‘Silent Majority’ signals a return of the Yellow camp to ‘Opposition’ mode

The notion of the “Silent Majority”, which the camp of incumbent President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his ill-fated would-be successors Mar Roxas and sidekick Leni Robredo have recently retreated to, is a sign. It is a sign that the Yellow camp has reverted back to its “Opposition” mode of operations reminiscent of the […]

Philippine Elections 2016 is not a vote for Duterte but a vote AGAINST Aquino

Indeed, everybody is shocked — just shocked! — by where this year’s presidential elections are headed. Rodrigo Duterte the crass, irreverent, and possibly murderous candidate who came out of left field from the Philippines’ deep south is leading the polls, handily beating the elegant Grace Poe, the debonaire Jejomar Binay, the prayerful Mar Roxas, and […]

Waking up from The Matrix that is the Aquino idolatry

If there’s one thing I can credit the Aquinos without malice, and with an air of awe and wide-eyed wonder, it would be their successful brainwashing of the majority of the Philippine population into looking at their clan like the second coming of Christ himself. The kind of adoration from people that, even if they’re […]

We Should ‘Move On’ From The Supposed ‘Legacy’ Of The Aquino Family

The Aquino family and, by extension, the LP have always been adamant about how the Aquinos changed the country for the better. However, once one looks past all the propaganda and media support, one will be forced to question the veracity of their claims. Truth be told, over the years, we are spoonfed with silly […]

The Liberal Party should cut its losses and ditch Mar Roxas

The thing with over-analysis is that it gets you nowhere. Supporters of Mar Roxas, the presidential candidate anointed by incumbent Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III’s to continue his Daang Matuwid “platform” of governance, have been wracking their brains trying to figure out why their man is, according to the popularity polls, the least […]

What a Duterte-led ‘people power’ rally might be like

Funny the way things turn out. Time was when supporters of politicians like current Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his ilk in what is now known as the “Yellow Mob” used to be quick to draw upon the notion that a “people power” show-of-force could pretty much over-rule any product of the […]

3 Things That The “Fast Forward” Campaign Video Says About Mar Roxas

I’ve halved my bottle of whisky since I started and I’ve finished the entire¬†Human Centipede¬†trilogy but, unfortunately, I still can’t get the “Fast Forward” campaign video out of my head. My world has already begun to spin and blur but just about every detail of the accursed video stubbornly sticks to my memory. After finishing […]

5 Ways That Mar Roxas’ Campaign Video “Fast Forward” Insults The Common Filipino

They say that “curiosity kills a cat”. Well, the thing is, I’m not a cat. If I am any kind of animal, I’d probably be a snake of some kind, perhaps a sidewinder. Anyway, after watching Mar Roxas’ campaign video called “Fast Forward” and reading Benign0’s article about it, I somehow found myself still alive. […]