like a FREERIDER and uses his parents’ legacy; ni isang batas wala siyang pinasa! In fact, LEE HSIEN-LOONG is a million times better since he’s not just Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson but he also excelled in academics, served the public with his projects, and served in the military (he’s a brigadier-general).

      In FACT, the harsh TRUTH hurts you more. You’re the one who’s butthurt because no one believes in your Yellow Propaganda at least kami alam namin. And we admire the likes of LEE KUAN YEW & MAHATHIR than Cory and even her nutjob son. You’re indeed… BRAINWASHED.

      Don’t mess with US GET REALISTS. This is not what the Philippines is all about. Empty words and platitudes from Aquino apologists.


  5. Alam mo na cguro kung bakit, dahil kay marcos, marami ang naghirap dahil sa walang hanggang martial law, maraming inabuso, at walang itinira pera para sa bansa kaya noong si Tita Cory na ang presidente aba,wala nang nagawa kasi halos buong badyet ng bansa pambayad utang. At pinalala pa lalo ni gloria, God bless the Philippines

  6. @vincenzo
    agree about gma and the fat guy
    but you are reflecting a brainwashed ideal rather than any considered and reasoned argument.
    resorting to motherhood statements and slogans is part of the problem.
    for you and others it is clearly easier to believe a lie than search for the truth.
    to follow a flawed messiah than challenge and question.
    and to attack the messenger than understand the nessage.
    dont be sheep – be an individual.
    you will both learn and gain more redpect, even if people disagree with the point.
    but man up and argue your case . dont wimp out and hide behind others.
    that is exactly what mummys boy aquino has done all his life.
    man or mouse?

    1. Yes, the heart of Tito Noy has always been good and truthful to people because he is blessed by God. Unlike the plunderer Gloria Arroyo which uses false facts by false people to make lies and rob the Philippines.

      1. Noynoy blessed by God? Who said so, God? That God of yours must have been corrupted bigtime by the yellow fever that affects those tainted with the yellow hue. If your God really is there I am sure he could have hit you as hard as he could before you even finish saying the word yellow.

  7. To quote from a famous book:

    This volume reveals the Wizard’s First Rule:

    “Wizard’s First Rule: people are stupid.” Richard and Kahlan frowned even more. “People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”
    Because of Wizards First Rule, the old wizards created Confessors, and Seekers, as a means of helping find the truth, when the truth is important enough. Darken Rahl knows the Wizard’s Rules. He is using the first one. People need an enemy to feel a sense of purpose. It’s easy to lead people when they have a sense of purpose. Sense of purpose is more important by far than the truth. In fact, truth has no bearing in this. Darken Rahl is providing them with an enemy, other than himself, a sense of purpose. People are stupid; they want to believe, so they do.”

    1. People allowed themselves to become Stupid. We don’t use well our mental faculties. This is the truth.
      We have conscious mind…subconscious mind…and superconscious mind. Religions are the hindrances, for us, to advance to this stage of knowing the potential of our brains…

    2. Pero noong time ni GMA, alam na ng tao na ginagawa nyang pagnanakaw sa kaban pero makapal pa din ang mukha. Hindi ganon kastupid ang Pilipino.

      1. Dyan ka nagkakamali. Puro alleged ang lahat. Walang pinatunayan. No evidence. What happened to Gloria is due to the fact that the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa. Yet the media who has ties with the Aquinos won’t look critically into their mistakes, if not making light of the current president’s ineptitude. Mas makapal ang mukha ni Noynoy is because he smiled at the 8 HK tourists who are dead. Di mo ba napansin un? Heck, that’s more like stupidity!

        Ang mali sa Pilpino is that they treat sensationalized news as important information. PGMA was treated like that thanks to the biased media who demonized her. Ganun ka-estupido ang mga tulad mong Yellow Zombie; puro haka-haka lang at walang facts.


      2. All of the Presidents, who served; did not served us well. All came out short. Do not mind what the Lopez and Oligarchs Media tell you.
        The point, I’m emphasizing is: we must start somewhere to right things, that are wrong.

      3. everybody knows what gloria did,including your idol.the question is,did your idol do something about that? he even sided with some of her policies.your idol’s mother at some point agrees and kept quiet also. only at that time that gloria raised the issues about the hecienda luisita that mother and son decided that they will go after gloria.that’s why your idol is hell bent obsessed in exacting vengance to the arroyo. sometimes,i was thinking that this obsession of your idol to gloria ay “may lihim na pagnanasa siya kay gloria.hehehe….

    1. No silly. It is best run by one of our experienced lawmaker or executive. Thats why next election Im voting Bong Revilla kung tatakbo siya.

  8. @brianitus
    it is best run by a leader
    irrespective of their particular skill they should be visionary and command & earn respect.
    i worked at microsoft for bill gates and prior to that in uk for margaret thatcher.
    they were leaders.
    thats what the country needs.
    not slogans or promises but strength of action, conviction, and commitment.
    politics here is just an extension of the social scene.
    most would be unable to write policy papers or have in depth interviews on social or economic issues
    they are not leaders or change agents simply passengers on the gravy train.
    no conscience, no work ethic and no contribution
    that is the feudal 3rd world for you and why the country, through its politicians has no respect and is just seen as a pitiful begging bowl/charity case

    1. Your Leaders are the greatest marketers. How on Earth would they have sold themselves without paying attention to the right product, right packaging and delivering on promised benefits? Marketing isn’t just about slogans. You also need to get a feel of what your customers/voters want.

      Slogans are mere summaries of what a product is all about. A promise in a nutshell. The thing is, if the product is bad, good marketing sends it to hell right away.

      On politicians: I think half the time, most people don’t know what they’re for.

        1. 3 years have passed at wala pa rin. Of course, he’s still sleeping on the job just like today.

    1. Thanks tuod666

      I’m actually on holidays at the moment and have very limited access to the Net. Which is why I am not able to respond to the comments. But I can see you guys are doing well responding to PNoy’s minion. 🙂

  9. Saw this and liked it

    What do yo know ‘dr’ aquino
    Monday, it must be tokyo
    Another day; another degree
    Easy when its given free

    Land of the rising sun
    Filipina women for comfort & fun
    Still no apology or reparation
    Will you voice the disgust of the nation

    Your sister is a ho’
    Monday, it must be ocampo
    Another day, another man
    Car park sex, coq au vin

    What about bbf puno
    Lately, a no show
    Sexuality, jokes and indecision
    You’re now the object of derision

    Stop being the mummys boy
    Was your father really ninoy
    If so, where’s the get up and go
    What do you really do, aquino

    Change needs political revolution
    Are you part of the solution
    Or just maintaining the status quo
    A willing puppet of cojuangco

    Another day, another degree
    Another branch of jollibee
    Power is not about ego
    What do you think pinnoquino

    We need a strong bold leader
    Not a secret bottom feeder
    Shape up and start to work
    Theres no place for a gerk or a jerk

  10. As said above,the Philippines by lawmakers kasi alam nila kung paano tumatakbo ang batas at dahil don, alam nila ang tama at mali.

    1. Your Yellowtard Master thinks he deserve to be great…so he sent people to solicit Honorary Doctorate Degrees, from British Universities. They bluntly refused him to give him any.
      Perhaps, he sent people to Oxford University in England, to demand, he deserve one.
      I bet, in his colege days, he cannot even enter the university…

  11. She was used? You are wrong. Shalanie was the user, hnd nga yan nakilala kung hnd dahil kay Tito Noy, ginamit lang para sumikat at magkaroon ng child abuse show

    1. kailan ba naman sumikat ang idol mo? noong kongresista,walang ginawa sa kongreso kung hindi maghikab lang.noong nasa senado,puro idlip ang inatupag kaya nabansagan pa yatang tulo laway.kundi dahil lang sa nanay niya ay makikilala ba si pinoy? no way. pati ang pagkapanalo sa election ay dahil sa simpatiya lang.

    1. Si Joma? Tambay lang sa kanto yun. Kapatid ni Tomas na manginginom. Anak sila ni Juan na barbero na hilig ay makipagkwentuhan dun sa magbubuko na palakwento naman sa mga drayber ng jeep.

      Sheesh, that must have been one big rock.

    2. hoy,kung hindi kilala si sison ay mag-research ka nga.kana ng kana hindi mo pala alam ang sinasabi mo.iyong pagpapalaya kay sison ay isang malaking blunder sa part ng tita cory mong walang alam sa politika.

  12. Tito Noy is blessed by God. Why? Because he is the son of Tita Cory, blessed siya ng simbAHAN AT ipagdarasal sya ng ating mga kaBaBayan

    1. excuse me at hindi lang si pinoy ang anak ng diyos. kami rin ay patuloy niyang pinagpapala at ginagabayan.just because he is the son of cory means that god is favoring him. that’s the eyes of god,everybody is equal.wala siyang itinatangi.

    2. Yan ang kabobohan. XD Just because Noynoy is the son of Cory and Ninoy doesn’t mean he’ll be good. Leaders always talk about ACHIEVEMENTS not family names. Talo siya kay Lee Hsien Loong. Totoo iyon.

      Everytime you’re posting here, I’m always laughing your sorry ass for your stupidity and Yellow Propaganda spouting. Seriously.

  13. Maging realistic tayo, Bong Revilla is currently the best candidate for 2016, magaling na mambAbATAS, kilala bilang tagapagtanggol sa nang aapi at isang mabuting imahe ng bANSA. Baka ikaw ang kailangan pumunta sa psychiatrist kasi hnd mo alam ang maganda para sa pilipinas.

    1. tigilan mo na kasi ang panonood ng panday movie ni made me laugh,hahahaha…naku po,tagapagtanggol daw ng mga kapapanood mo ng mga pelikula ni bong,naaapektuhan na ang pag-iisip mo.lahat ng mga idol mo ay puro palpak.mmp,makatulog na nga at baka bangungutin pa ako sa kababasa ng mga isinusulat mo.good night.

    2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Only deluded idiots like you would say that.

      But here’s actually realistic: we need people with the likes of Gordon, Gibo, and even Roxas. Rozas is a better president than Noynoy due to his economic liberalization policies. Gordon is an achiever, a hardworker, and a visionary. Same goes for Gibo.

      In reality, IKAW ang dapat magpatingnin sa psychiatrist dahil WALA KA TALAGANG ALAM. Sorry, hindi ka talaga matalino dahil halos Yellow Propaganda and artista ang nasa bibig mo. Bastos ka pa.

      Sarap maging Yellow Kumag, right?

    3. Gordon – arogante at mayabang, sa sobrang hangin nya, ayan ang napala nya

      Gibo- Puppet of GMA. Lalo pa tayong nanakawan

      Roxas- it was NoyBi okay? At mas close si Binay kay Tita Cory.

      1. LAWL

        Gordon – mayabang? Meh. At least he knows the REAL problems of this country. Kaya mo sinabi iyan is because he spoke the TRUTH pero hindi mo matanggap. He a Get Realist like myself.

        Gibo – he’s no puppet. He’s Noynoy’s cousin yet he’s also a achiever and he is his own man. He’s not one of the oligarchy and he’s also for charter change. Not only him but also Aquino-Oreta.

        Roxas – he’s a million times better than the oligarch protector Binay.

        Same old mouthing, man. I’m not drinking the Yellow Kool-Aide. Magsiningaling ka pa. 😛

      2. if you compare simeon to gibo or gordon,my god,milya milya ang gibo and gordon,sila iyong masasabi mong aksyon agad person, that they always have control of any pinoy,during hostage situation is nowhere to be found.hindi nga mayabang ang amo mo,mapurol naman ang ulo.hindi malinis na tao ang idol mo dahil naniniwala ako na corrupt din ang idol mo.

      3. the TRUTH hurts na natalo si Gordon dahil sa kayabangan at arogante nya. Yan ang napapala ng sobrang taas sa ere

        noong ondoy sablay si G1bo mo kasi tatanga tanga sya. Maraming napinsala.

        If Roxas is million times better, bkt siya talunan? Baka baliktad utak m0?

        Ano ka ba? Nakaupo na ang mga totoOng nagmamahal sa ating bansa. Tulungan natin sila.

        1. Last year pa ‘to a. Pero paano natin sila tutulungan kung hindi nila kayang tulungan ang kanilang mga sarili.

          Just accept the fact that you just want destroy this country since you’re clinging on false promises.

      4. Bnigyan ng kanya kanyang tungkulin ang mga itinalaga ni Tito Noy na dapat gawin nila. At kasalanan iyon ni Mendoza,hnd mangyayari ang crisis kung d dahil sknya

        1. Mali ka dun. Hindi mo basta pwedeng sisihin ang gumawa ng krimen. I mean, are you telling us to be cowards instead? Ang galing mo naman. 😛

          Hindi ka na talaga magre-reply because you’re now totally dead. I can die a happy man right now since the Philippines will be on the way for progress since the likes of you will cease to exist.

      5. Gordon — Badass incarnate. He has the balls to say what’s on his mind, to speak the bitter truth.

        Gibo — If he has the balls to say no to his own uncle Danding, who’s to say he won’t say no to GMA?

        Roxas — EconLib much?

        (This is where I click my heels, raise my right arm, and shout “Sieg Heil!”)

  14. Ipagdarasal na lang namin ang writer nito. Alam namin na iisa lang ang hahantUngan ng lahat ng Pilipino at iyon ay sa daang matuwid.

    1. Ipagdarasal din kita. Because you’re totally deluded and totally brainwashed by the oligarch media and the Kamag-Anak, Inc. by believing in their lies and conspiracy theories.

      Ang tunay na daang matuwid? Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir did that. Noynoy? I shit you not. 😛

      1. Nope. As a Christian myself: those who are going to hell are those who did not accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and cling on to the clutches of the Catholic Church in Flipland by worshiping Mary statues. Sorry, but I’m spiritual and not religious. I pity you dahil you never understood true Christianity so I think you’re the one who’s going to hell. I’m serious.

        Kaya mo nasabi na ‘mayabang at arogante’ si Gordon because the TRUTH hurts that “Filipinos don’t think; they react”. Kaya hindi siya naboto because they can’t accept the fact that we have a dysfunctional culture. Kung babaguhin mo ang mindset mo, then you will realize what’s he talking about. You’re an idiot because you never knew such leaders like Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir; like Gordon they’re also Get Realists. The only people who are capable are those who DO, not DON’T. Kaya nila binoto si Abnoy ay dahil tamad din sya tulad mo. Am I right? True humbleness comes from works.

        Now on to Gibo on the Ondoy crisis: you’re seeing him thru your Yellow Glasses. If you took them off then you will see who those guys are. Kaya sinabi mong ‘sablay’ because of too much politics and mudslinging. Baligtad din ang utak mo on Roxas: kaya siya natalo because Aquino’s oligarch allies doesn’t like his economic liberalization policies and cling on Binay’s oligarch protectionism.


      2. In any crisis, even the higher ups should handle the responsibility on handling these critical situations so blaming Mendoza for the crisis is nothing but pure stupidity. “Hanggat hindi matutong tumaggap ng responsibilidad, hinding hindi tayo matututo harapin ang atin mga sarili.” Get my point? May sisihan dahil ung mga may responsibilidad at authority, ayaw aminin kung saan sila nagkamali, kasama ang media, PNP at si P.Noy dahil sya pa naman ang may pinaka mataas na authority. At mahirap din mag move on dahil walang closure at justice. Buti lang dahil for once naman, kailangan yun. Yun din ang kakagalitan ng mga HK sa Philippine government.

        The very bad side is that most of the people who your Tito ABNoy are appointing are not fit or those with questionable integrity, most of them from ‘bayad utang’. Heck, ano ang alam ni Sec Rico Puno tungkol sa DILG, bumaril lang (he’s Abnoy’s shooting buddy, hindi mo alam iyon)!? Ang mga taong MARURUNONG ay mga taong may nagagawa.

    1. Maybe your God Almighty is punishing us hard; by giving this Yellowtard to us, as a leader. The punishment is worse than being in Hell. We want immediate reprieve, from your God Almighty…

    2. I think God chose Noynoy in order for us to see how gullible our people are. Solomon was chosen by God but he has wisdom. But the question is: why does God give us a brain?

      I’m a Christian. But it’s better that not only on heart but also in thinking. Hindi ako kasing bobo tulad mo.

      1. When did we call a man : “Bobo”, because, he does not believe in your God? There are very intelligent Filipinos who are : Atheist, Agnostics, Filipino Freethinkers, etc…
        We brand people who do not share our beliefs, unacceptable names, to prove, our religion is the true one. Good you don’t strap yourself with bombs, blow yourself up, and the infidels, to prove your point…

  15. pity the talents of gordon , gibo and others
    are not utilised in some capacity. we waste what little good resources we have, coupled with a brain drain abroad.
    no wonder the country has one of
    the lowest average I.Q’s in the world,
    and generally accepted to have very poor politicians. watching congress is pitiful and an embarrasment

    another joke by aquino
    ” i will use the best of the best”

    puno, alvarez, torres, lim et al!!

  16. It’s a very tragic reality for our country. There are people who are capable to lead. But, the electorate, cannot distinguish them, from the fake…
    I had met Filipinos with good advance degrees from good universities, thruout the world. They are holding responsible positions in large corporations. They would had been good leaders…but the country does not want them…it is a real tragedy…

    1. Yes. That’s the sad reality. They voted people who are just popular by their last names and worse, lazy bums and underachievers and losers just like them. If we tolerate such people, then this country is going down the drain.

      Here’s the reason why I love Singapore the most: most of their leaders are business-minded people and not politicians.

  17. Hi to ‘getrealphilippines’…

    Can I congratulate you on producing a very interesting forum… well rounded and incredibly balanced… based on some painful realities… something not often found in forums which have the courage to address sensitive issues such as you do.

    Can I ask this… is the owner / moderator of this website / forum a Filipino? I hope so as it makes me believe that there’s still hope for this amazing country!


    Thanks… and the very best wishes.

    B & R.

  18. This might be a very late comment and most of all out of the context being discussed here. This is not a comment. However, please allow me to share my appeal to those contributing to this forum what we can contribute to the Philippines as a nation.

    I sincerely believe that most, if not all, who are sharing their views here have the capabilities and resources to help in disseminating to their neighbors, associates, friends and employees information that could be of great help.

    My appeal is, if we can help open the eyes of the majority of Filipinos to the reality that whatever minute resources this country have is being just squandered by the political leaders, government officials down to most employees, solely for their personal interests.

    In most developed countries every last month of the year, the eyes of most of their citizens are already focused on their government’s declaration of the following year’s budget.

    Upon declaration of their government’s annual budget most businessmen and even some ordinary citizens make celebrations (literally).

    The budget declaration of the government means new projects of new infrastructures like bridges, roads, schools, hospitals and even government buildings. Or continuous maintenance contracts for government facilities.

    However, since the beginning, in the Philippines culture nobody seems to care about this at all. The saddest thing is that perhaps nobody is even aware of this fact.

    The government is supposed to be the major source of employment for its citizens because of the never ending new development projects on infrastructures and other much needed facilities, and maintenance contracts.

    Its sad to say that anywhere in the Philippines the malls, sidewalks, parks and whatever favorable/unfavorable place to hangout are full of “just loitering” jobless Filipinos.

    The saddest thing of all is that whatever allocated government annual budget just evaporates with almost NOTHING EVER DONE at all!

    My appeal to all of you is to help in disseminating this awareness to most, if not all, of the people you can possibly reach about this fact. Through this it would serve as a wake up call to Filipinos which would hopefully open their eyes and start demanding regarding new tangible infrastructures and projects that the government has correspondingly spent each year’s budget with.

    This might be just like a pebble dropped in the middle of the ocean. But we’re hoping that it would make a ripple effect, that this truth might set Filipinos free.

    Thank you in advance for your great help.

    God bless us all.

  19. My impression is that most products of the top three universities of the country are very arrogant. Ilda you’re correct about those scholarly guys when you said “they are more knowledgeable than the average person”. Just read the bumper stickers of their cars shouting to the world that they graduated from the country’s best. In the provinces, these same people organise their “alumni” associations which I think is a subtle way of sneering and insulting graduates of local schools as intellectually inferior. Humility is a word that is not in the dictionary of these people.

  20. we talk of big words, change, hope, progress. my question to you sirs is how? Telling someone who barely earns a hundred pesos a day and feeds four mouths that “change must cone from within” and “it must start in the self” surely will just earn you a smirk if not a punch in the face. get real. you cannot expect the masses to just “change” just because you exposed some truths. we’ve done that before. countless times infact. did we get any result? the same people that we’ve unseated, maligned and even cursed are running our country. how? let’s really get real this time.:-)

    1. @rage

      What makes you think this article is only meant for the “masa”?

      There are a lot of so-called “educated” and members of the “elite” who are also in denial of the truth. They also disregard the rule of law. The poor people emulate their behaviour.

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