New Apple iMac Next Gen Quad-Core unveiled!

Up to 70 percent faster and overall up to three times more powerfull than the generation that preceded it. The updated iMac from Apple Computer again “made the world’s best desktop even better.” Key specs include (quoted directly from their press release)…

All-in-one design
Aluminum enclosure
Quad-core Intel Core i5 processors
AMD Radeon HD graphics processors
Thunderbolt I/O technology
Built-in FaceTime HD camera

…among others.

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More importantly:

Continuing Apple’s commitment to the environment, Apple’s desktop line is a leader in green design. The iMac meets stringent Energy Star 5.2 requirements and achieves EPEAT Gold rating.** iMac features LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made with arsenic-free glass. iMac uses PVC-free components and cables, contains no brominated flame retardants, uses highly recyclable materials and features material-efficient system and packaging designs.

Oozing with coolness as usual.

But I take slight exception to Apple’s claim to being committed to the environment though, considering that the iMac comes packaged with their Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad and wireless keyboard which are all wireless devices (connecting to the iMac via Bluetooth) and therefore battery-powered. I find the keyboard requiring a battery change every 2-3 months or so, and that’s even considering that we use heavy-duty alkaline batteries. Not very environmentally friendly if we take into account all those toxic chemicals that go into manufacturing these batteries and all that leaching into landfills for all those spent batteries that are not disposed of properly.

Buying a conventional wired keyboard and mouse will set you back about (or at least) $100 and that’s a double whammy considering you cannot opt out of their included wireless counterparts.

Nonetheless, Apple does design “the best personal computers in the world.” My long tradition of using Apple products — the Apple IIe, Apple IIc, various Macs in the 90’s and the 21st Century Intel-based Macs — has left me with hardly anything to complain about beyond wireless keyboards and mice.

One Reply to “New Apple iMac Next Gen Quad-Core unveiled!”

  1. I guess I’ll stick to PC because I can easily change the parts by selling them plus I can dismantle it anytime I want. Mac, here in the Philippines, is so hard to sell if it’s technology is outdated. No one will buy because of it’s price.

    My brother had one but when it’s time to sell it and change to another better model, no one is buying until now.

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