Are younger computer users more technologically savvy?

Remember the old days when you had to know how to program a computer in order to use one? Nowadays using a computer is like watching TV. We use it without having to know what makes it tick. There is no appreciation of how clever one had to be to come up with an app like, say, Facebook. In schools, nowadays, a “computer course” is where students learn how to use MS Office. Back in the old days, computer courses taught kids how to program computers using the BASIC programming language. Kids are taught now to use rather than how to build.

Most computer users today are likely to have never seen or even heard of a command prompt. They simply point, click, drag, and drop stuff. Oh yes, and they occasionally write something too.

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    1. Microsoft? Pft. Trying their best to kill Nokia Meego/Maemo6whatever OS, a free open source one with their sh!t WP7 os.

      Those bastards are taking advantage of Nokia’s enormous distribution channel. Windows Phone for the masses my arse.

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