Opposition’s lack of a strong leader and vision secures Duterte’s hold on power

What were the Opposition thinking when they came up with their latest media stunt? It’s an aping of the Hunger Games salute that came across like the Nazi Sieg Heil! salute. Talk about double-whammy fail! If this was attempt at a rebranding to distance themselves from the Yellowtards, it seems they made things worse and […]

Only by crushing the Yellow disease will the Philippines’ deep wounds be healed

At no other time has the Philippines been as deeply-divided as it is today. A virtual civil war is being waged on the Net between the “Dutertards” and the “Yellowtards”. Because current President Rodrigo Duterte is from Mindanao — the first president from the Philippines’ deep south, no less — the battle lines between the […]

By flushing down ALL inauguration traditions down the toilet, Duterte makes the presidency REAL!

It is all really just tradition and sentimentality that fuels “debate” surrounding the controversial inauguration ceremony of soon-to-be President Rodrigo Duterte. But of course the President and the Vice President should be inaugurated in the same ceremony held at the same place. It is of paramount imperative that the out-going president walk up to the […]

The RIGHT thing to do: Exclude ‘vice president’ Leni Robredo from the inauguration ceremony

So what if Rodrigo Duterte wishes to be sworn in as the 16th President of the Philippines in a separate ceremony from that of the Vice President’s? For that matter, who would want to share such an event with an alleged election cheat and a breaker of election rules? Liberal Party (LP) candidate Leni Robredo’s […]

The issue of “unity” under a Duterte presidency

A key insight during the recently concluded national elections emerged, and was pointed out by many on social media: Filipinos will be divided on whom to vote for, but they all agree on whom to vote against. The candidate for president who was, tough luck for him/her, voted against was none other than Mar Roxas, […]

Is a Leni Robredo vice presidency a curse or a blessing to the Filipino people?

The Philippine Liberal Party has a reason to celebrate three weeks after suffering a big loss with their Presidential candidate Mar Roxas losing to Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Congress sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC) rushed to finalise the tallying of votes for the Presidency and Vice Presidency just in time to […]

3 Big Reasons Former President Ferdinand Marcos Should Be Buried Among Heroes

There’s been a lot of talk since soon-to-be president Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he would finally allow former president Ferdinand Marcos to be buried among heroes. Indeed, hardcore Marcos supporters see this as a chance to vindicate their dear leader in the annals of history and show that there was indeed some good that […]

Filipinos may finally see true ‘unity’ under a Duterte presidency

It no longer needs highlighting that Filipinos are now doing the right thing and embracing the leadership of President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte with open minds and a renewed hope in real change being implemented over the next six years. The reason Filipinos seem more inclined to take the journey together this time is that Duterte had […]