The intellectual bankruptcy of a Philippine Opposition under Yellowtard leadership

Another “hero” of the Philippine Opposition in the guise of never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno has fallen. She follows others who waged hollow-headed and intellectually-insulting personal “wars” against the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Like those who had fallen before her, Sereno’s biggest mistake was to presume to think that God was on her side. Indeed, […]

In order to unite and win, the Philippine Opposition need to MOVE ON

It is easy to see the superficial problem with the Philippine Opposition — its inability to unite. Such an ability is important today, because they are up against a popular incumbent. But it is also easy to see how the problem with the Opposition is deeper than an inability to unite by simply asking another […]

Why do Yellowtards no longer wear the colour yellow in their rallies?

It’s a mystery. Not too long a time ago, the colour yellow was worn by Yellowtards with pride in their political events and protest rallies. Suddenly the practice stopped. In fact whenever leaders of the Opposition organise and call for a rally or some sort of political action nowadays, they even issue clear instructions to […]

Filipinos are happy for a “strongman” to lead them and have redefined the term to mean a GOOD thing

It still remains no mystery why current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys the full support of a majority of Filipino voters. Duterte comes across as strong. He acts and decides and does not dither in his messaging. He has exhibited this character from Day One of his campaign in the lead up to the 2016 […]

Why the idiotic “Laban” slogan still dominates Philippine Opposition rhetoric

Calling for a laban or “fight” is easy. You can see how easy it is by observing any schoolyard brawl. “Bakla ka raw sabi ni Totoy. Payag ka?” “Kalabitin mo sa titi”. “Siga ka ba? Di ka naman papalag.” Filipinos then grow up, leave the schoolyard, then go on to apply the same childish mentality […]

South China Sea case “won” in The Hague by the Philippines vs China gave no more than a false sense of security

The Philippine Opposition is devoting a lot of its time and energy focusing vitriol on a “missile crisis” following reports that China had reportedly deployed tactical missiles on Mischief Reef, Fiery Cross Reef and Subi Reef in the South China Sea… Citing US intelligence reports, CNBC said the missile installations marked the first Chinese missile […]

The election-winning path FORWARD for the Philippine Opposition

Granted, the Opposition regard Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as “a mass murderer and a traitor who sold the country to China”. However, if they don’t like the Philippines to be led by said president, then they will need to produce an alternative proposal (not just a mere slogan like “Join the Resistance”). Filipinos need a […]

What way if not the Duterte Way?

Despite volumes of work on the subject of the increasingly-evident vacuousness of today’s Opposition, there seems to be little change in the substance underlying their “movement”. The best they have so far come up with is the rather quaint “Join the Resistance” call-to-action which they bandy around using the hashtag #JoinTheResistance. Dubbed an “online movement”, […]