PNoy is Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year

Media outlet was obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel when they named Philippine President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) “Filipino of the Year” for 2010. The timing is off considering the country is still reeling from a recent terror attack with the bombing of a public transport bus and a perceived rise in overall crime rate. The decision to give him the title was like an afterthought and obviously another public relations stunt.

Even the figures they used are sooo last year. The Inquirer, which is owned and operated by staunch Aquino supporters, voted the Philippine President, “the living Filipino who made the most positive impact in 2010” owing to the “Social Weather Station survey in November showing seven out of 10 Filipinos were satisfied with President Aquino’s administration; Pulse Asia figures in October gave him a trust rating of 80 percent.”

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Since the used figures from last year to justify their choice, it is worth emphasizing again that both survey firms are owned and operated by friends and family members of PNoy. Clearly, they use figures the way a drunken man would use a lamppost – for support rather than illumination.

The country’s leading publication is even now calling PNoy a “rock star” for being bigger than singer Arnel Pineda. Who is Arnel Pineda anyway to the poor people who don’t even own a TV or a radio or those who don’t even have a roof over their heads? Not everyone knows Arnel for sure and not everyone knows the real PNoy since he has not made a difference to the way poor people live.

The poor still live in squalor despite some media outlet’s claim that PNoy is like a “rock star” to Filipinos. Or perhaps they got the idea of labeling PNoy a “rock star” when I referred to PNoy as someone who is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It is not enough that PNoy is already the leader of the Filipino people. His minions just had to highlight that he embodies the average Filipino. Come to think of it, we have been saying it for so long and the Inquirer has now confirmed what is true – that PNoy represents the modern Filipino – triumphalist, basking in false sense humility and enjoying false sense bravado. And as I mentioned in my previous blog, 2010 indeed, is the year of the rise of Philippine idiocracy!

It seems that PNoy’s handlers or the people around him are not helping him to stay grounded on reality. By praising him for having done nothing significant as the leader of 100 million Filipinos, it is as if they act to cushion his every fall. How will PNoy learn to deal with reality then when they keep doing this? By giving him shallow accolades like the title “2010: Filipino of the Year” he can continue to sit there in Malacanang looking like an envelope without any address on it.

Of course in a way, it is understandable that most of PNoy’s supporters would act as shields every time he or any of his staff commit gaffes. Staunch Aquino supporters forced him to run for the presidency, lest we forget. When the Inquirer mentioned, “Mr. Aquino chalked up major points for having answered the call to run for the highest office in the land,” they were actually talking about themselves — Noynoy’s Yellow Army of supporters. They were the ones who begged him to run. As such, their own reputation is actually at stake if PNoy continues to fail. They did not even give him enough time to mourn his mother’s death. They pressured him to agree to run because they had to ride the tide of sympathy and seize the opportunity to get the sympathy votes for the Liberal Party.

PNoy has lived a very sheltered existence. His supporters continue to tell him what he wants to hear all the time. This has the effect of making him soft — which is why he tends to act so defensive when faced with criticism for his bungling of the handling of major challenges. The ultimate effect of his defensiveness is that, he has developed Vincent Van Gogh’s ear for criticism. He just cannot stand it. He even calls people who are critical of him “the noisy minority” despite admitting, “The people’s mandate is what we need to gain the right to lead and to pursue the rightful path.

In a speech during the commemoration of his mother’s 78th birth anniversary he showed his frustration for the job and referred to the challenges of his job as “kabuwisitan :

So ‘pag ako po ay hinaharap ng kaliwa’t kanang problema at kaliwa’t kanang kabuwisitan, parati hong bumabalik, nanay ko pumasok sa trabahong ito kumbaga walang blueprint…

The statement above says a lot about his negative mental attitude. His statement above likewise contradicts another label the used to refer to PNoy. As if to add more spice to PNoy’s otherwise bland personality, they also called PNoy astig or a “tough guy”. Filipinos who are more in touch with reality are obliged to think that PNoy has demonstrated in more ways than one that he is not only dull himself; he is the cause of dullness in others. This is evident in the way the whole article in the Inquirer was written, which also used too much reference to “many fabled thoughtful warriors, like Arjuna and King Leonidas.”

It was former President Fidel Ramos who once said that “our press needs to address its quality. It’s too dramatic all the time, too ideological, too much based on rumours and opinions. The writing is good but the reporting is poor. That’s why too many journalists are killed. They concentrate on rumours and melodramatic revelations and derogatory information about people. And their facts are often wrong.”

I hate to say it but some of the Philippine journalists who supported their winning candidate have developed some kind of “rock star syndrome” themselves. Rock star syndrome is a mental illness in which the following symptom may be observed: when the patient starts to think that they are amazing when in reality they suck. This disease causes the person to be extremely cocky and full of themselves and can prevent a person from hearing their flaws, thus preventing them from getting any better at their job. If rock star syndrome is left untreated it may become permanent and the person will not accept advice or constructive criticism about their work.

Unfortunately, PNoy might already be suffering from the rock star syndrome.

208 Replies to “PNoy is Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year”

  1. I read this on my Facebook page and when I saw it my first reaction was… “Oh shit no way!”

    A few months ago, I lost hope in trying to kick some sense into people. I said that, “maybe I can hold my life…I can make my own destiny irregardless of whether Noynoy becomes president or not” But then I read this and I cannot ignore this and this is just INSANE! 

    What has PNoy EVEN DONE in his presidency? Yeah he did some things but no… I did not even see any change, or if there ever was, it’s for the worse. And now we are being called Asia’s Brazil! All because of false veneration.

    If this is how things are really going on in this country, sad to say I must get my IELTS and NCLEX fast. And F.Y.I Pinoy is not a rockstar. He’s just a rock. All weight and no brain!

    Anyhow, people aren’t anymore happy with him. They’re trying pre-presidency tactics again and probably with all the rising costs, rising crime and us being brandished as Asia’s Brazil… it’s only gonna work in favor of those who still hold on to sentiments that need to go

    1. The article said hes like a King Leonidas. omg! Mr Conrado De Quiro said Pnoy is an Aragorn. And now King Leonidas?!?! HELL NO!!!

        1. I’m curious, is pinoy lit anything like what De Quiros writes? There is a reason why I respect world literature, specifically victorian lit and american lit in the mid 1800’s. Because they kept it real and are talented enough to create such wonderful written works on virtue of their awesome talent.

      1. Leonidas ba kamo? Hmm.. sound very prophetic
        …PNoy before the Inaguration night: “PINOYS!!!! Eat a hearty breakfast men, for Tonight, We Dine, In Hell!!!” 😀

      1. Hi there ms. ilda. hehe. they just confirmed it. The OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT is RENTING/LEASING the Armored Lexus LX-570 luxury sedan [a very Macho car to make up for his lack of balls] from his BROTHER-IN-LAW. I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable in the law but, it’s that illegal or some thing? I mean Conflict of interest? If indeed they need a new bullet proof car [aside from the presidential Mercedes S Guard, and his Bullet proof Landcruiser and Porsche] Why don’t they just buy it the gov’t is spending anyway? Because when the Lease agreement ends, they’ll return the Lexus and the “bro-in-law” would be the one that benefited. If they buy it, just turn it over to the next pres in 2016. Is this another example of KAMAG-ANAK Inc? hehe

        An avid reader,


        1. Hi,

          If what you are claiming is true, I can certainly consider it unethical. It is another form of nepotism practiced by this current administration. But they can easily deny the claim. Even the truth behind the purchase of his Porsche, they had to go around in circles denying how much it costs and then finally someone reported that it was actually a gift from some businessman. PNoy and his staff are not very honest.

          Thanks for reading!

  2. What else are we to expect from the Yellow Army’s propaganda machine? I know I shouldn’t have been surprised to read it but it’s still disgusting all the same. To think that this was written by one of the top broadsheets of this country. It’s embarrassing, ridiculous and further perpetuates the “politics is showbiz” mentality.

    1. It needs to be said again:

      “It’s embarrassing, ridiculous and further perpetuates the “politics is showbiz” mentality.” 🙂

  3. Yo! Here’s another episode of THE RED ZONE Sunday edition! Ala e! DJ Cy here.

    @GabbyD: We need your help. Please engage in a discussion regarding why PNoy is FIlipino of the Year. “Any qualifications? Any evidence? What has he done?” We’re ready when you are.

    @Franz Osida: I ought to read all my books, too. From Achebe, Chinua to Zola, Emile. So later I can set up shop as a public intellectual before matters implode.

    @kickapoo: Leonidas the Spartan? Did PNoy live like a Spartan? Tautology, hey.

    @Chorvaqueen: The’s Filipino of the Year was voted by its editorial staff. If ABS-CBN were to hold a similar election, who do you think will vote? Artistas, hosts, singers, dancers? Kris Aquino? You get my point.

    @Sh3lly: Because politics is showbiz, PNoy cannot be compared anymore with any enlightened intellectual of yesteryears. They have to find another archetype with which to classify PNoy in, and opted for the rock star. The rock star is basically a stage performer whose loyalty is solely to the overhead limelights and the roars of the crowd. The amalgamation of the President and the rock star leads to a President who merely thinks that he is already performing because he is always ubiquitous in the mass media and who thinks he has done something because of the populist cheers.

    @ilda: I’m really surprised. It has only been, I think, six hours, when I first saw the article, and then, after I briefly slept, here you are, pulling off an elegant rejoinder from your pockets? =)

    Anyway. I really don’t believe the analogy to a rockstar is fair because the rockstars really practice their pieces before performing in concerts. The analogy to Leonidas is also unfair (explained). The analogy to a more general archetype, the “warrior”, is more unfair because he didn’t fight his battles himself. His minions and cohorts did it for him. He had a vast propaganda factory running for him, and they always made it sure that PNoy is always viewed as fighting something when actually he is only moving, and it didn’t matter whether the motion is purposeful or not.

    Anyway, please, never let the time come when they compare PNoy to something akin to an analyst or engineer after his saying that he’s got no blueprint. Because, if they do, I’ll read all my books as fast as possible, then set up shop as a public intellectual. My Math skills are still intact; I’ll show everybody what problem-solving actually is. And I’ll practice my political writing (the type of writing I fare poorest) because I want to avail of the vast inventory of raw materials here. There’s a-plenty.

    We need public intellectuals here as quickly as possible. Not the “peryodistas” Renato Pacifico continually refers to, for they never prove to be transcendental, concerned with the deepest, baffling, troublesome realities, but only with soothing the mob with ointment as a desensitizer.

    Anyway, I’m learning how.



        1. That was from a famous quote by Andrew Lang who was a Scots poet, novelist, and literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology.

          “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts …for support rather than illumination.”

  4. If he calls his challenges in the job as “kabuwisitan”, then he’s a buwisit for the country — he’s a BIG challenge in the first place.

    Really now, there are more deserving people to be recognized as Filipino of the Year compared to a non-performing 9-year legislator and incumbent president of this country. This award for BSA3 is screaming and smelling of propaganda in the midst of exploding buses, high crime rate, increasing costs of living, unemployment rate, etc.

    By the way, nice article, ilda.

    1. @jayce

      remember who is issuing the award and their criteria. Then everything is illuminated.

      King Nothing needs his crown after all.

  5. At least we see media propaganda pulling off an obvious save attempt. Thing is, it’s a fail as a save. Doesn’t save at all. Only makes the sinking seem delayed. But it’ll go on anyway.

  6. “the living Filipino who made the most positive impact in 2010″ owing to the “Social Weather Station survey in November showing seven out of 10 Filipinos were satisfied with President Aquino’s administration; Pulse Asia figures in October gave him a trust rating of 80 percent.”

    WHAT THE HELL!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    He has done NOTHING GROUNDBREAKING yet in his presidency. Heck not even in his entire political career. Puro give us some more time, “don’t be a faultfinder” on Twitter siya and he is being praised for being a “positive change”? How the hell does that add up and what standards did they use to MEASURE Pnoy’s so called successes? Any barometers of success? Wala. Using a popularity rating as a measure of success proves NOTHING about leadership capabilities. NOTHING. It simply means … you are popular. Nothing more. It does not reflect ones skill level in leading the nation.

    What positive change EXACTLY are we talking about here? Showering the masses with yellow kool aid isn’t exactly a positive development. You lowered their IQs by ten points and turned them into mindless yellow idol worshippers. I remember Yolly Ong’s crap article where she stated: “I immediately knew that the Gruesome Malicious Army will seize this golden opportunity to wreak havoc on the new, popular government. I was needled: Do I still support this “incompetent, weak and indecisive leader”? You mean will I always be on the side of an honest and incorruptible President? Absolutely YES! But my antenna was up. I knew a tidal wave of malevolence was about to hit.” You can see how her thinking is being strangled by her allegiance to the Yellow Empire. She does not wish to be critical and plays like some sort of dog on chains.
    Frankly, I am not sure why Noynoy’s supporters call him Da Most Honest President EBER. The people will never get the transparency in government that Aquino promised because he continues to blind them.
    He is the same man who is taking away their critical faculties and deluding the masses with this whole Aquino Legacy bullcrap. I won’t question his survey ratings. They are a reflection of typical Pinoy style thinking. The type of thinking that does not demand excellence from its leaders.

    1. FLASHBACK by DJ Cy

      Remember, the Nazis were popular in Germany in their time…. See what happened. If only people know how to study history and recall it in the right times. Peace.

      1. Yup, they will… An article entailed Filipino with the most negative impact for 2010.. and guess who is in the picture… Ate Glo… patuloy lang ang telenovela…

        1. Hmm, if only AP could have a print media outlet, too, it would have been great for the society. The contents here are similar to what we published at Today’s Carolinian during our terms; it’s an official university student publication in Cebu. I  believe the voice of the alternative media such as this and some progressive student publications should be amplified.

  7. “His minions just had to highlight that he embodies the average Filipino.”
    The average Filipino is also Lazy and ignorant. Not to mention the average Filipino is stuck in Plato’s cave. I would have to agree with the journalist here, NoyNoy does embody those traits. But why does one want to settle for average? I would want a leader who is a cut above the rest, not some average schmoe.

    1. I wonder, is the average Filipino really like him? Or does he represent only a certain subgroup… the one that sensible people don’t want to be compared to. hehe

  8. Maybe Nonoy Aquino will win all the awards and accolades in the Philippines. His Blog Site: ProPinoy won the BlogSite of the Year. Inspite of the fact that the Blog Site is “linalangaw na”.
    There are one or two Bloggers, responding to an article. Sometimes, there is none at all…
    Even if your Dress a Monkey valuable Diamonds, accolades or honors: he is still a Monkey..
    It is like a Mutual Admiration Society, these Yellow Hordes are having….

  9. Rock star… Heh. Interesting choice of description as a rock star is essentially a guy yelling cheap  limericks on stage, while people who are too young and/or stupid to know better cheer on.

      1. There goes a proverb that says a wise man makes his own decision while a foolish man follows public opinion. If a major print media such as INQ would make a ridiculous decision, it is likely that it becomes a public opinion, unless AP and some sectors would be able to convince a majority of the populace that it shouldn’t be the case.

        For one thing, we have to accept that people like P-Noy and GabbyD exist just as a major media can make a blunder and yet be proud of it.

  10. I don’t need to read the article to know just how insane and how low mass media has become in this country. The oligarchs will go to great lengths, even making sensational stories just to keep their hold on power and give the ignorant masses a sense of false relief. The fact is, he was, and will never be my president. I don’t need to wait 6 years because everyday I have been saying to those yellowtards, “He’s your president, not mine so deal with it.”

    1. oh no no GabbyD, don’t get us started with this question… And don’t start your question with “If not Pnoy”… never did Pnoy met any standards or criteria that is deserving of any rewards…

    2. Yo, GabbyD, DJ Cy here THE RED ZONE Sunday edition still running…ala e! With almost 100 million Filipinos in this side of the planet, how would we know? Yo. The “Filipino of the Year” is just a label, and the editors voted on the nominees based on who, in their perception, has made the most positive impact this past year, not on who actually made the most positive impact.

      Additionally: Maybe they just measured “the impact” made, regardless of whether it is salutary or detrimental…. Peace!

      1. By “label” I mean just an ordinary title, possibly accorded by cook or by crook, not an objective measure as you would desire. Peace.

      1. TELLING TIME by DJ Cy

        GabbyD, yo! Gawa ka ng scorecard with criteria. Tapos list of nominees. Use your very sharp question-and-answer skills in evaluating each candidate. Let us name the contest “GabbyD’s Filipino of the Year!” Yo. Peace!

      2. hahaha, real talk Peste.

        PNoy and positive go as much together as Ralph Wiggum from the simpson’s and the English Language. Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

        btw GabbyD, 1 million, I mean, 15-40 million PNoy fans can’t be wrong, right?

        1. Oh how forgetful of me, but going back to something you wrote “Any qualifications? Any evidence? What has he done?” The PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! Baseless awards are baseless! Like the Metallica song King Nothing, he’s the very monarch of a fairy tale never-ever land of an island nation he was born in.

          Then you start accusing us here of having no nominees to throw at who should be King Nothing of 2010 in the Philippines.

        2. This is what I have been telling GabbyD for so long:

          If he has to ask that kind of question, then he won’t understand the answer.

        3. Oh wow, I guess Cy was just using that as his example above. My bad!

          However, he has proven that he is correct and you are doing EXACTLY what you are known for; being anal attentive to things that have no bearing to the main point.

          I can nominate the supposed super hero of UP, Ralph Nantes, that doctor who died in Palawan, or even the whistleblowers against Gloria who have found new haven under the PNoy admin. But it still doesn’t matter when the basis of the criteria doesn’t exist (that being the FILIPINOE, which is manufactured by the same people who do the same with the concept of PNoy pride) and those doing the selection have a wicked slant and bias, plus the award being absolutely pointless and self serving. See former winners of this supposed prestigious prize:

          I mean, OH SNAP, Manny Pacquiao did a 2-peat? Hell, P-Noy can be Filipino of the year, for ALL YEARS after 2011 at this point!

        1. rhetoric is not the right word. i simply have a question — meron bang ibang magandang nominee for this award? sino?

          ikaw kickapoo, who is more worthy of the award, if its not Pnoy. meron ba? or wala?

        2. more like indirect circular reasoning. Whose more deserving of this award than PNoy who completely (a) did the complete opposite of the criteria established by INQ who (b) has not set solid ground on the basis of their criteria. And with that, the award (c) doesn’t mean anything at all, except for people who still think INQ, PNoy and Filipino when put together are a big deal.

      1. Base on the made up criteria by the Inquirer, all those who ran for the Presidency are qualified for the award because:

        1. They answered the call of duty.
        2. They will have no honeymoon period.
        3. They will be bigger than Arnel Pineda (according to INQ).
        4. They will be considered “astig” or a tough guy.
        5. They will be involved in a job more dangerous than boxing.
        6. They have no love loss.

        The only thing that would make a real difference is:

        7. They might actually own up to their mistake.

        Get the point now GabbyD? The people behind the “award” make up the criteria as they go. So they can pretty much give the award to whoever they want to win.

        1. Thanks ici. If only GabbyD would just get a life now that the stupidity of his question and the award has been explained over and over.

        2. actually, thats NOT the criteria… those are the REASONS/ARGUMENTS why pnoy was the most positive influence…

      2. DIGRESSIONS by DJ Cy


        Yo! GabbyD! If you’re talking about “GabbyD’s Filipino of the Year”, may 11 months pa. Present the criteria first (like they do in Nobel Prize nomination). Then people will come to our minds. Anyway, I give my nominee: Criselda Yabes.

        However, if you’re talking about Inquirer’s “Filipino of the Year”, and according to the criteria listed above, well, maghintay pa rin kayo! Yo! 11 months pa! Too early to decide. Peace.

        If you’re talking about hypothetical nominees, however, for last year’s contest, well, don’t we have a right not to nominate someone? Because… I don’t watch much TV, I read works by Voltaire and Swift, so I am more familiar with the geography of, say, Lilliput, than the current events on Inquirer. So, here is a straight answer for you: No nominee.

        Anyway, the point of this article (for me) is not to show that someone else deserved the award, but to show that PNoy cannot qualify for an award if the standards for that award are any bit decent at all; and his winning a prestigious title is apt to mislead all of us. Here, prestige has divorced itself from merit.

        Yo, GabbyD, try to bring your argumentative and Socratic mettle into the comments board of the Inquirer and on any other online broadsheet. I surmise the outcomes will be very interesting.






        1. yes, the man’s action has done more to salvage the tattered image of the filipinos than noynoy’s porsche or charice’s botox could ever do.

          i don’t even want to take that award seriously, considering the source. sheesh, i wish the yellow zombies would stop being so defensive for their guy.  noynoy can fight his own battles, or deal with his “kabuwisitans”.  after all, he is a grown man,..daw.

        2. note how timewaster extraordinaire gabbyd conveniently does not see my nomination. all he ever does is derail discussions into extended explanations that hopefully might be simple enough for his only two functioning neurons to absorb somehow.

          @ici: sorry but, i don’t think i can agree that amisola’s good deed salvages the tattered image of filipinos one bit (though yes, he beats pnoy ten thousand-fold, if only to compare the good they have each done). pinoys can’t take credit for what they didn’t do; that specific good deed was amisola’s and his alone. and it stands out so much because of how unlikely that was to occur. that sort of honesty is truly RARE in the philippines.

      3. i’m still here.

        although the moderators have blocked me!

        look, if the mods dont want me here, its 100% their business.

        but i’ve NEVER been rude, and i’ve ALWAYS wanted people to communicate what they want. 

        if asking questions and discussions are DISRUPTIVE, then fine, block me. 

        1. If you have that redirect error message on your browser, it’s not an administrative problem, but a technical one. I experience missing comments as well, but I’m pretty sure I’m not blocked or banned at all.

        2. TELLING TIME by DJ Cy

          @GabbyD: you have met your mirror image.

          Don’t worry. You’re still here.

          The moderators didn’t block you.

          If the mods want you here, it’s 100% their business as well.

          Yes, you’ve never been rude, and have always wanted people to communicate, although I doubt it if they like it most of the time.

          Asking questions and discussions are never disruptive, GabbyD, as long as they’re mature questions. Don’t worry, this is the last frontier for anyone who’s blocked somewhere.



          P.S. I have my nominee.

        3. i had to change my IP address just to SEE THE WEBSITE. sabi ng message, blocked daw ako for being diruptive.

          so to the mods, if u want to my THIS IP, go ahead 🙂

        4. Zzzzzz…ask us if we care.

          See what I mean about your questions not having any point at all? You kept asking about our nominee and now that you can’t come up with a rebuttal, you are just distracting everyone with this drama about being blocked by AP. What a time waster! Tsk-tsk.

        5. @ilda

          hindi ka naniniwala sa akin that i was blocked? why would i lie about that?

          what would u like me to rebut? i havent argued anything for anyone to rebut! 

        6. What was the point of badgering us Mr GabbyD? Ahhh…yes! To waste our time!!! Some people actually thought you had a point! Don’t be offended if I don’t respond to you in the future.

        7. actually ilda, he does have a point. He has nothing to rebut.

          But he never had an argument or anything to begin with. He just asked a really stupid question and didn’t even give his OWN NOMINATION, as I believe he’s comfortable of INC’s decision.

          thus the inanity of GabbyDORK.

        8. No point or no rebuttal- it’s the same old crap. He may just be a foot soldier of Malacanang. Imagine, he even said earlier that he had to change his IP address, which means that in not so many words, he admitted that he has the capability of posting comments as someone else.

        9. thats right jay!

          its pretty clear, after 50+ comments that everyone disagrees with INQ’s decision. boring!

          so i thought, if not Pnoy, then maybe, people here would like to be CONSTRUCTIVE, and NOMINATE OTHER PEOPLE who are better then Pnoy.

          After all, since pnoy is OBVIOUSLY NOT the person of the year, you guys might have a clearer idea who ought to be person of the year.

          siguro, nahihirapan kayo, thats why isa pa lang ang nominee…

          do you want a nomination from me? seryosong tanong ba yan jay? 🙂

        10. @ilda

          i’m legitimately interested in WHO you think ought to be filipino of the year! 

          oh, ilda… no nominees? is coming up with an actual person of the year a waste of time? bakit?

        11. Oh dear…. I really have to come up with a nominee because Mr GabbyD is “legitimately interested”!

          Do yourself a favour genius. Just scroll up and down and read the responses to you again because you still don’t get it.

          What was your answer to Jay again when he said you can’t even give your own?!? Ah…this:

          “seryosong tanong ba yan jay?”

          And now you want us to take you seriously?!?. Quick! Get some sunshine, please!

        12. @ilda…

          i take u seriously ALL THE TIME 🙂

          kung ayaw mo, or kung nahihirapan ka, eh di hwag! i thought it would be easy 4 you to come up with ONE name since ur so knowledgeable about pnoy’s lack of merit…

        13. I can’t believe you guys are struggling to find a good nominee for the title of “Filipino of the Year” when you’ve got the BEST candidate sitting right here under your noses, none other than Yours Truly. 😀

          I did make my case for, ehem, National Artist of the Year back in early 2009, although the venerable Rom Sedona beat me to the punch even earlier by nominating me Person of the Year back in late 2008.

          For that matter, Mr GabbyD, if it is just about making Noynoy the benchmark for the distinction of being “Filipino of the Year”, dude, cute little moi surely beats him hands down. But then who would want to compete for such a distinction to begin with after seeing the sort of people upon whom it is bestowed. No thanks. Even that title is tainted by the renowned Pwede Na Yan ethic of Da Pinoy.

          nyek nyek

        14. Hahaha…thanks for the endless laughter GabbyD. You are such an obvious troll.

          Paki basa na lang ulit yung sagot ko sayo. If you are too lazy to scroll up, I will paste it here again:

          Based on the made up criteria by the Inquirer, all those who ran for the Presidency are qualified for the award because:

          1. They answered the call of duty.
          2. They will have no honeymoon period.
          3. They will be bigger than Arnel Pineda (according to INQ).
          4. They will be considered “astig” or a tough guy.
          5. They will be involved in a job more dangerous than boxing.
          6. They have no love loss.

          The only thing that would make a real difference is:

          7. They might actually own up to their mistake.

          Get the point now GabbyD? The people behind the “award” make up the criteria as they go. So they can pretty much give the award to whoever they want to win.

        15. @GabbyD: Yes, it’s a f****** waste of time. We don’t want to nominate any. There are 100 million Filipinos around. It’s like finding the sweetest orange in a truck of oranges. If you want to know why, go try it.

          However, don’t forget to carry a flashlight. Here is why:

          I think you are good at sowing notoriety and discord; here is now a way for you to obtain renown and fame.



        16. @GabbyD: Well, rejoinder please? Hmmmm? DJ Cy on the loose right now. I’ve been typing 1,000 words today (+2,000 for my long school essay) and this is the best rejoinder I’ve thought of, for this year at least.

          Ay, oo nga pala, may nominee ako. WAHAHAHA!

          Yo, GabbyD, alam ko na ang perfect na technique para barahin ang mga posts mo. You’ll run into a wall reminding you of “reductio ad absurdum”….

          I hope to meet you again somewhere here, or in the Netwaves.



        17. @GabbyD

          Where is the thanks for the efforts of Parallax and bluericedtea for putting up nominations that more than likely would satisfy the ever simple criteria of INQ? Heck, you didn’t even give your own nominations to prove just how robust you are in creating your argument and defaulted to site problems instead. Honestly, no good manners either. I am seriously disappointed in you.

          Though I loved the sound of you eating your own words in your attempt to sound edgy in all of this.

      4. @gabbyd

        i think Delita Hyral Gomez deserves an award as INQ’s Filipino of the year
        and Ramza Beoulve Santiago is a heretic traitor


        kinda reminded me of school/college actually…of giving bonus grades based of “perfect attendance” and consumerism(the one who pays the ticket of whatever event early gets an extra grade) instead of actual extra effort based on that subject matter.

  11. Of course, you, GabbyD! I bet you have done a better job at being a Filipino than BS Aquino himself 😀

    The INQ article and the Filipino of the year list is ridiculously funny that I can’t help but comment and post it on Facebook. These guys really have a sense of humor, I give them that.

    But once the idea sinks in, you realize that it’s sad, and very, very unfortunate… this is the country we were born in, and for some of you, live in right now. A country which kills its prophets and visionaries, a people who prefers to live in a lie and make a messiah out of major dumbass. Funny, but unfortunate.

  12. Paano naging Filipino of the year? Ang tingin ko ay hindi siya maginoong tao dahil walang paggalang sa kababaihan. Akala niya ay sikat siya kung papalitpalit ng girlfriend. Siyempre maraming kakagat na babae sa kanya dahil presidente siya kahit na siya medyo matanda na at sabi ng isang columnista na uubo-ubo na. Anong say mo Ilda, papatol ka ba sa kanya?

    1. Hi Mike

      I don’t know if the girls linked to PNoy are really into him or not. It remains a mystery though why his relationships don’t last. As I said in my very first article about PNoy here way back in 2009:

      “In the looks department, I really don’t see his appeal. It’s good that he is not attempting to hide his thinning hairline with a comb over but he could use a new pair of glasses because what he is wearing kinda makes him look dorky, and yellow definitely highlights his paleness even more. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Personally I don’t care if someone doesn’t look like George Clooney. I would go for an intellectual anytime even if he looks like Shrek. I have been told that the brain is the sexiest organ of the human body. Nothing can pump up and get your juices flowing better than a good conversationalist.” Unfortunately, he is not a good conversationalist either. 


      1. DIGRESSIONS by DJ Cy

        Nice answer. A very smooth answer for a very sharp question. Velvety. I guess, from another woman, the answer would either be barbed or patronizing.

        Now that he’s got the wheels, why not put them into his head?

        Perhaps the wheels, when well-oiled, would actually run his head for him to become a better conversationalist, unlike the media-gabbler he is now, who piles cliches one after the other just as one rashly hangs clothes upon a clothesline.

        Can’t use “Yo!” now. I guess using it uses up plenty of space.


      2. @Mike Lim

        The criteria is shady at best. According to INQ it is honoring a living Filipino who has made the most positive impact on the life of the nation. Their panel of uh, esteemed judges don’t have time for outlining other strong candidates I guess (for obvious reasons) so they just go with whoever they pick for that year. And as you have already read in the piece, honestly, the criteria is about as solid as the world trade center.

      3. Ilda, baka mag ka appeal na sya ngayon… Porsche and Lexus plus calling him a rockstar… nak ng… nag mumurang kamatis si utoy… wahahaha…. imagine this…. while on his porsche, driving chillax mode, open windows with hands hanging out of the door holding a piece of cigar going to malacanang via mendiola passing by ceu, holyspirit and la consolacion… (or should I say San Beda? heheheh) with loud music from Shop Boyz’s Party Like A Rockstar… boom the bass pa…

        party like a rock
        party like a rockstar
        party like a rock
        party like a rockstar !

        1. @Ilda: It is my hope that what you said of me is not because of what I said of you. ^_~
          But yeah, I always have penchant for the intellectuals, although I don’t fall for all of them.

          Anyway, there goes a Spanish proverb, stating that a wise man changes his man while a foolish man never will.

          A few of my friends, too, were mesmerized by the yellow stigma and for all their intellectuality, I find it hard to fathom that their choice is P-Noy. He was always the source of debates. In our subdivision, he had a landslide in the May 10 elections. And many days before that, I flooded my FB wall with links to sites containing change-compelling information, but I was dubbed as the villain. P-Noy  to them was the anointed one. Many of them unfriended me. I know what you felt. 🙂

      4. That’s why I’m So IN TO YOU Ilda. Your brain simply rocks. Not P-Noy.

        As for the eyeglasses, don’t you see his attempt in trying to resemble his dad? It becomes a family culture because a year ago when Cory died, his nephews also wear eyeglasses similar to his and I saw them everywhere in media.

        1. Hi k.izmet

          You obviously have a good head on your shoulder. I feel sad sometimes when I think about the fact  that I can’t even convince people who are close to me that PNoy is incompetent.  It’s just too unreal. 

          I didn’t notice that about his glasses. I’ll have to have another look. 

          Thank you 🙂

    1. Most Filipinos who can’t read or those who can’t understand the concept of metaphors won’t even get what the Inquirer article is about. Those who do get the message are mostly appalled by it.

    2. Its funny because while most at AP laugh at this as they already know the irony of this, you have people who willingly accept that PNoy IS the FILIPINO of the year. The irony of course being what is defined of the criteria to be chosen for this, uh, award that really came out of NOWHERE! And of course the criteria being the uh, tangible measure of, FILIPINOENESS. And who gets to gauge that? None other than the Yellow Media of PRINT, the INQ, who knows much about what it is to measure being a FILIPNOE than any FILIPINOE in and out of the country!

      This is also funny as this seems to be a unanimous choice as whoever the voting committee for the INQ didn’t have any other strong candidates on whom to measure STRONG FILIPINOENESS. So instead they extrapolated synonymous words with the president like astig, Rak-en-roll, no honeymoon, celebrity connekshun, and open ended moot points like loved and prophetic and try to connect it, so it reads like a section of your favorite OVERANALZYING rag, COSMO!

      Its almost as if his PR team is trying to make PNoy, a shlub with absolutely no chemistry, presence or charisma into someone like a Justin Bieber. They might as well try put him and Bieber in the same stage to try get some mojo off the 15-yr-old canadian to come to the 50-yr-old heffner hack.

      1. @Jay re: “Its funny because while most at AP laugh at this as they already know the irony of this, you have people who willingly accept that PNoy IS the FILIPINO of the year.

        Indeed, much of this stuff simply goes sailing way above the mental faculties of the average Noytard.

        To be fair, Noynoy does embody the flawed but popular notion of what a “Filipino” is – “prayerful”, “humble”, and Tagalog-speaking. So that Inquirer piece merely picks a low-hanging fruit.

        1. well to be fair, even GabbyD is following the criteria from INQ which is honoring a living Filipino who has made the most positive impact on the life of the nation. That about makes as much sense as having a leader with the capacity and competency of LKY being president of the Philippines in the near future, which at the rate we are going is not happening any time soon. Its like establishing inane, kiddy crap upon making by-laws or a constitution to any form of a institution.

  13. p-noy has a variety of psychological issues and personality defects.
    look up borderline personality disorder.
    social anxiety, fear of intimacy, secrecy, peter pan syndrom. all chRacteristic.
    his emotional development stopped aged 14, maybe not surprising given events in his life and he has been surrounded and dominated by women all his adult life.he is most probably scared of them.
    he wants attention and affection which he never got and alezys played 3rd or 4th fiddle to his sisters.
    with his mother no longer here he is reverting to the child he was not allowed to be and enjoying the attention but not the questions which go against his need to be secretive.
    the problem is he will have no affection if he doesnt perform.

    1. thing is, even with his psychological issues, he has never shown the bearing of what it takes to be a leader. If some form of intelligence and competence is a measuring stick of it, certainly PNoy, much like the award he received got the presidency by name alone and not by his accomplishments or his attitude.

  14. an emotional vote for cory in absentia. unfortunately he is an accidental president who is turning into an accident prone puppet of cojuangco – who gave 100 million to his campaign and now is behind p-noys new lexus.
    what does coujango want in return.
    no open business competition
    further delays in hacienda luisita
    no freedom of info act
    gambling licence for baguio
    no investigation into ninoy assassination
    no investigation into his tax evasion.

      1. Gibo has his own flaws. Especially regarding some hush-ups concerning his mother-in-law  – which haven’t been reported on much for obvious reasons. 

        Also, it’s difficult to say that you can change the country by ousting the Aquino-Cojuangco cronies from power by replacing him with another member of the Aqunio-Cojuangco family like Gibo.

        1. His one major flaw is not having killer instincts. He let his less than able cousin win the election. I’m pretty sure he knew the consequences of allowing that to happen. That’s just unacceptable.

        2. True, everyone in the presidentiables had his blemishes for after all, the elections were not/ought not to be about who was spotless among the candidates. But then again, as it turned out, the national elections were quite like who was totally flawed.

          For what is happening now in our country, I rest half of the blame on P-Noy’s supporters not because they lack the discretion. However because they chose not to use their ability to make wise decisions.

          GabbyD, for instance, is not a dimwit fellow as what he manifested here. But he chose to become one because he’s not comfortable with a good change for whatever reasons. He is a coward that cowers whenever he’s confronted with brain-knacking questions or simple questions that would stir his thoughts to come up with an answer other than a yes or no.

          Ilda, I like you and your blogs. I hope it will remain to be resilient, seeking to enlighten the minds of most of the adults and middle ages in RP because they are the ones who refuse to see the other face of the coin. 

        3. And yes, some of my colleagues, too because their concept of good governance is similar to the incumbent administration. It’s hard to fathom how intellectuals could be smitten by P-Noy.

  15. ilda
    you are right
    nothing these lowlife do has anything to do with the country’s best interest just sustaining their own power and access to easy money and controlling key industries as monopolies and also controlling media.
    the internet they fear.
    you cant have an educated or informed electorate or they may see beyond the wowowee culture and start asking questions. how dare they!
    register sim cards – more control
    monitoring messages – of course.

  16. So wheres the newsreport about Pnoy ignoring terror warnings? Totally forgotten na. Its good thing theres this Inquiry on AFP general and Singson Jrs HK case, Flipinos would ignore PNOYs latest blunder, the increase in water rates and the jeepney fare hike.

    1. There’s just too much going on at the moment. It is ironic though that PNoy’s supporters still fail to see his incompetence in handling any of it.

    Palace belittles bishop’s claims of Aquino’s incompetence

    In a press briefing, Deputy Presidential Spokesman Abigail Valte said the Aquino administration has already started initiating reforms in government.

    “Well, hello there, Archbishop Cruz. We meet again. What is our reaction to this as far as the claim of incompetence goes? Of course, that is utterly baseless. You have seen in the past 7 going to 8 months that we have started making the first steps to implement reforms. You have the conditional cash transfer in place. We have a very lean budget for 2011 and we intend to keep it that way,” Valte said.

    Why are Noynoyistas like Valte so BLIND? She’s talking out of her butt. Conditional cash transfers are a euphemism for dole outs. You know. Em doleouts that are being handed over to the poor in lieu of the cut education budget for universities. Noynoy Aquino’s propagandists have been claiming that this education budget is the highest ever when that is only half the truth. While the overall budget is the largest, spending on higher education has been slashed significantly. little wonder why public universities in the Philippines are in a growing state of unrest.

    Besides you really have to have really low standards to accept PNOY’s current performance. Anyone remember his first EOs on the days he first sat on the job? And to think that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I don;t even want to go into his Congressman Senator days when nothing really happened. So much so that his Yellow Propagandists even say: “Hey kahit wala siyang nagawa its his heart that matters.” PFFFFT. Sana gumising sila sa katotohanan.

    1. You want some laughs? I picked some of the most HAHAHA comments from Noynoy supporters: ============
      Oscar Cruz = Messiah Complex
      by ria_irsih on Tue, 02/01/2011 – 10:10
      Si Bishop ay meron na talaga yatang sayad sa utak. Hindi yata niya napapansin na siya ang namamanipula. Siya ang magaling.

      by tamy on Tue, 02/01/2011 – 05:20
      God must be incompetent too. he did not give us a perfect world and let in corruption as well as sickness and untold suffering on his people. he let the good die young, the bad to corrupt the good, and priests to sexually abuse those trusted in their care. yes, god must be incompetent too. he turned a blind eye on what is going in on his churches.

      president noy is least trying to correct errors of the past and to call him incompetent right away is not helpful.


      by mikelmaga on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 20:41

      Mr. Oscar Cruz parang hindi ka karapat dapat tawagin na pari.. ang galing mong manghusga! Dapat gawing mong intensyon sa mga misa mo ang kapayapaan sa ating bansa hindi kung anu-anung mga press release mo na puro walang katuturan. Aanhin naman ang pagiging sobrang magalnig ng presidente kung hindi naman sya sincere sa kanyang posisyon, aanhin naman ang isang namumuno na magaling kung sya naman ay kurakot at ubod ng sama at walang takot sa Diyos. ang pede lang natin gawin ay ipagdasal at magtulungan tayo ng sa gayon ay umasenso tayo.

      Magdasal tayo lagi na manaig ang mabuti sa masama. Nagdadasal kba ng ganun Mr. Oscar? naniniwala kba sa power ng Prayer..? I will appreciate kung ipagdadasal mo ang ating Presidente! Kasi pinili sya ng taong bayan, nang mas nakararami. hindi po sulusyon ang pag-alis sa katungkulan Mr. Oscar. Dasal lang po ang kailangan. Wag po kayong masyadong magmarunong. I suggest dont forget to pray the Holy Rosary at palagi mong dalhin ang rosary and put it in your pockets.

      Follow Tita Cory in her devotion to the Holy Rosary ng sa ganun matauhan ka..PEACE be with you and God bless you Mr. Crus. It seems na hindi kna karapat dapat tawagin na Bishop! Sori to say that..


      by Mind Blogger on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 16:27
      These critics should help the government rather than giving news to the public that cannot support their claims. These people should hang themselves to death.

      by Renato Rizardo on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 13:32
      Naku naman Sir Cruz, malamang kakandidato ka sa susunod na eleksyon. Ang dami mong sinasabi wala ka namang naiitulong sa suliranin. Dapat na sana ay suportahan mo ang legitimong presidente puro ka batikos. Intindihin mo na lang ang prokyano mo, baka sila mismo di na rin naniniwala sa mga sermon mo. Ang sabi ng kasulatan, ipanalangin ang mga nasa authority… Kung gusto mo talagang makatulong maging active ka sa mga proyekto ng gobyerno o sa parokya mo na lang…
      by PADRE_DAMASO on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 12:39
      Retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz is a TERRORIST…plain and simple..!

      Let them try

      by dyu on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 12:21
      Let those groups try to unseat PNoy, makikita nila kung gaano ulit ka tapang ang Filipino, hindi pa ata sila nasawa sa kapangyarihan, they should consider themselves lucky nakababa sila sa pwesto ng maayos, kasi the next time they try to grab power from a legitimate government they won’t be as lucky.


      On Mr. Cruz and his ideals

      by vet@work on Mon, 01/31/2011 – 10:58

      Ever since the Aquino admin started, like Mr. Lagman, all you did was criticize, maybe threat this government, like that above.

      Some questions: Why is it impossible for you to just work WITH the government? Why is it impossible for you to discuss this with them privately and not stimulate the ire of the general public? Why be like every other person who, if they come under fire, lose significantly or insignificantly, blame the government for every little thing that happened to them? Don’t you, nor everyone who blames every other else, has yourselves as part of the problem? And in the end become part of the solution?

      Ours is not a perfect system but it can be improved, even in the smallest way. It is cliche, you are right. But it is the truth and it is the best way to start. It is already becoming tiresome, not just from this administration that people always try to find the negative in theirs and other’s lives when everyone should just be part of the solution.


      HAHAHA! Normally I wouldn’t agree with Mr. Cruz. Although this is one of those times I’ll give him a hi five. We need more personalities to come out of the woodwork and just SAY IT AS IT IS .

      1. It is best that we wait for the time that these people realise their mistake. Otherwise, if PNoy gets booted out without them realising what they had done, we will have another Erap situation where his supporters might vote for him again because they will feel that PNoy was cheated or feel that PNoy was not given a chance to fulfill his promise.

  18. ilda
    i hope you will apply your views opinions and abilities in a practical way.
    more can be achieved by working from within.
    better to be a player than voyeur

    1. Ok. I know you want more from me but there is only so much I can do.

      What is “practical” to you anyway? Writing articles is practical for me. I think I already missed the boat in becoming a celebrity, which is a short route to running for public office in the Philippines.

      1. Writing is practical and powerful for me. Where before, a penis mightier than a sword; in today’s age and technology, however, the keyboard is better, more convenient, efficient and result-oriented. 

    2. You know, if we had someone with Hitler’s charisma(Of course without the Facism and Genocidal parts) who had the same views AP has, we could get the ball rolling on the internet will all the social media platforms available to us. Meetings, gatherings, the like.

  19. I enjoyed reading this article, Ilda. Nicely written. And I liked how you interspersed the serious with the humorous in making your point. I’ll definitely read your other works here on AP.
    By the way, PNoy is undoubtedly stricken with the rock star syndrome. No doubt about that.

    1. Oh noes, come for the PNoy bashing but you stay for what?

      That is what is great about AP. Most of those who share their ideas do their research and have facts, though once in a while they have to be corrected. AP at times will have articles that really stretches your, uh, allegiance dare I say, to certain issues. It may seem there is a bias, at least for facts and getting to the point. At least better than some other sites who live off slants and ikan nila, haka haka. If you do have a point to contend sometime, I hope you are just as passionate doing so with how the writers convey their information.

      1. Too bad I seem to have offended someone by just saying that I liked how the article was written. No apologies though because reading is, uh, a passion of mine aside from writing. It’s not just what the written work is about, it’s also about the style. How one puts one’s message out there is just as important as the message. If the piece hadn’t been a good read from the beginning, nobody would finish it. And the message of the author would have gone where?
        Anyway, I just want to add that the Filipino of the Year award (Man, just typing those words are really cumbersome when I think of the recipient!) they gave to PNoy somehow reminds me of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. He hadn’t done anything substantial yet to deserve the famous distinction, but Barack got it just the same. Still, my incredulity over that pales in comparison to the exasperation, the insult, from PNoy’s latest accolade. After sooooo many bungled decisions, pronouncements, and actions in just a brief time (a record for a Philippine president, I think), he’s friggin’ Filipino of the Year??!!! Magtabi-tabi po naman sana yung mga taong pilit na nagbabaon sa limot nung mga kapalpakan na nangyari sa ilalim ng liderato nya. Kung liderato ngang matatawag yun. It’s just too much to swallow. This award is a farce; it’ so phony. Hayayay…

        1. Oh, I was so surprised too when Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize award. It was so premature. He has not delivered yet but he got the award for his election platform. Goes to show that even the so-called elite from the west can be emotional for their own good! Geez.

          Thanks again Mr Bujing! 🙂

        2. @Bujing

          you didn’t offend anyone, unless you are referring to me. In which case, you may have misunderstood.

          I was referring to the ever old line, Come for the X, stay for the Y, which the variables can be coincidental but related. So I was saying you came for the PNoy hate, but what will make you stay here, as considering that many long time readers and responders at times once in a while will voice dissent on certain issues.

          But you certainly punched the point as well with Obama winning the Nobel prize. I didn’t saw that coming but at the same time, I didn’t identify with him with that award. Though the criteria for that award has more criteria and scrutiny, it isn’t without its share of interesting controversies due to the fact that they pick people who haven’t done ANYTHING (as you mention) to merit the award.

      1. I beg to disagree on Obama, if only for the fact that he got himself elected into the highest office of the land in America, the first African American at that is already a feat which symbolizes racial healing and reconciliation in the U.S.  For a country divided by hate along racial lines for too long, Obama’s ascent based entirely on his achievements as a human being, re: academic achievements in his field, a community organizer, a politician who works to unite all to reach specific political goals, he is a unifier rather than a divisive personality, inspiring the young to get involved in politics and noble ideals, remember it was the young and their social networking that got him elected, his promotion of multilateralism in international affairs, etc., etc, etc, he is a complete antipathy to his predecessor who plunged the world into chaos and destruction, Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize!

        1. though in all honesty, the election he won was a weak one which was to his favor. More so that he was offering more, such as transparency, as opposed to McCain who wasn’t offering any of it. He ultimately proved that any American citizen with the determination and talent can realize any vision and become president, if they wanted to do so and contribute to society. His idea of implementing tech with his political campaign is long due in a sense, as social networking has taken bounds and leaps with the youth since the early decade. Though if anything, the criticism probably comes from its timely nomination and people’s conception of WHICH achievements he’s being hailed for; pre-presidential campaign or what he was certain to promise.

          Now, at least there is an argument to say that the nobel peace prize has more valued criterias and a meaningful candidate selection than INQ and their criteria for the most FILIPINO of FILIPINOES of any year they deem to choose.

        2. Hmmmm….sorry, but I have to disagree with you Miriam. Your explanation proves even more that if he wasn’t African American, he wouldn’t have been considered at all for the prize. I think that at lot of people would have achieved what Obama supposedly achieved given the same amount of time. A lot of Americans are active in their community and have done well academically. Unfortunately, they just don’t get the same amount of exposure as Obama because they were either not African American or not running for the Presidency.

          Obama is charismatic, yes. But so is Bill Clinton who worked so hard to broker a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. I think anyone who disagreed with G W Bush’s policies would have looked like an angel. And as you can see, the veneer of unity that was supposedly there before the election is already gone. Now, Americans might even vote for Sarah Palin in the next election. I’m seriously hoping that their society has not gone that low.

          What I am trying to say is, the committee should have waited for results before giving him such accolades. The Arab world who were supposedly pacified by Obama because of his promise to bring the troops home are back to being unhappy with the US.

  20. Meh, the Filipino of the year… If some people would look for another idiot to show in Jersey Shores, PNoy gets in quite easily. Cause, like the show, he’s also an idiot

  21. I respectfully would like to nominate GabbyD as’s Troll of the Year.

    Sorry, ulong pare. But it was a VERY close race.

        1. HAHAHHAHA. Joe was the guy who claimed he wears the pants but can’t even admit he’s wearing the bahag in the relationship.

          GabbyD is small time. Its just sometimes, he gets great material to sound off on his pseduo philosophical garbage.

          I wanted to nominate everyone who argued against AP’s points with usage of how to convey the message and its tone. Seriously, if you wanted something dumbed down you can always hang with the rednecks at B7 or the hipster jemons at PEX or those other pride pinoy sites.

        2. Noooo…don’t mention that name, please!!! I still get goose bumps when someone reminds me of that grumpy old man But you are right about the only drama queen left here. He has no class at all.

          I don’t miss Joe but I do miss your rebuttals to him Parallax! *sigh*

    Economy grows at fastest pace in post-Marcos era

    THE PHILIPPINE ECONOMY last year grew at its fastest annual pace in the post-Marcos era, the government reported on Monday.

    Specifically, gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 7.1% in the fourth quarter of 2010, pushing full-year growth to 7.3%.

    That brought actual growth within the 7.0-7.4% forecast of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) for the year and much higher than the official 5-6% projection of the government.

    In a press briefing on Monday, fficials of the National Statistical Coordination Board and NEDA cited election-related spending as well as growth of investments and foreign trade as the main drivers of economic expansion last year.

    “The strong fouth quarter and annual performance suggest that we are in a strong path of recovery,” NEDA Director-General Cayetano W. Paderanga Jr. told reporters in a briefing in Makati City.

    He added that the government is maintaining its 7-8% growth target for 2011, to be supported by investments in priority projects under public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements.

    Philippine Stocks @4,200+ Points, Will Surge Anew By 2011


    Erle Frayne D. Argonza

    Asian bourses continue to perform excellently, and the Philippines is a contributor to this bullish trend. In the past year, there were some junctures when the bourses did dip a bit, but never too dip as not to be able to surge back ahead. The bourses reflect the optimal growth patterns in Asia and are bound to replicate the feat in 2011.

    By the start of 2010, I was of the opinion that the Philippine stock exchange will trade very bullishly, that it will eventually breach the all-time best record of 3,600+ points achieved during the era of the Ramos presidency yet. True enough, it did breach the 3,600 points and ended up at 4,200+ points by end of December 2010.

    You know what? A guy called slimemaker_u on PEX thinks that this site is a site of world class whiners! Here are the facts. Best economic growth at 7.3%. PSEX at all time high. You world class whiners have never even bothered to acknowledge these things in any of your articles. Noynoy is GOOD for the economy.

    Go ahead AP authors! I DARE you to rebutt the data and prove you’re not just a bunch of sore whiners.

    1. Ha ha! This guy actually thinks the stock market indices are reliable indicators of economic health. Or that there is an actual measurable direct causal relationship between what a President “did” just six months into his term and the growth figures in a macro metric such as the GDP.

      nyek nyek

      1. Noynoy Aquino comes in blinds the country’s ABC class with Cory Aquino magic and deludes the masses by looking like a humble bachelor with a heart.

        ….Registers 7.3% eco growth…. Someone’s in DENIAL. Napipikon kayo nanaman.

        1. Looks like someone is giving credit where it isn’t due. 6 months and he caused 7.3% GDP?

          In fact, check this bit out.

          Malacanang on Thursday said the country’s economic growth in the first quarter reflects the sound economic policies that the Arroyo administration initiated in the past nine years.

          Latest data from the National Economic and Development Authority show that the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) grew 7.3 percent in the first quarter, from 0.5 percent in the first three months of 2009. This is the highest in 30 years.

          So Noynoy takes office for 6 months and gets to take credit for what the former admin had worked 9 years for? FUKIN AYE YO!

    2. Helloooo…

      Did you even read what you just pasted here?!? Check out what NEDA cited:

      “…the National Statistical Coordination Board and NEDA cited election-related spending as (one) the main drivers of economic expansion last year….

      Are you actually giving PNoy credit for that?!? Seriously?!? Yoohoo…someone needs to use his head properly.

      As to the other thing that NEDA cited:

      ….as well as growth of investments and foreign trade as the main drivers of economic expansion last year

      Aside from the fact that yellow supporters are quick to say “Give PNoy a break because he is new to the job;” You guys are also quick to give the credit to PNoy when reports that economy is growing or is steady when in fact, PNoy has only been a few months in the job! Which means that it was GMA’s economic policies that are still helping the economy!

      Get real dude! What kind of economic reforms has PNoy introduced that is different from GMA’s anyway? He is just continuing on from where she left off.

      All you have is perception of confidence. I already spoke about this in my previous blog There is a tiny upside to a Noynoy Presidency.

      Here’s an excerpt:

      I can understand where some people are coming from when they recommend laying down the welcome mat for Nonoy especially when they justify it with “Goldman Sachs announced that the economy was recovering.” But first of all, business confidence is only so because of perception. Stock markets are all about perception. Let us not forget that Noynoy is not the president yet. The Philippine media that is very biased for Noynoy, created all this positive perception surrounding him. This positive image reverberated across the globe. The positive image gives investors more confidence to invest in the country.

      But if you think about it, if the mainstream Philippine media was responsible for giving Noynoy or the Philippines a positive image, they were also responsible for giving the incumbent president Gloria Arroyo or the Philippines a negative image and driving away potential investors as a result. Headlines like, “Failure of elections will benefit GMA” or “Another Arroyo dinner to cost $15,000.00″ also reverberated around the globe. Such articles were not even worthy of front-page news and were also written in tabloid style. In short, the election uncertainties created by the media during the election made foreign investors jittery or gave them useless anxieties. The “business confidence” we see now is all thanks to media’s reduction in much of the ado they make about nothing and has nothing to do with Noynoy Aquino’s impending stay or to not stay in Malacanang.

      Noynoy is not the president yet. At the moment, gross domestic product (GDP) registered a growth of 7.3% for the first quarter following frontloaded tax payments and an average inflation rate of 4.3%. Let us give credit where credit is due — to the whole lot of factors including president Arroyos policies, global economic recovery, increased remittances and increased consumer spending particularly during the campaign season which generated a lot of business.

      PNoy’s real challenge is how to maintain growth. I also wrote about this in my previous blog Noynoy Aquino plus the economy: did he do the math?.

      Here’s an excerpt:

      Despite the recent financial crisis that hit some major countries really hard, the state of the Philippine economy is not bad but it’s not great either. I say not bad after having just read that Greece declared bankruptcy in the aftermath of an overspending spree. But then Greece hosted an Olympics. The Philippines, in contrast, could not even spend its way out of a power shortage. Consider then how the Philippines has the third-highest rate of remittances from overseas workers in the world. This source of income is not sustainable and highly dependent on other nations’ economic conditions. Filipinos are not captains of their own economic destiny. This needs to change.

      A Noynoy Aquino presidency will not by any stretch of the imagination see overseas contract workers packing their bags and coming home. Noynoy’s economic “vision” and non-platform are indicative of how things will continue the way they are. If our population keeps ballooning (as it probably will under a prayerful administration) things can only turn for the worse.

      When people lose their jobs, they lose their capacity to buy goods and consume. Usually, it is the luxury items that get snubbed first. Then people go for the cheap on the essential products. Once people forego buying goods, factories start closing shop and more people lose their jobs. This situation is called — what else? — a financial crisis. If you happen to be a victim of a financial crisis, you will have to forego going to Starbucks, skip the latté, and make do with Nescafe Blend 45. Eventually, Starbucks might have to close their shops if this condition is prolonged. There goes the enthusiasm of your investors. Bye bye to much-needed capital.

      Perhaps the reason why the Philippines is able to avoid bankruptcy is because we really don’t produce a lot of goods for domestic consumption and we don’t really export much beyond low-value commodities. This means that there aren’t a lot of factories that have to close their shop to begin with. What we do export is manpower. We have no shortage of manpower and fortunately (for now) our manpower is needed in many parts of the world. The downside is that working overseas has many draw-backs. Aside from our society producing an entire generation of children with absentee parents, the income generated overseas does not guarantee a rise in savings rates among its recipients, much less promote or develop businesses in the country.

      Even if presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino together with his party-mates shout at the top of their lungs that they will ensure economic transformation, they cannot perform miracles and create jobs out of thin air. Noynoy cannot force companies to hire those who are unemployed if there is no job vacancy. He needs long-term solutions to create sustainable employment.

      The role of the government

      In Noynoy’s so-called economic vision and platform, whoever wrote it stated that:

      We will encourage free and fair competition in a level playing field. One not need be a crony in order to succeed in the field of business. More importantly, government will not compete with business. Nor will government use its regulatory powers to extort, intimidate and harass.

      Quite simply easier said than done especially since, as they also acknowledged in the same vision statement:

      There is a widespread perception that success in the business milieu can almost be directly correlated to your closeness to the powers-that-be. Because of this, some players in the industry are forced to focus their activities on maintaining relationships in order to retain the favors that they receive in exchange for cultivating that relationship. This has fostered the wrong kind of competitiveness.

      How does he plan to change this perception to begin with? Does our culture encourage healthy competition at all? How does he propose to overhaul the systematic abuse of power when the Liberal Party itself cannot even be counted on to play fair during the election time? Their connection with media empire, ABS-CBN for one, ensures that Edsa 1 memories are played on TV at the height of the campaign period.

      To answer the problem highlighted above, the Liberal Party should practice what they preach by being more transparent and open to criticism. They should address doubts about Noynoy Aquino’s credibility and suggestions of incompetence by participating in more debates and public forums instead of merely indulging in the usual meet and greet parades. His photo ops are increasingly becoming identical, making it harder and harder to tell them apart.

      The government’s role in paving the way for businesses to thrive is to invest more on infrastructure like transportation, energy and communication, especially the country’s broadband network. This will lay the groundwork for businesses to grow and be more efficient. We are yet to see from Noynoy how he is going to implement any plans on working with the private sector “by bringing forth an agreed public infrastructure program, based on a cohesive plan that optimizes the value of the entire network.” Where is that cohesive plan? If he wants it to be transparent, we want to see it now before the election.

      Dude, please do your homework before you barge in here with your empty gun 😉

      1. “Aside from the fact that yellow supporters are quick to say “Give PNoy a break because he is new to the job;” You guys are also quick to give the credit to PNoy when reports that economy is growing or is steady when in fact, PNoy has only been a few months in the job! Which means that it was GMA’s economic policies that are still helping the economy! ”

        Hey I aint a real yellow but I love how you make that syllogism there. But that’s no real different from how this site blames PNOY for things such as the bus hostage crisis, the bus bombing, etc and making mountains out of molehills for things that PNOY DIDNT CAUSE. You whiners on this site are just so blinded by hatred against the new admin you cant see the good Noynoy is doing.
        PEACE! Go make an article about what I just said. 😆

        1. And besides what you wrote took place before Noynoy came in and you may as well make a new one. He’s in and I have never seen an article on this site (Im not blaming you) about the growing stock exchange or the new economic growth. Find something to fault PNOY with now?

        2. Kindly write down here the specifics of PNoy’s economic reforms. Please tell us in detail what is so different about what he is doing now to boost the economy compared to what GMA did.

          Thanks in advance. 😉

        3. “Find something to fault PNOY with now”?

          We don’t go out of our way to find something to fault PNoy with. The stuff we use to criticise him with simply land on our laps courtesy of the mainstream media 😉

        4. “And besides what you wrote took place before Noynoy came in

          You fail to see the beauty of it, unfortunately. Even if I wanted to write something new about it, I can’t because there is NOTHING significant to write about the economy after PNoy’s six months in office. Without the effect of the “election spending”, let’s see how the economy under PNoy will really fair next year.

        5. You got it all wrong dude. I don’t hate PNoy. I actually think he is a victim of people like you who do not help him stay grounded in reality because you keep making a big deal about something you perceive he did “good” like that grant given by the US, which the past administration worked on.

          Do you really believe that only writers of AntiPinoy see his incompetence? Magbasa ka naman ng ibang news items sa mainstream media, ano. Hinde lang po kami!

          Kindly write down here all the “good” that PNoy is doing. Please enumerate all the details but exclude the “wang-wang” because that is not counted.

          Thanks in advance 😉

        6. “But that’s no real different from how this site blames PNOY for things such as the bus hostage crisis, the bus bombing, etc and making mountains out of molehills for things that PNOY DIDNT CAUSE”.

          Oh, is that the reason why PNoy and his minions still blamed GMA even when she was not involved in the above incidents? Please read this blog of mine para matauhan ka:

          PNoy needs to come up with better excuses than blaming Arroyo

          Happy reading!

    3. @APW

      Kay gandang kwento kapatid.

      PGMA had positive growth throughout her tenure. Will look up sources as there are a handful.

      And this folks is a case of making mountains out of molehills and giving the idiot too much credit for something he had no active hand in. Are you going to give your alpha idiot full credit for the Millenium Loan too? When has the Philippine Stock Exchange been an integral sign of a SUSTAINED ECONOMIC GROWTH? In fact he’s only been 6 months in his job, meaning he can STILL RIDE OUT what PGMA did in 2010! Give him 2 years at best and then see if you have the cojones to gloat about the pride of the malcanang fiscalizer.

      Honestly, only idiots like you fall for this kind of thing. Then again PEX is full of them as well.

        1. @Jay “Honestly, only idiots like you fall for this kind of thing. Then again PEX is full of them as well.
          Yeah everyone who doesnt agree here is an “idiot” that’s why AP will FAIL in spreading its message around because its avid readers, disciples, and authors are just so full of themselves that everyone on the web knows this site as the BASH site. Sure I get why its called ANTI Pinoy. Because you comment on cultural flaws of Filipinos. No problem on that but I like how you guys here do that and refer to those who disagree as “Idiots” and as your BIG BOSS on AP BongV calls yellows, “ZOMBIES”. 😆

        2. I love how ilda and jay here credit the economic growth with GMA. Why on earth do these people hug GMA?

        3. That’s all you can say?!? Stick to the facts dude. Read what I wrote again. Sobrang haba ba for you?

          Your PNoy has not done anything significant yet. How can you possibly credit him with anything? Pauwiin mo yung mga OFWs, let’s see how PNoy’s economy will “grow.”

          Gee, why did I even expect you to absorb anything I wrote?!? You are such a disappointment.

      1. @APW

        Philippine GDP grew just under 1% in 2009 but the economy weathered the 2008-09 global recession better than its regional peers due to minimal exposure to securities issued by troubled global financial institutions; lower dependence on exports; relatively resilient domestic consumption, supported by large remittances from four-to five-million overseas Filipino workers; and a growing business process outsourcing industry. Economic growth in the Philippines has averaged 4.5% per year since 2001, when President MACAPAGAL-ARROYO took office.

        In part of her reasons why she travels out of the country; NEGOTIATE LOANS FROM FOREIGN CORPORATIONS!

        In fact, PEX had a discussion about an AdmU grad Reinabelle Reyes with helping on research to support on Einstein’s theory and the discussion turned into a pinoy pride and a Manila School pissing contest. No discussion of the subject at hand whatseover. In fact, nilalangaw na nga ang site at halata pa kapag kita mo ang iyong mga posts noon 2001 pa.

        So while you try give credit to PNut helping the Philippine economy, its rather offset with the rising costs of goods and fares in his 6 month tenure.

        Idiot is an understatement with you. You put up your case and you end up trying to out whine those whom you accuse as whiners because you can’t even defend your argument. How cute. Besides, what kind of good leader do you feel PNoy should be if he doesn’t have a hand in averting crisis in his own back yard no less, and being pro active in making a real difference in the lives of the citizens that voted him in? Besides, the Philippine stock exchange isn’t even worth SHIT compared to the other business exchanges of Asia, where even foreigners are willing to invest there.

      1. Paano ba nag-iisip si Weizz kung super subjective naman yun. Cmon Feel? Why be in denial of 7,3% growth?

        Here’s prpinoy a site that is trying to counter antipinoy.

        Congratulations to President Noynoy Aquino & the Filipino People for the Excellent 2010 Economic Growth
        February 1, 2011 mastercomputertechnician
        Sheakespeare once said: “What’s in a name ? A rose called by any other name is still a rose.”

        But the Filipino People proved to the world how

        “A good name is more desirable than great riches; favor is better than silver and gold.”

        — Proverbs 22:1

        “A good name is better than fine perfume.” — Ecclesiates 7:1

        We honored and recognized the martyrdom of Benigno S. Aquino II by voting for his son. It was a landslide victory. Now the first 6 months economic performance has revealed a record breaking growth rate said to be the best so far since 1986. How could it have been a record breaker when a newly elected President has not even seated comfortably on his throne with all the controversies and violence that had taken place ? The Filipino People here and abroad have spelled the great difference.

        One of the major reasons for the rise in growth rate was the rise in foreign remittances fromn our OFW. Central Bank forecasted that this year the remittances will reach $ 20 billion.

        The 2nd reason is a “timing coincidence”. Recession in the USA took a turnaround for an economic recovery starting 2010. Only God could have created such a coincidence.

        A third reason is the unusual Cash Inflow into the Philippine Economy compliments of the candidates who poured much money during the campaign period.

        There is actually a 4th major reason which the news forgot to include although it is equally important. So here is to be more accurate about the news report. One of the real reasons for excellent performance was a resounding YES and ACTUAL PARTICIPATION of the International Community in supporting the new administration in its effort to help the Philippines recover. Here’s the proof.

        “2010 foreign investments in PH stocks, securities hit $4.6 B”
        By Michelle Remo
        Philippine Daily Inquirer
        First Posted 12:33:00 01/21/2011
        MANILA, Philippines – A bullish outlook on the Philippines and the rest of emerging Asia drove net inflows of foreign portfolio investments into the country in 2010 to $4.6 billion, the highest in seven years.

        This was according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, which noted that the amount was nearly 12 times the measly $388 million registered in 2009.

        On a gross basis (when outflows are not deducted), inflows of foreign “hot money” reached $13 billion, more than doubling the $6.3 billion registered the previous year.

        More than half, or $8.5 billion, of these capital inflows were invested in the country’s stocks market, the index of which registered an all-time high last year given the surge in purchases by foreign investors. The balance was placed in peso-denominated government securities, time deposits, and money market instruments.

        “The bullish stock market performance in 2010 resulted from positive investor sentiment with the assumption of a new administration and strong macroeconomic fundamentals on the domestic front, inspiring greater confidence in the country,” BSP Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. said in a statement posted on the central bank’s Web site on Friday.

        The Top 5 countries where the hot money inflows came from were the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong. Together, inflows from these countries accounted for nearly 82 percent of the total.

        Tetangco said the favor given by foreign investors to the Philippines came amid mounting debt concerns in the euro zone, the sluggish recovery of the US economy, and the geopolitical tensions between North and South Korea.

        Economists, both from the government and the private sector, have said 2010 was a banner year for the Philippines given stark improvement in its macroeconomic fundamentals.

        The economy grew by an unusually fast pace of 7.5 percent in the first three quarters, inflation stood benign at 3.8 percent, exports registered a sharp rebound, and foreign-currency reserves hit a historic high. They said the positive sentiment about the entry of the Aquino administration has also created confidence of businesses on the domestic economy.

        The surge in foreign portfolio investments was also attributed to the intention of US policymakers to pump in huge amounts of money into the US economy to accelerate its rather tepid rebound from recession in 2009.

        Some of the liquidity in the US is going to emerging markets, like the Philippines, where interest rates are higher as investors seek higher yields.

        Economists said, however, that most of the portfolio investments in the Philippines and its neighbors were short-term in nature. They said that while foreign investors were optimistic about the country’s economic prospects, these fund owners did not want to make a long-term bet.

        These investments, therefore, did little help to increase job opportunities in the country and its neighbors, and were only creating too much pressure for Asian currencies to appreciate.

        Currency appreciation has been a subject of complaint by Asian exporters, who fear that sustained rise of their currencies could eventually dampen competitiveness in the world market.

        In the case of the Philippines, the peso ended 2010 at 43.84 to one US dollar, appreciating from 46.36 the previous year. Foreign exchange traders said the local currency could have ended the year much stronger if not for the heavy dollar buying by the central bank.

        We now have to face the challenge of maintaining good performance for the coming years. Our present leadership believes the developments are sustainable. If the Filipino People simply cooperate with moving forward against the forces obstructing progress, as though there is still People Power surging into the offensive to overcome weaknesses and past failures, our country will have a much better human and natural environment as the years pass.

        May every Filipino find himself/herself a good situation or condition facing the glorious sunrise of Philippine history. There is indeed a place for us…somewhere over the rainbow. Let us all hope for a happy harvest in rewards and benefits as we strive to diligently do our roles, persevering and persisting towards achieving some accomplishments.

        Mabuhay !

        1. Ay naku naman Mr Whiner, I was having such a good weekend but then you just had to come back with another time wasting comment. Are you sure you are not related to GabbyD?

          Looks like you did not read again what you pasted here. Actually, it’s more like you did not understand what you pasted here. You can’t even come up with your own answer. You always have to copy and paste someone else’s work. Can’t you come up with your own interpretation? Tsk-tsk.

          Para nga madaling matapos ang usapan, why don’t you give the details to what I was asking for? Here’s a reminder of what you need to do to convince us all here:

          1) Kindly write down here the specifics of PNoy’s economic reforms. Please tell us in detail what is so different about what he is doing now to boost the economy compared to what GMA did.

          2) Kindly write down here all the “good” that PNoy is doing. Please enumerate all the details but exclude the “wang-wang” because that is not counted.

          Try harder next time. 😉

        2. Here are the things that you chose to ignore from what you just pasted, which should actually convince you that the economic growth had nothing to do with your PNoy:

          1) “One of the major reasons for the rise in growth rate was the rise in foreign remittances from our OFW. Central Bank forecasted that this year the remittances will reach $ 20 billion.”

          Are you still crediting the above to PNoy? The fact that more and more Filipinos still feel the need to go abroad to earn a living should already tell you that PNoy has not done anything to create job opportunities for the Filipino people and make them stay in the country.

          You obviously didn’t know that it was GMA who was roaming around the global community and giving motivational speeches reiterating that the OFWs are the “bagong bayani”, “kayo ang mga bagong bayani”, “your remittances have helped your country.” If the OFWs are currently playing a major role in our economic growth, you can’t thank PNoy for it because he hasn’t done much travelling and in fact, he was quoted as saying that he hates travelling.

          2)” The 2nd reason is a “timing coincidence”. Recession in the USA took a turnaround for an economic recovery starting 2010.

          Are you still going to credit that to PNoy?!? Nuff said!

          3)“A third reason is the unusual Cash Inflow into the Philippine Economy compliments of the candidates who poured much money during the campaign period.”

          In other words – election spending. As I said to you before, you cannot credit that to PNoy. Ang kulit mo!!!

          4) Kung meron mang so called “participation of international community” as mentioned by the article you pasted here, I already explained to you that every time there is a new administration in any government, investors confidence is renewed. Paki basa ulit itong sinabi ko:

          But first of all, business confidence is only so because of perception. Stock markets are all about perception. Let us not forget that Noynoy is not the president yet. The Philippine media that is very biased for Noynoy, created all this positive perception surrounding him. This positive image reverberated across the globe. The positive image gives investors more confidence to invest in the country.

          But if you think about it, if the mainstream Philippine media was responsible for giving Noynoy or the Philippines a positive image, they were also responsible for giving the incumbent president Gloria Arroyo or the Philippines a negative image and driving away potential investors as a result. Headlines like, “Failure of elections will benefit GMA” or “Another Arroyo dinner to cost $15,000.00″ also reverberated around the globe. Such articles were not even worthy of front-page news and were also written in tabloid style. In short, the election uncertainties created by the media during the election made foreign investors jittery or gave them useless anxieties. The “business confidence” we see now is all thanks to media’s reduction in much of the ado they make about nothing and has nothing to do with Noynoy Aquino’s impending stay or to not stay in Malacanang.

          Kaya ikaw John..este Whiner mag-isip ka naman! You are such a triumphalist. Try to wait a couple of more years before you declare your President a success. It’s for your own good. 🙂

          I will be the first to congratulate him if he was doing something different to uplift the country’s economy.

        3. @ antipinoywhiners:
          This may be an opportune time for you to challenge your analytical skills.It doesn’t take a degree in economics to ascertain whether an economy is growing or not.
          If you rest your basis on GDP as a measure, then, puh leese, take a lookat this site.

          Among other thing, it cites that while ” …it [GDP] measures growth,” it doesn’t includemeasuring “destruction.” More importantly, a GDP of one’s country could expand or boostfollowing catastrophes and other activities that “could wipe out communities and economicactivities because of the ensuing re-construction and fresh investments.”
          Thence, GDP as a measure of economic growth is not reliable. Try other indicators such as the National Income and Net Domestic Product, both of which were mentioned in thearticle but remained unexplained.
          An economy might grow if other indicators– used in other countries–such as “health,education, environment, crime rate (see Ilda’s related blog), and social attacment” are ameliorated.
          Also, in the site you broached, I’d like to quote ” The economy grew by an unusually fast pace of 7.5 percent in the first three quarters.”
          That referred to January to September 2010. When did P-Noy started to consummate/inaugurateas his head of state position?
          June 30, 2010.
          Do you have material evidence that since then he implemented economic policies that could give him credits to economic growth from June to September?
          It’s not hard to understand your sentiments for P-Noy. But then again, if you continueto turn a blind-eye to what is happening around you, it will only be to your detrimental-everybody’s detrimental.

        4. @AntiPinoyWhiners:

          PS: I forgot to include two more links which can elucidate further on the role of GDP (not the REAL GDP) which is considered a drawback by many economists.

          However before that, may I say that I mean no offense to Ilda and the rest of those who shared their opinion here. The points highlighted on the said sites may be different from them. 

          Here are the sites AntiPinoyWhiners:

        5. WOW APH, is that all you got? Is that all? Just a rehash of what you posted plus inane platitudes and biblical texts?

          Besides the rise of remittances is during PGMA’s tenure, which OMFG, surprisingly carried over even during PNoy’s 6 months! If I’m not mistaken it was one of her programs that certainly was going to take time to really show the fruits of THAT labor. So if if remittances are still rising, that is a good thing considering some dork awhile back posted it only contributes to 11% of the GDP it figures in, but opens up a world of opportunities for its benefactors back home!

          Also, PGMA also green lighted the successful tourism boost known as WOW Pilipinas, which was spearheaded by then DOT Richard Gordon. She bit at the idea and poured investments in it to make it work. PNoy and his group certainly failed with their Pilipinas Kay Ganda, thus making the decision, much like your assumptions and analysis, Pilipinas KAY TANGA!


          I understand that GDP figures can be skewy at times, especially had that discussion against someone else who challenged BongV about the importance of remittances to the economy while it contributes little numbers towards the figures. Hell United States is THE GDP monger but in some tables with different calculations, they are ranked 5th globally.

          The economic numbers for the Philippines to me is radical, and one thing that can be taken out of what PGMA did is really navigate the country’s economy through hard and good times, more of the former than the latter. The details can be contested but effects are at least long lasting, until someone screws it all up.

        6. @ Jay

          Exactly, that’s why some other countries are looking at other indicators/measures [and not just believe the figures of their GDP] to gauge real growth in their  economy.

        7. @k.izmet 

          No offense taken. If there is one thing I’ve learned after the global financial crisis is that, sometimes even economists aren’t sure about what they are talking about. If they did, they would have prevented the crisis from happening. It’s all about speculation backed by pseudo-science.

          One of the things they can’t predict is human behaviour, which highly depends on “what’s in.”

        8. Some time ago, Times published an article that Asia is paving the way to recovery from economic backlash that crippled even the giant economies. And guess what, while a few of Asian countries spearheading the recovery are rich (Singapore and HK), most of the players are developing such as Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. Too bad, Philippines missed such chance.
          This phenomenon is thought to mirror the European Union. Surprisingly or not, Japan is slacking and many say its plummeting into the third position being the world’s largest economy is only the beginning.
          China, besides claiming the second position occupied previously by Japan, also plays a critical role in the global currency war, of which, Philippines is a consequential or inherently a victim.
          The US is no longer performing well, to the world’s amazement.

        9. @ Ilda:

          That is so true, what you said. The outcome of economy is unpredictable, just like the waves, though the tides can be predicted, the waves may not be.

  23. Rockstar? Kaka-depress. Iba na talaga standards ng pinoy ngayon. Kailangan makamasa. Parang dito sa office, basta palakaibigan at close kayo ng manager mo kahit hindi ka magaling, promoted ka. Pero yung performers na maraming achievements at total performer na tahimik lang, olats at madalas pinag-uusapan at ginagawan ng kwento. Speaking of officemates, meron ako officemate na merong mug, t-shirt, watch, at eyeglasses ni Noynoy. Fanatic talaga. Nung elections, eto sinasabi niya ‘galing, walang wang-wang’. Tapos… ‘ganyan dapat, hindi milyon ang ginagastos sa pagkain, hotdog lang solved na’. ‘Yang ang honest na pangulo, pinakita pa sweldo’… ‘pumila ako nung wake ni Cory, nakita ko si Noynoy, simple lang’ <— nakakaawa na siya.

  24. Haha really now? I try not to lose hope on PNoy but he’s obviously close to walking the same path Obama has trudged. Spare the Philippines, please. What remarkable thing PDI saw on PNoy to crown him Pinoy of the Year we are yet to see (maybe it’s the pun?) and I hope there will come a day we actually do. Really hopefully before 2016. There’s obviously something wrong with our President’s PR men.

    1. correction: Obama actually has done more to his credit than PNoy has so far, even more so in his first year.

      How do you even have hope for a guy that never accomplished anything, except growing up with as an Aquino-Cojuangco?

      1. Obama has a busier schedule than PNoy.  Besides, he has done so much that describing him to PNoy may be an insult on his part.

    2. @Dani:  

      Until when are you gonna anticipate P-Noy’s actions? Until he finished his term? Perhaps it would do you good if you listen to the other side of the story and see that there is a better alternative. 🙂

  25. give homer a break guys! he’s going to ride his porsche, play loud music, then show his bling blings to the girls around the town so he could pimp them (or get dirty with them) while saying, hey i’m the big DOM, i’m the filipino of the year so screw you all for all i care!

    wait, sorry i forgot… old timers don’t get boners anymore so it’s impossible for him to pimp them.. okay noynoy go back to your room playing cds. as internet me-me says *forever alone*

      1. myphone is a substandard locally-manufactured phone, quite appropriate for penoy. although penoy is different, myphone do its function as a cellphone, penoy doesn’t do his functions as president at all.

        1. @ Archie:

          I know that. 🙂  But, thanks. 

          The reason why I asked those two questions is to simply give an immaterial and illogical bases as to why MyPhone’s latest gadget models have been, well,  [dis]graced by P-Noy’s color and face 😉

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