PNoy blames Arroyo but takes credit for her work in a speech in Singapore

Official records show that there have been 14 Philippine Presidents that preceded incumbent President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy). However, PNoy seems to be under the illusion that there were only two past Presidents before him and he takes turns referring to each one of them in his speeches depending on the occasion.

The writing on the wall says it all.

The writing on the wall says it all.

When PNoy talks about his famous and much revered parents, the late Ninoy and Cory Aquino, PNoy never misses an opportunity to blame the late former President Ferdinand Marcos for the “Martial Law” years. When PNoy talks about corruption, PNoy never misses an opportunity to point his finger at former President Gloria Arroyo for a decade of “dark” years as if she were the only President linked to corruption.

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In his recent speech before the Filipino community in Singapore, PNoy was disappointingly predictable, blaming Arroyo yet again indicating that “all decisions made by the former administration were based on politics.

PNoy’s favorite example of politics-based decision-making was when, in his opinion, Arroyo “allegedly” chose to reject an increase in electricity rates in 2004 because it was an election year, a decision which according to him again, resulted in “Napocor’s debts soaring to P1 trillion.” For a man with enough resources at his disposal to help him analyze most situations, PNoy is singularly focused on blaming one single entity for the shortcomings of his administration.

How sure is he anyway about his allegations? How is it even quantifiable? Arroyo not increasing electricity rates could not have affected the voter’s decision in the first place because the voters would have found the cost of living high at any given time, particularly during Arroyo’s term. And isn’t it PNoy and all those who despise Arroyo who keep insisting that she cheated in the 2004 election anyway? So her win in the 2004 election could not have been because she kept electricity rates down.

To be sure, PNoy is just trying to find a scapegoat; someone to blame (again) for why he needs to increase the cost of electricity during his term. He knows that as soon as the Filipino people feels the pinch of the rate rise, his popularity will more than likely, go down. It is short of saying, “Don’t look at me, Arroyo should have increased it during her term.” PNoy’s tactic reminds me of an Adolf Hitler quote, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

PNoy also stressed in the same speech that “the government became insensitive during Arroyo’s term.” Really? I wonder what kind of people fall for PNoy’s irrational talk? Even a biased Inquirer article about Arroyo accurately paints a very different story about the “insensitivity” of the government even before Arroyo took over:

Ms Arroyo came to power in January 2001 following the ouster of Estrada in a sequel to the iconic Edsa People Power Revolution in 1986. The first uprising had ousted Marcos after nearly a decade and a half of strongman rule.

The replay–nothing more than an out-and-out military coup–was triggered by moral indignation over the abortive Senate impeachment hearings against the actor-turned-politician. The televised proceedings showed he was up to his eyeballs in wine, women and wampum supposedly weaseled from “jueteng” (illegal numbers game) collections and shady business deals.

Arroyo, his vice president, replaced him.

What does politics-based decision making mean to PNoy anyway? It seems to me like he is playing politics too by excluding other past Presidents from the blame game. Even Walter Lohman, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center was quoted as saying that the country is facing “institutional problems that go back a long time,” and these “need to be addressed over the long term.”

And to quote myself in my previous article:

In other words, it is likely that PNoy’s own mother’s stint in Malacanang also contributed to the problems ‘that go back a long time.’ As a matter of fact, his own mother, the late former President Cory Aquino was actually instrumental in creating the current institutional and legal frameworks that are causing major, major problems for the country.

PNoy has the opportunity to fix things but unfortunately, there is no sign of improvement in the way he conducts things. PNoy is given a big opportunity but he is just wasting it. PNoy promised to improved things but he is not doing anything different to achieve it. Opportunity keeps on knocking at Malacanang’s door but PNoy refuses to let it in because he has no more room for improvement.

Likewise, in the same speech PNoy claimed that the Philippine economy is improving. He cited how it grew by a solid 7.3% last year and “the country is now the fourth-largest shipbuilder in the world and the No. 1 in the call center industry.” How lucky is PNoy? Barely a year in office and he is already taking credit for the growth that is the result of the previous administration’s hard work.

PNoy failed to mention the following reasons for the growth as reported by the Inquirer:

1. Higher remittances from the millions of Filipinos working abroad.

2. Spending fuelled by the billions of dollars overseas Filipino workers sent home.

3. Was achieved on the back of the world recovery from the global financial crisis.

4. The extra money that was pumped into the economy by politicians who campaigned in the national and local elections held in the middle of last year.

Additionally, the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) gave the following explanation:

Growth by sector

Private sector investment in construction, machinery and equipment resulted in a robust 17-percent growth in gross domestic capital formation. This supported the healthy pace of growth in manufacturing and services, according to the NSCB.

Industry contributed 3.9 percentage points to total GDP growth on the back of brisk manufacturing, particularly electrical machinery, petroleum and coal products, and food–thanks to a strong pick-up in domestic demand and the rebound in external trade.

The services sector contributed 3.5 percentage points to GDP growth, boosted by the strong performance of trade and private services. This was complemented by flourishing domestic investment, robust expansion in business process outsourcing, hotels and restaurants, wholesale and retail trade, and import and export trade.

Due to fewer typhoons, the agriculture sector managed to grow 5.4 percent in the fourth quarter. “Only two typhoons hit the country compared to seven in the last quarter of 2009,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga noted.

In short, PNoy had nothing to do with the economic growth. He just keeps saying that he did. Let’s see how the economy performs this year after tens of thousands of Filipinos had to be evacuated from the Middle East.

And of course, a PNoy speech is not complete without his standard ramblings:

“Lahat ng minana natin, hindi pa tayo perpekto, at tao tayong imperfect, hindi naman natin ma-pe-perfect yan. Pero gusto ko lang pagdiinan at ulit-ulitin sa inyo na talagang yung pagkatagal-tagal na iniisip nating walang kapaga-pag-asa, talagang sobra nang pag-asa ngayon,” he said.

I don’t know what PNoy meant with his latest drivel but when it comes to pure nonsense, I still prefer former United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s classier excuse:

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Official records show that there has been 14 Philippine Presidents before PNoy. They have all made their decisions based on politics alone, which is why the international community still considers the Philippines a basketcase today.

189 Replies to “PNoy blames Arroyo but takes credit for her work in a speech in Singapore”

  1. “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” << thank you for using this as reference. I really think that Noynoy is looking up to Hitler as much as the Communist Party is also using Nazi tactics to infiltrate our democracy.

    1. Joseph Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, plainly explained: “A lie repeated from time to time, will soon be accepted,as Truth.”
      Hitler lied to the British Prime Minister Chamberlain, by signing for peace…Chamberlain went back to Britain, showing the document as: “Peace of our Times.” Soon Hitler gobbled Austria, then Czechoslovakia…He made a non-aggression treaty with Soviet Union’s Stalin. They soon partitioned Poland…
      See how these leaders lie to each other, for their self-interests…Noynoy Aquino is their illegitimate son-of-a-bitch…there is no truth in any part of his bone…

    1. PNoy’s supporters believe his every word though. When he commits a gaffe, they will say, “Give him a break, he is just new to the job.” But when it is good news like economic growth, everything is credited to him even if he is barely a year in office.

      1. and you are right in pointing out that the next phase of Pinoy’s blame game agenda is to take effect in full blast once his regime can’t be considered “new” anymore. this being the effort to track back in a yellow timeline how the past regime did not do this and that enough to have the consequence of which today (whatever the present day is when the effort is used).

  2. Hanggang dyan na lang. Pati mga fans, deserve daw ni Arroyo ang masisi.

    Kumusta na yung paggamit nya ng hagdan paakyat sa 20+ floors?

    1. presidente sya ng pilipinas, kung wala siyang respeto sa sarili niya, sana naman respetuhin niya ang posisyon ng pagkapresidente!! binabastos na sya na pagakyatin siya ng 20flr, natuwa pa siya…tanga talaga!

      1. kasi kasi…binoto pakasi..nasaan na ung mga bomoto na masyadong mga emo? namatay lang ang nanay..binoto na ang anak…kaya hayan….

        1. my grandparents actually told me to vote for that guy..but i rather be called a disobedient grandchild than to give my vote to someone who is as incompetent as him. . a guy who is good in boasting and definitely diverting peoples’ attention to some unimportant issues..

      1. kakambal ata nya kamalasen eh. nakulong at pinatay tatay nya. nagkasakit ng STD sister nya, wala syang bills na napasa, walang magkagusto sa kanyang babae, nasira voting machine kaya pumila ng matagal, nagalit HK sa mga napatay na nationals nila kasi walang SOP, nasabugan mga bus victims sa EDSA kasi di concerned sa protocol worldwide regarding terrorism or baka walang protocol tapos recently nasiraan ng elevator. sinusundan talaga ng malas. kawawa naman. tsk-tsk.

  3. The imbecile President Noynoy Aquino is really an imbecile. What has he accomplished in his administration? We are still importing rice and sugar. Land Reform Program is put aside, because he owns the Hacienda Luisita. Prices of basic necessities and prime commodities, are skyrocketing. His corrupt, self-confessed bribe-taker Sec. Puno, is still on his side, working with him. Prices of gasoline are going up-up and away.
    We should blame him also, because, he was a Congressman and a Senator. What did he do as a Congressman and a Senator, to solve these problems.
    Blame Game is very dangerous. Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, blamed the German Jews, for the problems of Germany. It resulted to his Final Solution, which was the Holocaust…8 million Jews and German political opponents were murdered…
    He is following the Path of Adolf Hitler of Germany…with his Yellow Horde Nazis followers.
    So, watch out this kind of President…He is not to be trusted…

    1. What, like this:


      (Adaptation of: DER FUHRER’S FACE
      Spike Jones & His City Slickers
      Note: Each “heil heil” is accompanied by what is variously
      called “the bird”, “the raspberry”, or “the Bronx cheer”)


      When Aquino says we is de master race,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Aquino’s face!
      Not to love Aquino is a great disgrace,
      So we “Heil! Heil!” right in Aquino’s face!

      When Carandang says we own the world and space,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Carandang’s face!
      When Esposo says they’ll never bomb dis place,
      We “Heil! Heil!” right in Esposo’s face!
      Are we not the supermen, Pinoy pure supermen?
      Ja, we are the supermen! (Super duper supermen!)
      Is this Yellow land so good?
      Would you leave it if you could?
      Ja, this Yellow land is good!
      We would leave it if we could!
      We bring the world to order,
      Heil PNoy’s world to order!
      Everyone of foreign race
      Will love Aquino’s face
      When we bring to the world dis order!



      CHORUS (slows down like a dying tape cassette on the last line)

      Sieg heil, Aquino!

      1. I’m just fine Sir, to be more honest that I’ve kept observant to the state our country for the moment and it doesn’t seem good in my opinion. Off-topic: I’m worried about one of my sibling’s friends who’s currently studying at japan when an earthquake have struck followed by a tsunami and my sympaties to those who have died and affected by the recent calamity.

  4. wait for a few more months & right before your very eyes you will see significant progress in my beloved Philippines. Mabuhay ang administrasyong Aquino! Mabuhay!! :).

    1. Pls wag nang magbulagbulagan… pakiusap po, pakiusap, pakiusap, pakiusap… nakikiusap ako sa panginoon na mahabag at imulat ang mga mata ng mga taong naniniwala sa napakaobvious na kasinungalingan ng presidenteng ito. PAKIUSAP.

      1. @Pro Aquino
        Heil Yellow Horde Nazi Spokesman….
        If your Imbecile Master cannot produce good results in the previous months , he is in office…Would you have me believe that he can produce good results in the coming month.? …His mental caliber is overrated by the Yellow Horde Media. The Fake Heroism of his Parents were sold to the Voter; instead, of what he can do for the country. I don’t believe that some prayers or “Oratio Imperata” will give him wisdom; that he can now accomplish…He has shown what he can do…and he failed. Don’t sell us any “good future”; because he lost credibility already…

    2. @pro-aquino

      We are all for progress as long as PNoy gives credit where credit is due. His aim should be to unite Filipinos and not to divide. He should just focus on doing his job instead of being contemptous. He will never win his critics by blaming the previous administration. GMA is gone.

    3. I think PNoy is finally picking up on his mother’s tactics of taking credit for stuff that wasn’t hers plus on the concept of trolling. Probably learned the latter from his team of publicists.

  5. Although I like the idea of Pnoy’s PPP project, but I am getting tired of his repeated tyrants of the past administration. It was the same with Obama during his first few months in office that he constantly blames Bush to the current state of the US economy during his previous media speech. Some people got tired of hearing it…..many sent massive emails to CNN and twitter telling his to “I don’t want to hear that bull#$%” just fix the problem!….maybe hearing 2-3 times is good but hearing it for the 10th times gets tiring and annoying. What people want to hear from Pnoy is the eradication of corruption once and for all. The people who committed this selfish act had been punished! I also would like to hear the country’s progress! It’s even music to my ear to hear the small progress of the Pasig River, job creation, housing etc…..

    1. maybe we should flood the yellow media aka aquino newsletter the same email…where can we send them?

      i totally agree with you ilda…bs aquino is truly full of bs.

  6. Sus, kung maka-comment naman kayo, parang kayo lang ang tama. Puro reklamo kaya hindi nagkakaisa. Kahit pa sino sigurong presidente ang manalo, reklamo pa rin kayo ng reklamo. Hindi ako maka-Pnoy pero mas pipiliin ko na lang na ang presidente ay “tanga” sa paningin ng iba, basta hindi naman ba ubod ng talino pero magnanakaw naman.

    1. those who do not complain about the sorry state of this country and its president, do not care about this country…

      btw, are you one of those who were taught in school about the fake history of the Philippines, thinking that the only reason we are poor is because of corruption?

    2. @anony

      Your President is the one causing the divide. If he wants to prosecute Arroyo, he should just do it without too much brouhaha. He keeps branding her a thief when it hasn’t been proven yet, so naturally Arroyo’s supporters are not happy with him. He should be thanking Arroyo for the 7.3% growth last year.

      He should be more responsible with what he says to the Filipino people. There are those who are gullible enough to believe him but there are still some who use their own critical analysis.

      Tell your President to stop claiming credit for something he did not work on.

      1. here’s my bread and butter for your sentiments et al. I had to learn this saying myself.

        “It is one thing to punish the bully who wounded you, but it is another thing to heal your own wounds.”

        Do you really think by doing the former you’ll successfully achieve the latter? Heck no!!! People (not just Filipinos, i think) need to be more enlightened what real justice is all about.

        Do you have concrete proof to even bother say “Your President is the one causing the divide.”? Sorry but I wasn’t born yesterday to not know what’s going on with the society nor am I that ignorant (I rarely watch the news ‘coz I’m screwed up with my studies) but uncultured people like you et al. can’t just bluff around certain anti-cultural/racist/ignorant hullaballoo into the mix where many people will be more othered by your uncultured brouhaha. Get the point nappy-head?

        Usap tayo; kailangan mong maliwanagan…

        1. @counterlevel:

          Perhaps you need to read first the COMMENTING GUIDELINES prepared by the admin of the site available at the bottom of this page. If you may have observed (if you haven’t, you might as well start so), the writers of the blogs on this site refrain from using foul language or pigeonholing anybody. 

          Now, being uncultured, anti-cultural or racist is relative. By labeling her as such, don’t you just qualify yourself as the same?

          The thing is, the culture–including the traditions and norms–could be a breeding ground for ill-attitudes and ill-character. In most often than not, the culture is the very hindrance of a nation to move forward, to achieve the much deserved progress.

          Criticising a culture is not tantamount to being anti-cultural especially if there are bases to stanchion such claims. Ours is an amalgam of rotten, obsolete, and good norms and tradition. Being critical of the rotten norms only entails that one is using one’s reason being the supreme characteristic of a human.

          Why keep on practicing a bulok tradition or system when your reasons (mental faculty) dictate you are better off if you change?

          I haven’t read all blogs of all bloggers of anti-pinoy because as much as I would want, my time is always constrained. Thus, I only read the new blogs published. So far however, I see the criticisms to be pro-active. The blogs don’t seek for the downfall of our incumbent administration because these bloggers are not stupid not to think that they’d be among the millions who are first affected, or their families for that matter.

          What the blogs are written for is enlightenment. It seeks to educate the public. It aims to evoke in us a sense of reality, of  the painful truth–that because of the mediocrity of most Filipinos or the bahala na mental attitude, we always miss our opportunity to success.

          The blogs give alternative options to the current plight that is crippling us since time immemorial. The blogs are published to awaken the president.


        2. @counterlevel:

          As for the concrete proof you are asking that made the blogger phrase ” your president is the one causing the divide” is already right before your very own eyes. You just failed to acknowledge it. You choose to brush it off simply as trivial. But no, it is what it is. You just refuse to accept it.

          With P-Noy’s way of rationalizing his incompetence by blaming either Marcos or Aquino is already a strong motivation for the populace to be factionalised, to be divided. Why? Because he’s provoking the Marcoses and GMA including their followers. Remember that the tongue is sharper than the edge of a sword.

          So instead of uniting the nation by focusing on what is happening in the present and prepare for the future, he keeps on going back to the past. It was already the past. No matter what we do or he does, the past cannot be undone. The best thing for us–especially him as the head of state–is to move forward.

          But, if he is really serious with his empty platform slogan about corruption being connected to poverty, he should initiate actions. Let the actions/initiatives do the talking. 

          Please, attack the argument, and not the person positing the argument.

          Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

        3. @counterlevel

          Unfortunately, I had to remove the cuss words from your comment. It’s so typical of a Pinoy like you to write a comment without any regard for the guidelines. Sorry to say that with or without the cussing, your comment does not make any sense.

          ”Do you have concrete proof to even bother say “Your President is the one causing the divide?”

          Yes, I do. Your comment is already enough proof.

          Here’s a question for you:

          Do you have any proof that what PNoy is doing is NOT causing further division among Filipinos?

    3. @anony

      walang hindi magnanakaw sa gobyerno, at yan ang realidad, sa tingin mo ba si PNoy ay hindi corrupt? eh paano mo ngayon i-explain ang unprogrammed at audit-free 68Billion pesos na personal pork barrel fund nya? yung pagtaas nya ng pork barrel ng mga mambabatas na mahigit sa 100%? yung porsche at lexus nya? yung pagnanakaw ng pamilya nya sa karapatan ng mga magsasakang umangkin ng lupa ayon sa batas ng Pilipinas? ang pagbigay ng utos na idisperse at pagpapatayin ang mga taong nag-rarally sa Mendiola? ang pagkakaroon ng 40Million pesos na property ng executive secretary nya? ang pagpili at paglagay nya sa puwesto sa mga sanagay ng gobyerno na mga taon may kwestyunableng integridad? at ang pagtatakip sa mga kamalian ng mga sipsip sa kanya?

      i think PNoy is suiffering from a severe insecurity, when he admitted that he has no blueprint on how to move this country forward is like saying that our road map to progress, peace, success and etc is both clueless and directionless; san ba tayo talaga tutungo (propaganda and sloganeering aside)?

    4. the katangahan is not just a perception. he is not just perceived to be tanga. na-prove na n’ya yan kasi one too many times sa early part ng regime n’ya while he kept on blaming the past president. imagine that — may tangang presidente na accuse ng accuse sa dating presidente. ang sagwa naman ng tangang president na yan. tanga na nga, masama pa ugali.

    5. Let’s see how that changes if someone na hindi magnanakaw gaya ng sinabi ay pumatay…
      Okay lang mamamatay-tao, basta hindi magnanakaw?

      But I understand your position, reklamo ng  reklamo ang mga tao. Ang pinagkaiba lang, ang mga nagrereklamo ngayon ay iba sa nagrereklamo noon. And yes, Noynoy should do something more constructive in putting his nemesis to jail, but I’m not counting on that.
      On the pagkakaisa thing, differences of opinion are not bad in itself, as long as the issue concerned is vital. Kaso lang nakikipag-away lang ang mga Pilipino sa mga walang-kwentang bagay eh, tapos nilalaganap pa ng gobyerno.

    6. @anony

      Yo, here’s what I want to say to you: We’re not against anyone. We’re against what they do.

      “Hindi ako maka-Pnoy pero mas pipiliin ko na lang na ang presidente ay “tanga” sa paningin ng iba, basta hindi naman ba ubod ng talino pero magnanakaw naman.”

      – Are you sure that you want to choose between chocolate-flavored thumbtacks (intelligent thief) and nightshade berries (stupid) for snacks?

    7. @anony:

      Don’t you just complain if your food tastes bad especially if you believe or thought that your cook is capable of preparing food primarily because it is his function as a cook/chef? Why would he brand himself as cook if he cannot prepare tasty foods that his customers are expecting?

      If you believe you deserve better, nutritious, and palatable foods from the money you are paying to the restaurant/cook, you always reserve the right to complain. If you know a cook can be better, you should complain because it is your money you are spending and it is your tummy you are filling or upsetting. It is your health that can be affected. Thus, it is your right to demand better dishes.

      I don’t settle for less. Ilda and the rest of the bloggers here simply don’t settle for anything less either because we believe we deserve better government.

    8. @anony Ay naku! Mga typical Pinoys. Want a better society but have a high toleration of mediocrity, kapalpakan etc.. 

    9. @anony
      There is no difference, between a Congenital Liar, and a Thief…the Thief steals my money or goods. The Congenital Liar steals my Trust in the Goodness of my fellow human being…Anyway, the Aquinos stole the Hacienda Luisita lands from the People of Tarlac, who as human beings; deserve also to own a land to till, to feed themselves and their families…Is not Greediness to own Lands, so huge, that you deprived others; some sort of Thievery?

    10. @anony

      Pahiwatig na si PNoy ay tanga at HINDI rin nagnakaw. At pahiwatig na may ebidensya ka na nagnakaw si Gloria Arroyo na hindi galing sa mga whistleblower na suportado ng bagong administrasyon. Yung tipong ebidensya na solid at total, na nasa papel.

  7. Noynoy is still in the campaign mode, hitting at his rival, GMA. The election is over, he probably didn’t realize he already won the presidential race, thanks to automation cheating. Or probably that is the reason he still is campaigning, he thinks there was cheating in the last election, he didn’t know who won. Duh!

    1. He is still campaigning to what he refers to as the “noisy minority.” What he needs to do is to listen to his critics and address their concerns in a serious manner. He just keeps shrugging them off and chanting the words, “pwede na tayong mangarap.”

    2. Bessie Rivera show your proof about automated cheating. People like you talking without evidence is either ignorant or insane.

      1. There IS cheating. Fact is that even the 2010 elections is sugarcoated.

        Sure there wasn’t no wiretapping but you still had from the reports of the volunteers typical fraudulent actions and behaviors despite the media sugarcoating it as a ‘clean’ election. Then the potential issue of Nantes with Narcopolitics and whoever was linked to him could easily be damaged. Thankfully, it was a non-issue since he died a ‘mysterious’ death, thus taking his secret and damaging testimony to the grave with him.

        The typical voting fraud and bullying practice still existed especially outside of Manila and in remote areas despite using new age technology.

  8. hmmm…isn’t PNOY’s grandfather a Japanese collaborator who was later pardoned by Roxas’ grandfather….kala mo napalinis ng pamilya nila politically….both sides of his family have history of opportunism and self-aggradizement

    1. yup suicidal ang tatay na komunista at ang kapatid ay tsismis show host na nagka-STD. si ngoyngoy naman ay damaged son na may victim complex kasi grew up away from a father figure kaya laging nakikipagaway at emotional. yuck.

  9. Ignorance can be cured and stupidity has no cure. I’m not (yet) convinced Penoy is stupid.

    It’s not that Penoy doesn’t know anything, it’s just that most of what he knows is wrong!

    1. The test of the crispiness of the “Lechon” is in the eating…not in the advertised pictures…or in the advertised broadcasted talks of sales pitch people…Same as the test of the capability of leaders, we voted in office…it is the results of their performances; and what they have done while in office…
      You cannot justify bad results; because; they stare back in your face…same way you can see and feel good results; by the improved living standards of people (voters)…Good works and Good Performances never need: time-to-time subliminal messages; disinformations; outright manipulation and sanitation of the Truth…they stand on their own…

    2. @Trosp

      Ah, but stupidity has a cure. Stupidity is a symptom only to putting in effort on things that are not well prepared or given proper foresight. PNoy is certainly stupid because he keeps repeating things that is deemed wrong for the benefit of the people and progress! Can he rectify that? Sure. But of course, anyone with a half a brain knows he’s got a personal agenda in running as the head seat of the country, not one for the benefit of the people however.

  10. @counterlevel: Seriously, what did you smoke just to comment like that?

    @Pro-Aquino anons: Don’t white knight P.Noy just because he commited numerous blunders within less than a year in the office. Try to think many possible solutions and brainstorm witn us if you want a change for this nation, for the very least.

    1. and don’t suggest that ppl like us to keep quiet, because until he starts performing, we keep talking. ayon nga sa AP admins, with him being president, there’s more things to write in AP

  11. P-noy has no capacity 2 be a president.The whole stairs incident was just a bruhahaha by the media.The guy needs 2 step down now!!!!!!

    1. @voltron13

      Did you mean the AP Crowd in FaceBook?

      Hmm, there were members of the group who posted some links related to the happening in Japan. They made comparisons of capacity of some nations and the mental attitude of people as part of their reactions. But with the variance of topics linked by other members and the threading of comments to older posts, some links plummeted in rankings.

      Links are arranged in a chronological order not only by the posts, but by the responses they evoke.

      🙂 Just my two cents worth of thought. 

      But if you refer to AP as associated press, well, my mistake.

      So far however, GRP published a blog relevant to the quake in Japan. 🙂

    2. Relating to the recent quake (still praying for the victims for Japan), been wanting post somehting for AP about the Japanese resilience and its stark comparison to the Pinoy resilience, just dunno how to submit 🙁

  12. shut up all of you! kaya kayo ganyan kasi natalo mga binoto nyong kandidato sa pagkapangulo. hindi ko binoto c noynoy pero tanggapin nyo na totoo mga cnsabi nya. mga **** anti-pinoy talaga kayo. lumayas kayo dito. mgpalit na kayo ng citizenship

    1. @Pro pinoy

      Kaya kami ganito kasi nanalo na nga si PNoy pero wala pa ring ginawa kung hinde manisi at mag-malines. Mag-iisang taon na sya sa Malacanang pero he has not done anything significant yet. He is still using the same economic principles as what Arroyo used. Although I don’t expect you to understand my explanation even if it’s already in Tagalog.

      Which part of what he said is true? Yes, the economy grew but not because of him. It was because of the following:

      1. Higher remittances from the millions of Filipinos working abroad.

      2. Spending fuelled by the billions of dollars overseas Filipino workers sent home.

      3. Was achieved on the back of the world recovery from the global financial crisis.

      4. The extra money that was pumped into the economy by politicians who campaigned in the national and local elections held in the middle of last year.

      Please read the article again para maintindihan mo. You can’t win an argument simply by swearing.

  13. ikaw ilda at kayong mga *****.. oo mga ***** kayong lahatkayong mga anti pinoy. kayo ang nagsisimula at gumagawa ng gulo sa pilipinas at d si noynoy. kung hindi pala kayo mga ****e. ala namang hindi sabhin ni nynoy ang mga pagkakamali noon. kaya nga tayo nag-aaral ng kasaysayan. ewan ko sa inyong mga ngdudunungdunungang mga ***** kayo. e para maitama ang pagkakamali noon. natural n sbhn ni noynoy un e para sabhn nya saming mga pilipino at senyong mga basura na hndi nya ggwn at di nya gngwa ang kahayupan ni gloria. kayo kasi baka di nyo kaya umakyat ng hagdan tulad ni gordon n ubod ng ***** at ubod ng taba na idol nyo haha. at si noynoy ba e mamamatay tao? kung hndi b kau mga gago e. mga sundalo ang dapat sisihin dun sa hacienda. lahat n lang isinisisi ninyo sa pinakamataas. e wala naman kaung maipakitang ebidencia ni papel o video na siya ang me kagagawan. haha. me sinabi ba si noynoy na siya ang dahilan kaya umuunlad tayo? wala mga *****. sinabi niya na gumanda ang ekonomiya lalo ng pinas ng umalis si arroyo. tuldok!

    1. Rule no. 1:
      Noynoy is always right. His enemies are always wrong.
      Rule no. 2:
      If Noynoy turned out to be wrong on something or his enemies were correct, refer back to rule no. 1.

      Tama? Correct me if I’m wrong.

      “Kaya kayo ganyan kasi natalo mga binoto nyong kandidato sa pagkapangulo.”
      Kung natalo yung kandidato mo mag pepeople-power yung mga supporters nya at pagpipilitan nila na nandaya yung kung sino man yung nanalo. Win-win situation, diba?

    2. @ Pro pinoy:

      You know I had a refreshing Sunday and I wanted so much to elongate the good feeling it took me a humungous effort to resist myself from commenting. Alas, I have to yield. Your thinking is pitiful I have to make a response.

      Foremost, you failed to read the threads of comments forged in this blog, particularly the statement of the author that she had to censor the written language of counterlevel for failure to comply with the commenting guidelines naturally pasted on the lower left of every page of this site.

      Or maybe you deliberately wrote the foul language above because you became irascible following the logical and educated tirade of reasonings as to why the blog made sense and why you, anony, and counterlevel acted far-fetchedly. 

      It is because of your mental attitude why progress is evasive in the Philippines. Pigeonholing us as tanga, basura, gago and being fat is only an act unbecoming of a true man (not gender-sensitive). Is that your best shot? Can’t you think hard and straight as to counter the argument we all presented in a similarly educated manner?  Acts such as yours belong to someone unlettered.

      It seems that you cannot refute the arguments founded with facts presented here above and the only recourse for your wounded pride and injured ego is to attack our persons.

      It is such a shame that followers of P-Noy rest their strength on assailing others on a personal level than on their mental faculties. Perhaps, there is nothing to marvel about the fact that yours is a president such as P-Noy because you share a similar mouth and mental capacity with him. 

      Remember, through the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks. Isn’t that just familiar? You know what, I should not blame P-Noy in as much as I cannot blame you for what you are and for failing in seeing through the hideous social and economic happenings concealed with sugary icing  that are so commonplace.


      1. very well said K.izmet thumbs up….

        hard to argue with someone of shallow thinking like Propinoy … or maybe that’s Kris right there defending her brother, i haven’t scrolled down but I hope he/she didn’t post any more comments coz really his/her blind perceptions are so stressful, no basis and he/she seems to be making comments just to say that he/she did

        if we argue like him/her then I’d be embarassed to say I’m a Filipino

    3. your ngoyngoy is president. the recent events during his regime: 1) dead HK tourists 2) dead filipinos sa bus bombing 3) read the philippine star at every single day sa metro news section nila eh may binabaril na local politician 4) yung reporter ng GMA-7 nanakawan ng LV bag 5) rampant carnapping at pagpatay sa dealers 6) di naasikaso ng maayos ang mga OFWs sa libya 7) inapprove nya ang pilipinas kayganda na ginastusan na ang launch tapos pinatanggal nya ang tanga tanga talaga HAHA 8) scandal ng luxury car nya — di naman pala pro-poor dyusko!

    4. @Pro pinoy

      According to Ilda, “You can’t win an argument simply by swearing.”

      So what makes you think you can win it by MORE swearing?

        1. @Aegis-Judex

          Yo, there’s no argument in his case…. there’s only wasted blood, toil, tears, and sweat; no cognition.

    5. Nagkamali yata si PRO PINOY ng posting ng kanyang comment. Doon ka bagay sa ABS-CBN online news, PCIJ, E Tordesillas blog comment sections. Para sa katulad mo, garantisadong magkakasundo kayo doon. Masaya sila doon sa personal attack sa halip na issue.

      I’m a new commenter in this blog and from the time I’ve read most of the comments here, I find them insightful (not inciteful just like this drive-by or hit-and-run PRO PINOY – your mother will be very proud of you), even those which are satirical or hyperbole.

    6. A typical spineless Pinoy: ALL NOISE AND NO SUBSTANCE.

      Yan ang EMO-POLITICS. It really proves that you are anti-intellectual. Tuldok!

      *Daido thumbs down*

  14. hay naku,,,ganyan tala si PNoy,,,,kung maganda dapat nakakabit sa kanya palagi,,,pero kapag pangit,,,sinisisi sa iba,,,,,

    1. mismo. parang si guingona na OA tapos single sa edad nyang ewan. tapos sabi ng mga lukaret nyang mga kapatid kelangan before sya matapos sa term magkaasawa na. bakiiit?! bakit naka sched during his term?! corrupt ang isip ng mga kapatid. no wonder ganyan kasi nga damaged family sila. suicidal ang tatay.

      1. @The Philippine Guild… matanong ko lang, pro-Marcos ka ba? Lagi mo kasing sinasabi na “suicidal ang tatay” na parang ang ibig sabihin eh nagpakamatay at hindi pinatay… sa mga pananalita mong yan, kapareho ka na ng tina”tag” ninyo dito as pro-Noynoy. Personal kung umatake, gumagamit ng mga salitang pampainis… subjective at hindi objective. At saka bakit hindi mga pangalan ng tao ang ginagamit nyo at nagkukubli kayo sa mga aliases, takot ba kayo?

  15. @Pro Pinoy:

    That’s what I call an untillegient, anti-intellectual human being. Please read the whole article before you comment on something. On those things you’ve mentioned:

    -The Hacienda Luisita issue: Since it’s the home of the Aquinos, it’s natural to have soldiers in it since Cory is a former president. And ob the killings, have you ever heard of the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis? Instead of being serious about the situation, he’s just SMILING on the freakin’ cameras!

    -At least what Gordon wanted is CHANGE and to change the mindset of the Filipino people. “Bawal ang tanga” ika nga but you chose to be “tanga” since “pagnanakaw” is the biggest sin of the Filipino w/o realizing that a sin is STILL a sin, no matter how big or small it is.

    -Hindi pwede ung tungkol sa sinabi niya na hindi niya gagawin ung mga “kahayupan ni Gloria”. In fact, if THAT is what he’ll always do, to WHINE against the past administration, then he should NEVER, EVER be a leader. In reality, he’s a COWARD. And he proves to be arrogant on what he says.

    On those that I have pointed: Is THAT what you call SINCERITY!? Please.

    On using your profane language to counter our arguments here, then congratulations since you proved yourself to be totally deluded scum who has no brains at all. In mean, Richard Gordon is right:

    “Filipinos don’t think. They REACT.”


    [PHOTO – President Benigno Aquino 3rd holds a picture of an orchid named after him—Ascocendra Benigno S. Aquino 3rd—during an orchid breed-naming ceremony at the National Orchid Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Friday. MALACAÑANG PHOTO]

    MANILA, MARCH 13, 2011 (STAR) By Aurea Calica – A number of businessmen from Indonesia and Singapore have expressed interest to invest in the Philippines and were closely watching the developments and policies of the government, President Aquino said.

    Aquino arrived from Singapore Friday night on board a Philippine Airlines flight.

    He went to Indonesia and Singapore on state visits meant to encourage investments in the country and improve ties with member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

    [PHOTO – President Benigno Simeon Aquino III exchanges pleasantries with Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. R. M. Marty Natalegawa upon arrival at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to start his five-day State Visits to Indonesia (March 7 – 9) and Singapore (March 9 – 11) Monday night March 07, 2011. (Photo by: Robert Viñas / Malacañang Photo Bureau)]

    The President said various business leaders in Indonesia have expressed interest in investing in thePhp12 million budget for P-Noy’s state visit to Indonesia and Singapore » country.

    “The groups of Salim, Lippo, Bakrie, Barito Pacific, and many others, all these taipans are ready to put up businesses in the country. Many businessmen expressed interest in various sectors, especially in tourism,” he said.

    Aquino said Singapore also expressed optimism with the direction of his administration.

    “It will be difficult to cite one by one the long list of interested investors from Singapore. They are ready to take part in the Public Private Partnerships, especially after the reforms we have started, and will continue, were explained to them. They are convinced of the steps we are taking to stamp out corruption, promote fair competition and do away with changing regulations that used to drive away business people,” he said.

    The President said businessmen in Singapore have deep interest in the tourism and energy sectors.

    He said investors from both countries are more encouraged with the impending implementation of the pocket open skies policy.

    “This means we will no longer make visitors pass through an eye of the needle just to get here. A lot more airplanes will land in our airports, the number of which we will also increase,” Aquino said.

    “We will not fail to reciprocate what they have shown us. I tasked our economic managers to form a trade and investment mission to meet with the investors so the economy will improve much faster,” he added.


    PNoy’s trips to Indonesia, Singapore cost P12-M Posted at 03/07/2011 6:18 PM | Updated as of 03/07/2011 6:20 PM

    [PHOTO – President Benigno Simeon Aquino III troops the line during the arrival honors at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to start his five-day State Visits to Indonesia (March 7 – 9) and Singapore (March 9 – 11) Monday night March 07, 2011. (Photo by: Jay Morales / Malacañang Photo Bureau)]

    MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno Aquino III and a 53-man delegation is spending P12.27 million (approximately $283,463.48) for a 4-day state visit to Indonesia and Singapore beginning March 7.

    Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. said the P12.27 million has been set aside for the two-leg state visits, excluding airfares, in line with the President’s “minimum expenditures, maximum returns” approach to foreign trips.

    “The President continues to believe that we can achieve all the targets of our foreign trips without having to spend more than what is absolutely necessary,” Ochoa said.

    The President departs Monday evening for Indonesia, where he is scheduled to meet with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudyohono and witness the signing of three agreements on basic education, sports cooperation, and cooperation on preventing and combating transnational crimes and capacity building.

    On March 9, the Chief Executive will fly to Singapore to meet with Singaporean President SR Nathan and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and discuss the Aquino administration’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, the Philippines-Singapore Action Plan, and other bilateral and ASEAN concerns.

    “The President wants to try to pack as many meetings and briefings as possible to maximize his visits to these two countries. This way, he hopes to get more done, given how short his stays in Indonesia and Singapore will be,” Ochoa said.

    Cabinet members joining the President in the state visits are Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo, and Presidential Communications Operations Office Sec. Herminio Coloma Jr.


    Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
    All rights reserved

    1. @Antipinoywhiners

      What is PNoy doing differently from what Arroyo did during her time? He used to criticise Arroyo for travelling now he realises the merits of travelling to invite more investors. 

    2. @AntiPinoy

      How about this. Yours is something that still has to happen under Penoy’s watch and the below is what has happened under GMA’s watch –

      The Philippines
      Maintaining momentum



      But the Philippines now appears to have reached a paradoxical “sweet spot” where even as the trademark to-and-fro of its politics plays out, the economy is advancing regardless. Consider the short-lived military mutiny of Nov. 29 when a soldier-turned politician and some followers took over a hotel in Manila’s Makati financial district for a few hours before surrendering to government forces. The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), with a trading floor on the next block, closed the day 1.2% up.

      Chalk it up to investors who have learned to take such dramas in their stride and Filipinos who appreciate that the country can ill afford to topple its own apple cart again. “It looks like investors are getting used to our brand of noisy politics,” says PSE President Francis Ed. Lim. “But also credit our political leaders, whether from the opposition or the administration, for the marked improvement in investors’ perceptions. Of course, politicians continue to throw barbs at each other, but this time you can sense a palpable change in their attitude. They behave and talk more responsibly. They have toned down their statements. They recognize the value of our institutions. All this is reassuring to investors.” Since President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came to power in January 2001 – after the military and business community withdrew their support for her predecessor, Joseph Estrada, amid street demonstrations led by the church and civil activists – Philippine politics have been particularly lively. Presidential polls in 2004 led to protests and bids to impeach Arroyo in the legislature. Yet GDP growth in 2005 hovered between 4% and 5%, rising to between 5% and 6% in 2006. FOR 2007, GROWTH IS EXPECTED TO HAVE REACHED 7%. (caps are mine)

      There have been ample opportunities for the customary collapse, but it hasn’t happened, despite persistent calls from Arroyo’s opponents for her to step down before her term ends in 2010. While nobody would argue that politics and economics are now decoupled in the Philippines, the economy’s strong performance is a triumph of results over rhetoric.

      (My comment: Penoy’s show stopper is the noisy minority only, eventually, he could impeached everybody he does not like including government janitors).

      IN NOVEMBER, NOTING THAT GDP GROWTH HAD REACHED 7.3% IN THE FIRST HALF OF 2007 (Trosp – GMA delivered), the World Bank hailed the Philippines as “the best-performing economy among Southeast Asian middle income countries.” In recent years, says Maryse Gautier, the bank’s Acting Country Director in the Philippines, “the country has demonstrated its ability to perform at par with or better than its neighbors on the economic front.”

      “High GDP growth, reduced public debt, a balance of payments surplus, falling interest rates, recovering financial markets and high remittance levels by overseas workers have combined to bring about the highest economic growth achieved by the Philippines in 20 years,” adds Vera Songwe, the bank’s Manila-based Senior Economist.

      “We now have our most stable macroeconomic conditions in over a decade,” says Amando M. Tetangco Jr., Governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the country’s central bank. The Philippines, he suggests, is benefiting from “an auspicious alignment of the stars.” Inflation is down, the balance of payments position in surplus ($3.8 billion in 2006 and an estimated $4.5 billion for the first seven months of 2007), and even on the fiscal front – long the economy’s Achilles Heel – the situation has turned positive. The country’s fiscal position used to be the problem, Tetangco says. “Now that has changed and the national government’s fiscal performance has improved significantly.”


      …But the episode did show that good economic sense could prevail over strenuous opposition and retail politics, he says. “We follow our political processes and respect due process, so it takes time. These are challenges. If we get over those hurdles, improve the bureaucracy, reduce power costs and continue to improve our macroeconomic fundamentals, we can grow between 7% and 9%.”


      Aquino administration: GMA Ran Economy Well
      By Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star) Updated September 02, 2010 12:00 AM


      MANILA, Philippines – Economic managers of the Aquino administration admitted yesterday that former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo did well in managing the economy during her incumbency.


      “There is no lackluster economic performance as they (Aquino administration) have been alleging. Now they are changing their statements. The figures, data and statistics could not be denied,” Lagman said, referring to the various presentations made by Purisima and Tetangco and other economic managers before the panel.

      Additional readings:

      Manila Sets Bond Pace
      January 13, 2009 by Entrepreneurs Accounting Academy


      MANILA – In a surprising sign that global credit conditions may be easing for certain emerging markets, the Philippines raised US$1.5 billion from the sale of 10-year global bonds to foreign investors, the first by any Asian country since last June. Investors gobbled up Manila’s sovereign bond issue, which was oversubscribed by four times, officials said.
      Among foreign investors, those in Asia accounted for 41% of the Philippine sovereign issue, followed by the US with 37% and Europe with 22%. “The strong interest we received from global investors was key to the completion of the deal,” said Philippine Finance Secretary Margarito Teves. “We are hopeful that our success will bode well for other Asian borrowers,” the official said. Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea have all indicated they may soon launch similar bond issues, though it is not immediately apparent their issues would generate a similar investor response.

  17. I posted this on one of your other topics. Sige in DENIAL mode pa rin KAYO!!!!

    Under this new admin all time high tayo hindi yan gawa ni GMA and idol ninyo. Tuta kayo ni Gloria. Kung may achievement si Noynoy gawa yan ni gloria kung nagkamali si PNOY. BWAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PSE index breaches 3,800, tests all-time high
    (The Philippine Star) Updated September 09, 2010 12:00 AM Comments (0)

    MANILA, Philippines – Local share prices bucked yesterday the general downtrend in the Asian region to extend its winning streak for a seventh session in a row.
    The main index of the Philippine Stock Exchange rose 29.31 points to close at 3,804.73, just a few points shy of its historical high.
    Analysts said the rise was contributed mostly by blue chips like conglomerate Ayala Corp., property developer Ayala Land Inc., and banking heavyweights, Bank of the Philippine Islands and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.
    Based on PSE data, the index’s closing level was the highest since Oct. 19, 2007 when it closed at 3,819.75. Yesterday’s advance brings the market’s gains to 6.8 percent in the last seven sessions, making it the local stock market’s longest winning streak since May 2009.
    The PSE recorded an all time high last Oct. 8, 2007 at 3,873.50.
    Traders said investor sentiment continues to be upbeat, with many maintaining the view that the country’s strong fundamentals will drive up corporate earnings.
    At this rate, they said the main index could hit the significant 4,000 mark by the end of the year.
    Market breadth was positive, with advancers beating decliners 97 to 43, while 37 issues finished unchanged.
    A total of 2.11 billion shares worth a hefty P6.12 billion changed hands.
    Other blue chips were snapped up by investors, including conglomerate SM Investments Corp. which surged by three percent to P505.
    “We continue to be buoyed by global investor optimism. The PSE is encouraged by these favorable global market trends as a testament to the steps and reforms we have undertaken to boost the market,” PSE President and Chief Executive Officer Val Antonio B. Suarez said.
    The PSE continues to undertake several initiatives to broaden the market’s breadth and dept including the introduction of new investment products and the successful roll-out of a new trading system last July.
    Meanwhile, gold prices settled at a record high Tuesday following renewed worries about European banks and the global economy.
    Gold for December delivery added $8.20 to settle at $1,259.30 an ounce after reaching $1,261.60 earlier in the day. Its record high settlement price was $1,258.30 an ounce, although it has reached an intraday high of $1,266.50 an ounce. Both occurred in late June.
    Some analysts believe gold could rise even higher in the months ahead as investors use the asset as a hedge against riskier bets and as more people buy gold during the fall festival season in India.
    IG Markets analyst Dan Cook speculated gold could reach $1,295 an ounce to $1,300 an ounce this fall. He noted gold prices have risen in September in all but three of the past 15 years.
    Investors focused on reports that raised concerns about the global economy.
    European Union finance ministers acknowledged the recovery remains fragile, and news reports said European banks may have more risky government debt on their books than previously disclosed.
    A Wall Street Journal report claimed European “stress tests” of 91 banks in July understated some lenders’ holdings of potentially risky debt. The Financial Times said Germany’s top 10 banks will have to raise as much as euro105 billion ($135 billion) to meet new capital requirements.
    “Against that backdrop, I think you’ll continue to see strong investment demand for gold as a hedge,” CPM Group analyst Carlos Sanchez said.
    The combined report also hit other commodities, which ended the day on a mixed note.
    In metals contracts for December delivery, silver slipped 3.5 cents to settle at $19.914 an ounce and copper lost 2.95 cents to $3.4705 a pound.
    September palladium fell $7.45 to settle at $521.60 an ounce and October platinum settled down $4.80 at $1,556.30 an ounce.
    Energy contracts were mixed.
    In October contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange, benchmark crude fell 51 cents to settle at $74.09 a barrel; heating oil added 1.7 cents to $2.0743 a gallon, gasoline rose 1.34 cents to settle at $1.9329 a gallon and natural gas lost 2.7 cents to settle at $3.852 per 1,000 cubic feet.

    1. @Antipinoywhiners

      Your mentality is so similar to this:

      What is a Noynoymon?

      A Noynoymon is a die-hard fanatic of Noynoy Aquino with the belief that all who dare oppose Noynoy are unpatriotic because they believe that all righteousness in the world is monopolized by Noynoy.

      1.) A Noynoymon voted for Noynoy because of the logic that if you’re parents are good, you are too are certainly good.

      2.) A Noynoymon will damn you as evil if you mistakenly believe in the ideals of Gibo, Villar or Erap because Noynoy’s way is the only righteous way.

      3.) A Noynoymon never admits that Noynoy may have made a mistake and will find justifications why one should not blasphemize Noynoy’s sacred name.

      4.) A Noynoymon saw Noynoy to be the most righteous candidate and never realized that a pastor, a theologian and a lifelong red cross volunteer also ran for president (Eddie Villanueva, JC Delos Reyes and Dick Gordon).

      5.) A Noynoymon believes competence and experience are not important in running an entire country for six long years. “Have faith in Noynoy, give him a chance.”

      6.) A Noynoymon is eager to boast of Noynoy’s achievements but will never dare to compare him side-by-side with other politicians’ achievements.

      7.) A Noynoymon believes the Philippine President has no power at all to find a way to efficiently aid Hacienda Luisita victims.

      8.) A Noynoymon believes that appointment of close friends, giving maximum pork barrel and elbowing opposing parties are not forms of corruption. It’s evil if GMA does it but there’s a perfectly good reason if Noynoy does it.

      9.) A Noynoymon demands that you agree with them, but will never agree with you.

      10.) A Noynoymon believes that if you are not one of them, then you are dividing the country. In forming their loyal group, it’s not them who segregated the country into groups. It’s your fault, you unrighteous citizen!

      Noynoymons have closed minds and closed hearts. They decide based on passion, not reason. They are good in afterthought justifications to never admit their idol’s flaws. They never see the truth because they are too proud to be proven wrong.

    2. @AntiPinoy

      Let’s have a comparison. A snippet from your comment copy and paste:

      “The main index of the Philippine Stock Exchange rose 29.31 points to close at 3,804.73, just a few points shy of its historical high.”

      Perhaps the historical high that was being referred to has been from GMA’s watch:

      “The benchmark 30-company Philippine Stock Exchange Index gained 38.69 points, or 1.1 percent, at 3,505.03, adding to Monday’s 0.5 percent gain.”

      Read on –

      PSE Index Climbs to Record High
      Peso exchange rate enters P45/$ 1 range
      May 23, 2007, 8:00am

      Local stocks hit a new record high while the peso advanced further to break into P45/$ 1 range yesterday as investors bet on companies likely to post strong earnings this year and a generally positive economic outlook, fuelled by strong remittances and investment inflows.

      The benchmark 30-company Philippine Stock Exchange Index gained 38.69 points, or 1.1 percent, at 3,505.03, adding to Monday’s 0.5 percent gain.

      The peso strengthened further to close at R45.87 to the dollar, its highest level since early 2001. It has gained about 6.7 percent so far this year and about 3 percent this month alone.

      Volume of trading at the Philippine Dealing Exchange of the Bankers Association of the Philippines remained heavy for the second straight day at over billion yesterday, from $ 971.85 million on Monday.

      Strong investor confidence in the Philippine economy is driving the peso to new multiyear highs against the US dollar, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando Tetangco said.

      While the strong peso helps tame inflation, Tetangco warned that the rapid appreciation of the local currency could spur volatility.

      “The positive sentiment on the economy continues to boost the peso. Recent moves indicate the momentum built by this sentiment,” said Tetangco.

      “A strong peso is good for taming inflation. There are however challenges to this welcome development such as potential exchange rate volatility, particularly if the speed of the move is rapid,” he said.

      Dealers said a combination of factors continue to drive the peso higher — firm demand for local stocks, strong remittance inflows and a general pickup in risk appetite that is benefiting Asia’s highyielding currencies.

      “It is mostly the positive regional sentiment that’s driving the peso,” said a trader in Manila. “We should see some (dollar) short-covering interest here.”

      “This (stock) rally is momentum driven, riding on the back of solid local fundamentals and the generally positive sentiment on equities worldwide,” said AB Capital Securities research director Jose Vistan.

      “We are indeed on a roll,” said Philippine Stock Exchange Chairman Jose Vitug, adding the index has gained 16.2 percent so far this year, after rising 42.3 percent in 2006 and 15 percent the year before.

      Vitug credited the government’s performance in narrowing the budget deficit, taming inflation and inducing a drop in interest rates.

      Analysts said investors were upbeat about the outlook for the domestic economy and snapped up companies that had performed well in the first quarter and were likely to deliver better results for the rest of the year.

      This helped offset negative sentiment stemming from a mixed performance on Wall Street overnight and higher oil prices which had limited gains elsewhere in the region.

      The composite index closed up 38.69 points at 3,505.03, surpassing Monday’s record of 3,466.34, after setting an intraday record high of 3,505.66. The broader all-share index gained 21.94 points to 2,234.47.

      Gainers beat losers 63 to 46, while 57 stocks ended flat. A total of 7.4 billion shares worth P7.3 billion ($ 158 million) were traded.

      “The market is in unchartered territory and is still looking at where momentum will be capped,” said Rommel Macapagal of Westlink Global Equities. “We touched the 3,500 mark and in the next few days we’ll see if the market can hold ground.”

      Astro del Castillo, managing director at First Grade Holdings, said strong economic fundamentals could see the market sustain gains in the near term. “It’s hard to stop the bulls at this point. The market apparently ignored the Dow Jones industrials’ weak close overnight and even higher oil prices. “Investors are very focused on accumulating stocks that are doing good and are seen to perform consistently throughout the year,” del Castillo said.

      President Gloria Arroyo, in a surprise visit to the trading floor, congratulated stock exchange executives, saying prudent fiscal spending had improved the economy.

      “We thank the investors community for acknowledging the nation’s hard won advances in the fiscal consolidation, economic growth and political stability,” Arroyo said.

      Arroyo said the public can “look forward to the further run of the bulls to many more unheard of heights.”

      Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. climbed 2.3 percent at P66.50, Manila Electric Co. B shares surged 5 percent at P94, and Bank of the Philippine Islands was up 2.2 percent at P70.

      Ayala Land Inc. was higher by 1.6 percent at P15.75.

      Power distributor Manila Electric Co (Meralco) Bshares, open to both local and foreign investors gained P4.50 to P94.00, while its A-shares, limited to Filipinos, added 4.50 to 93.50.

      Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co was up 10.00 at 2,550.00.

      Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co edged up 1.50 to 66.50 and Bank of the Philippine Islands inched up 1.50 to 70.00.

      1. @AntiPinoy

        I forgot to include the additional reading –

        Economy of the Philippines
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


        The administration under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo pushed toward faster economic growth. Arroyo’s stance towards economic improvement since 2004 has seen the Philippines re-emerge as one of the growing economies in Southeast Asia. In 2004, the Philippine economy grew by 6.1%, beating most analysts and even the government’s estimates. In 2005, the Philippine peso posted an appreciation rate of 6%—the fastest in the Asian region for that year. However, higher oil prices led to growth amounting to 5.1%. The Philippines is still faced with the challenge of generating income internally. In comparison to other countries, it relies disproportionately on remittances from overseas which are equivalent to around 11.17% of GDP.[13] During 2006, the economy posted a 5.4% growth, dampened by two typhoons which wreaked havoc on the agricultural sector.

        The local stock market hit a record high on June 1, 2007[citation needed] while the peso was trading at around PHP 41.31 to a US dollar, making it then Asia’s best performing currency by sharply appreciating nearly 19%.[14]

    3. @AntiPinoyWhiner

      Denial mode or Pinagsabihan ng matino mode?

      Ilan artikulo na ginamit ko noon para contrahan ang papel mung basis noon. Pinagsabihan ka na nga ng matino, mang ga-gago ka pa? Nako. Hindi talaga pwede tulungan ang mga ayaw matuto.

  18. HOY 7% growth na tayo. Living under a rock much with Gloria the MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT EVER!?

    GDP up by 7.3% in 2010
    Highest in 24 years
    January 31, 2011, 7:28pm
    MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine economy, as measured by the gross domestic product (GDP), expanded by 7.3 percent in 2010, the highest in 24 years. The growth was achieved on the back of a strong foreign trade performance and election spending.
    The last time the domestic economy grew at this pace was in 1986 following the restoration of democracy in the country after a bloodless People Power revolution that catapulted President Benigno S. Aquino III’s mother, Corazon C. Aquino to power.
    The strong economic growth came during a period of peaceful political transition for the Philippines as Aquino easily won the presidential elections in May last year to succeed former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the nation’s leader.
    Year-on-year comparison showed that GDP for 2010 grew by leaps and bounds as against the dismal 0.9 percent GDP performance in 2009, the country’s lowest in 11 years as the Philippines struggled amid the global financial crisis.
    “From a low base in 2009, significant economic developments both from the supply and demand sides characterized output expansion in 2010. For instance, economic activities were geared toward higher value-added activities as industry outpaced the services and agriculture sectors,” Socio-economic Planning Secretary and National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Director General Cayetano Paderanga said.
    Market players, on the other hand, traced the good economic performance to the trust and confidence in the new leadership. “This is an extension of the optimism that has followed the new government,” Radhika Rao, an economist at Forecast Pte in Singapore, said.
    Aside from the optimism, Rao said the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) managed to maintain benign inflation that has contributed to better spending trends and positive consumption.
    BSP Governor Amando M. Tetangco Jr., so far, kept inflation below 5 percent in the past 21 months while holding the benchmark rate at a record low since July 2009.
    “We had already incorporated a higher Q4 2010 growth rate than the official government target in our forecast exercise. So for purposes of our forecast path, the higher than market expectation GDP growth would not necessarily throw this off. Inflation remains manageable,” Tetangco said.
    “There is sufficient liquidity in the system to fund further growth. As long as the unwinding of funds kept with the BSP is orderly and such funds are channeled to productive uses, this should not necessarily be inflationary,” Tetangco added.
    Paderanga said the robust economic performance for 2010, which is well within the forecast of 7 to 7.4 percent, implies that the domestic economy could be on its way to a higher growth trajectory.
    “We are happy to note that the 2010 economic performance bolsters confidence that the economy is on a path of strong recovery,” said Paderanga.
    Malacañang is confident that the country’s quick economic growth will be sustained in the coming years due to the government’s ongoing social programs, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) remittances, and foreign direct investments.
    “First, the conditional cash transfers (CCT) and our social services, we’re banking on that to help keep our consumption buoyant; second, we continue to expect remittances from abroad; and third, we continue to expect to have more direct investments from investors outside of the country,” Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said in a press briefing.
    “All these three things taken together, we expect to help keep a healthy economy,” she added.
    Paderanga noted that from a strong start of 7.8 percent in the first quarter, GDP growth sustained its momentum during the next three quarters of 2010 – 8.2 percent in the second quarter, 6.3 percent in the third quarter and 7.1 percent in the fourth quarter.
    A broader measure, the country’s gross national product (GNP) in 2010 grew by 7.2 percent on account of the 6 percent growth in net factor income from abroad otherwise known as dollar remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Compensation income from abroad grew relatively slower as the peso strengthened in 2010.
    It was noted that OFW remittances overseas have not taken a hit after the global financial crisis and these things contribute to strong domestic demand.
    The National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) cited the global economic recovery as a major contributor in the strong performance by helping to boost exports and revive key industries.
    “The global economic recovery which resulted in record growth rates of foreign trade… contributed to an economic performance in 2010 that well surpassed the government’s target of 5.0 percent to 6.0 percent,” NSCB, in a statement, said.
    Renewed global demand for Philippine exports allowed industrial growth to accelerate to 8.3 percent in the final quarter of 2010, up from 3.8 percent during the same period the previous year, NSCB said.
    Better weather towards the end of the year helped the struggling farming sector, pulling up the agriculture sector to a growth of 5.4 percent in the final three months of the year after storms and drought led to negative growth in the previous four consecutive quarters, NSCB said.
    Only two typhoons hit the country compared to seven in the last quarter of 2009. The full-year agriculture, fishery and forestry (AFF) production remained subdued due to the lingering effects of the El Nino weather phenomenon in the first half of 2010 and contributed a negative 0.1 percentage point to GDP.
    Other growth drivers include the services sector, which contributed 3.5 percentage points to GDP growth, boosted by the strong performance of trade and private services. This was complemented by flourishing domestic investment, strong growth of business process outsourcing, hotels and restaurants, wholesale and retail trade, and import and export trade. (With a report from Madel Sabater)

      1. Sige di tayo bilib kay Noynoy pero super bilib na ako kay GMA. The COUNTRYS BIGGEST LIAR EVER!!!!. LOLOLOLOLOL. GMA Worshippers!!!

        1. Ah basta ako kay Noynoy, kasi anak siya ni Cory, kapatid niya si Chris, tsaka sikat siya and mabait… Talsik dyan Gloria!! LOL

    1. @AntiPinoyWhiners


      Arroyo tops RP Presidents on economy- ‘CUTE ECONOMIST’

      Which of the Philippines’ most recent Presidents succeeded in strengthening the economy and has the chance of having his or her economic legacy appreciated by future generations?

      Will it be the “the lawyer, the housewife, the general, the actor or the cute economist?”

      President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the cute economist, is the winner, according to economists from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) at a briefing hosted by the Bank of Commerce in Baguio City last Thursday.

      Each President’s performance was assessed in the context of the historical environment in which they ruled, said UA&P professor Emilio Antonio Jr., who is also president of the Center for Research and Communication Foundation.

      Ms Arroyo, who has often said that she would want to be remembered for her contributions to the economy, may well be right, gauging by the relatively good health of businesses in northern Luzon, according to economist Ramon Quesada, former director of the UA&P School of Economics.

      Economy moves

      Antonio said it was during Ms Arroyo’s watch that the Philippine economy “definitely moved on” after the crisis of the martial law years.
      According to Antonio, Ms Arroyo should be credited for the Philippines’ improved income and spending balance and manageable inflation rate.
      This was a turnaround for the country after it was “brought to great heights and then great depths” by the “lawyer,” the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in the 1970s, Antonio said.

      The “housewife,” President Corazon Aquino, tried to restore the economy but did not succeed, Antonio said

      ‘Lost to us’

      The “general,” former President Fidel Ramos, a hero of the first EDSA People Power Revolution, pursued industrialization but the 1980s and the 1990s—when he and Aquino took power— should “already be considered lost to us” because these decades saw a dramatic financial decline for the country, said Antonio.
      The “actor,” ousted President Joseph Estrada who was convicted for plunder, won election a year after the 1997 Asian financial crisis which brought havoc to world trade, he said.
      Antonio said the reforms, attributable to the Arroyo administration, “are probably the roots of the economy’s strong points.”
      He said the “blows from the global recession” did not knock out the country because of the reforms introduced in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis.

      Tight watch on spending

      Antonio cited the fact that the country’s price environment has stabilized since after the time of Marcos.
      The inflation rate shot up to an average 14.3 percent during the martial law years, pulling up interest rates to 14.4 percent, according to a comparative chart drawn up by Antonio.
      The inflation rate tapered down to 9.8 percent during Aquino’s term, gradually declined to 8.2 percent under Ramos and 6.6 percent under Estrada, until it reached 5.5 percent today, equipping the economy with a moderate 7.7 percent interest rate, said Antonio.
      Consequently, the buying power of the average Filipino grew from 3.2 percent during the Marcos regime, to 4.1 percent under Aquino; stumbled to 3.9 percent under Ramos; restored to 4.1 percent under Estrada; and finally to 5.6 percent under Arroyo, he said.


      The figures from the Marcos-to-Estrada years were the lessons that compelled Ms Arroyo to apply a tight watch on spending that allowed the country to earn three months’ worth of cash reserves this year, Antonio said.
      As for what is in store for the economy, Antonio said he foresees an “onslaught of doomsday pronouncements” because financial turmoil in the United States is not about to end.

      “Politicians who are positioning themselves for 2010 will insist that we are on the brink of a big economic disaster,” he said.
      According to Antonio, many economists subscribe to the conventional wisdom which states that when the US, a major trade partner, “sneezes, we catch pneumonia.”

      But he said an internal review of businesses in the country would reveal that the problem is an erosion of competitiveness, weak employment generation and the private sector’s unwillingness “to bet on ourselves.”
      “We should not blame the world,” he said.

      Remittances to shoot up

      Quesada said naysayers ignore the fact that the sustained remittances from overseas Filipino workers and Filipino migrants are expected to shoot up to P771 billion this year because of the improved peso-dollar exchange rate.
      Antonio noted that the Philippines never caught the “recession virus” because the country’s troubles are shaped by “perceptions and fears.”
      He said “asset markets remain jumpy due to bad sentiments [and] the effects of sentiments on spending and investment activities cannot be discounted.”

      “Keep your cool,” he said. “Don’t lose your focus on business possibilities.”

      By Vincent Cabreza- Inquirer Northern Luzon

    2. @AntiPinoy

      Reading from your copy and paste, from which I won’t to google anything anymore, the below are the data:

      Our GDP Performance 2010 GMA/Penoy Governance

      1st Q (Jan to Mar) 7.8% (strong start-under GMA’s watch)
      2nd Q (Apr toJun) 8.2% (attributed to election but still under GMA,s watch)
      3rd Q (Jul to Sep) 6.3% (strong decline under Penoy’s watch)
      4th Q (Oct to Dec) 7.1% (recovering under Penoy’s watch)

      Let the data speaks for itself.

      BTW, may I ask if you really know what you’re copying and pasting? I could even surmised that you’re living in LA LA land.

      Baka hindi mo maintindihan, sa ating pananalita:

      “Syangapala, pwede ko bang maitanong sa iyo kung alam mo yung mga ipinagkakalat mo dito? Naiisip ko na lang na na isa kang taong walang kamalayan.”

      1. by translating, are you implying that those who can understand English is superior in intellect than those who can’t?

  19. Hoy Winky Wala po akong paki kung sino ang tatay at nanay ni NOYNOY. Kahit de la cruz ang pangalan niya. Wala akong paki. Etong si ilda, jay at big0 dinidefend pa nila si GMA na isang KORAPT na presidente. Si big0 pa in denial mode pa yan sa state ng stock market ng Pinas. Macroeconomic blah blah blah. Asenso na tayo sa pamahalaan ni PNOY.

    1. You must be blind, or without brains or both. People are already eating “Pag-pag Foods”. Garbage Foods taken from Garbage Dumps…And you call this “asenso tayo” ?
      This is the way Yellow Horde Nazis think…they are imbeciles like their Patron: Noynoy Aquino…
      I don’t favor any President, present or previous….they are all corrupt and self-serving…However, we need to live in our World of Realities…Hard times are ahead for all of us…We need to wake up…not to put our Yellow Tinted Glasses, to look at things…

    2. Deluded troll is indeed, DELUDED.

      Just wait for 2 years and you will be proven WRONG. BTW, bakit pa rin tumataas ang presyo ng mga bilihin (and COUNTING) kung umunlad ang ating ekonomiya? You didn’t vote for Noynoy, but you supported him, proving that you’re a mindless Yellow Zombie who craves for more Yellow Propaganda adding up with mindless blabber.

      Deal with it. 😛

        1. Mga maliliit na bagay na walang kwenta sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas lang ang “kapalpakan” na iyan eh.

          Nobel Peace Prize boycott, Hostage Taking, Mai Mislang, Pilipinas Kay Ganda etc. Walang kwenta iyan sa ekonomiya.

          Under Noynoy Aquino the people will get TRUTH and Justice. Walang truth and Justice sa Pilipinas noong panahon ni Gloria. We will get many legal victories against the corrupt!!! Si Noynoy lang ang may moral capacity. Si Dick Gordon na kandidato ng mga anti Pinoy ay mataba, mayabang, at makasarili. Ginamit pa niya ang Red Cross sa resume niya for election purposes!!!!! Di ko binoto si Noynoy pero alam ko siya lang ang may integridad.

          Lahat ng mga oligarch, Kamaganak etc. Lopez abscbn sa site nito ay conspiracy theories lang.

        2. Dong bago ako maniwala sayo dapat makulong muna si Arroyo, eh hanggang ngayon di parin mapatunayan kung involbe nga siya e. Kung sina Marcos ang tagal na wala sa palasyo hanggang ngayon di pa nakukulong sina GMA pa kaya?

          Hmmm… wala palang kuwenta pala yung mga diplomatic failure ni PNoy… interesante!!!

    3. Asenso na ba kay PNoy after less than a year? Asenso na ba kahit wala pa namang ibang ginagawa? Nananaginip ka pala.

      Are you saying that those OFWs who came home unexpectedly from the Middle East don’t have to worry about finding a job outside of the country again? Galing ni PNoy! No one has to leave the country again! Yeba!

      1. i’m starting to realize that ngoyngoy is the freddy krueger of international diplomacy — dealing with the loveless (nobody wants to love him) president is a nightmare as experienced by china, the UK, japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, etc. the list is piling up.

    4. Wow! This has become now a battle of newspaper clippings. Lovely!


      The downside of media technology (audio and print) is the greater chances of bombarding the public with all sorts of information. Now, you have two choices in dealing it: Take responsibility by using your reasons to sift through the information and absorb only the facts. The facts can be relative depending on whose perspective you are in. Facts can be relative particularly if you have prior bias. Thus, to squeeze the truth out of facts presented requires work. Research. More research. Find out the truth. Don’t just rely on one reference.

      Formulate your own conclusion without prejudice, after all, everyone is besmirched. But you can always use reasons in penetrating the information and grasp on the truth.

      The second choice after reading is, actually, what you are doing. No need to elucidate on this I reckon.

      Have fun analyzing!

      1. IMO, reasons are for opinions and data are for facts.

        In the blogsphere discussion, oftentimes. one can always put up a speculation without any problem. But it’s very hard to be challenged with facts when one put up an opinion.

        Of course, for some or for most people, there is no such thing as “wrong opinion”.

        1. Some facts don’t speak of the truth from both sides. Some facts are truthful but they don’t present the whole truth, which means, portions of the facts are eradicated. And these portions that are excluded can have contradictory impact to the fact chosen to be presented.

          Mostly, facts that are presented one-side or single side are biased. For example, newspapers published articles that the GDP increased and they relate it to P-Noy’s admin. While there is truth about the GDP increasing, there is less truth or absence of truth about linking it to P-Noy’s merits or publish an article that presents a picture to the public that P-Noy is doing good because he brings the good news about the GDP. Thus, the public would believe that he’s doing his job, when in fact, it wasn’t his doing at all; it was GMA’s. This is what I meant about reading news articles from print media and online newspapers. There’s wisdom when one doesn’t just rely on what is fed on one’s minds. 

          But thank you Trosp. 🙂

        2. Thus, the newspapers chose to eradicate the fact/truth that it was GMA’s initiatives, and therefore would only be rightful and proper to allude the GDP growth to her and not to P-Noy. You see, while there were no articles that directly presented P-Noy as the ONE who made this growth possible, they were (are you familiar with subliminal stimulation?) however presented as such that the readers or the Filipinos (especially his supporters) would infer that P-Noy is a good leader because he brought the good news, which is the GDP growth. But come to think of it, GDP is not a very reliable indicator of economic growth. 🙂

          This is also my IMO Trosp. No offense meant, please. 🙂

        3. He he he, we’re just discussing things.

          But then if we’re talking about news, the ones that are being delivered to us by journalists. I’ve noticed in these news outlets – Inquirer for broadshit and Ch 2 for TV editorialized news. They’re what I call advocacy journalism. I can only surmise that these journalists, their mantra, is not to deliver news right but getting the news out based on their agenda.

          They editorialize news. Some call it judgementalism instead of journalism. They won’t let facts get in a way of an agenda based news. I also call them quack media as in quack doctor.

          Have you ever heard of JournoList? For a start, try reading them at

          How about “climategate”? Maybe you’re aware of it already but for those who are uninitiated yet, for a start, try reading them at

          The thing is this climategate was a news in both US of America and Europe in 2009 but from that date up to now, nothing about it in all our major news outlets.

          Take this quack journalism from New York Times, on their journalistic quackery:

          On climategate issue where people has to know the anomaly in global warming/climate change/climate crisis (they’re always rebranding it) data collection –

          “The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won’t be posted here.” Andrew Revkin, Environment Editor, New York Times Nov 20, 2009.

          And on wikileaks issue where its disclosure would endanger people’s lives –

          “The articles published today and in coming days are based on thousands of United States embassy cables, the daily reports from the field intended for the eyes of senior policy makers in Washington. The New York Times and a number of publications in Europe were given access to the material several weeks ago and agreed to begin publication of articles based on the cables online on Sunday. The Times believes that the documents serve an important public interest, illuminating the goals, successes, compromises and frustrations of American diplomacy in a way that other accounts cannot match.” New York Times editorial 29/11/2010

          My apology ilda for being very OT.

      2. Trosp:

        going back to your previous post:

                                    “reasons are for opinions and data are for facts”

        My point is that, even the factuality/factualness of data is relative. It is that simple. 🙂

        Yes, reasons are used in formulating opinions. But where would you found or institute your reasons? ^_~

        1. @Kizmet
          Facts are facts…they are relative on your Point of View…on what your Five Senses can comprehend, as they relay them to your Brain (if, you have one…).
          If a Yellow Horde Nazi Spokesman, tells me : “I am living in a Progressive (“Asenso Tayo”); World of Reality…However, my Stomach is already Grumbling and Complaining, that it needs Food.
          Or, if the Yellow Horde Nazi Spokesman , points out the abundance of Gourmet Foods, in the Philippines, as featured in the Yellow Horde Nazi TV/Media Center…and I am struggling to look for: recycled Foods (Pag-pag Foods), from the Garbage Dumps, to feed myself and my family…This is where, the World of Reality, and the World of Induced Delusion, collides…

        2. I don’t understand why you’re attacking me as I am not part of the yellow zombies. I only pointed out that not everything made available to the public is real. You are right in your position. I don’t think there is a need to add if I’ve got brains.

        3. @K

          We’re really have a different perception on facts but I will avoid dwelling on it any further in this thread since that subject is an OT one.

          We may discuss it further on my fb.

          BTW, thanks for the time.

    5. Macroeconomic blah blah blah. Asenso na tayo sa pamahalaan ni PNOY.

      Funny you say that, because you are putting all your eggs in the basket of the Philippines continued economic growth on PNoy who hasn’t even sat down for a year and have 1-2 biased news articles that point to GDP, which as k.izmet has also posted awhile back has flaws depending on how its interpreted. Besides, you being the non-idiot poster you are should know that economic policies and its effects aren’t going to be felt years after its initial implementation, considering that its a continued effort on many sides in order to obtain the desired results.

      PGMA helped kick start the remittances as well and promoting more OFW business, also despite the fact that she rode the call center tide lat and made something out of that. That is fact. Asa kanya din ang maayos na budget spending at sana na magandang proyekto na kaya magpadagdag pa ng pag asa sa pilipinas tulad ng Airport sa former Clark Air Base. Anu ginawa ni PNoy tungkol doon? Wala at na cancel nya,

      Kung talagang mahalaga sa iyo ang tamang pag asenso, di mo ma bale wala ang micro economic ek-ek na ina ayaw mo. Lalo na walang ebidensya na matino para salpakin na KORUPT si PGMA, at lalong mas korupt sya sa bida mo na si Benigno Aquino da Turd.

      1. even the sources of the clippings is not reliable. for this administration, i would rather read about good stuff from non-Philippines sources as well as the non-mainstream ones like ABS, GMA and INQ

  20. Just wanna point out:

    “Change or a progress doesn’t come up in an INSTANT. It’s always on a PROCESS.”

    AntiPinoyWhiners’ post doesn’t even makes sense at all. GMA ended her term in June 2010 while the news on the 7% GNP increase is on SEPTEMBER 2010. THREE MONTHS AFTER her term and Noynoy succeeded. Does that mean that Noynoy has practiced witchcraft and wizardry??? Or does AntiPinoyWhiners do that?

    Maniniwala ako if we talk about REALITY. Troll harder, jerk. Reality is not fantasy.

    1. @ AlvinEternal

      Susmaryosep!!! Malakas po ang 4th Q GDP growth natin po. Wala na si Manang Gloria nun. Malamang si Noynoy ang gumawa nun!

      1. at di dahil sa progress ni PGMA na pinag tyagaan nya ng mahigit na sampung taon term nya, kay say tatlong buwan na tinulugan ni PNoy? Hanep logic mo.

        Its one thing to be able to bring up facts and twist it to your own interpretation, as what history books have done. It is another to stick to your bias, claim its a universal truth without doing any hearty analysis. And that is what APW is doing. Much like when people claim I’m being an asshole when I call them on their stupidity in the posts, then drop ‘F’ bombs left and right, claiming I should be nicer.

      2. Sorry, deluded trollfag. But I will believe in you if Filipinos have “superhuman” reflexes when it comes to work, etc. But NO. I will believe if GMA was ousted duing 2008 or 2009 and Noynoy is the president per se. But human progress doesn’t take in a SHORT TIME on months but YEARS. Sorry, but we at AP are in denial here. And the oligarchy are NOT conspiracy theories. At all. Try to real here. If not, then…

        “Saa, jigoku o tanoshimina…”

        *Daido thumbs down*

        1. Correction: NOT in denial. AntiPinoyWhiners is someone in denial here and not us. 😛 Mods, delete my post if necessary.

          Actually, the Lopezes owned ABIAS-CBN. The Kamag-Anak, Inc. is REAL, and the oligarchy is REAL. The oligarchs are surpressing the economy due to the 60/40 provision of our 1987 Constitution. So AntiPinoyWhiners is the one who is a conspiracy theorist.

          Let’s be REAL here.

    2. @AlvinEternal
      The Point here is: Noynoy Aquino promised, during the election to voters: Hope, Change, Progress, etc…When he “got elected’…he cannot deliver his promises…Are we at fault in blaming him? Why did he delude people to vote for him?

  21. There are Noynoy “supporters” out there who aren’t true yellow Noynoymons but give him a two thumbs up anyway. They may have voted for someone else or abstained but more or less explain why Noynoy is well loved for non Aquino legacy related reasons.
    (1) People who don’t really buy the Aquino legacy crap but give Noynoy a thumbs up for being anti GMA.
    (2) People who just ride the bandwagon and support him for being popular. (3) People who voted someone else or abstained but liked him as a second choice. (4) Jejemons who don’t really know much about Noynoy but give positive reviews because the media paints him as a paragon of virtue. They probably voted for him or maybe not.

  22. @ ilda, Trosp, etc.

    Masyadong obvious na dinoktor ni GMA ang economic data na inihaharap ninyo dito. Hindi po ho nakikinabang ang mga Pinoy sa mga kapalmuks ni Manang Gloria na yan. Wala kaming nararamdaman. Mas bilib ako kay Noynoy na hindi KORAPT kahit di ko siya binoto.

    1. kung mas bilib ka kay noynoy, eh di tuloy ang kasaysayan na magaganap na talaga sa administrasyon ni noynoy; Walang asenso, puro pag mamanahan at kung ikan sa ingles, ‘average at best’. At kung bilib ka rin sa bida mo, bakit ayaw labanan nga nya ang pag korupt nya at kasuhin sya, kahit lagpasan o mag assemble ng batas para maka sagot sya sa mga pag ma mali nya?

    2. Sorry, but Noynoy can be considered as CORRUPT because he doesn’t even chose the best men in his Cabinet; halos lahat “bayad-utang”. And during his tenure as a Senator, he doesn’t even pass a bill. Doing NOTHING can be also considered as corruption.

      He has integrity? Blaming the past administration, choosing not the best, and taking credit. Is THAT what you call INTEGRITY??? Whoa.

      Obvious naman na dinoktor MO iyan since you’re a typical Yellow Zombie. A NEVER zombie like me is better than you.

      *Daido thumbs down*

    3. @AntiPinoy

      Hindi ko na inisip kung iyong ipinagkalat mo dito ay kalokohan lang dahil ang pinangalingan ay mapapagkatiwalaan naman.

      Sundan mo ako sa pagbasa. (Huwag mong bibilisan dahil alam kong mababa ang kakayahan mo sa pang-unawa. Tinagalog ko na nga dahil sa tingin ko pati pagbabaybay ay litaw na litaw ang kabobohan mo. Pasintabi sa mga bobo kung mainsulto kayo na isama ko sa inyong kahanayan si AP sa pagiging bobo rin. Nag-iisip pa ako ng tamang paglalarawan niya).

      Ang ipinagkalat kong impormasyon dito ay may nakalathalang pagsang-ayon naman mula sa mga tao ni Penoy. Paano mo masasabi na dinoktor ‘yon?

      Ang impormasyon ko tungkol sa GTD ay galing din sa impormasyon mo. Nangangahulugan ba na dinuktor yung mga ipinagkalat mo dito?

      Ako ay nakakasiguro na ang binasa mo lang ang tittulo at hindi na ang kabuuan ng mga ikinalat mo dito.

      Ayokong pahabain ang mga isinusulat ko. Alam kong kapag mahigit sa isang pangungusap ay hindi na kaya ng iyong kaalaman.

  23. @K

    We’re really have a different perception on facts but I will avoid dwelling on it any further in this thread since that subject is an OT one.

    We may discuss it further on my fb just in case.

    BTW, thanks for the time.

  24. let’s face it, graft and corruption will always be there … as long as they deliver I wouldn’t mind … we won’t go far with honesty and in our case kindness is a sign of weakness because PNoy tries so hard to please everyone in the wrong way …
    he is praise-hungry … who do you think is impressed with hotdogs and pizza, it’s the masa
    so what is this admin going to do now? show off its cost cutting measures to impress the useless majority (sorry but they really are)? and in what way was the country benefitted by the hotdog lunch or whatever that was … ok PNoy, i’m impressed but let’s get back to work now!
    there’s corruption in SG … of course it is guilty but at a tolerable level, just enough to level the playing field, running the country is not about being God-fearing and accounting for each and every single cent in your pocket
    seriously, i want to see someone with balls, i want the president to scare the people, instill fear in the people … we need to be disciplined … enough of all the democracy and freedom and rights BS coz in the last 15 years or so it has led us nowhere 

    1. seriously, i want to see someone with balls, i want the president to scare the people, instill fear in the people

      That happened 40 some odd years ago and in the end, even the people got fed up because they didn’t take too kindly to the discipline in the long run. We don’t need THAT one person. We need a system and persons. Ones that respect the kind of values that system is intended to run for the better of society. One that will really make you want to earn freedom and rights, because nobody has yet to earn them for over 100 years.

      1. i mean i still believe in one person or group of persons with the right belief and quoting you the right kind of values that system is intended to run for the better of society but just the same, rule with an iron hand … one example would be extrajudicial killings for known hardened criminals … if i remember it right, when Lee Kuan Yew disassociated from Malaysia the first thing he did was get rid of drug pushers, he rounded them up had them hanged and then said “who’s next’

  25. Funny how he blames all the corruption in the government to GMA and doesn’t admit that in someway, he was part of the cause by not filing any meaningful bills that could have stopped her. Instead he just chose to bark.

    If all the failures in his government happened during GMA’s term, the veins in his neck probably burst already from barking too loud.

    1. yup naka program na yan by 2016 that when he fails — which he will kasi fake naman skills nya as evidenced by his student council type of governance — he will still blame gloria for the alleged burden that he had to carry all throughout his student council regime. kasi nga si ngoyngoy ay may victim complex due to suffering from depression and paranoia nung younger days nya.

  26. What I find unfair is how PNoy continues to criticize GMA for her corruption yet some of the projects that began during her term and have finished now are being credited to PNoy. For instance, this newly-opened highway from Coastal Road to another part of Cavite was GMA’s project that has been going on for years. Now that she is no longer in power and the highway has (finally) been completed, who else will take the credit for having seen through its completion? 

  27. Internal direct, training, contentment, honour, forbearance plus sentence. Usually a percentage of issues that Tang Soo Write, the actual Mandarin chinese martial art related to self-defense, can educate we additionally instilling in you the strength not just in defend your business females and males capability related with spotting hazard joins to refrain from giving confrontation completely.

  28. Last election he’s lucky nanalo siya ng konting difference yun lang naniniwala sa kanila at mga mahilig sa showbiz… at mga hustlers. Hindi kaya dapat stop na siya blaming the previous President. Di ba siya maka move on. To think Professor niya si GMA at siguro alam ni GMA mahina siya kaya hate niya si GMA. Up to now campaigning piece ang script niya. Di ba pwede ibahin naman dahil matagal na siyang nakaupo pero latak pa rin ng previous President ang pinapainom niya sa bayan? Mag isip naman siya ng sarili niyang bagay na di malilimutan ng bayan natin. Ang alam ko lang na di malilimutan ng bayan ang Quirino Grandstand Hostage at siguro the biggest achievement niya yung pinakulong niya ang isang babaeng President. Walang respeto! I am not pro GMA pero wala siya talagang respeto sa babae gaya ng pag layo niya sa girlfriend niya right after na umupo siya bilang President. Brainwashing para ka rin media.

  29. if people knew this information, would it make a difference? so, what do you people suggest we should do? im not pro aquino nor pro arroyo, what im simply saying is, people believed voting for aquino was to save the country from any more of arroyo’s corruption and taking-over. the people were left with no choice. i feel sorry for our country. people want it to progress, but we cant do anything about it. -.-” tsk

    1. “what im simply saying is, people believed voting for aquino was to save the country from any more of arroyo’s corruption and taking-over.”


      “the people were left with no choice.”

      Seriously; I’m tired of this Noynoy-GMA dichotomy.

      “people want it to progress, but we cant do anything about it. -.-” tsk”

      … And such a fatalistic mentality is one reason for lack of progress. How can you progress if you think you can’t?

    2. if people knew this information, would it make a difference

      They should not have voted for PNoy in the first place. It might take time for some people to absorb the truth about PNoy but hopefully when they do realise that they made a mistake, they will use it as an opportunity to unite with others who are fighting for real justice.

        1. dang it, that wasn’t supposed to be a tag!

          Again with the GMA-(insert someone else’s name here) dichotomies; Are Filipino minds equipped with limited processing capabilities?

  30. No choice? Last time I checked, it wasn’t only Aquino and Villar (who hogged the news, one Saintly and one Demonic) who were running.

    No choice because they relied on mainstream media only.

  31. I think as a Filipino, we should just cooperate for the betterment of our country. GMA had helped the Philippine Economy but of course she also has her flaws the same with P-Noy. Let’s at least put our trust in our government instead of pulling it down. Being a leader of the country is not an easy task especially in a presidential form of government.They will always be a check and balance among the executive,legislative, and executive branch which makes implementations slower. Among all the presidents we had, P-noy is the one who really fights against corruption and that made him unique from others.

    1. He’s not really fighting corruption. He’s just getting rid of his political enemies like GMA and those associated with her. All his KKKs are always off the hook when they get caught violating the law. When he stops blaming the previous government for his own shortfalls, maybe he’ll get more respect from his critics.

    2. HERP DERP! Corruption is not the sole problem in this country but more on the dysfunctional culture. And saying that PNoy is the one who really fights corruption is just a pure contradiction. Hey, did we also hear that from his mother Cory? In fact, corruption during her regime was much worse than Marcos. And so on and so forth.

      In fact, PNoy is a douche. He’s also corrupt. Of course, for idiots like you, it’s ok for Noynoy having the biggest pork barrel ever, he blatant defiance of the rule of law and how the filling of the impeachment complaint against Corona is railroaded by bribing the whole Congress.

      Bobo ka nga talaga. 😛

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  35. In PNoy’s media blitz during the last weeks of his term, where be kept on highlighting his achievements, he purposely didn’t mention that:

    1.) The country’s national debt at the conclusion of Arroyo’s term is 2.3 trillion;

    2.) PNoy borrowed a total of 4.16T during his term; and

    3.) that the country’s national debt at the end of his term is 6.4 trillion.

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