Pressure mounts as DOJ and BIR turn the screws on Cedric Lee!

Things continue to look grim for the embattled group of characters accused of being involved one way or another in the mauling of top ABS-CBN celebrity Vhong Navarro. The list of characters has so far been getting longer… (1) Deniece Cornejo, siblings Cedric and Bernice Lee, along with a group of alleged thugs (including Ferdinand […]

EDSA People Power it is Not

Year 28 since the EDSA People Power revolution and the special working holiday has passed even more uneventfully as the previous one. I am reviewing my post from the previous year entitled “Getting Over the Yellow Fever”. Sadly many of the points I have raised in 2013 remain unchanged. Some of these points include: Non-Inclusive […]

Anonymous woman named ‘Roxanne’ files new rape charges vs Vhong Navarro!

Embattled Filipino celebrity Vhong Navarro will reportedly be battling another rape complainant. The complainant, according to her lawyer, Virgilio Batalla, chooses to remain anonymous for now. According to “breaking news” posted by “respected” journalist Tony Calvento on his Facebook page, the woman’s name is “Roxanne”, and has filed her case with the Department of Justice […]

Raymond Fortun resignation as Cedric Lee mouthpiece highlights Pinoy dysfunction

Law practice in the Philippines quite simply is not that straightforward. Ask lawyer Raymond Fortun who recently resigned as spookesman for alleged Chinese mafiosi Cedric Lee who, together with starlet Deniece Cornejo, are accused of viciously mauling variety show host Vhong Navarro and framing him for rape. But Fortun has apparently been increasingly frustrated over […]

Vhong Navarro and Tent Cities as Top Stories? I guess not.

Surely,  the Philippines hasn’t rebounded from the ravage of  the Zamboanga stand off and the calamities that came, one after  the other, but why is  it, that the Vhong Navarro argumentum ad misericordiam hogging all forms of media while minimal attention is given to those in the South of the Philippines who are still living in […]

What Vhong and Deniece teach us about religion and the news

A lot of people remain baffled by the attention that the Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo show attracts. They cite that there are more important things going on — the Disbursement Acceleration Program imbroglio that President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is entangled in, the plight of Leytenians still reeling from the carnage wrought by […]

What women like Deniece Cornejo teach us about rape

Wow! Turns out my initial hunches about the Vhong Navarro incident were right! Unlike Senator Bong Revilla’s toy truckload of evidence (literally), the evidence burying mobster Cedric Lee and girlette Deniece Cornejo is mountainous (figuratively). As such, I find it hard to believe it when I see some people still coming to the defense of […]

DOJ Sec Leila De Lima and Malacanang looking good as Lee and Cornejo case collapses

Given the picture emerging so far, lead goon Cedric Lee and his squeeze starlet Deniece Cornejo are toast. There is no way the rape allegations lobbed by Cornejo against Vhong Navarro could hold water. CCTV footage analysed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had shown that Cornejo had left her condo within a minute […]