The future of media: will it create a stronger society? Think again

Is the trend in social media really moving towards building stronger networks? Or is it really just weakening them? If we look back at the last several years from the dawn of the “social networking” revolution in the early- to mid-2000s, we will find an interesting trend: social networking models have gone from being defined […]

Skyway roadkill: Cats seemingly dropping from the sky onto Manila elevated highway

Motorists who use the Philippines’ Skyway, an elevated express tollway linking Manila’s southern suburbs to the central business district of Makati City have for some time observed flattened carcasses of cats littering the pavement. The baffling roadkill has raised the question of how the animals had somehow made their way onto the elevated structure. A […]

#TwitterIsBlockedInTurkey: Turkish PM Erdogan mirrors PNoy style

Hours following an announcement by its prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has blocked its citizens’ access to Twitter last night. At his campaign rally in Bursa on the 20th of March, Erdoğan announced “We now have a court order. We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the […]

The Philippines: an Ampaw Republic governed by an Ampaw President

It all started with former Congressman Teddy Casiño’s morning greeting on Twitter… Good morning citizens of the Ampaw Republic! That pretty much made our morning. Within minutes, hordes of Pinoy Pridists descended upon the hapless activist, denouncing his likening of the Philippines to the no-substance low-nutrition Filipino dessert ampaw. Ampaw is made of puffed-up grain […]

Social media for social change? Think again, Philippines

The more I hear people say that social media is going to be a “game-changer” for social good, or however they want to say it, the more I get convinced that it’s actually not going to happen. Social media is commonly delineated in scope to refer to Facebook, Twitter and in some cases Youtube, no […]

ABS-CBN’s “Flesh-Eating Disease” Hoax Takes a Sadly Predictable Turn

So the story goes like this: Sometime in April of last year, a self-styled “prophet” — an Indian man whose name is either “Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj” or “Vincent” — of a hiterto unheard-of religious organization called Jesus Ministries delivered a fire-and-brimstone sermon to a gathering in the Cuneta Astrodome, in which he prophesied, among other […]

Three things I’ve learned in 2013 that will change my priorities for 2014

That’s right, just three things. That said, it’s not the length of a New Year’s “resolutions” list that matters but the depth and breadth of the implications of the items you include… Lesson 1: I’ve just about had it with donating to relief organizations. Recent events have proven to me that donating to this and […]

Bianca Gonzalez’s Tweet Reveals The Pinoy Middle Class as the Thin Filling Inside an Entitlement Sandwich

The tweet of Bianca Gonzalaez @iamsuperbianca seems to be the focus of a lot of Pinoy outrage. Bianca tweeted: “Ang dami nating nagtatrabaho para makaipon para sa prime lot at bahay plus buwis pa. Bakit nga ba bine-baby ang mga informal settlers?” (Translation: “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]