Filipinos need to kill their cultural demons in order to kill their real enemies

Filipinos need to “unite” to solve their big macro national problems. Yet Filipinos, unfortunately, are a people pulled in different directions. We have Yellowtards versus Dutertards, the masses versus the oligarchs, Christians versus Muslims, and Imperial Manila versus the rest of the country among other battles being waged that are ripping Philippine society apart. Adding […]

Philippine democracy can only work when mediocre thinking is eradicated

The famous mega-rich investor Warren Buffet once said: “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” That’s short for saying that everyone has an agenda and the last thing one should be doing is seeking advise from someone who happens to have the “perfect product” for you. As we begin the six-month homestretch to […]

Vote buying is a win-win transaction for the average Filipino voter

You gotta love free enterprise. Filipinos will steal and sell anything that isn’t bolted to the floor. So no surprise in these recent reports following the latest barangay elections. Votes are certainly not the heaviest of objects to make off with. And there are lots of buyers. Why do Filipinos sell their votes? There’s really […]

Asian Values, Filipino Values, Superior Values?

In one of my earlier articles, “Is the solution to Filipino Dysfunction being more ‘UnFilipino,’” the discussion shifted to Asian Values and whether I was saying Filipino values were inferior – which was not my point. Perhaps I have not written the earlier article well enough and need to clarify my stance, with more references […]

Showbiz government set to rule as Grace Poe and Erap Estrada take early leads in poll count

There’s really not much you can say about the outcome of the 2013 elections other than to invoke those famous last words: Told ya so. The proverbial pig is a lot bigger than its proverbial lips. So you may put as much lipstick as you want on said lips, and the fact will still remain […]

Malaysia and the Philippines: corruption and cheating are all part of ‘the game’

While I was reading news about Malaysia’s recently-concluded election, I could not help but shake my head; it was as if I was reading about the Philippines. Some of the things that were being said about the Malaysian government and its society could likewise be said about the Philippine government and its society too. It […]

Making sense of EDSA I, 27 years down the yellow brick road

In past years, the dates of the EDSA People Power revolution were declared national holidays. This means even workers had the day off. This year, though, it seems only students had the day-off. People with jobs had to go to work. For those who normally going through EDSA, it would mean slugging it out in […]

Mahathir Mohamad on why the Philippines may suffer from a case of mediocre political leadership

Mediocre political leadership. These are the words Malaysian former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad used to describe a key possible pitfall of “unbridled democracy”. This he said in a speech he delivered on the occasion of his being conferred an Honorary Professor Title by the University of Santo Tomas. Mahathir also added that free-wheeling democracy can […]