3 Big Changes Brought About By The EDSA Revolution In The Last 30 Years

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the LP has built a museum to commemorate the alleged “successes” of the EDSA Revolution. The Aquino family, their partners and supporters seem to hold the EDSA Revolution in a high regard, considering it their greatest success as it supposedly freed the Filipino people from the “tyranny” […]

Noynoy Aquino expresses grave fears of a Bongbong Marcos win in #EDSA30 speech!

It is quite telling that Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III would go as far as reminding Filipinos to stop referring to the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos as the Philippines’ “Golden Age”. It means BS Aquino now recognises the immense popularity of vice presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr as a grave […]

A message to Filipinos who plan to celebrate the EDSA People Power ‘revolution’ anniversary

I find them funny, these articles, blogs, and Facebook posts that together mount a futile effort to trumpet the dubious “achievements” of Yellow-branded “democracy” over the last 30 years. Authors of these hilarious articles make the whole circus sound colourful and peachy only because they apply a low bar as a baseline for measuring “progress”. […]

Feb 26 2016: 30th anniversary of the stupidification of the Philippines

The 26th of February this year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA “people power” revolution. Three decades ago from this day, the “evil” regime of President Ferdinand Marcos was supposedly toppled by a popular uprising that was sparked by an army mutiny led by then General Fidel V Ramos accompanied by then Defense […]

About Heroes, Superheroes and the Filipino View of them

Superheroes are all the rage now, and with so many movies coming out from comic book companies, it might be relevant to take a look back and see, where did superheroes originate? We would say Batman, Superman and Captain America would have taken some elements from ancient and medieval heroes, like Hercules, Gilgamesh and King […]

A Look Back into the Abyss: The Rwandan Genocide

There has been much talk about the Aquino family’s “achievements” with some going on and on about how the EDSA Revolution, the so-called “Bloodless Revolution” given power through “People Power”. Well let me tell you now that the more I think about it and compare it with the history of the rest of the world, […]

Why democracy does not work in the Philippines

The 1986 EDSA “People Power” revolution has been credited with bringing democracy back to the Philippines. However, three decades after the historic event, it seems majority of Filipinos still do not understand what democracy is about. The system of government is there in principle but Filipinos do not know how to use it properly. Worse, […]

How Filipinos killed his fellow

Makulilim noong hapong iyon, araw ng pamilihan sa kabisera kaya’t doble ang bilang ng mga rumorondang gwardia sibil sa kabayanan. Noong araw na iyon ay umalis ang ina ni Pepe upang bumili ng karne kaya’t naisipan niyang mamasyal sa tabi ng ilog. Malayu layo na ang kanyang nalakad nang makita niya ang bangkerong si Lucas […]