What does one use an iPad for?

Always on and ready for use, lightweight, slim, clean-lined, and sexily minimalist. You can read books and magazines on it, play games, and do other media-rich stuff. Even when it is off, it looks great. It’s arguably the coolest piece of hi-tech hardware in the market.

All good.

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I’ve just got one question though:

What do you use an iPad for?

On my touch screen phone, I’ve become quite good at typing stuff on its small touch screen keys, am able to browse the news across several feeds from my favourite news sites and blogs (and choose to read full articles when interesting cross my line of sight), and I even make phone calls on it.

Obviously, if it is serious writing I need to do, that’s not something I will be doing on any sort of mobile device, whether it is a smart phone, or a tablet PC. So what then do I need an iPad for?

4 Replies to “What does one use an iPad for?”

  1. Oo nga noh. Maski ako, para kasing oversized smart phone siya e pati lahat ng brand ng tablet. Malaki lang ang screen yung lang. Madali pa manakaw.

    Panigorado pagdaan mo sa Quiapo nito, ilang minuto lang wala na yan. Sayang bente mil mo, sana nilibre mo na lang chicks mo ng I-Max sa MOA. Naka pogi points ka pa.

    Anyways, ayaw ko bumili ng isang device na mas matalino sa akin. Gusto ko ako matalino sa phone ko.

    1. Natawa ako dun sa Quiapo at chicks a. Saka, lahat naman ng mga teknolohiya na binebenta, wala namang utak eh. Na sa tao pa rin ang pagiging useful ng isang bagay.

      We control technology. We don’t let it control us. If ever we think technology is controlling us, it’s only meant to challenge. Dito na pumapasok yang mga Artificial Intelligence na programmed ng mga programmers. 😀

  2. The IPAD is one of the best selling electronic gadget in the pHilippines atm. Which proves a point. FORM trumps Function, at least in the minds of Filipinos.

    sheer V A N I T Y
    too minuscule to perform laptop-grade tasks
    too large to be practicably used as a smartphone
    too flashy as not to be noticed when flaunted about

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