Why potentially beneficial foreign ideas and influence have not worked in the Philippines

While writing “The hollowness and hypocrisy with which Filipinos regard foreign entities” (henceforth known as Hollowness) almost two months ago, it seems I had completely overlooked one striking manner in which they show such: When the Philippines is compared with another country in any category (response to typhoons is such an example), Filipinos are quick […]

Philippine Elections 2016: do Filipinos have to get burned again?

While keeping abreast of the developments leading up to the 2016 Philippine national elections, one particular conversation from the past with a relative came to mind: RELATIVE: Let’s go to the venue using our normal route. ME: But, there will be a lot of traffic there. Why don’t we try instead an alternate route? RELATIVE: […]

Philippine elections: perpetually about the ‘least unacceptable’

Do Filipinos want to be represented by the best of their own, rather than the least bad? No, they don’t. Elections in the Philippines are rarely about the “most acceptable”, if at all. They are, more often than not, about the “least unacceptable”. What is the difference, you may ask? Well, common sense tells us […]

To get to the top, Filipinos need to benchmark themselves against the highest standards

Whether we are talking of economic policy, foreign policy, business, education, culture, arts, or what have you, setting a high standard is most important. The global village shows no mercy to the mediocre — it may spend some times to talk of, and to give aid to such countries, but that is only so that […]

Finding True Talent in the Philippines

First off, before I begin, let me ask you dear readers what is your definition of the word “art”? Is art something beautiful? Or is it something that expresses a person’s passion? Would you say that art is something memorable that can be appreciated by multiple generations as the character Sasori from the Naruto anime likes to […]

In response to Julia Nebrija’s public transport adventures in Metro Manila

I came across an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about a foreigner’s experience in the Light Rail Transit plying the length of Rizal Avenue from the Roosevelt Station in the north to Baclaran in the south. Being a regular commuter myself, I can’t help but give my own take about her observations. Titled ‘The day I […]

Common Excuses Pinoys Make That Prolong Stagnation and Stupidity

I think that one of the reasons our country and our countrymen aren’t getting anywhere in terms of intellectual, economic and artistic development is because of our tendency to resort to excuses. Well, I’m not saying that I’m immune to this either. I can easily admit to the fact that I tend to make a […]

The Philippines after the Second Aquino Presidency: A profoundly-DAMAGED country!

Suddenly, people are crying Vindictive! as outraged Filipinos now seek justice for the unnecessarily enormous casualties sustained by the Philippine National Police’s (PNP’s) Special Action Force (SAF) and direct a long-overdue outpouring of anger against Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. 44 elite police officers are now dead thanks to the savagery of an […]