Filipino TV shows like Willing Willie make Filipinos dumber

Filipinos are fond of engaging in activities to escape reality such as by watching television. The reason why Filipinos want to “escape” reality is because reality for them is such a harsh thing to face that the only way to help them forget about their problems is to be entertained.

For the poor and uneducated, the television is the only tool they can afford to make it easier for them to cope with their misery. The promise of acquiring a better life through other people’s “better lives” on television shows help relieve persistent feelings of depression or general sadness. The television is a magical device for Filipinos seeking to avoid the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.

The man behind the dumbing down of the Filipino

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Unfortunately, running away from problems by “escaping” to a different world will not make the problems disappear, especially if all the people watch are telenovelas and gossip shows about celebrities. In fact Filipinos in general have been running away from their problems far too long that these same problems keep coming back to bite them.

The Philippines has a dysfunctional culture and nowhere is this more evident in the number of Filipino television shows that promote stupidity. Frankly, some of us can talk about Philippine society’s problems ’til kingdom come, but unfortunately we can’t make a real difference until mainstream media shapes up and helps in this endeavor.

In this age of Twitter, Facebook, Kindle and the iPad, television is still the best tool that could be employed to change an entire society’s mentality. According to figures from TIME magazine, “across the developing world, around 45% of households had TV in 1995; by 2005 the number had climbed above 60%.” That’s not a lot if you compare it to western households where there are more TV’s than people, but it still means that there are more people who own TVs than those who have access to the Internet.

This is exactly the case in the Philippines where the majority of the population is still not connected to the Net. This means that there are a lot of Filipinos missing out on the Internet revolution. Perhaps the Philippine broadcast industry only care about their bottom line. They rest on their laurels and laugh all the way to the bank as their television shows continue to work their magic on their catatonic audiences.

It comes as no surprise that despite the noise we and some other like-minded people created on the Net to elevate the level of discussion during and after the election, it hardly makes a difference to the way our public officials behave.

It is high time that television be used as a medium to transform the lives of the marginalized portion of Philippine society rather than dumb it down further. Chat shows that talk about people and their love life rather than explore ideas of substance should be purged from local television.

Shows that encourage dependence on hand-outs and escapism like Willing Willie should be replaced with programs that encourage self-sufficiency and self-reliance like those that provide information that could help in the development of one’s skills such as crafts shows or science and technology documentaries.

The show Willing Willie was even recently embroiled in controversy because the host, Willie Revillame bullied a crying six-year-old boy into mimicking the salacious dance moves usually done by the shows mainstay back-up dancers in exchange for money. The dance moves by themselves already promote the very promiscuity and lewd behavior that the Catholic Bishops keep shrieking about. The show needs to be scrapped as soon as possible because there is no way Willie Revillame will ever change.

TV networks need to develop shows that promote entrepreneurship and skill development. They should create original programs and not just copy off western reality TV shows.

Telenovelas or drama shows should be limited to the adult time slots because kids are impressionable and tend to mimic reel life in their real lives. Likewise, drama shows tend to stunt the development of the human brain and make them susceptible to gullibility as in the case of those who voted for P.Noy in the last election. It makes sense to apply the mind conditioning that helped propel P.Noy to power for use in helping Filipinos get used to using their critical analysis faculties a bit more.

They say, and I totally agree, that television has the most transformative impact on women. In India, a study conducted by Robert Jensen and Emily Oster found that when cable TV reached villages, women were more likely to make decisions over child health care and less likely to think that men had the right to beat their wives. TV also played a role in adult education in Gujarat, India. It was said that those who routinely watched Bollywood songs and dance clips had seen significant improvement in their reading skills.

Of course, television is a double-edged sword. It has its drawbacks. Too much television has been associated with violence, obesity and social isolation. But to be sure, TV has done more good than harm worldwide. A good show can actually encourage people to read more books.

Television can change people’s lives. At the moment, Philippine television networks are contributing to changing Filipino lives for the worse because of their penchant for sensationalism and nonsensical shows. One can only hope that the powerful television executives can find it in their hearts to change the course of the plot so the Filipino people can look forward to a happier ending.

113 Replies to “Filipino TV shows like Willing Willie make Filipinos dumber”

  1. dapat lang mawala ang tulad nyang willie na yan sa tv shows forever…ginagawa nyangkatatawanan ang masang pilipino lalo na ang mga naghihikahos sa buhay.sinisilaw ng mga papremyong tulong kuno ng bastos na host sa mga mahihirap! tsk tsk tsk! kung hindi sana mahirap ang bayang ito, hinding hindi makapambabastos ang gagong willie na ito sa aking mga kababayan! may araw ka rin cevillame!

    1. Alam nya kasi na yung audience pumupunta sa show nya dahil lang sa pera at para maka-appear sa TV. Kaya tuloy mababaw ang tingin nya sa kanila.

      The producers of the show hired him for his antics, unfortunately. I don’t know how they can actually fix something that actually sells.

  2. The “masa crowd” mentality is a manifestation of our lack of self-respect as Filipinos. We have a double standard. A Filipino will vote for an intelligent candidate in the USA; but the same Filipino will vote for a mediocre politician in his/her own country. We always equate “bakya” and “baduy” with our very own and it shows. We should always see ourselves with the highest regard and standards, as any self-respecting nation does.

    1. Most Filipinos seems to have a different mindset when dealing with their own compatriots. It’s like they do not expect much from their own kind so they settle for appalling workmanship or performance and think, “that’ll do.” They do not demand high quality standards, which is why people like Willie get away with what he does. This is because our whole society thrives in mediocrity. I wrote about this in my blog: Dear President Noynoy, being average is NOT being resilient

      The CBCP thinks that contraceptives will be bad for our society but they are quiet about TV shows that promote promiscuity and lewd behaviour.

    1. nde po excellent ang post dahil mali po ang title niya. kung sino man po kayo nagsulat nito basahin niyo po ng mabuti ang isinulat ninyo dahil wala po akong nakitang “mga” batayan na sumusuporta sa pamagat ninyo hindi lang iyong sayaw dahil halata po na pinapairal ninyo ang galit kapalit ng pagsulat ng article o post na walang kinikilingan na kahit ano mang TV shows na kung tutuusin marami din dapat ibatikos. Tumulong ka nalang sa mga nangangailangan kahit siguro pagbigay ng lumang damit mo sa natamaan ng Bagyo nde mo nagawa. GUSTO ko lang po sabihin sa inyo MAGKAIBA and FILIPINOS DUMBER kumpara sa SOME FILIPINOS DUMBER.

      1. i think the title itself already posits the opinion that TV shows like Willing Willie contribute to the dumbing down of the the masses. anyway, i don’t get your comment, “MAGKAIBA and FILIPINOS DUMBER kumpara sa SOME FILIPINOS DUMBER.”.

  3. I wouldn’t say the promotion of stupidity in tv is limited to the Filipino culture but is a prevailing pest everywhere. The difference is the sheer number and the dominance these trash tv shows have in the Philippines compared to other countries that have educational channels, discovery, etc to balance things out. It’s a shame really.

    1. Yes, stupid shows are not just limited to Philippine TV but stupid shows seems to dominate the whole Philippine television and film industry.

      1. to you Ilda..what dod you do for your own country?can you make Millions of Filipino smile in just a second??..plastic ka!!bakit are u holy? are u so Good? ikaw ang mas nakapandidiri..kasi si willie minahal sya dahil tanggap namin sya at nagpapasaya sya sa amin..alam mo sa ginawa mo..maraming nag darasal sa Diyos na matauhan ka!!puro kayo bad comment mga walang NAGAWA!!!!

        1. Try not to worship Willie too much. He is laughing all the way to the bank while making fun of the people in his show.

        2. mga tanga kayo ay ginagamit ng mga game show na yan para kumita sila ng pera katulad ng wowwowee noon sa umpisa ay para sa mahihirap panay ang bigay sa mga sa tao ng sumikat na ang show ay puro mga balik bayan na lang wala na ang mahihirap at mga magandang babae ang parating pinipili,tapos nanghihingi pa ng pasdalubong sa balikbayan chokolaTE LANG hinihingi pa angyaman niya .butinalang nawala na ang wowwowee daig sila ng eat bulaga talagang tumutulong sa taong bayan kaya matatag willie walang sinasabi kundi rating ..ngayon angbanba na ng rating nila hindi dapat pinpanoon ang wiling willie ..ang game show naman ni pacman mabibigay daw ng milyon eh pinipili nila ang pibinibigyan .gaya ng batang maybukol sa mukha ang bata ay nakita kona sa news ng gma.puro rating lang yan

        3. @Ana marie…i think Ilda was expressing her opinion and it’s her right to do so in the same manner that you have the right to call her “plastic”. in her article, i did not see her make any claim to being, as you wrote, “holy” or “good” and she certainly did not allude to the show as “nakapandidiri”, merely describing some of the dance moves usually done by the show’s mainstays as “salacious”, which is a matter of taste, anyway. If you read her article carefully, she makes a very strong argument against the propagation of stupidity through mass media and outlines action plans for better alternative programming.

      2. @Ana Marie

        Do you really think that smile is genuine, or made just to conform to the expectations of the TV networks, of Willie, and of your neighborhood? Some may think that their smile while watching Willing Willie is genuine, when in fact it was conditioned. “Nakasanayan na e”, and then when asked, their reasons would be “nakasanayan” too, not products of their own will.

        If I were to write, the purpose to make others smile is just peripheral. It’s to express what I say – first and foremost. I do believe Willie is not genuine; he’s just a marionette made to conform to what the TV networks want. And when the TV networks don’t want him – probably because his scandalousness has gone to the point where it can’t contribute anything of value – they would be glad to boot him out.

        “what did you do for your own country?….”

        Do you mean that only people like Willie have the right to say how we should help our country?!

      3. @Ana marie

        “maraming nag darasal sa Diyos na matauhan ka!!”

        – Kindly name all/most of them. Thank you.

        “puro kayo bad comment mga walang NAGAWA!!!!”

        – E may nagawa nga kami (commenting). O ha?!

      4. @Ana Marie
        Don’t be too hasty in accusing people na wala silang nagawa.
        Remember this:
        “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

      5. @Ilda,

        Well, the Philippines is the ONLY country where the IDEA of PUBLIC TELEVISION is WIDELY DEMONIZED.

        You know what I mean

  4. The “masa crowd” mentality is a manifestation of our lack of self-respect as Filipinos. We have a double standard. A Filipino will vote for an intelligent candidate in the USA; but the same Filipino will vote for a mediocre politician in his/her own country. We always equate “bakya” and “baduy” with our very own and it shows. We should always see ourselves with the highest regard and standards. Shows like Willing Willie is directed specifically in capitalizing on this mentality…the root of which is our failure to produce Filipinos in the Philippines and instead create Foreigners in their own land-who look down on themselves as Filipinos and their fellow kababayans. Willie has to go, along with this sick mentality.

  5. Great post Ilda. It’s sad how some people do dumb things just for money, but it’s even more disgusting for others (like Willie) to take delight in the dumb things these people do.

    1. Thanks! Willie didn’t even see anything wrong with what he did. He and his producers are now pulling out the “victim card.”

  6. Filth, Trash and Garbage are now in the Entertainment Media…we are feeding these things to people’s minds…No wonder, we become: drug mules, OFW prostitutes, go-go dancers, etc…we are contributing our filth to the world…

    1. strikes a chord. i posted a link to this article on my facebook and i got a very nasty response from one of my “friends.”

      you’d think, being here and all, that she’d be able to appreciate the differences and see why our nation’s in a slump. but, no. eyes wide shut.

      you can take the girl out of the masa, but you can’t take the masa out of the girl.

  7. gawa po kayo ng tagalized version para maunawaan ng masang peeps.

    Saka nyo po unti unting hikayating matutong mag english.

    1. Maybe when I have more time.

      You can help influence the TV executives by sending a comment or a letter expressing your disappointment in shows like Willing Willie. The more people who complain, the better the outcome.

      1. Willie is a product of ABS-CBN. These executive guys wanted a tried and proven formula to rake in the profit. Because they have a falling out with Willie, the TV5 people moved in and they got and ABS-CBN sued Willie for breach of contract. These people are not good samaritans.

    1. Are you nuts! Most Filipinos cannot and will not afford computers/internet. They are more concerned with food/shelter/clothing before your “a new trend, a new culture, etc. etc. etc. tralalala.” Geat real.

      1. That’s true….but you’d be surprised at how they much Filipinos(regardless of their social ranking) invest in T.V./DVD’s

        Seriously, I was able to go inside a Badjao’s house(and I mean their houses by sea) and they actually had a T.V. there! and I was only a 9 yr. old kid back then! what more now that there is a strong spread of technology in our country?

  8. It looks to me that all the networks are fighting for attentionm who knows, maybe someone is paying you to trash willy. I do agree more educational shows need to be on philippine tv but that is no reason to bash willy. Remember he does do a lot of good for others too. Don’t get mad but would you be willing to show us all your bank records? I am curious to see if you been paid anything by TFC to make such a post. One thing for sure curruption runs DEEP in the philippines.

    1. The reason you feel a profound need to speculate on whether or not we here are being paid to write what we write is because Pinoys in general utterly lack any kind of ethic of doing stuff on the basis of principles or even just for personal fulfilment. In short, consider that perhaps you ask such questions because you yourself couldn’t imagine yourself doing ANYTHING without some hotshot slipping you a few little coins underneath the proverbial table.

      Takes one to know one, right?

      Pinoys choose university courses, for example, on the basis of which ones will get them that quick and easy passport to overseas work. So you see proliferation of nursing, physical therapy, and caregiving diploma and certification mills that spread like fungus across the archipelago in the same way that lechon manok and shawarma stands did back in the days when these were big fads.

      Yours then is a perfect specimen of that kind of Pinoy-style thinking…

      Why are they doing this?

      Maybe they are on someone’s payroll…

      Chizmissszzz! Spread it… spread it… spread it…. (sung to the tune of the old Cheez Whiz commercial)

      And then we wonder why Pinoy politics is the way it is. The answer is quite simple. Pinoy politics and all its pettiness and drama merely reflects the national character of Da Pinoy.

      So you see, dude, all roads ultimately LEAD to that favourite topic of ours here: the nature of Da Pinoy Condition. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Very true about the nursing thing, now they’re having problems how to get a job because there’s too many of them competing on that industry. Which is another Filipino problem they only move where society flows, I see majority of youth today lack individuality and identity they only choose what society wants. Like what the old radio show said “Only dead fishes swim with the current”.

    2. @Gerald

      LOL…hahaha. WTH?!?

      Do you really think someone still needs to pay to trash Willy? Willy is doing all the trashing to himself. Why would there be an uproar if Willy didn’t behave the way he did? And for your information, Willy does not spend his own money on the show but the show’s sponsors do. Use your common sense, dude. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Your logic stinks, thank you very much.

    3. hahaha you think someone gets paid to trash willie!? I think you have the “We-only-do-things-when-we-get-paid” culture. People here on the internet are open dude, We are free to say anything here, this is like the Masonic Lodges of the enlightenment age, only intellectuals converge here, most people here like talking whatever’s on their minds here to avoid the prejudice and irrationality of the common linear minded folks. If someone gets paid to say anything to Willie I bet he’ll do it on local tv, kind of spreads the message easier

    4. newsflash: AP and getrealphilippines have articles critical of Pnoy, ABSCBN’s candidate last election. Hehe.

  9. It’s really sad why these kinds of shows are still on the air. The host clearly takes advantage of other people’s misery. The program is just TASTELESS!

  10. By the title itself, are you not insulting the Filipinos and even yourself saying that it makes Filipinos “dumber”? are you saying that Filipinos are dumb? mag solo ka!

    1. Better yet, why don’t you come up with evidence that Filipinos are smarter than what shows like Willing Willie suggest?

      For every one smart Pinoy there will likely be a thousand dumb ones. And that is the reality of what it means to be Pinoy – that the small handful of world class achievements gained by the small minority will always be overwhelmed by the mediocre work of the vast majority. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. To call Pinoys “dumb/dumber” here do not mean to insult us but to give us a little shake for us to be back into reality. Just a reminder to give us realizations.
      ikaw ay natutulog at nanaginip sa isang lumang malaking bangka(bansa).
      sa sarap ng tulog mo at ganda ng panaginip (wiling-wili) mo nakalimutan mo na na kelangan pala magsagwan(role mo as pilipino). hindi mo napapansin sira na pala ang bangka mo at unti-unti nang lumulubog. ginigising lang tayo ng mga kagaya ni miss ilda, para isalba sa mas tiyak na kapahamakan. isang paalala sa atin na kailangan natin ang pang mas matagalang solusyon kaysa panandalian lang, at yon ay ang makarating sa destinasyon na kaunlaran nang sama-sama sa pagsagwan at hindi sa pamamagitan ng pananaginip sa laot ng walang katiyakan.

      1. Nice analogy Mr Metalbeebop!

        A lot of Filipinos want to stay in their dreamland because they know that facing reality takes a lot of hard work.

  11. It’s high time that the govt post a credible and hardworking TV shows regulatory board.. MTRCB is just not functioning at all. Even the show Happy Yihee Yehey is exploiting girl dancers wearing undergarments in the middle of a roaring crowd, kids & adults alike, LIVE! na dati magbabayad ka pa sa night clubs para makapanood. When will we ever realize that Television is more powerful than formal school education? Pero sa dami ng problema ng Pilipinas (I mean yung mismong mga nasa govt.., wala pa ung natural calamities) kailan pa kaya ito mapagtutuunan ng pansin?

    1. It’s interesting to note that the members of the Catholic Church have no problem with shows that depict women as mere sex objects and children as commodities. Ironically, they get outraged when a group of concerned citizens come up with something to curb the population growth.

  12. Because we are still stuck in the Martial law era culture, they only believe that the only way to have a good life is to either be a celebrity or a politician. So they go to these shows and when asked to show their talent they’d actually do it thinking they might be “discovered”. There are still policemen who abduct students. There still large scale corruption and celebrities still think high and mighty of themselves. What we need is an intellectual revolution.

    1. You probably did not experience politics before Marcos. Before Marcos, we have the two party system. The Liberal Party which was not liberal and the Nacionalista Party which was not nationalistic. It was like a Ferris wheel. Then Marcos came along. The initial years were quite good; but as the saying goes “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. And some families also benefited in the process.

  13. I once heard someone say, “Hindi dahilan ang kahirapan upang maging isang mangmang.”
    Pretty darn simple… I believe poverty is never an excuse. Period!

  14. kahit ano at sino pa ang magsasabi na walang kwenta si WILLIE at ang show niya ang viewers pa rin ang may karapatan kung anong klaseng tv show ang panoorin nila. kung AYAW ninyo kay willie ay wag kayo manood ng WILLING WILLIE…pero kung gusto ninyo si WILLIE manood kayo…malaya tayo kung ano ang gusto natin. Walang sino mang tao ug pwedeng maghusga sa kapwa niya….kaya DIOS lang ang pwede maghusga kay willie…hindi TAO. Kayong mga ayaw kay WILLIE mabuti pa manahimik nalang kayo at hayaan nyo na lang ang mga tao magpasya kung ano gusto nilang show panoorin. OKAY?:)

    1. masyado kang defensive. Kita mo yung title? Yung word na “Like” dun sa title? Shows like ? Masyado kang defensive.

      Pustahan, sa sarili mo eh hinusgahan mo na ang mga bumabatikos kay willie.

    2. We just don’t like the dumb shows. If Willie can come up with something more productive and beneficial to the viewing public then I’ll watch him. Giving away money to the “poor” doesn’t really mean you are helping. That’s making people more dependent. Teach the people how to earn honest and decent living. We don’t really need a hero to pick us up from poverty. We can be our own personal knight in shining armor.

  15. kung ayaw nyo kay willie, hayaan nyo nalang…. at tsaka bakit willing willie lang? yung hapi yipee yehey at eat bulaga hindi? napaka bias naman.. sobrang bias ng article na to.. hater indeed!

    1. Isa ka pa. Binasa mo bang mabuti yung article? At yung iba pa? Baka iniisip mo eh anti kapamilya ang site na ito. Sus.

      1. binasa ko! pero bakit iisang show lang ang nasa title???? at may image pa!! halatang masyado kang defensive na hindi si willie ang tinitira dito, eh obviously gusto lang ipalabas ng bias na manunulat na to na ayaw nya at gusto nyang mawala si Willie. Kayong mga tao kayo, ang gusto nyo lang gawin ay pabagsakin ang taong ayaw nyo.. ang sasama ng ugali nyo! para kayong perpekto!!! kung may taong perpekto na pwede pumalit sa willing willing, give me one!! yung perfect, d nagkakamali ever at walang naiinis na viewer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. haters gonna hate talaga ang mga yan, bait bait ni tito will eh, tsk tsk…. tsk tsk talaga, hayaan mo na yan sila wala rin magagawa yan, at magpapatuloy parin ang show ni tito will!!! go lang ng go po!!! wag po padala!!!

      2. @chesster
        Si Willie at ang show nya ang pinaka-relevant na example sa article na ‘to. Opinion lang walang personalan. Ok lang naman na mag-admire ng taong gaya ni Willie pero with reservation at bukas ang isip.

    2. Just think of this:

      Willing Willie is just the prime example. Buti ang Eat Bulaga they have their limits and responsibilities. Si Willie? Hindi talaga siyang marunong.

      “Kung inutil ang pinuno, inutil din ang mga tauhan niya.”

  16. Gusto ko lng po kayo hamunin na isulat ang article sa tagalog para mabasa ng mga kapwa mo Filipino lalo na sa sinabi ninyo na poor and uneducated po (buti hindi ka isa sa mga anak na isinilang ng mga pobreng katulad nila dahil kng nagkataon maging dumb ka rin kaya?)salamat po.

  17. Telebasura indeed.

    marahil, Pilipinas lamang ang tanging bansa sa buong daigdig na hindi tinataguyod ang telebisyong pampublico. Sa halip, minamasama pa ito ng karamihan, na sanay sa mga palatuntunang patapon.


  18. You said it. Filipino are so stupid that they have to use nat geo channel and make a tagalog dubbing. How much stupid and low they can get? Not only it is showing they have no original creation capability but it also shows that they resort to stealing. IDIOTS!!!!!

    They always say they are proud to be filipino. Proud of fucking what? Do you Filipino make your own car? Appliances? Electronics? Energy source?

    The answer? Fucking NO! They us all imported material because they dont have their own! What is there to be proud of? Sending Hookers, and caregivers? Or make call center? How the fuck you expect your country to develop?


    1. Hello Ms./Mrs./or even possibly Mr.(I’m saying this because there is a chance you might be a guy even if your name is “Weng”)

      Please stop being such a racist. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. wag mong lahatin lahat ng pinoy, kami ay masayahin, magalang at masipag! hinde assholes ang mga pinoy! at mahal namin c tito willie, mabait at matulungin xa, wag kayu maxadung mapanghusga !!!!!

      1. To those who sided with Willie revillame its fine its thier right to choose
        What to watch and idolize. They just don’t realize is that watching these kind of show makes them dumb and they will not notice it because of their love to the show and Willie given the facts that this show is a trash and it convince people especially the masa to be dependent on other people they don’t also give a damn if its not educational they just care for the money and that’s why they endure the long lines in the entrance of the show just to make some money that is easy to get . How dumb these people are

      2. siguro malaki ang napanalunan mo ke willie kaya ganyan ka maka depensa saka isa ka sa mga mangmang na pilipino na sumusuporta sa kabobohan ng pilipino lok around you stupid fuck still you want be proud of this country thats is nothing to offer but stupidity and no originality

    3. putangina mo gago ka yan made in the ph yan…. research before making stupid comment… idiot i am proud of being a filipino we don’t give up easily history can tell that… bolos and bamboo spear is our ancestors have but they did give the trespassers a hell of a fight….

    4. Please note: just because some people cannot understand or speak fluent English, it does not mean they are stupid. Go overseas where English is not part of their national language. Does it mean all of them are stupid?

  19. Finally! Someone who voiced out everything I hate about our local television channels! This is one of the reasons as to why I don’t watch local channels anymore(aside from Myx). Don’t get me wrong. I’m a proud Filipino, but I really can’t stand watching shows like Wowwowee that not only dumb a person down but objectifies women by letting them dance “sexily” in scantily clothing.

  20. napakamapagbigay at napakabait ni tito willie, salamat po sa tulong pinansyal, idol k nmin d2 sa payatas sir!! salud0 kmi say0 po, mabuhay p0 kau ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. While I don’t like shows like Willing Willie (or Willie Revillame), or telenovela in general, I don’t think there is a reason to be so shrill about people watching what THEY want to watch, especially if THEY like it — and, by extension, force people to like what YOU watch.

    I’d like to say more, but I might say things I don’t intend to say.

  22. Paragraph after paragraph, I kept on nodding my head profusely! Such a good read because it speaks volumes of truth.

    Noon time shows are THE WORST.

  23. I dont watch tagalog movies or tagalog television shows.. most of them are stupid and repeat the same thing over and over again…..

  24. Filipinos are simply PATHETIC! They gave an award to a small girl of 5 years old. Adults are watching some shit on TV day after day. Imagine the impact on peuple`s brain. Like they don`t have and dont want to aquire new knowledge. Learning something? Why? That` only good for smart people. We are just FILIPINO! As long we are able to eat, praying, fucking, making babies,singing and texting why would we need to learn something? After all if Im poor its because of the government and not about our low IQ and lack of education! So let’s give an award to a small cute chubby girl who looks like a big mac! That is so fucking smart! Watching stupid girls dancing in bikini on TV will bring you nowhere in life bunch of assholes.

    The real poverty in the Philippines is intellectual. Improve people`s IQ, ethic and competence and the money will come after. Stop being so dumb.

  25. Thanks for that blog. It was about time someone tell the truth about the filipino TV. Nothing will change if no one react.

  26. I dont watch willie’s shows but it hurts to read these comments…pwera nalang sa mga Hindi Pinoy…we are all Filipinos, not relatives but of the same race, it’s sad to know that we are turning our backs on each other,, that we tolerate prople to call us stupid, dumb n other low words…these do not promote self-esteem, rather these hurt our pride, our ego, ourselves…I do not completely disagree but the words are too much, too harsh…who are you to judge your fellow Filipinos? Are you smart enough to change people with just a click of your finger? Grow up people…

  27. I too highly dislike these nonsense game shows. Its only for the third class idiots. And these idiots dont know its making them even more stupid. Really pathetic such good-for-nothing shows exist. Its all about money – poor people here multiply like rats; poor philosophy.

  28. Finally someone spoke up about this mendacity. People are so stupidly attached to these idiot-shows. Showtime, Eat bulaga, Wil time big time – all mindless garbage. Its only good for freeloaders who cant work and for people born without brains.

  29. I salute the courage and wisdom of this article. I have not seen any local tv show that encourages its people to dream big, to care for our country, to make a difference. I like the harshness of this article. That’s what we need, we have been desensitized. More enlightening articles please.

  30. Agree. His show (as well as the show “Eat Bulaga”) is an insult to Filipino people’s intelligence. I can’t even sit through five minutes of either progam without turning off the t.v. What’s most interesting is there’s a demand for such shows. Network’s reason for airing these shows could be based on simple marketing principles: give the customer what they want. What if the customer is too stupid to realize what’s good for them? In such case it would be better to give them what’s good for them, not what they want. It’s sort of like raising a child. You don’t give them what they want, because most of the time what they want is not good for them (this concept applies to adults as well). Likewise, do not give the viewers what they want, because the majority of them have proved themselves incapable of thinking for themselves. Proof is seen in their choice of political figures.

    The challenge comes to those who are in positions to make a difference in public television programming. Do they have the integrity, principles and courage to implement programming that will influence and improve the lives of Filipino citizens, or do they choose to continue to sell their souls in exchange for monetary (or other material/selfish) gains?

    1. What is wrong with stating the facts? Filipino shows like the ones mentioned here are dumbed down for the audience. Don’t make it about anything else like living here. They are dumb. You are welcome to argue that they are smart. Good luck with that. Man, somebody open the butthurt cage today?

      1. An emotional response to what most certainly is true: Filipino shows are most certainly dumb. It’s funny how such a response further exemplifies what this blog constantly brings up with regards to the dysfunctional society… A victim mentality with a an emotional/defensive response. People need to wake up and smell the rice! And this is coming from a Filipino… So, totally not being racist here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Filipino media sucks! They tend to make the dumb masses beleive that we are at par and praised by different countries. Its a mere illusion they give us.. If you would meet tourists in this country there is always a high rate of them giving negative feedbacks. It a shame that most filipinos are irresponsible and stupid not having any intelligence nor philosophies in life. Philippines is a beutifull country, but not its majority of DUMB lazy people.

  32. Woah. What’s with all the racist comments? But I do agree though, shows like this makes our fellow Filipinos dumb as shit. They spread stereotypical shit. I stopped watching Philippine television 2 years ago and never been happier.

  33. Watched this show once, what did I learn? Nothing. I only see a retard giving money with hot women and stupid people crying because the greater your tears will be, the bigger money you will get. I don’t watch pinoy TV shows anymore, same script, same plot, kabit2x to the max! haha

  34. hindi yan totoo kasi it is not making filipino dumber you are jealous i watch cable tv most of the time willie is one of greatest people in the country
    Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world so many people with talents, so many smart people it helps people talaga naman eh hoy the filipino is proud because they make their own appliances and electronics and we have our own energy source kami madami kaya kaming mga mababait na tao ano ba kayo walang utak

    1. Let’s dissect your comment:

      “hindi yan totoo kasi it is not making filipino dumber you are jealous”

      where’s your proof?

      “willie is one of greatest people in the country”

      where’s your proof?

      “hoy the filipino is proud because they make their own appliances and electronics and we have our own energy source”

      where’s your proof?

      “kami madami kaya kaming mga mababait na tao ano ba kayo walang utak”

      where’s your proof?

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