Ninoy Aquino’s assassination: Another year in the Philippines’ journey of progressive disillusionment

The death of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr is being commemorated today the 21st of August. The fact that this event, which happened 28 years ago today, is so revered illustrates a fundamental problematic aspect of the Filipino Condition.

The issues that the Philippines faces in its journey through time — presumably towards that much aspired-for goal of economic prosperity — are complex and systemic. As such, these cannot be solved by one man or one event. They cannot be solved by the handful of silver bullets (constitutional “reform”, “elimination” of corruption, or “prayer” among others) prescribed by one politician, lobbyist, advocate, or another. And, just as certainly, singular events as much as they are put up as “seminal” occasions in Philippine history by groups with agendas to pursue, don’t necessarily yield sustainable results.

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In the collective character of a people lies the more profound driving force of their history. The assassination of Ninoy Aquino in 1983 changed Philippine politics. Unfortunately it did not change the character of the Filipino. So profound a factor character is to the long-term fortunes of both individual and collective that more-readily evident features like their politics are mere reflections of it. As such, though we’d like to imagine that our politics were “revolutionised” in the 1986 Edsa civilian uprising that was the culmination of the mass indignation Ninoy’s death incited, the truth has become progressively evident over the almost three decades that followed.

Change continues to elude Filipinos.

This is because rather than clearly define in our heads exactly what we want to change to, all we do is latch on to mere symbols and personifications of what amount to no more than desires to change.

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It is quite a poignant irony that the man who rules the Philippines today, Ninoy’s only son, Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, himself embodies this failure to imagine a Philippines in a way that gives form and substance to what generations of Filipinos have collectively aspired for. Indeed, to lead a nation’s efforts to transform itself, you need to put up a notion of what this transformation will ultimately lead to that your people can follow you towards. Are we, going on two years into the Second Aquino Administration, at all clear as to what the Philippines of 2016 (the year Noynoy’s term ends) might look like?

The further away from the beacons of “hope” represented by the “seminal” events and the times of the “heroes” we revere in our history we get, the less clear it becomes to us where exactly we are headed. Perhaps we need another such event and another such person to prop up that illusion of tangible “hope” we imagine exists. And then a new cycle of progressive disillusionment starts.

34 Replies to “Ninoy Aquino’s assassination: Another year in the Philippines’ journey of progressive disillusionment”

    1. He never wanted to be president but it seems he also has a hidden agenda. He waned to be one.

      Ninoy was just a sacrificial lamb in order to satisfy the oligarchy. Why would an ambitious politician & a communist sympathizer was hailed as a hero?

      1. What has changed since Marcos left Mr Vincenzo? Look around you and you will see that the country has deteriorated and the average Pinoy mentality has become even more hateful and vindictive. That’s the kind of influence the Aquinos have on Filipinos.

    2. Nang dahil sa manhid si Marcos,lubog ang Pilipinas sa utang at dahil dyan hnd na muli tayo umunlad. Ga go kc yan eh.

      1. Most of your posts are senseless Yellow Propaganda.

        Do you think Marcos killed Ninoy? He was too smart to do that because him killing Ninoy will actually cause his downfall. Hmmm…. it has something to do with the oligarchy and not Marcos. You’re hating Marcos but you love the smell of blood of the murdered Hacienda Luisita farmers in 1987 and even 2004.

        $25Billion++ of debt in 21 years of Martial Law can’t even beat the 50 years of corruption surrounding the Hacienda Luisita. And yes, the Aquinos are hypocrites. 😛

      2. As usual, mediocre-minded Filipignoys keep blaming Marcos for their demise. Why the government and even the private sectors can’t provide enough jobs for Filipinos? Marcos again you yellowish slimy slut? I think licking Cory’s pussy in hell is the best thing you can do hahahhaha!

        ENJOY HELL!

        *Daido humbs down*

      3. Marcos was a crook because he was pointed as one by media pundits but let’s not go after Cory for her crookery while in office and what her family has done as well because she is well loved by autists like you an everyone else because she bore the ‘Aquino’ name.

        Because only fools are gullible enough to believe Aquino magic and hype, much like everyone with a last name has a label to them.

      4. Baon sa utang? Right because Cory herself never borrowed money and didn’t give back to social services either! Nor her oaf of a president son who borrowed money (with the help of PGMA financing the loan) to do what? Give aid to the poor people by throwing money to them as well?


      1. But most of the honest questions is the USISERO stuff.

        Yeah, right. That means worshipping the Aquino family like demi-gods like you do and the rest of their cronies too. We’ve put out more facts in our arguments against yours which are ridden with nothing more than Yellow Propaganda. Honestly, come at us with facts that actually support your argument for once, instead of derailing or mouthing off about conspiracy theories and crap.

        I’m ashamed of being Filipino because of you. If you’re going on to a barbaric rampage here, benigno will delete or block your IP address. Thanks. 😛

      2. Kalayaan.

        What was the result of that “kalayaan?” You are obviously turning a blind eye to what the Philippines has turned into. That’s 25 years of mediocrity influenced by the Cory “magic”.


      1. One poster said this:

        Cory Saint? Ninoy Hero? I dont think so. Maybe hero of Hacienda Louisita. Cory ordered to fire at farmers in Mendiola in 1987 dubbed as The Mendiola Massacre. She was afraid of her own ghost, the ghost of revolution. Yellow media owned by oligarchs fooled millions of bobong pinoys and demonized Marcoses for over 20 years. Where are we now? Where are we going? Goodluck Philippines for the next 5 years under Aquino and company.

      2. Iyang Daido,gago yan. Dilaan nya daw puke ni Cory putang ina yan. Sino b naman Pinoy hnd mgagalit dyan e sya nga dhlan kung bkt mlaya tayo ngayon. Palibhasa ksi wlang alam kung ilang libo pnatay ni Marcos

        1. Beating up a dead horse, but…

          Squatter mentality ridden ka talaga. 😛 Palibhasa kasi tuwang-tuwa ka nung pagtakda ng Mendiola Massacre na halos pinapatay ni Cory ang mga inosenteng magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita. 😀

  1. A watched a tribute about him on a local channel this morning and it only included his family background upto his assassination. I waited for more info like what has happened after his death. Were there anymore significant changes aside from ABS got freed from censorship and the constitution changed? What happened to his “sacrifices?” I got nothing. It was all “The Filipinos are worth dying (they slashed the word and changed it to ‘living’) for.” Okay so he died for the Filipinos. He wanted to become the catalyst and maybe for the eyes of many he succeeded. Now, what was the reaction? The end product?

    My parents weren’t in a relationship yet when the Revolution happened. I used to believe in my HEKASI and Social Studies books. I seemed to shocked my teacher when she asked me would I rather live during the time of Marcos or the present democratic time and I answered I’d rather live with the strictness of before than risk my life everyday fearing an out-of-school youth turned drug addict would snatch my bag. I thought it out of ‘abused’ Democracy, not of how the process to supposedly attain it worked. Starting that day I began to question and only until now I’m having glimpses of probable answers. Gotta look for more. Thanks for this, Sir Benign0.

  2. the aquinos know who is responsible, as many do, but the family secret will remain just that.
    it is shameful, hypocritical and cowardly but that is the nature of the ‘smiling dog’

  3. A friend of mine said this:

    The ONLY good changes were made during FVR and GMA’s administrations and had been recently demonized by the self righteous Liberal Party, the Aquinos, yellow zombies and majority of the population that have been fed with lies and propaganda from the ‘kapamilya’ network.

  4. I have some reliable people, who were inside the then, NPA insurgency, during that time…some were classmates of my elder brother…most of them were members of the Kabataan Makabayan, that was founded by Prof. Jose Maria Sison of U.P. Marcos was sick with serious Kidney illness. The Marcos regime was winding down; Enrile and Ramos were both jockeying for position. Marcos was against the extension of the U.S. bases.
    Someone in the NPA insurgency saw, that the assasination of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. can trigger the demise of the Marcos regime. Some in the Marcos regime, were afraid of the power of Imelda Marcos, to take over, in the event of the death her husband. Gen. Fabian Ver, the Chief of the AFP, was aligned with the Imelda Marcos faction…so, this was a possibility.
    Ninoy Aquino, Jr. , was convicted for his role in the shipment of arms by the MV Karagatan. But, he was exiled by Marcos to the U.S. So, some opportuniatic people ,in the Marcos regime, conviniently alled themselves with the NPA, to asasinate Ninoy Aquino, Jr.. Tricked him to come home. This will surely destabilize the country, and will lead to the immediate demise of the Marcos Regime. Unfor;unately, the NPA misjudged their strength to win the revolution…the AFP was more powerful; and their civilian support was limited…so we have the EDSA, with the help of the U.S. State Department, overthrew Marcos. The rest was history.

  5. Vincenzo: Oh please. What “freedom” are you talking about? After Marcos, the Philippines went down the drain. So mas ok pala ung 12 hour brownouts during that time.

    BTW, kung nabasa mo yung “Greed and Betrayal” ni Cecilio Arellano, you will realize that Cory governed as a dictator, worse than Marcos. There were human rights violations during Marcos’ time, but most of those who were killed were leftists and communists, which you are a supporter of it. Oh, or how about those who were killed during the Mendiola Massacre? It was the Aquinos who did that. Marcos would never do such a thing.

    Ang sabi ni Lee Kuan Yew: “What the Philippines need is discipline more than democracy. ” Culture is the problem.


    The U.S.-orchestrated coup which overthrew the government of Philippines’ President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 was a classic case study of what John Perkins describes in his recent book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as the post-World War II preferred method of imposing colonial control under another name. In the Philippines case, George Shultz performed the roles of both the economic hit man, destroying and taking full control of the Philippine economy, and the coup-master, deposing the Philippine President in favor of an IMF puppet—while calling the operation “people power.”

    Throughout this process, from the late 1970s through the February 1986 coup, and beyond, Lyndon LaRouche and his collaborators were fully engaged in the fight to expose and reverse this subversion and destruction of one of America’s most important allies, by the supranational financial institutions which Shultz and his ilk represent. By mobilizing support from patriots of both the United States and the Philippines, the LaRouche effort put a spotlight on the crimes of the Shultz cabal, as will be shown below. Although the effort failed to stop the process at that time, the crimes thus exposed in the Philippines can and must serve today as a nemesis to Shultz and his neo-conservative operatives, who are in an endgame in their effort to impose a new fascist order over the planet.

    In a Nov. 16 interview on radio station DZAR in Manila, LaRouche described his own view of the special mission of the Philippines nation: “The Philippines has a very important pivotal role, some people would say geopolitically, in the entire region, of trying to bring together on a global scale for the first time, a world system, which is capable of accommodating both the European cultural heritage and Asian cultures. This is the great barrier, the great frontier, of a hopeful future for this planet: to bring together the cultures of Asia—which are different than those of Western Europe generally—with European culture, to get a global culture based on a system of sovereign nation-states, which understands that this unresolved cultural question has to be addressed, with a long-term view, of several generations, of creating an integrated set of sovereign nation-states as the system of the planet. So the Philippines is a very special country, with a unique importance for the people of Asia, in particular, in playing a key role in bringing about this kind of general integration of Asian and European civilizations.”

    The lesson of the subversion of the Philippines in the 1980s for today is clear. Shultz is the eminence gris behind the neo-conservatives running the Bush Administration, which has brought the world to the current disastrous circumstance. It is also the case that the Philippines, although currently lacking any national leadership comparable to that of Marcos, is nonetheless facing a new coup threat, orchestrated by the same neo-conservative circles in Washington who were responsible for the 1986 coup.

    The popular memory of Ferdinand Marcos today, in the U.S. and in the Philippines, is largely shaped by the massive disinformation campaign created in the early 1980s by the circles around then-Secretary of State Shultz, and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz. Marcos was accused of corruption, human rights violations, plunder, and even the murder of a political opponent, Benigno Aquino—and this caricature is repeated ad nauseam still today. While Marcos was not without faults, he was by far the last Filipino head of state to have understood the challenge of true leadership in a world slipping towards chaos. His overthrow by the Shultz cabal had nothing to do with the charges issued publicly, but were intended to stop his national development policies, and his international collaboration with LaRouche and others in countering the genocidal policies of the IMF, and bringing into being a new world economic system based on development and justice.

  7. In this case, the man is historian Bobby G. Limeta of the Philippines, who has chronicled, studied and closely observed the Jesuit Order since 1990, saying:

    “The Philippines was dilapidated, looted and now an impoverished nation because of the conspiracies made by some elite peoples, priests and nuns that are controlled by the Jesuits. Today, political crisis & intrigues, social agitations, street marches-protests-rallies, and rebellions are very common in the Republic of the Philippines. These arenas are the expertise of the Jesuit Order.”

    Limeta, who closely monitors the nefarious activities of the so-called God-loving Society of Jesus in the Philippines, warns Americans if the Jesuits would have their dirty hands in destroying his country, they are doing the exact same thing in America.

    “I also said it many times on my written articles that no other entities in the world could parallel the diabolic works of the Jesuits,” said Limeta, adding Americans are also being conned, duped and sold down the river by the cunning and deceptive Jesuits, hiding behind the cloak of the clergy and their third party governmental and business counterparts in crime.

    So if the Jesuits and the Vatican are the spiritual controllers of the New World Order, why have they been given a free-ride in America to do whatever they want without even the slightest bit of attention?

    Limeta and other researchers say they are protected by their third party governmental, business and media lackeys, allowing them to operate behind the scenes as the black robes of the clergy provide the perfect cover.

    In an effort to expose what Limeta calls the “evil Jesuits,” he provides 18 points of reference concerning how the Jesuits actively are destroying the Philippines, saying this gives more than an adequate reason to investigate their activities in America:

    Here is Limeta’s list concerning The Republic of the Philippines of The Jesuit Order:

    1.The two people power Edsa Revolution are the works of the Jesuits. Overthrew two presidents “Ferdinand Marcos & Joseph Estrada.

    2.President Golria Macapagal Arroyo ‘GMA” is a Jesuit educated at the Jesuit owned Ateneo de Manila and Georgetown University (Fr. Edmund A. Walsh School Of Foreign Service).

    3. GMA and Fr. Romeo Intengan (former Jesuit Provincial Superior In The Philippines) are sometimes having secret meetings at the Jesuit House in Quezon City, Manila.

    4. Fr. Romeo Intengan is GMA’s spiritual and religious adviser.

    5. GMA’s National Security Adviser Mr. Norberto Gonzales & Fr. Romeo Intengan are the founders of Partido Demokratiko Sosyalista Ng Pilipinas (PDSP) to combat Marcos regime.

    6. The Jesuits introduced and brought the Theory of Liberation here in the Philippines. The same theology that havoc Nicaragua by the Sandinista Rebels. Because, of this Liberation Theology, there are now approximately 2,000 priest and nuns who are radicals and secretly supporting and associating themselves to the communist rebels in the Philippines. The same theology that resulted into the establishment of the Communist Party Of The Philippines – New Peoples Army (CPP-NPA) headed by Jose Maria Sison. Followed by the National Democratic Front (NDF) headed by Fr. Luis Jalandoni. Both these men are exiled in Netherlands.

    7. Liberation Theology is being teach at the Jesuit owned Ateneo de Manila University under “Curriculum 141 Immersion Program”. The reason, many young students become very subversive against the Philippine government. This theology is the result of the creation of various anti-government militant organizations or groups “Communist Ideology.”

    8. The Jesuits are the real master-minds of the terrorist movement known as the “Light A Fire Movement” during Marcos regime, as per confession by their former obedient follower named Mr. Ed Olaguer. Mr. Olaguer admitted that the Jesuits together with Mr. Norberto Gonzales are the people giving secret directives for planting bombs and arsons in various parts of the country during Marcos regime.

    9. Another cohorts of the Jesuits is former president Cory Aquino who allowed Jesuit Fr. Joaquin Bernas to touched and amend our beloved 1987 Philippine constitution. Fr. Joaquin Bernas is Ateneo’s Constitutionalist.

    10. The Jesuits are the educators of our past, recent and present leaders (Presidents, Senators, Congressman, Businessmen, Rich & Elite Families). Who are controlling thesideshow of Philippine politics and behind them are the Jesuits.

    11. Ateneo de Manila University oversees government functions like Georgetown University. This university is the secret meeting place for political agendas where dark motives are planned.

    12. Fr. Integan is member of the Transition Government Committee for the smooth transition of President Estrada for the new in-coming president of the republic “GMA”.

    13. Both GMA and Norberto Gonzales are my pin-pointed Jesuit temporal co-adjutor.

    14. Our Supreme Court Justices are members of the Knights Of Columbus. A Jesuit founded society. I call it “Philippine Supreme Court of the Knights Of Columbus by the Jesuit Order.

    15. Two former senators and some in secret are members of the Jesuit’s arm “Opus Dei”.

    16. OSS/CIA Agent Col. Severino Santa Romana a.k.a. Reverend Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz (Opus Dei) together with Atty. Ferdinand Marcos who become Philippine President and also one of their associate ex-priest Fr. Marcelino Tagle are the culprits in looting of Philippine gold out of the vaults of the Central Bank Of The Philippines.

    17. Marcos friend Spanish-Filipino Mestizo Billionaire Don Enrique Zobel de Ayala, their idea to create a foundation for Marcos ill-gotten wealth. Who was the trustee, it was the Vatican Trust managed by Archbishop Bruno Torpiglianni (Papal Nuncio) and Fr. Alarcon of De La Salle University Jesuit Brothers.

    18. Yesterday, former president Joseph Estrada strongly accused that his overthew legitimate government was done by conspiracy works of the following people. Fidel Ramos – former Philippine President Elite Businessmen Lopez & Ayala Rich Families. Some Military & Police Generals Jaime Cardinal Sin – the late Archbishop of Manila to include Cory Aquino and GMA’s husband, Miguel Arroyo

  8. Bobby Limeta of the Philippines feels alone, abandoned and frightened for his life in his fight to expose the corrupt Jesuit Order.

    First and foremost, frightened for the safety of his family, he is considering a move to New Zealand, seeking safe haven from the persecution being dished out for his political views and exposure of Vatican corruption.

    Limeta has previously contributed to these Sunday Confessions, shedding light on how the Jesuits are raping and pillaging the Philippines in hopes Americans wake up before the same thing happens here.

    But now he comes forward in Confession No. 11 on the shores of Brushy Creek, telling about his personal experiences as well as sharing more shocking information about the Jesuits and their underhanded control of the Philippines.

    What I will tell you now is a matter of life and death,? said Limeta.

    My country has been for 485 years controlled by the Roman Catholic Church and of course the Jesuits are the masterminds. Our government is controlled by the Jesuits-Vatican and our country is one of their stronghold territories.Would you believe that our government’s secret operatives, controlled by the Jesuits-Vatican, can grab me inside my home using warrantless arrest and my family will never see me again, alive.

    Is it bad or a sin to be a patriotic citizen of my beloved country? Is it bad or a sin to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

    You may ask me, why I’m angry to the Jesuits-Vatican (Roman Catholic hierarchy)? Well, what if I tell you that the Jesuits-Vatican of the Roman Catholic Church are the real thieves that looted the wealth of our nation.

    It all started way back 1990 (16-years ago), I saw my countrymen become poorer and poorer, becoming innocent victims and betrayed. Only elite and rich families, influential politicians and show-biz personalities enjoy the good life. My country is dilapidated and now an impoverished nation. The poor are unable to get good medical care and treatment, for we do not have enough money. We the minority, middle-class and the poor also cannot get a high standard of education, simply because we don’t have money.

    Simply, we are in debt to the World Bank & IMF loan system benefiting the rich. The interest alone is already killing millions of my countrymen, especially the poor. What World Bank and International Monetary Fund? These are owned by the Jesuits-Vatican !

    Since 1990, I promised myself that I will find out the real culprits. It did not take me long to discover it was the Jesuits. Now below is what I’ve discovered and found out with supporting documents. Now, brace yourself as to what I’ve discovered and investigated that no politicians will even dare speak about it.

    The Jesuits-Vatican initiated the Second 30 Years War (1914-1945). Yes, indeed our country was invaded and occupied by the Imperial Forces of Japan under Gen. Masaharu Homa. The Japanese Imperial forces had previously looted all the gold and treasures of the Far East, from China down to French Indo-China, from Singapore, Malaysia and finally bringing it to the Philippines when theJ apanese started losing the war against the Allies.

    As the US forces with air and naval superiority cut-off the Philippines link-up to mainland Japan, Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita and his senior officers buried the looted gold in various parts of our country. After the war, some Jesuit-controlled OSS Agents and senior officials who are members of Knights of Malta began searching for the gold.

    They included Refv Fr. Joes Antonio Diaz, Opus Dei, alias COL. SEVERINO SANTA ROMANA (OSS Agents called him Santy for short) together with Gen. Edward Lansdale and coordinated by Wild Bill Donovan,? all confirmed Knights of Malta of the Catholic Secret Brotherhood secret alliance along with the help of NAZI war criminals Franz Von Papen, Gen. Reinhard Ghelen, Heinrich Himmler.

    Rev. Father Diaz alias Col. Santy and Gen. Edward Lansdale without showing any mercy then killed the Hukbalahak rebels. Why? Because the territories held by the rebels are the exact locations where Yamashita’s gold was buried. Not only that, Rev. Father Diaz, alias Col. Santy and his cohorts OSS Agents even tortured the personal driver of Gen. Yamashita to confess and reveal where the gold was actually buried. Major Ferdinand Marcos, who became senator and president of the Republic, also knew about it.

    That’s why Rev. Father Diaz alias Col. Santy hired Marcos as his lawyer to bring out the recovered Yamashita’s looted Asian gold. However, by 1949 our people had accumulated 600,000 metric tons of gold deposited inside the vault of the Central Bank. This 600,000 metric tons of gold was different from the Yamashita’s looted gold. Hence, my countrymen are proud of it and legally speaking it’s our property. For decency, my countrymen will not claim the Asia’s looted gold by the Japanese Imperial Forces. What we are claiming is our country’s own gold deposited inside the vaults of the Central Bank.

    In short, Yamashita’s looted Asian gold and our very own gold deposited inside the vaults of the central bank was brought out of our country by Rev. Father Diaz and traitor Ferdinand Marcos. The gold then was mixed together and deposited in various Jesuit-controlled illegal bank accounts in Switzerland and other banks. The illegal Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia operated CIA formerly OSS controlled by the Jesuits-Vatican helped in transporting other gold to Australia and then diverted into other countries. The Jesuits know it and they are watching as Rev. Father Diaz is a member of Opus Dei, all bagmen of the Jesuit-Vatican. I also discovered that Michael Hand of the Nugan-Hand Bank is a CIA Agent! ?The most shocking revelation is this, when Marcos was still alive, he wrote a letter as his last will before he died that his looted wealth (our country?s wealth) will be entrusted to the Vatican Trust. His true color was revealed. Also former Catholic priest, Marcelino Tagle of Bataan said that Marcos always worked for the Vatican. Now, I see the whole scenario.

    According to EJ & Doris J. Ekke documents revealing the hidden history of the gold the 400,000 metric tons of gold held in the vaults of the Central Bank would elevate the gold-based money supply in the Philippines to more than twice as much per person as the money supply in the U.S. and U.S. money is not backed by gold. If that much money, some 4 trillion dollars, were to be spent cleaning and fixing up the Philippines, think of what a paradise it would be.

    The Roman Catholic Church disguisd as religion from God and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Catholic Church-Jesuits-Vatican are GREAT LIARS AND HYPROCRITES. They have betrayed my countrymen now living in despair and poverty because the Jesuits-Vatican-Roman Catholic Church illegally looted our country?s gold. Anyone of my countrymen who will dispute me, I’ll take on in a manly and civilized debate. Anyone who hates the truth is against our Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone of my countrymen that will dispute this hidden history of our country will become ignorant to reality. There?s no mystery in an open mind. Remember God is truth and we shall worship God in the spirit and truth. Jesus Christ said, and the truth shall set us free.

    Therefore, I accuse the Jesuit-Vatican of the Roman Catholic Church as the mastermind, culprits and guilty entities for the looting of our country’s wealth. And I as a legal citizen of my country has the right to demand in behalf of my countrymen under the protection of our God given Constitution and Bill Of Rights demanding the Roman Catholic Church to return the gold they have illegally looted.

    I admit I’m angry to the Catholic Church as I saw my poor countrymen living in despair. Why did the Catholic Church betray my countrymen and our country? They (Catholic Church) came into our country and my countrymen embraced them honestly and with respect.I have in my possession 15 sheets of original photocopied documents linking Rev. Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz (Opus Dei) alias Col. Santa Romana (OSS Agent), Gen. Edward Lansdale, Ferdinand E. Marcos, the late Archbishop Of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin and Baron Arndt Krupp for the looting of various gold and of course our country’s very own gold. And you’ll be shocked that the shadows and footprints of the Jesuits-Vatican will be realized once and for all.

    According po to kay Bobby Limeta-kino quote ko lang. And , all my relatives said that Marcos was kissing the asses of the Americans. Sa side ng mother ko sabi nya grabe daw ang paghihirap nila sa panahon ni Marcos. Sa side ng father ko grabe rin daw naranasan nila, na rape pa nga tiyahin ko noon eh. Ang malungkot lang doon ay may mga taong pinupuri si Marcos dahil lang sa mga videong anti-aquino cojuangco. Di ako suporter ng aquino at mas lalong hinde ako suporter ng mga marcos. Yung susuportahan ko ay isang lider na uunahin ang kapakanan ng sarili nyang mga kababayan at kayang pagtibayin ang local industry naten.

    According sa kay Carlos Garcia: “If the Filipinos cannot be first in the Philippines, where else can they be first? Only when Filipinos are first in their country will the Philippines be finally truly free. Until then, their independence can only be a sham. While aliens control the economy, how can Filipinos be said to be masters in their homes or their government is sovereign in their lands? They are mere hirelings, dummies, servants – subservient to the will of others, serving their interests first. How can Filipinos advance their own?”

    SA tingin ko lang, nagsimulang mawasak ang ekonomiya naten sa panahon pa lang ni Diosdado Macapagal nang ipatupad nya ang decontrol policy. Kung titingnan mo talaga ang history naten, masasabi mong globalization disguised as “free trade” ang sumira sa bansa naten. Yung kurapsyon at mga problema sa krimen ay bunga na lamang ng mahirap na buhay at maling pamamalakad sa gobyerno kung saan mayroong pinapaburang mga tae este tao.

  9. The problem is we always commemorate this annually but always fail to look beyond the ceremonies. Media has constantly projected Ninoy as the country’s super protagonist but none of their “political analysts” were invited to discuss what action plan can be derived from his, as they always say, “sacrifice.” Like Rizal, his “heroism” seemed to be a mere word in history books.

    Yeah I know already that his plane is China Airlines C811 arrived at 1pm, three guards were sent to pick him up (or arrest him) on the plane, his brother-in-law was suppose to walk with him, 11 seconds after he stepped out a shot was fired that is believed to have killed him and so on and so forth (I can tell this forward and backward to demonstrate how very often his death video is played on Philippine TV).

    “His death is instrumental in regaining our freedom fro tyranny…” are one of the few familiar lines I always hear every August 21. I don’t know with you but my family seemed to be free from tyranny at the time Ninoy was imprisoned and killed. I didn’t feel oppressed during Marcos’s time and the feels the same after he was overthrown.

    Some will claim the right speak freely is what we attained from Aquino’s sacrifice. I say fine. I’ll grant that. But that is not enough. That doesn’t make us a developed nation. We have to move on. I heard Qatar has a controlled media and their citizens does not enjoy the kind of freedom of speech that we have but look how wealthy they are. “They have oil” – well we have oil too not as much as what they have but we have other resources that they don’t have. And talk about one-man rule, that country’s authoritarian system seemed to dwarf Marcos’s “tyranny.” “Its not fair to compare Qatar to the Philippines”- Perhaps. But my point is, the right to speak freely is not only thing that should matter.

    Don’t get me wrong, I too admire Ninoy pero nakakasawa na eh. Even his son kept telling us how he was inspired by his father’s death.

    For heaven’s sake Philippine TV, please stop playing his videos. We already have Youtube for that if your concern is to inform the youth plus they have their teachers to do that. If you insist, then tell us something new about Ninoy and his opponents. For a change, try showing us Marcos’s story and let us decide who’s the real “hero.”

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