Let them eat cake: How much wretchedness can the Metro Manila commuter take until one says ‘enough’?

One good thing about being assigned in the graveyard shift in Metro Manila: The relative ease of commuting to work compared to the hapless regular shift employee facing the daily grind of both traffic in the major roads and the overworked and under-equipped MRT-3 train system traversing the EDSA thoroughfare that starts from the North […]

Addressing poverty from the ground up should be central issue in Philippine elections

The political mudslinging that is being amplified with gusto by headline news is good for the rating wars of media. It may be a whole class of unavoidable news they have to report. However, if the intent is the beguilement of the public to desensitize same to the real problems of the country, media is being stonyhearted […]

Road Trains: Another Band-Aid Solution for the Country’s Skull Fracture

Well, there’s no denying the fact that traffic has become one of the major problems this country faces. If one were to consider the roads of cities as the blood vessels of the Philippine anatomy, one can say that the Philippines is screwed quite royally. So no President Aquino, congested roads in major cities are […]

Fatal pollution: ‘Being in EDSA every day is as dangerous as smoking’ – atmosphere expert

Apparently CNN Philippines considers this “news” — maybe because this time, an expert in the field of atmospheric physics said it: people exposed to pollution along EDSA could be at high risk of cancer. According to Dr. Gerry Bagtasa who is head of the Bagtasa Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Science and […]

Aerial photo of monstrous urban blight in Manila shocks Filipinos!

This aerial photo of what could be a suburb of Metro Manila made desolate by a wilderness of urban shanties as far as the eye could see has been making the social media rounds over the weekend. The first I came across it was on a Sunday morning post on the Get Real Philippines Community […]

Manila’s primitive public transport system: A national embarrassment!

It is no longer news that Metro Manila, the Philippines’ premiere urban centre is a mess, and its residents’ biggest bane is its mass transport system. For a metropolis the size of Greater Manila, the existing rail network is extremely sparse and public road transport is utterly chaotic. Over the last couple of years alone, […]

In response to Julia Nebrija’s public transport adventures in Metro Manila

I came across an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about a foreigner’s experience in the Light Rail Transit plying the length of Rizal Avenue from the Roosevelt Station in the north to Baclaran in the south. Being a regular commuter myself, I can’t help but give my own take about her observations. Titled ‘The day I […]

Rubbish-littered Manila NAIA Terminal 3 airport lounge tells the real story

A photo of a waiting lounge littered with rubbish in Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has caught the attention of many people and is making the rounds on social media. The photo was originally posted by former Philippine Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon on Twitter with the caption: NAIA 3…trash left behind by […]